WaPo Editors Make “New Years’ Resolution” on Trump

In their January 1st issue, the editorial board of the Washington Post made a “New Years’ Resolution” regarding the paper’s coverage of Donald Trump going forward into 2017. But if you expected the paper to issue a mea culpa for their disgusting bias throughout the presidential election, you will be disappointed.

“What should be the approach toward the coming Trump administration for those who saw his candidacy as not just unsupportable but dangerous?” the board asked.

After spending the bulk of the piece re-hashing the paper’s position that Trump is “unfit,” that he poses a threat to “democratic norms and civility,” and that his “insults” and “lies” pose a “challenge to a democratic system that has held the country together since the Civil War,” the Washington Post answers that question by saying their job is solely “to evaluate him going forward.”

And boy, do they sound like people ready to put the past behind them:

In practice, that means monitoring to what extent Mr. Trump fulfills his promise to help those who have been bypassed by economic recovery. It means continuing to advocate policies that are essential to keep America safe and to promote peace and liberty overseas. Above all, the task for those who opposed Mr. Trump will be to stand up for the democratic norms that he seemed to threaten during his campaign.

They say that Trump’s record since being elected has been “mixed.” They give him one sentence’s worth of praise for his election night speech and then launch into two full paragraphs of complaints ranging from his tax returns to his feud with the cast of Hamilton.

“Those who opposed Mr. Trump should continue to call attention to these things — not to claim vindication, but to press for a different approach,” they concluded. “The goal should be accountability, not automatic opposition. We do not root for Mr. Trump to fail; we root for the nation to succeed and prosper.”

To break through the nearly-impenetrable doubletalk, here’s what they’re telling their readers: We’re going to keep hammering Trump exactly as we have been, but we’re doing it for AMERICA, not for our own liberal gratification. We’ll be the first ones to celebrate him when he makes speeches praising Hillary Clinton! Totally fair, right guys?!

After the election, some conservatives held out hope that the mainstream media titans would look in the mirror and recognize how far from the path of ethical journalism they’ve strayed. If that hope is still alive, it is very thin indeed.


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  1. Who the F**k is the Washington Post to decide what’s right and wrong with Trumps plan. They spend 2 paragraphs on tax returns and cast if Hamilton, his are these things good or bad for America? They’re libtards and they’re trying to spin a change. BS!!!!!!!

    • AfricanTraveler1

      Who they are is a newspaper whose job is to continue to tell people about Trump, the most unfit President this country has ever had. He is a pathological liar, and we all know that by now. The Post is fulfilling its job as it is supposed to do, informing the public about what Trump et al are doing. That is their job. They love this country as much and probably more than Trump. You may not believe that because you are a conservative and they are liberal. But don’t ever think conservatives have the monopoly on patriotism.

      • You know him? How do you know he’s a liar? If they’re supposed to tell people about the President (not Trump) what were they telling us about Obama? Your pint works if it’s non partisan but it’s not. And therefore they’re bitter clingers to there ideology.
        You say he’s unfit? What is the fitness criteria? He’s doing more for the economy and he’s not even president yet.

      • You have a typo in your first sentence. You put in Trump where OBAMA belonged. Your welcome for my finding your error.

      • AfricanTraveler, it appears we conservatives do have the monopoly on patriotism inasmuch as no one has seen conservatives riot, burn down neighborhoods, beat up/bloody/spit on KILLary supporters, stop commerce as in Ferguson, Occupy Wall St., etc.; no one has seen conservatives take a knee or raise their fists during the National Anthem and we conservatives proudly elected a successful businessman to run this country and did not vote for a TRAITOR who as SOS gave 20% of our uranium to Russia after her Clinton RICO Foundation had received billions from Russia One, used an unsecured server in her basement and unsecured technology while traveling the world as SOS putting our national security at risk, left four American heroes to die in Benghazi, lied to the world it was a video, and then told Congress, “What, at this time, does it matter”?…Let’s ask the four who were sodomized, tortured, oh we can’t they were killed and their blood is on KILLary’s traitorous hands. So, AfricanTraveler, your argument is totally flawed. Demonazis repeatedly prove they have NO patriotism – they didn’t even have ONE American flag at the Demonazi Convention until we conservatives pointed it out – then the next day they found one small one. High Noon, Jan. 20, 2017 we shall finally have a PRESIDENT who loves America first and foremost. #MAGA !!!!!

      • Afraid, based on your description of Trump, that you have him confused with his predecessor.

      • Then what is their excuse or reasoning behind their lack of “due diligence” on monitoring Obama?

      • I think you meant OblowMe!

  2. If the Washington Post delivers “honest praise when due” and hold accountable “when not true”. I for one will be a new subscriber and hold my opinion if this is delivered. This includes holding ALL media to deliver responsible reporting – canceled my subscription to the Charlotte Observer for their Liberal Bias !

  3. The WaPo is not and has never been interested in the welfare of the American citizen. It is strictly a liberal, political rag. The WaPo is not and never has been my kind of publication.

  4. WaPo hide on the Russians hacking the power grid then retracted it after spreading Fake News.

  5. WaPo can’t seem to find their tails with either hand and the only dangers were those created by the fake news tabloid themselves! What they had better do is clean up their act or they will be on the street too wondering what happened to themselves and their cronies!

  6. I have always said the democratic party are lying, corrupt, criminals worthless bastard. Hillary Clinton is a piece of crap and the Washington Post is her toilet paper.

    • AfricanTraveler1

      Is that why the first move of the House Republicans was to try to get rid of the Ethics Committee — because they have none?

      • Your right on this, I believe very few politicians have ethics anymore. That includes both parties. President elect Donald Trump does have ethics, He had the Republican Party reverse and drop that bill !

      • Don’t worry Trump put them in their place, he wants obamercare taken care of first, the wall is already started, drawing up the plans as I type. That man is going to turn these liberal pricks up side down. Go Trump! By the way Hillary and the rest of the damn democrats are a bunch of liars and criminals and corrupt.

  7. The Washington Post, like the New York Times, has a liberal world view and sees everything in those terms. The only thing the Post has that is worth reading is Charles Krauthammer’s brilliant column. The Times should only be used for bird cage droppings.

  8. Who in their right mind cares what WaPo say – if anyone subscribes it’s only good to line the bottom of the birdcage or wrap yesterday’s fish in it.

  9. Wapo has to stop this crap,

    President Trump should just say that if he had a subscription, to cancel it

  10. “It means continuing to advocate policies that are essential to keep America safe and to promote peace and liberty overseas. ” Really, Obama did not do any thing of the sort and this rag gave him a pass on everything. This paper lies, distorts, manipulates, omits, and subverts the truth and the news at every level. It is not to be taken seriously and should be boycotted until it no longer exists.

  11. I would love to see the WaPo and NYT go out of business but don’t subscribe to either paper. I have this message for conservatives that do subscribe: Those papers will never change their liberal philosophy. The only way they’ll stop printing liberal garbage is if they’re forced out of business. Conservatives need to do two things: 1. If they’re subscribers, cancel their subscription. 2. Complain to and boycott their advertisers.

    • #2 would be the best way to shut up wa-po let the sponcers know if they continue with wa-po then you will boycott them!! that is something that will make them listen!!!!!!!!

  12. “Continue to advocate policies that are essential to keep America safe and to promote peace and liberty overseas.”
    Sorry WaPo but, as a newspaper, it is not your responsibility to do anything other than report the news, factually if at all possible.
    We have not experienced “democratic norms” for the past eight years, where a president forced his agenda on the American people. Where it be health care or school lunches, what we could say or not say, or how we address each other in general are not exactly “democratic norms”. Now you want to monitor Trump for any sign of his tampering with those norms. Well were the hell were you when Obama violated those same norms?

  13. WaPo should be on a ROLL ( like toiletpaper) to at least provide some daily benefit

  14. Ok everyone. Lost AfricanTraveler1 is a troll. He is a flaming liberal and is desperate for attention. Don’t give him what he wants. Let him die of neglect in his lonely misinformed world.

  15. wa-po can sit at the back and shut the f up!!!!!!

  16. I haven’t bought a newspaper or gone on a mainstream site, other than to promote actual news sites like this one, since I read in my local paper two years ago that ‘mass shootings’ stood at 165 in October, then in December that same paper said ‘mass shootings’ were at 365. My husband didn’t believe me, until I showed him both papers. Both articles of course included much helpful information on how to advocate for gun control. Go on any mainstream site right now. The lies, bias, bigotry, propaganda and smug liberal pontificating would be laughably absurd, if so many easily led people didn’t swallow it whole. The election was only the beginning. There is much work left to do. If we want to root hate filled, poisonous, morally corrupt and fascist liberalism out of our government, our educational institutions, our media and our children’s lives. This sick, disgusting philosophy has to go. And judging by the results of the election most of America agrees.

    • First thing that needs to be done is to get this garbage out of our schools. That includes the teachers that indoctrinate our children at a very early age.

  17. i really enjoy reading not only the articles that the WaPo post but also their comment section. both make me laugh and brightens my day. the WaPo. and the snowflakes commenters can be really funny and i enjoy bugging them with my conservative views and comments. being retired i have plenty of time to do it and at 74 years of age i could care less if they don’t like what i say.

  18. WaPo does not reflect the ideas for America and should stick to printing the news and try and be more fair and neutral ,,, The are a shame right now

  19. wapo will never gt their heads out of their (whatever) so they will never act ethical and unbiased toward Trump. Just a rag for dem/libs.

  20. Why do the democrats call everyone but themselves racists? History shows that the democrats are the racist party. From Andrew Jackson who was a slave owner and racist to LBJ who was a racist but knew that if he signed the republicans civil rights bill the democrats would have a sure voting block for years to come. That is why the minority vote goes to the democrats each election. It’s a shame that too many of these minorities blindly vote democratic without finding out the facts. The republicans were in favor of eliminating slavery and the democrats were against it. The republicans were for allowing blacks to vote. The democrats were against it. The republicans were for the civil rights bill and you got it most democrats opposed it. The democrats are credited with creating the inner city. The reason they did it is that they would be able to easily control the minorities who they put in those inner cities. Look at Chicago today. The inner city is rife with crime. The murder rate there is staggering but the democrats are in charge and they do nothing to fix the problem. No Trump and the republicans are not the racist ones. The democrats are and if anyone cares to look at history it will show that this is true.

    • Jons, you are absolutely correct! Libtards will never research that for themselves. They will shut thier eyes and plug thier ears. I believe they have been thoroughly brainwashed beyond the point of help. They chose this path, let them live in their own missery.

  21. The bezo rag is just that, a rag, lower than the National Enquirer, etc… Tons of fake news refuted by other watchdogs who operate with tons of media competency have showed them up. Between the nyctimes and this rag, their survival is going to be difficult at best. Heard nyt has closed a number floors in their pretty building. So the ultra rich socialist(s) think they are going to change the world? Well fat chance since wapo and their sister nyt are dying a slow po po death because ethics and credibility have been totally tanked by these incompetent elitist dolts.

  22. I don’t read WaPo, don’t care to

  23. The WaPo has two major purposes: to be used as bird cage liners and mullet/fish wrappers.

  24. The WaPo just wants a doormat for their policies. So does Chuck Schumer. It might be a good idea if neither The Washington Post or Schumer were invited to every party. Invite Paul Ryan, he’ll tell them what went on.

  25. Washington Post insults my intelligence. They are propaganda pushers. All Coke users, I am convinced. When one gets to the time that NATIONAL ENQUIRER has more accurate UP to date truthful news it’s time for HUFFINGTON POST , LOSANGELES TIMES, NewYork TIMES, WASHINGTON POST to move on to pornography for being the smut they are.

  26. Washington “PAST” is nothing more than a high school paper attempting to convince the world they know what they’re talking about. We know better. We see who they are — the subversive rag that is quick to condemn anything sane or moral while preaching their immoral rants. GIVE ME A BREAK!

    The only way any media can be destroyed is if people STOP using their websites or reading their rags…period! Every time you click on their website — any media website– you create readership that they need to keep their website going. If their readership falls off, their advertisers will leave and the website will fold.

    Do you want the media to be impacted by your actions? Tell “everyone you know” to stop going to their websites! LACK OF READERSHIP WILL DESTROY ANY MEDIA! Get Bumper Stickers, blog against the Media, talk to your neighbors and family, bad PR will do the trick?

    No American has to stand for the indecentries of a libelous rag, NO AMERICAN, NOT ME, NOT YOU, NOT OUR PRESIDENT! If the Washington PAST wants to throw stones at our President, then we’ll throw boulders at them. It’s time the radical Left found their place in our Nation and it’s not at the head of the Pack!

  27. In God we trust! Not your magazine, not msn, not Google or anything else. So help me God

  28. It is unfathomable seeing how supposedly intellectual misfits go out of the way to publicly show their asses while insulting the American people with their Obaminable lies and distortions that lacks integrity and merit at every turn, thus making their self appointed elitism the pits of society.

  29. Boycott wapo.

    Now, on to next topic…

  30. The best thing WAPO could do for the US is go out of business. No one wants to read the BS they print as truth. Most of the world has figured out that the leftist media doesn’t know what truth is and wouldn’t print it if they did.

  31. Well, I think I am going to be sick. What a bunch of BS.

  32. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I am amazed that anyone reads this rag! Um, shouldn’t it be about American norms, and not democratic norms?
    We had endured 8 years of democratic “norms”. We need to go in another direction, entirely! I wonder what Obammy would have said if Bush wanted to hover over him for 8 years? I wonder what he would have done if
    Bush had pulled these stunts when he first entered office? Obama , we are sick of your shenanigans, get out of the way!!! Stupid pos!!!

  33. WaPo should be banned….never read it or listen to what they try to say……too liberal and intolerant

  34. Good riddance hussein obama. Worst president my country has had.

  35. Bravo Washington post!

  36. Burn the WaPo to the ground after everyone is fired and start over with a truly non biased media! Right now they are America’s next toxic Superfund site to be cleaned up!

  37. Any people with a modicum of “common sense” STILL reads this rag? They no longer ‘set the political agenda’ with their biased blah blah – just another dinosaur stumbling to extinction!

  38. I don’t really care what the WaPo writes. They are extremely liberal and I’m not so I’ll NEVER read it.

  39. I hope we the people can close this false news tabloit down before Trump leaves office! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7624ead53c7edcfc0abfc009ac956fd3eaf3f366f624b08b378f3ac22610afca.png

  40. WaPo is comprised of brain damaged, left wing shills. Pseudo journalism is what they practice. They will soon be gone into the abyss of irrelevance like so many other “fake” news rags.

    Begone, idiots.



  42. So tell us, how much has the rag dropped in revenue now? Recall the NYTimes?

  43. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a Harsh Mistress. WaPo sound like they will pretend to be objective while cramming Trump in the ground like a tent peg. This will end in tears…for them.

  44. The only worth while place for the WaPo is in a outhouse for wiping.

  45. WaPo is unfit to be the Watchdogs of Liberty and Freedom. They are simply the Leg-Humping Lapdogs of Tyrants, like the rest of the MSM. People need to cancel their subscriptions with a written reason so they will know why people are cancelling.

  46. I see the WaPo as a cartoon strip/clip! Always have!

  47. Democrat Liars

    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

    And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
    Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
    It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

  48. All newspapers are domed to fail. Everyone gets their news electronically these days. Think of the trees that it will save.

  49. WaPo, not even fit to be used as dead fish wrap or for lining garbage cans! A septic tank would reject it; the WaPo is that bad/disgusting.

  50. You say “not just unsupportable but dangerous?” WOW, What have we got now with a administration full on Islam/Muslim?

  51. These left leaning fools could never understand the meaning of “ONE FORE ALL ,& ALL FOR ONE. Unless its their all , & they are the one

  52. Would not read this paper or give it one cent of my income. It is ignorant, biased and unAmerican.

  53. Try the Christian Science Monitor for unbiased and printed truths.N They are also on CSPAN
    (no commercials) News is current and always includes a positive article about living life to the fullest.

  54. Wapo you idiots, this a Republic,NOT a democracy!

  55. Suggestion for PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP to mandate drug tests for the White House press corp is phenomenal . Based on the need of security of those who will be in with PRESIDENT. This at the expense of the press corps. The Press corp is not a requirement for the president. CNN reporter displaying rude obnoxious unacceptable behavior should set a precedent of the expectations of the press corp to be professionals and drug and alcohol free.

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