We Need Stronger Second Amendment Education

For years, liberals have inched their way towards public school domination in this country. Even under Republican administrations, school curricula have veered to the left, changing what teachers teach in subtle ways intended to indoctrinate politically as much as educate. It’s time to start fighting back, and the Second Amendment is as good a place to start as any.

South Carolina is leading the charge. A proposed bill sent up by Republican state representative Alan Clemmons is asking for Second Amendment requirements in the state’s curricula. “The second amendment should be freely debated in schools and instead the second amendment is being squelched in our schools,” said Clemmons.

Clemmons began working on the Second Amendment Education Act of 2015 after hearing the story of a Summerville student who was punished for writing a story about shooting a dinosaur. Aghast at the state of zero-tolerance in his state’s schools, he decided the time was right to take a different approach. His bill proposes setting aside three weeks for high-schoolers to learn about the history of the Second Amendment, why it was put into the Bill of Rights, and why it’s important today.

Naturally, the bill is being met with criticism from those who think gun education is dangerous. Others think the focus should be on gun safety rather than the Second Amendment specifically. I understand those concerns, and I think there’s room in the curriculum for that as well. If we’re going to be a nation that prizes our right to guns, there’s no reason why kids shouldn’t be taught the basics of safety. After all, isn’t that exactly what liberals wanted when they made their push against abstinence education? Hardly seems like they could argue against it in this scenario, although I’m sure they will.

Teaching the Real Story

A story out of Illinois last year demonstrated why this kind of bill should find its way into every state. A father of a seventh-grader was disturbed to find the following explanation of the Second Amendment in his child’s Common Core workbook:

This amendment states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison.

Of course, that is a gross misrepresentation of the amendment. There’s nothing in there about “certain weapons,” registering those weapons, or being in prison. This is liberal propaganda at its worst, effectively trying to sway young minds by teaching them a false version of American history.

Another school in Connecticut was criticized for passing out worksheets to eighth-graders that said, “The courts have consistently determined that the Second Amendment does not ensure each individual the right to bear arms.”

It’s obvious why this kind of indoctrination is so dangerous. A generation of kids will grow up believing that the Second Amendment is little more than a historical document, meant for colonists and not for modern-day Americans. When that belief reaches the tipping point, launching an all-out ban on gun ownership will be easy.

Kids deserve to be taught the truth about our nation’s history, our Constitution, and our rights as American citizens. Hopefully, South Carolina’s push for thoughtful gun education will be successful.

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