UVA Prez: RS Story False, But Restrictions Stand

It’s an axiomatic truth that all conservatives understand: once a law is passed, it is virtually impossible to get it repealed. That’s why we wanted to fight Obamacare with such ferocity. We knew that once it became law, the fight to get rid of it would be a bloody battle with little hope of success. But the truth about the law applies to liberalism across the board. When it sinks its teeth into policy, it doesn’t let go even when the support structure beneath it gives way.

No clearer example of this can be found than at the University of Virginia. Finally admitting publicly that the Rolling Stone article that accused campus fraternity Phi Kappa Psi of harboring a brutal gang rape in 2012 was an unsubstantiated fiction, President Teresa Sullivan said that the dark suspicions cast by the article had been “soundly refuted” over the last couple of months.

She then went on to apologize to the UVA Greek community for jumping the gun, pledged to let these fraternities resume their usual schedules, and promised that they would put these idiotic liberal lies behind them for good.

Oh wait, she didn’t do any of that.

Like liberal bloggers who were made to look ridiculous when the truth of the Rolling Stone article became evident, Sullivan believes that the fictional account led to some good changes in policy. We shouldn’t let the inconvenient fact that it was all made up stop us from furthering the liberal agenda, should we? Of course not. After the article hit the newsstands, Sullivan suspended the Greek council’s ban through January 9. But even after police officials told her that they could find nothing to substantiate the story, she still required fraternities to sign a new contract, filled with demands directly spurred by the allegations.

Instead of repudiating the changes made under false duress, Sullivan defended the new policies as being born of the fraternity organizations themselves rather than thrust upon them by the administration. She further insisted that UVA was “using this moment of national attention to provide strong leadership in the long-running effort to improve student safety on America’s college campuses.”

Policies Based on Ghosts and Whispers

That’s a fine mission, but it is a weak statement in the wake of this journalistic shame. It is, of course, reminiscent of colleges in California who are revising their consent policies well beyond the point of realism in response to inflated feminist claims that 1 in 5 female university students are raped. But even when these stats are shown to be just as fictitious as the Rolling Stone story, the policies stay. In fact, they are strengthened. Before long, men will need to obtain a notarized contract before they can safely engage in sex.

We have to stop letting the extreme left dictate the terms of the debate. There’s nothing wrong with finding ways to make women safer, both on campus and off. But these ways should be born of common sense, real numbers, and real solutions. They should not come out of the feminist blogosphere, where truth is eschewed for sensationalism. Unfortunately, the left’s most outrageous viewpoints are slowly but surely gaining mainstream acceptance.

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  1. Really? IMO she should be relieved of her job, and all those new contracts shredded. Go back to the status quo ante agreements. No fictitious article should allow the further infringement of rights. She must be a disciple of Rahm Emmanuel…. let no crisis go to waste. Just my opinion.

    • Carl ?? They ALL are . They are Just as Bad if not Worse than ISIS or any other MUZZY TERRORIST .

    • It doesn’t take this news story to shine the spotlight of truth on the fact that Higher Education is principally functioning as a social engineering apparatus, and not a place to pursue Knowledge, in any of the academic fields of endeavor.

      It may be necessary for students in pursuit of knowledge to go “off shore”. That would need investigation, but these days should be a consideration.

      • There are still some Christian & Conservative Colleges & Universities in the U.S. worth attending. i.e. Liberty U., however don’t just trust a christian name & backgrond, since most have become Liberal Secular Socialist Bastions over the last few decades. Be careful of recommendations of your ‘minister’, he’s likely to support the university(s) of his denomination, on matter how fallen & dreadful it is.

        • You are right. My own Children attended Pensacola Christian College. Prior to that, we had “Home Schooled” them and they all scored extremely high on the National “SAT”.

          They also saw P.C.C. lower its standards to attract more students (of lower standard) even while they were still on campus. Who knows what is going on on with these Campuses now-a-days? Financial success is important to stay in business; but that leaves the only serious question to be: How much are your integrity and personal values worth in dollars and cents? Is it better to loose your voice, or influence, rather than having to start pandering to what is politically expedient?

      • Ben your comment is spot on, this has been going on for half a century…now the vermin are firmly entrenched from K through graduate level academia…the commies had no hope of defeating us in the warfare arena so they moved to developing an attack from within. One of their earliest successes was the infiltration of the State Department where they succeeded in a disinformation campaign aimed at General Marshall as he dealt with China problem and it worked, Marshall supported that demon mao, you know what happened then…

        • Your reference to Chairman Mao is bone chilling, especially as it looks to me as if our own indigenous communist are taking us down the same road to any variation of Fascism. The John Birch Society has published a book that ties Americas political problems directly to Woodrow Wilson’s Administration and the League of Nations.

          • Ben in my humble opinion I would offer to you a book that has been out for a while..Paris 1919 authored by Margaret Macmillan, another published in Great Britain was titled the “Peacemakers” and used the same cover art….by the time you close the back cover you may have a new perspective on what went on around the globe since the Treaty of Versailles….I believe that you will thoroughly enjoy the read…

          • Thanks for the book reference. The one I referred to (you might also enjoy) is “The Insiders; Architects of the New World Order”, By John McManus ISBN: 1-881919-02-1.
            Again, thanks much.

  2. The satanic left, sorry it but is what they are, play by their own rules – no rules! The truth doesn’t mean anything to them and that is why they hate the Truth and must rail against Him all the time! Their is no right or wrong, truth or lie but rather what feels good to them. A society will not survive having demonic ghouls such as this in power as they will use that power as they see fit, just as this Muslim-Marxist jihadist is doing! He is ruling on lies and deception and is getting away with it because the Left owns the media so they cover up the truth rather than exposing it; hence, most of the dumb-downed, drugged-up, noninformed, misinformed useful idiots believe these lies and that is why AMERIKA is in the dire straits that it is and is about to be toppled! The Right had better start to fight because oyr freedom is about to vanish like a wisp of smoke if we don;t start getting serious! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  3. This shows that , LIBERALISM/COMMUNISM is Eating Away , the very Foundation , that This Country was founded on . EXTERMINATE LIBS and LIBERALISM . PERIOD

  4. “Before long, men will need to obtain a notarized contract before they can safely engage in sex.”
    It has generally been called “marriage” and was normative in western society before becoming sexually active before the 1960s.

    • Keith Brockmiller

      I’m OK with that.

    • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

      Unfortunately even a marriage license is Not protection from rape charges by his wife, I believe a marriage license Should be !
      What I mean is Not that just because a man is married to a woman that he has the rite to have sex anytime without her permission, But that if he does force her the charges should be simple assault and battery (if no injuries ) or aggravated assault and Battery (if there are any injuries.) charges with much lower punishment.

    • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

      Men who Do NOT want children should have a contract with his wife that if an accidental pregnancy happens that she will agree to terminate it or be responsible for everything involving a child for 18+ years.
      I know that is an impossible hope, But a good idea !

    • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

      Women who want Equal treatment (And I believe they should get equal but Not special treatment that they usually do) Should also be required to register for the draft and if needed maybe be just drafted to work in factories and hospitals etc. but some form of earning the freedom we used to have !

      • Didn’t Obama do that with the stroke of his pen?

      • If you ever have to go to court against a woman you will find out what they consider equal treatment and it doesn’t seem to fit what the description of equal treatment means. Remember the red book advice to woman. Play the sex part to get promoted and if you don’t get the promotion sue for sexual harassment.

        • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

          Yes !! Many years ago I spent a day in jail for a DUI and a man who was in the twenty man holding cell lined with bunk beds had been there for 6 months !
          He went to a court hearing in a woman judge’s chambers as moral support for a male friend of his who was being divorced and that man and his ex wife appeared to have the woman judge divide up all their property, Of course the woman judge was giving all the property to the ex wife and this man there to support his friend spoke up about the unfairness and the judge told him to be quiet, He could not hold back and kept complaining, This woman judge sentenced him to a year in jail for contempt of court etc. ? and he had served 6 months of it by the time I was there !!

          • I got divorced in 66 working at G.M. so it was high pay. The judge ordered me to give her the house, and pay her more than I even made before taxes. Told the judge that is more than I even make and he said not my problem go get a second job. She worked as a profession hair stylus but that made no difference. Got drafted so my car just sat at my folks home. Mother said she heard that ex was going to court to get my car. The reason was she loaned her car to her brother and since she now had no car and mine was not being used she should get my car and the judge agreed. Because my mother had hear what was going on told her to make out a loan agreement with me and if the car changed hands she would immediately demand $1000 loan to be repaid. That was the only way I even ended up with a car. Of course the judge said she would keep it in the condition it was in when she picked it up. Yea am sure that one would come true. Told my two sons what ever you do don’t go to court against a woman, you will loose.

    • And the marriage contract is notarized….correct?

  5. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    YES !! Obama should Not only be Impeached, But also charged with Treason against America and Americans for letting unlimited illegal aliens come in with No criminal records check, No Contagious Disease checks and giving them work permits to steal unemployed American’s jobs and then he should be charged with War Crimes for unmanned drone attacks killing whole families of suspected USA haters who may of already had their relatives killed with unmanned drone strikes !!

  6. This hideous fat, ugly, stupid little broad, Theresa Sullivan, was fired by the board of regents but must have had a liplock on some love muscle for she was reinstated; other than being a toadfaced liberal she has nothing, not one thing going for her. She should be Soylent Green.

  7. It wont be long before prisoners have a better time than the populace.

  8. i believe that its no great secret that the ideas of keeping women safe are fundamental; almost as if socialists and progressives only now, after a hundred years; when socialists and progressives need the political support the most, finally discovered women are actually people too –
    verified many times before us; the real threat is that socialist countries and centralized governments are not, and never have been, the solution for anyone or to anything, beyond the establishments agenda and/or iron rule.

    Bigger and / or centralized government has always been the problem and so when we begin to examine even on the most basic of levels we see that authoritarianism through class warfare or division, not equality and specifically not for everyone : we realize an over reaching federal authority is parallel to the economic devastation facilitated by more and more government or simply, a giant ponzi scheme in the socialist program – (socialism ) as being the key aspect of both national and global poverty.
    we compare the ideas of liberals and progressives protecting women as a class to the last 100 years of empty promises of this same political class promising to actually solve poverty – not just nationally, but anywhere socialism, marxism or communism has been attempted through out history………another fettish in communist dialect as long as the collective political ignorance is effective enough to maintain its position.

    there are many issues concerning womens rights but in contradiction to fashionable socialism praised by its biggest mainstream frauds and political hacks…. women individually earn on average, 75 cents to every dollar a man earns in todays job market – while todays dollar is only worth 45 cents with taxes and inflation –
    when we compare collective employment rates between genders – men out number women by almost 75 percent creating a 100% cumulative difference in gender equality, even before we discuss the obvious problems.
    Go explain that one to your slave masters

    • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

      What do you mean women earn just $.75 to every dollar men make ?
      There have been federal laws for 30 years ! saying women Must receive equal pay for the same job title as a man.

    • Where in the world do you get that information? Out of a cereal box?

      • women are less employed, they do make less money and the government doesnt give a shit unless your a liberal donor even if equal work for equal pay is the law and all their feminine issues are a part of the problem but if thats the same excuse for the last 50 years its still the source of the problem…less experience and less loyalty – so what part of that are you disputing?

      • New year, new statistics? Not for the gender pay gap, one of the most oft-contested numbers in gender equality in the workplace. For more than a decade now, the comparison between the median earnings of full-time employed men and women in the U.S. has remained a stubborn 77%–that is, women earn roughly 77 cents on the dollar when stacked against the paychecks of white men.

        The latest data shows that number hasn’t budged—and isn’t likely to in the nextCensus. Lisa Maatz, the policy director at the American Association of University Women calls the stat “depressingly predictable,” to the point where her organization doesn’t need to wait for the releases—they know what’s coming. But when you drill deeper into earnings statistics, it’s clear there is movement afoot: this year a total of 16 states boast women earning 80 cents or more to every male dollar, twice the count of 2010. It’s good news—but it’s worth a closer look.

        To unearth the states where the gender gap is at its widest (unfair) and narrowest (least unfair?) we analyzed data from the latest 2012 American Community Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, using the mean earnings for full-time, year-round female workers by state, released today. When it comes to both ends of the fairness spectrum, it’s interesting to note that there are both societal and economic factors at play.

        read it and weep b i a t c h e s !!

        While some of the gender pay gap can be explained by the types of jobs and industries women and men are currently working in, the chasm shows that those choices are often constrained—and that even when at its narrowest, the gap between earnings has far-reaching implications.

        So how is it possible that Nevada–home to the city of sin, showgirls and legal prostitution—ranks the highest among states in terms of gender paycheck equality?

  9. Your childs tuition pays for these douches, all universities are all run by third rate socialists that are part of the propaganda arm of the democommie party. That is why odumbass wants to “give” community college education away… That is ALL it is worth…

    • Not ALL, just the large majority. Let the buyer beware

      • Ron, you are right I painted with too broad a brush, however that beeing said, 90% of unionized “educators” are screaming liberals. At least thats how it broke down for me. My father was a teacher and they ALL where democrats and followed the “party” line. But I have to say my fathers brand of democrats where not the marxist, gay party it is today.

        • I’m glad to see that you were willing to moderate your point. There are so many that take offense to suggestion that they have over-stated, then they post foolish vengeful replies that likely embarrass themselves before reasonable bloggers. kudos to you

          • Only the truley ignorant will not from time to time address their shortcomings, the entire idea of blogs or comment sections is for the free discourse of ideas, just because we may disagree doesn’t mean that I am right or you are wrong and we can drop civilized discussion to pander to our more base emotions and call names. Hell we have that in government why should we the people stoop to that level.

  10. dig the hole….then pull the dirt in over you..

  11. THat is what Liberals do. THey spread fear and lies, trick you into following their agenda and then tell you how great it is for you and their little white lie meant no harm. BUt let a Republican make a mistake and they will tar and feather that person. Take away their job, sue them and put them in prison if they are able. She is a crisis waste herself

  12. We need to short circuit these liberals and reduce the equation down for everybody to understand.
    Democrats = Socialism
    Republicans = Capitalism.
    Socialism = death to millions
    Democrats = death to millions.

  13. Clarice Martin Hinson

    Higher education should pursue knowledge and TRUTH.

  14. David A. Williams

    There are colleges that uphold academic standards while still adhering to Christian values and Western civilization. My own alma mater , The King’s College in NYC, Hillsdale College, Grove City College, are just a few.

  15. Why not just separate the sexes? We’ll see, then, how the ladies like that. Maybe they’ll quit lying.

  16. I think it is an inconvenient lie the President Teresa Sullivan deserves her current position at the University of Virginia, and that lie should be positive grounds for her immediate dismissal as evidenced by her stupidity of words.

  17. Why should liberal Fascist worry about following truth when a good lie works better than the truth in Liberal American institutions.

  18. Hey where did the Gestapo come from all of a sudden.

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