Well, Now We Know Why Comey Let Hillary Off the Hook

How about that. After two and a half long years, we are finally closer to understanding why Mr. Upstanding Boy Scout of the FBI, James Comey, thought it would be in his best interest to stand up in front of the country, enumerate Hillary Clinton’s many crimes, and then let her off the hook scot-free.

In the end, it may have had nothing at all to do with Barack Obama, the 2016 election, or even that suspicious meeting Attorney General Loretta Lynch had with Bill Clinton on an Arizona tarmac. Ultimately, Comey’s decision to decline a prosecution recommendation in Hillary’s case may have had less to do with political shenanigans and more to do with Comey covering for his own misdeeds.

According to the New York Post, Comey used his personal Gmail account hundreds of times to discuss government business. In at least seven cases, he discussed information so sensitive that they could not be released publicly by the Justice Department. While the Freedom of Information request that retrieved the emails did not find that Comey ever used his personal email account to send or receive classified material, the fact that he was carelessly discussing sensitive information may give us a good indication as to why he was unwilling to enforce the law in Clinton’s case.

The emails came to light thanks to the Cause of Action Institute, a conservative watchdog group that demanded access to any of Comey’s Gmail messages that might relate to his work for the FBI. Expecting perhaps a limited number of such messages given the need to preserve privacy, the group was stunned when the government produced more than 1,200 emails that met the criteria. More than 300 messages were withheld due to agency privilege and/or personal privacy issues, but at least seven messages were withheld because they “disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions.”

“Using private email to conduct officials government business endangers transparency and accountability, and that is why we sued the Department of Justice,” said John Vecchione, the CEO of Cause of Action. “We’re deeply concerned that the FBI withheld numerous emails citing FOIA’s law enforcement exemption. This runs counter to Comey’s statements that his use of email was incidental and never involved any sensitive matters.”

There isn’t much the right and left in this country can agree on anymore, but we can always come together to bash James Comey. For the left, it must be the height of hypocrisy to go back and watch Comey condemn Hillary Clinton for the exact same kind of recklessness he himself was engaging in. For the right, it shines a new light on why Comey might never have taken Clinton’s case as seriously as he should have.

Either way, it is only the latest confirmation that when President Trump fired this con artist last year, he did the right thing.

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