VIDEO: Kamala Loses It On Stage

Vice President Kamala Harris is criticized for her “repetitive word salad” during a speech. The clip and part of the speech have been going viral online.

Harris was at Claflin University in South Carolina with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona with whom she participated in a roundtable discussion with student leaders. While she was speaking about how the Biden administration has focused and invested in community banks she accidentally started mentioning the word community repetitively.

In the clip, she can be heard saying, “We invested an additional $12 billion into community banks, because we know community banks are in the community, and understand the needs and desires of that community as well as the talent and capacity of community.”

Twitter users were quick to point out the use of the word community 5 times within a single sentence and started mocking Harris who is known for rambling and often getting stuck on a particular word or sentence. This speech habit is referred to by many as a “word salad.”

Clay Travis, OutKick’s founder, took to Twitter to mock Harris calling her “the greatest orator since Winston Churchill, on community banks.”

Kylee Griswold, a Federalist assistant editor, also called Harris’s segment “Profound”.

Screenwriter and columnist Matthew Betley also joined in to say that by now she should have had a copy editor telling her that they should try to not repeat a single word five times within one sentence.
This is only the latest example of Harris getting stuck on a word or passage. In March, while in Louisiana she had used the phrase “passage of time” four times within one paragraph.


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  1. Who’d a thought she would turn out to be dumber then brain dead Joe.

  2. If you’re going to post a video with the word CRINGE in it, please make sure that it actually is cringe-worthy. As much as I dislike this joke of a VP, this video just wasn’t “cringe-worthy”. There are a lot of wackadoodles on the right, as well.

  3. dumb as a head of lettuce, IN a salad !

    • I Love it ! The obsessed righters, not all righters, have to find something to distance themselves from the embarrassment of The Red Jesus stupidity! I enjoy the show!

  4. What do you expect from IQs of 40 which includes 99% of Demonrats?

  5. why not? her only talent is one of the gymnastic type.

  6. Just ‘love’ these moderation people, have to have their warped approval, especially when you criticize one of their darling little socialist people, like the VP. All I said is that the VP is as dumb as a head of lettuce in a salad (word salad?)

  7. Kamala learned from Bar Hussein who once said “there ain’t too much about everythng that I dont know something about”.

  8. Kamala lost “it” long ago which made her the perfect VP choice for Joe the dementia POTUS. What are they missing? A brain. That’s the “it” here folks and it’s undeniable.

  9. The most stupid V.P. and look on AOC (congress member}. The same stupid.

  10. She has the IQ and oratory capacity of a celery stalk (my apologies to all celery stalks, you’re more intelligent than she is)…

  11. Wow what a deserving take down on a brain damaged fool.

  12. I wonder, if her hands were tied down by her sides, would she be able to still talk?? Not that what she says ever has much meaning.

  13. Shocked she didn’t say “let me be clear”.

  14. I now know where the community bank is. It’s in the community! Thanks Kamala, Americans now know where the community bank is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  15. I thought it was very important to let us know that Community Banks are located in our own Community! Not!

  16. I’ve no doubt Harris sucked her way through Law School and the State Bar, just like she sucked her way into political office.

  17. Kamala is so far out her realm even a compass couldn’t get her back home! Just hope that ole Joe finishes out his term or we’ll have “heels up” Harris to deal with!

  18. I didn’t hear one thing that she said that sounded as dumb as come of the comments here, made of course by dumb commenters. Just drowning in your own misery. Misery loves company, so keep supporting your fellow miserable commenters on this topic.

  19. The nation has become so addicted to hearing lies and false rumors hitherto from the far right, and should not be terribly upset by gibberish from the left.

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