Video: Biden is Not OK

Joe Biden on Thursday briefly stopped to chat with reporters on the South Lawn as he departed for Poughkeepsie, New York.

Reporters asked Biden about OPEC’s decision to cut oil production by two million barrels a day.

Joe Biden on Thursday insisted his trip to the Middle East in July was not about oil.

Of course that’s a lie.

In July, Joe Biden, flew to Saudi Arabia to beg the monarchy to pump more oil.

OPEC cut production anyway forcing Biden to drain the US strategic petroleum reserve.

Biden told reporters of OPEC cutting production, “It is a disappointment” and it said that “there are problems.”

Joe Biden then bizarrely walked backwards and waved goodbye.


Original Article: “There Are Problems” – Biden Says OPEC Cutting Production is a “Disappointment” – Then Bizarrely Walks Backwards to Get Away From Reporters (VIDEO) (

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  1. Which Biden was this no.1 or no.2…

  2. china and russia say bimdin is a great communist.

  3. As usual, Lyin Biden says his false statements that are always proved lies by playing back his previous statements. Just like a Dem to lie constantly. See horrible Hillary, Pathetic Pelosi, Cryin Chuck, and kackling Kamala for starters.

  4. This is exactly what Biden wants. He is preparing America for a China takeover.

  5. obiden is getting close to meet his Maker. he won’t be able to lie then! he’ll be VERY sorry to see where he’ll spend eternity!

  6. And you all thought that Daffy Duck would make a great president? Sufferen Succatash!

  7. Biden and Harris along with Pelosi, And other prominent Democrats with the help of appointed friends like Wray and Merrick and the head of the DOJ etc. are destroying what is left of these United States of America and I cannot wait until Nov. 8th when the voting is in and the Republicans take over the House and the Senate and impeach both Biden and Harris and put adults with common sense back in charge and rebuild our great nation back to what it was before Biden was installed as President.

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