WATCH: Biden Gets Heckled at the Summit of Americas

Joe Biden got heckled by far-left environmentalists at the Summit of Americas this week.

Biden participated in the inaugural ceremony of the Ninth Summit of the Americas at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

A far-left activist shouted, “No more fossil fuels!” as Biden delivered remarks.


The heckler was escorted out.


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  1. So when is Joe Biden’s motorcade vehicles only going to be powered by batteries? How about that big old jet airliner he rides in? Is Air Farce 1 going to go electric? What hypocrisy.

    • I figured he had burned around 3 million gallons of jet fuel bouncing around embarrassing Americans.
      That might be low considering all the support airplanes and ground work.

  2. frederick fetty jr

    How can Americans respect our president when even third-world countries think he is a joke???

  3. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  4. This headline is misleading for conservatives. I couldn’t care less if this sap was heckled by one of his own for not being tough enough on fossil fuels.

    • It is sad n disrespectful for the family n nation to leave a person with mental illness to be in the public. It is his wife’s responsibility to have him step aside. It’s not his fault he has memory problems but it is the congress his family n this nation need to speak out. Preserve some dignity for the man! We as a nation look incompetent. Please we each must speed out n get our natio the Great USA back on the right course. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  5. Who can respect this clown and keystone cops show.

  6. Good. When the idiots that accepted radical leftists into their fold they garnered precisely what they deserve. When one seeks to organize illogical radicals one can not expect to be immune to their radical tendencies. In other words they eat their own. Biden deserves every bit of disrespect due to his complete disregard for anyone that disagrees with his idiotic policies. Biden has no ideological concepts of his own he only sees everything through the lens of profits. He’s a disgusting example of corruption and immorality. While he does everything in his power to divide and destroy America he continues to rob the American taxpayers. If you think getting rid of Biden from the White House is the solution you are delusional. The entire Democrat party must be replaced with common sense principles and with the understanding that when America struggles the entire planet pays. We are the single most providers of worldwide welfare. From food to medicine to security a strong America is the greatest altruistic country the world has ever known. When we allow morons to literally destroy what we stand for we are also allowing the world’s poorest nations to starve and suffer unbelievable consequences. America First is not about selfish Americans it’s about worldwide stability. Just look at where we are and how the rest of the world suffers because of what we allowed the democrats to do to our nation. Peace through strength is not some political catch phrase its a global ideology that even despots understand. Tolerance is one thing but weakness only emboldens tyrants.

    • I agree with you.

    • Extremely well said. Unfortunately there are too many ignorant people out there that just don’t get it and never will. They will continue to vote for these corrupt idiots and then wonder why our country is falling apart and their lives aren’t getting better. People are feeling sorry for Biden because of his current mental state but forgetting that for the last 40 years he has never done anything good for this country and has cheated the taxpayers out of every penny he could steal not only for himself but his entire family. I don’t even want to get started on his son Hunter. It’s hard to believe that anyone could be so ignorant that they actually don’t see a problem there but apparently there are Americans who are really that dumb. There’s some really evil people behind what’s happening now and too many Americans are drinking the Koolaid. By the time they wake up(if they ever do)it will be too late. A very large part of Washington has sold their souls for money and power. They are going to be sorry when it’s time to pay up. Unfortunately, I’m afraid they are going to take our country down first.

  7. I can’t wait for all the libtards can’t buy clothes or any vehicle even a battery car , everything is made from some Petroleom products, are they going to go out and pick vegetables and fruits? They going to pull that plow? Please don’t say use a horse cause then peta get mad lol. These morons haven’t a clue they protest drilling rigs sitting in kayak made from oil, they don’t know all the harm from building a wind farm to the impact on the animals especially birds! They’re all brainwashed idiots that should be put on Amish farms and made to work or starve! What a joke just like the puppet they heckle!

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