Vanity Fair Admits There Are Good Reasons to Doubt Mueller

Vanity Fair has published more than their fair-share of Trump-bashing articles over the past couple of years, so it was with some surprise that we read a piece printed on their The Hive website on Monday. Penned by T.A. Franks, the op-ed purports to let “Trump-Haters” inside the twisted realm of right-wing media, inside the psyche of the president’s supporters, and into some secrets about how the other half lives. More specifically, Franks sets out to get Vanity Fair liberals to understand why Trump’s die-hard supporters do not believe there’s any “there, there” when it comes to Robert Mueller’s investigation.

And in doing so – whether he meant to or not – Franks does a pretty decent job showing why all Americans, Trump supporters or not, should be deeply skeptical of the Mueller inquiry.

“For many Robert Mueller watchers, the air these days is electric,” Franks writes. “People sense the big shoes are about to drop. Donald Trump has submitted his written answers to Mueller’s questions. Paul Manafort has entered a plea agreement, but then continued to lie—at least according to Mueller. Jerome Corsi, fringe-right author and personality, is vowing to go to jail for life rather than sign on to Mueller’s version of events. Roger Stone is expecting to be indicted for something. So is Donald Trump Jr.

“And, most significant of all to those looking for a big payoff, Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the timeline of a deal he was trying to make to construct a 100-story Trump-branded tower in Moscow,” he continues. “It turns out that the deal exploration continued past the time Trump had secured the Republican nomination, and Cohen and his associate Felix Sater, a real-estate promoter and one-time racketeer, had even discussed giving Vladimir Putin a $50 million penthouse in the building. ‘This is it,’ people are saying. ‘This is the big one!’”

Franks explains in pretty good detail how, while the left-wing blogosphere (including the major newspapers and even the cable outlets) run with every morsel and try to turn molehills into mountains, Trump’s supporters are left asking the same old question: So what?

“Some of the news, such as a Guardian story that Manafort met three times with Julian Assange, seems to be based on nothing at all,” he notes. “But even the solid news turns out to be generally non-earth-shattering. As the journalist Aaron Maté has been pointing out, we already knew the timeline of Cohen’s Moscow efforts, because BuzzFeed had already detailed them in May, painting a picture of a bumbling duo getting high on their own supply. (As for the latest revelations, did Sater and Cohen really think a president of Russia would move into a free $50 million penthouse provided by a U.S. presidential candidate? You have to wonder if they were hitting each other on the head with bricks.) Those who hope that Mueller reveals a shambolic operation with a lot of rascals engaged in sleazy and embarrassing behavior will be happy with the fruits of his labors. But those who hope for an unveiling of indictments linking Putin and Trump in a grand conspiracy have no more reason to celebrate than they did a week or a month ago.”

The truth is that every new, breathtaking Mueller bombshell goes a little further towards revealing that this entire investigation was a sham from the beginning. The media’s hype-train is good for ratings, we’re sure, and it’s good for Democrats. But above all else, it is likely calculated to hide the fact that for all the talk about collusion, double agents, and a president who takes his orders from Moscow, all Mueller has been able to get are a few puny indictments on matters that have absolutely nothing to do with anything.


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