VIDEO: Black Republican Shuts Down Racist Protestor

Photo by iStrfry , Marcus on Unsplash

( – Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday night from Monday following the remarks by an audience member who had shouted that Donald Trump was “racist.”

Hunt in his post noted that during the Timberline Caucus, he had spoken on behalf of former President Donald Trump and had a heckler try to interrupt his speech by shouting out that Trump was “racist.” He added that he was tired of hearing these same remarks again and again.

As he pointed out, especially on this day, Martin Luther King Day, the people of Iowa needed to not judge him by his skin color but rather by his character, much like Trump does. He added that the anti-Trump movement was experiencing a “full-blown meltdown.”

During the video of the exchange, an audience member tried to interrupt Hunt asking him how someone who was Black could be doing this on Martin Luther King Day. The man proceeded to say that Hunt had degraded himself and that he had turned away from Black people. The heckler appeared to be African-American, much like Hunt, and was removed by the crowd while the audience applauded his removal.

Hunt stated following the incident that he had come from a Houston, Texas district that had a white majority and that he had still won by 30 percent. He added that it was on such days that he realized that he was judged on his character and not on his skin color.


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