Video: Woman Shoots at Car with Toddler Inside in Road Rage Attack

A Texas woman is behind bars after shooting at a car with a toddler in the back seat in a road rage attack that took place just north of Houston on I-45 on Tuesday.

A second suspect was also arrested in connection with the road rage incident that involved a 2-year-old child.

Video of the incident shows 40-year-old Nazly Ortiz shooting at a silver Toyota Camry as a male suspect slams his hands on the vehicle.

As the Camry sped off, Ortiz fires another shot at the vehicle.

The man driving the Camry suffered a graze wound and his 2-year-old nephew in the back seat was hit by broken glass.

ABC News reported:

Two people have been arrested in Texas following an alleged road rage incident involving a 2-year-old on Tuesday just north of Houston on I-45.

Video of the encounter shows one man slamming his hands onto a silver Toyota Camry as a woman fired a gun into the car’s window while a man and child were inside.

As the car sped away, the woman was seen firing a second shot at the vehicle.

Benjamin Greene and Nazly Ortiz were arrested and booked in Harris County Jail on Tuesday night, according to officials.

Greene has been charged with aggravated assault and Ortiz was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon later that day, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

The judge did not set bail for either suspect in probable cause court. He left the decision to the judge in the 182nd court, where both suspects are now assigned.

The victim told ABC News Houston station KTRK that a bullet grazed his head.


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  1. Shooting at a person, not classified as self defense, a sentence of twenty five years. Killing a person, not classified as self defense, automatic death sentence upon conviction. One appeal, and only one.
    Why does a person linger on death row get unlimited appeals year after year. The sentence should be televised.
    Gun control does not work, it only makes politicians/lawyers rich.

  2. Being that it occurred in Dumocratic run Houston, they’ll both be out in hours.

  3. Democrats will be the death of Americans

  4. No lack of stupids in Texas!

  5. Thanks to democraps and parasites coming across the border, this is not surprising. I believe it’s only going to get worst with this crazy a… woke progressive crap..
    They are encouraging this violence and they will go unpunished.
    The gun was probably brought in over the border.
    America wake up and let’s take our country and heritage back!!

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