Vegan Demands Neighbors Stop Cooking Meat With Windows Open

Oh boy, we have another entry into the ever-expanding Snowflake Chronicles. This week, a Twitter account called @BestNextDoor, which collects the most ridiculous drama available from the neighborhood website, posted a real doozy. It was from Berkeley, California (where else?), and it involves a vegan jogger who is offended by the smell of meat cooking in the homes of her neighbors.

Yes, this is the point we’ve reached as a society.

According to the vegan, she likes to run in her neighborhood in the evening while everyone else is preparing their family meals. Well, this is a problem because so many inconsiderate neighbors are leaving their windows wide open, and guess what? The smells of meatloaf, ribs, ground beef, and roasted chicken are wafting out to the street and straight into the nostrils of this fragile vegan!

“Several nights a week I’m out running around dinnertime and when people have their windows open I can smell what they are cooking,” she wrote. “I’ve noticed a sharp uptick recently in smells of folks cooking meat and it can be quite overpowering.”

We have to admit, we’re using “she” even though there’s nothing in the post that indicates gender. It’s just hard to imagine a man writing this, to be honest. If that’s sexist, so be it, but we stand by it. Indeed, we’ll stand by it even if it comes to light that the writer is male.

“Quite honestly the odor is offensive and I’m hoping our community can have some empathy for its #plantbased neighbors by closing their windows if they are cooking meat and only putting vegetables on their bbq,” she advised.

The vegan closed their post by saying they didn’t want to “be a stereotype,” but it was important for her neighbors to do some research and awaken to the fact that cooking animals is evil and offensive.

The Twitter response was, shall we say, exactly what you would expect.

From Fox News:

The post, directed to people in the area as “What’s up neighborhood, one love,” received backlash on Twitter.

“‘I don’t want to be a stereotype’ at the end of a multi-paragraph whine about how hard it is being vegan. This is performance art,” a user concluded.

“As a carnivore bbq chef, it’s always hard for me this time of year when the weather starts warming up and vegan runners start running by my windows,” another said.

“You know what else smells terrible? Runners. Have some respect, exercise indoors with all the windows locked,” another wrote.

Our own local neighborhood Nextdoor site is filled with crabby idiots who complain about everything from trash pickup to fireworks to the wind, so we’re immune to inane rants on the site. Even so, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen someone this entitled and arrogant post on the boards.

Maybe we just don’t have any “plant-based” neighbors.

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