Warpath: Jeff Sessions Issues Stunning Statement to Sanctuary Cities

Despite facing a lawsuit from the city of Chicago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it clear on Wednesday that the federal government would not back down from its threat to withhold grants from cities that do not comply with immigration authorities. In Miami to praise his host city for denouncing their own sanctuary policies, Sessions said that his Department of Justice was committed to holding places like Chicago accountable for their misguided policies.

“I know that Miami-Dade will be an example of the good that comes from following the law. We have already seen that: The same Independence Day weekend when Chicago suffered more than 100 shootings and 15 homicides, Miami-Dade also had a historic number of shooting deaths—zero,” Sessions said.

The attorney general said that sanctuary cities posed a threat to their own communities and castigated them for having “the gall to feign outrage when their police departments lose federal funds as a direct result of their malfeasance.”

“So to all ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions across the country, I say this: Miami-Dade is doing it, and so can you,” Sessions said. “Work with us to enforce a lawful immigration system that keeps us safe and serves our national interest. The Department of Justice will not concede a single block or street corner in the United States to lawlessness or crime. Nor will we tolerate the loss of innocent life because a handful of jurisdictions believe that they are above the law.”

On Monday, both San Francisco and the entire state of California joined Chicago in filing lawsuits against the Justice Department. The suits claim that the DOJ needs authority from Congress if they want to attach strings to funding grants.

“The Trump administration cannot manipulate federal grant fund requirements to pressure states, counties, or municipalities to enforce federal immigration laws,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said. “By placing unconstitutional immigration enforcement conditions on public safety grants, the Trump administration is threatening to harm a range of law enforcement initiatives across California. This is pure intimidation intended to force our law enforcement into changing the policies and practices that they have determined promote public safety.”

We’d predict that these lawsuits have no shot of being successful, but we’ve learned to hedge our bets in the Trump era where you have liberal judges virtually ignoring the law in favor of their own activist beliefs. There’s no decent legal argument that says the federal government HAS to give funds to municipalities that refuse to enforce federal law; it is utterly absurd to think otherwise. But, when it comes to this administration’s policies, we’ve seen the “utterly absurd” transpire time and again in courts, especially on the West coast.

Hopefully, that won’t happen this time. If it does, these cities may have to simply wait and see for themselves how destructive these sanctuary policies are. We doubt it will take long.


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  1. I want less talk out of Sessions and a lot more action. His little assistant seems to be on the wrong side and nether one has impressed me yet. Too busy with speeches. I would rather have a bull dog as Attorney General and have less barking.
    For one thing I want Hillary put up in the cross bar hotel and I want the charge to be child trafficking!

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    • You’re absolutely right on all counts! You could fill a library with all Hillary could be charged with! And she has the nerve to point her finger at other people. There is talk of charges for Slick Willy, but my comment on that was—-Like people on death row–Slick Willy will die of old age before anything is done!

    • and while visiting the cities grab the ahole mayors that told the police to stand down…and in addition yank that ahole terry macauliffe out of office and charge the clown with malfeasance…

  2. every morning I awake to a new form of madness…sigh..gd city folks r fkn crazy

  3. I live in California…Sessions needs to get these bastard Politicians who think they can break the Law and do whatever in HELL they think they want to do. Arrest the horses’s asses and charge them with Obstruction. If enough of them, start takIng up Jail Space, maybe they will learn they are not little Gods, but ELECTED OFFICIALS whose only PURPOSE is to serve the American Citizens!!!!!

    • Jeff Sessions should not bother with sanctuary cities. Like Bannon, Sessions is soon to be kicked out of his job. Jeff is responsible for appointing Mueller now working on a project to put Trump and his relatives in prisons. Sessions will soon see the door out.

    • It’s good to know there is a citizen of California who has a little sense.

      • there are a few of us, but unfortunately we are seriously outnumbered. Remember Los Angeles had 144% more votes, than people classified as allowed to vote! Want to guess how many were, “illegal” or DEAD!

        • The Hiterly machine was really good at just that sort of thing. I wish you well in trying to depose these fools from power and getting your state back.

          • Most of the people in California are to stupid vote for anyone but democrat’s…they all think they can get something for free?

          • That’s just about the size of it…FREE FREE

          • That could be edited out if we had a decent educational system. We could start with abolishing the department of education. But, in California that might not be enough.

          • you are right..California is to far gone.

          • Since I cant get out, I’m getting behind the State of Jefferson. But I ask you, who would vote for “moonbeam ” a second time? But then, the mind set of Dems, is socialism! Read Karl Marks

          • I’m behind the state of Jefferson also, 100%.

          • Giving up and moving plays into their favor of winning and taking over that state for good. We need to promote Christian immigration ( people who will support our constitution) into California to offset the Demonrats. Arresting political leaders ignoring the rule of law or promoting govt take over/ assasination must be forthcoming to turn the tide. Once Ice rounds up the illegals in Calif and kicks them out of the country. The polls will look more promising. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d713a182b5e23e12dd7c7134b6c259f05d9f731967172a112242752c1b8fa1de.jpg Legislation must be passed to oversee the voting from here on- (too much corruption).

          • It’s why they don’t want voter ID.

          • Don’t they?

          • Not all of us, believe me!!! I’ve worked hard for what I have.

          • You are absolutely correct…I over stated, Their are a lot of hard working up standing Californian’s…But apparently not enough to make this state great again…???

          • It’s only because dead people and illegals vote. Not only do they vote but find a way of voting several times!!! My California was a beautiful, wonderful state until………

          • That’s why we have to have voter ID cards

          • When I hear dimwits like you I want to puke. There may be enough of the liberal nut bags to get a majority vote but ….when you lump the millions of us that don’t vote that way into the same category as being stupid, you gain nothing. Ron, I’m betting that every male member of my extended family is not only smarter than you, but probably way more successful. You would probably be somewhere between my grandkids and the sister in law that just decided to go back into the workforce after her last child (my youngest niece) left for college.
            When I retired we left LA county and moved to our ranch in one of the most conservative counties in the state (grandma won’t let me leave the state because of the grandkids), heck we even have a Sheriff that believes that concealed carry is our duty. There are a couple of liberals that live around here, but the majority are like myself…retired service personnel (I’m a Marine 1973-83), many the were in the LAPD or Sheriffs Dept, Firemen and just plain old hard working stiffs that couldn’t get out of here.
            Want to lump us all into your stupid category?? I’ll take anyone that lives around here over a know-nothing like you…I know they have my 6!

          • Kern county no doubt…Donny is a good man…You are absolutely correct…I over stated, Their are a lot of hard working up standing Californian’s…But apparently not enough to make this state great again…???

          • Thank you and I apologize for getting a little testy … We have been over run with illegals and liberals from other states. Heck, just look up anyone that is in hollyweird, not many came from California. LA is actually more Mexico north and San Franfreako is not your “normal” town….the nuts congregate!
            Donny is the Man and very happy he’s still around….Kern County last of the conservative strongholds in Kalifornistan.

          • I haven’t voted for a democrat for a long time if ever. I voted for Goldwater and I haven’t voted for a democrat since.

          • Sweetie, Barry Goldwater was a Republican.

          • Sorry I didn’t phrase that properly. I know that Goldwater was a Republican. Actually I have never voted for a democrat my whole life. I am not sure if that is because I am a conservative or because I just have the ability to recognize bad people when I see them.

          • Good for you. I did vote for Jimmy Carter, sorry to say and then saw the light. If you are a conservative then you definitely can recognize bad people. 😉

          • Ain’t that the frigging TRUTH!

          • Thank you Linda, you’re 100% correct. Remember when O said “just get out and vote, nobody to stop you, Just get in there faces”. That was exactly what the louse was spewing. I know a lot of Cali people who think just like me and we want our state back and safe!!! But God help us. Go President Trump and God Bless you!!!

        • The last I heard, there were a minimum of 3.5 million illegal votes in the 2016 election. The article said the majority of them were from Kalifornia, which was good as Trump would never have taken the state anyway.

        • Our elections are a joke.

      • Actually there are lots and lots of us. We are outnumbered by the illegals. Remember when Oboma told them “just get out and vote, just get in there face”? Now theres a good American NOT.

        • Jona, Perhaps California is the test bed for what the communists want for the entire country. We legally born or naturalized citizens need to start reporting the illegals we come across to Immigration whether they are school children or the guy mowing the lawn. It’s going to take all of us to solve the illegal issue.

          • You are absolutely right. We can no longer wait for law enforcement to catch them, the LEO’s are outnumbered.

        • obama= the biggest crook in the history of the U.S.A. Commie fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • There are more of us than “they” want you to know.

    • I also live in California, and I am with you 110%! The government officials here are a bunch of corrupt and lawless IDIOTS! We the People here in California are not ALL with the totally ludicrous way the these dumbass Democrats are running this state! This government is NOT ABOVE THE LAW!! I hope Sessions slaps them down hard and fast!!!

      • I also live in California and we need all the help we can get to achieve law and order back into what use to be a beautiful “healthy” state. Didn’t people have enough with Jerry Brown back in the 70’S? Geez, what short memories some have.

        • how did moonbeam get re-elected???????????????????????

          • You might ask about how the idiots who voted for him ever managed to pass such “inspection” as there might be.

          • And thanks to the big “O” they were allowed to vote!

          • The democrats aka communists are in office because of the illegals that they are protecting. That is why they are fighting tooth and nail to keep them. They know that that is where their power base is.

            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,
            P.S. I used to live in CA but I won’t even travel there until law and order and the Constitution are restored and Marijuana is again outlaw.
            GOD Bless you folks,

          • Rigged elections!! LOL!

          • I’ll tell you…the California citizen’s saw a illegal alien gal cry on TV…so they lost their minds and voted for communist J. Brown…unbelievable but true!

        • No amount of federal grant money will help make California safer as long as Jerry Brown grants pardon’s like GI’s threw out candy bar’s during WWII.

        • Charles Wolfe jr

          Maybe it’s time for the citizens to take matters into their own hands & escort the illegals out of your state, since the illegals are putting people like Jerry Brown into office, who with other anti-gunners in office have made it impossible to own certain firearms that 98% of the rest of the country can own.I know that sounds stupid but what I hear your state is going down hill, with people & industries moving out.

        • Why do you still live in Kalifornicate??? I got out of there 15 years ago and have never gone back, not even to visit family.

      • Count me in. they don’t call me stoolie for nothin. I’ll put the finger on them…

      • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

        Did the citizens get your butts together and say enough is enough. You all are allowing them to let these illegals to vote. Get in touch wit h the ‘TEA PARTY’ and they can help get the voting rolls cleaned up. If you all are against them they why are they still in office?? Why were they not voted out?? It is not like this has only been going on for a year or so.

        • I wonder if the votes were counted by geographic location instead of by total, the results of California’s would end of completely different. It seems to me it’s be BIG city’s carrying the state. If that’s the case, it would be the same as these cities representing the state instead of its total citizens.

    • Amen

    • SOOOOO TRUE ~~~~~~~~

    • I was born in So kalifornia and what a wonderful place it was. Through the decades, I watched it go from a place of beauty to an absolute hell hole. It took only 2 weeks from retirement to see kalifornia in my rear view mirror. I have never been sorry the communist politicians forced me to leave the state.

      • I am a disabled senior, or I would find someplace else to live. But what State has mostly SANE people living in it anymore? There are times, as an old white woman, that I feel as though I am trapped in the Twilight Zone!

        • I fully understand. I knew I would not remain in Kalifornia after I retired. We sold our house and purchased a home at about the same time so it was a little easier for us. We relocated to the mountains in Central Utah, a much, much more conservative state. We needed good medical fairly close as our daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic, and I have my own medical issues. Fortunately, Salt Lake is only about 90 miles north, and we have reasonably good medical care in our county. Our biggest problem is obummer care. Our health insurance even though obtained privately outside of obummer care has steadily increased and last January more than doubled from the prior year. The insurance Co. told us in a letter the cause of the increase was the government requirement of them to offer free insurance to those young folks who couldn’t afford it, even though it was not a part of obummer care. For me, there was no other option. I simply could not live in a state that emulated Russia and Cuba more than the US. Luckily, my wife agreed, however she still misses Kalifornia, but not the politics.

          • Mary Lee Norris Cobabe

            We also moved to UTAH! my husband was born at White memorial Hospital in Los Angeles We loved living in Hideaway Valley in Utah !

          • Mary, how are you doing? It’s been a few years. Yes, it’s Marty from Hideaway Valley. I was so sorry to hear of your husbands passing. What a wonderful man he was. I was born in at County General Hospital in Los Angeles, the hospital of the TV program Dr. Kildare. How small the world really is. I’d love to hear from you and your son Jim. Please give me a call. Marty

        • Try Az!!!!!!!!

      • Me too!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you. But the fact is the cases will be tried in the Ninth Circuit Court and Sessions will lose there. He will have to appeal to the US Supreme Court to win. that Ninth Court is corrupt to its very core.

      • You are RIGHT on the 9th. Look at where most of the Judges come from, not to mention WHO APPOINTED THESE LOONS TO THEIR POSTS! These are a group who should be relegated to subjects of viral research. Maybe in that process, it could be determined What Happened to their brains!

      • That’s the 9th circus court.

    • No, No, No, they are special people, they are the Elite Upper Class in America. Their only job is to serve them selves and their donors and friends. The Hollywood a** holes and their friends have really F’d up that state. I have two step daughters who live there and I hate to visit them because of the Cal. Government, and don’t unless absolutely necessary

      • You have the correct labels on the ELITE (self avowed). They are “for” anything Liberal, as long as they do not have to Pay for things, nor interact with the “Dangers” which they support. A perfect example is the case of securing the Southern Border. These same Liberal morons who pitch a bitch about a “Wall” or any kind of controls, would NEVER BRIUNG THESE ILLEGALS into their own homes. These people live behind 10 foot walls, but to the rest of us, who have no Private Security or 10 foot walls, it is gee, TS for you. All we are good for, is paying the bills! California has a prison population which is 24% “ILLEGAL”. They control their gangs from the inside of prison, to terrorize the Innocents. But complain, vote against all these “give-away” policies and you are labeled a Racist. The new buzz word among the Rabid Liberals is RACIST. And the average citizen is so fearful of being labeled “Racist”, that they cower and hide rather than stand up for the Constitutional Rights of American CITIZENS. As Abraham Lincoln stated, “At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, step the Ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined…..could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years. At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I ANSWER, IF IT EVER REACH US IT MUST SPRING UP AMONGST US. It cannot come from abroad. IF DESTRUCTION BE OUR LOT, WE OURSELVES MUST BE ITS AUTHOR AND FINISHER.” Unfortunately, I fear, that this quote was an omen of things to come and unfortunately these things are already here! We have become a Nation of the ignorant, whose primary interest is playing with their cell phones and believing all the BS they are taught in High School and Collage. They approach life in “sound bits” and fail to evaluate any of these things for the lies being fed to them. I pray our Nation awakens soon, or our Nation, as was founded,is LOST!

        • And, Makita Khrushchev banged his shoe on the podium at the UN and said we will defeat you from within, talking to us, US.

          • “Nikita”. Sorry, not trying to be the spelling police.

          • I have to blame my spell check for that, I wrote Nikita and spell check said no it was Mikita. I have no problem with what you did, thank you. Can’t even trust spell check these days.

        • Hope you don’t mid that I printed this to remind me of how spot on you are. EXCELLENT post! Thank you!

        • Dear dogtrainer1, I hope you won’t mind that I printed this to remind myself how spot on you are! Thank you!

        • Yes I have noticed, anyone who disputes what the leftists say is a racist. Now even FOX news is starting to spew that stuff.

          • I am starting to believe that the purging at Fox News included Mr. Ailes along with others who are buying the lefty BS. I think that Mr Ailes may have been open to hiring nice looking women, he is a man after all. It amuses me that women can use that thing to get what they want, but if a man hints at such a thing he’s a pig. Sorta like you are a Islamophobe if you want to weed out terrorists from Islamic countries. It is also funny that these women didn’t say a word for years and then all of a sudden they all scream sexual harassment, just when the left wants to shut things down that don’t agree with their mind set..

          • I believe you to be correct.

          • What got me the other day was some female, in her complaint about sexual harrassment, claiming that some guy “groped her hair”.
            WHAT, “groped her hair”?
            Women touch each others hair all the time, & touch mens hair also if they feel like it. They also touch (grope) whatever part of a mans body they’re attracted to, whether they know the man or not, but if a MAN does it to them it’s a CRIME, then they have the nerve to call US “sexist”. What a crock!

          • I’ll get in trouble for this. but here goes, have you noticed that most of the women ware dresses so short that they have to cross their legs when they are sitting down or you would be able to see their panties, if they had any on. Also I bet that if they bend over you can see all of it. They are not the innocent pray they claim to be, when they dress to entice and attract, businesses should enforce a dress code, that will eliminate this entrapment. Also, is it not possible that these women want to attract the man of their dreams, but unfortunately the wrong guy takes the bate and gets his a** in a jamb ? They aren’t innocent babes in the woods, sorry. Watch FOX news and you will see what I mean, if what they do isn’t enticing and entrapment then what the hell is ?

          • As a woman, I agree with you and just recently posted such. Dresses should cover a body, not display it. Necklines darn near meet hemlines nowadays, that’s fine for certain “professions”, but not for a woman wanting to be taken seriously on very serious subjects. Dress codes definitely need to be instituted as some don’t have enough sense to know better.

          • You have that right, dress codes work. I wouldn’t hire anyone who wasn’t presentable, that goes for men and women. The way your employees present them selves is a reflection on that business and its owners. I may be a bigot but I would not hire anyone who had tattoos all over the place or rings all over their face or ratty dirty looking hair. And I’m in construction not a store or office situation.

          • Neither would I, I hate to see piercings and tatoos on any body. They were forbidden in the old testament. We are as entitled to our opinion as the next person. Personal hygiene speaks to one’s self confidence and care. If they don’t take care of their own body, are they likely to care about your business? I don’t think so.

    • Even if the federal court on the left coast decides with breaking the law, as they usually do, the SCOTUS will not, so the case will be appealed there and they will re-establish the law.

    • I’m also from CA (Redondo Beach) Funny… CA didn’t say anything about Obozo needing congressional approval to hold back funds if schools didn’t let perverts shower with your daughters.

      • That is what I find strange, who do liberals get away with what they do?

        • Our Founding Fathers said it best “It only takes good men doing nothing to allow tyranny”. This is going to end up a civil war and that’s just what the globalist want.

          • We are about the last Country that actually supports Israel, Gods chosen people as far as most Christians are concerned. Maybe that is one reason why the globalists hate us, The other is that satan wants to be the World leader and at present it appears satan may have a hard time with the U.S.

          • And why are we the last country that actually supports Israel?: Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. (Hollywood California was founded by these very “Jews” from Israel. So I’m asking you are they God’s chosen people or perhaps you & I are more Jews than they are. Another forgotten/untaught history leaving us ignorant of who we truly are & where we came from. There was a fraction of the Jews that crossed the Caucasus Mountain. Remember there are 12 tribes.)

          • Yes, satan is alive and well, letting and leading these crazy people straight to the “hot place” . We need to be strong, pray and walk the walk so as we are in the grace of God.

        • We allow it. They are crooked as the day is long.

      • Yea, funny how that works, O makes his own rules.

    • California is clearly a one party state. Democracy died when Democrat’s allowed the top two vote getter in a primary to run in the general election even if they are from the same party. That is why we had two Democrats running for Senate in 2016 and it explains why we have a new idiot Democratic Senator. It is unlikely that real Democracy will ever return to California.

      • Same thing has happened in WA. state. Our demo. Senators are communists.

        • I think that Oregon and Washington both got the California Liberal “extras” starting back in the late 1960’s. Now Colorado is also getting a whole lot of Californians. Especially with legalized Pot. A sad, sad state of affairs.

    • Great starting point would be Janet Napolitano, Obamas early Secretary of Homeland Security. She had the authority and support of Obama to do as she wanted in managing the immigration programs and laws.
      Recall the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill passed by the Democratic party Senate? That bill died for many reason One Of Which was wording that supported the singular ability of the likes of Napolitano to set policy, regulations and change laws as she (and those later in her position) wanted and those changes could not be challenged, questioned or changed by congress or anyone else; an open door to the problems we suffered for the years following her almost total destruction of our nations Immigration program that had served numerous presidents for years.

    • Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel?! I say AMEN to your post!

      • Sorry but I tried being Politically Correct, IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME. I have issues with lying, stealing and the intentional, systematic destruction of the Country that I LOVE. I also happen to be a Christian and have to keep reminding myself that Jesus wants me to Love the Sinner, but Hate the Sin. Living in California, I often have trouble separating the two.

    • I call tell you……..being a Teen in the 50’s and a young Adult in the 60’s in SoCal was almost like living a dream. Orange County was so Conservative that you could almost count the Dem’s with your hands and feet. I hope and Pray that the “Good Folks” of CA can get their state back. Good Luck and turn California back into an actual member of the United States of America!

    • Don’t blame you. The politicians in CA seem to think they own the state and can give it away to the ILLEGALS, whatever and whenever they want to, most especially if it will get them votes. Sovereignty does not mean a thing. I wonder, if they are as eager to open the doors of their homes and their coffers to these ILLEGALS, even for votes.

    • yes, hang Brown, Pelosi, Feindenstein, Boxer, pretty much all of LA and SF city gov’t officials, one great big public hanging for all the world to see, hang the 9th circus high court judge and the rest of the Ca-Libs too

    • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

      If you all are against them they why are they still in office?? Why were they not voted out?? It is not like this has only been going on for a year or so.

  4. The only way that change will come to America is when we are able to name two more conservative SCOTUS judges. These sanctuary cities are hedging their bets on Obozo’s idiot judges that he appointed to courts across the country. When we finally have a majority of conservative judges over all the courts we will be able to make the needed changes. This is why the liberal left is so desperate. They know that the days of Ginsberg and Kennedy are limited. They will try to rip this country apart along with the help of Soros and his paid demonstrators. The demoRats are encouraging them to do whatever is necessary to help keep them from becoming extinct.

  5. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    With all the volcanos nearby and that faultline…I’d be careful about pissing off the President. Just joking, but at least let the people vote on this one.

    • anything happens out there the blame will be placed on Trump, much like the rag airplane drivers crashing into the WTTowers..was blamed on GWB

      • Anything that happens is blamed onTrump,if they wake up with a new pimple on their nose,it is his fault,so he must really be powerful to be able to do all they they blame him for.

  6. Jess Session is taking the right approach. Any so-called sanctuary city that fails to work hand-in-glove with the federal immigration authorities in terms of detaining ILLEGALS needs to lose ALL their funding for that provision. Rahm Emanual, Chicago’s crooked Mayor, who worked with the crooked Obama administration, and was fond of saying “never let a crisis go to waste,” needs to be water boarded and his teeth pulled out with a pair of pliers dipped in horse shiite. Yo, Rahm, would that be a crisis?

  7. start arresting law enforcement officers who disobey federal laws, it won’t take long! if a police department won’t obey the law send in federal marshals and arrest the administration of that department and put their asses in jail

    • You have it right. When breaking the law becomes a personal problem for the ones breaking it things will change damn quick. Get it on.

    • As an afterthought, the ones running this show are so removed from real life that they don’t know the practical side of getting things done.

  8. I support America first. I support our great President Trump and his policies that are doing just that. If you oppose putting America first and live here you are anti-American and should go somewhere else and live. I support the wall. If you oppose the wall you should live on the other side of the wall outside America. God bless the President. God bless the Flag. God bless the United States of America.

  9. California is turning into a CESSPOOL while the lawmakers busy themselves with building fast trains, pumping Sacramento River water South at the expense of the Ecosystem, and defying the laws of this country. It is disgusting what is happening there. I’m with Sessions and the Trump Administration all the way.

  10. The Justice Department is now imposing hate and discrimination on all jurisdictions under threat of penalty. How deep does Trump racial and ethnic hate really go? It took Russians to get him elected and now he wants to build America to be like Russia.

    • you are one ignorant twat..

    • I respectfully disagree with you. Have the citizens of the US become stronger under the socialist government we have experienced the past 50-60 years? In my opinion we have not. Trump represents a change back to rugged individualism, so the MSM is compelled to try to destroy him at all costs. He is, in fact, the only hope this country has to move away from the policies that do look like Russia which have been imposed on us for so long and back to the policies that made America truly great. The prospect of prosperity lies only in what Trump is advocating, and the politicians can’t stand it.

  11. Isn’t this Sessions 3rd warning to sanctuary cities? NO MORE WARNINGS. WE WANT ACTION!!!!!!!

  12. It’s my understanding that Sessions can w/hold funds once new fed.fiscal yr. starts on 10/1. But, given the wimpy, left-leaning Fed. judges, I guess anything is possible.

  13. About the reference to the so-called “California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.” I have investigated this swamp-rat and find that there is NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE in Sacramento County, nor in the State of California birth index. Apparently he is claiming that the birth records of California for the date of born January 26, 1958 (DOB) must have been lost (birth records are PUBLIC RECORDS)!

    And now we have this cesspool-floater claiming that, ““By placing unconstitutional immigration enforcement conditions on public safety grants, the Trump administration is threatening to harm a range of law enforcement initiatives across California….” WHAT A JOKE FROM AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!

    • California has the most ignorant population in the whole country…I know I live hear, they all vote democrat for the mere reason that they did the last time…we are already over taxed and bankrupted, the infrastructure is third world, and crime has sky-rocketed from illegals’ that shouldn’t even be here! And Jerry Brown’s only solution is to raise the taxes on the middle class even higher…So what do the people in California do??? I’ll tell you…they vote democrat because they did last time?

    • Good research. More of us should do that kind of digging even if we don’t live in California.

  14. The west coast, being run by liberals, have completely run off the rails! I used to live in Oregon and any one I know does not go along with the program.

  15. Folk’s election have results…all of the cities, counties, or states run by democrat’s have sky-rocketing crime, taxes, and burdening regulations….voting for democrat’s is voting against the constitution and a free sovereign nation…period!


  17. Jeff, just shut these cities down with no monies…..Think a war is coming……..


  19. The terrorist must be dealt with, all politicians should be doing what is right for our country not what they have been doing for the past 20 years. Get rid of the political correctness garbage, resign their position if they are loons or have constituents that are loons. Wacko busted cities must be taken back by politicians that are interested in building America for Americans and our future LEGAL immigrants. Ween out the hired thugs the Democrats hire for creating riots in our towns, cities and neighborhoods. The students are not taught American History so they are totally misinformed and tearing down statue’s of American Hero’s enhances the ignorance of those who don’t know history and stop future children from learning it. Like what we did for Germany and Japan after WW 11 we did after the Civil War, part of the rebuilding was giving them their humility, and not punishing them more than what they got by their losing the war. The Civil war was fought by Americans White and Black thus it is part of our history. We have made a number of mistakes that were done in the interest of goodness that may not have had the results we wanted, but it gets corrected and we learn from our mistakes, I think all Americans learned something from our Civil war while many countries haven’t.. Now we are after Christforo Colon, what stupidity, are we looking to tear down our entire country to be Politically Correct, those who have done little to build this great country. Please ! some should go where Rosie and, the view keep promising but know better , phonies. Start looking at why America is great and all the positives, how some things can be improved NOT CHANGED stop only being negative,it gives you wrinkles and stops you from smiling. Don’t keep wasting your life taking negative actions. Grow up be happy. Don’t hang out with negative people, stand clear of the them it can be contagious, you’ll get it all over you.

  20. Losing in court wont stop the mindless liberal politicians in CA. The only way that will send a discernible message to the bimbos is Martial law in S. KKKalifornia and SF. The rest of the state has some common sense, but they’re out numbered by the illegals, welfare state, and corrupt government of CA. We cannot have a United States when CA refuses our laws. That state is a danger to the rest of the USA and should be set an example of lawful jurisdiction of the government and will of the rest of America. Time is wasting, the longer this goes on, the more bloodshed one should expect.

  21. The politicians running sanctuary cities are breaking the law. Put them in jail and impose large fines on them personally. Illegals shouldn’t be here period. Its time to see Justice prevail.

  22. Ignoring Federal Law is NOT an option for states when it comes to Immigration; It is set in the Constitution and the President and Federal Government sets the rules. California and its moronic left winger dimocrap politicians have no business or RIGHT to shelter ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS.

  23. You people in California have to get your looney governor and other looney toons voted out of office that is where you start.namely pelosi and waters.

  24. To all you conservatives that live in the cesspool known as Kalifornia, I do not know how you can stand to stay there. We visited Northern CA in the early 90’s , but did not go any further south than Santa Rosa. I would never think of going to San Franfreako or LA, and Follywood should slide off into the Pacific and take all the dolts that think the rest of America care one iota about their leftist opinion on anything. Too bad, could be a nice place to visit if there were not so many aliens and freeloaders.

  25. Trump is right again, still, on this issue. Jeff Sessions is doing his job and enforcing the law, most likely created and or voted for by Demon-Craps in DC. They have no more right to disobey the Federal Law than anyone has to ignore Cal. or Ill. law.

  26. It is good to know there are some senible people in California, i knew there was, it is just the stupid government of California.

  27. Funny… CA didn’t say anything about Obozo needing congressional approval to hold back funds if schools didn’t let perverts shower with your daughters.

  28. These grant programs for States and local governments are not etched into the Constitution, but are merely products of statute law. Laws dealing with all sorts of matters, including but not limited to criminal justice/law enforcement could be amended to require compliance with federal rules and regulations (i.e. cooperation with ICE).
    Alternatively, Congress could (and probably should in many cases) rescind programs or cut off authority for federal program money and let the States and local governments pay for local services themselves, the way they used to do. This would help the federal deficit and cause States/localities to become more proficient and cost-conscious.

  29. I live in mexifornia , the former state of California, the corrupt politicians here need a lesson in obeying the laws of the nation and not making policy that is counter to our nations laws. Time to put these crooks where they belong.. They our ruining our state by allowing these illegals to enter and then live on our tax dollar by being on welfare. The illegals have better care than we seniors who have worked all our lives. The illegals , get a check each month , section 8 housing {very low rent}, food stamps , free medical and dental care. Most seniors con not afford dental care. Then to top if off the crooks in Sacramento give then a drivers license no requiring them to have insurance. The crooks sets up a defense fund for the illegals. Then the Ninth Circuit Court says it is illegal to ask for proof of citizenship when registering to vote , which in short gives the illegals the right to vote. The sanctuary city of San Francisco is looking into giving the illegals the right to vote in general elections. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/supreme-court-says-states-may-not-add-citizenship https://www.chicksontheright.com/2016/06/09/san-francisco-looking-to-give-voting-rights-to-illegal-immigrants-again/

  30. ” The Department of Justice will not concede a single block or street corner in the United States to lawlessness or crime. ”
    Had this been the policy of Obama and his lap dog Attorneys Generals we would never have the problems we have to day, or suffered the massive problems related to passive immigration enforcement over the past eight years.
    – – – – – – -Hats off to Sessions; hats off to the men and women of the Attorney Generals offices. – – – – – – –
    Our country, as with any country, is well on its way to lawlessness when those required to enforce the laws of the land turn their back on that responsibility and choose to enforce only the laws they support against those they want.
    The lawlessness we see today on our streets, in our public and private facilities, on the media and in our political offices today is a result of Obama’s passive personal agenda where he prevented many states from enacting their own laws to manage the growing problems of overpopulating with illegal immigrants. Obama and his Attorney General put a stop to it saying immigration was a federal responsibility then neither of them did a thing to manage the growing problems.
    That was not only so obvious but sent a message to those who felt they could do the same thing; pick and choose the laws they would comply with.

  31. What do local police need these grants for if they are not going to obey federal law and turn over illegal immigrants to ICE? They are not going to be housed in their jails and it won’t require any additional work on the part of the local police so what do they need the money for?

  32. A “stunning” statement?! It probably is stunning, to those dumb fuxk sanctuary cities, to tell them that they need to abide by the law! What a crazy idea!

  33. I was born and raised in CA. I left the first time “Moonbeam” was elected. If the voters of CA allow the uber Liberal/Socialist/Communist state government (probably with politicians financially supported by George Soros and his group besides the taxpayers) to secede from the United States of America, they can look for the water from the Colorado river and any coming from OR to be cut off, the power from Palo Verde Nuclear power plant, Hoover Dam, Lake Powel and Lake Mead cut off, all petroleum/gas pipelines from CA to other states shut off, and all traffic (vehicles, rail, aircraft, etc.) made to pay a tariff to enter adjacent states. All of this will be done because CA will no longer have US Government protection!! Most will no longer vacation in CA because of the exorbitant prices of everything and it being a Sanctuary State…. They need to get rid of Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and his cronies and get their heads out of their rectums and get a real look at the stupidity of their government(?) if you can call it that!!! Don’t you wonder why Linda Ronstadt and many others dumped him??? DUH….DRUGS?????

    • California was and is a beautiful state. I have several friends who live or lived there. However, you are spot on with your analogy of Brown. Those you refer to as cronies are actually henchmen in my mind. The dictionary definition is actually extremely true in the case of Jerry Moonbeam Brown. Just like it was with obama!

      The taxes alone would be enough to keep me out. In fact I don’t even visit anymore. At Tahoe (we have a time share at the ridge) my wife bought groceries at safeway in California and they even charged ten cents for a paper bag. If Brown could put a meter on everyone he would charge Californians to breath. There are no words to describe what he has done to that state and the big cities like San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Sacramento control the state and they are progressive communist so called democrats. In other words freeloaders. The conservatives outside of San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Sacramento are overwhelmed by those so called democrats. I have heard most of the state in outlying areas is conservative. They don’t really have a chance though of controlling the state. To bad! Of course California had a RINO prior to moonbeam.

  34. CNN has not long to live. Period.

  35. Go for it A.G. Sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Obama was and is nowhere near my favorite person, and is likely culpable. That said, what of the role played by the legislature, not to mention the U.S. Congress, aka U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

  37. Time to arrest rahm and the rest of these scumbags for accessory to murder.

  38. You can’t blame the illegals going way back to the 70s for the direction California has taken so many will have to take the blame way before the illegals had the power like they do today.

  39. If California and Illinois want to be part of America they must begin to conduct themselves with good Ethics and Morals. They are acting like little spoiled children. It is embarrassing for foreign countries to see their irresponsible behavior. Barry obama is gone so now you must all “GROW UP” !!!


  41. Deborah Risinger

    I WAS a Californian…born and raised….Due to my husband being transferred to another state, I’m gone….brokenhearted as I might be….I love the state of my birth…but….happy I’m gone. My parents, sister and brother also left…It is sad to see what is happening there !!!

  42. This has gone on for so long, and so many citizens never realized that their hard earned dollars, that had to go to the government or to their state, or both, were keeping these misfits in protected custody, called Sanctuaries. I cannot remember when or where this was initiated or by whom, but it certainly pulled the wool over the eyes of many a working stiff. Never in my lifetime have I heard of anything so outrageous. ICE teams, the CIA – the FBI all should go through these ‘cities’ and list every single person, and check out where their names will pop up. I would deport every illegal, photos taken and posted because some walk in and out of this country, like there was a swinging door! If they need more Inspectors, or places to hold these people in, I am sure this president would find the money needed to supply every request, but believe me, he would want an accounting, a report of when and how many. Stop the talk, and close them down, now! In every state, if they say they won’t, stop all payments for that town or city, until every last one living in a sanctuary citi is accounted for, and held by customs.

  43. Hit the road, ILLEGALS and do NOT come back!!!


  45. AG Sessions may talk a bit slow but he is really good. Soros s/b concerned!

  46. Jerk Brown is not doing the Californians any favors.

  47. The only reason the COMMUNISTS in CALI are elected is because of voting fraud. Illegals voting and ballots found floating in San Francisco Bay when things aren’t gong their way. A New Bear Flag Revolt seems in order sometime in the near future.

  48. They are too stupid to realize, they are going too ruin it for their cities DUMB BASTARDS!!!

  49. Even if one of the judges overturn Sessions, it will take a long time for the case to wind itself to the SCOTUS. Seven or eight years. What are the states going to do, tell the Supreme Court that they have violated immigration law?

  50. Good point, dogtrainer. The heart of The People can bring pressure to bear on California government, too.

    I think the one thing power fears is being removed from power in an open election by The People.

    What is most difficult about the process is the heart and the education of the governed. People who know their history and how they got to this point seem to know when and how to avoid a repeat of walking off the cliff.

    Groups that thrive on hate, racism, ignorance, and selfishness forget their American Heritage and only want to take over. No. Not today. Not tomorrow. There are too many men, women, and children — warriors, victims, and agitators — who lie in the ground that have paid the price for another’s right to be who, what, and where they are.

    In many ways evil is laughing itself to the bank; but, for how long?

  51. All these mayors, governors, et al that sanction sanctuary cities need to be arrested and charged with treason. Chicago will collapse like Detroit did because the israeli citizen mayor thinks he knows it all. The traitor served in the israeli army rather than the U.S. army so he’s got his unpatriotic karma coming anyway.

  52. Prosecute and fine all politicians – judges and lawyers for fed crimes…..If that doesn’t work – nuke’em….

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