Waste of Time: After Two Years, Senate Finds No Evidence of Collusion

After spending two years investigating the 2016 election, the Senate Intelligence Committee is getting ready to wrap things up. Long praised by even the mainstream media for having run a fair, down-the-middle investigation pertaining to all things Russia, the committee has interview more than 200 witnesses to come to their final conclusion: There was no “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

“If we write a report based upon the facts that we have,” said Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), the committee chairman, “then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Two years. 200 interview. Untold amounts of taxpayer money. And they came up with exactly nothing.

How about that.

The committee’s counterpart in the House already came to this conclusion last year, but the Devin Nunes-led House Intelligence Committee was constantly assailed by the left as running their investigation with the intent of protecting the president. This is why the committee, now run by conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Adam Schiff, is re-opening the investigation. Schiff is certain that he can find the missing links between Trump and Russia that Nunes and the Republicans missed.

But the Senate’s investigation has wound its way to the same findings, and that makes it extremely unlikely that Schiff (or Robert Mueller, for that matter) is going to do any better. This was a well-run investigation that left no stones unturned. If Burr & Co. didn’t find any collusion, it’s because there was none to be found.

Of course, that didn’t stop Democrats from equivocating. One anonymous aide told NBC News: “We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying, ‘Hey Vlad, we’re going to collude.’”

Nice strawman you’ve got there. No one’s asking to see such a contract. We’re just asking someone to provide even the slightest shred of evidence connecting Donald Trump to the Kremlin’s hack of the DNC. If that’s an impossible burden of proof to insist upon, then maybe it’s time for Democrats to admit to the American people that they’ve been lying to them for the last two years.

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