USA Today Reluctantly Admits that Immigrants Helped Republicans on Tuesday

Of all the left-wing newspapers in the United States, USA Today is less annoying and obvious about it than most, but they were undoubtedly reluctant to publish the election piece they did on Friday. In it, the paper informs (shocked, heartbroken) readers that of all the help Republicans had in holding back a Blue Tsunami on Tuesday, some of it came from a most unexpected source. Well, unexpected if you buy into the narrative that President Trump and the Republican Party are racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant goons who want to turn American into a land of White Supremacy, that is.

From USA Today:

Over the past few months, Trump  initiated a “zero tolerance” policy that led to immigrant children being separated from their parents at the border, warned about a caravan of immigrants coming from Central America, threatened to eliminate birthright citizenship and retweeted a racially charged video linking a convicted murderer to immigrants and the Democratic Party.

The tough talk didn’t seem to chase away immigrant voters in significant numbers. Tuesday, Democrats got about 68 percent of the Latino vote, slightly higher than the 66 percent won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, while Republicans garnered 30 percent of their vote, just above the 28 percent Trump earned two years ago, according to exit polling.

Asian voters sided with Democrats 77 percent of the time in Tuesday’s elections, and Republicans received 23 percent of their vote, the exit polling showed.

The dirty truth that the left doesn’t like to talk about is that Trump is actually gaining ground in the very demographics that he was supposed to turn off with his tough stance on illegal immigration. Now we can talk about why that is till we’re blue in the face, but it really comes down to two things: One, Hispanic voters in the United States do not automatically identify with illegal aliens from south of the border. That’s especially true if they migrated here the right way and have worked hard to become productive, hard-working citizens of this great country. Why should someone else get to come over the fence and steal their job?

Two, these groups are…not groups at all. This is what Democrats really do not understand, and they never will. Hispanics don’t vote in a pre-determined bloc. Nor do Asians. Nor do, we assume immigrant Russians, Italians, etc. They vote the way they want to vote. And they don’t necessarily see any correlation between “racism” and Trump’s sensible talk about securing the border. There are laws. They recognize that, and they aren’t going to hold the Republican Party responsible for racism that’s entirely fictitious.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a growing strain of resentment among many legal immigrants who don’t like being lumped in with the border-hoppers. If they voted for Republicans out of pure spite, we wouldn’t blame them in the least.

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