Washington GOP Hesitates, State Republicans Seize the Day

Republicans in Washington, D.C. appeared ready to take full advantage of their newfound power in the weeks following the 2016 election, but conservative critics – including Matt Drudge – have begun to wonder if they’ll be able to live up to their national promises. While President Donald Trump uses executive power to push his agenda as far forward as he can, congressional leaders seem to be wavering on Obamacare, border security, and other issues important to their voters.

Away from the Capitol, however, state Republican leaders are rushing to implement the policies they ran on.

From The New York Times:

Republicans have top-to-bottom control in 25 states now, holding both the governorship and the entire legislature, and Republican lawmakers are acting with lightning speed to enact longstanding conservative priorities.

In states from New England to the Midwest and across the South, conservative lawmakers have introduced or enacted legislation to erode union powers and abortion rights, loosen gun regulations, expand school-choice programs and slash taxes and spending.

The Times article is actually worth a read, especially for anyone who is already feeling disgruntled about the national scene. Make no mistake about it – there is a conservative revolution going on right now in the United States. Republican legislatures are wasting no time in pursuing policies that have long been thwarted by Democrats. On issues like abortion, gun control, sanctuary cities, and welfare, liberals are watching powerlessly as Republicans make good on their campaign promises.

At the federal level, there’s no telling what the next couple of years might bring. With Trump at the helm, we have all the confidence in the world that we’ll be in a better place than we would have been under Hillary Clinton. Even so, Republicans in Washington have been known to disappoint, and they are facing an obstructionist Democratic Party desperate to make the most of their sudden “outsider” status.

At the state level, however, conservatives are getting just what they wanted. As weakened as Democrats are on a national basis, they have been decimated locally. And that means that much of the Obama era’s worst policies will be erased from the ground up. That may not be enough to boost your spirits if you live in a blue state, but these things tend to gather momentum as time goes on.

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  1. GOP Governors have got balls; GOP Senate & House – they need to grow a set, quit worrying what CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc thinks, tell them to go f***k themselves once and for all.

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    • Yeah Victor!!! They should, if they haven’t already – go directly to their constituents like our President . . . .tweet, tweet, tweet Tweeter and Facebook. They’ve got to use what’s working – more and devoted work required but that’s the cheapest, most cost effective way to be with their people back home everyday!!! Best way to campaign – everyday until the next election on social media!!!!

      • Trump is great and if he wants to tweet,so be it,,,, does not hurt a bit UNLESS your looking for something to complain about Trump has to do what he said he would do,,, that’s why we voted for him

        • Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !mj636:
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      • Your exactly right! Before the election I posted on a conservative site that our people need to learn to use the most effective means of communication we have in this techy age; and that is social media. I am not up to par concerning all this tech. stuff, but I recognize that if you want to get the attention of our younger voters, you must use it and use it to dispel the fake news the MSM is guilty of!
        And it is about time that our elected Senators get back in touch with their constituents, mid terms will be coming up soon, and WE THE VOTERS will remember! Those who stand in the way are about to get their a$$es kicked!

    • GOP in Congress has sold out, at least 12 of them are taking money from Soros to fight Trump, including lying Ryan. They don’t give a rats’ ass for “We The People” as long as they can line their pockets and live a nice life on the backs of us simple “serfs”. They gorge themselves at the government trough favoring their deep pocket donors over their constituents.
      They’re just a bunch of bottom dwelling scum bags and need to be removed! Just more proof of the need for term limits!

      • It’s a shame that these RINOs don’t get it. They are sell-outs to this country and themselves. If they screw it up this time things might go back the democrats way. After all it was the tea-party tjat gave the republicans the house and senate. What did the leaders do? They tried to keep as many tea-party conservatives out of their little club. It’s time for McConnell and Ryan to go.

        • Don’t forget McCain!

        • Definitely add McCain and Graham to the “hasta la vista” list. They both should do an Arlen Spector and join the Democrats, as they are the arrogant, traitorous slime that needs to be drained out with the swamp

        • There are also a few RINOs that just used the Tea Party to get elected and they are traitors, like Flake, Sasse, and a couple of others. McCain, Graham and Ryan have got to go – unfortunately their states recently voted them in again so we are stuck for awhile.

          • I always said that McCain was the worst republican canidate in history . Plain should have been the presidential nomination. She drew huge crowds when she spoke. Not McCain. He would not go after OBAMA. He was and is spineless. Listening to him talk is like watching paint dry. He still thinks he is running for president. Upstaging Trump all the time. Another establishment swamp dweller. He is not the hero everyone tries to make him out to be either. He was shot down because he disobeyed orders. Heard he was far from tortured in Vietnam. They need to get with the program. Times a wasting. Trump is going great guns but these RINO scumbags are not moving.

          • You are exactly right in all you said here. Did you read the latest? McCain undermining President Trump in Germany! Trump supporters are calling for an ouster of McCain from Senate. He is a traitor and totally an enemy to this country now. Don’t know if he is demented or so in with the NWO – regardless, he has got to go!! http://nws.mx/2lYDWGg

          • I'm Inventzilla

            Those RINOs are real traitors to the white Aryan bastion! 123

      • put all RINO’s on the skids, get them out of the way of real progress!

    • I have told you I do not trust Repub and TPs. These are the ones giving Trump such a headache by denying his appointees. But these are the same Repubs that voted for him. I believe Repubs and TPs thought Trump would give them free government money or entitlements. They are now finding the hard way that Trump will not give them anything. They have to work for their living just like we do.

    • Had to have the House. Had to have the Senate. Couldn’t do anything because we didn’t have the WH. Now it’s moving to fast for them. Tired of these Bastards.

      • Congress has to move at the speed of Trump and Trump has to run EOs through the AG and House Attorneys. I’m tired of Congress moving at the speed of a glacier and the obstructionism of everything Trump tries to do to make America great and safe by the Demorats.

    • I don’t think it is balls that they need. They need to remember who sent them into office.

      Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Elite Communists.

      These Elites have changed our Government from of the people, by the people, and for the people, to of the Elites, by the Elites, and for the CONTROL of the people.

      Washington Establishment has forgotten who they work for, and who put them in power. We the People….

      Time to drain the swamp.

      • just might need a jet rodder to get the long time fecal matter off of the sewer walls..

      • It’s why the intel and all depts are trying to take him down. You know that every department in the government is 86-98% liberal. That’s the percentages that wanted Clinton. Don’t know how Trump is going to fight that. It’s hard to fire federal employees. Strong Union. He could possibly get them fired for insubordination. They will dig in to save their jobs . That’s why Trump needs to push for these departments to go back to the States. Education and EPA for starters. Then hit HHS and HUD. Continue through Agriculture, Enery and IRS. Don’t stop there . Keep going until all us taxpayers are left with is 2 intelligence groups . FBI and CIA. A combined State/Defense dept. Our military and Commerce. I think that is a big enough federal government. We can absolutely balance the budget then and we fix the leak problem. Get cracking Donald. Best way to drain the swamp is to send these beauracrats and lobbyists packing . Then we will be in line with the constitution . We the people, the states and lastly the federal government. Oh yes the UN needs to go also. We must remain a sovereign country. No UN, no Globalism.

  2. They are just worried, that they might loose that under the table money , they get from the special interest groups an lobbyist. That is why some rino,s drag their feet. They make it appear to all of us, they are being really thoughtful in their decisions. But they are not, only making sure that they ,” GET THAT MONEY “

  3. Trump, trumps again!

  4. Personally I think the “Washington Republicans” are playing the American people for suckers again.

    Just as we’ve seen Trump overturn Obama’s Executive Orders the next President can overturn Trump’s Executive Orders, however this wouldn’t be possible if the Republicans made these orders into laws by Legislation.

    Laws that are “on the books” are not so easy to overturn, and since Obama has revealed the direction, and method, the Democrats are trying to use against the nation and it’s people, crafting legislation to prevent that in the future shouldn’t be that hard.

    Just stopping an attack on Freedom and Justice is not enough, building a defense against future attacks is also necessary.

    And that is something I don’t think the “Washington Republicans” are willing to do, Suckering the people into believing Trump’s EO are sufficient.

    • I have the same feelings as you do. Republicans, especially the Establishment elitists are nothing but traitors and will always be traitors. They kept crying for years that they needed complete control. Well, now the pretty much have it. And we keep hearing about them wavering on OvomitCare, the Wall and immigration, all the things they said they needed total control to repeal and deal with. I would be hard pressed to find a single member of Congress that deserves to keep their job. That is how corrupt Congress is in my opinion.

    • The federal laws are very easy to overturn if one is a judge on the 9th Circuit. 😮

  5. In 2018, we can oust these RINO’s and so we shall.

    • The problem is, for the average voter, their onlychoice on election day is the RINO or a Democrat.
      I went to a local Republican meeting once and was disgusted with the ‘insiderness’ of the procedings.

      • Agree, John. AZ had a great primary candidate Dr. Kelli Ward who ran against McCain…but the big bucks including Soros’ money won McCain the primary. Thus a D against an R.
        Same in FL with Rubio. Had a decent primary contender for whom we voted, but he didn’t win. So it was D against R.
        To keep the majority to help President Trump, we had to vote for these awful RINOS. But am not sure, it was really a help…guess it was…it kept the Ds in the minority…and this way we know no matter what, PRESIDENT Trump’s appointees will be approved…hopefully before 2018 the way the DemoNAZIS are dragging their butts.

        • Did you even think to check out official write-ins? Contrary to popular myth, we are not constrained to vote only R or D; there are other possibilities, but too few people avail themselves of them, hence the DC party retains control, and we the people keep getting screwed. Look outside the box, for a change!

          • This is also possible with the fact of social media today!! If a group of people start tweeting and posting on facebook a good choice other than the RINO it could be done!

          • Write-ins may or may not be valid in your state. I thought write-ins were nationally approved but it is actually state controlled.

          • Your county has a voting registrar and office, you can call, go on-line, or in person and find out who are legitimate write in candidates at all levels. If the person is running for a national office, he is approved to do so, or he wouldn’t be approved.

          • It depends upon a particular state’s election laws.

        • When a candidate like McCain or McConnell are 10 or 20 points behind a week or two before the election and win it is usually more about dumocRats crossing over than money. That was exposed a while back in the Thad Cochran of Mississippi election. They even had people, democrats admitting they were paid to vote for Cochran, a Rino, because his stealth votes were more important than the democrat candidate.

      • I know exactly what you are saying. I went to the Republican State Convention and it was like a party for “the good old boys club”. Craggy faced wealthy old geezers that need assistance to even walk. There should be age limits but it is the $$$ that seems to talk, as usual.

      • We got to keep trying John.

    • No, we can’t. Senators’ terms are 6 years, not 2.

      • Yes, we can because several are up for reelection……….




      • Senate terms are six years, but the are staggered at two year intervals such that 33% of all in “first” federal election year, 33% of other states two years later, and 34% of the remaining states two more years after that.

        In 2018 (117th Congress), the following states have one Senate seat up for election (last election for the seat was 2012): AZ, CA, CT, DE, FL, HI, IN, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NJ, NV, NM, NY, ND, OH, PA, RI, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY.

        Of these 33 seats, 23 are currently held by democrats, and 2 by faux Independents.

        PS – I don;t consider Ted Cruz a RINO.

        • Yes, I know. Flake started campaigning last month already. Trouble is, anyone “clean” we send in gets infected by the 2/3 remaining, before they get cleaned out too, hence the situation perpetuates.

          • I understand by observations how corrupting “the swamp” is. I think Cornyn (R-TX) is OK, but there is no good reason for him to run another term.

            I once considered McCain an honorable and courageous man. He has spent too much time in DC. I don’t think he should have run for another term.

            Most professional politicians can’t bring themselves to retire gracefully.

          • It seems so.

    • I love your enthusiasm. But I and many others have been trying for years with very little success. But we keep trying.

  6. We warned the fing RINOS before the last election about this crap.
    If we have to leave the republican party lying n the weeds bleeding to get rid of the RINOS, we can do that

    • term limits, term limits, term limits !!!

      • That will work!!!
        I am working with a group now, to change the state constitution in our state s0o that we can recall the federal electeds, also,.

        • States cannot recall Congressional members. We tried it some years ago. We had far more signatures than needed. All were rejected because there is no procedure for recalling members of Congress. The 17th Amendment is what took that power away from the states. Our only hope is to defeat them in the next election which has proven literally impossible.

          • The 17th Amendment was never lawfully ratified, as was not; the 16th Amendment. The “TRAITORS” in government said they were, but get the book “THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS” BY Bill Benson and Red Beckman; and it’s documented from the archives. We’ve had the best “TRAITORS” that money can buy, for many decades.

          • It’s why the governing needs to go back to the states. They have prostituted themselves to the government at an astronomical cost to us, the taxpayers . We are not a constitutional Republic if the federal government is in charge. We are not upholding the constitution. This is why there is a big movement called the confederation of states. We the people can change things. Lobbyists need big government. If most of it was sent back to the states, the governors would have to pick and choose what programs they would be willing to tax the residents for. Guess that would mean those Blue state governors would have to answer to their taxpayers . Why should I in Florida have to pay to pull a left wing state like California or New York out of bankruptcy . Red states won’t need the Feds. Blue states will be forced to choose their leaders more prudently. We will get our country back.

      • Term limits also insures, at some point, that you will not be able to reelect the representatives that you want very much to keep in office.

        • That is true. In reality, all politicians serve the public through a “trust agreement” since they are not employees. The “trust agreement” does have restrictions however. It means that the politician continues to serve while “in good behavior”. This means that if the voters decide for whatever reason they deem relevant that the individual is not serving with good behavior, they can be removed from office. Sadly, I have never hard of a politician being removed under that circumstance.

      • Article V Convention, Article V Convention, Article V Convention. Test your state legislators to see where they stand. They must support or term limits will never happen. It must be forced onto them.

        • Term limits would not be necessary if people would just vote with their brains!

          • That’s almost an impossibility, as the government schools have given us a few dumbed down generations; and they don’t want people to think.

          • That is why we need more parents and grandparents to stand in the education gap!

          • Very Important !! the indoctrination at pubic school has gone rampant…graduate school may as well be held in Moscow of Peking….sorry, Bejing and then they come home and the comrades on cnn continue the brain washing….

          • unfortunately the GOP has some ( I stress some) of the problems that has overwhelmed the democrapos…they have elected hos like murCOWski and slutsi colon…repeatedly expecting that they would vote with the GOP…you know like mcshame..

    • I pray for the dissolution of the GOP every day. 85% of it them are Rinos. My member of the House held a town hall recently and it was extremely heated with many people asking questions and making criticizing statements. The dude was very intimidated and his face showed it. He was continuously banging his gavel. The public is pissed and he knows it. He has been around for 30 years and it is long past his bedtime. He should be part of the house cleaning effort. He blocks my emails to him and if I want to ask a question at a town hall I can’t use my real name on the signup sheet. That is not representation in my view. That is tyranny.

  7. We have orange trees and apple trees and pear trees. Some of those Republicans (RINO’s) need to look no further than the pear tree and grow a PAIR!

  8. This is REALLY good news!! We the People will dig our heels in for the long haul!!

  9. The “one and only thing” that will stop the corruption in our Congress is Term Limit’s! A spoiled child doesn’t change it’s ways until the so-called grown-up’s pull the rug out from under them! Our elected elites know that it is almost impossible to remove them via the “votes”! How many times a day do you receive posts on your e-mail asking for donations for this issue and that issue. Most of that is set-up by political groups, and that money is easily moved to the “war-chest” of the current rep’s to be used to defeat any attempt to “unseat them”! We all know that “money is the mainstay of corruption”, and they depend on that to remain life-long “game-players”, all at our expense! TERM LIMITS, NOW!

    • Yeah, long timers are part of the DC Swamp.

      • DC is a virus with no known medication. It kills all honor, principles and oath’s! It turn good people into “spoiled children” who can only pitch a hissie when they don’t get their way, or are not given their fair share of the “OPM Money”!

    • No, term limits are not the “only thing”. Actually prohibiting any and all professional lobbying, tort reform across the board, better recall/primarying laws to rein in non-performers faster, and criminal prosecution for any caught accepting any sort of gratuities from anywhere (gifts, donations to “foundations”, vacations, etc) would go a long way to changing the way DC operates.

      • Ms. Sandra, you make some very valid points! The problem, “They are the “One’s” who make the rules and laws, and to remain a member in good standing of the “Old Rich Boy’s Club” they will never never allow any of these kinds of changes! We can only stop them by allowing limited access to what they do so well! 8 years for anyone is all we should allow, Period!

        • Some can start at state levels, such as primarying/recall regulations, which puts the ones at national levels in jeopardy of losing the job, when non-compliant with constituents’ expectations. Could incentivize other compliance changes up the food chain.

          • Does Arizona have recall for Senators?

          • Yes, and it was tried on McCain awhile back, but failed to get any traction.

          • Time to start it again? I’m willing to help – Mohave County

          • I’m in Yavapai, but Maricopa is the problem. They keep outvoting us.

          • Have they not yet shown you that “they” will never allow anything that goes through the Congress to stop them from what they have created for themselves. Your points are all good in a world where the Congress still was like the Founders set it to be! Are you not watching what the Senate is doing to the new President, is this what we want from our elected Rep’s. Is this what we have sent them to Congress to do? Can you imagine what number of Presidents we would have had spend 4, 5, 6 terms in the White House! Look at the damage that has been done by some of those who were allowed only 2 terms. I truly wish that all that you say could be done, but I know that the politicians will never “agree” to anything that changes their “Game”! I have made it known that I am for term limits at all levels of government! As you should know…….. “Power corrupts, and Absolute Power absolutely corrupts”!

          • The reason Presidential term limits were instated is precisely because of the damage done by our only 3 1/2 term POTUS: FDR. Until after him, no potus had tried to run a 3rd term, some actively rejecting it even. But too many realized the havoc he wrought had to be reined in and prohibited in the future. As yet, Americans as a whole have not yet reached that point with others; probably won’t ever do so, in the face of the current levels of “dumbing down”. At least not in sufficient numbers to get it passed and ratified.


    • We haven’t gone there yet, and don’t even think for a second getting there is that easy! Trump has made a few moves toward it, that’s all. States are making a few more. But we’re still a VERY LONG way from “there”, and Soros, the ACLU, and Dems are resisting getting there tioth and nail.

      • It is going to take a major movement of concerned citizens showing up in great numbers, to get the attention of the press if we are going to show the rest of America that the progressives are in fact; the minority! Maybe the national press won’t cover it, but many smaller cities will cover; especially if the numbers are large, that is why we need to help any other demonstration of power, even if it is not in our city!

        • Trouble is, the people on the right are busy working, or getting old enough that travel, and taking time off, for such demonstrations are prohibitive for them. We don’t have a Soros paying for us to afford the travel, if we are seniors, or the time off jobs, if a little younger, like the left does.

          • Yes; many of us are indeed among the older generation. It is not as easy for us to travel to the major cities to demonstrate, and even if we did, the news coverage would be minimal; at best. But if we can demonstrate in our county capitals in large enough numbers; and if we can garner large enough numbers, the local media will cover such events. And the hope is we could do this all over America within a one to two week period.
            By minimizing the travel distance; expenses; and time, we could open the doors for many more people to join in the demonstrations!

          • Since I live in my county seat, I do ” demonstrate” here regularly; a radical notion to be sure, but I show up at city council meetings regularly, and participate, as appropriate under open meeting laws. Our local media persons as well as local leadership know me at least by sight, including fire and police chieves, all 7 concil members, and so on. I also serve on an ad hoc mayoral committee. It’s something a lot more of us could do, and probably should, rather than just apoearing occasionally with a sign. What your city does impacts your county, and in turn your state gov’ts too.

          • Sandra; I consider you a true patriot; I wish I lived in or even near my county seat, and I wish I had more time on my hands to be more involved in the local government, but living hand to mouth puts me at a minor disadvantage. None the less; I am hoping I can get some help to organize a demonstration at our local courthouse on 3/3/17.
            I have contacted .http://mainstreetpatriots.us/spirit-of-america-rally-locations/ in hopes of getting some needed help in accomplishing just that! They are planning organized events , mostly at state capitals, but for us seniors, that is not always so convenient!

            I do hope many people who truly desire to see America great again will contact Main Street Patriots and find out the time and locations of their nearest events!

          • Do what you can. Does your home town have a municipal governing body? If so, it has to function under open meeting laws, which means, except for executive sessions, meetings are open to the public. If you can get to those, it may seem small, but the impact ripples. Protests, I very much fear, are transient at best, and with the left acting as they are, becoming somewhat overused now, so they don’t generate attention and interest, as they should. But municipal gov’t is ongoing. I underestand limited funds; I live with them as well. We’re talking a few hours a month, depending on how meetings schedule. Mine has 2 2hr scheduled meetings back to back, twice a month so 8 or so hours. The committee I serve on meets 1 time a month for about 90 minutes. That’s an average of less than 10 hours out of a full month.

          • I live in a rural community, the closest town has a pop. of approx. 350 and only meet once a month, unless there is some kind of emergency.
            Which is why I am trying to organize a meeting at our county courthouse.

          • Can you get to county supervisors’ meetongs, in that case? Same open meeting laws should apply. My county courthouse is kitty corner across from city hall, so accessible.

    • WHO Defines NORMAL?
      Is that where Congress votes themselves outrageous PAY Increases PLUS “retirement’ and healthcare benefits??? and tells us we can’t afford to care for our Vets?

      let’s not even talk about taxes or “welfare” for the unemployed … is this Normal?

  11. Drudge sucks!

  12. how can the world become a better place in a State that legalizes gun silencer sales? Everybody will be shooting everybody else.

    • Already happens in most major cities by illegal guns. So what’s your point?

    • Oh, don’t be an uninformed wussy. Get with the program. We don’t need any ‘silencers’ or flash suppressors. If I’m going to nail a criminal to the floor, I want the full muzzle flash/sound/blast/impact to put fear in their soul before they die.

    • Why? Just because you don’t make a lot of noise doesn’t mean you will shoot more often. Maybe tose who use such devices like being able to still hear.

      • the first thing I thought of was right wing gun nuts that want to shoot all the liberals. They next thing i thought of was free for all as left wing radicals get revenge. The authorities have kept silencers away from the public to avoid anarchy

    • George Steve Darley

      We can hear you bitch when we use them

  13. The Republicans elected to National Office better do what they promised their voters they would do. They better get behind President Trump to get his agenda passed or they may well find themselves sitting at home after the next election. The people of the United States made a bold statement in the last election, and they had better pay attention. That means you, Paul Ryan and John McCain.

    • Watch out for Flake, in AZ too. He’s really McAmnesty Jr, but the last month has come on like “Mr Conservatism”, because he’s coming up for re-election in ’18. I’ve had more e-mails from him this last month than in the past 4 yrs total, about what a “wonderful job” he’s doing for me, as if I have been brain dead all this time.

    • The GOP Establishment like Ryan, McCain, Graham, Collins, Murkowski, McConnell don’t give a damn about the statement the voters made. They got what they wanted. That is what counts. They will play their political games as they always have. They only understand one thing. They still have their jobs. In order to make the necessary changes to force term limits and comprehensive reforms related to political corruption we need an Article V Convention of the States. That has to start at the State Legislatures. Do you think your state legislator will vote in favor? Test them, because without them term limits etc. will never happen.

      • I don’t know. I live in Illinois, and these Democrats will only pursue this if it favors something they want, and I don’t believe term limits is something they would support.

        • I offer you my sympathy. Isn’t Illinois one of the states on the list of “most likely to go bankrupt” ? Collecting all those union dues and failing to fund the pensions tends to cause people to move away.

          • Yes, Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy. The State House and Senate are overwhelming controlled by Democrats who are controlled by the huge State Employees’ Union and the Teachers’ Union. Two of our last Governors were sent to prison after their terms. What a mess.

        • It doesn’t require all 50 states to call a Convention of States. Only 3/4 (just 36 States). Likewise the changes proposed by the Convention requires only 3/4 State Legislature to approve.

      • Collins has always been a closet Democrat. She sold out to Obama on ACA(Obamacare) for money.

  14. Dems have gone beyond merely obstructing. Anyone remember Watergate? Today’s Dems have gone way beyond that already. They have tapped classified information & leaked it to bring our nation down; that’s a LOT worse than breaking into the other party’s political headquarters. This needs to not only be stopped, but prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for sedition, and possibly treason!

  15. Those Washington GOP purported “Republicans” are the left over RINO’S eight of which will being coming up for re-election. We The People of their States should recall them or vote them out at their next re-election campaign. The sooner the better before they do any more damage. They have fed at the MONEY trough too long!

  16. I am against all RINOS and left wing nutcase democrats! I will vote to get them to recuse themselves from politics. They will deserve a good roasting this next election period. They have DEMONstrated how un-American they really are! Leave the country you loath! Get out now!

  17. CONGRESS is the place that needs a damn good house cleaning. Getting rid of every single RINO should be the rallying cry for conservative voters nationawide. Even one RINO in Congress is too many. Start searching for conservatives to primary every RINO incumbent now for 2018.

  18. Wobble, wimp out and back down on obozocare and you can kiss your future re-election bid a fond farewell. RINO’s be gone!

  19. The gop needs to get on with why we elected them and get their rino counterparts in line or get them out. Bring the pressure to the dem/libs and msm or get voted out.

  20. Can you say TERM LIMITS???


  22. Good for the GOP governors . They were elected to do something and they are. In Washington however they are too scared to tackle big things. This is another reason there should be term limits in the House, and Senate.

  23. It all boils down to who will realize the most greenbacks re these matters.

  24. The Inmates are in charge of the Asylum!

  25. I am definitely confused, if the POTUS stands behind the working class then why are Republican lawmakers trying to erode private sector unions, that makes no sense.

    It was unions that did away with employers treating their labor force like dirt and displaying the consideration they deserve for being hard working employees.

    When the topic is unionization of the Public sector my opinion is that other than Public Safety workers the rest only take advantage of the taxpayers (i.e.) teachers.

    • Unoin Workers are tired of being forced to pay to work.Unions do not support the workers as they did in the past and workers want to be out from under the control of the unions.It is that simple.

  26. Of course he can if all Americans throw off their hurt feelings put America first and get behind him rather than put needless stumbling blocks in front of him. Are you American enough chuck, nancy etc. I doubt it. You people make me sick. Poor Harry is turning over in his grave for what they have done to his Party. Shame on you !!!


  28. Nice to see some Republicans actually know how to WORK! At least at the State level they have some cajones. The DC establishment is nothing but a bunch of weak panty-waste RINOs. That’s okay. Let them continue down this path with the demoncraps. Mid-term may see fresh faces and an end to the career criminals. Apparently they are to stupid to understand the task given them by the American Citizens. Keep watching folks…out with the old, in with the new.

  29. Don’t believe anything you read or hear from the MSM.They are out to help the Democrats take Trump down.They have lost it all and they will lie cheat or steal and maybe even murder to get it back.Support President Trump and don’t believe anything about what he did or said unless it comes direct from him.
    It is really sad what our Country has become.But I believe we hired the right man to do the job……Go President Trump…….

  30. The GOP Senate and House are off balance! They are not used to working and getting something done. Trump is a hard driving person and the Congress is going to be in constant stress! They spend their days chasing their girlfriends, getting their fingernails polished, attending their social clubs or any other activity that only people on vacation should be indulging in!

  31. I don’t know. I look around to see what the politicians have done for me. I don’t have any mystery envelopes full of cash from our Iran giveaway. I know many others have. I don’t get any envelopes from any of the legislation that benefits some group here or there. It’s as if they forgot my presence. I’d consider voting against Trump if it paid enough but my vote doesn’t mean that much it seems. I wasn’t offered any money to be a rogue biker, against Trump, at the inauguration. My bike and I were ready. Hillary never calls and Ryan always has his people say he’ll call back. I hate to think what would be if Hillary won. I have no doubt she would have sold Cleveland’s Public square to the high bidder. Rights to the National Parks would have been already auctioned off. People would stand and cheer because she’d give every single family that showed support for her a crisp new $20.00 bill. What a gal.

  32. The fish stinks from the head and in the case of the Republican Congress that would be both Ryan and
    Mc Connell——–R.I.N.O.’S all but destroyed the Party and without true patriots in the Tea Party Queen Hillary would be continuing the AGENDA destroying The U.S.!

  33. California – passes most restrictive laws on guns but is seeing INCREASE in shootings – GUN CONTROL DOESN’T WORK AND MAKES CITIES MORE DANGEROUS!!! http://totallyright.us/home/2017/5/1/a-rash-of-shootings-in-california-after-passing-most-restrictive-gun-laws-in-nation

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