WATCH: Biden Misses Days of “Segregationists” Lunches

While delivering remarks Friday in Hamilton, Ohio, outside Cincinnati, President Biden struck an odd tone while apparently longing for days gone by in American politics. Biden, who spent more than 35 years in the U.S. Senate, has plenty of days to recall, but the example he chose to reflect on was…not great.

“Things have kinda changed since the days when I first got there,” Biden said of the senate. “We always used to fight like hell,” the president recalled. 

“Even back in the old days when we had real segregationists like [James] Eastland and [Strom] Thurmond and all those guys, but at least we end up eating lunch together,” Biden mused. “Things have changed, we’ve gotta bring it back,” he said.

Yes, really:

I guess the American people are supposed to be impressed that Biden — who served as VP to the first black president, has the first black vice president, and put the first black woman on the Supreme Court — was good at befriending…racists? 

It’s not a secret that Biden had chummy relationships with racist members of the U.S. Senate during his decades in the upper chamber, including Robert Byrd. But that’s the sort of thing Biden’s handlers would probably rather leave in the past. 

Of all the things, people, or examples from 36 years in Congress he could’ve used to illustrate what was presumably his point about the Senate working together to pass legislation, Biden invoked former colleagues he called “real segregationists,” waxed poetic about the lunches they used to share, and said the Senate needs to “bring it back.”

Presumably, Biden didn’t mean to imply that America needs to bring back “real segregationists” for lunch in the Senate, but he said what he said. And it wasn’t the first time Biden has recalled some of his racist pals.

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  1. Ohhh Wheee boy oh boy didiot is showing his true colors as a racist wants the old days back,but that ain`t gonna happen,not in this life time.

  2. Biden the original “OG” of racist pigs. All his picks and appointments use the race card to victimize themselves. So, I say YES to free speech. FUCK Biden Harris Pelosi Schumer Obama Rice Soros Schiff Cheney KissAssinginger McConnell McCarthy Clinton’s and the list goes on….

  3. Biden is a life time putz and serial liar. College lies, congress lies, personal history lies. And he continues to lie just about daily to the American people. He is not a commander in chief. He couldn’t even be a private in the Army. How can he continue to make soooo many BIG mistakes daily? Americans are in trouble with this bozo in office and add to that some republicans and lots of very newly rich democRats. When they came into office most were well off but not rich. Now they are really rich.

  4. Biden is a really stand up guy, in his own mind. If he only knew what the rest of the world sees.

  5. Must be hell fir Biden to be subjected to all these uppity black folk. Missing the old days when being friends with klan members spoke of a simpler time. How many of us “White Supremacists” have given a eulogy at the funeral of a klansmam, much less have had lunch one? The house of cards is coming down quickly and that’s precisely what happens when out of touch billionaire old white politicians use racial division to maintain power. It’s not just insulting to the people they call racist at every turn. It’s insulting to those they claim to be helping. Disgusting

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