Video Game Treats Cops as Good Guys. The Left is Outraged.

The new Playstation 4 game “Spider-Man” has been the talk of the gaming world over the past week – a critically-acclaimed actioner that brings extraordinary graphics and worldbuilding to the console at a time when superhero titles are all the rage in Hollywood. It’s certain to be a smash-hit success, which means that there’s also going to be the inevitable fair bit of backlash. And when you’re talking about people complaining about a piece of mass media for no other reason than to virtue signal and make insane claims about the state of the world, oh yeah baby, you’re talking about the left. Specifically, the social justice warriors who make up an uncomfortably large percentage of the game criticism universe.

The problem, according to outlets like Deadspin, The Ringer, Kotaku, and others, is that the game designers have Spider-Man fighting crime alongside the New York Police Department. As today’s leftists see police as a racist, oppressive tool of the white patriarchy, this is naturally unacceptable.

“They turned Spider-Man into a damn cop and it sucks,” wrote Deadspin, apparently pining for the days where Spider-Man was slinging crack rock in Harlem.

Tim Rogers of Action Button said that the game had turned Spider-Man into an “UNPAID PIG” and that he was too morally conflicted to feel good about missions that involved breaking up drug deals in NYC.

Kotaku lamented that the game’s excellent supporting cast could not “quite overcome the game’s tendency to paint simplistic portrayals of police as good and criminals as evil.”

Apparently, in 2018, if you are to portray the police at all, you have to let viewers/players know that criminals and cops are equal in all ways. Because there have been a handful of sensationalized incidents (many of which were not as they were first reported) involving cops and their suspects, we have to show cops as pretty much the worst part of living in America. We wish that these writers could live for JUST ONE DAY in a New York City that had no police presence at all. Actually, we would be pretty surprised if they could make it through that day alive.

Not every game/work of fiction has to be about the left’s crusade for “justice.” In fact, it would be best if none of them were about that. Particularly the ones involving heroic spider-men in spandex.

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