Watch: Tucker Carlson Lays Into “Diplomat” Kamala

As RedState reported, the Biden administration is getting ready to unleash Kamala Harris on the current international crisis. You know, because that went so well the first time around when she appeared at the Munich Security Conference in an attempt to ease tensions. All Putin did immediately afterward was…invade Ukraine.

But when you have a president who isn’t mentally capable of being the president, you end up with a cackling, parodic vice president doing the heavy lifting. On that front, Tucker Carlson delivered the critique of Harris you’ve been waiting for on Thursday night. In fact, it was so good that the Fox News host barely had to utter a word.

Watch and enjoy.

I knew Harris’ tenure had been marred by many bumbling rants that made her seem completely vapid. But to see them all strung together like that is truly breathtaking. This is a person who has failed up at every point in her life, from becoming California’s attorney general to a back-benching senator. After that, she flopped so hard as a presidential candidate that she didn’t even make it to the first primary despite having the media firmly in her corner, constantly plugging her as a transformational figure.

Biden, desperate to fill out his identity politics bingo card, then plucked her off the political garbage heap, making her the most inexperienced vice president in generations. The United States is now suffering the consequences of that move. Harris was put in charge of the Border crisis. The results of that have been catastrophic.

She was then said to be the “last person in the room” regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal. We all saw how that turned out, with over a dozen American service members being killed. Then, when Biden decided to not go to Munich to deal with one of the most tenuous situations since the Cold War, Harris completely bungled the messaging, contradicting herself on sanctioning Russia and signaling a lack of resolve. Russia seized on that bumbling weakness, and Ukrainians are now paying the price.

But hey, let’s send her to Poland to face down Putin as he threatens to move in on NATO territory. What could possibly go wrong? You have to love Tucker’s ability to absolutely skewer his opponents with style. What better way to show how inept Harris is than with her own words? And they are not the best words.

The common theme remains that we are governed by idiots. I don’t say that as some snarky insult meant to show disrespect. Rather, I say that sincerely. We are led by people who are legitimately unable to think critically and make good decisions, and that’s when they aren’t just being selfish, valuing their partisan goals over the well-being of Americans. Doubling down on failure is not a workable strategy, yet our federal leaders are more than happy to keep doing so.

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  1. Well he said it all our vp doen not have a brain in her head and can not stop ranting and raving my grand parents often said an empty barrel makes an awful lot of noise the scare crow in the wizad of oz sad people with out a brain do an awfull lot of talkin its all true

  2. Willie Brown ‘tested’ and approved. The ‘Peter Principle’ is on full display throughout this entire administration. Name one cabinet member you like to be your boss?

  3. I swear! The woman is not well! She needs psychiatric attention. She’s really losing it.

  4. This buffoon is nothing more than a camp follower.

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