WaPo Writer Busted Peddling Fake News on Twitter

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel embarrassed himself, his newspaper, and the entire mainstream liberal media on Saturday by pulling a stunt that proved Donald Trump’s theory of Fake News was NOT just a conservative talking point. Weigel, who like most of the D.C. press is more interested in “getting” President Trump than he is in accumulating and dispensing facts for his audience, came across a photograph of Trump’s Pensacola rally that he just couldn’t WAIT to share with his Twitter followers.

Weigel posted a photo of the arena in Florida taken hours before Trump’s rally was set to begin. Naturally, the stands were mostly empty, seeing as how people don’t tend to come to an event until, you know, the event is soon to start. But Weigel thought he had nailed the president, mocking him for saying at the rally that the arena was “packed to the rafters.” It would have been a great “gotcha” moment for Weigel…except that he was soon informed by The Daily Mail’s David Martosko that he was posting fake news. Weigel, sensing that this was the kind of “mistake” that could snowball into a real problem for his continued employment as a journalist, quickly deleted the post and tried to pretend the whole thing never happened.

Which might have worked, except for the fact that President Trump called him out.

“@DaveWeigel @WashingtonPost put out a phony photo of an empty arena hours before I arrived @ the venue, w/ thousands of people outside, on their way in,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Real photos now shown as I spoke. Packed house, many people unable to get in. Demand apology & retraction from FAKE NEWS WaPo!”

Knowing he was backed into a corner, Weigel did as demanded. “Sure thing: I apologize,” he wrote. “I deleted the photo after @dmartosko told me I’d gotten it wrong. Was confused by the image of you walking in the bottom right corner.”

Which, as apologies go, was rather smarmy, but then, that’s who these people are. They actually see themselves as being at war with the duly-elected president of the United States because he defeated their Golden Girl and because he actually calls them out on their biased BS. They hate him because he is the first Republican politician in ages who isn’t even slightly afraid of them. And they can’t STAND the fact that no matter what they do, no matter how hard they try, and no matter how many dirty tricks they pull, they cannot turn his supporters against him.

Well, Washington Post, stunts like this are the reason why.

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  2. As the MSM proudly and ebulliently claims: “If it looks like a moose and it walks like a moose and it sounds like a moose it is definitely a duck!”

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    • Good one, still chuckling.

      • Sir, I just want to thank you for your service in the Marine Corps. Our veterans are heroes and need to be treated with dignity and honor. You are all appreciated more than you know.

    • BEST post of the month Justin:):):) LMAO:)

    • Now that sounds just like the libbies. And then they try to convince everyone that the duck really is a moose!

  3. Who needs football, television, late night talk shows and movies when you can watch liberals rush to make fools of themselves on a daily basis, then struggle to overcome their smug, empty arrogance long enough to force out a halfhearted apology, then go right back to making fools of themselves with their smug arrogance mysteriously intact?
    I don’t miss what passes for ‘entertainment’ at all. I’m having to much fun witnessing liberals try to salve their rage and impotent frustration by shooting themselves in the foot over and over again then hobbling around blaming Trump and conservatives for their lack of feet. It’s truly hilarious.

    • Good one and how TRUE! But you will never see any “change” from this childish behavior, after all they are ALL “in the Tank” for the DEMOCOMMIES, and will “spin” the “news” to do ANYTHING they can against OUR PRESIDENT. Time for them to “get over” the FACT “their” “party and their “queen” LOST. WE WON (and the COUNTRY WON with PRESIDENT TRUMP.)

      • In my own opinion, anyone who writes “fake news articles” should loose their press pass for a year for the 1st lie told. If it happens again, they will need to find another job. If any “regular” person lied on their job, they would get canned. This practice to the press, would work for the truth & I for one would be happy to see the SOB’s go away.

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        • wit Sean Hannity-

          Conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton
          During the 2016 presidential election, Hannity periodically promoted conspiracy theories regarding Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.[49][50][51][52] Hannity repeatedly claimed that Clinton had very serious medical problems and that the media was covering them up.[49][53][54][13] He misrepresented photos of Clinton to give the impression that she had secret medical problems.[49][51] He shared a photo from the fringe news site Gateway Pundit and falsely claimed that it showed her Secret Service agent holding a diazepam pen intended to treat seizures, when he in fact was holding a small flashlight.[49] He booked doctors on his show to discuss Clinton’s health; although these people had never personally examined Clinton, they made alarmist statements about her state of health which turned out to be false.[49][51] At one point, Hannity promoted an unsubstantiated report that Clinton was drunk at a rally; at another point, he suggested that Clinton was drunk and that her campaign needed to “sober her up”.[55]
          In October 2016, Hannity claimed that WikiLeaks has revealed that “everything that conspiracy theorists have said over the years” about Hillary Clinton is true.[56]
          Murder of Seth Rich conspiracy theories
          In May 2017, Hannity became a prominent promoter of the conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party had a DNC staffer killed.[57][58][59][60][61][13] Shortly afterward, he faced backlash from both left- and right-wing sources and lost several advertisers, including Crowne Plaza Hotels, Cars.com, Leesa Mattress, USAA, Peloton and Casper Sleep deciding to pull their marketing from his program on Fox News.[62][63][64] However, USAA decided to return to the show shortly after following a negative outcry against its decision to pull out.[65] Conservative magazine National Review compared the story to a flat earth video, called it a “disgrace” that Hannity and other conspiracy theorists were hyping the story, and called for them to stop.[66]
          Claims about election fraud
          Hannity came under criticism during the 2016 presidential election for false claims about election rigging during interviews. Hannity responded to this by citing Mitt Romney’s failure in 2012 to obtain any votes in 59 of 1,687 Philadelphia voting districts as proof of election rigging. However, Factcheck.org and PolitiFact found that it was not unusual at all for this to occur, as those districts are heavily African-American. Philadelphia elections inspector Ryan Godfrey also refuted Hannity’s claim.[67][68]
          Russian interference
          Hannity has expressed skepticism of the U.S. intelligence community’s view that Russia hacked the DNC e-mails during the 2016 election. In March 2017 he publicized a theory, first proposed at the Wikileaks Twitter account, that the CIA could have done the hacking while making it look like Russia did it. [69]
          In 2010, Sean Hannity said that Assange waged a “war” on the United States, and that Wikileaks put American lives in “jeopardy” and “danger” around the world. He also criticized the Obama administration for failing to apprehend Assange.[70][71] In 2016, after Wikileaks published leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee, Hannity praised Assange for showing “how corrupt, dishonest and phony our government is”.[71][72] He told Assange in a September 2016 interview, “I do hope you get free one day. I wish you the best.”[73] In May 2017, Hannity made an offer to Assange to guest host his Fox News TV show.[74]
          In February 2017, Hannity retweeted a WikiLeaks tweet linking to an article by Gateway Pundit, claiming that John McCain was a “globalist war criminal”. McCain’s spokeswoman called Hannity out on it, asking him to “correct the record.” Hannity later deleted the tweet.[75]
          Roy Moore and advertiser boycott
          In November 2017 Hannity interviewed the Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore who is facing accusations of sexual assault and harassment of teenage girls while he was in his thirties. Hannity stated that Moore “deserves the presumption of innocence” and that “none of us know the truth”.[76] After criticism from Media Matters for America, which had been promoting a boycott since May 2017 over previous controversial comments by Hannity,[77] some major advertisers pulled their advertising from Hannity’s show.[78] These actions were met with counter boycotts by Hannity’s fans who destroyed products made by the companies who removed their promotions from the show and pledged to stop buying their products until the decisions were reversed, causing the CEO of one of the companies to publicly state that the public announcement of his company’s removal of advertisements was “unacceptable” and that his company did not intend to take sides in the matter.[79]
          Deep State
          Hannity promoted the idea that there is a “deep state” – a network of individuals within government that is working to hinder the Trump administration. He has described the “deep state” as a “Shadow Government” and “Deep state swamp of Obama holdovers and DC lifers”.[80] However, the idea’s possibility has been disputed.[81] In March 2017, he called for a “purge” of Obama-era bureaucrats and appointees in government.[82] In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, conservative columnist Bret Stephens disputed Sean Hannity’s deep state allegations, saying they were an example of the “paranoid style in politics”.[83] Later that month, Hannity said that NBC News was part of the “deep state”.[84] In May 2017, he reiterated that deep state/intelligence operatives were trying to destroy the Trump presidency.[85]
          Comments on sexual harassment
          In April 2017, Hannity came to the defense of Fox News co-president Bill Shine after it was reported that Shine’s job was at risk.[86][87] At least four lawsuits alleged that Shine had ignored, enabled or concealed Roger Ailes’ alleged sexual harassment.[86][87][88]
          In 2016, Hannity vociferously defended Roger Ailes when he was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment.[5] In May 2017, Hannity paid a tribute to Ailes after his death.[89] Hannity called him “a second father” and said to Ailes’s “enemies” that he was “preparing to kick your a** in the next life”.[89]
          In September 2017, several months after Bill O’Reilly was fired from Fox News in the wake of a number of women alleged that he sexual harassed them, Hannity hosted O’Reilly on his show.[90][91][92] Some Fox News employees criticized the decision.[91] In the interview, O’Reilly attacked liberal media watchdog groups and said that he should have fought harder when those groups targeted his advertisers.[91] According to CNN, during the interview, Hannity found kinship with O’Reilly as he appeared “to feel that he and O’Reilly have both become victims of liberals looking to silence them.”[91]
          Hannity came under criticism in October 2017 when he attacked Democrats after it was revealed that a large number of women had accused Harvey Weinstein, a prominent Hollywood producer and donor to Democratic causes, of sexual harassment.[93] Critics noted that Hannity had weeks earlier defended and hosted his coworker Bill O’Reilly who was fired following a number of sexual harassment allegations.[93][94]
          LGBT rights
          In 1989, Hannity was fired from a radio job after making anti-gay comments.[95][96] He called AIDS a “gay disease” and said that the media was hiding salient information from the public.[96][13] Furthermore, Hannity, said “Anyone listening to this show that believes homosexuality is just a normal lifestyle has been brainwashed… these disgusting people”.[13][5] Hannity “egged on” an anti-gay activist when he said that AIDS spread when gay men consumed each other’s faeces,[13] said that homosexuality was a “lower form of behaviour”, compared homosexual sex lives to “playing in a sewer” and gay people of being “filled with hatred and bigotry”.[95] When a lesbian woman called into the show, Hannity said “I feel sorry for your child”.[95][5] The ACLU opposed his firing and petitioned the station to reverse their decision. Hannity demanded a formal apology and double the airtime. While the station did offer to allow Hannity to return, they would not meet Hannity’s additional demands and he declined to return. In 2017, Hannity said that he regretted the comments and that they were “ignorant and embarrassing”.[95]
          Hannity opposed amnesty, then he favored a “path to citizenship” before he opposed that idea.[13]
          Hannity has warned of “sharia law” coming to the United States.[97] Hannity opposed the building of a mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center site.[97]
          Hannity promoted the idea of “Islamic training camps right here in America”, which were based on an unsubstantiated “documentary” by the Christian Action Network.[98]
          In 2006, Hannity was critical of Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to U.S. Congress, being sworn into office with an oath on a Quran. Hannity equated the Quran with Mein Kampf, asking a guest on his show whether he would have allowed Ellison “to choose, you know, Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which is the Nazi bible?”[99][100]
          Climate change
          In 2001, Sean Hannity described the scientific consensus on climate change as “phony science from the left.”[101] In 2004, he falsely alleged, “scientists still can’t agree on whether the global warming is scientific fact or fiction”.[101] In 2010, Hannity said that so-called “Climategate” – the leaking of e-mails by climate scientist that climate change skeptics claimed demonstrated scientific misconduct but which all subsequent enquiries have found no evidence of misconduct or wrongdoing – a “scandal” that “exposed global warming as a myth cooked up by alarmists.”[102] Hannity frequently invites contrarian fringe scientists and critics of climate change to his shows.[103]
          Death panels
          Hannity promoted the falsehood that the Affordable Care Act would create so-called “death panels”.[104][105][106] According to a study by Dartmouth political scientist Brendan Nyhan, Hannity’s show, along with the Laura Ingraham Show, were the first major conservative media personalities to latch onto the false claim of Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York, that the Affordable Care Act contained death panels.[105] When Sarah Palin stirred controversy by promoting the death panels myth, and argued her case in a Facebook post, Hannity defended her and said, “I agree with everything that she wrote”.[107] Hannity also claimed that he found the specific pages in the Affordable Care Act containing provisions on death panels.[107]
          A 2016 study found that Hannity promoted a number of falsehoods about the Affordable Care Act.[107] For instance, Hannity falsely alleged several times that Democratic Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus had said Social Security could be “insolvent in two years” due to the Affordable Care Act.[107] According to the study, Hannity, unlike other Fox News hosts such as Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren, “took a more direct approach, aggressively supporting Republicans and conservatives and attacking Democrats and liberals, endorsing the more spurious claims long after they were proven incorrect, and putting advocacy above accurate reporting, to further the network’s themes opposing reform.”[107]
          False claims about CNN’s Jake Tapper
          In November 2017, Fox News distorted a statement by Jake Tapper to make it appear as if he had said that “Allahu Akbar” can be used under the most “beautiful circumstances” in the immediate aftermath of the 2017 New York City truck attack wherein a terrorist shouted “Allahu Akbar”.[108] Fox News omitted that Jake Tapper had said that the use of “Allahu Akbar” in the terrorist attack was not one of these beautiful circumstances.[108] A headline on FoxNews.com was preceded by a tag reading “OUTRAGEOUS”.[108] The Fox News Twitter account distorted the statement even more, saying “Jake Tapper Says ‘Allahu Akbar’ Is ‘Beautiful’ Right After NYC Terror Attack” in a tweet that was later deleted.[108]
          Even after the deletion of the discredited smear, Sean Hannity repeated it to his viewers, calling Tapper “liberal fake news CNN’s fake Jake Tapper” and mocking his ratings.[109][110]

    • Natalie,
      You are 100 correct. It only shows how stupid they really are.

    • agreed, well said

    • I read last night that liberals are blaming the President for the terrorist attack in NYC. How crazy is that? Especially since they’re the ones trying to block the President from banning people from certain countries!

      • any proof that “…iberals are blaming the President for the terrorist attack in NYC….?”

      • This guy was part of the chain migration that followed the dumb immigration lottery. Allow people to enter because their name is drawn. Sounds so professional.

        • Are he got in on a lottery, and he was radicalized in the U.S. anyway.

          • What is your opinion of the immigration lottery system. As for this attempted bomber, i hope he suffers greatly and for a long time. I hope he loses both arms and one leg. He actually got in as an after the lottery drawing. His was as a relative of someone who was admitted through that stupid lottery system.

          • I think people are jumping to conclusions when they hear ‘lottery’.
            The county I’m from had a lottery involved in picking recruits for the police academy, but it was after written, and physical examinations.

          • This is done initially by drawing. It is called the diversity lottery. People from countries in asia like Bangladesh that have low numbers coming here apply and through a drawing are picked to then go through some level of screening. They then qualify for eventual citizenship. Sadly then through another stupid policy members of their family automatically qualify for immigration as this bomber did.

          • Are you sure you aren’t mixing up the New York attack from the other with the one in October.
            It’s worth noting that countries like Ireland, and Australia are also countries including in the diversity lottery. Also that policy has bi-partisan support, but Schumer did propose a more merit based program to replace it.

            And for the record. I’m the USA 🇺🇸, Suffolk County New York to be exact if you want to check what I said about the SCPD (they’re great by the way).

          • No , this person came i think from bangladesh(sp). He came here through chain migration as a dependent of a lottery diversity winner. He allegedly built his bomb from internet instructions and bungled it, thus the injury mostly to himself. Thank God for that.. No matter who initiated, supported or voted for it, it is not merit based and thus is a stupid system. Any one who supports that should be voted out of office. As for cops, most are very good and fair in doing their job. There are some bad apples , as there are in every profession. Most shootings of blacks are justified, but some are not and that cop should pay if it was intentional and his shooting had no justification. The same rationale applies to shooting of any person of any racial persuasion.

          • I just wanted to be clear. And I was stating facts about Schumer record.
            I wasn’t trying any cops are bad, I was just talking up the hometown’s police, that I actually tried to join once, that how I know about their hiring process.

          • What country are you from btw

      • Non of Trump immigration policies would have prevented any terrorist attack.

        • maybe you are right,but if the Thorough vetting prevents one terrorist from slipping through it is worth it.

          • Possibly, personally I think better domestic counter-terrorism measures would to more good, and counter-propaganda too. I don’t think ‘strong borders’ keep out terrorists.
            Right-wing propaganders can people s**ting the pants other threats that make literally no sense, why can’t they show the flaws of Isis’s ideology to other Muslims?

          • strong borders in and of themselves do not keep out terrorist. The guy who killed Steinle had crossed illegally seven times. Each of those crossings could have been a terrorist. Better screening, especially from countries that promote terrorism like Iran would help. Why don’t leaders in other countries show their people what ISIS really is. I think only those with proper papers should be allowed to enter. I guess you are for open borders where just anyone can cross at will. this is not a right or left issue. We have laws on immigration and they need to be enforced. Countries need enforcible borders. Give some specifics on counter terrorism measures you think would work better than current policy and current laws.

          • What countries don’t know what Isis is?
            I don’t believe in open borders, I just not think borders work like people who want to make them ‘stronger’ think they do.
            I think current counter-terrorist measures work good, more attacks a stoped then happen.

          • Every country in the world likely knows what ISIS is. I think the Muslim countries need to teach their own people about the dangers of radical islamism. Strong borders do not eliminate illegal immigration. They do make it much order to cross. The proposed wall is only part of the programs needed to make stronger border security. Even Trump does not think the wall by itself solves the serious illegal immigration problem that we have.

          • Seeing how a lot of majority Muslim countries are the ones being terrorized they probably know the dangers.
            I don’t think Trump cares about immigration, much less the wall, beyond words to gain support.

          • i guess only Trump knows his true feelings. I am proud that actions taken so far have drastically reduced illegal crossings and that deportations have increased. I also like his agenda. His tax plan as promised looks good for a vote next week and approval looks good. Their stance and information program would be much more effective than any thing we could ever do. The average muslim in those countries would likely pay not attention to anything coming from us. Most politicians make campaign promises and tend to forget them when elected. Trump is different. He is keeping his promises and like him or not you should respect that.

          • Actually, undocumented immigration was going down under Obama, I think Obama had more deportations to.
            I may have more respect for Trump if his motivations went beyond getting praise.

          • The key is ICE arrests which are up by more than one third compared to same time period last year. The illegal crossings has dropped by 40% compared to last year same period.

          • Undocumented immigration was already going down. And ICE have been harassing more people with weaker reasons.

          • You might try looking at his agenda and what he does and judge those actions without trying to read in the underlying motivation which you can not possibly know. I could not care less about why he does things, but the fact that he does and keeps his promises is like a breath of fresh air.

          • He keeps promises that don’t offer much positive outcomes.
            The wall would be very expensive, and would require experience maintenance. Not to mention the half of undocumented immigration is visa over stays. And there’s also underground tunnels, and going over water.
            Another example of his desision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Yes it’s a promise kept, but Trump might have hurt chances for peace to appease his base.

          • Both houses of congress passed a law in 1995 and it was signed by Bill Clinton. The law recognized Jerusalem as capital and required the embassy to be moved by the end of 1999, Due to the fact that to build an embassy takes nearly 3 years, they allowed the President to sign a waiver every six months delaying the action. What Trump did was to start the process that should have been started long ago. Name one country that allows other countries to decide what city is their capital. Israel has the same right to do that that we do with our naming Washington DC as our capital. The idea of a wall on our south border is not new. We need to do all we can to stop illegal immigration. We should find those who overstay visas and deport. A wall is of course not a total solution but will make it much harder and with available technology will drastically reduce the crossings. The 1995 law on Jerusalem received bi-partisan support. The wall would extend about six feet under ground and would make tunneling much harder and with technology we could detect tunnels. What water would they go over. The wall would be north of the Rio Grande river so they would have to go over or under the wall and with right wall that would be difficult to do. Without borders, we might as well just let anyone come that wants to. Visa over stays can be policed and the person deported. We are already working on that.

          • Have you considered that the reason holding back the Jerusalem the Israel capital was because Palestine wants it as their capital to.
            There are tunes of unwalled borders all over the world. And the U.S. has the most militarized, peace time border.

          • The People in Israel are the ones who pick where their capital is , in the same way other countries do.. Trump simply made official what Congress had already done more than two decades ago. Jerusalem is their capital and no one except Israel has any say in the matter. Israel has total control already over Jerusalem, so if they choose for their capital to be there, who has any legal right to say differently. As for unwalled borders, we have a serious problem with illegal immigration and should do anything reasonable to solve that problem.

          • Again, what about Palestine? They claim Jerusalem is their capital to.
            And hoe is a massive, unaffecive wall ‘reasonable’?

          • In honor of Frank Taylor’s patience and perseverance trying to illuminate your viewpoint, I am going to forswear any comments about your abysmal use of the English language.

            The Palestinians are not in control of Jerusalem. They would have kept control if they and their allies had not attacked Israel and lost the war. It is common for borders to change after wars are done. Thus the saying, “To the victor goes the spoils”. Israel was not the aggressor, but was the decided victor. The Palestinians have had many chances to negotiate in good faith, but have chosen an adversarial approach instead. There were Israeli leaders in the past who would have been more open to giving them more of what they wanted, but the Palestinians have always preferred to pick leaders who chose more hostile approaches. Now, after eight years of a President who was less than friendly towards Israel, we have a President who values our very best ally in the Middle East. Moving our embassy to Jerusalem like we had previously promised is a good way of making up for the last eight years of existential angst caused by our lackluster support.
            And as far as the wall is concerned, why do the Mexicans have barriers in some of their southern areas to keep

          • The Palestinian have been more open to the two state solution recently.

            And Mexico’s southern border is not the same as the U.S.’s.
            And how about this about the border patrol? https://youtu.be/NnW5EjwtE2U

          • The Palestinians have gone round and round on a solution since before Yasser Arafat was their leader, and he was just another terrorist.
            And no, the two borders aren’t the same. Our situation is worse because we have the Central Americans and the Mexicans coming through, they only have the Central Americans, and they’re not staying there.
            And seriously, you’re getting you’re news from John Oliver? No wonder your views are illogical. That is a satire comedy program, not a dependable source of news in anyone’s universe.
            I gave you a well thought out, well written, cogent piece on these two issues. You gave me not much, and a link to a comedy talk show. Apparently you are a bit out of your league.

          • Both sides in Israel have gone around on the two state solution. I know the current Israel P.M. was against it at some point.

            John Oliver gave credible sources in his segment that showed the decline in undocumented immigration, and the dangers of just throwing money and resources at the border patrol with out good thought.

          • A little better, but here is the situation. The current PM, Netanyahu, is for a Palestinian state in principle, but knows that it is not currently possible under the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinians refuse to the key condition the Israelis have put forth, namely to recognize Israel’s right to exist. That in itself shows their motives. But the Palestinians aren’t like some of our stealthy politicians. The Palestinian Authority has been pushing a wave of terror attacks since October 2015 until the present. There have been hundreds of deaths, and thousands of injured. So far the Palestinians have not shown any inclination that they have any intention of living in a state peacefully side by side. They have made clear on many occasions that they intend to wipe Israel from the map.
            Nobody is suggesting that money and resources be “thrown” at the Border Patrol without proper planning. Pointing at what one President did is not an accurate predictor of how President Trump’s administration will handle it. But you can’t argue to not increase the Border Patrol, and to abandon the building of the wall. If the wall isn’t built, then logic would dictate that even more Border Patrol agents would need to be added.

          • The point is, the Jerusalem decision is poorly timed.
            And is Bush massed something up, I doubt that Trump would do much better. The southern border is not lawless, uncontrolled, or even open. Undocumented immigration is going down, and has been for year.

          • There would never be a convenient time. The resistance in the Arab world is being led by Erdogan of Turkey. He has been indicted on crimes against humanity in Sweden. He has effectively turned a democracy into a dictatorship in his country. He is almost certainly guilty of genocide in the case of the Kurds and the Yazidi. You are criticizing Trump when the terrorists of the other camp are slaughtering women and babies. Wisdom says that there is no appeasing evil. The evildoers will only progress to the next level. History has shown this to be true a vast majority of the time. How did appeasing Hitler work out? How did appeasing Stalin work out?

            You may have your doubts about the differences between Bush junior and Trump, but I do not. They are like night and day, in their experience, in their partisanship or lack thereof, and in the fact that one is the ultimate insider and one is the ultimate outsider. And by the way, most of the border is very open and very easy to cross. Many residents who live near the border would refute your claim of the border not being lawless or uncontrolled. Gang members and drug traffickers do not ask for permission before trespassing on resident’s property.

            Illegal immigration is down largely because when Trump won, the US instantly became less welcoming to people who seek to enter the country illegally. There is no guarantee that will continue without further measures. A severe recession or civil unrest in Mexico could change that instantly and those scenarios are not far fetched for that country.

          • How is Erdogan behind anything in Palestine? Also, Trump is a fan of Erdogan.
            I don’t see how people can see Trump as a outsider any. He lies, he’s hyper-partisan, all he was for being a ‘outsider’ is that he wasn’t a politician, and he feuds with Republicans.
            America has the most militarized, peace time border in the world.
            And undocumented immigration was going down for years under Obama. Because no matter how many times conservatives love to pay one line from one interview Obama gave, and take it out of context, the Democrats were not ‘welcoming’ to undocumented immigration.

          • Wow! You are trying to have a conversation on an issue without actually following developments in that story or knowing who the key players are. Do your own research. There are dozens of recent articles describing Erdogan’s role in the recent “debate” over who can claim Jerusalem as their capitol.

            I didn’t describe Trump as an outsider. Both sides of the media bias have described him as an outsider. The RNC described him as an outsider. The “Never Trump” movement powered by Republicans showed him to be an outsider.

            You misunderstand me. I don’t blame only Democrats for the illegal immigration problem. But I do think that Trump wants to do more to fix it than most elected leaders in recent memory.

          • I know Turkey is opposing the Jerusalem decision, has been called a big supporter of that opposition, I just wouldn’t say Erdogan is the leader.

            And I’m just saying Trump is no outsider

            Also, Trump is just looking for support, and admiration, I don’t think he really cares about immigration.

          • Well Will, you seem to enjoy espousing your opinion. Most of what I have posted is factual material, and most of your responses are what you think or feel. You are entitled to your opinions, but I prefer more fact based analysis. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

          • Most of what I said is based on facts as well.

          • The wall would be a one time expense with maintenance of course, but that cost is far less than the money we spend on illegal immigrants. They go to our schools and pay zero to cover those high cost. One million dreamers is a lot but the potential numbers that would follow through chain migration would be at least ten fold , if we granted them citizenship.

          • You know, undocumented immigrants still work, and spend money, so they do contribute to the economy.

          • PEOPLE ! And Frank Taylor !
            Don’t answer this simple goon ! He is just phrasing his grade school questions in an effort to change the subject of the conversation obliquely. In order tp show himself and the hurt butt Hilly supporters in a slightly better light than the fog they live in.
            Ignore the fool !

          • You sure, are just a troll.

    • Such a drama queen. I’ve upgraded you from Princess-

      The writer apologized for his error-admitted he was wrong-“non liberal” “journalists” seldom admit they have made a mistake even when presented with overwhelming proof. They claim it’s “alternative facts”.What a joke.

      • A good journalist and objective one would fact check his report before publishing it. Clue me in on a non-liberal journalist who makes an error and fails to apologize. Everyone has a political view, but a true journalist does not let that affect their reporting. It should not matter where they stand politically, just how they present the news without political bias. There are some on both sides who do not present themselves as journalist. Fox has some and CNN has some.

    • My sentiments exactly. Fake news and libers are funnier to watch than most comic programs on TV today.

  4. Expected from a Commie creep in WaPo.Bezos sets the precedent.All Super rich beasts are Communist America haters.Amazon is a no no for me

  5. We all saw the picture and there were the empty seats and right there was Trump in the same frame. He wasn’t on the stage yet but Trump was in the hall. YOU have been caught in your lie but you are obliged to defend the defenseless like you did with the Inauguration photos.

    • Poor clueless Ray, off his meds again.

    • Just why would you expect anyone to believe you, when even the reporter said he got it wrong?
      I wouldn’t believe you if you said at noon on a cloudless day that the sun was shining

    • WOW, I guess it’s true, you can’t fox STUPID. Especially when involving liberal A$$HAT$.

    • You are an idiot. The picture was taken the night before. People historically do not go to an event 12 hours early. The event was televised and you can clearly see a large crowd on live tv.

    • I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the libby “journalist” actually photo shopped the picture of Pres. Trump into the picture. That’s how despicably dishonest the lefty libby loonies are.

    • If the crowd size was a million or more, you would still take same position on Trump.. There was in fact a large crowd, as is quite normal for any Trump rally.

    • I do not know if Trump was there when picture was taken or if someone edited photo to add him. i do know you are a Trump basher looking for some proof of Trump overstating crowd size. This was many hours before the even and no rational person would expect those seats to be filled that early. keep looking though, you will probably see Trump slip up on something during his next 7 years in office.

    • You could likely find lots of places right now with empty chairs. Only an idiot like you would take that picture as being truth and try to make something of it. There was not even a mole hill here to make a mountain out of.

    • Ray can we hope that the stupid in your brain runs out anytime soon? Why do you hate that the middle class is now working and saving a little for rainy days? So hard to believe toads such as yourself could nit pick about some stupid photo you libs want to turn into a dog and pony show. Grow up .

  6. Dave Weigel :
    You really had an exclusive there, didn’t you
    boy ?
    I’ll bet everybody is calling you “Scoop” now,
    huh ?
    I guess you’re in for a private office and at least one secretary, aren’t you ?
    Whata little sniping jerk !

  7. Anyone providing fake news should be fined out of business and into jail.

  8. What’s the word that goes with bliss? Yep, it’s ignorance. When we get beyond the generation that believe these liars?

  9. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    One day all this fake news WILL implode on it’s purveyors.

    That day may be coming shortly.

    Hold on to your hats.


  10. This guy posted a vague picture of a empty stadium as s as a joke, then took its down and apologized.
    Conservatives freak out over nothing.

    • No, all he had to do was check the timestamp on the picture which it most likely had, especially if he was pulling it from a news aggregate. This is what a journalist would do, but he is not a journalist…he is a hack.

      • It was a joke, it had nothing to do with the Washington Post, Trump is just being a snowflake ❄️.

        • You’re the snowflake you A$$HAT. You’re to Fu%$&ng STUPID to know a joke from bullsheit.

        • Donald Trump is the POTUS & maybe you may not like him, but look at what OBOZO did to America in his 8 years. Worst POTUS in the history of the USA.

          • Obama turned the white economy around, and Trump is just riding his coat tails.👎

          • I was unaware that our economy had a skin color. We have seen the lowest unemployment rate in decades and our stock market is at a record high. If you think this is Obama’s coattail, how long before it becomes due to Trump and changes he has made. We just saw the second quarter with more than 3% GDP. I think the Trump changes to federal regulations and the proposed tax cuts have a large play in those positive changes.

          • I honestly don’t know how the word ‘white’ got in there.
            Job, and economic growth started under Obama.
            I’ve actually been looking at the stock market, and yes, the up tick goes back at least two years, and it has actually started struggle a bit.

          • There is no struggle in stock market. It is heading towards 25,000 now. The stock market fell more than 1000 points during january of last year. Let me know when you think Trump should start getting credit. We have seen more than 20% growth since Trump took office and the 3% GDP did not happen under Obama.

          • You Know Obama had to deal with the tail end of a recession? That’s going to make the economy look at little bad for some of his Presidency when it’s not totally his fault.
            I’m Just saying the DOW has been having a couple of bad days recently, and some economists are saying the growth may not be that strong.

          • Did you know that the DOW reached another record high today. This could well have been in reaction to the deal reached between the house and senate conference committee on the tax bill.

          • Dow closed today at another record high. Looks strong to me.

          • It was doing good this time last week, then it went down the next two days.

          • Check for yourself. I know for a fact that it reached another record high at todays closing. One more indication of a strong economy. Some days it will go down. but it recovers the next day or the day after that.

          • I have been checking, my phone has a stocks app, it show graphs as far back as two years, and there are more dents in the growth since late October.

          • You really need to only check two dates. The earliest would of course be January 19 and the other would be as of the market close today December 13, 2017. The gain is huge and shows that the stock market is strong.

          • I’m just saying a couple days a week end up in the read, and uncertainty in the government can really drag thing down. The day Flynn pleaded guilty everything was in the red.

          • I do acknowledge that when the ABC reporter (i think his name is Ross) reported that Trump ordered Flynn during campaign to talk to Russia. The market did fall and corrected itself the nest day when the report was corrected to state that the order came during transition and well after the election. The reporter was supposedly suspended without pay for one month. The important thing is that one more record high was reached yesterday.

          • And the DOW is about to close at a lost today.

          • Sounds logical! When DOW reaches a record high, we have sell offs to make a profit. The downtrend today was around 40 points which is pretty much level. It may even go down slightly tomorrow. This is pretty normal for the DOW which is simply a summary of the top 100 industrial companies.

          • Sounds logical! When DOW reaches a record high, we have sell offs to make a profit. The downtrend today was around 40 points which is pretty much level. It may even go down slightly tomorrow. This is pretty normal for the DOW which is simply a summary of the top 100 industrial companies.

          • How can people thought consistent growth that started before Trump took office as his personal accomplishment (even though some economists have said recent gains are not related to the government) but just stung it off when stocks started to slow down?

          • When should he start to get credit. During the 2016 year, the stock market was pretty much the same. Will you can not have it both ways. You credited Obama with what happened. Now find some unknown economist who says government can not affect growth. Not one single quarter of 2016 showed 3% growth, but we have had two this year since Trump took office and will probably have a 3rd when the 4th quarter numbers are in.

          • A president would have more to do with ending a recession then the economy just improving on it own. Besides, it was a small article I read a while ago, it could be wrong, it could be right.
            And yes I heard ‘3% improvements twice in a row’ a lot already. I also just think it’s worth keeping in mind that if you look at a graph of the last six months of the DOW, you will more dents in growth happening recently.

          • my minor was in economics. No president can hurt or grow the economy on his or her own. Things can be done to make the business environment a positive one and create a favorable setting for growth. Tax cuts, cutting cumbersome and expensive regulations. Meeting with business leaders to keep jobs here. Those are just some of the pro-business changes obama has made. As for the DOW, where it is now is very important. It dipped well below the 10,000 mark at the beginning of obama administration. Just Keeping the government nose out of business as much as possible goes a long way to stimulate growth. Will the growth continue. That depends heavily on whether the tax cuts are approved. Not one quarter in all of 2016 was above the 3% growth measure.

          • Again, Obama entered office during a recession.
            As for the tax cuts, massive tax cut are got a great for the economy as conservatives let on. https://youtu.be/_72fqgEevOo

          • The tax cuts simply means taxpayers including corporations pay less. The annual boost could be $200 billion. Most taxpayers will spend their savings so the economy grows as a result. We have probably the highest corporate tax rate in the world. The proposal will change that to 20%, making our companies more competitive and allowing them if they choose to reinvest an grow their company. Or they could just lower prices, since what they pay now is imbedded in price of goods or services offered.

          • The largest tax cut are going to big cooperations who say their extra money isn’t going into more jobs. And a bunch of other tax cuts a clrealy meant for rich people. Cuts for golf course owners, private jet owners, vineyard owners.
            And the U.S. dose not have the world’s largest cooperate tax.

          • The dependent tax credit doubles. Individual deductions double. Quote five of the big corporations who say they will not use it to grow. Small business hire most of new personnel and they see big changes. The tax that corporations pay now are simply passed down to their customers,, who then pay that tax in the cost of goods or services.. Our corporate tax rate now is at 35%. Please educate me on what developed country pays a higher rate. This cut benefits everyone or nearly everyone. This will stimulate the economy if passed next week.

          • Did you even watch the video I posted? They show a whole room of business owners saying they want use the extra money on job at 5:10.
            And here a fact check on the cooperat tax rate. http://www.politifact.com/virginia/statements/2015/oct/20/donald-trump/trump-says-us-has-highest-tax-rate-anywhere-world/

          • This is an apples to oranges comparison. This analysis was about individual income tax rates. The top rate now is 39.6%/ They propose dropping that to 37%. Our corporate tax rate is 35% which is assessed against corporations like Apple, General Motors and Ford among a lot others. We are in fact at the top and the proposal eliminates some loopholes and lowers rate to 20%. The corporations earn that money so whatever they save is up to them what they do with it. Many will reinvest probably. Others will pay out in dividends to stock holders. others may cut prices. The consumer now pays the tax anyway since it is simply built in to cost of services.

          • You’re whole argument depends in cooperations put money back in the economy.

          • The person or corporation of course will choose what to do with their savings. Most individuals will likely spend it. Corporations will have mixed actions. Some will reinvest, some will give to shareholders, and some will stash it away. The choice is theirs since it is their money that the government had previously taken as tax. Tax is too high and government needs to review all entitlements and government operations, eliminate wasteful spending which abounds and spend an amount that does not exceed revenues.

          • and he left the economy in a stagnant non growth state. Neither Obama nor Trump should get total credit nor blame when the economy is good or bad. They can do some things to make for a more business friendly economy, which might encourage businesses and individuals to invest in growth related areas. I just happen to think that what we earn belongs to us and not to the bloated government that we now have.

          • couldn’t you find a more liberal viewpoint// I would hardly call her an expert on taxation or the economy. she is not even humourous, note the canned laughter in the background. Even the laughter is fake.

          • Trickle down economics doesn’t have a good track record, look at the mortgage crisis of the 2000s.
            It doesn’t matter what you think of Samantha Bee’s comedy, the sources he mentioned on the reality of tax cuts and economic growth were good. And Full Frontal has a live audience.

          • Trickle down gotten a bad rap. Within a company, the owner takes sales and pays employees or if company is growing invests in that growth. Money has to come from the top down. Those at bottom don’t have money to trickle up. Full frontal is a political attempt at comedy and the audience does not hear the laugh track which is there on the televised version. This is a weak stab at being funny and i have not watched in a long time. The mortgage crisis happened mostly due to loans made to persons who were not able to pay their mortgage. Banks and Mortgage lenders were pressured to lend to people with insufficient credit to qualify. Loans now are more in line with ability to pay so maybe we won’t see that again.

          • Lower income earners are more likely to spend money on goods and services then people who already have disposable income.

          • Will:
            Your “Mortgage Crisis” was created by liberals legislating the practice of selling new homes to buyers that had no more income than unemployment insurance. Because “The poor deserved a new home”. Ask “Bawney Fwrank” about it.

          • The mortgage crisis happened under Bush, and people like Trump profited.

          • The mortgage crisis was a direct result of granting mortgages to persons who could not financially qualify. Many then could not afford those mortgages and went into foreclosure. Trump only deals in high end construction like Trump tower and those who buy have always been able to afford the luxury.

          • Trump openly said he saw the mortgage crisis coming, and made money off it.
            And what about Steve Mnuchin (the guy who looks like John Oliver), he ran what was called a ‘foreclosure machine’ during the crisis?

          • Frank:
            These Anus Clones that you are answering will NEVER give up their wounded “feeeeeeelings” because their Queen liar LOST ! THE PEOPLE saw through her lies and pandering, and SHE LOST ! HEH !

          • You are right, but this one guy is young so I try to present facts to him, but he is so enamored with Clinton that he will not hear any negative about her though backed up with irrefutable facts. If she would just go away, it would likely die down, but she loves the limelight and has an exaggerated sense of self importance. The media is partly responsible since they continue to bring her on various shows.

          • Higgins:
            An 8 year “tail of of a recession” ?????

          • No, just the first year, the other seven were good.

          • I wondered how long it would take the libbies to begin taking credit for what our legally elected President is doing. Pres. Trump is the best President since Ronald Reagan, and history may show that he is better than Reagan. He is not afraid of the libby loonies, and they cannot stand it!

          • Reagan tripled the national debt, and actually raised taxes a couple of time, and did not beat the Soviet Union.

          • The Soviet Union fell apart due to actions by Reagan. The Berlin wall also was taken down due to his actions. Parts of soviet union gained independence during his tenure.

          • The Soviet Union was in decline before he came into office.

          • Wow, you libby loonies are now attacking Pres. Reagan while elevating your king Barry to be the High Exalted Grand Poobah of Everything. You guys are nuts.

          • I’m just saying the facts about Reagan’s Presidentcy.

          • January 2016 was within his last year in office and the dow dropped 1079 points in one week. every economic indicator is positive. GDP is above 3%. unemployment at a record low or near record low. We added more than 200,000 jobs last month and the Dow is at a record high. Looks pretty good to me.

          • Obama bad a bad first year as President after Bush, Trump could just have a good first years after Obama.

          • How many quarters did we see 3% GDP under obama even with the stimulus package. The money was available during obama’s first year and did not work. The economy is strong due to actions and work by Trump. Be objective for once and just give credit where credit is due.

          • I am giving credit were it’s due. Obama say a great economic recovery.
            And what has Trump done exactly that stimulated the economy?

          • We saw GDP above 3% a total of 8 times under Obama. it happened twice in 2013 and 2014 and once in 2015 and not one single quarter in 2016. The average was around 2% for his last seven years. We have already seen 3% twice this year under Trump due to a business supporting environment and the elimination of many restrictive federal regulations, plus his plan to reduce corporate tax rates. What did Obama do that was pro growth other than the expensive stimulus plan that wasted a lot of dollars. Many green companies went bankrupt and never paid back the federal loans.

          • Regulations weren’t holding companies back, and money saved tax cuts won’t go to creating jobs.

          • Just plain common sense will tell you that when the federal government issues a new regulation, it cost money to implement that regulation so as to comply. We have no guarantee that the money saved will go to jobs. Much of the savings will go to small business and they tend to reinvest into their company. Eliminating cumbersome and restrictive federal regulations does help our economy. You say Obama took action to grow the economy. Tell me specifically what he did. I do not know one thing other than the stimulus bill.

          • But Obama didn’t put any big regulations in place. And most tax cuts are going to big businesses.
            Economic growth his hard to explain so here’s a link. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2016-09-06/how-obama-s-economic-record-stacks-up

          • Every new regulation cost companies money to implement, whether large or small . During obama administration more than 20,000 new regulations were put into place. Small business is responsible for most of new jobs. This will give those owners more money to expand.

          • I just said most tax cut got to big businesses.

          • You probably did not know that corporations * do not pay taxes. They include the tax in the cost of product and the person who pays the tax eventually is the consumer. The truth is that most of the tax savings for corporation will go to small to medium businesses where the hiring now occurs. Under this bill the savings go to every tax payer. The top rate is projected to drop to around 37 % for individuals. This is a huge win for our country.

          • Have you seen listening to anyone besides Paul Ryan about this tax plan. It gives rich people most of the money and jacks up the debt.

          • I read and in a way , it reinforces my points. Every new regulation cost corporations and businesses dollars to comply. It seems each President adds to cost already present . I think the cost went up around $7 billion or more each year of the obama administration. The person who ends up paying that is the consumer, since the cost get imbedded in price of goods or services.

          • What about the other side. The savings those regulations create environmentally as well as the health savings etc.I suspect those saving more than offset dollars lost to business/economy over a period of time.

          • Most of them are done by the administration in power and do not go to Congress. Obama and his administration put in place more than 20,000 new regulations during his two terms. Each one cost more money. If something is really that good for the economy or environment or other areas, go to Congress and have a law passed that we can all see the pros and cons, not in some room hidden from view. Most of these are put in place by non-elected bureaucrats. Look closely at the pros and cons of each one and see which comes out on top.

          • And if we checked obummer’s finacials, I bet we find payments under the table to him!!! Just like they were paid by moochelle’s college friend’s company that handled the failed intro of o-scam-a-care!!! He gave that bid to her failed corporation without holding bids for it!!!

          • probably not! Way too many public officials get favors or payments under the table and it never shows up in any official document or report or filed financials. We do know that he bought part of lot next to his home in Chicago for a way under market price.

          • You are not an econimist either!! Another obvious lack of business knowledge is also prevalent in your comment!!

          • You know who has business knowledge? The New York real estate people who know Donald Trump is full of💩

          • OMG ! What a stupid, totally false, statement ! Worthy of Obama, himself !

        • It was posted by a journalist as being real. CNN got the date of email concerning wikileaks emails wrong. It was written after the wikileaks published the emails not before. They were already available, but never used by campaign. The other report, Ross i think was his name, falsely said Trump ordered Flynn during campaign to approach Russia. It actually happened during transition. Three instances of fake news intended to hurt Trump. It only supports What Trump has said about fake news .

          • The journalist literally said the tweet had nothing do with the Washington Post.
            Why did Trump have Flynn talk to the Russians at all?

          • The guy and I say guy because a real journalist reports news and avoids interjecting opinion. He works for the Washington Post and it logically follows that his readers would make that connection. He was informed that his reputation could be damaged and he then took it down. I can not believe you ask why Trump would want to open communication with Russia. He was President elect and the President must communicate with every major country. I would think Obama did something similar during his transition period.

          • He took down a bad tweet from his personal account and apologized.
            I meant why didn’t Flynn tell the truth at first.

          • I would hardly call him a journalist after that fake post. his twitter followers know he works for the Washington Post, so it logically follows that the connection is proper. He posted it and it was fake so read into that what you will.

          • That’s why said said it wasn’t connected to the Washington Post.

          • The Washington post did not endorse his twitter, but they do know about his twitter account. His followers know he works for Washington Post, so the connection is logical. He is a fake news journalist now.

          • Which is why he made s point of saying it wasn’t connected to the Post. One stupid tweet doesn’t make someone ‘fake news’.

          • It’s part of the transition of one administration to the next!! Ad if you had any political knowledge at all, and it’s obvious you don’t, every admistartion does this!! And that including the failed admistration of the worst president in history!! That is obummer’ in case you can’t figure that out either!!!

          • I meant why did Flynn lie about it?

      • Terry:
        Correct ! If liberal screamers like Will and others want to see empty seats,let them look at photos of the “crowd” at NFL games !

    • typical response from a liberal A$$HAT.

      • What was the big deal about this again? People are taking a joke tweet like it’s a murder accusation.

        • It was negligence so gross as to be a felony. Make excuses as much as you want, but the guy just dropped his journalist credentials in the toilet.

        • Will again, special needs holding you back? Ok I will make an attempt to help your clueless brain understand. It’s simply called maturity or in this case “so called” reporters lack there of. Maturity comes with right thinking, you seemed to have grouped yourself with the former. Pity, we actually had higher hopes for those such as yourself and this reporter, but it’s not to be, anything else with you is merely sparring. Get a coloring book or plush toy, I hear they work well for that lack of brain matter.

    • Yep—and the joke was on HIM. Fire his ass:)

    • The guy does not like Trump. I guess you see humor in posting a fake picture. Educate me on what his purpose was in doing this. No one in their right mind who watch the rally would believe his picture. Clearly faked with intent to harm.

      • Over 60% of the country doesn’t like Trump.
        He was trying to make a joke. He took the picture down after like twentyfold minutes and apologized. People put, the take down stupid thing on tweeter all the time.

        • he pretends to be a journalist. A real journalist sticks to news and does not interject personal bias , which we all have. He clearly showed he is publicly biased and loses credibility as a journalist.

          • The guy apologized, Trump is the one going craz over this.

          • It just reinforces what Trump has been saying about fake news. Apologizing does not make it disappear. The whole world now knows what he did and his reputation rightfully has been damaged. Taking it down is kind of useless, since it is now out there and a lot of screen shots were made. He has shown that he is not a journalist now.

          • Wasn’t it just a stock photo and a caption? Not hard to make yourself without a tweet from someone else. Dose this guy still have is job? Because most people are probably going to forget by next week.

          • The damage is done to his reputation and he has no one to blame but himself. He thought it was cute. but the cute thing bit him in the ass. His followers numbers will likely go down now. He got the photo and jumped at the chance to make fun of Trump, only to have it backfire and when he was told by a friend that it was a mistake he took it down about a half hour later.

          • Do you even read the Washington Post, or follow this guy at all? How do you how his reputation is doing?

          • I am not a regular reader of the Post, but I am realistic enough to know that the posting of a fake picture or a picture taken of empty seats that should be empty when picture was taken shows a lack of integrity and credibility. This will haunt him for a long long time. Mark my words on that. Only time will tell what this will do to his long term reputation. Right now it is in the tank.

          • I just don’t see this as that big of a scandal.

          • But you are a lib socialist!! If this had been done to obummer, you would be screaming and hollering ten times more than the conservatives have!!!

          • No, I would be acting about the same.

          • I guess with you , it is only a problem if committed by Republican. The handling of emails by key officials like Clinton is a big big deal and sale of our Uranium to Russia is also a big big deal. The last one got approval. How is another question when we gain nothing by doing that. The Clintons did with more than $100 million contributed by Russians to Foundation and Bill being paid half a million for one speech in Russia. Big , Big coincidence. To me it does smell very badly. Clinton did need other votes to ok deal, but she also had a ton of influence. did she talk to the others on it. How could she not on something so important?

          • For the record, my main issue with all the people around Trump using private server is more with the hypocrisy.
            And here’s what I think of the Uranium One deal. https://www.snopes.com/hillary-clinton-uranium-russia-deal/

          • Just give me one benefit that our country got by selling 20% of our Uranium supply to Russian control. Makes no sense at all when we have to import Uranium. As for Trump people using private server. Not one person has their own server. Some do have private email accounts for personal emails. Clinton took it to a whole new level by actually installing the server previously used by Bill in her basement and then being sending and receiving classified information through her personal email account stored in her blackberry and the non-secure server. Powell used a personal email account but used the state department one for official business. He did make a mistake and sent a few official emails through his personal account, but nothing was classified.

          • I guess it would have been the Canadian company that sold the Uranium to Russia that got the money.
            OK, I over started the use of private emails, Flynn did use a private email, and server at his office in the Pentagon.

          • The sale required approval at our federal level to go through The Russian government has control of that Uranium now and i fail to understand how we benefit when we import Uranium. Flynn was working for Obama when he worked at Pentagon. He like many others had a private email but most conduct government business through an account that is followed by dot org. .org Hilary ran everything through a private account and her personally owned server. Serious violation of federal law with just a slap on the wrist. Have to wonder why. If you had done that you would be looking out through bars now.

          • It took like ten other departments to improve the Uranium One, but nobody is observing over the other department head who aren’t Hilary Clinton.
            And interesting facts about Obama and Flynn, Obama warned Trump about Flynn.

          • That is correct about the ten departments. Did Clinton have influence with them? Heck yeah she did. She was secretary of state. All of those departments are responsible for this stupid decision. Is there proof Clinton interceded in favor of the sale . Did she publicly say where she stood on it. We can’t prove she influenced it without other department heads testifying that she lobbied them. That would make them look even worse and will not happen. does the money received look bad for her. Yes it does. That is a lot of money and you wonder when someone does that what they expect in return.

          • The SOS, doesn’t have control of every government department.

          • The selling company would get the money or their stockholders would. Are you the least bit bothered by the fact that Russia now controls 20% of our Uranium and is selling to other countries that could then secretly resell to Russia. What did our country gain by the approval of this.

          • And the selling company is Canadian.
            I don’t think Putin is going to let anything to dangerous happen with the uranium, he’s a authoritarian, be he doesn’t want to end the world. I’m more concerned with Russia getting more influence in other parts of the world.

          • Just give me one benefit that our country got by selling 20% of our Uranium supply to Russian control. Makes no sense at all when we have to import Uranium. As for Trump people using private server. Not one person has their own server. Some do have private email accounts for personal emails. Clinton took it to a whole new level by actually installing the server previously used by Bill in her basement and then being sending and receiving classified information through her personal email account stored in her blackberry and the non-secure server. Powell used a personal email account but used the state department one for official business. He did make a mistake and sent a few official emails through his personal account, but nothing was classified.

          • Just out of curiosity , are you at all bothered by the fact that clinton used a private server in her basement to conduct State Department business and sent and received classified information included in some of those emails with no regard for the risk she was taking.

          • For one thing, the physical location of the server is irrelevant. And she said she made a mistake, but she didn’t do anything worth jail time.

          • The server was not in a secure location for one and was subject to being hacked. A mistake is when you do something that you did not intend to do that did not violate laws. There are several federal laws against the ways she handled classified information. If you do not think that violated laws and she should have been charged, you are not being objective. The General was convicted of taking information home with him. This is even worse. She made classified information available to some who did not have the proper clearance. One of those was her personal attorney. He had access to all of her emails with no clearance even at a low level. When you violate laws, it goes well beyond just being an unimportant mistake. She put our security at risk.

          • Locations don’t matter for hacking.
            And there a difference between keeping something on a unsecure server and talking it home.

          • I am shocked that you said that. The server was already in her home and therefore any email would be there as soon as it was sent. Government policy requires all government documents to be left at the appropriate office when leaving the office. Those emails were not made available for years. The government server that mostly uses .org or dot org for email accounts is located in a very secure building and a lot of money is spent to preclude hacking. Even with that government computers have been hacked so likely hers was as well. She violated government policy and rules and a number of federal laws. Maybe Jail was not called for, but a signal should have been sent that she was not above the law.

          • Do you know how many rallies had “lock her chants”, it’s how the celebrated winning states on election night. YES, there are called to imprison Clinton.
            I don’t know every detail of everything email scandal, but the Clinton email scandals are such a hot mess political rage, I can hardly fact check anything about them.

          • Most of those believed what they were saying. The Clinton scandal in a way is political but goes beyond that. any objective person who looks at the facts and Comey findings will clearly see that she did in fact break laws. Even the Original Comey memo was modified to use words that were less indicting of Clinton. Initially he was far more critical of Clinton and used language criminal in nature. He initially called her actions grossly negligent and watered that down to his final memo which used “extremely careless” He also changed from saying her server was probably hacked to saying it could have been.

          • What if Comey was originally over stating things and toned it down to be more accurate?

          • There is a huge difference in what the two phrases mean. Grossly negligent is included within a couple of federal statutes and covers acts of a criminal nature. Extremely careless implies that the person really did not intend to violate laws. Clinton was briefed on what is classified and what is not . As Secretary of State, she should definitely have known what was and what was not classified. Is it a criminal act to handle classified information in the way she did. The answer is of course yes. Should she have paid some penalty for doing that. Once more the answer is yes if she sent emails in a non-secure manner that contained Classified information, she did in fact break one or more federal laws. Comey did say she mishandled classified information which is a crime, but in doing so was just careless. If you had done that , you would be sitting in a federal prison now.

          • She claims he didn’t know how a lot of the devices she was using worked. That why she used a personal phone for both government, and personal use.

          • You can have more than one email account on your phone just like you can on your computer. The blackberry or other cell phones given to key officials is secure. She is an attorney and if she needed training on devices, it was there for the asking. You refuse to acknowledge that what she did was illegal. Care and diligence must come into play when dealing with classified information. The question is did she mishandle classified information, thereby violating the law or did she not . Even Comey said she did. The follow up of course, should there be some penalty for knowingly doing that. You are a Clinton supporter, clearly and nothing she did could be wrong in your mind. This one is so simple that a third grader could answer it.

          • Actually, anything put on a secure phone, provided by the government can be seesed for investigations, so it’s not the best place for price data.

          • not sure what you mean by price data. The government provides phones for officials to limit chance of phone being hacked and confidential or classsified information being taken by unauthorized person. She was allowed to have her own phone and to use it for personal purposes. She intentionally chose to mix official business with personal and put classified information at risk. That is a criminal act if she did it. You need to be objective. Ask youself if she sent classified information through a non-secure server. If she did she violated several laws. it is just that simple. The government phone does belong to the government and if the person is suspected of wrong doing, it can and should be confiscated.

          • She did want to put personal (I meant private not price) data on a phone that the government could search anytime they wanted, and she didn’t want to carry around two phones.

          • She could easily have used two email accounts. One with .org or dot org and another for her personal emails. If she used any phone for official purposes, it could be searched if there was probable cause. The government phones provided are very similar in how they work to the one she used. That one does not hold water. The government phone which is similar is a secure phone, while the one she bought herself is not protected nearly as well. You clearly refuse to admit she was wrong and look for one excuse after another for her criminal behavior

          • I have an easy question for you. Do you think Hilary Clinton mishandled classified information?

          • AS soon as she used her personal phone one time to conduct government business it came under government policy and control. anything on it then was subject to government review. The huge difference was that her personal phone was not protected. A government issued phone would have maximum protection available.

          • I think I just remembered something. A secure phone from the government can only have one email account on it, so she went with using a personal one for both personal and government emails.
            Look I haven’t thought that much about Hilary Clinton since the election. I don’t remember a lot of arguments against or for Clinton.
            I don’t think she should be in jail.
            And I don’t like how conservatives obsess over Clinton like they still think she’s going to do something in government they have to oppose. He talks about a book she wrote, she a attention whore, she talks about the election, she’s playing the blame game, she mentions one time she thinks the electoral college should be replied, I can’t Google that topic with finding a bunch of articles from conservatives about how she hates the constitution.

          • You have to be kidding about the government phone accomodating two email accounts. Of course it could, with the added feature of being as secure as possible. In her book, everyone but Clinton herself is responsible for her loss. It was Comey’s fault, it was Obama’s fault, the emails in DNC hack, joe Biden, and on and on. I really do not care if she goes to jail or not, but she broke federal laws and should pay some legal penalty for that. I asked if you thought she mishandled classified information and you have refrained from answering. There are sources on that like politifact and others. Check new york times, washington post, fox, cnn. This was not Clintons walk with illegal and unethical behavior, We have Whitewater, travelgate, Benghazi, her emails and server, Uranium one sale. She is a criminal who thought and still thinks the law does not apply to her.

          • I just said all the crazy things people keep saying about Clinton drawn out all the legitimate criticisms of her.
            She probably did mishandl something.

          • Many idolize her for some reason. Some also exaggerate what she has done. Some of those crazy things said are true, but it staggers my mind how she could have done them, thinking she would not be found out. That something she mishandled was classified information and is a crime. She got a slap on the wrist for doing something that others have gone to jail for. What crazy things are you referring to that are not true.

          • Let’s just said I can’t tell were the critic for the policies she pushed as a senator and SOS, and the claims that she’s running a child sex slave rink out of a nonexistent basement begin. And talking to conservatives about her is taking to parrots who’ve spent a whole weekend hear ‘crooked Hilary, lock her up’, so I’m sorry if I shut down on Clinton critics after a while.

          • /forget the political attacks. There are a lot of independent unbiased sources with facts not innuendo on Clinton and her handling of classified information. That one is irrefutable . She had her hand slapped for violating federal laws. I would say the same thing about Rex Tillerson or Colin Powell if they had done what Clinton did. Ignore the political criticism and look at the facts on your own. With minimal effort they are there from multiple reliable and believable sources.

          • The facts are that Hilary Clinton has become a white whale to conservatives. Except it’s like Mody Dick died before he eat Ahab’s leg but Ahab is still obsessed.

          • There has been some unwarranted bashing of Clinton, but the key question is did she break federal laws in her handling of classified information. The information is there and even Comey said yes she mishandled classified information. Read the transcript of his dumb closing of the case. I have seen people go to prison for a lot less. Uranium one is suspect due to the huge amounts of money going directly to the Clintons and their foundation during that time. Did the donors get something back for their money. We likely will never know unless there is an independent investigation with no politics at play.

          • I may be more interested in what about if people say about Clinton if she was more relevant?

          • no one including her own party are paying her a whole lot of attention. She rode into the Senate seat on her husbands coat tails and had little on her resume to qualify her other than being First lady in arkansas and then in Washington. I only bring her up because i really get upset when someone thinks they are above the law due to who they are. she got off way too easy and never admitted she really violated any laws.

          • And I get annoyed that people keep talking about a person who doesn’t hold political now, and probably won’t hold it again, like she’s still something to oppose. Fox News has actually slipped and referred to ‘President Clinton’, and ‘Clinton Presidentcy/administration’. Hilary did a interview on Seth Myers, and she said about Fox News, “Well, if they want to make that a reality, I’m all for it.”.

          • Likely, her political career is over. I do not care if she goes to jail or not , which she still could. I just hate when a powerful person gets special treatment because of who they are. A young sailor for example took a picture of his work station and spent a year in prison for it. His work space is or was classified. Flynn is not in office either but has pled to lying to FBI. Cheryl mills lied to FBI but was granted immunity to testify and given some special favor when they agree to destroy her electronic devices, along with content when they were finished. No one trust her any more and even those in her own party want her to face away and stop giving interviews.

          • I was just siting weird behavior of conservatives obsessing over Clinton. And I thought her line in that interview was kinda funny 😄.
            Also, it’s worth noting that Trump has kept in businesses, and upon learning the one agent on the Muller team made some anti-Trump tweets Trump supporters called for the investigation to be ended, and some want the whole FBI overhauled over it. That seems like special treatment as well.

          • Mueller quietly removed him earlier this year. There were at least two other FBI agents who sent anti_Trump messages . One met with Fusion GPS representative and is also married to a current or former GPS employee. Everyone has political views, but should not bring it to work with them, when they work with an agency like the FBI. Agents who publicly echo politics should find another line of work. so actually it was not just one agent. Mueller needs to review his staff and remove anyone who has blatant anti_Trump feelings that reach the level of potentially affecting objective investigation.

          • That may be true, but Trump is using a few examples to claim the whole FBI is corrupt.

          • I think what he is trying to say is that some members of the bureau are corrupt and are letting political thinking interfere with the important work they do. Rosenstein needs to look very closely at the FBI itself and also at the Mueller team to insure that political bias does not control where the investigation goes. If he does not get things under control, than anything that goes to court is tainted and evidence improperly attained could well just be tossed.

          • I am deeply concerned when two agents during and after an election (one was agent and the woman was an attorney) discuss insurance policies if Trump wins. What was this insurance policy. It is deeply disturbing when FBI agents let their politics dictate their important work. Mueller should have known about this prior to bringing a couple of them into his team. An independent investigation goes where the evidence leads, but a biased one starts with an objective to find wrong doing and then look for evidence to support their desired result. There are problems within the FBI that badly need to be eliminated and biased agents need to be removed.

          • No, Trump has said the whole bureau is bad.
            As for what that agent massaged that lawyer? I get the consent of political bias in the FBI, but since it was on tweeter, one could assume they were just making vague jokes, like talking about moving to Canada after the election?

          • I will agree that he has said that some in the bureau are corrupt, There is an old saying that one rotten apple will destroy the entire barrel. Those messages were text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok (sp) and the latter is the one who edited the Comey memo down from serious violation to mere carelessness. I fail to understand that. If you mishandled Classified information, you violate laws. so either she mishandled classified information or she did not. You can not read it both ways. I am confused as to how if he cleared Clinton, he could then be placed as key person in the Russia/Collusion investigation. Both Page and Strzok worked with Mueller on investigation. He was very biased against Trump and his texts show that clearly.

          • Trump occasionally overspeaks, but I kind of like that he says what he thinks in his tweets. I especially like that he keeps promises. I do not agree with every one of his promises, but I do like that he is keeping his promises that got him elected. Muslim, ban , crackdown on illegal immigration, the type judges he appoints, Supporting law enforcement and our military and the soon to be approved tax cuts. He promised all of them and has honored those promises. As for the FBI, it does need some cleaning up and getting back to seeking true justice, not political justice. One bad apple reflects badly on the many good apples within the bureau.

          • Several things come to mind. one is how long will investigation go on with nothing of substance coming out. the indictments so far are petty with only lying to FBI as backdrop. Has Trump lived up to his campaign promises. This one is a clear yes. one might not agree with them, but he has kept his word. does the FBI agents blatant political bias give the bureau a black eye. Yes it does, but black eyes will heal unless you get hit again with more of the same. The release of FBI emails should shed some light on how deep the bias goes. Lastly is our economy strong and gettting stronger . Yes we had another record DOW closing on Friday. We have lots to be optimistic about. If Obama was still in office, his supporters would be shouting to mountain top about how good things are.

          • Again, the promises Trump keeps aren’t that big. The Jerusalem decision is causing more trouble then it’s worth. Undocumented immigration was already going down. The economy was doing good before Trump. A lot of Trump’s judge picks are jokes. And the tax plain to chase grab for the rich that is going to exploded the debt.

          • Trump made a substantial number of campaign promises, some very big and some not so big. I respect that for a change a politician does what they promised. Border crossing are down by about 35% compared to last year. His judge picks are centrist or conservative. I really like Judge Borsch. The GDP hovered around 2% last year and never rose above 3%. The economy last year was ok but is really strong so far this year. The tax plan will increase national debt, especially early. It will not take effect until next year so the impact on the economy may not hit for another year or so, though low to middle will see their take home pay go up.

          • on the decision concerning jerusalem, Congress did that two decades ago and it had been stalled by each interim President. Israel has every right to decide what city is their capital. Trump is simply making official what Congress had already done in a bi-partisan vote in 1995 and signed into law by none other than slick willy also know as Bill Clinton.

          • What about all the independent sources that predict the tax plan is going to hick up the debt. And most of the extra money is going to the already rich.
            And what does it matter what Congress decided in the 90s if moving the capital of Israel just causes more trouble?

          • Everyone rich or poor will save tax. Most go to lower and middle income payers. Even at bottom end a person who pays no income tax can get a refund up to $1400 per child against payroll tax (social security and medicare payments.). The supposedly independent congressional budget office calculates that over ten years the amount added to deficit will be around 140 billion per year. The additional tax that will follow the bump to economy is not calculated. Some of loopholes at top are eliminated but the % is still high at 37% for top income bracket. Right now the top % is 39.6%. The top ten % of wage earners already pay most of the income tax collected. How much do you think the highest wage earners should pay % wise.

          • Name one single country where the country itself has not decided what city should be their capital city. Israel is in total control of Jerusalem and has the same rights as say we do in deciding their capital. We chose Washington DC though it was different early on. Israel has chosen Jerusalem. Don’t the have the same rights as we do.? We have seen fighting in that part of the world for as long as I have been alive and it will continue long after I am dead.

          • Again, Palestine makes the same claim to Jerusalem, don’t they get to pick their capital?

          • They are not even a country at present. If that ever happens, they may be allowed to call and have East Jerusalem as their capital.. At present Israel controls all , not just part of Jerusalem so it is in their country totally and if they want to call it their capital, they have that right, in my opinion and apparently Trump and Congress. The bill was passed by a large bipartisan margin.

          • Palestine has land, a population, a government, and even a flag, that’s all it takes to be a country.

          • You are correct, but Jerusalem is in Israel and Israel has total control of Jerusalem. Palestine can not claim what is not theirs to claim. If they ever reach an agreement with Israel and each recognizes the others rights to exist, then I think Israel will allow them to share part of Jerusalem. Right now Israel has every right to claim it.

          • Actually, if you look at a map, Jerusalem is right on the border. But the debate about who gets Jerusalem is more about the cultural/spiritual/religious significance of that city, it also about which country deserves to be there the most.

          • Yes, but that same map will clearly show that all of Jerusalem is in Israel. Israel controls it so using that logic deserves it without any reasonable question. I do think that if Palestine will agree to some of what Israel is asking, then Israel will allow East Jerusalem to become part of Palestine. Palestine has so far not conceded to any Israeli demands, so they will not stop building on West bank nor give up any part of Jerusalem. Both are part of Israel now.

          • I’m trying to prove either side is right or wrong. I’m just pointing out the conflict in Israel is not going to go away from of ‘a campaign promise was kept’.

          • border crossings are way down compared to 2016. His judge picks are good men and some have been confirmed. I think his promises are big and i respect a politician who keeps his word. The debt will likely rise early on but as economy and job growth hit, the annual deficit will drop substantially. He promised tax cuts and delivered. 2016 was not a bad year for the economey GDP hovered around2%

          • And crossing in 2016 were down from 2015.
            A judge he nominated recently dropped out because of how unqualified he was.
            That requires actual economic growth, the wealthy who are getting the most aren’t going to put the money in to job growth. The would only keep from raising with they cut Medicare, and other programs.

          • I will start with border crossings. According to Washington times, crossings ins 2015 were down from 2014, but crossings in 2016 rose dramatically from 2015 in every area (minors, families and single adults) This year we have seen a decline and also a sharp increase in ICE arrests. As for the judge withdrawing his name, that happens with every President. a number of Obama nominees also either withdrew or asked Obama to withdraw his nomination. Tax cuts passed house by about 30 votes and now will go to Senate where they will likely vote tomorrow and the votes are there for approval. The single no vote from the pre-conference bill is now on board. I am referring to Coker.

          • If it was Trump’s rhetoric that lowered border crossings, then shouldn’t they have gone in 2016 when he was campaigning. And my oringinal point still stands, borders crossing have been trending down for years.

            And Corker’s reason for supporting the bill is shady.

          • i have no personal knowledge of why he dropped out. That does happen and we saw this happen with judges nominated by Obama. I gave you a general breakdown of which tax brackets pay in how much in income tax. I really wonder how much you think is their fair share. all i know is that ICE arrest are way up and we see that laws are being enforced. Crossing are down from last year and I see that as a positive.

          • Crossing were going down anyway. I never got how people could think that dangerous criminals they think are worth building a wall to ‘keep them out’ are afraid of ICE, or ‘a strong sense of law and order’.

          • The wall clearly will not solve the problem alone, but it will deter illegal crossings and stop some of the drugs from crossing from Mexico. Add technology, more agents and a wall and crossings will be minimal.

          • Agents can be bribed, and terminology is not so great to maintain the whole border.

          • To solve the illegal immigration from the South will require a multifold approach. Build the wall and add technology that we already have and increase patrols and deport those arrested more quickly. Once the wall is built the alarms that can be added with video surveillance can provide information to our border patrol when the wall is breached and they can move into that area and make arrests. It can be done but no solution alone can solve the problem, but we can solve it with a complete approach. Some will still get away, but it can be reduced to low levels and then enforce laws on employing illegals. No work and no federal aid and no education for illegals and maybe they might go home.

          • The border already has some Technology that has enhanced securiry, with out a wall.
            And what federal aid to undocumented immigrants?

          • Children who are born here qualify their undocumented parents to collect tax credits for each legal child. Children of undocumented go to school, even though they do not contribute to the cost associated with providing that child an education. With most of the border open, most technology available can not be used. I am confused why you have a problem with a wall which obviously would stop many from crossing into our country.

          • You know that anyone born in America is a citizen? Also, even if they are undocumented, they would still contribute. For example, most school budgets are funded from local property tax, which means that if they own or rent a home, they’re adding to the school budget.

          • property tax is only a part of the school budget. there are also state and federal dollars that are used. The undocumented are breaking laws, just by being here. The contributions from them are minimal and the cost to us of them being here far exceeds what little contribution they might make. I think that we have a problem with automatic citizenship, since some pregnant mexicans come here so that when the child is born, the child automatically is granted citizenship

          • A side from kids in school, what to undocumented immigrants get? They still work, and pay taxes, and put money back into the economy.

          • They go to emergency rooms for health care. Many work under the table and pay no tax. It is against the law to hire undocumented workers. Those who do work likely have fake social security numbers and other identification. They violate laws simply by being here. The costs of them being here far exceeds any contribution they may make. I get the feeling, that you think it is ok for them to come at will. I totally disagree.

          • I’m just saying people exaggerate the negative affects.

          • Most illegal immigrants have minimal skills and if they do work and are subject to income tax, they pay no tax when you consider personal exemptions and standard deductions. The cost for free lunches and education for each illegal is very high and is thousands for each one each year. then there is cost to incarcerate those who break state or local or federal laws. Some estimates have as many as ten percent of those in federal prison being illegals. Thus you could say the illegals cost 10% of the prisons operational cost.

          • if they get the same kind of paycheck (possible smaller), and still pay income tax, isn’t it all about the same?
            Maybe if ICE stopped raiding soup kitchens and deported the one in prison, hing would be better?

          • There are far too many sanctuary cities that do not cooperate at all. When the illegal immigrant is released, he or she should be turned over to ice, but they refuse to cooperate. The ones who do work illegally with fake id do not earn enough to pay any income tax, so the educational, medical and other costs are paid by other tax payers.

          • Sanctuary cities just want have the local police won’t hand them over personally. Wants stoping ICE from keeping track of whose in jail and whose about to be released and sent a couple of agents to the prison to pick someone up.

          • They proudly call themselves sanctuary cities which means they protect illegal immigrants which violates federal law. Local law enforcement have a responsibility to enforce federal law, yet they refuse to do so. Why do you think they call themselves sanctuary cities. This makes ICE job incredibly difficult.

          • Actually, by definition, local police are only concerned with local laws. And if ICE was half the bad asses they pretend to be, they wouldn’t need much help.

          • No one expects them to concentrate on catching illegals, but by definition law enforcement means enforcing all laws federal, state and local. Federal laws encompass the entire country. If they stop a driver who has no drivers license, that person should be arrested and if found to be an illegal immigrant, he should be turned over to ICE. All ICE asks is for local, state and county law enforcement to cooperate with them, not pursue illegal immigrants.

          • Why dose law enforcement have to turn non- violent offenders to ICE?

          • I am not saying they should give priority to looking for illegals. We have federal laws that all law enforcement should follow. those here illegally should be deported, since they have no legal right to even be here. When they make an arrest and find that the person arrested is an illegal immigrant, they have a duty to hand him or her over to ICE. Federal law does take precedent over local and state laws. It is nothing more than local, state and federal working together to enforce laws. Those immigration laws were passed for very good reason. I think driving without a license should be a felony. They have no license thus no car insurance and if the driver causes an action, who protects person in other car.

          • You know the fact that these cities are doing these is evidence that it’s legal, it’s been considered a state rights issue.

          • now you are really reaching. Law enforcement has an obligation to enforce all laws federal, state or local ordinances. Violation or failure to enforce federal laws is not legal in any sense of legal. The states rights comment is laughable, How can you possibly make that stretch. Protecting illegals means protecting violators of federal laws and should be frowned on.

          • Police in sanctuary cities will tell you that their status help them with community cooperation.

          • Do they also tell you that they are not complying with federal laws nor cooperating with ICE in their enforcement efforts. Law enforcement should not pick and choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore. Calling themselves a sanctuary city only encourages illegal immigrants to come there. Kate Steinle would still be alive perhaps, if San Francisco had turned him over to the feds instead of turning him loose.

          • Did they arrest him for anything after he crossed the border last time? You know actually criminals wouldn’t care about sanctuary cities because they still get arrested.

          • yes, Sanchez was in ICE custody and San francisco requested he be transferred to them to be tried on drug charge. ICE issued an detainer reques that he be transferred back when the charge was completed. San francisco dropped charge and rather than give him back to ICE, they released him.

          • That bribery comment could relate to any company or to any federal employee of any department. Most of the border patrol agents are honest, just as most of the members of FBI are good agents who do not let politics affect their job performance. There are some bad eggs and they need to be caught, fired or put in jail if they break laws,

          • The fact that undocumented immigration has been on the decline for years still stands.

          • They were not tweets. It was a combination of texts and emails, with most being texts. Many were highly biased. I actually wonder how much time he actually worked. There were 10,000 of them in one year. That is about 200 per week to Lisa Page , with whom he was having an affair. Page was an FBI lawyer . I think a review of the FBI is in order to see if this was standard behavior or just a few members who stepped over that line.

          • Muller has already gotten those people off the team, and he’s probably looking for other signs of bias. This is not a reason to take apart the FBI.

          • Strzok is the agent who handled the editing of Comey memos. Disbanding the FBI is not a consideration, but we do need to know how deep this bias goes and how serious it is.

          • Disliking Trump dose not equal loving Clinton.
            And Fox News has been talking about tearing apart the FBI over these.

          • But you for some reason do like Clinton. I suggest move away from the personal problems you see with either person and focus on agenda and what Trump does. Keeping his campaign promises, though you might disagree with some or maybe even all should generate some respect for the man who happens to be President of our great country.

          • All the promises he’s keeping are causing more trouble. Like wasting money on a wall that won’t do that much, but possibly making the situation around Israel even worse.

            And I just don’t believe want a lot of people say about Clinton.

          • How in sams hill does building a wall cause trouble. It will stop many of the undocumented from crossing, especially if used with technology available and increased border patrol. As for Clinton, she has broken laws and does whatever she wants when in power, not considering whether she has the right or not. Some things said about her have no basis, but sadly a lot of things said are backed up by facts.

          • The wall is a waist of money in building and maintainince, and won’t stop as many immigrants or drugs as you think.

          • If the wall will stop illegal immigration when used in unison with technology and increased patrols, it clearly does not waste money if it makes our border more secure than it would be without it. Once the wall is up, the available technology can much more easily be added and that will alert border patrol when the wall is breached. Just plain common sense. Without the wall, much of available technology is not practical to use.

          • The Technology you think is available is not.

          • Technology that we can not even envision is available. We can detect body heat , cameras, radar or similar. It is there just waiting to be used, Airplanes can detect moving objects a long way from the plane. Motion detectors are used in home alarms and this has been expanded to cover large areas. Then there is the secret technology that we do not know about. It can be done, but will cost money. The result is well worth whatever it costs. I am one of those who supports legal immigration but stand strongly against people coming here that do not have proper paperwork. We need to do whatever it takes to enforce our borders. You are welcome if you honor our laws.

          • The border is already inforced.
            The Technology your talking about wouldn’t work on that much of a scale.

          • The Southern border is thousands of miles long, which makes physical border patrol somewhat ineffective. We have thousands of illegals crossing each year, not to mention all the drugs that make their way up from the south. The wall would go deep into the ground and would make tunneling very difficult, but not impossible. Technology can detect tunneling and also breaches in the wall or climbing for that matter. We have the technology so let’s put it to use. We can never completely stop it but we can definitely put a huge dent in the numbers. Obama has a much shorter wall around his DC property but it limits intruders from entering his property., so a well designed wall on the South will work when combined with physical patrols and technology.

          • I’m so tired of people acting like not agree with insane conservative view point is some how ‘elitists’! Just because politicians use bodyguards doesn’t mean everyone should have gun, and just because a mantion has astone fence doesn’t mean a border wall would work! Do you really think is someone wanted to break into Obama’s house a f**king wall would stop them!? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=0ahUKEwjS6sHAi5zYAhWD6yYKHQ56A5IQFggwMAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.politico.com%2Fmagazine%2Fstory%2F2017%2F02%2Ftrump-wall-mexico-problems-immigration-214837&usg=AOvVaw2mhoNJ3zcopkolp9NU7VPv https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjS6sHAi5zYAhWD6yYKHQ56A5IQFggpMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Freason.com%2Farchives%2F2017%2F03%2F31%2Fwhy-the-wall-wont-work&usg=AOvVaw3iJjssBQGin6U8KObTEdoT

          • our border patrol is doing the best job they can under the circumstances. the border is thousands of miles in length and too many are able to cross without being caught. the guy who killed Kate Steinle crossed 7 times illegally. We need that wall.

          • Illegal crossings are going down and have been going down. Even if the do build a wall, there are way around it!

          • Clinton looks older every time you see her. Most people who run for President let dead dogs lie when they lose. With her excuse tour and other things she has said and done, she has destroyed what chance she had for other political offices. She ran twice for President and lost both times. If she could only present herself as a good loser, she might have had other opportunities. She even hurt her chances to get big fees for speeches. No one wants to pay to hear a sore loser speak.

          • Like I said, it conservatives who keep forcing Clinton into narratives. And there multiple elements to talk about 2016, but everyone time Clinton brings up any other element that not her, people call her a sore loser?

          • That is at least a start. You seem to acknowledge that some of the criticism and things said are legitimate.

          • Every political figure has some critics against them.

          • You are probably right. It seems logical that a Russian would pay Bill Clinton $500,000 for one speech and expect nothing in return other than a couple of hours of bills enormous financial knowledge. $140 million to Clinton foundation was probably completely innocent. It seem quite logical that they expected nothing back for that huge amount of money. Your reference does acknowledge that the above did happen, but they point out that no direct connection has been made. Most of the Clinton foundation contribution was from one person who had sold his stock in Uranium one a couple of years before the approval.. Nothing suspicious here at all.

          • I always find it weird how meny people love to wrack politicians over the coals for payed speech’s when it seems like the kind of the Trump would brag about?

          • I just wonder what any of them could possibly say in two hours that would be worth half a million bucks. Clinton earned a ton of money during his wifes time as Senator and Secretary of State. Did those paying that ridiculous amount expect something in return? Probably.

          • Maybe people just like having a former U.S. president speaking.
            Again, I can just hear Trump saying “I show up, I talk for like two hours about whatever and they give me half a million dollars. It’s that easy”. Also Trump is making money from his office, and probably will want to give payed speaches after he leaves.

          • I have never heard Trump say that, but he does have a lot of business knowledge to share. Personally i think it is wrong for any previous President to be paid that kind of money for one speech. In the real world, Will, when big bucks are spent or donated, the person paying does expect something for their payment.

          • It was a hypothetical quote. I think he probably will be payed speeches in the future, and he will probably says something like that.

        • Wrong!! And you are the joke!!!

    • Will, time for an English lesson. That’s “an empty” stadium, not “a empty” stadium. You must be the idiot that posted the photo. What? Grade school to tough for you? Or is being special needs holding you back?

      • Why are you triggered by a missing ‘n’?

        • He’s not! Just pointing a fact and the also obvious false statement you made!! It wasn’t a mistake or a joke but another deliberate attempt to smear the President!! of course it failed as all the other false news reports have as well!! No collusion, no obstruction and the mullet is going to face the judge very shortly!!!

          • It was a joke.
            And Muller has Trump craping his pants. For a guy who claims innocence, he sure acts guilty?🤔

        • Figure it out will. Judging from all your other comments here it’s not hard to see your not welcome. Why put yourself in a no win situation? I’m sure there are liberal sites you could go to and spout whatever carp you wish to spout and you would be more than welcome, but here you tell us your opinions and no one really cares. Is that clear enough for you? In other words go where others have the same opinion instead of instigating a fight.

          • I thought people hated it when people just stuck to eco-chambers.
            At list I’m offering a opinion instead just post ‘fake news’ like the trolls in the YouTube channel for for CNN.

          • Will are you an American citizen who pays there taxes, wants others to succeed other than himself? Can you honestly say the 8 years under dictator Obama lifted this country out of its problems? This country isn’t nor will ever be what democrats want it to be, there ideals are contrary to our founding fathers, there are more of us than them, we are not globalists, we deal with other countries but we have borders that say we are not a global community! Its what sets us as americans apart from the rest of the world. For the life of me I cannot see how certain so called Americans think we should be absorbed in a worldly chaotic mess! We are a powerful nation, we the people , not the politicians, are what make us a great nation, all others in my military opinion are nothing but scabs that need removed, as they do not share our values as americans.

          • The Republicans hardly mirror the Founding Fathers. Maybe because a government made of people like the them would be eaten a live by other nations nowadays?
            Yes, the country is better for having Obama.
            You sound like something who bases this opinion of Democrats on what angry conservatives say.
            Do you really Trump has ‘conservative values’?

  11. The President’s supporters all know that the lame stream media is nothing but a farce. Gone are the days when we could actually TRUST the media, especially the LIBERAL media. I remember David Brinkley, & his partner, Chet Huntley. I remember when Walter Cronkite was a highly trusted newsreporter. Sad that the reporters of today have gone to the dogs, & could care less about the public actually wanting to hear real news. One of these days, they’ll pay for it dearly, & it WON’T be pretty!

  12. The ‘honest mistake’ theory from another media shill did not help either. The President’s Press Secretary took that reporter apart too! We can forgive error, but we can’t forget stupidity that forces it to happen, even when we understand that the reporter only wants to survive him or herself. Aware of advancement depends on performance and knowing what the Boss wants is enough to drive all reporters to being mentally driven to a form of prostitution. Sad but true in this age when the MSM media is driven by competitive greed that is rewarded; or has been in the past. Its days may be numbered thanks to the speed in social media to act so fast.

  13. The media wouldn’t pan the audience at Donald Trump rallies even when asked to, At small Hillary rallies they wouldn’t let you know how small they were. The View calls all the fake news mistakes, the mistake is liberal media won’t give us unbiased news. We don’t need editorials and comments, just give us the facts.!!!!

  14. Another reason why journalists should be required to have an occupational license to practice journalism.

  15. The Wa Po is nothing but Libturd trash rag anyway!!!

    • With their location in the packed in liberal sardine can of Washington D.C. and surrounds, the WaPo have probably equaled the circulation of the failing New York Times. But the Times still claims to be an honest reporting paper with no vindictive anger against PRESIDENT TRUMP.
      The WaPo makes no such claims that I have heard.

  16. So the MO is, report fake and damaging news, let hateful liberals marinate in it for a day, then retract the lie. That is the only way liberals work..disgusting.

    • Many voters fail to notify previous elections office of their move. It is only fraud if someone votes or attempts to vote in both places.. Or maybe the old location just failed to clean up rolls. It does happen and most of the time is not even a minor problem.

  17. It’s like continuing SNL skits. Sarah Huckabee Sanders just shines. She handles them as though they are children always needing to be corrected. It’s almost funny how ridiculously stupid the reporters are. Their arguments are lame and their manners worse…. She’s a jewel. Her father must be very proud of her.

  18. That’s one lying so called “reporter” who has proven that fiction is his true calling but then isn’t “fiction” just another name for lame-stream liberal media?

    • The liberal papers know that their lies tend to hang around longer that their printed date. Their hope is that someone will read the “leftovers” and be influenced by them. They need to keep it up as hard core democRAT liberals so that they go the way of papers like the Birmingham, Alabama News, that no longer even prints their drivel. They have gone to publishing only three times a week, with papers that are printed out of town.
      People who catch fish have to wrap them in plastic bags !

  19. We real Americans need to get used to this: Liberals lie. Liberals almost always lie. Many Liberals always lie.

  20. Liberal media portray their work like a cheap soap opera

  21. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    This reminds me of the Capital Mall shot of President Trump’s enauguration day crowd taken two or more hours before it began. Losers!

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