Washington Post Bends Over Backwards to Downplay Great Economic News

According to the latest report from the Labor Department, U.S. workers are now seeing the biggest wage increase in the nation since September 2008 – a long decade ago. Faced with an extraordinarily low unemployment rate, companies are finally forced to come off their pocketbooks and compete to keep workers from leaving the flock. The result? A better situation for employees in America than we’ve seen since the recession and an extraordinary messaging point for Republicans heading into the final days of the midterm election season. Wages went up 2.9% from 2017 to 2018.

So, good news, right? Proof that voters made the right choice when they elected Donald Trump in November 2016, yes? Proof that the tax cuts, the deregulations, and the other economic stimulants that this administration and Congress have put in place are working, correct?

Well of course not. Not if you get your news from the Washington Post, which devoted at least half of their story about the wage increase to debunking the notion that any credit whatsoever should go to President Trump.

First, they assure us that “unemployment has been falling steadily for eight years and wages have been inching higher.” Then they find an economist to say, “It’s not about the tax cuts.” Then they go on to throw cold water on the idea that Trump has had any effect on blue-collar wages, even though they are ultimately forced to admit that those professions “are seeing some of the fastest job growth since the mid-1980s.”

But here’s the real doozy.

The final two paragraphs of the Post article:

For Azoria Morales, a single mother of two boys, ages 8 and 10, who works as a housekeeper in St. Louis earning $8.50 an hour, wage increases can’t come soon enough. She recently had to replace the alternator on her car, an unexpected expense that meant she had to tell her boys she wouldn’t be able to pay for them to play in the youth football league this season.

“Putting food on the table is a constant struggle. I was going to school to be a dental assistant, but I was in a car crash, resulting in nerve damage to my hand,” said Morales, who is 28. “I do the best I can with what I have. Costs keep going up, but my wages haven’t kept pace.”

So in a story that is about a ten-year high in wage growth, the Post thought it appropriate to scour the country for one sad-sack woman who can’t make ends meet? Of course they did, because that’s the only way they can spin this story so that readers put down their newspaper feeling gloomy and pessimistic about the state of the country. You think there’s once chance in a million they would have concluded their story that way if a Democrat was in the White House right now?

Final takeaway: The economy is booming, Trump is winning, and the Fake News Media is as biased as ever.

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