Using “Wrong” Gender Pronouns at University of Minnesota Could Get You Fired

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a new draft policy at the University of Minnesota proposes to punish employees who intentionally “misgender” students and faculty who prefer to identify as a woman or a man in contrast with their birth sex. In the latest episode of Has Everyone Lost Their Minds?, the university has decided that employees who can’t be bothered to buy into the ridiculous theory that we can just BE whatever gender we WANT to be…well, they’ll be fired. Men who think they’re women? Fine employee material. Men who call other men “he” when those men think they are women? YOU’RE FIRED!

Is this real life?

From the Star-Tribune:

The U is considering a new “gender identity” policy that would assure transgender men and women, as well as others, the right to use whatever pronoun they wish on campus — whether it’s he, she, “ze” or something else.

And everyone from professors to classmates would be expected to call them by the right words or risk potential disciplinary action, up to firing or expulsion.

The pronoun rule is just one of the proposed changes in a draft U policy that, advocates say, would bar harassment and discrimination against transgender and “gender nonconforming” individuals. It’s designed, in part, to combat an indignity known as misgendering — when someone is called by a name or personal pronoun they no longer use.

The paper spoke to one campus conservative – sophomore Michael Geiger – who thought the new rules were an exercise in absurdity.

“To me, it’s a bridge too far to cross for a person to tell me I have to say something…and if I don’t, I can be punished,” Geiger said. “There’s a difference between creating a healthy environment and trying to legislate insensitivity out of the U.”

Smart guy, that Michael Geiger. We’re sure he’ll be among the first kids disciplined under the new policies.

We understand the desire on the part of university officials to crack down on bullying or whatever, but there’s a difference between “bullying” and simply not buying into someone else’s mental delusions. You can respect someone’s right to go around calling themselves a girl without actually playing into the belief that he IS actually a girl just because he says so. If it is “bullying” to merely point out the simple truth, then we have indeed crossed a line from which there is no return.

But then, we didn’t need the University of Minnesota to tell us that.

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