Virginia Councilwoman: Police are Modern Ku Klux Klan

Democrats wince when one of their own accidentally says out loud what the party is trying to push through on a subtler level. Politics, after all, isn’t about shoving your idiotic opinion down the public’s throat. It’s about hiding your idiotic opinion from the sheep and telling them what they want to hear in the meantime.

Just ask Hillary Clinton, who knows all about having a “public and private” position on the issues.

But Angelia Williams Graves didn’t get the memo. The Norfolk, VA City Council member told an NAACP gathering on October 1 that today’s police officers were the descendants of the Ku Klux Klan.

“Modern racists have taken off their white hats and white-sheeted robes and put on police uniforms,” Graves said. “Some of them have put on shirts and ties as policymakers and some of them have put on robes as judges.”

While no recording of the speech is available, Graves happily admitted that those remarks reflected her point of view in an interview with The Washington Post. Others who attended the event said that they, too, remembered hearing the same sentiments.

“The KKK comparison shocked the crowd at the Norfolk NAACP Freedom Fund luncheon, attendees said,” said the paper.

Graves said the only way people would pay attention was if they told them the truth.

“We have to recognize that there is a problem before we can solve the problem,” Graves told the paper. “We have to stop trying to tiptoe around it and deal with the issues.”

Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe, himself a Democrat, told the Post that Graves’ comments were not helping anything.

“We all want to talk about looking at each other’s point of view, come to the table, listen to the concerns,” McCabe said. “When you have comments from either side that are inappropriate or racist or over the line, then it kind of defeats the purpose.”

In other words, you can’t just go out there and give up the whole gameplan. You have to work around the edges. First, you convince people that they’re being victimized. You slowly get the “oppressors” to feel guilty and afraid. You can’t just go straight to: Police are the modern KLAN!

But we should pay attention when one of these people lets their disguise down. It’s only at these moments that we get to look this evil in the face and see it for what it really is.

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