Virginia Councilwoman: Police are Modern Ku Klux Klan

Democrats wince when one of their own accidentally says out loud what the party is trying to push through on a subtler level. Politics, after all, isn’t about shoving your idiotic opinion down the public’s throat. It’s about hiding your idiotic opinion from the sheep and telling them what they want to hear in the meantime.

Just ask Hillary Clinton, who knows all about having a “public and private” position on the issues.

But Angelia Williams Graves didn’t get the memo. The Norfolk, VA City Council member told an NAACP gathering on October 1 that today’s police officers were the descendants of the Ku Klux Klan.

“Modern racists have taken off their white hats and white-sheeted robes and put on police uniforms,” Graves said. “Some of them have put on shirts and ties as policymakers and some of them have put on robes as judges.”

While no recording of the speech is available, Graves happily admitted that those remarks reflected her point of view in an interview with The Washington Post. Others who attended the event said that they, too, remembered hearing the same sentiments.

“The KKK comparison shocked the crowd at the Norfolk NAACP Freedom Fund luncheon, attendees said,” said the paper.

Graves said the only way people would pay attention was if they told them the truth.

“We have to recognize that there is a problem before we can solve the problem,” Graves told the paper. “We have to stop trying to tiptoe around it and deal with the issues.”

Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe, himself a Democrat, told the Post that Graves’ comments were not helping anything.

“We all want to talk about looking at each other’s point of view, come to the table, listen to the concerns,” McCabe said. “When you have comments from either side that are inappropriate or racist or over the line, then it kind of defeats the purpose.”

In other words, you can’t just go out there and give up the whole gameplan. You have to work around the edges. First, you convince people that they’re being victimized. You slowly get the “oppressors” to feel guilty and afraid. You can’t just go straight to: Police are the modern KLAN!

But we should pay attention when one of these people lets their disguise down. It’s only at these moments that we get to look this evil in the face and see it for what it really is.

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  1. What an asshole!

  2. She is nothing more than a Liberal racist Hillary supporter.

    • I am constantly amazed at the total ignorance and stupidity of the left. Well let us hope that if she ever needs the police they DON’T respond and if she should happen to have armed security pull the permits so that they can not be armed.

      • Christians are not hating Muslims Hllary has attacked so many christian churches and also there are Liberals hiding in this web site who are ready to Insult me Banish all Liberals from this web site they are infecting this whole web site

        • Bachelor With Sense

          SORRY, But it isn’t going to happen! The ONLY way to get rid of them (DemonRats) is to Achmed the Dead Terrorist them!

        • Yahoo actually published an article showing Hillary at church and alluding to her being a Christian.

        • We needn’t banish them. Prove them wrong. Humiliate them. Beat them into submission. They will be their own undoing, and end up on the ash heap of history just as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, among hordes of others.

          • Only one problem,,,,Can’t prove them wrong because they are incapable of logic and recognizing facts.

            DON’T FEED THE TROLLS. block them.

          • Trolls have the right to speak their minds, block them, what does that make you, a fascist that is what denying other the right to speak.

          • That is not blocking their right to speak, but asserting our right not to listen. Just as we have the right to turn the TV to another channel if Hillary is speaking.

          • that is not denying their right to speak it is you deciding not to listen to them. You have as much right not to listen to their mindless twaddle as they do to speak it, wow .

          • What logic might that be?

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          • You may remember that Jesse Jackson ( or was it Al Sharpton?) said, “to ask a black person to use logic, is racist”. Enough said.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Exactly, you cannot fix stupid.

          • Yea, but how many will have to die before that ash heap comes?

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          • How to Block:
            Look for the down arrow to the right of their name. Click it and click on BLOCK on the down menu. Poof! They are gone!

            No one has to put up with those nasty TROLLS on this website or other websites. It’s all a game to spread HATE on websites and they really don’t care about the subjects they trash, they just want to get you angry! It’s a new phenomenon on the web and they all suck!

          • You must be a Clinton liberal/socialist.

          • Oh you have Freedom to go someplace else where you belong BUT NOT TO PLAY YOUR DUMB TROLL GAMES WITH PEOPLE DISCUSSING HOW TO SAVE THEIR COUNTRY. No one is a communist, liberal, or socialist UNLESS THEY ARE YOU! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE YOU ARE BLOGGING…on a Conservative site trying to throw liberal terms on Conservatives? Nice try. SO take a hike TROLL..WE KNOW YOUR GAME SPREADING FALSEHOODS AND HATE. SAYONARA SICKO!

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          • For God’s sake, never listen or watch an opposing view. That would not allow you to be objective.
            OK, Go ahead and block me. That is how Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Hillary would handle opposing opinions.

          • There’s constructive opposing comments or there’s just plain nasty idiotic comments. With our country spinning dangerously close to fragmenting depending on who becomes President, we need constructive ideas, not those of someone getting their jollies off making people angry. That’s just a waste of valuable time or if you’re a TROLL, then it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

          • It doesn’t matter, if you keep an “open mind” you can see what the rest of the world “thinks”. And, yes I know, “thinks” is another “racist” word.

          • Okay, now you’re making sense. In order to go forward one needs to know the options available in order to make the best choice. That is what intelligent people do — gather ALL the facts. No one will disagree with you on that. And no “thinks” isn’t a racist word, it’s something that many do not know how to do…use their brains.

            Unfortunately today, the word “racist” is used when the Left can’t come back with a factural argument so they claim that person is racist. The biggest racist is sitting in the White House today and is responsible for the divide between the White and Black races…and the constant usage of “racist”. It is a word that means nothing and everything together depending on “who” is using it.

            Glad you’re not a troll Tom. Those people are despicable and a nasty creation of our internet. I wish them into the corn fields!

          • I just dismiss the kooks, but I don’t really get angry.

          • you are wrong I do not have to listen to lies and meaningless drivel it is my right, I am not blocking them form ANYONE BUT MYSELF how can you not see the huge difference. When you say stupid things I am free to ignore it, you can still say them and make yourself look like a clay brained moron that is your right as much as it is my right not to let you pollute a forum with meaningless crap

          • Right on the mark.
            Intellegence on this site, a miracle.

        • Hillary is a closet Muslim I bet converted along ago, for cash and power, Hillary is dangerous to America, and Americans, and I can bet this, she is more than capable of becoming another Hitler have no doubt of that. she has no soul, no morals and no love for Americans or America. I shutter to think of that skank Hillary in the white house.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          Just block them like the annoying gnats they are.

      • Don’t think they are stupid. They have an agenda sometimes called NAZI’s.

      • It would be great to do that, but I’m retired Cleveland Policeman and I can tell you it’s not our way. No matter who call for help we run in on it. – It’s in the blood, I guess.

        • You are a good man thats why! As are all cops in my opinion. I am not saying every cop is perfect but i know most do not start this career with the mindset of hurting others. They get weeded out! I have not seen one of the black lives matter cases that was not unjustified. So sad that you and others face everyday this bias for the uniform you wear while protecting everyone equally no bias whatsoever

        • What do you think of officers supporting HITLERY and i mean like big time spouting the proven lies etc i have a couple who i was close to and find it difficult to understand and he tries to refute every pro trump thing i post

        • I know you guys would and I do respect that I assure you but something needs to be done to get it through these morons heads that the very vast majority of police officers are stand up men and women who are fantastic people.

    • she is just like her racist mother hilLIARy

    • I would love to see the Norfolk cops come down with the 72 hour “Blue Flu”.
      How long do you think it would take this racist asshole to get the hell out of Norfolk if she new there were no cops to protect her rights.

  3. This is the rhetoric most folks on the left come up with. Rather than deal with their problems, they blame someone or something else. Do not try and better yourself, do not believe in family values, do not work for a living, do not act in a civilized manner, etc…….just blame anything and everything in an attempt to cover up lack of compassion, civility, family, etc.. It is ALWAYS someone else fault, never your own!

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      You nailed it, not an ounce of personal responsibility in the lying Shariacrats. Funny thing is, we don’t see gangs of whites going around destroying businesses, pulling blacks out of their vehicles for beatings on their way home from work , blocking traffic, looting and killing police officers in cold blood. No that is the BLM and Soros pays them to foment social chaos. Any REAL president would have locked them up long ago and would be after them as a terrorist organization, which they are.

      • Obama has set back race relations at least 50 years and it is only going to get worse. Thanks Oblowhard for being the worst president America has ever had to endure.

        • but 0buma says he has fixed everything that was wrong with america he has done everything he pledged to do, he even paid our debt to iran what more could you expect him to do, he even gave them cash money so they can use it for terrorism without being traced back to them they sure played 0buma for the fool that he is. And I think he set back race relations back to the days of Lincoln.

    • Truer words were never spoken

    • The whole point of the democrat party is “socialism” and that is to put as many people as possible on government welfare (AKA the government plantation). That’s the 47% Romney talked about in 2012. Most likely the number is even higher now. History has shown that when the “takers” outnumber the “givers” the country will resort to the only possible solution; civil war.

      • And Obama has ben working hard on that for the last seven years. Hillary will take that even further if she doesn’t get us into a shooting war with her lies and BS.

        • she says her ideas are best and even more better than 0bumas

          • Surely, you cannot believe that. her and obama both seem to think that spending taxpayer money on anything helps the economy.

          • I was only saying that as a joke I know they are fools I was trying to say she thinks her ideas are better than what 0buma has used but both of them are fools

      • lets hope civil war is coming soon before we are completely broke right now we are broken but not broke of money

        • God bless you kid, but you don’t want a civil war. If you you were ever in a war you would know what I mean. – It’s not like on TV or at the movies. I pray Trump wins and it never happens.

    • Well said PJ

    • I have found that when assessing blame for failure, the exercise is best done before a mirror and addressing the comments to the image before you.

    • It’s the way of the kids for the last 20+ years. They are taught that NOTHING is their fault and the world owes them a living.

  4. Hey, know what Norwegians call a turd? An Angelia Williams Graves! What a stupid bag!

  5. I wouldn’t equate them as KKK, however the MAJORITY of cops and judges are a POS~

  6. The original KKK was a result of the democratic South after the War Between the States because of the barbaric way the Union armies burned some of the major Southern cities to the ground. The KKK terrorized the south up through the 1960s. When they asked me to join in the 1980s, I said “no”. Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR supported the KKK. Several modern day congressional democrats were, at one time, members or supporters of the KKK. Today, the KKK is a memory. They resemble the militant New Black Panthers and the BLMs. They are all being funded by the far left radicals like Georgie Soros and other UN and E elites.

    • Hallelujah! Someone who recalls better history than that which is taught in state run schools. One of the foundational reasons for the clan was to attempt to rid the destitute South of the unscrupulous Northerners who invaded the south as “Carpetbaggers” with personal gain as their goal. (Hillary was the Southern reprisal when she took up her carpet bag and became a senator from New York for her personal benefit.) Sadly, the “kluckers” expanded into terror tactics against not only black citizens but also against white citizens who ran afoul of the Klan.

  7. ATTENTION: The police are not DEMOCRATS. Police are a mixture of political persuasions including republicans and democrats. I suspect mostly republicans. The KKK statement is probably from an ignorant democratic supporter. The confederacy was southern democrats, KKK was mostly democrats. Hillary’s friend Byrd who had passed away was a KKK grand kluggle or whatever it was called. Many 70 era democrats were KKK.

    • SADLY, not very many Americans know this about Democrats who are certainly NOT for the best interests of black society but throw them ‘tid-bits’ so they can continue to USE them as “Useful Idiots” on election days!!!!
      Those that do not know past history are damned to repeat past history!!!!

      • That is by design since the education system is majority democrat liberal. Most kids in school have no grasp of real history and neither do most of their teachers.

        • They are not schools. They are “indoctrination centers” promoted by the democrats.

        • AS LONG as states are willing to keep a federal ‘control collar’ around their schools by continuing to accept FEDERAL FUNDING with all its ‘required guidelines’, our kids will remain uninformed and their teachers sub-par!!!!
          Karl Marx’s objective in demanding an ‘escalated income tax’ was to be able to….
          USE THE PEOPLE’S OWN MONEY AGAINST THEM to promote his satanic agenda!!!!!

          • you are pretty smart now lets see what we can do about this phony crap on election day and dump these dumbass democrats

          • Too late, Turned in my absentee ballet at noon today. – MANY people doing the same and MANY, MANY more participating in early voting. – From the look of the crowd it didn’t look too good for the Hillrat.

            (Of course,,,,,Me and my wife voted for Trump!)

        • THEY ARE mostly dems what do you expect them to do, they sure as hell cannot vote republican that would be like voting to have your tires slashed in the parking lots

        • Once heard of a teacher introducing a speaker as a veteran of “World War Eleven”

      • How true how true

      • They don’t realize they are being used by the Dems. They don’t get that they are 40% worse off economically, than they were before Obama took office. If they understood that, they would not be voting for Hillary (more of the same) Clinton.

      • not to mention all the dead that vote without voter ID the dems sure know how to keep them fools voting FOR DEMS some way, talk about a bunch of “TURKEYS”

    • You forgot one. The 10th Amendment (States Rights) abolished without any legislation at all by Abraham Lincoln when he made the federal government (called the UNION) more powerful than the states by sending the Union Army onto the sovereign soil of the southern states. There was no law at the time that stated a state could not secede from the union. Therefore to send union troops into states that chose to secede was a treasonous and tyrannical act. No wonder Lincoln is Obamas favorite president.

      • Agreed. But on average, most Americans don’t care for our assessment of Mr. Lincoln.
        Hell, most don’t understand the necessity of States Rights, or why we have them.

        • Interesting, may i suggest you read up on the first US government which from 1781 to 1789 operated under the “articles of confederation”. You might find it very interesting. Each state was an independent state and the federal government was very weak. I myself do not like the big government does everything bandwagon which seems common today.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


    • You are right about most of what you said. The only quibble I have with it is when you said, “… KKK was mosly democrats.” NO! The KKK was ALL democrats! The modern KKK may have some republicans, David Duke comes to mind, but the modern KKK is not lynching blacks and republicans anymore, nor are they the terrorist wing of the Democratic party anymore..

      • about the time of woodrow wilson the democrats started to change from desired slavery of a farm to enslavement as a lower class who votes as told. In LBJs term he initiated the great society which initiated a welfare class and kept blacks on the enslavement farm to vote for democrats and continue their welfare.

        the thing that irks me is that the folks on welfare see a white guy driving a mercedes and call it prejudice, white privilege. The white guy went to college, got good grades, after college worked hard at his job, got rewarded with promotions and raises which allowed him to get the mercedes. the welfare person gets welfare, at best a minimum wage job, quit high school, no college, he can only get a minimum wage job and takes it out on the first white customer of the day for discrimination, gets fired, if he/she is lucky they get another job in a couple of months if a foreign worker has not taken it. blacks have moved from the cotton fields to the modern enslavement welfare plantation.

      • not certain who probably did the firebombing. Blacks may come at a person directly. Illegal aliens might do spray paint. ISIS would try to kill someone. However KKK just entered my mind and historically yhey would support democrats.

    • Retired Cleveland cop here – Yep Just about 80% Republicans,,,,and that includes the black coppers.

  8. Negroids will always be negroids with or without a banana in hand

  9. People who obey the law HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH THE POLICE. Liberals refuse to accept the fact that there more volunteers for police encounters out of smart assed blacks than victims of Police “brutality”.

  10. So, the woman compares police to the democratic invented KKK. It seems that the dems are now in a propaganda war to separate police forces and citizens. It worked well with the black/white divide, the poor/wealthy divide, the college educated/non-college divide so now they target law enforcement against citizens.
    But, when one looks deeper into the “divide and conquer” strategy you find the current desire towards a
    “nationalized police force” under the direct control of the federal government instead of local authorities.

    • A national police force is really a scary concept. Although far from perfection, a local police force is far more responsive to the citizenry that it serves than some agency controlled from afar They are generally staffed by people who reside in the communities that they serve. I need only point to the TSA and their storm trooper tactics or the DHS “resettlement” brigade, neither of whom give a tinkers damn for the sensibilities, concerns or needs of local citizenry.

    • Obama can only do his dirty work if he can manage to create enough “chaos” and he was been working overtime with all the phony offensive riots created in order to have the DOJ take over the local police forces in many major cities. All part of the progressive / communist / democrat plan. Holder was part of that plan originally but I think he chickened out do to fear but no problem Lunch picked up the mantle as Obama knew she would. Lunch, Comey and Mills were co-workers in the same law firm in D.C. so it’s no coincidence why the DOJ is totally corrupted.

    • that is the democratic way divide and conquer, now ruin the poor lawmen on the streets, the DEMS have taken over the FBI AND THEIR KEYSTONE COPS and the department of justice with the now famous attorney general Loretta fatass lynch the dems have it all

  11. Members of the Klan were predominantly DEMOCRATS! It would appear that they STILL are!

    They are STILL the Slaveholders! They are STILL Enemies of Amarica!

    • The democommies have made the federal government the “slaveholders” now instead of the southern plantation owners and the taxpayers are the slaves. People living on the government dole are the useful idiots of socialism and they don’t even know what is going on. They are fed, clothed, housed and entertained but they are NOT BEING HELPED ONE BIT.

    • too bad the blacks can not see that, they are falling for hilLIARys B/S, why I bet she would not be around any of them blacks after election day, she will forget every one of them fools, she would drop them like a hot potato

  12. I’ll bet $1000 that she is black and I have no idea who she is.

  13. proof that you ca use dumb with negro and be correct. racist black always get a pass

  14. I don’t see any of the communist leftist going after the CIA, BATF or many of the other agencies that are used as kill squads, like Ruby ridge, Wayco, okloma city, Nevada or most recent the ambush of some malita folks going to meet a sherif that the killer agents didn’t give a chance to and bullet riddled their car with over. A 150 rounds and shot a man 9 times with his hands in the air and NO Weapon! Not a peep from Obama the treAsnous murder or his prostitutes in the media !

  15. Angela, you ignorant slut……B L M , IS the new KKK

  16. WAKE-UP VOTERS and get this ignorant woman the Hell OFF of your City Council!!!!

    • We were unable to rid ourselves of slime-ball Ryan and demented John (McCain) so why should a small local election turn out any different?

  17. I long for the days of moderation but the left seems bent on destroying that concept. If you do not agree with a liberal, you are a racist, bigot, a religious fanatic or not PC.


  19. The liberal leftists are an enormous danger to our nation, our freedoms and the rule of law. This woman is, apparently, at the same level of thoughtfulness as Hollywood celebrities who, while rich, are usually very lacking in knowledge of reality.

  20. I don’t believe this to be true about the VA police. For if they were her ass would already be strong up.

  21. Does that mean all Police in Virginia are the Democrats .. This is a stupid thing to say coming from a council woman,,,, Who are voting for these trouble makers ?

  22. That stupid bitch graves needs to be deported.

  23. Just to highlight this woman’s absolute lack of a brain she doesn’t even know which party created and used the KKK. It was the Democrat Party that created/owned the KKK to intimidate all people that they did not want voting. Senator Robert Byrd (D North Carolina) was a long time member of the KKK.

  24. Another ignorant black.

  25. I did not know there were Blacks in the KKK?? The police dept is made up of Blacks and Whites.

    • The Klan with a tan.

    • It’s a socialist ruse. They use the poor as wind up toys. The poor don’t know that they’re poor because of socialism. It’s designed to drag the middle class down and push the elites up, thus creating an society of elites and peasants.

  26. Give a nigger half a chance and they’ll act like one.

  27. why do we need cops we don’t really everybody just buy a gun and that will solve every thing and you wont have to live in fear because you know you can protect yourself because cops and troopers and fbi ad cia cannot protect everybody mostly when the refugees and terrorists get here americanns are being eliminated by Obama and Hillary with global economy and open borders

  28. I live in Virginia and this loud mouth is an insult to the people of my state. I go to Norflolk and what she is saying is an insult to the police department there. she needs to be removed from iffice. all this liberal crap is,about is these stupid loud mouth liberal tools want to federalist the police force to do away with the police as we currenttly know it. it will happen under Clinton and when it does. there will be a,sort of Nazi style police force totally under the authority of the Goverment. this is a very dangerous trend and Obama wasnted it. it means that. there would be no police force in the city of Norfork or in any other city. it would mean that because it was owned by the Govetment. they could pull them from one city and send them to another to do the dirty work of the socialist communist party . These idiots Are after a federalize police force
    You’re not going to like it when they get it because it will no longer be an actual police department hey won’t be anything but I’m not see type local Army I doubt that even be wearing a police uniform anymore. I’ve never seen people become so damn stupid but I swear I think liberals we’re going that way

  29. Bet money she is one of those “enlightened” modern day “coons”, wanting to blame everything on “whitey”. If the black bastards weren’t out stealing, robbing, or doing drugs, they wouldn’t have to worry about being shot or arrested.

  30. Hyphenated name. Female. Democrat. Speaking to naacp. She MUST be black. And so the reference to the kkk. I kept reading to see if slavery was ever brought up for discussion!

  31. What current Organization is Racially centric?
    BLM! They are the modern racists, ignoring the deaths and destruction in their own neighborhoods in order to make the Police look like the bad guys!

    • that BLM is just as bad as BABY HUEY in Ferguson where this BLM crap started from the lies told about baby huey was shot while his hands was up attacking the police officer in his car

  32. She is quick on the trigger to criticize and point her finger so I would like to hear her solution to her assessment of the problem. I wonder if Clarence Thomas and “honest” Eric Holder have their membership cards for the clan?

  33. If the blacks are so b badly mistreated here, why aren’t they leaving and going back to those countries in Africa in which their long ago forgotten ancestors were enslaved by other black tribesman to be sold to sea captains for resale in the new world.

    Slavery in Africa and Asia Minor is older than human history and but for Englishmen would still be a flourishing trade in Africa.

  34. George E. Lefebvre

    So now the KKK has BLACK members disguised as Police Officers. She’s obviously mentally deranged. Such are the jack-ses being elected to lead our country these days. They all seem to believe if they convince the masses that they know whats up, the more they proves themselves idiots. They are mostly uninformed by everything the touch.

  35. So, if she can say that cops are KKK, am I not justified in relating the DNC to the NAZI Party???
    The Nazi’s took guns, attacked free political speech, and demanded control of former free enterprise(Obamacare).
    I see far more similarities in my comparison than in hers.

  36. Well her BLM make the KKK look like pussy cats !!!

  37. This broad is nothing more than a sleazy, racist pig. Must be up for election. No doubt she supports the terrorist group blm.

  38. This idiot woman who is obviously black is a prime example of “ignorance breeds ignorance”.

  39. This woman is an example of a mind twisted to hate in her childhood and its owner being thrust into politics by an equally twisted-minded constituency.

  40. You know what, This B$tch Women Angelia Williams, Virginia Council person, would be the first call to the Police if she got in trouble The Hell with her and her Demorats. “BLUE LIVES MATTER”
    BOBBY ~!~

  41. First of all how come black women have three names? Second when you get your black a ss in trouble try calling some of your “black brothers” and see if they come running

  42. How can racial tensions get better with remarks like hers..The blacks have all the power to call any one a racist now and get away with it.. WHERE is the president who should condemn these remarks??

  43. When she is robbed and murdered, let her call BLM for help. They won’t show, of course, no money in it for them. TRUMP WILL WIN!!! In three weeks, the country changes course.

  44. BLM is the new and accepted KKK, The Klan with a tan.

    • Accepted by who, man? The prison system? Give me the sheets and hood. I’ll show you justice. ( not you, personally)

      • Praised by the President, Barack Obama.Jul 12, 2016.

        • Well, there you have it. An illegal mooseslime alien that was allowed to run for office, in Illinois, and nationally, calling the shots. Where I live, illegals and mooseslimes are mysteriously disappearing. The cops don’t know why. But we have a safe community.

          • Where do you live, I may want to go there! We got rid of them in the northwest country but my arthritis hurts in the cold! But my trigger finger still works!!

    • I like that one you are a poet and your feet show it they are Longfellows.

  45. Another commie socialist is on the loose.

  46. Watch the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers. Another great film that requires less time is A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. I’ve only been through 50 minutes of it (1.5 hours total time), and it’s very interesting. The left’s tactics are actually working on the indoctrinated, but you have to see how well-orchestrated it is. We have to make the indoctrinated aware of how they’re being used. Watch the film(s) if you get a chance. I don’t think any of them are free. A Wolf…is available through EWTN network. Maybe they’ll show it again on their network.

  47. There’s no stopping them people refuse to see the truth and the msm continues to support their lies.

  48. Dead from the neck up that racist witch is.

    • that would be BRAIN-DEAD I do believe. Can a brain dead person be a good president, possibly we have one now that is a complete dumbass and a smartass.

  49. If this had been a republican that said something so derogatory & racist, he would have been out of office pronto!!! How can these racist democrats keep doing this & getting away with it?!? What’s ironic, Hillary’s theme is “stronger together”,……doesn’t make sense!!! Vote for Trump!!!!

  50. Eleanore Whitaker

    The day any hick south of the Mason Dixon line speaks anything remotely intelligent in public, half the balls of the Good Ole Good Ole Good Ole Big Daddies will shrink to pea size.

  51. I care not what nationality you are, but you are making a “Big Mistake” with Our Law Officiers by talking against them and especially if you are a Christian Lady! Obey the Laws of Your Land says God and Love Your Neighbors and those serving in Our
    Government in Our Nation Under God…SO Be sure To Pray for Forgiveness! Vote Trump to Rescuse America and the Illegal Laws Under Obama!

  52. Anyone left, that, still thinks that we can coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking outlaws?
    Have you had enough, yet?
    If not, what will it take?

  53. if the low life ass has a problem,she can call her blm heroes for protection lets see how that will work out for her

  54. Dipshit Democrat!

  55. graves is part wright because the klan was somewhat like the police, but it is the part that most americans dont know anything about, the klan beat as many sorry ass white people as they did black, this is the part they want teach you in school, if you were a sorry ass white parent male or female that whored around, did not work, did not that care of your family the klan would come get you and beat some sense into you, they kept all races from being sorry as hell, but the gov wants you to think they were only aganist blacks, but this is not true

  56. I am so sick and tired of hearing the same crap from these people. Put your own house in order then complain about “whitey.” Until then, shut in the f–k up.

  57. Pure propaganda from the new Nazi party. How many cops have to die because of people like this before we as a nation, whole and united reject them, their lies, their twisted ideology and their hatred. Trump/Pence 2016

  58. If that’s Grave’s answer to a concern as a public official, the voters need to find someone not quite so enept. What did she do to HELP our police do their jobs most effectively …whine?

  59. What does she have to say about Black Police Officers? In anything I have ever read about the Klan, is that they didn’t accept Blacks. I personally think that she is a LIBERAL ELITIST RACIST.

  60. Because the majority of voters want us to take a step back from just whom we let into our country she would call us racist, xenophobes, etc.. The fact is that Europe is in the throes of regret for having thrown their borders open because they now have a completely out of control situation and it would appear that certain parts of the EU will cease to exist as we know it now, within 20 years or so. Watch this short, very disturbing video to understand what I mean.

  61. Just another Black Lives Matter liberal BLACK racist piece of slime that spouts from the script of the bull shit artist Omuslime

  62. You are confused Angelia the Modern KKK is Black Lives Matter !!

  63. She says you “have to recognize the problem before you can solve the problem”…so is she saying you have to identify “Radical Islam” before you can defeat it?

  64. Let me guess. She’s a black Democrat. Why did Graves join the political party that began and supported the Klan for over 100 years? She is stereotyping the police. I’ll bet she has never considered that her political party nurtured racism, or that she is not being objective. The police are many different races and backgrounds. The main thing they have in common is that they have a desire to stop crime. Too bad that so many of our young blacks are choosing a life of guns and violence.

  65. Divide and conquer, she’s the village idiot.

  66. And some racists have put on the robes of the clergy: Wright, Jackson and Sharp to name a few. Some have even weaseled their way into the position of president. Or maybe joining groups is their thing like BLM and the New Black Panthers. Take a look Councilwoman, it’s not as one-sided as you would have it appear.

  67. Nothing to do with the article as anyone with half an ounce of intelligence recognizes these utterances represent a vile, racist person using her skin color as an excuse to spew verbal filth.

    My question is to PatriotNewsDaily: What’s with the suggestive photographs of young women posed bordering on outright pornography embedded below your articles?

    Just what gives?

  68. If anything in virginia were modern, such an absurd woman could never be elected to a City Council. She has much in common with the KKK. Keep pushing an agenda of alienation and hate. She’s onviously a disciple of Reverend Al, for fun and profit.


    Of course . . the police get in the way of her gang-banger druggie supporters?

  70. just another reason hilLIARy should be in prison mainly for her own protection keeping her away from the KKK so they can’t hang the lying bitch

  71. When these people were in line for their attributes and it came time for the question on brains each one of the liberal socialist types said no I do not need one I will be OK without one.

  72. She’s black so what do you expect?

  73. The Left operates in their own delusional worlds in complete fantasy. If you throw facts at them they slobber and stutter because they can’t process facts, truths, nor non-lies. It is who they are and you can try to convince them they are wrong, but you’d just be hitting your head against the wall.
    I believe the better approach is “educating” the Left’s supporters to understand exactly why voting for killary will end up in them kicking themselves in the butt over and over and over. Many supporters just need some facts to see what’s really going on!

    • No, there aren’t any facts that they will acknowledge if it shines a bad light on Hillary, Obama, or ANY Democrat for that matter. Truth be damned, they’re going to vote for Hillary. Period. Why, you might ask? Why should a person be willing, even eager, to vote for a criminal? They lack the insight that Christians have to see evil for what it is, and be willing to stand against it. Mistakes are one thing, and I have the ability to forgive… it’s the CONTENT of their CHARACTER in general that will make or break this nation.

      • Yes, you are absolutely right – the content of their character is maladjusted, evil or immoral. With Christians being targeted everywhere and people turning their backs on God, no wonder there are the “Walking Dead” on the Left. It takes people completely dedicated to Christ to group together and inform those who are “lost”…or vote in the best candidate possible! Either way, the future of America stands with us!

        • BTW… I voted early (Saturday, Oct. 29) and cast my ballot for Trump. Now I won’t have to worry about trying to get to the polls and stand in line on Nov. 8th. I just hope and PRAY that the Hill-da-beast doesn’t find some way of getting rid of Trump votes and rig the election. She’s got a whole slew of dastardly friends clever enough to manipulate this, ya know. If she (they) got caught doing it, it would be all over for her… right?

          • Pray that any attempts to create fraudulent votes for killary are spotted immediately and stopped! The Left is desperate and will try anything to stay in power. They are deathly afraid of Trump so they will try to defeat him. We must stay on top of the polls to stop any of their attempts. With God’s help, we will win!

  74. This councilwoman needs a physiatrist and be fully examined! She has the Clinton lying disease. She just can’t tell the truth!

  75. Hope the REAL Klan pays her a visit and calls he to task for using their name.

  76. She should not be holding public office and i hope the voters realize she is a down right racist cop hating cuntrag

  77. We have some bad cops that need to be held accountable, but to go with the racist name calling …no one is helped. A serious issues is lost in the name calling basket of deplorable’s. Folks we need to come up with a campaign of ideas on how to resolve this in our communities. Don’t depend on the democrat name calling bunch to resolve our problems as they only want tear our great country apart. At 62 I have seen a lot of advancement in race relations in my life time and want no part of going backward.

  78. I am so sick of the dirty rotten lying stinks in the Democrat party who cheat at the polls and lie about Trump bring a bunch of bitches to say Trump groped them all lies made and they were paid by that scumbag lying trash Hillary and Soros. Now they are will try accuse of Trump of rape, total BS Soros and his communist NWO buds will do anything to take down America. That skank Hillary is a lying piece of shit, who should be in a jail, not running for President. I can’t believe there are idiots who believe this crap, they must be blind and stupid or want communist trash running our government like Hillary and Soros.

  79. What do you expect from an ultra liberal Clinton ass kisser. These people would have us living in Iraq with out guns. Stupidity runs deep in the Democratic party. They all point out what they would be doing if your back was turned. How About Obama showing off his booner to the press corp. Hillary picking the woman her husband rapes, but let Donald talk about something and The hole media corp reports it with out verification. This is the country we live in!

  80. This country is going to hell, we need that thing out of the white house and Trump in charge to get rid of all the thugs and lying politicians. The fool must be a liberal moron, who thinks she is privileged to do as she pleases like that trash Hillary.

  81. Nothing like a Nazi Progressive Democrat , Raciest POS, making a stupid comment

  82. Don’t look at me folk’s I’m a dyed in the wool Independent with conservative leanings. But when you elect this type of whatever she is you eventually end up with the same in the White House, oh yeah we already have. I think the liberal left has their candidates take stupidity test and only lets them run if the score low enough on it. The KKK was an offshoot of the Democratic party.

  83. The facts don’t support these peoples claims. It’s just a ruse to stir up the inner cities and cause riots. This councilwoman is nothing more than a political hack.

  84. Uppity ni&&er, that is what she is – her ignorance and racist rhetoric proves this!

  85. This is the type of ignorant comment that imflames the situation and makes all sides of the issue more troublesome because it is a blanket statement that is completely out of place and out of line. If she wants to be constructive she needs to wake up and realize she just made herself out to be a racist.

  86. A low life Ni***ro. no doubt.

  87. Is she up for reelection pay attention fellow Virginians.

  88. Put that gal on the do not call list. She does not deserve protection from danger.

  89. What is being done to this nation by the Democrat party and those that have infiltrated it in order to further undermine the fundamental structure of America and what it stands for is beyond sinful. It runs down to demonic in it’s total control of so many powers in high places. When these people say racism they are literally using that evil word for their own agenda to overthrow democracy and to create racist activities.

  90. The beginning of total lawlessness in the USA. Our Propaganda Media leading us into giving away our property, families, and being placed into slavery fir the use of flaming liberals! The attacks on police is just one of many quite obvious steps to place Americans into servitude! Selfish interest groups that get Hillary elected will want to be paid back handsomely in human lives and fortunes. Get ready this is the beginning of the end. Hillary will unleash her idea of perfection…..Hell on Earth!

  91. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Graves said the only way people would pay attention was if they told them the truth

    Since when does any Shariacrat, particularly a racist black one ever tell the truth? Notice one thing across the board with Democretins, they never offer any evidence to back up their racist statements. Because the lying racist black skag has none.

  92. This “lady” should consult the history books, she would find that the KKK was set-up by Democrats who just would not accept the fact that the South had, 1. Lost the Civil War 2. That slavery had been banished 3. Slavery was completely supported by the Democrats 4. The Jim Crow laws were the work of Southern Democrats 5. If the Republicans in the Congress did vote for the LBJ Civil Laws it would not have been passed 6. Far more White people in the Congress voted for the Civil Laws! Oh, one more thing, the next time you are having an issue with criminals, well, just call the Bloods and the Crips. They will hurry over and “help” you solve all of the problems and also help you remove unwanted wealth, valuables and whatever they want!

  93. That stupid whore should not only be removed from office she should be put in jail or hung by the neck

  94. In other words, you can’t just go out there and give up the whole gameplan.(LIKE HILLARY) You have to work around the edges.(LIE) First, you convince people that they’re being victimized.(WHEN THEY’RE NOT) You slowly get the “oppressors” to feel guilty and afraid.(SINCE WHEN) You can’t just go straight to: Police are the modern KLAN!( I FEEL THE BRAIN WASH COMING ON, tha aliens are coming!)
    Is she flippinging crazy? IT’s TRUE WE ARE DUMBING DOWN! I don’t know exactly what her plan is? Both her and Obama don’t give a darn about America or Americans I just don’t don’t understand the mentality here.

    • Innocent people murdered in our streets by those who we pay to protect us, get it now? EVERY citizen should be outraged, why aren’t they? I don’t understand the mentality .

  95. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Let me guess….. she’s black. Wez always getsin’ picked on. I wont da gubbermint to be fixin’ dis problem. Andz don’ts be fergetin’ my free stuf on da firs of ebery monf.

  96. I don’t have the slightest idea who Ms. Graves may be, BUT I do know she MUST be BLACK! It is a tragedy that ONLY Black folks fantasize about the KKK and constantly conjure up wild stories about them, over and over and over, again! If it wasn’t for race-baiting Blacks constantly creating this kind of stupid bullshit, THAT sorry ass outfit would have been “ancient” history years man ago! THEY simply want to perpetuate that kind of hatred to keep the race-war alive! You’ve got to get over it BLACK FOLKS, that’s what’s causing the REAL problems today!

  97. I would’ve stopped her in mid-slander and told her, in no uncertain terms, that whoever commits a crime gets arrested and if they won’t come quietly, then they’ll be dragged or carried, conscious or not, alive or dead, but they’re coming, Black, White, yellow or blue. The police can’t help it if 75% of the crimes are committed by 15% of the population.

  98. I’m Klan- I live in the old barn they used to take knee grows who were caught out after dark and moron- cops aren’t at all like the Klan

  99. MORON!!!!! THIS TELLS ME A LOT ABOUT THE JUDGEMENT OF VIRGINIA voters. Who the hell voted for this Idiot!

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