Washington Post Gets Little Kids to Bash Trump (As if it Proves Something)

If there’s one thing that continually and unfailingly gets in our craw, it’s watching little kids be treated as though their political ideas actually matter. No one cares what your kindergartner thinks about the state of politics in 2017. All they know is what you’ve told them. They do not have anything meaningful to add to the conversation, and it’s more than a little creepy when we act like they are doing anything more than parroting the opinions of their parents. (Your own precious little genius being the exception, of course.)

So that’s one of the reasons it’s especially infuriating to see the Washington Post, in their Sunday magazine supplemental, actually go out of their way to find third-grade students and interview them about President Donald Trump. Who wants to see this crap? Who actually thinks this is representative of anything other than the Washington Post’s liberal bias? Who actually CARES if the nation’s third graders are Hillary Clinton supporters??

Alas, we’re sure a great many subscribers found it heartwarming and meaningful. Never underestimate America’s dumb.

The writer who brought us this garbage is named Britt Peterson. Peterson apparently went to four elementary schools and was surprised (yeah, right) to find that “in the three classes where I asked how many students would have voted for Hillary Clinton, all hands went up.” How truly life-affirming that must be for liberal readers. Countdown to Democrats calling for us to lower the voting age to 8…

So, having set the stage – There are NO third-grade Trump supporters, anywhere – we get to sit back, relax, and let these young’uns tell us about our president. From the mouths of babes and all:

Mason Felice, Bellows Spring: I’m scared now that Donald Trump’s president, because ever since he was president a lot of bad things have been happening.

Devonte Holland, DC Scholars: I think that Hillary should’ve won because people are saying that Trump cheated in the election because they said he was working with Russia or ISIS or something.

Ranaia Robinson, Robert R. Gray: Hillary was supposed to win. I mean, she didn’t hate Mexicans. Donald Trump did. She was acting like a grown-up. But Donald Trump just, I can’t even say about him. He’s mean!

Makalynn Dunn, DC Scholars: I would vote for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump doesn’t like black people and Hillary Clinton does.

Nick Salehizadeh, Georgetown Day: I think that if I could vote, I would vote for Hillary Clinton because I wouldn’t want to vote for Donald Trump because he’s orange.

So, just for a minute, close your eyes and imagine if the Wall Street Journal had published a column asking third-graders about Barack Obama and one of them had said, “I would vote for Mitt Romney because Barack Obama doesn’t like white people and Romney does.” We don’t even have to expound on that. You can see the national outrage as clearly as we can. But of course, you can’t BE racist unless you’re white and you can’t BE racist unless you’re a Republican, in which case it’s basically assumed.

We’ll stop short of calling this stunt “sick propaganda,” even though that’s pretty much what it is. We’ll just call it a predictable new low from the fake news media and leave it at that.

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  2. Just more proof of how corrupt the MEDIA has become. Time for conservatives to do something about it, or lose to the anti American liberal progressive communists.


  3. Anyone who hasn’t yet figured out that liberals are the scum of humanity is either a liberal, or dumber than a box of rocks! Actually, most liberals have the mental capacity of a 3rd grader, so that’s probably why they want to talk to them!

    • Real truth is that those to whom we refer as “liberals” ain’t liberal.

      • Indeed….they’re communists.
        The irony is that a lot of them don’t know what they are, same as they don’t know which bathroom to use.

        • That potty problem cost tax payers millions of dollars

          • And a growing number of them seem to think they are of a gender that
            does not match their physical and genital structure. Any idiot who
            thinks he or she can just say “I want to be a different gender” and have
            it happen is a fool. Their chromosomes ain’t gonna change, no matter
            what surgery they get.

        • I never knew commies could be so dumb.

        • and the protesters never know what they are protesting. Just being paid

        • Good one!

        • Mr. Manfredgensenden

          The Socialist Party of America changed their name to ‘Progressives’ so the Democrats wouldn’t know their party was being infiltrated by communists. Now, of course, some of them admit it.

          • Ahhhhhh, Progressives !
            Ain’t “Progress” a good thing ? Ain’t the “Affordable Care Act” affordable ?
            democRATS LOVE to put grandiose names on donkeys asses.
            Just another indicator of their “Creative Naming” of
            absolute boondoggles !

          • This is why I DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE insurance,it was owed by a liberal,socialist pig PETER LEWIS ,he was friend with another PIG george soros!
            DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE!!!!!!

        • Clue, if you are born with a penis, you are Male. If you are born with a vagina, you are Female. Perhaps early sex education would be helpful to these snowflakes.

        • Libs etc.
          LOVE your picture ! A shot of one of my dearest wishes !

        • I think you should read up the defination of Communist .

      • True…they are lunatic’s.

      • No, they are Leftist, Statist, Socialist (read: Communist) scum-sucking, bottom feeders.

        • the_better_capatin

          limo driving, latte sipping, TWEETING, @$$holes. i only get my news from conservative sites like nytimes.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not fair! I like rocks.

    • Communists have always taken advantage of the young and gullible.

      • It is from which that they get their cannon fodder.

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      • that is why the commies want to change the names of cities, buildings, streets, and areas in a city of for that matter an entire country…

      • What does Communism have to do with this comment? Are you on the right track ?

        • The Left, whom has taken over control of the Democrat party is communist in nature.

          Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Big Government Communists.

          The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:

          Of the People, By the People, and For the People,
          Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the Elites…

          This is Communism. The elites are the traitors, in this thread they are called liberals.

        • Socialism is the precursor to communism, at least according to Alinsky and Marks.

    • I think liberals exist no longer. If true liberals of yesteryear could see and hear what these nuts are doing under the disguise of “liberalism”, they would have a fit and call them the same things we true
      Americans call them: idiotic leftwing hateful non-humans who want to dictate to everyone in the nation.

      • Since when did being a liberal mean embracing communism, propaganda, and fixing elections, along with obstructing justice, and openly lying without fear getting caught? I guess since Obama this is now reality.

        • Don’t know exactly when the transformation took place, but I think it put itself in gear in the ’60’s, but quietly. They felt us out during GW Bush’s time in office, and with Obama they knew they could go full steam, and as they planned to install Hillary in the WH following Obama’s reign they thought they had succeeded in overthrowing our constitutional republic…………..and THAT IS WHY THEY THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED TO THEIR KINGDOM, THAT NOT GETTING IT IS THE FAULT OF ALL CONSERVATIVES, AND THEY CANNOT TOLERATE IT. NOTHING ABOUT AMERICA APPEALS TO THE POLITICAL LEFT. And given their actions and their hatreds, the left does not appeal to conservatives either. There is no peaceful way to solve the problem that the left has foisted upon us.

    • Susan……. couldn’t have said it better myself !!!!!

    • Wait a minute- how can you keep somebody on your payroll for a responsible job and then he turns around calls a moron. The Secretary of State called Trump names. We are also hearing that Sessions is working on his own without Trump’s endorsement. Sessions thinks he is now the president- that is why he is going around from state to state to lobby for votes as preparation of his 2020 WH bid. I am asking Trump to fire both – Secretary of State and Sessions. They do not respect Trump at all.

    • Remember the fear of the CERN Cyclotron creating a Black Hole, no, the only true likelihood of that is the Neutronium thick ear wax popping out of the ear canals of the Loonie Libtards and the vacuum between their ears sucking everything up.

  4. Perhaps they’re planting the seed of Democrat immorality into those kids to grow bigger, dumber Democrats later on? (Or maybe that’s already obvious?) Whatever their reason, there’s no good that will come of it for our country. What they’re doing to OUR KIDS is not unlike what the Taliban does with THEIR children. Load ’em up with guns and get them to kill us, or load ’em up with bombs, etc. There are children being trained to kill at this very moment. And it wouldn’t surprise me if there are some right here within our own borders. But these poor kids are being dumbed down for a reason…. and that is…. to become a DEMOCRAT.

  5. I guess upper management at the Washington Post have fianally realized that these young kids are smarter than the reporters on their payroll. What a bunch of Liberal nonsense.

  6. Jeff Bozo who owns the post and amazon is a very evil person

  7. What do you say to children when they can watch the news and see their president ignore or violate every principle written in the textbooks they study? It has taken decades for education to evolve to an acceptance of equality, justice and respect for all. Are they now to take pussy grabbing as the serious option for their future? Are we to forget the words written in the Constitution and the struggles of real patriots to protect and expand those words and conform to some trailer park trash normality because of some lard ass moron got elected?

    • Why are you going back in time to Bill Clinton?

    • You mean the schools teaching them to have gay sex and how to do so safely? Or the part where they are teaching them to be transgenders? Or the part where they are teaching them how to get abortions? Or the part where they are teaching them to block traffic in protest of anything they feel has offended them? Or the part where they are teaching them that the wage earners owe them a free ride? Just what morals could Trump possibly be breaking that any of our schools are teaching? Today’s schools are not teaching morality but immorality. In fact they barely teach them to read, do math, or spell.Want to confuse most of America’s teens just ask them to subtract 29 from 76 without a calculator or to spell they’re and watch how many different spellings you get.

      • So I can put you down favoring pussy grabbing. That’s interesting.

        • Locker room BS and you take it seriously. Tell me how many guys brag about BS in the locker room and expect some one to be taping them? And how much of that bragging is fact? So he said a bunch of crap but the funny part is not one female has come forward and been found to be telling the truth. Yet Clinton had witnesses and Hillary went after the women he molested. So running your mouth does not come near to Hillary and Billy boys actual crimes. After all there were facts to prove Clinton was a pile of dog crap and Hillary right along with him. Get a life. I grew up with a ton of male relatives and all they did was brag about how they could get so much sex from so many girls and that was all it was. Bragging.

        • At least he’s grabbing pussy and not grabbing some guy’s dick. At least he is calling for the firing of the black ba**ards ruining NFL football so they can get a few more seconds of air time.

          Today’s kids think it’s okay to have interracial dating. They don’t see how this demeans the white race. The black culture has nothing to be proud of. It’s interior and everybody knows it including blacks.

          Schools are teaching equality because they want to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Is that what you want for the United States. Look at South Africa–is that what you want our country to look like?

    • May the Ku Klux Klan burn a cross in your front yard. The black community is far less equal than they were in the 60’s because they have been told they are superior. It’s a lie, and they know it, but hearing it gives them the confidence to go on as they are. Until they embrace the white culture there will never be equality for them. Most of them will be mired in their ghetto mentality of drugs, pimps and welfare. The Democrats have enclsaved the black race more than any white plantation owner ever did.

  8. What these liberal morons are dong is child abuse….or at the very least brainwashing.

  9. Looks like their parents didn’t get past 3rd grade mentality!

  10. If I see the first sign of these Liberals teaching my grandkids that BLM or that Odumbo was a great president, I’m snatching them out of that school!!! Parents be d@mned!!! (My kid)

    • Good luck with that one. I have a 13 year-old granddaughter I would home school in a heartbeat, but her parents would be mortified. I did home school her father, but he doesn’t have custody.

  11. Another typical example of the level of depravity of MSM, particularly ‘rags’ like the WaComPost. Anyone who subscribes or wastes their time by reading the garbage they spew is definitely biased & intellectually challenged.

  12. Who cares about the Washington Compost

  13. Trump is the best President we ever had

  14. Suppose the question to these impressionable snowflakes had instead been “Who would have voted for Donald Trump?” Chances are you would also see a majority.

    • That’s the real issue. Kids the age of 3rd graders always want to please. They will chooses their answers based on what the person asking them wants to hear.

  15. Somewhere buried in all the “clutter” a morsel of truth, accurate, insightful news manages to get reported. The left does not have to contradict ( although they often do that ) the truth. They simply bury it in volumes of ridiculous information.
    They squeeze out the time necessary to report the truth. Case in point. The mayor of San Juan. Look at all the time focused on a lie. Russia! Russia! Russia! Oops that slipped out. My bad.
    DJT has done a marvelous job in this environment. His “politicizing” is nearly always a response to a political attack launched against his office as president of the US. Keep in mind there is one of him and thousands of idiots spewing rhetoric. From all outward appearances there is an orchestrated effort to divide us as a country.
    Orchestrated? I have a hard time convincing myself that thousands of idiots ( my apologies to the genuine idiots) are spontaneously rising up and stirring the pot. We need to stop those orchestrating these civil unrests by convicting them for the crimes they committed while in office. Cut off the root and the vine will wither.
    God Bless America

  16. Oh well, these are representative of the Felonia Von Pantsuit voters anyway; who knows, in light of all the ‘illegal votes ‘ cast ( is that illegal among illegal inclusive ?), at least they are alive and able to converse. The dialogue is no different than any other liberal interview.

  17. Oh, Susan, that would be box of bricks, rocks are God created; and who really believes that 3rd graders have time or inclination to ponder politics or any aspect of their future other than garnering another Vid-game, immersing in social media, or just ‘hanging out’. It seems in retrospect we really did have more important things to do when those of us our age were 3rd graders. Personally, driving a car at age 11, licensed at 13, trying to help out with a hard working family; fun was learning to fly at 13 and wishing I was older to start the plan of life I was constructing when not still being a kid and fighting the hormones that were clawing at the door like Montezuma’s Revenge. Politics really took second or third seat when you were serving the country and living in one war after another; ’69-’98. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  18. Washington Post in a dive behind NY Times, wacko’s. Good

  19. Hey how about getting together some kids that are black & muslim and let them rip the shit out of the Washington Post. Let them yell Alahu Akbar the staff will be confused? Arent they supposed to be working together? Why dont you hang Obama & Hitler-y for starting there own war in Lybia. Killing Quaddafi and selling guns and surface to air missiles to both sides for profit? Selling uranium to people who will eventually make New York glow in the fucking dark? This isnt the democratic party its
    the enemy.

    • You are correct that what they call today’s democrat is not the democrat of the 60’s meaning the JFK democrat. Today’s so-called democrat party is commie run with anarchist operatives used to destabilize our country. As a mater of fact it is unfair to call these new democrats democrats, they are the communist party and they are in control of the media and Hollywood ( wow McCarthy was correct). That is why the media will never mention that there were many Reagan/blue dog democrats that voted for Trump. The current commie/democrats are thrashing about grasping at straws and there will be no limit on how low they will go.

    • Most people call it treason.

    • You’re good, really good. !

  20. There is a term for computers that might apply hear, ”GIGO”.

  21. Typical Libturd Demonrat POS attempts to Brainwash little kids!!! WHY aren’t these Treahy SOB’s being arrested??? IF my child came home brainwashed like that I would find the scum and beat hishead until it turned to Mush!! Then I would call him thoroughly brainwashed!!!

  22. Let’s get it on…enough!

  23. I guess the post has nothing else to do but bash our country, things must be slow. So, you poison the college students, now onto the elementary schools, didn’t Hitler do that in Germany? I new it, your the new communist party that used to be called the Democratic party, who’s main interest is to change America, change the constitution to YOUR way of thinking, ALL off you are a really sick bunch. Little by little your are all chipping away at America, and have for the last eight years, but most of us have figured it out, but be very careful liberals, there is a huge storm brewing that your not going to be able to take on, we are just resting.

  24. The only thing missing from these Young Pioneers is the red scarf. Forcible indoctrination of children in the state educational system and “youth groups” sponsored by the ruling party is crucial to the establishment and maintanance of collectivist tyranny. It is going on now in the fortunately small number of Obammunist enclaves left in the United States, but if we ever let the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder back into power on a national scale the schools will fill with rehearsed denunciations of the class enemy even faster than the re-education camps will fill with deplorables.

  25. Until a child has to pay bills, hold down a job, and try to get a high paying job they wont understand just how bad the liberals have screwed them over. They wont understand that liberals like one thing and one thing only, making money for doing nothing and if they can steal from others to buy votes they will. All those “freebies” liberals in congress and the government give to the population didn’t come out of their pockets but out of the wage earners thus the reason every town, city, county, state and even our nation is deeply in debt. So having a bunch of kids talk trash about our President when this same paper knows we are a nation living off of over stretched credit is just ignorant and proves they are willing to use even our children to try to make money.

  26. The childish comments of children are unnecessary. Anyone with any facility on a keyboard can get on a forum like this one and find an abundance childish commentary from the ultra-right nutjobs who contaminate such sites. Ample confirmation of this can be read below.

  27. Americans “Boycott the Washington Post” until they make it publically known in a Court of Law that they will not teach Our children their Traitor-Tyranny Ways!

  28. The saddest part is that these third graders sound just like their parents when they’re asked why they support Killary

  29. what the hell is going on ? you look at Germany at the end , small children were fighting , not against us but for the FUROR”S say so !! well the left will not do that to my kids and this should come to an end now

  30. 70 some % of DC residents are Democrats. It’s understandable that their kids will parrot their parents words. What is not understandable is that a ‘real’ journalist would not seek out a fair story to report on.

  31. Were they interviewing 3rd graders or college students ? I guess it was 3rd graders, because college students wouldn’t have been at that level of intellect in their answers.

  32. Michael Dennewitz

    That’s why I continuously say: And we allow these dumbasses to teach our children?? The washington compost is doing exactly what geo soreass tells them to do!! 😣☹😢

  33. I can write a computer program with an output statement in it that says:

    write (6,*) ‘ All Democrats are stupid, leftist pigs who should be sent to concentration camps!’

    When I execute the program, “The Computer” would say,

    All Democrats are stupid, leftist pigs who should be sent to concentration camps!
    What does that prove, other than I know how to program in Fortran? (Same thing!) Oh, and by the way, this also has relevance to the Global Warming issue, in that you can get “A Computer” to say anything you want it to say.

    • Sorry, I went a little beyond column 72 in my write statement, so I guess I would have had to split the line into two lines with a continuation character in column 6. But, you get the idea… 🙂

  34. The liberals better known as Democrats; and the News Media are the lying’s bunch that has taken a breath, and they have perfected breathing they can get their lies out in a gust of 300 words a minute! That is the reason for the climate change, all the hot air!

  35. Britt Peterson merely pretends to be a journalist…All stories from the Washington post are to slander the duly elected President of the USA…why waste your time or money on such a hack rag…???

    • I only read it for the comics. WaPo has the best comics pages & that’s the only good thing about that newspaper. Also, it’s good to know what the enemy is thinking.

  36. At least 75% of the teachers and professors in the US are now liberals, as described in their own minds, and they are using indoctrination technics on the children of this country. We have even seen examples, of such instructors, advocating the assination of a US president. These people are sick but are running the educational system of this country. They are getting to the point, where they can soon be changing the political agenda of this country by their indoctrination efforts, similar to their idol, Stalin.

  37. Who gives a rat’s ass about The Washington Post, to begin with? Besides, The Washington Post is a foul, unclean and vile Lie Sheet. It is an utterly disgusting piece of used toilet paper. I’m being entirely too generous here. And there is nothing liberal about a “liberal”. Liberalism is an utterly reactionary philosophy. Having caught a whiff of some of these modern liberals, I can assure most everyone that they’re the most illiberal people to be found. As for “a vast, right-wing conspiracy…”; why heck! Hillary Clinton is PART of it (!).

  38. Just think if Trump was turn kids against Hillary on camera for world to see.. We would have MSM up in arms for next 6 months non stop

  39. After reading the article, if you had not told me that the responses were from 3d grade students, I would have said “Huh” very typical of the voting brain washed dems.

  40. They use children because they can take advantage their youthful inexperience. Perhaps these children could even do a better job of running the Post. This is just another step down the ladder for the credibility of main stream media.

  41. It is a pity that we wlll have to kill this entire generation of children to cleanse them.

  42. It only proves this nation has no future because the children are being corrupted and maligned.

  43. I think many are missing the real point here. The left has, and continues an indoctrination of the children. It’s happening all around us. Starts in younger children and continues all the way through college. Have you not noticed that a majority of educators (and I use that term loosely) are liberals and they are planting their ideology into our children. Not sure how this is any different than what Hitler had in mind for the youth of Germany. This is part of the playbook of the left.

    • The Bolshevik revolution in Russia brought a lot of socialist/communists into the USA, and they infiltrated the universities… big time. Their children and grandkids are still there teaching, and now are kindly called liberals. Shows up in the students… also big time !!

      • We are in the midst of our own Bolshevik Revolution. At some point we are going to have to take our country back by force because reasoning with the liberal/communist Antifa is not going well.

  44. They are probably a bunch of LITTLE NIGGERS and ILLEGALS!!!

  45. Wonderful! Not unlike using kids as human shields. They have absolutely no class or shame, do they?

  46. Respect will go the way of everything else with Liberal parents. They just don’t have a clue and I feel sorry for the children who are going to grow up just as warped as their parents, unless they can escape somehow.

  47. Looks like WAPO has finally found its “sweat spot”; i.e., more brainwashing of readers, but, this time, it was 8th graders.

    Jeff Bezos’s influence is showing up more and more in their “rag”.

  48. Over recent years we have turned over control of our educational system to those who are patiently poisoning the minds and hearts of our youth so they can gain control of our country. It does not matter what cause they can align with to get future votes so long as the cause is not for the principals by which our country was founded.

  49. They’re only looking for approval of their opinions by interviewing 3rd graders like where do you think they get their opinions from, their Liberal parents, that’s who!

  50. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Joseph Goebbels – Nazi Propaganda Minister

    Leftists = 卐 CommuNazis 卐

  51. …….Ok, is the next amendment to the Amended Liberties going to be:
    8 year Olds can vote??
    If not, who cares?
    Maybe that’s why Hillary was shocked Trump won.
    CNN, Gallop, FOX, CBS, etc just polled 8 year old kids through out the election season.

  52. So I guess they didn’t show that third grader who’s parents irresponsibly and reprehensibly made her believe the legally elected President of the United States that millions voted for doesn’t like black people the videos of Hillary Clinton using her Aunt Jemima voice and whipping hot sause out of her purse to impress them, or something.
    This is a new low, just when you thought they’d gone as far down as they could with the flag burning and anthem kneeling they find yet another rotten, putrid toadstool to crawl beneath and call home. Disgusting.

  53. James D. Gerhardson

    ALL PARENTS should realize that, eventually, our children will mature, and move into society, and with learning, come to reason on their own, just what they learned from their parents and elders. Hopefully, the lessons will be positive more than negative, for they shall one day reason for themselves!

  54. I tell my grandkids I can’t give them any money because mean ole liberals stole all of it.

  55. The Democrat Party of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s was intensely racist and they saw in the socialism of Hitler and Stalin a way to keep gain control over everyone that they didn’t like, in order to suppress them and eventually get rid of them. Their agenda is shown in their continued support of Planned Parenthood, gun control, Federal control of education, indoctrination of children in liberal causes and propaganda, control of the “news media”, spreading fake news, constant investigations of everyone and everything connected with Trump including loud accusations at the start and whispered reports that they once again found nothing and suppression of all the information about Clinton crimes and the Obama conspiracy to prevent her from going to jail, along with her perverted husband. These all shout to the world that the Democrats are really the Racist Communist party of the US

  56. Liberalism is a mental disorder….open the sanitariums back up and their would be standing room only

  57. With liberal parents and the schools these kids attend, they are in an echo chamber. The MSM go to any length to support their predetermined narrative. I remember around the time Trump was going to announce for President, a CNN talking head dug up a little known actress in London to condemn Trump. A British Citizen, she had played a few bit parts in plays over a couple years. CNN spent 15 minutes fawning all over her for her “astute, mature, world view”, as though she was an authority on American politics.

  58. Consider the Wasteington Post for what it is…. a liberal/leftist snewz rag of no import. Many of these Lefist rags are anti-American and deserve the disdain of every ‘Real’ Patriotic American.
    In fact, the Post and other like-minded ‘Pravada Approved’ snewz sources should be viewed as being ‘Enemies of the State’ publications, & should be closed down, along with their editors and owners being prosecuted for undermining America with their subversive propaganda.[.]

  59. State Sponsored Socialism / Communist Manifesto goals revealed in book ‘The Naked Communist’ and later recorded, in the Congressional record in 1963!! and published, in the Communist Manifesto itself —- #12 ‘ Get Control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current communist propaganda. Get control of the teachers unions and associations. #13. Gain control of All Student newspapers. #14 Infiltrate the press. Get control of book review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.#22 Belittle All forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history. #25 Discredit the family, as an institution.Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. #26 Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. #27 Create the impression that violence & insurrection are legitimate aspects of American tradition; that students and special interest groups should rise up and use united force to solve economic, political, and social problems. The Mainstream Media today espouses all of this, in one way, shape or form and has been for decades now, to the point where We Are Today…. The Wasteington Post is but one of many. Now U know, with No Apologies.

  60. Nothing like ‘coached and prepped’ kids for a ‘truthful’ interview. This is so transparent and so shameful!

    • Maybe so but it sure tells the rest of us what the kids are hearing and confirmed by their parents. The parents should try to do some parenting and teach the kids manners, morals, honesty, etc. Our president represents our country and us and should have our personal support. attack the subject not the person!

  61. Wow, the left keeps getting more ignorant everyday. All of these comments are strictly out of the Democrat’s playbook. Nothing original. Yes, obviously these are kids who have been trained on what to say by their parents or others. So silly. But, like the writer says, the next thing the Democrats will be seeking to drop the voting age down to 8. They are already trying to figure out how they can make illegal aliens voting as legitimate. The Democrats are disgusting anti-American morons controlled by their globalist masters George Soros. VOTE ALL DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2018 AND 2020.

  62. Everyone enjoys bashing the Orange Blossom, Scum-Slut, Tax Evader, Pervert, Putin Puppet and Draft-Dodger. It’s a First Amendment right to be exercised by every REAL AMERICAN!!!!!!

  63. This brief article clearly points out that The Washington Post is a foul, unclean and vile Lie Sheet, an utterly disgusting piece of used toilet paper. I’m being entirely too generous here.

  64. Again the Democratic party that has turned into the, Communist/Socialist/far left leaning Progressive ( Liberal) Party is our of Control.
    Do you people realize that the Democrat Party is not what it once was, they have been taken over by the Communist/Socialist that are teaching our Children to be disrespectful to the last of the Free Countries left in this World.
    America is the Greatest free society left, and you people don’t even realize what is happening.
    I am sure that the out of control illegals have something to do with this attitude.
    But that is no excuse for letting our Country become like Europe and other third world Countries.
    That’s what is happening one step at a time.

  65. It is better known as “Monkey See, Monkey Do”.

  66. Any teacher pushing any political agenda at all should be terminated and never allowed to teach again. This socialist indoctrination needs to stop!!

  67. Wild ass dipshits being groomed to join the “worthless”.

  68. Sad, when you have to use children to create a delusional world in politics to be used and forced upon others.

  69. This is typical cowardly Libertard behavior. Hiding behind a bunch of children to express their own feelings. This is how Pol Pot got a lot of his recruits. He began by indoctrinating the school kids.

  70. if they can’t abort em brain washing starts as soon as speech becomes understandable.. that is why we have an entire generation of brainless twats saying they need safe time out rooms…

  71. Please stop confusing liberals and communists! I AM a lifelong card-carrying Communist. It may surprise you to know that most communists marginally PREFER Trump to Clinton. This is because he has stopped supporting Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East and the war against the secular government in Syria. In Africa, where I live, it was the Democrat Lyndon Johnson who recruited white mercenaries in Congo to put the incredibly corrupt Mobutu Sese Seko in power. It was the Democrat Bill Clinton who instigate the 1998-2003 Congo War which, according to the UN, killed 5 and a quarter million people — making it the most destructive war in human lives since WWII. It was the Democrat Obama who unleashed the NATO bombing and destruction of Libya in 2011 — at that time, the country with the highest living standards in Africa. The country was then taken over by Islamic fundamentalists who were the allies of the US and NATO. They subsequently carried out genocide in Libya destroying the whole mainly black town of Tawergha massacring at least half of its inhabitants. Obama killed more black Libyans in one year than the Ku Klux Klan killed black Americans in its entire existence.

    • If you are a communist then you are the one and only one communist that i know of ,because i grow up in former soviet union and to me liberals look exactly like the communists with all the ideas that the communists had and have to take away all the freedoms from regular people ,remember IOSIF VISARIONOVICH STALIN,took the life and freedoms of many million UKRAINIANS and Russian!

  72. Every time that you think that the biased corrupt liberal/progressive lying fake news media and rags can’t go any farther they go into the very pits of hell. The
    Washington Post, and all who are like them, are nothing but scum-bags. They’ve taken their depravity and perversion way too far when they are victimizing young innocent children just to try to spread their poison throughout our Nation. Who do they think they are that they can actually destroy the innocence of a child and somehow justify in their own minds that’s OK. Wake up America this has gone way too far. We have to take control. We cannot allow lthis type of child abuse to continue from the Washington Post and the other lying liberal rags and media that are trying to destroy our country and now are attacking our children.

  73. Child abuse for political profiteering.

  74. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Just Liberals emulating Stalin…going after the young and impressionable. Just like Islam does.

  75. I think you have that right Susan. A total bunch of idiots.

  76. They are only proving how sick and depraved they have become and how much we need to toss all the liberals out. Vote everyone in out in the next election and when they come home give them a parade or a rope, whichever they deserve.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  77. The left wing propaganda media have destroyed their own credibility.

  78. Clearly the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, have no morals which stems from birth.
    This is why Daughters should not engage in coitus with their Father.

  79. This reminds of the so called palestinians (lower case “P” intentional) who are training two and three year old children to take toy guns and practice killing Jews.
    Please show me the difference.
    Will the slimy muslim fraud Obama, have the kids beheading dolls next ?

  80. Our Politicians are even worse than yours,we have a antiquated Parliamentary System that is centuries old and still wear wigs and say M’Lord and all that crap and walk in the Chambers carrying a Mace along with colonial hats with matching boots, now how F–cked up is that?. You have a gentlemam that wears a suit and a matching First Lady of class, we have a Drama teacher who is bilingual and has nice hair,and favors immigrants to his own people. Hopefully he is like [Hilliary] GONE.I agree who really cares what 3rd graders have to say after being told what to say or ask.

  81. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️

    Oh that’s horrible parenting!

    Why fill their little innocent minds with hate. And politics don’t belong in a child’s mind.
    Or, nowadays, adults either. It ruins them!

  82. This is the extreme ignorance of Jeff BOZO, the lefty assh*le! They ought to hang him by his manhood, then shove his penis down his throat. Picking on kids now, eh BOZO. If I catch you affecting kids in my neighborhood, your butt w/b reamed out for good!

  83. Jaron Gant Joyner

    Washington Post-For heavens Sake-Get over-Hillary Clinton Lost.And you pick-On little Children??If your Hillary was so GREAT-Why did she Loose the Election??You need to Listen to “We the People”-You’re on the Wrong-Side-Haven’t you Gotten it yet.???If you Love your Country-Then start Helping Our President-Quit fighting him at Every Turn-It’s just Wrong !!!!

  84. Yes it does; for those who can’t see past the end of their tweaker!

  85. The Left plays the “kids” card, once again. You think they would be embarrassed.

  86. Michael Dennewitz

    But then, who the hell reads or believes what the washington compost says. Just like all the rest of the media, OWNED by geo soros!😣

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