Washington Post Shames Itself With Latest Tara Reade Headline

At this point, we suppose the bar is so low that we should congratulate the Washington Post for running any stories on Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.

It looked for a while there as though the entire left-wing media had gotten together in a room somewhere and made a pact that they would completely ignore the latest volley in the #MeToo movement. Certainly, a great many feminists have already disgraced themselves with the way they’ve decided that Reade’s story is somehow less believable than those of E. Jean Carrol, Christine Blasey Ford, and the other women who have accused prominent conservatives.

At long last, though, the dam has broken, and we’ve seen big (if unbelievably slanted) stories about Reade’s allegations in the Post, the New York Times, CNN, and elsewhere. All of these stories have been written with a startling level of skepticism, but they’ve been written. We guess we’ve gotta give em that. They were written.

But when another person came forward to corroborate Reade’s story on Monday, the Washington Post ran the new story with a headline that was shameful even for them: Developments in Allegations Against Biden Amplify Efforts to Question His Behavior.

Some of the tweets in response to this garbled spin were instant classics.

“New information with regards to presidential aspirations lead to increased attention paid to certain unpleasantness surrounding a particular candidate,” one user tweeted.

“Jfc, just go back to ‘conservatives pounce’ instead of this word salad,” wrote the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross.

“I’ve read this tweet three times so far,” tweeted a baffled Noah Rothman.

“WTF does this headline even mean?” another user asked. “Christ, you people will do anything to help protect the precious.”

Someone at the Washington Post must have ultimately realized that the headline was doing more to embarrass the newspaper than to protect Joe Biden, so they gave us a new one that was clearer – in both its meaning and its bias: Trump Allies Highlight New Claims Regarding Allegations Against Biden.

There you go. That headline not only has the advantage of being understandable by the human brain, it makes it abundantly clear that this is just a story about what “Trump allies” are up to, so good little liberals don’t need to worry their pretty little heads over it.

Not that they were going to, anyway.

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