Watch: Elementary School Forces Kids To Participate In Gay Pride Parade

An Austin elementary school recently held a pride parade through the halls of the school building as a part of their pride week, which also features “community circles” of discussion where students were told to keep the conversation had within the classroom, reports Libs of TikTok.

Students at Doss Elementary School, which serves students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, were seen in a video originally posted to Twitter by the school’s Assistant Principal Hannah Wankel but later deleted, marching through the halls waving pride flags, holding signs, and shouting “pride.”

This year’s pride parade will be held during Pride week, from March 21-26. The Austin Independent School District’s Pride week saw the school decorated in rainbow decorations and various gender and sexual identity flags.

“Each campus will receive an inspiration guide of suggested activities for PRIDE Week. Campuses are encouraged to plan activities that engage, educate and inspire. If you have any questions regarding planning activities or for assistance in selecting resources that best fit your school community, please contact your campus GSA coordinator or campus counselor,” Austin ISD wrote.

“Students and staff, during the week of March 21-25, please visit your campus front office to pick up Pride and Ally stickers, posters, flags, pronoun buttons and more!” The school district instructs.

As part of Pride week, the school will be holding “community circles” in which students will gather to talk about topics relating to the week’s focus.

This week’s schedule will be:

  • Monday, March 21 – All Are Welcome and Pride History
  • Tuesday, March 22 – Differences are Awesome
  • Wednesday, March 23 – Know Your Rights
  • Thursday, March 24 – Pride and You – Creative Expression
  • Friday, March 25 – Local Pride and Spirit Day
  • Saturday, March 26 – Connect and Celebrate

Students were asked to agree to keeping the conversations had within these circles within the classroom. “Respect privacy: ‘What we say in this room stays in this room,'” guidance initially read. It was reportedly later changed to read “Respect privacy: ‘What we say in this room stays in this room.’ (Teacher will explain it is ok to share with parents or adults they trust outside the community circle.)”‘

I was after parents took issue with this fact, the school changed the agreement to state that “teacher will explain it is ok to share with parents or adults they trust outside the community circle.”

The original rules of agreement were noted to violate the Texas Education Code, as Libs of TikTok on Twitter revealed.

The code states that: “An attempt by any school district employee to encourage or coerce a child to withhold information from the child’s parent is grounds for discipline under Section 21.104 (Discharge During Year or Suspension Without Pay Under Probationary Contract), 21.156 (Discharge or Suspension Without Pay Under Continuing Contract), or 21.211 (Termination or Suspension), as applicable.”

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  1. Time to replace a school board. Elect one that agrees with the majority of people that “pride” should be moderately about ones athletic or academic achievements not about being QUEER.

    • Im with ya on this one if i was parent I’ld be at the school getting my child out this school . And some people wonder why we are in a place that we are today !!! Are kids are exposed to enough and now they are being exposed to this

  2. It’s disgusting to force little kids to go to park that event. Wait until they’re old enough to be able to make sense of something like a gay pride parade. I have no problem with the parade but I have a huge problem forcing small children to attend an event which speaks to the he fringes of society as though it completely normal. This will confuse children. Discussions around sexuality do not belong in schools…particularly elementary schools.

  3. I’d jerk my kid outta that school in a heartbeat! Get rid of every single teacher, not doing their job, teaching, and say bye bye to the shcool board. Parents really need to band together and revolt. It’s their kids that are in danger of what is being taught. Maybe time for a 1 room school house of modern day?

  4. I would definitely keep my child out of school that entire week. Being gay should be an individual’s business not make it everybody’s business.Students should have a choice whether to participate.Those kind of things don’t belong in school.

  5. No matter what augmentations you get or demand, no how much you try, no matter what you want and no matter the PC crowd, your DNA does not lie.

    You know why so many Americans are down on you?

    Not because you may be LGBTQ, but because of two BIG reasons:

    1) You are trying to convert and subvert our children.
    2) You are in our faces demanding special rights that even straights don’t have.

    Abide by our Constitution and leave our kids alone…then, we’ll both be happy.

    • Awesome Comments and I’m a Mother of four, grandmother of 12, and great gramma” of four! I have worked with Black women when it was awkward for us
      Both. I have worked side by side with males, females and trans individuals. We got along well and even became friends, it is what we All should try to do as individuals BUT HEAR THIS! DO NOT GET THE IDEA THAT ONES SEXUAL LEANINGS, whims for the week or whatever are anyone else’s business or responsibilities but a parent or psychologist/physician! ESPECIALLY IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS! Kids at that age and maturity level can’t decide which socks to wear, let alone what they THINK their gender they are or want to be! Let them BE CHILDREN, not a social pawn!! What do the “SOCIALIST WOKE COMMUNIST PEOPLE think gives them that job over a parent?? I say KUDOS for your comments and HANDS OFF youngsters particularly.

  6. They won’t be happy untill all of the first graders WANT to be fruit cups !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Public schools have to go!! They teach everything that is abnormal and evil. Let children be children. How dare these adults put their sick ideas in our children just because they want to corrupt their own children. I’m a Medical Technologist, a mother of 5 and grandmother of 8 and I would definitely home school in todays world.

  8. How odd that the schools are pushing the appreciation of an ‘alternative’ life style on these kids, and teaching them to advocate for it. Gays represent about 3% of the population. Reference it in health education classes, give it an hour there, but there is no need to make a spectacle of it, and certainly it should NOT take up a whole week of these kids’ time. Are they sponsoring a parade for kids who prefer not to identify as gay? A heterosexual parade, a normal-sex week? THAT would be far more representative of society. Far too much time is being spent pushing and glorifying perversion.

    They need a new school board, and probably should replace a few principals.

  9. Absolutely insane, we send kids to school to learn about important things in life , not to learn about sexuality. It’s so disappointed that today kids can’t even add 2+2 , All because liberals are trying to get their wrong way of in life.

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