We Don’t Need Heroes: A Conservative Reminder

As Obama’s presidency slides further into the gutters of time with each passing day, a lot of the people who bought into his “hope and change” rhetoric feel like they were misled. In the heady days of the 2008 election, the guy (to liberals, at least) seemed like he stepped off the pages of an inspirational novel. Charismatic, good looking, and black – he was the whole package, ready to take America into a grand new age.

Why wouldn’t they be disappointed? Conservatives knew the deal from the get-go, but independents and liberals were taken aback by the president’s ineffectiveness. What’s all this business about the NSA? What’s this about keeping Guantanamo open? We thought you were going to push for universal healthcare? Why is your Justice Department still prosecuting people under federal marijuana laws? Some of these things Obama didn’t even promise. The people who voted for him saw a blank canvas of “hope and change” and upon that canvas they drew their expectations.

The Populist Phenomenon

This isn’t something only Barack Obama devotees are susceptible to. It’s a phenomenon that can take hold of anyone, given the right set of circumstances. Some bright young Republican comes out of the woodwork, saying all the right stuff about America, the Founding Fathers, cutting taxes, individualism, and it’s easy to lose perspective. I’m not saying we have to lower our expectations, but…we have to change our expectations.

When it comes to finding someone to represent the GOP in 2016, we should be looking for a candidate who brings a record of strong conservative values to the table. A legislative record, not just big talk. Would it be nice to have someone with plenty of charisma and a “presidential” look? Sure. And we should look for that, because those things play as much a part of modern politics as substance, if not more. But we cannot become so consumed with image that we forget what’s beneath the surface.

Truthfully, even the best Republican will not transform the country should he take office in 2016. Yes, he may have some better economic ideas than the current administration and he will almost certainly do a better job when it comes to national security. But too many people on both sides of the political spectrum pretend like Washington has this huge influence on the state of their lives. This is okay for a liberal to believe – their whole philosophy is based around what government can do for them. It’s not okay for a conservative to blame one political party or another for his or her failings in life.

We need someone reliable and honorable for 2016, but we don’t need a miracle worker. We don’t need an American messiah. We need someone who can keep this country from sliding further to the left, someone who will cut some of this regulation, and someone who will protect the country from outside harm. We don’t need someone who promises to make every American’s life better. That’s not the role of the president and it’s not the role of Congress. It’s the role of the individual, and you can do it no matter who’s in Washington. That’s the real beauty of conservatism. The rest is just…politics.

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  1. My only disagreement with this article is the words “A legislative record…”
    This may be possible with less than a handful of people but for the most part this would mean a Washington insider, a Neocon, a RINO, or an RNC good old boy.
    NONE of these are acceptable! I would rather have a 36 year old Young Republican lawyer fresh out of Baylor Law School in Waco than one of the above!

  2. Well we may not need a hero or heroes but we need someone to stand up and lead this nation towards the Constitution. We need to elect enough Conservative members to both houses to stop this traitor in his tracks. Then we need to elect a man or woman that is honest, loyal to the Constitution and a leader. We must not just keep this nation from sliding further left but to set this nation back on the right tracks to the Constitution. We can not afford the national debt of the left and the established “Republicans” also known as RINOS.We can’t just stop the slide, we have to start the climb back to the top. We can’t live in this sewer any longer. If anyone just wants to keep it from sliding any further left is a RINO. We don’t need anymore Bush’s we don’t need a Christie a Romney, a Huckabee. We need someone with leadership, integrity,honesty, accountability,and honor. We need someone who will cut Government spending. It’s time the liberals do without instead of everyone else. Our Government has spent money on some of the stupidest and plain evil project. We don’t need to disarm our citizens and arm our enemies. We need to bring the IRS and the DOJ and the presidency to justice. And we sure don’t need the Clintons back in the White House. We never have gotten over the last murders and scandals and they are still at it. WHoever would vote for her needs a mental evaluation and not from another liberal.

    • I couldn’t agree more wapitihunter! When looking at some of the Republicans currently in Washington, it’s difficult to distinguish them from the liberals or Democrats in many cases. Over the last 40 or so years of administrations, we can all conclude that working in politics has a way of corrupting individuals souls. Those who we thing are working for the betterment of America, and in the interest of it’s citizens and upholding the “Laws of the land” as written in the Constitution & Bill of Rights, we in fact have witnessed in many cases quite the opposite. At least that’s what I’ve concluded after seeing a culmination of this last administrations policies, and it’s constituents in action. As Americans, we need to take a more active roll and responsibility with who we choose to speak and represent us in Washington. The Constitution & Bill of Rights is what made this country the greatest country in the history of mankind. We need Americans in Washington that understand that that’s precisely the heart & soul of America, and what differentiates us from all other countries.

      • Governor Christie is a Rino with a comically loud mouth. I would vote for Huckabee, Romney, or Carson. But not for Christie or any of the Rinos , the good old boys are pushing on us.

        • Huckabee at one time said he was for Common Core in the schools and if you had to change the name to push it through, do it. Now he is backtracking.

          If he did not know that it had changed, he is still responsible for what he said and as a politician he needs to keep on top of everything. I do not trust his judgement.

        • Consider Paul or Cruz also. West or Palin or not bad choices either. Any one of those are far better choices than Hillary or any that the Democrats have to offer. Perry is way better than they have.

      • Freedom IS NOT FREE. You have to fight for it. If you want to know what freedom is, just lose it by going to an Islamic nation for a while. You will be screaming to come back to the U.S. of A. GUARANTEED. I lost my freedom for a while, and I have firsthand experience. It ain’t fun, you left-leaning idiots. We NEED to get this country back to a Constitutionally-based republic. (If you can read, thank a teacher; if you speak English, thank a Veteran)

        • Agreed…., Freedom is not free. It comes with a price. You’ve had a taste of losing your freedom, and your insight is from a life experience. Welcome back home kNOwJUSTICE! My family background comes from the most flagrant disregard of freedom known to the modern world. It’s called Communism/Socialism, the two are cut from the same stock. I thank God to this day that my Grandmothers wisdom, insight and desire for freedom drove her to escape Europe and immigrate to America. I’m first generation North American but, the stories and first hand experience of my family in Europe resonate very loud and very clear with me to this day! I do my best never to take freedom for granted. America should cherish the blessings we’ve had because of the forethought and depth and intelligence of our founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sadly enough, we might again be called to fight for freedom and our Constitutional rights as outlined in the “Bill of Rights. Open your eyes America! The path we’re on is down right WRONG!!!!

      • Sir, you are correct. I think so many forget where they came from and how they got there and see those who have been there forever like Pelosi an Reid. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are exceptions and these are our true leaders. We are all created equal. Race or sex has no bearing. According to the bible we have different roles but we are all equal. No sin is greater than another and no gift from God is greater than another. I so love this country and it tears me apart to see what is happening. Do you remember when as a child in school and began each day with the pledge of alegence and how you were moved by the singing of the Star Spangled Banner? Do your children have that privledge today. Are they banned from prayer in school? What have we become? God help us.

    • We need someone who knows how to STAND UP and Tell those whom are against our Constitution to BACK OFF Or Else! When those people who do not see the destructive nature of Obama and his party are not doing a damn thing and only waiting for the next voting cycle it is almost cowardly. Just how do we not know Obama and his commie party are deceitfully planning something more evil behind our backs as they have been lately. When men and women are not honest to the American People whom we have elected to uphold the Constitution and they try to change it, they are the ENEMY. If DC cannot do its job, Then the American People better have the courage and stand up with force and that force is the only way our Founding Fathers told us we MUST DO!

  3. i disagree with the “legislative record” part of this argument; a president, after all, has advisers (prayerfully, our next president will not surround himself with sycophants and communists)…it is his job to listen and respond to the PDB, and his advisers, in the interests of America and Americans

  4. In this country, doing the “Right,” thing is not popular, just look at America. In the last 60 years there has been a troubling trend of ideologies. Evil vs. Good and Evil is winning, why? When Good does nothing and compromises with evil, evil wins, hands down every time in the long run and sometimes shorter. The American people must also differentiate from the words “Constitutional Right and immoral behavior.” Not to do this results in lawlessness. Another foundational pillar, the assemblies of Christ. They have placated, and compromised the gospel and that which pertains to holiness of the Saints and the Word of GOD. The message to the seven assemblies in the Book of Revelations, which one is “YOUR” Assembly? Now, look at YOURSELF, are you helping or hindering? You know what to do!

    2Ch 7:14 then if my people, on whom my name is called, should repent, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways, I also will hear from heaven, and I will be merciful to their sins, and I will heal their land.

  5. A reality check is always needed.

  6. Yes. We need heroes. Now more than ever.

  7. We need to get the steering wheel and the check book out of the hands of the three year olds that have control of everything now …before we crash…After that then the adults can decide who drives next.

  8. We do need for Republicans to begin to explain thing like the insanity of “Quantitative Easing” which is causing enormous inflation.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  9. The “old guard Republicans in Virginia have not learned their lesson yet. The Republican Delegation picked a lobbyist to run against a popular Democrat. Now adds are portraying him as a corrupt lobbyist. How are the people going to justify voting for him even to get dirty Harry Reid out? There was a young Republican that had no history but they would not chose him to run as senator. I feel that he would have been a good Conservative, they did the same thing in picking a governor that lost against the Democrats. We need to get a fresh delegation in VA that chooses who runs against the Democrats.

  10. Little o is hoping that we are on the eve of DISTRUCTION!!!

  11. What the conservatives need is a big liar that most people believe,it worked for the liberals.

  12. What we don’t need is more greed driven treasonous lawyer politicians, but rather good hard working honest Bible believing, constitution supporting patriotic citizens, that are willing to serve for no other reason than the good of our Nation. We have been duped into believing that it takes a law degree to manage our Nation’s business, when our very own history has proven that men of good old common sense, have been our Country’s greatest leaders. Shalom!

  13. My vote goes for Dr. Ben Carson. The contrast between the Dr. & Obama is indisputable and obvious. Dr. Ben Carson is extremely intelligent, and possesses common sense, he’s a man of faith, a man who defeated the great challenges and adversity growing up as a child. I strongly believe he would be the man to bring this great nation of “all” people, black white yellow red green blue….., etc. back together. Not only would it benefit every American, but I believe it would especially benefit our black communities and populous to see a man who beat the odds, and IMHO is a true American hero. I will continue to hope & pray that yes, change will come to America…., but not the kind Obama spoke of!!!!!

  14. We, the People, should not elect a “skin color” for a President. We elect a President as a leader. I can think of several black people who would have been a MUCH BETTER leader than that idiot who presently, and temporarily, occupies the White House. What is wrong with you 47% who don’t pay taxes, like Mitt Romney said? Do you WANT our country to go down the toilet, as it surely is??? I, for one, am standing up for what this country was built on, which WASN’T welfare. Now, you can go ahead and make your stupid comments. I couldn’t care less.

  15. Remember what Ronald Reagan said: “Government is not the solution to the problem. Government IS the problem.” It’s true that electing a conservative President won’t solve all the problems that the present administration started. We need ALL the branches of government working together, the Executive, Legislative and the Judicial branches, for the good of this nation, to reverse the downward slide that we’re on, unfortunately.

  16. The entire “Democratic” party is a fraud. It was founded by defeated slave owners, created an auxiliary KKK, had Governors who “stood in the schoolhouse door” and much more. Let them wear it.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you too will know.

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  18. What ever happened to the list of things the Republicans stood for? I can’t even think of two things that any of them agree on. Now on to the budget. 12 years as a Budget Analyst for the Federal Government and I know where the money is hid and how to balance the budget. But I don’t see anyone asking retired Budget persons how to balance the budget. Why?

  19. my heroes are our brave troops fighting for our freedom

  20. I do not mean to sound cranky…but eat me. This Republican Party has been the total beotch of lowered expectations, and we cannot survive another go with a white rich corporate RINO, whose name is Bush, Romney, or the designated pinky raising mimosa sipping aristocracy bozo.

    We need a moral, intelligent, knowledgable candidate, like Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, or someone else who is not firmly wedged in the rear of the corporate or financial establishment.

    We cannot blow off another election with hell De Beast taking the US into immigration and socialist hell, with our party becoming the freaking Whigs. Eff them Big Money, and Eff the consulant class heroes, who cater to the squishy moderates, and snuggle Carl Rove or the flipflop Indi-pez-dents.

    Take a clue. You have lost the core Republicans. You have lost the Tea party. You are a boutique Party for richies and snooties, and the upper class.

  21. Christopher Huffman

    We need equal opportunity NOT equal outcome. We need equality under the law. Everyone should be able to rise as far as their talent, ability, and ambition will take them. And get there by fairness, honesty, and honour! If discrimination against someone is bad, then so is discrimination for someone!

  22. With a man who lies about everything, health care, unemployment, the debt, GDP, what do you expect?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  23. “Hope and change?” “Nope and derange.” He’s a Muslim.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  24. “Hope and change?” Nope and derange! He’s a Muslim.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  25. Sandra C Stemples

    The problem is he started his plan’s for our destruction when he was young. And I hate to tell you but he has armed most of his illegal Army. He is going to hole up in the W.H. for a bit. He want’s most of all to bring Ebola to us making his takeover much like the takeover from Castro after he built his own Army.

  26. The guy/gal who wrote the above needs my glasses. For the life of me where do they come off that Obama is GOOD LOOKING… dang… where did you arrive from ….. MARS?

  27. The nation needs a Patriot who’s also a Statesman. Where is he? DDE was one, maybe the most recent one.
    Dr. Ben Carson is the only potential Statesman I see out there today. If anyone can name another one, feel free!

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