Walker on War: No Limitations

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appeared on ABC’s This Week with Jonathan Karl Sunday to talk about his White House aspirations. Walker is among a handful of likely GOP candidates who have yet to officially declare, but it seems clear from the interview that the popular conservative has every intention of throwing his hat into the ring. And when he does so, he is going to come out swinging.

Walker told Karl that he would not rule out a re-invasion of Iraq if America’s national security depended on it. “It would not be limited to anything out there. Once we start saying how far we’re willing to go or how many troops we’re willing to invest, we send a horrible message, particularly to foes in the Middle East who are willing to wait us out.”

Walker made it clear that he was not advocating “open-ended, limitless engagements,” but Democrats are itching to pounce on his remarks to drum up fear among Americans who don’t want Iraq, Part III. Walker wants to invade Iraq! Republicans only want war! This kind of poisonous mischaracterization will always ring true with the MSNBC set. It will speak to those who believe, like President Obama, that by simply abstaining from war, we can force peace.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The United States cannot become Switzerland. We are a dominant economic and cultural force in the world, and nothing other than total collapse will change that. As that force, we cannot afford to embrace isolationism. Do we have to police the world? Perhaps not. But when we draw lines in the sand and declare promises about what we will and will not do, we only embolden those who would like to bring us down.

We need to get clear about what’s happening in Iraq and Syria. Obama’s airstrikes are keeping ISIS at bay, but they are not weakening them. Their dead are being replaced as quickly as we can kill them. Concerns over collateral damage prevent our pilots from destroying vital targets. This isn’t something we can just walk away from. ISIS can not simply be allowed to swallow the Middle East into its dangerous, violent caliphate.

A strong America invites peace. A strong America invites stability. Obama will leave the world a more dangerous place than it was when he took office. Diplomacy only works when there is resolve behind it. And it doesn’t work at all when the enemy is burning with religious fever.

“It would be a foolish approach to take,” Obama said in April, referencing Walker’s assertion that he would cancel the nuclear deal with Iran. “Perhaps Mr. Walker, after he’s taken some time to bone up on foreign policy, will feel the same way.”

Perhaps. Or perhaps, when you look at the red line in Syria and the early withdrawal from Iraq and the deal with Iran and our frayed relationship with Israel, Obama doesn’t have a lot of room to talk. Walker, in refusing to rule anything out, seems to have it about right.

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  1. Obama has done so much damage I doubt America will make any real comeback unless our next President is both honest and very competent. We haven’t had that combination in decades.

    • America was also in decline under Jimmy Carter, and the RINO administrations before him. Ronald Reagan changed all that, which is why the Left hates him so much. But, with another Reagan, America can come back again. These things seem to go in cycles.

      • Kevin you are a real optimist. I worked in national security for our government for over 26 years and saw the corruption first hand. It’s now systemic and I unless a truly honest person becomes President it will only get worse. I have no hope.

        • PB – Trust me, I understand government corruption too. I have worked as a nuclear engineer in the DOE weapons complex for about the same number of years as you have. In my own view, I have seen more incompetence than corruption, but even then, the single worst threat I see is the overwhelming bureaucracy that serves only to expand itself, for its own sake. It has gotten much worse over the last 20 years or so, and historically, we didn’t build our nuclear stockpile by gumming everything up with useless red tape. Yes, there has always been red tape, but its getting worse all the time, and I doubt that the problem is confined to the DOE. But, I guess I am an optimist, because these trends can be turned around, but only if the people make it happen. I just finished reading F. A. Hayek’s book, “The Road to Serfdom,” and one of his central theses was that “Central planning (in the old Soviet sense, meaning central committee-style control of the economy) will inevitably lead to totalitarian political control.” If you think about it, if there is to be a centrally-directed “Plan,” the “planners” have to have the power to enforce the “Plan.” Actually, Hayek was annoyed at this “misquote” because he never said it was “inevitable,” just that it was inevitable, as long as the people living in the system did nothing to correct it. And yes, Reagan could have done a lot more if he had not received all the obstruction he got from Democrats.

          • Thanks for your insights. I sit here knowing the FBI proved the Whitewater allegations against the Clinton’s as well as the campaign contribution fraud against Clinton and Gore and the AG refused to allow indictments to go forward. The Benghazi weapons sale to terrorists, Fast and Furious weapons sales to the Mexican cartels, billions in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, DOS carte blanche visa program for Muslims with direct ties to terrorism, wide open borders allowing every hispanic criminal gang access to our country and black white race relations worse than ever. The list is almost endless. The Clinton’s have been not much more than a criminal enterprise and they continue to escape prosecution. I don’t know a single person who would support Hillary Clinton for President and yet she may end up back in the WH. I’m so disgusted I’ve considered moving overseas where I spent many years fighting Islamic terror and Russian criminals. Maybe better that than to sit here and watch national suicide.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Denmark did it right!!!

          • Iceland did better

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yes, and here’s one that’s going to get shit flying. The gov of Kansas is going to eliminate welfare!! WOO HOO. You go gov.

          • OMG…That’s major step in the right direction. God said work and eat. Don’t work, don’t eat. To work is to build one’s self-respect. To be on welfare when one is able to work is theivery. One of the Ten Commandments is: Thou shalt not steal.

          • There’s democracy with the Kansas governor threatening the state judiciary that if they don’t rule in his favor, he will cut their finances.

          • You have to remember one thing the AG’s were appointed the same people they are file charges against and prosecute. They are not going to chop off the hand that feeds them. Besides the AGs under Clinton and Obama were just corrupt as either one of them.

          • I’ll keep saying this maybe it’s our time again, like our forefathers who said enough bull shit is enough bull shit and kick the Brits in the asses. if you think about it our forefathers had no money, no weapons and no army to speak of and yet look who kick the Brit’s in the asses. maybe its our time again. Semper Fi 70

          • our forefathers weren’t stupid enough to invade other countries and occupy
            That’s the BIG DIFFERENCE

          • I totally agree!! You nailed that one!!

          • However, when the situation required action, they stood up to the challenge. We have always stood up to the challenge when it was necessary; and when the conflict was over, we went home. We do not now occupy any country other than the one that presently threatens us. Believe me, there’s not a single soldier who wishes to stay where they are. Each and every one of them dreams of the day when he or she can return to the embrace of their family. And it has ever been thus.

          • Since when was Iraq ever a threat to America ? NEVER!!! Iraq had no WMD & was not responsible for 9-11, so why did we invade & occupy them for over 10 years ? I’m sure you know the answer to that . Does the word OIL ring a bell ? Do you think we would have invaded Iraq if they were growing vast amounts of broccoli ? We stood up to the challenge ? Really ? When the damage was done & their country totally destroyed & millions of innocent civilians were murdered, we just went home & never looked back. You’re comment is nothing but propagandist bullshit & You believe it because it makes you feel better & less guilty.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Can I set you straight on just one fact?
            My grandmother’s people were native Cherokee Indians. As I can remember the stories she told thru tears: THIS COUNTRY was formed out of aggression. Ships docked, people landed, and whatever they wanted, they TOOK! Women and children were raped and killed and peaceful men were shot by the scores. What was left was sent out in a wagon train, (Trail of tears) with diseased blankets, and most of them didn’t make it to the west.. All because “somebody” wanted this country and wanted it for free. This country was born out of aggression – why would anything they do surprise you! When Idiot Biden went to the Ukraine, with a puffed out chest he said, “The US will stand behind you on this – no one has the right to just land on your borders, decide that they like it and want it, then just take it!” Someone standing nearby ribbed him with their elbow and said, “Pssttt, hey dipshit, how do you think the United States was formed!” I’m not all for war! In most cases, we had no business there, but this is the nature of this country and as an enlisted, we ALL had orders to follow! You need back off on your criticism of any military or ex military, they were doing the job they were ORDERED to do…

          • You’re comparing apples to oranges. It’s not the same.

          • we could ask Vince Foster, damn he is dead.

          • Strange that you should mention “national suicide.” I’ve been watching that happen with the outrages the homosexual lobby has been shoving down everyone’s throats. I had a friend many, many years ago, who was gay. He and I ate lunch together at our place of work. When he asked me my opinion of his lifestyle, I told him, “I don’t really care about your lifestyle. You’re free to make your own decisions. However, don’t try to shove them down my throat. (The You was used in the general sense…and he was bright enough to know what I meant.) If you do try, then you have lost my support.” It never occurred to me at that time that I would see the day when I would face that very situation. And this is only one example of how we are killing ourselves as a nation. Until we rise up in furious indignation and rid ourselves of the enemies within our borders, we will continue to witness the obliteraton of the greatest nation to ever exist in the history of the world.

          • Clara I firmly believe our nation is in such bad shape we will never recover. One good person could make all the difference but with all the voting fraud and the giveaway programs I doubt that one good person could be elected President. It’s truly amazing how far we have fallen is such a short time. When I was serving in the Army Infantry during the Vietnam War towards the end of my active duty I was assigned to work in a company of administrative personnel handling logistics and personnel information. Two of the men in that company which was never sent in harms war were openly homosexual. They would have fit perfectly with the West Hollywood crowd of outrageous behavior types. One night while I was on guard duty I heard someone screaming out for help. I had to kick in a locked door in the barracks and there to my horror was one of these men raping a 19 year old kid. This homosexual was about 6’3″ and 200 pounds of muscle and the kid was much smaller and had been targeted by this man. I detained him for the MP’s and he was taken away. The next day I was informed charges would not be brought because the rapist was the son of the only black General in the Army which explained by he was able to be openly gay without recrimination. I’ve never forgotten that incident and I follow closely the sexual assault stats that have climbed very steeply since the elimination of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Male on male sexual assauly is now out of control in our services. Our nation is both fiscally and morally bankrupt. I fear it’s now only a matter of time.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            If that “one good person” should happen to be a well seasoned sniper, that would change everything. Too bad the HNIC had Chris Kyle taken out, but then he knew, when things got this screwed up, if Chris was still alive, you’d get to see the HNIC’s brains laying out on a sidewalk somewhere!!

          • Really? Kyle was assassinated by HNIC? Proof other than in your own mind?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ahhhhh. That’s what’s nice about the freedom that’s slipping from our hands! YOU believe what you want to believe, but I think most of us KNOW in our hearts and minds what happened to Chris and why..

          • Don’t know about hearts, but minds – paranoia beliefs are not proof.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            When you’re in a Fema camp, then we’ll talk about paranoia, and it won’t be you laughing bubbah!;

          • Funny thing; what voter fraud. There has hardly been any.

          • Giving you the benefit of the doubt I will assume you were being facetious with your comment regarding voter fraud. Over a 24 plus year career I would tasked with investigating all allegations of vote fraud in my federal district each time there was a national election. Every two years we found significant fraud and yet there was never a single indictment or prosecution. In this last Presidential election voter fraud in some federal districts was rampant and yet not a single indictment. That’s why people who have careers in federal law enforcement not routinely refer to our government as lawless.

          • Nope, you are wrong, and I doubt you were ever in law enforcement.

          • Yes about 25 years and after 9/11 I served in N. Africa, most of the Middle East, all of the former Soviet Republic and most of Asia. Prior to 9/11 I ran major fraud units including public corruption in the largest federal district in America. Maybe you mean well but you just don’t know how bad it has become. Equal justice under the law has been gone since the late 80’s. Entire criminal programs have been discontinued allowing the criminals to go unpunished. Election fraud is one of those programs where there is almost no enforcement. Good luck to you and your family.

          • amen to that, we the people can not give up or give in to corrupt senators and congressmen. it’s time

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No… IT’S PAST TIME, WAY PAST….

          • I agree:

          • But we vote them in every time.

          • I to have read the book and all I can say is to comment on what I see, welcome to serfdom!

        • wrong buffalo breath,don’t sell america short,don’t listen to the boo birds,and don’t listen to the media,they have sold out to liberals like clintons. we have the ball in our court,obama will be gone soon

      • There will never be another Reagan. Plus, Reagan, himself, could not get elected now.

    • Angry American

      That is funny or is it novel a politician that is honest, do they even exist any more?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        There are NO HONEST politicians on planet earth, NONE, ZILCH!! When I was just a boy, pop used to lecture me by saying, “Boy, when you grow up, you make damned sure that you vote for your favorite CROOK!” Turns out, ole Dad was soooo right!!

        • Angry American

          When you vote what you are voting for is which party is going to get the money, that is what I think about elections, but vote anyho9w just in case it suddenly starts to mean something again

        • your dad was right,mind said about the same thing.

      • politicians who are honest, where the hell are they, how many times over the last 15 years do I hear politicians while they are running for office talk about term limits then once there in BAM those thoughts are gone and there pockets are filled with corrupt money. about five years ago I watch some douche bag senator talk about how they do business in DC is through lobbyist which in my thought should be hung from the nearest light post.but that is just me. until money and corruption is wiped out DC will always be corrupt. Semper Fi

        • Ron Paul was honest and 100% constitutional….too bad we were too foolish not to elect him
          He’s been right about everything….it’s all coming to pass….everything he warned us about
          Happy now?

          • Well…we will have a chance to correct that mistake next year.

          • this is my only response to any of your hate emails, Ron Paul I would vote for and he like you said foretold everything that is going on. I will not disagree with you on him but I will vote for him. you have said many things about me that you are wrong on. 45 years ago young men thought they were doing the right thing until they came back and like me found out they were just used to make billions for the industrial military complex. I lost friend there for what lies, I was used like millions of young men then but I can not change the past but hope with Ron can change the future. Semper Fi

          • I’ll vote for him.

  2. Join the Army. Travel the World. Visit far-off, exotic lands. Meet interesting, exciting, and unusual people… and kill them.

    • Original Rebel

      That’s good, I like that!

    • Or just let them come here to kill innocent Americans. Great idea, general.

      • Aw, c’mon, Shirley. It’s just an old, cynical joke that only Weak Sisters and douchebags cannot appreciate.

        That said, that old joke was pretty much a truthful assessment when I was on Active Duty as a commissioned Officer in the US Army.

        Our entire focus in those days was that, if we were sent to war, then we had only two jobs: 1) Kill the enemy and 2) Break all of the enemy’s stuff.

        There was none of this pantywaist “nationbuilding” Bovine Scatology back in those days. Back then, if you wanted to build a nation up, you sent in the Peace Corps. If you wanted it blown to Hell, you sent us in.

        In case you were wondering, Daisy, that’s called “soldiering” . If you have a problem with that, then you are cordially invited to go screw yourself.

        • like your thoughts Sir. Semper Fi

        • I remember the Berlin Airlift way before the Peace Corp. Soldiers were doing the heavy lifting in those days. Fliers were putting in ungodly hours bringing in every conceivable thing to get the German citizens back on their feet after the Russians “fenced” them in in an effort to use them as hostages. Their ploy only lasted 3 months; after which they realized they were dealing with a country that was willing and able to back up their ideals. Not like now when Americans are left rotting in jails in several countries by a president who is more interested in flying to California to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show; a trip that cost American taxpayers $209,227/hr. ‘nough said?

          • Yup, sure enough. Our grandparents would be ashamed to see how the dooling, mouth-breathing, douchebag Kool-Aid drinkers who form 52 percent of the American Electorate managed to elect The Zero into office… TWICE.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Well said Arizona, damned well said!!

      • Too many Americans own guns
        They won’t be coming here
        That’s why Japan didn’t invade

        • Just to back you up….you’re absolutely right about that. They were terrified about landing in San Francisco Bay.

    • Already did that.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Did that… Nam…

    • WARMONGER!!!!

      • Hey, chill out, sweetheart. It’s just an old, old joke that only Weak Sisters and douchebags cannot appreciate.

        That said, that old joke was pretty much a truthful assessment when I was on Active Duty as a commissioned Officer in the US Army. We did not “monger” any wars, though. The douchebags that you elected to office did that, not us.

        Our entire focus in those days was that, if we were sent to war, then we had only two jobs: 1) Kill the enemy and 2) Break all of the enemy’s stuff. They had other people that they sent in afterwards to rebuild all of the stuff that we had blown up, and to bury all of the bodies of the enemy that we had killed.

        There was none of this pantywaist “nationbuilding” Bovine Scatology back in those days. Back then, if you wanted to build a nation up, you sent in the Peace Corps. If you wanted it blown to Hell, you sent us in.

        That’s not “mongering”, Daisy, that’s called “soldiering” . If you have a problem with that, then you are cordially invited to go screw yourself.

        • you sound like my old first sergeant who had in 24 years when I was over seas and he was a true patriot Sir. I served with the 2nd Bn, 3rd Marines Delta Group LUS 1. 1300 of us went over and after 4 months about 870 were still walking. almost everything that was brought in country had a stencil on it and I always wonder what that stencil meant. when I got back to the world at Camp Pen. California. I was informed it was one of several companies that LBJ owned, who knew that he was making all the bucks until I got back. the military industrial complex is the controller of this government and they fill the pockets of our corrupt senators and congressmen and women with hundreds of millions which is really not that much compared to the tens of billions they make.

          why on 9/11 was there only one jet allowed to fly in the US,and who owned that jet. the Bin Laden family did. the Saudi Group who was and still ran by the Ben Laden family and the Carlyle Group are the two major companies in the military complex that made both Bush’s billionaires and we can not forget old boy Chaney with Halliburton and Black Water which made billions for him and young Bush. until the money and greed is wiped out of the political system this nation will always be at the top of the political corruption list. Semper Fi

          • Thank you and God Bless you for your service to our nation.

            All of what you wrote is true, so just remember who the enemy is and to Aim Small when the time comes.

            Hooah, Airborne!

        • SCREW you buddy….we pay the soldiers
          and we don’t want them fighting for Iraqi Freedom
          Vietnam was a huge mistake too.
          We should only fight when attacked and that’s not what all these wars are about is it?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Vietnam was our biggest mistake. We lost over 50,000 boys! BOYS!! We used to hack off their ears and put them on a bout lace. Funny as hell !! But now we have to deal with far more serious terrorists. Wish I could hack at a shitload of them, starting at the top!!

          • and all you have to show for it is your memories of your dead soldiers fighting a war that we had nothing to gain…only loss
            I can’t see any honor in that.

          • That’s absolutely right, you paid for my salary, allowances, and benefits while I was on Active Duty. You also paid for my weapons, ammunition, uniforms, equipment, and transportation to and from far off lands to kill the enemy in your name.

            That you did not “want” that, nor did you “approve” of that, never entered our minds for a nanosecond. What you want is of no consequence to the soldier whatsoever.

            You don’t get to micromanage soldiers in the field. If you don’t like where we get sent to kill the enemy, then vote different leaders into office. All we do is take orders from the people that you elected. Once sent into war, we do our utmost to drop Hell itself on top of the enemy and his people, and we keep doing that until the enemy either surrenders or our leadership tells us to stop. That’s called “soldiering”, Google it, b|tch.

            I find it hilariously funny when Libtards complain about all the enemy that we killed during Desert Storm, and all the enemy that have been killed by US forces since The Zero got elected into office. You people elected him, so how’s all that “hopey-dopey-changey” sh|t working out for you now? The Zero has been killing people with drones faster than the Mafia kills people with machine guns.

            It’s been six fracking years, and you bozos are *still* trying to blame Bush? Grow the frack up, Buttercup.

            That The Zero got elected into office (twice) only proves that 52 percent of the American electorate are drooling, mouth-breathing douchebags who could not figure out that he was the worst possible choice. You could not choose a better President than The Zero?

            If you could not make a better choice that *that*, then why should I give a rat’s hindquarters what you want or don’t want?

            So just shut your cock holster, sister. Nobody cares what you want.

          • Well said!!!

        • You have already been screwed over by your own government & brainwashed into thinking you were doing it in the name of Democracy & Freedom. Why are you afraid to admit that ? You are just professional killers, hired & trained by our corrupt Military, to do their dirty work. It makes so much sense to go in & destroy a country & it’s people & then turn around and go back in to rebuild what you just destroyed ?? WTF? I’m sure the people of Viet Nam will be ever so grateful for your services, better known as death & destruction. Why do you think so many soldiers who have returned from Iraq have PTSD ? I’m sure you are smart enough to figure it out.

          • yep…and to add injury to insult the returning vets are labeled as possible domestic terrorists because the govt is afraid of them
            it’s a THANKLESS JOB

          • What in the Hell are you talking about? I never, ever said that I joined the Army in the name of “Democracy and Freedom”.

            FIrst of all, Democracy is not something to fight for. True Democracy is really nothing more than Mob Rule. It is two wolves and sheep voting on what to have for dinner. In a Democracy, you have zero rights. What the mob decides is what the law is that day. If the majority of the mob votes to burn your house to the ground and enslave you and your entire family, right after raping your entire family while you watch, then that’s what the mob gets.

            We do not have a “Democracy” in the USA, we have a Republic. While we still get to vote, there are certain things that the mob is simply not allowed to vote upon, like burning down your house and raping your entire family. That is because in a Republic each of us has rights that have primacy over the mob’s whims. Those are usually the rights of free speech, religion, private property, and self-defense, to name but a few.

            The point is that those rights are *not* subject to a “vote” by the mob. Those rights are absolute, irrevocable, and eternal. No “lien” can be placed upon those rights by any government, no matter how many people voted for it. That is what is meant by “unalienable” rights, that those rights cannot have any lien placed against them.

            So, no, I did not serve in the Army for “Democracy”, since democracy is nothing more than Anarchy cloaked in a semblance of organized procedure.

            Did I serve for Freedom? Not exactly, but I did swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign or domestic. First and foremost of all parts of that Constitution are the first ten amendments, which enumerated the rights of the people. Those rights were recognized, not granted, by our Constitution. Those rights existed prior to the formation of our nation, because those rights were given to us by God, not by Government.

            Those are the rights by which we preserve our Liberty. Yes, I joined to preserve those.

            But the military is not a Republic, and it is most certainly not a Democracy. When you sign up, you had better understand that fully and completely. When one signs up, he temporarily accepts the Uniform Code of Military Justice in place of the civilian criminal and civil justice system. He also accepts that there is a Chain of Command and that he will be following orders, not always his own whims. So one surrenders a part of their Free Choice in order to preserve Liberty. So no, I did not join in the name of “Freedom”.

            I joined because I truly enjoyed the thought of sending all of those contemptible, godless, inbred, Camel-shagging Goat-humpers to their Eternal Celestial Dirt Nap. I joined knowing full well that I might not get to, but I sure got plenty of training in doing exactly that. I studied hard and I paid attention in school.

            Yes, you finally got one thing correct; the United States Army trained me to be one of the best Professional Killers in all of human history, and I was very, very good at my craft. Nobody ever sent me anywhere to build anything. That was not the reason nor the focus of my training. That was not my mission.

            In those days, if you wanted to build a country up, you sent in the Peace Corps douchebags. If you wanted a country blown to hell in a properly proficient military manner, you sent us in. We never got a nanosecond of training on “cultural sensitivity” or “nationbuilding”, or any of that other pantywaist Bovine Scatology. All of our training was focused on how to kill the enemy and how to break all of his stuff.

            That I actually got to introduce so many of the goat-humpers to the Lord was just icing on the cake. I look forward to the opportunity to do some more of that some day.

            As to whether the gooks of Viet Nam or the Goat-humpers of Iraq are “grateful”, I don’t give a rat’s hindquarters. I did not volunteer to make them anything but very dead, and we did not go there so that we could earn their gratitude, nor yours.

            As to why the United States feels compelled to rebuild a country after we spent so much time, effort, sweat, and blood blowing it to Hell, you got me. I never wondered much about it, but now that I think about it, I reckon that they do that just to make the Daisy Douchebags feel all warm and fuzzy afterwards. Rebuilding another nation after we blow it up is just putting up window-dressing around a corpse, nothing more.

            As to why some soldiers return with “PTSD”, that term had not even been invented yet when I was on Active Duty during Operation Desert Storm. I came back just fine, thank you, so I have no idea what is wrong with those other guys. I enjoyed the hell out of myself, and I did it on your dime. Your tax dollars paid for the best time of my life.

            So, in conclusion, shut your cock holster, Daisy Douchebag.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Thank you.. You explained it so that even daisy douchebag could even understand it. Yep, I bragged a lot about Nam, but if you couldn’t find at least one thing to brag about, you’d go crazy! I’ve always enjoyed intimidating douchebags that have NO IDEA as to what goes on in a war. Far as I’m concerned, they need to stick there heads back in their asses because it has to be their asses doing the talking to begin with!

      • I don’t consider talking about killing someone a laughing matter. Yes, The Military sanctioned it, but you had a choice. Did you enjoy doing their dirty work ? You were not soldiers. You were used as pawns & sold a bill of goods. Then you’re lied to by your government telling you that you’re fighting for Freedom & Democracy. What a bunch of horse shit!! Kill the enemy? How do we really determine who the real enemy is ? We were in Viet Nam for 10 years & for what ? 58,000 men lost their lives all based on lies. Do you think it was worth it ? I don’t!!

        • hay there lady, I was with the 3rd Marines in 72 and know a few names on the Wall in DC. until you have been there and know the true nature of war and who backs it. it is the ones you whiners bitch about. why don’t you pack your bags and maybe we can air drop you over Pakistan and let the brotherhood welcome you. bet you voted for our dictator who was on the golf course posing for the camera’s while many young Americans were getting there heads cut off. so until you have the naiads to pick up a M-4 and defend this nation which who do you think lets you sleep under the Vail of security every night not ISIS but our US military men and women who let and I will keep this decent people like you sleep in peace.

          Semper Fi.

          • Glory days? I’d say you are trying to justify being used as a tool for an unjust war.

          • Nothing glorious about killing people & then lied to by your own government.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            We nailed a shitload in Nam, eh bud. Watched them fall by the dozens. Nam taught me a hell of a lot!!

          • Killing civilians too…don’t forget that
            It was shameful

          • Michael Dimwitz is a nut job & has been on many forums. He is a racist bigot & loves to brags about how many Vietnamese he has killed. What is most disturbing is that he has bragged about cutting off the ears of the North Vietnamese& using his shoelaces as a belt to hang them on. This guy is emotionally disturbed & should be ignored. He is so proud of his accomplishments. This is what WAR does to the brain. Nobody really cares about civilians. They just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ahhhh yes, and if you had been the HNIC during WW II this would be Japan’s territory that all of us enjoy, called AMERICA!

          • you are right but how many of our friends were not able to walk back at all, we made a whole bunch of CEO’S and politicians and the military industrial complex very rich with the blood of the young ones who went and I bet there son’s did not go. things have just gotten worst, the CEO’S get rich with the senators and congressmen and the young ones keep dying. to bad they don’t go.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I care to venture here, but I’d be willing to bet that EVERY politician and their families get a shitload more in freebies than those on welfare. And I would bet that every politician’s kids NEVER have to serve in the military….

        • Iraq or Afghanistan will welcome you, hell I’ll pay for your ticket.

          • IDIOT
            The point is no American has any business in the middle east fighting wars for other nations “freedom”
            Look at the RESULT
            we ar arming ISIS

          • What was accomplished in Viet Nam
            We LOST that war

          • I am an American & this is my country. I have every right to live here just as much as you do. Just because I don’t support invading other countries & think killing is unjustified, doesn’t make me any less patriotic. In fact, I think it makes me more of a patriot than you are. There are so many things I love about this country, but War is not 1 of them.

          • Yes Faye….killing for greed was never an American principle
            Neither was regime changes….self determination of government is what this country was founded on so SINCE WHEN did we get the right to pick other countries leaders?
            If they are under a brutal dictator it’s their responsibility to FIGHT THEIR OWN REVOLUTION….WE DID

          • Yes we did. It was called The American Revolution. We wanted Freedom & Independence, but we didn’t have to invade or occupy another country to achieve that goal.

          • this is the only response to all of your hate mail to me, I will agree with you on WAR, it SUCK’S and the only ones who benefit are the CEO’S of the companies who make the war products and the military industrial complex. when I went in 45 years ago and being from a military family that was what we as young men were brought up in. I am against WAR if it is not our borders being invaded. lost to many friends there and to tell you the truth I still think about them and why did any of us go because that at that time period that is what we were told to do. now with them here in the US things will get worst I think and that I hate to think about. how many Americans will pay the price for our open borders and how many of the senators and congressmen will hide in there tax dollar bunkers they have had built with tax dollars. no you are wrong about me and I do not want any American hurt at all. look when our leaders were warned about 9/11 and turned a deaf ear to the warnings and then Boston we were warned by the Russians and yet a deaf ear to there warning and Americans were killed and wounded. no I am only for defending our borders and a strong America.

        • they must not be familiar with Smedley Butler who said WAR IS A RACKET…too bad so many are just hired guns for corporations and are too stupid to see it.

          • I was not familiar with Smedley Butler. I just watched his famous speech WAR IS A RACKET. I wish these soldiers could really understand what I was saying when I wrote my comment. War makes profits off of injured & dead men & woman, not to mention the millions of innocent civilians that have died at the hands of the WAR PROFITEERS. Thank You for sharing this with me. When are The American people going to wake up?

          • That speech should be mandatory when they enlist….we’d have a different military then…a much smarter one. Have you heard the latest? The NDAA fiscal bill is coming up and these chickenhawks want to cut the military’s commissary privileges to save money??? Meanwhile they are arming the Iraqis for billions of dollars which is in effect arming ISIS….THAT’S THE THANKS YOU GET

    • fine fine words, Semper Fi

  3. Monte R Stamper


  4. We WERE a dominant force in the world. That’s all gone now. Thanks, Democrats.

    • the US is 18 trillion in debt with hundreds of trillions of unfunded liabilities – where would the money coming from!!

      • you and me

      • China. When we get a Republican president with a Republican Congress the war can then be off the books and not included in the deficit. That’s how we did it before Obama. For the most part, continuous warfare is pretty much the norm, and most people don’t care since it is only 1% of the population, at best, that is affected.

        • its far more than war or political parties – its about finishing off the USA as we knew it and thats close to being accomplished..

          and BOTH political parties have been corrupted…..

      • ramrod we are shovel ready,whats your beef,god help america..

    • Who wants to DOMINATE the world?
      Not me

      • There was never any mention of dominating the world. The mesage is as Teddy Roosevelt said: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” That means, have enough power to defend yourself if talking fails. El fraudo has weakened this country to the point where we are not in a position to stand strong in the face of opposition. He has weakened our military by allowing open homosexuality; suppressing Christianity at all levels; not allowing our soldiers to fire on the enemy until after they have been fired upon by the enemy (which is the most insane way to fight a war that I’ve ever hear of); abandoning vets after they come home; labeling them terrorists; and confiscating their guns, to name a few things. We, as a nation, have never had any idea of dominating the world. We have fought wars in countries all over the world because it could be seen that those we fought were bent on doing us harm. Once the conflict was finished, and peace treaties were signed, we picked up our armaments and went home. There were times, such as after WWII, when it was necessary to stay a whlle to make sure the conquered country was back on its feet; but when that time came, we were gone. Think Germany and Japan. What other conquerer in the history of the world ever did a thing like that? None!!! America never wanted to be an Empire. Those people who established our country had had enough of Empires. They came here to escape Empires. Honestly, if you don’t study history, you will be forced to repeat it…and who wants that kind of horror to happen to our beautiful country?

        • Reread the blast four(4) lines of your post..EVERYTHING I have READ about TODAY’S educational system(s),is,it is called COMMON CORE EDUCATION and that means it is alright to teach the students that the RED LIGHT MEANS STOP,,,THE GREEN LIGHT MEANS GO,,BUT it is NOT NECESSARY that today’s STUDENTS KNOW about the U.S.Constitution,the FIRST(1st) AMENDMENT,,the second(2nd) AMENDMENT,ETC.,ETC. It is referred to as” DUMBING DOWN” I E the less they know ,the easier they are controlled,,,and then before it is realized the U.S.A. is a third(3rd)/fourth(4th) world country ,,”DICTATED OVER” by WHO KNOWS????

  5. Whenever you put a nigger under the hood, the entire car is no good

  6. Do not worry, Walker is presently at war with women, Blacks and college graduates in Wisconsin. Remember two years ago he wanted Wisconsin out of the Union to get rid of all Blacks and racial minorities from Wisconsin. That failed. Then he attacked women issue. This week he signed banning all abortions. But at the same time he hates women who bring out kids if they are poor. As to universities, he has cut funding for universities; he wants to replace them with 2-year technical colleges. Asked where he would get doctors, nurses and research scientists, Walker said he would import them and pay them cheap. Good luck with this school-dropout. He is ready to get us into war regardless of purpose.

    • Original Rebel

      Oh for pete’s sake. You are so interested in Walker, what happened when obamanut hit the scene? Did you do your “due diligence” on him? Most likely not – you probably voted for him and look where THAT has got us!

    • You are a “college-phobe” bigot. At least we know Walker dropped out of college rather than waste family money. We don’t really know whether Obama actually attended college. We are not privy to his transcripts. Does that not bother you?

      • With Walker as president, we will import all doctors, nurses, computer experts from Russia, China, Iraq, Iran. Then Walker will go ahead to make USA a Sharia law country. Good luck. In Wisconsin we are already under Sharia law.

        • Angry American

          Stop spreading lies

          • Racism does not pay and that is exactly what Wisconsin state, municipal employees and farmers accused me of in 2010. I warned them not to join TP a racist group which was anti-Obama. State and municipal employees laughed at me and called me all kinds of names. They said Walker was their savior against Obama and Democrats; they voted for Walker. As soon as Walker was sworn in; he got rid of all Union benefits; cut government employees benefits; enacted law to allow CEOs to pay women less than men doing same job; cut their pay, cut farmers Badgercare etc. Walker had chance to retaliate against government employees who had flunked him in college. You remember how these morons cried. The Wisconsin State Capital was in chaos. The same people who had labeled me a jerk; came crying: “We wish we had listened to you. Walker is bad apple.” Too late; Walker was our governor whether they like it or not. The same morons staged a recall. They lost again. Now go around the State capital. You will see state and municipal employee walking with their heads down and sad. Now you are lying to people how good Walker is. Good luck and you and your supporters.

          • Angry American


        • Michael Dennewitz

          You been drinking that shit again, huh??

          • Come to Wisconsin. Even the Repubs are now questioning what their leader wants – get rid of universities!

        • Take a LONG walk off a short Pier !

        • What a bunch of bullshit!!!

        • Stop with the lies. Your nose is growing. LOL!!

    • great lie. wont work!

      • Call his office. They will tell you exactly what I said. Universities are not severely defunded.

        • Angry American

          Are you confused you state above that the universities are under funded & here you state that they are Not. So make up your mind you can’t say it both ways or were we not supposed to catch that? Nice try though but some of us have memories that last longer than 2seconds like libs have

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Piss on their offices… (can’t wait for the language police). ROFL

    • Your an idiot

      • John Cullen! Are you related to the legislator of Wisconsin. He is a good guy; I do not know where he got you from with such language.

        • Look out the pc police. If a word describes correctly a person then use it.

        • Angry American

          Who is the “legislator” you are talking about? If it’s Walker he is the Gov. not one of the legislators, Just like obammy but of a mere state not the entire nation, at least not yet, maybe

    • pmbalele,
      I have serious doubts about your statements. How about some proof? I do not doubt some of Walker’s ideas but I don’t know about any war talk. The situation in the Middle East with Islam has no cut and dried simple solution. Islam has been at war with themselves for hundreds of years. While most of the world would prefer peace, they do not subscribe to that thought process.

      • President Obama approach to Iraq war is perfect. Let the Iraq government fight the war -it is best interest for Iraq – not USA. Whoever wins the war, we will do business with. Even if we send US troupes there and certainly kill all ISIS, the same thing will come up again. It’s a vicious circle. Those who will be in power will marry 4 wives each. These left behind for wealth will be angry and form another ISIS. Let US train those Iraq soldiers if they want to win the war.

        • pmbalele,
          That is not exactly what is happening. We are bombing ISIS daily at a huge cost that is getting us nowhere. I say stop the bombing and pick up the pieces later or go destroy ISIS completely. Of course, we then have to contend with the next Islamic terrorist group in Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East. There is no end to Islamic terrorists as long as there are Islamists no matter how “peaceful” they might appear to be.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Ahhhhh, it finally comes thru.. You’re pro Ovomit! You voted for the little bastard, didn’t you, huh, huh!!??

        • Angry American

          That part of the world is still barbaric by any standards in the middle east in particular they still live in the 12th century & technology is just above their though processes except for a few of them & they are few between too

          • How can you deal with individuals who pray 5 times a day and want 4 wives? Of course they have oil and can purchase a lot of American-made products. But they do not have to go to school as we know it. How many wives does Saudi Arabia
            king have? You also remember Khadafi; he had 8 girls as his body guards. Now you want to send our military to fight for these people. Let them solve their own problems. We can help. We have done enough for them.

          • Angry American

            I have a tendency to stay away from rag heads not only the 5 times a day praying, but who would be stupid enough to have 4 or more wives or one wife for that matter.
            Do you know that if they made a marriage license cost $10,000.00 & divorce cost $15.00 (just backwards from the way it is now) How many people would be married, I don’t know the answer but willing to bet it wouldn’t be many. I was born a bachelor & gonna die a bachelor I tried it once & it wasn’t for me

          • Without a woman, you must be sad person. I cannot live without a woman. Well, if that fits your life; go ahead. But I know you are not happy.

          • You may need a woman in your life I don’t, I live as a bachelor by choice not chance. Sometimes I have as many as 6 or 7 different women a month so it isn’t like I don’t have them involved in my life I just limit how much they can submit to a relationship with me I have been married so it doesn’t hold a fascination for me & I love my life just the way it is. Even though I am older I still feel the same way. I did meet a woman once when I was 30 that I actually wanted to marry, it just didn’t work out she was to young for me. I am committed to live this life for the rest of the time I have on this earth. Some consider me handsome?? I don’t get it how do women fall in love with me when they don’t even know me? Another of the wonders of the world

      • Angry American

        He must be revering to the article on Walker above & he does not say he wants war in the middle east. He stated that if it became necessary to go to war there due to national security he would not tell the enemy Americas plans like obammy has done so many times with those time tables & the god awful rules of engagement

        • Angry American,
          I know what Walker said. There is a solution for bad behavior. There is no solution by humans for evil behavior. There is a big difference there. But Walker has acted and spoke of other issues as well. I do not hold for legislating morality except for the protection of the public. But otherwise I have no issues with Walker.

          • Angry American

            Here in Ca. we don’t get every thing or even hear of some of the things they do in other states unless it is really serious

          • Angry American,
            I have two daughters in southern California. I understand the problem. Too often the media selects only the juicy parts of liberalism. Only so much can be news on TV anywhere. LA newspapers take days to read completely.
            I get liberal media a lot but also get other info from a less liberal press overall. Since I live in a very conservative state, I get the “other” news.

          • Angry American

            The L.A. times is so far left that you don’t hear lots of things especially about obammy I live in Orange Co; Anaheim to be more precise & it leans slightly to the right & that is the one I read every day the L.A. times I quit reading years ago & now cost $2.00 per copy. TV news is more selected for the area you are in even the national stuff & yes I listen to fox news but really like the opinions one One American News especially the ledger report he doesn’t like obamma & says so every chance he gets. When you live in a state that is run by democraps you must keep up with these slimy basturds as they will try to sneak things by those that do not pay attention especially when it comes to money

          • angry American,
            I live I Idaho which is the reddest state in the union. I have to watch out for the GOP to act inappropriately. It seems that when one party is in control they can easily get out of control. Control goes to their heads. The GOP is the majority and I controlled by the rural counties so urban issues get lost in the decision making sometimes. But Democrats are about as numerous as sharks.

          • Since I am a social lib & a fiscal conservative I would be called a libertarian I do not belong to any political party so I consider myself a independent. I do vote for conservatives, there are many things I don’t like about the democrats, living in Ca. that is run by democrats is another reason I will not pull the lever with a D on it, I don’t like their tactics in elections either. Of course there are also many gop that I wouldn’t give the time of day to but consider them the lesser of two evils, some elections I just sit out sad to say but I do. I also consider voting to be one of the major rights we have

          • Angry American,
            Congratulations, you are in the same political realm as our governor and many state legislators who are Libertarians. While I am a ore moderate GOP, I am also a stickler for the Constitution.

          • I am what I am, don’t take me wrong I do believe in the constitution this founding document was written by our forefathers who were visionaries & should be followed to the letter it has been used since the countries birth & will serve every American well for hundreds of years to come

          • Angry American,
            Compare the life of our Constitution with those of other countries. They change with the political winds. some countries have had a half dozen “constitutions” over very short periods of time. But none of them have the freedoms and protections that ours has. It makes sense to follow ours as it works, at lest until fairly recent times. But now it is being cast aside for control/power purposes. We have to get back to that letter of the law and stop trying to read things into it that are not there. “Intent” has become the new dodge of the Constitution. Our courts are abusing that concept.

          • Our constitution works for us & will continue to do so. Other countries have written constitutions using ours a guide & theirs failed, ours will not fail unless we keep electing turds like obama , it also has to do with the people of the countries & we all grew up free people where the people in other countries like Russia want to go back to the communist ways since they only got a taste of our freedoms so my conclusion is you have to grow up free to really appreciate it & want it to continue

          • Angry American,
            Freedom comes with a price. Too many do not want to pay the dues. I believe they call that work. Way too many people in the world have a government that makes all their decisions for them.

          • I hardly see any difference —I think it’s all a charade

          • rhondarachei,
            It is all about power and the abuse of it for personal gain. That is hardly a new concept.

          • I know…that’s why I only vote for constitutionalists….a balance of powers needs to be restored and then none of them can gain too much.
            That’s where we went off the rails.

          • rhondreichel,
            As one who supports the Constitution, I have to agree with that position. Unfortunately neither party is exactly doing that.

          • Term limits would be wonderful

          • rhondareichel,
            I am not sure on that issue. We need some continuity and experience in Congress. But the continuity often goes awry so term limits of say, two terms for the Senate and four terms for the House would be in order.

          • Well then you are doing the right thing reading articles on the internet
            Even national news is so skewed I don’t trust it

        • Neocons call EVERYTHING national security or “American interests”
          no more of this nonsense in the middle east…..withdraw and stay out

      • True…..but that’s exactly why we should never have interferred. Let them fight it out.

        • rhondareichel,
          That is my thought on the Islamic issue. I do not like killing anymore than anyone else. Killing all opposition is their way. Let them have at it. If they threaten us and they have, then it is time to bid them farewell to their utopia. I have to wonder if they have enough maidens there for all the men.

          • Threats don’t mean anything…..talk is cheap. They have not bothered us until we invaded for 300 years. We need to get out and stay out. I wouldn’t like it if we were being occupied any more than they do so they have a legitimate beef now….but we gave it to them.

          • rhodareichel,
            Talk is not cheap with Islam. You would think they would know that we can wipe them out rather quickly if we so choose. It did not take us long to dispatch Iraq or Libya. Let ISIS destroy Iraq and Syria. The result will be an Islamic government, likely Sunni. Then they can fight against the Iranians who are Shiite. Dictators have been the norm throughout the region for centuries. That is what they are used to. When a dictator is in control, the country is usually peaceful.

          • Sure it is….they threaten each other with regularity and it’s mostly all posturing. Note that Sadaam did not attack Iran until he had U.S. backing. We foment a lot of that strife.

          • rhondareichel,
            That is an absolute fact. Had we stayed out of Iraq and Libya we would be way ahead. One issue that does not seem to come up is that Iraq is used to Sunni rule and ISIS is Sunni. No wonder the Iraqi army is reluctant to kill them. If folks like us can see that, why can’t our “leaders”?

    • Angry American

      Those look like al the talking points of the lefties, so I am not sure they are true. Probably not

    • Banning abortions is one of his better quailties…..women don’t have a right to kill babies. Keep your legs together.

      • By other way I am not a woman to keep my legs together. I do not know how women suffer or feel without sex. As a man I know how I feel and suffer without sex. So I cannot speak for them. All I know they would love to be left alone to make their own decision.

        • Then keep it in your pants – it’s not just a decision it’s a murder. Taking birth control is a decision….a better one if you don’t want children.

          • You do not know your 2nd Bible. Taking birth control is a sin. This is because you deliberately destroying potential babies.

          • Taking birth control is no different than the rythyme method….it’s the same objective….but killing babies in the womb is shedding innocent blood

          • God told you, go in the world and reproduce. He did not tell you go in the world and starve yourselves of sex.

  7. Marcia Fridland

    Obama may consider the fact that underestimating other people is always a mistake.

  8. Angry American

    Does anyone really care what they do to themselves, I sure don’t. They can kill each other I really don’t care & after they get done killing the winner will be much easier to eradicate

    • NATO eliminated the dictators…now the jihadists will really run wild

      • back in the day in the Marine Corps had a saying about NVA, with a bullet threw there heads they all look the same. DEAD. Google Jihads training camps in US. the facts come from the FBI and Homeland Security. this is what a corrupt dictator who hates the nation that has let him and his other live the life of royalty. then we have the corrupt senators and congressmen and women who are his cronies and then we have real douche bags like George Sores who support the riots and the dictator in charge now. treason to me is long over due for all of these traitors. a good used rope and a short drop to meet there maker. Semper Fi

      • SECULAR dictators at that !

    • Yep….let the Sunnis and Shiites fight it out….I don’t care who wins…..in fact if I had a choice it would be the Shiites because ISIS and Al Qaeda are Sunni and they are THE WORST

  9. Michael Dennewitz

    Two possibilities exist. And it matters not how bizarre they may seem, the end results would save us all..
    Either a highly trained and courageous sniper finds a way to take out the HNIC or, we simply drop a couple of small nukes on Iraq and Afghanistan. Hey, don’t come back with all this pitiful collateral damage, we gave that no thought when we stopped the japs dead in their tracks!!

    • amen to that., payback is a bitch.Semper Fi

      • Would you be saying the same stupid shit if Russia or China decided to nuke The USA ? I highly doubt that!! I can hear Putin now. Paybacks a bitch!! SCREW YOU!!

      • Brian you are so full of it…..we blockaded Japan and that’s why they attacked….plus we intercepted their plan 12 days before it happened and gave no warning but we did manage to send the best ships out of Pearl Harbor BEFORE the attack.
        You need to study history.

        • first of all the Jap’s were invading a lot of countries and killing tens of thousands of people and they were stripping countries of all there natural resources, that is why the government did the blockaded. now the Brits told Roosevelt 4 months before hand about the attack on Pearl Harbor but yet he turned a deaf ear to the warning. look and see who own large amount of stock in the companies that supplied the war companies, he own stock in plus many senators and congressmen. things have not changed much just the people in DC. War sucks and the ones who get rich are the ones who make the most and there son’s and daughters do not go off to war but the average American does.
          I know my history you should read who the bad guys were then, Roosevelt made hundreds of millions then which would be billions now.

          • Yes FDR was lower than whale dung —but Japan invading countries was not our problem….we only should worry about our own.
            He also was attacking German ships to get Germany to declare war on us first.

            NO ENTANGLING ALLIANCES (George Washington)

    • we dropped 2 nukes on Japan after they were already ready to surrender
      That’s something I’m ashamed of

  10. Plain and simple,obama has screwed America up.He is nothing but a third class muslim and that’s pretty bad when you figure that a first class muslim is whale s#&t,and that’s at the bottom of the ocean,thats about as low as you can get.El’bozo’s policy is all foreign and NOTHING for America.

  11. going into Syria would be another terrible idea

    • SO is that why we are arming terrorists?….so the ISIS boogeyman can convince Americans we need to attack Assad? Sure looks that way to me.
      60 nation coalition…HOGWASH

  12. If we send our men and women in harms way, they should be allowed to attain VICTORY! When obozo began his reign we had victory. He gave away victory, then tied our military’s hands.

  13. Vernon Cunningham

    America should conquer land, keep and use the assets. Integrate the populations into our sphere of influence and bring a civil Order to that area. Russia is doing it, successfully. we should follow their example.

  14. They ALL talk as if we had MONEY. We’re 18 trillion in debt, for heavens sake! Get rid of the waste in government along with all the unconstitutional activities in which it engages, and there might again be some hope of fiscal sanity. Fact is, if “created money” is to be spent, it should be spent on making America impregnable, getting rid of the mosques and Muslims in our own country, sealing up the borders, creating some real cyber security, and having the most well-trained and armed military in the world. Then, Reagan style, the message is “mess with us at your peril.”

  15. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker could make George W Bush look like a rocket scientist!


  16. We do need boots on the ground and kick the s t out of them. Stop playing games with these people. Get in, get it done, get out to a certain extent.

    • NOT OUR BOOTS…..plenty of countries in that region who can fight
      Let the Saudis, Israelis and Turkey get their hands dirty for a change—they are the ones with the most to lose.
      Iran’s president recently said WE WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH TO STOP ISIS….so let him. They were doing a good job until Obama started whining and made them back off.

      • I like your honesty & I respect you for not being afraid to speak the truth. If we had more people like you , this would be a better country. Most Americans are afraid to speak out, for fear of being labeled a terrorist. Times have really changed. Back, when we rose up against The British Government, the people were considered PATRIOTS for wanting to be free & independent. Today those same people would be considered traitors or terrorists. After all , they were trying to overthrow their own government. They not only spoke out, but they took up arms against one of the most powerful empires in the world & we won our independence. Now, we are being punished for speaking out against a corrupt Government & called unpatriotic, just as Edward Snowden did along with other whistleblowers. I guess we are not as free as we thought we were & waving a little flag does not make you a patriot. Part of The First Amendment does say the people have a right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. We fought for that right & many others. Americans need to wake up before it’s too late.

        • Same to you Faye….it’s hard to find pragmatic and rational people these days….so many are manipulated by the MSM and fail to use common LOGIC

  17. Oh great….another WARMONGER
    That’s why I will be voting for Rand Paul

  18. We need to establish objectives. It is immoral for us to ask any American soldier to sacrifice his life for anything by total victory. So you’ve gotten to define total victory. It is just against ISIS, or is it against Islam? How many in here are willing to fight a total war against Islam? I see one (me). Do I see two?

    • There is nothing over there I want to WIN

      • They still have lots of oil. We need to subdue them and take away whatever nuclear weapons they have. They all hate America. Their goal is to conquer America. We need to re-educate them so that they love America. Their children will sing “God Bless America” every morning in school.

  19. When dealing with unrealistic liberal ideals, there is no true way to eradicate the scourge without violating some PC somewhere along the lines. Stop being so soft for God’s sake, WE ARE AMERICAN’S!!

  20. Michael Dennewitz

    Ha! Just got a news flash. The Fast Track Trade deal just got derailed.. WOOHOO !!!

  21. assuming we have the brains in washington,war is out,work your enemy by groups of underground patriots,play the same game but do it better,perhaps when obama is gone we can begin to act as a country that is the best.
    destroy mosques all of them,take no prisoners,show no mercy for we are dealing with the devil.

  22. “Buffalo breath” huh. I’ve not heard that one and personally my breath smells quite nice. Good luck with your optimism. The Republicans and Democrats aren’t much different so how in the world are we as citizens ever going to accomplish representative government. Both parties have failed us completely and I don’t see any changes coming no matter who becomes the next President. If the citizens would rise up and demand a return to representative government, our Constitution and the Rule of Law and refused to leave DC by the millions until our demands were met then we would see change. Until that happens be ready to strap it on because we are headed for a major fall.

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