Washington Post Gets Little Kids to Bash Trump (As if it Proves Something)

If there’s one thing that continually and unfailingly gets in our craw, it’s watching little kids be treated as though their political ideas actually matter. No one cares what your kindergartner thinks about the state of politics in 2017. All they know is what you’ve told them. They do not have anything meaningful to add to the conversation, and it’s more than a little creepy when we act like they are doing anything more than parroting the opinions of their parents. (Your own precious little genius being the exception, of course.)

So that’s one of the reasons it’s especially infuriating to see the Washington Post, in their Sunday magazine supplemental, actually go out of their way to find third-grade students and interview them about President Donald Trump. Who wants to see this crap? Who actually thinks this is representative of anything other than the Washington Post’s liberal bias? Who actually CARES if the nation’s third graders are Hillary Clinton supporters??

Alas, we’re sure a great many subscribers found it heartwarming and meaningful. Never underestimate America’s dumb.

The writer who brought us this garbage is named Britt Peterson. Peterson apparently went to four elementary schools and was surprised (yeah, right) to find that “in the three classes where I asked how many students would have voted for Hillary Clinton, all hands went up.” How truly life-affirming that must be for liberal readers. Countdown to Democrats calling for us to lower the voting age to 8…

So, having set the stage – There are NO third-grade Trump supporters, anywhere – we get to sit back, relax, and let these young’uns tell us about our president. From the mouths of babes and all:

Mason Felice, Bellows Spring: I’m scared now that Donald Trump’s president, because ever since he was president a lot of bad things have been happening.

Devonte Holland, DC Scholars: I think that Hillary should’ve won because people are saying that Trump cheated in the election because they said he was working with Russia or ISIS or something.

Ranaia Robinson, Robert R. Gray: Hillary was supposed to win. I mean, she didn’t hate Mexicans. Donald Trump did. She was acting like a grown-up. But Donald Trump just, I can’t even say about him. He’s mean!

Makalynn Dunn, DC Scholars: I would vote for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump doesn’t like black people and Hillary Clinton does.

Nick Salehizadeh, Georgetown Day: I think that if I could vote, I would vote for Hillary Clinton because I wouldn’t want to vote for Donald Trump because he’s orange.

So, just for a minute, close your eyes and imagine if the Wall Street Journal had published a column asking third-graders about Barack Obama and one of them had said, “I would vote for Mitt Romney because Barack Obama doesn’t like white people and Romney does.” We don’t even have to expound on that. You can see the national outrage as clearly as we can. But of course, you can’t BE racist unless you’re white and you can’t BE racist unless you’re a Republican, in which case it’s basically assumed.

We’ll stop short of calling this stunt “sick propaganda,” even though that’s pretty much what it is. We’ll just call it a predictable new low from the fake news media and leave it at that.

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