Vegan Burger That Tastes Like ‘Human Meat’ Wins Award

If you’ve ever had the desire to taste human flesh, you’ve now got a chance to give it a whirl between buns.

Swedish plant-based food brand Oumph! created the unusual flesh-flavored burger, which won a Silver Brand Experience and Activation Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity last week.

If you’re concerned the special-edition bizarre “meat” may not be realistic enough, do not fear — a spokesperson said they’ve done their best to make sure it’s as lifelike as possible, crafting it from soya, mushrooms and wheat protein as well as plant-based fats and “a mysterious spice mix.”

Despite the apparently eerie similarity to human flesh, the spokesperson assures “no humans were injured in the development of this product.”

The advertisement — released on Halloween eve in 2021 — shows a dimly lit hallway with a figure walking towards a doorway, cutting between clips of a cook preparing some meat and rows of knives before “plant-based human flesh” flashes up on the screen, as well as “be scared” and “relax” before daring viewers to taste it.

The burger won silver at Cannes Lions Festival last week.

“I am incredibly proud of this award and the great teamwork behind it. Our mission is to change how people eat, and it is our duty to use creativity as a tool to make this change happen,” said Henrik Åkerman, global brand leader at Oumph!.

“As a small brand we need to be bold and ready to push some boundaries to breakthrough, and I think this campaign is a good example of us doing just that,” he said.

Tomás Ostiglia, executive creative director at creative agency LOLA MullenLowe, said a problem with selling plant-based products was people often said they don’t replicate the taste of meat very well.

“A claim most are tired of hearing and even more tired of being disappointed by,” he said. “And of course, a solution was to make a tasty plant-based human meat burger.

“The bravery of launching a risky idea that is 100% on-brand is always rewarded,” Ostiglia added.

Oumph! co-founder, corporate chef and head of innovation Anders Linden said developing a plant-based burger that tastes of human meat was “exciting, and a little bit scary.”

“We developed this burger in no time as soon as we knew what taste and texture we were after,” Linden explained.

“This is our ultimate and weird way of showing that it’s possible to create any type of food by using just plants.”

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  1. I’d like them to explain to everyone just exactly how they know what human meat taste like.

  2. Concerned about this

    How in the world do you “know” what human flesh tastes like without eating human flesh?

    Seems like someone needs to go to jail.

    • I ‘think’ they mean; “Veg Meat” for Human consumption. Which is grouse- everything under the sun, which is not meat(like some dog foods are). Don’t they know that the Human Body requires “Meat” to sustain good metabolism, protein’s, muscle power, just to name a few necessities our bodies need.

      • LOL.

        That must be why vegetarians/vegans tend to live so much longer and be so much healthier than meat-eaters.

      • That must be why vegetarians/vegans tend to live so much longer and why they tend to be so much healthier than meat-eaters.

  3. It is is not meat, and I for one, will never buy it.

  4. It’s a “precursor” to actual human meat food to be forced on us later in time and we could be that “meat”

    • THAT is exactly what I was thinking! This country is already filled with nut case, ( some of the ‘ elites ‘ in politics, hollywood scene are already drinking baby’s blood) so now, they (the demonics) will rob grave yards? No wonder Jesus in coming back to destroy satan, and ALL the people
      who love him ( sick world out there), BURN IN HELL, YOU’LL LOVE IT, you sick bastards!

      • Right. Seventh-day Adventists, who tend to shun meat, have been vegetarian for centuries because they’re “demonic.”

        Ditto members of the Jain religion. And branches of other Christian sects, and Jews, and other denominations.

        Supermarket shelves, especially in the frozen section, brim with vegetarian entrees — typically dozens of items cooked up in different ways. They must be there to satisfy demons.


  5. So they know how human flesh taste , says it all ! This is BS, FRAUD ON THE PEOPLE ! I have always been a MEAT EATER & I WILL NEVER STOP ! Partly just to PISS OFF the IGNORANT LEFTISTS who have a stick up their ass about everything that happens on this planet , AGAIN MEAT EATER HERE FOR LIFE & YOU CAN TAKE YOUR FAKE ASS BURGER & PUT IT RIGHT WHERE THE SUN NEVER EVER SHINES BABY !!!

    • Enjoy the bacteria, viruses and fungi that so much meat is replete with. Including more than half of chicken and pork.

      The Chinese are in the process of buying up American meat-packing plants. Many of the facilities that were s hut down in recent weeks were among those belonging to or being purchased from the Chinese.

      Imagine how healthy meat from your butcher shop or market will be when these “plants” (ironic choice of words) practice Chinese standards, LOL.

  6. Quick, I need a PEPTO BISMAL just from reading this article.

  7. Very spooky article, how do they know what human meat taste like. I don’t want to sound sarcastic but I need a PEPTO BISMAL just from reading this article.

  8. How sick and disturbed these clowns are!!!!!

  9. To the developers of this “food”, wait till its your turn to be eaten to satisfy this un-natural bloodlust.

  10. BILL GATES IDEA!!! And I agree with everyone of YOU!!!! Maybe that’s why Gates is buying up all the farmland so he can have his process plants located there after he genocides the population! Just a crazy scary thought!

  11. William Travers

    Wasn’t that the plot for ‘Soylent Green’? I seem to recall an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ titled ‘To Serve Man’, which was taken from a short science fiction story. Can you say “creepy”, boys and girls?

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