Video Shows Rudy Giuliani Getting Slapped by Supermarket Employee

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was allegedly slapped by a ShopRite employee Sunday, video from inside the supermarket appears to show.

The employee approached Giuliani from behind before allegedly slapping him at the supermarket on Veterans Road, the video posted to Twitter appears to show. Giuliani was supporting his son Andrew Giuliani’s campaign for governor and was handing out flyers and taking photos when the alleged incident occurred, according to ABC 7 NY. Giuliani’s son was not present at the time of the alleged incident, the outlet reported.


The employee who allegedly slapped Giuliani was identified as Daniel Gill, 39, police said, according to ABC 7 NY. Gill faces a second-degree assault charge for hitting a senior citizen. 

Giuliani, 78, was not injured as a result of the alleged incident and refused medical treatment, the outlet reported.

Andrew Giuliani told NBC New York that the employee targeted his father over politics.

“The assault on my father, America’s mayor, was over politics,” the younger Giuliani told the outlet. “We will not be intimidated by left-wing attacks. As governor, I will stand up for law and order so that New Yorkers feel safe again.”

The elder Giuliani said the employee allegedly called him a “f–king scumbag” during the incident, according to the New York Post. He went on to say the employee was supposedly upset about abortion.

“He says, ‘You, you’re one of the people that’s gonna kill women,” Giuliani said, according to the outlet. “You’re gonna kill women.”

“‘You guys think you’re saving babies, but you’re gonna kill women,’” he added while recalling the incident.

Giuliani is set to hold a virtual press conference regarding the alleged incident Monday, according to ABC 7 NY. In addition, his son will hold a campaign rally on Tuesday night at the ShopRite where the alleged incident occurred, the outlet reported.

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  1. Barbara P Turner

    These people are insane! This country’s gone nuts!

  2. Slap my dad and I will beat the SHIT out of whoever is that STUPID!!!!!…..

  3. The left loves to put themselves up as the sensible side of politics. It’s completely the opposite, right? Many hundreds of riots in 2020 causing billions of dollars in damage. Once the real America wakes up to what these people think, we’ll have some kind of internal war on our hands.
    Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

  4. The employee was rather ill-informed, at least I think so. I’m not sure about Andrew Guiliani, but his father Rudy has always been pro-choice.

  5. I hope they fire that employee!!

  6. So sad, once upon a time he was America’s Mayor. God help these sick people, if they would only read the Constitution and understand the real laws this would not be happening. I do hope that charges are placed and the media will do the right thing for once and publish the story with photos on the front page. Just goes to show how abortion has come to complete lack of respect for anyone.

  7. Why do leftist think they can just assult people? Assault me , my family , my friends & my pets & I WILL GET MEDEVIL ON YOU & COPS WILL BE INVOLVED & EVERYONE IS GOING TO JAIL !!!

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