WaPo Editorial Slams Elizabeth Warren’s Student Debt Giveaway

It isn’t often you see the editorial board of the Washington Post go against a major Democrat – especially one who is running for president – but sometimes proposals are so blatantly stupid that not even liberals can ignore the absurdity.

That’s what happened this week when Sen. Elizabeth Warren put down the peace pipe long enough to roll out a $1.25 trillion (with a T) plan to erase all of the existing student loan debt in the country before moving on to her universal free college education proposal. The Post’s editorial board took one look at her ridiculous plan, called it out as the vote-pandering that it is, and did a fairly nifty job of putting ol’ Fauxcohantas in her place.

“Her latest big idea – to eliminate vast quantities of student debt and make public universities tuition-free – is not a sound idea,” opined the Post.  

Warren’s proposal has already been lambasted by Americans who feel it’s unfair to sweep student loan debt off the table for those currently struggling to pay it back when no one jumped out of the woodwork to give them any help doing so. Others question why taxpayers should have to foot the bill for loans that young adults eagerly accepted on their own terms and in good faith. The Post is, of course, worried that all of this money will be given to already-privileged middle-class Americans when we could give it away to the poor instead.

“What might be unfair is debt relief to the exclusion of other priorities with wider benefits, including to people who did not go to college at all,” the board wrote. “Ms. Warren proposes a wealth tax to cover the cost, the proceeds of which would then not be available for alternative, possibly more progressive uses.”

The Post doesn’t spend much time covering the obvious – which is that Warren’s plan is the kind of unreasonable, pie-in-the-sky proposal that only a liberal who lives in fantasyland could come up with. Of course they don’t. Instead, they concentrate on all of the rich white kids who will now be able to go to college for free when their parents could easily afford to help them out. When will someone think of the “students of color”?

Their typical embrace of identity politics (and the usual heaping helping of rich vs. poor warfare) aside, the Post is right about one thing: Sen. Warren’s plan is a stupid, desperate attempt to steal the socialist spotlight away from frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Remarkably, it’s dumber than most of what Sanders has come up with. That says just about all that needs to be said about how fit Liz Warren is for the presidency.

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