Warren on the Problem With Green New Deal: It Doesn’t Go “Far Enough”

Continuing the theme of her campaign, which is to find the most ridiculously “woke” position possible and then go a step beyond even that, Sen. Elizabeth Warren told a CNN town hall audience on Thursday that she’d like to take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s absurd Green New Deal and make it even more expensive and extreme.

The Green New Deal, which AOC and Sen. Ed Markey introduced in 2019 to groans, jeers, and mockery, would cost U.S. taxpayers approximately $93 trillion to remake the economy and exorcise America of its fossil fuel demons.

For Warren, that’s just a warm-up.

“What I want to see us do is get off an oil economy, and not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the world,” she said. “I want to see us move entirely to green, and let me say on this, I not only support a Green New Deal, I don’t think it goes far enough. I also have a Blue New Deal cause we have got to be thinking about our oceans as well that we need to protect.”

Warren did not mention her Purple New Deal, which would aim to bring Barney the Dinosaur back to PBS.

These are certainly not the first radical remarks Warren has made about climate change. In an interview with “Morning Joe” last month, the Massachusetts Medicine Woman said she would require any new homes or buildings to have a “zero carbon footprint” by 2028.

“What scares me is every time you go back to the scientists, they tell you two things: it’s worse than we thought and we have less time,” Warren said. “That means we’ve got to be willing to do things — for example, like regulation. By 2028, no new buildings, no new houses without a zero carbon footprint.”

She told host Joe Scarborough at the time that she would do anything and everything a president could do from the Oval Office to cut America’s carbon emissions, insinuating that she would go around Congress if necessary.

Three weeks ago, in a statement ostensibly concerned with addressing the coronavirus epidemic emanating from China, Warren proclaimed, “On Day One of my administration, I’ll commit the United States to rejoin the Paris Agreement, including meeting Obama era commitments to the Green Climate Fund — a critical funding stream to prevent the spread of climate fueled pandemics — and backfilling the contribution that the Trump administration neglected to deliver.”

Chinese wet market diseases, domestic abuse, poverty, and terrorism: Just a few of the global problems that Democrats like Warren have blamed on climate change.

Undoubtedly, it is also responsible for her plummeting poll numbers.

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