Voters Lose Faith In Republicans

According to a new poll, around 18 percent of Americans believe that a GOP-controlled House is going to create positive changes in Washington.

The Monmouth University poll, which was originally released on Wednesday showed that less than one-fifth of Americans actually believed that the GOP could manage to have a positive effect on the lower chamber. Another 21 percent actually noted that they expected Congress to change for the worse under the GOP while around 51 percent said that regardless of which of the two parties was in control they did not expect to see much difference.

Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute noted in a press release that all of the changes in Washington should be viewed as evidence that the public is dissatisfied with Washington and not as evidence that the general public wanted to see a split Congress.

The public’s expectations following this change in the leading party are lower than the expectations that the American people had during the transition in 2018 when the Democrats gained control of the House. At the time around 28 percent of Americans had said that they expected to see a positive change while only 16 percent had noted that they thought there would be a change for the worse.

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