Video Shows Employee Brutally Beating Vietnam Veteran

A Veterans Affairs employee was caught on video choking, kicking, and body-slamming a 73-year-old Vietnam vet.

WSB-TV released surveillance video from a violent altercation between a VA patient advocate and an elderly man on April 28 at the Department of Veterans Affairs Clinic at Fort McPherson in Atlanta, Georgia. WSB-TV investigative reporter Justin Gray filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to acquire the surveillance video of the physical confrontation.

Phillip Webb was at the VA clinic to discuss a hernia surgery with a patient advocate named Lawrence F. Gaillard Jr.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website defines a patient advocate as “an employee who is specifically designated at each VHA facility to manage the feedback received from veterans, family members, and friends.” The patient advocate “works directly with management and employees to facilitate resolutions.”

Webb said he simply knocked on the door in the waiting room to inform Gaillard that he was going to the bathroom before the appointment.

“I guess he got upset because I hit at his door,” Webb told WSB-TV.

The two men are in an office when Gaillard puts his finger in the face of Webb – who quickly slaps his hand away. Gaillard escalates the tense situation by brutally attacking the Vietnam veteran.

They tussle for a few seconds until Gaillard fiercely slams Webb up against the wall, as seen in the shocking video. The patient advocate angrily chokes the veteran, then viciously body slams the elderly man as eyeglasses soar across the room.

Gaillard then stomps the helpless man in the throat and back of the head. The VA employee then wound up and kicked the defenseless man in the head.

The Veterans Affairs employee retrieves the eyeglasses and leaves the room.

“He was Mike Tyson-ing me there,” Webb told WSB-TV. “I’m just stunned. I don’t know what to say.”

Following the attack, Webb was hospitalized for three days with a brain bleed.

The VA issued a statement: “We are horrified at the video of a V.A. employee assaulting a Veteran at the Atlanta VA Health Care System on April 28. This disturbing behavior is contrary to our core values of treating Veterans with the dignity and respect they deserve. We take this matter seriously and will cooperate fully with Fulton County law enforcement.”

Gaillard was arrested and charged with felony assault. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is investigating the brutal assault.

VA Press Secretary Terrence Hayes told, “The employee has been indefinitely suspended without pay. The indefinite suspension is in place, and we are unable to comment further as the matter remains under investigation.”

Original Article: Veterans Affairs employee attack on Vietnam vet on video – TheBlaze

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  1. Robert Therrien

    Thank God I go to the Detroit VA. Either the patient advocate either is never in her/his office or does not return phone calls, Something well know by other VA employee’s at the John Dingell medical facility in Detroit. This is exactly why I don’t like the law disallowing veterans from carrying their concealed weapons into a VA facility.

  2. Stanley Karpich

    Fire the BASTARD

  3. HANG THIS POS 8Ball Lawrence Gaillard.

  4. If Georgia is a Stand your ground state you could put a slug between his violent eyes!!!! We need more of that to get rid of these dangerous kinds.

  5. The investigation should take about 30 seconds. This criminal should be imprisoned for the rest of his miserable life. To attack an elderly man, veteran or not, is unbelievable. He is obviously a danger to society.

    • Lock him up permanently. He is obviously out of his mind.

    • This is not the United States of America. This Africa where they killed and face no accountability/

      • I should have said, this is not the United States of America. This is more like Africa where they kill and face not responsibility for anything they do. My granddad left his beautiful country of Scotland to teach them how to be civilized. My granddad was a medical doctor and was a good man with good intentions. He felt he was helping a helpless Africa. They never mention all the good the Europeans (white human beings) did for those Africans because the liberals hide the truth. But like my husband always say ”The truth will set you free. Oh, by the way my husband was a Vietnam veteran. He helped those who needed help and for this to happen to his fellow being is barbaric.

  6. As a former Marine and a Vietnam Veteran who is a 100% Service Connected this story makes me sick. When I go to the VA Hospital I do notice that many employees could careless about Veterans by their little attitudes and the ones with the most attitudes are females. F them

  7. This is beyond disgusting. Not only should this animal be arrested, but should never work in a facility of this kind again. My husband is a veteran and I would beyond enraged if some animal like this attacked him!

  8. In Fulton County this individual will face NO punishment!! This Veteran should hire a lawyer and take this criminal to court for his assault as well as the VA. I guarantee you the VA will not punish this employee!!! I`m a veteran and have dealt with the VA for 20 years, they do have many fine employees BUT they also cover up all the bad apples and NO ONE ever gets fired!!!! Its a good old clique!!!!

  9. THIS U.S. Army vet says let this perp be tried in courts martial fashion, judged by other VETS. See if his sorry butt isn’t sentenced to clearing minefields with a hammer, or strapped to a pop-up berm downrange for target practice.

  10. I am a 72 year old veteran and that was one of the most disgusting acts of violence that I have ever watched . There can be no excuse for that type of behavior . What is wrong with people ? Seems as if there are acts of violence everywhere you look .

  11. Good ole blank party Justice for this poor excuse for a human being.. ToT for Tat… blood for blood… some may call it immature or sophomoric… I call it Justice

  12. This sick man needs to lose the freedom that this veteran helped to give to him. As a matter of fact anyone who commits assault on any veteran or police officer should get double the prison time

  13. My husband was a Vietnam veteran and this thug, or anyone working with the Veteran’s facility and don’t like certain humans then i suggest they work where they like who they work with. BLM is an example which i get the feeling that this was a racist hate incident. I noticed they if are trying to appease BLM they will not show your comments. I sent to two messages in which i mentioned my granddad from Scotland a medical doctor going to Africa to help did not go through. I also want to mention that i noticed one individual referred to this thug as an ”Animal” which is very offensive to me. I love animals, and when you want to describe evil humans, don’t use the word ”animal” to describe these scums of this good earth.

    • I agree that we should not be name calling and I am an animal lover also . I do think that what happened was horrible and should not be tolerated .

  14. I find it incomprehensible that this “advocate” still has his job! Oh no, this man should be charged and put in prison. Is this the kind of treatment that our vets are exposed to? What is going on with the VA?

    • VAMC’s suck. Policies constantly change. Patient advocates are useless. The best VA doctors are the one’s that left because they got tired of the BS. They have no problem violating federal law if they are told to.

  15. If this veteran was black, do you think this black thug would have treated him so brutality? That’s a big fat NO! My husband was a Vietnam veteran God rest his soul RIP honey. This the core of what is going on hate and racism. If it was the other way around BLM would be calling it ”Racism” This is not our America this is Africa where its lawless.

  16. Why aren’t many filing charges against this man? Why aren’t the family of
    this vet filing charges? The vet should have been carrying one his weapons’
    and removed that leg that was stomping him, then he could be in the hospital
    recouping. He should have picked on other vets I know. He would not do it again.
    And WHY is he still hired by VA???

  17. Why aren’t many filing charges against this man? Why aren’t the family of
    this vet filing charges? The vet should have been carrying one his weapons’
    and removed that leg that was stomping him, then he could be in the hospital
    recouping. He should have picked on other vets I know. He would not do it again.
    And WHY is he still hired by VA??? I know I have asked as other have about him
    still being an employee, but many should be asking.

  18. Too many of these actions take place in the VA Facilities across the nation This person should be removed from the building and taken straight to jail and charged with attempted homicide not assault for stomping on his throat and then kicking him brutally in the head. There should NO Bond allowed and his trial should be by jury of his peers all of whom should be veterans of the United State military. Please allow me to serve I will pay my own way to that state from mine, I’ll pay for my own lodging and meals just allow me to serve on the jury. I am sure there are many veterans who will serve on the jury or save the government the cost of a trial if they would be given 10-15 minutes in a closed windowless room that locks from the inside and they will obtain justice for the Veteran. By the way I am a Vietnam Veteran as well. I believe the Bible says An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth and I’ll admit I struggle greatly with turning the other cheek. Why is he still employed?

  19. The VA’s hiring practices should be in question. I’m for equal opportunity, but lets face it, the VA has gone to the extreme in it’s hiring practices.
    I feel the hiring requirements are so low that they attract the dreggs of society in many cases. Not because the pay and benefits are poor, just the opposite, the pay and benefits are above average but the quality of a large percent of the workforce is poor and that practice is encouraged by the VA.

  20. Yep – this POS belongs behind bars for a long time. If that had happened here in Florida, automatic 5 years in prison and a felony conviction. I would hope that Georgia has similar tough laws about attacking a senior citizen. Slam those big iron doors behind him for years!

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