Vilifying Columbus Does NOTHING to Actually Help Native Americans

Instead of celebrating Christopher Columbus each year around this time, the annual American tradition has become a national debate over whether or not he SHOULD be celebrated or if he should, in fact, be demonized as a genocidal Christian conqueror who brought only pain and misery to Native Americans.

The left, of course, is responsible for this new tradition, as they are of all new traditions that weaken the fabric of our nation and rewrite history using the norms and values of their progressive political movement. We are now supposed to relegate Columbus to the same dark museum basements as we’ve relegated Robert E. Lee, and we’re apparently supposed to call Columbus Day by a new name: Indigenous People’s Day. Terrific.

Here’s a note for the left: It doesn’t matter. What you’re doing? It doesn’t make any difference at all. It’s just another excuse for you to paint yourselves as morally superior to your parents and grandparents. To rebel against the truth and to pretend that you’re involved in a holy crusade for a Better America. You aren’t. You aren’t doing anything. You’re just making a nuisance of yourselves so that you can feel better about your loser lives.

According to Newsweek, hothead liberals in NYC are so determined to make a statement that the city had to put a statue of Columbus under police protection:

New York City’s latest security concern: a statue of Christopher Columbus.

The NYPD has placed the old marble statue near Central Park under 24/7 security to prevent it from being vandalized before the controversial holiday on Monday.

Round-the-clock security for the statue gives it the same threat-level status as such notable targets as the Israeli mission to the U.N., the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Trump Tower and the mayor himself.

The NYPD declined to comment on threats to the statue but cited recent efforts to deface the Columbus monument. The monument of the Italian explorer was vandalized twice in September—once with pink nail polish, and once with red paint.

“In light of recent vandalism, the NYPD has assigned patrol resources to maintain a post in the vicinity of the Columbus Statue,” the NYPD said in a statement.

Good grief.

As with the push to rename the Washington Redskins and the war against Confederate monuments, this attempt to vilify Christopher Columbus does absolutely NOTHING to help the people supposedly being victimized by his statues and memorials. It is just a stand-in – a façade issue that makes liberals feel good about themselves. We’d love to ignore it and just let them have their way, but we can’t bear to watch them destroy America’s storied history and traditions just so they feel like they’ve “made a difference” in the world. Someone give these crybabies a pacifier so we can get back to the serious issues facing this country, please.

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