WATCH: Woman Blames SCOTUS Decision on White Supremacy

A self-flagellating white woman took to the internet and had a real brain fart. She dubs herself “the_spinter_lady”. Spinster is a term for an unmarried woman who’s past the age of usual marriage. A complete “shocker” when you hear her talk. Her whole premise is that the point of overturning Roe v. Wade is to preserve “the white race” by having more white babies born. So if you disagree with her there, her whole argument is moot. Ah, but it’s so entertaining to watch her brain malfunction in real-time, so keep watching.

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  1. Another DAWG (DUMMASS WHITE GIRL) spouting off and showing she has been completely brainwashed by the demoRATS. Wake up, YOU ARE WHITE!! You are being used like the useful idiot lemming you are.

    • Ask yourself why would Democrats promote abortion. Womens Rights? Not on your life. They receive an income stream from planned parenthood when they promote abortion. Why does planned parenthood promote abortion? How does planned parenthood make such an incredible amount of money and now push for live birth abortions? Follow the money.

  2. What an idiot, don’t she realize more black babies are mudered by Planned Parenthood than white babies.

  3. Huh? Didn’t she destroy her own argument?

  4. One way to avoid having to have an abortion is to not have unprotected sexual intercourse. How many of the abortionists realize that?

  5. Democrats free the criminals let the drugs flow in from border and China but let’s kill unborn babies !

  6. The true white supremist is Margret S., the founder of pp. Don’t these people have brains? Do some research and find out the reason for abortion and who was targeted in the first place. Even Hitler liked her ideas.

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