“Until the End”? Turkish President as Delusional as Obama

In a statement following the Ataturk Airport attack that left at least 41 people dead and another 147 injured, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to keep fighting against the evil army occupying the country directly to the south.

“Despite paying a heavy price, Turkey has the power, determination, and capacity to continue the fight against terrorism until the end,” Erdogan said.

Hmm, is that right.

And what, pray tell, is “the end?” The destruction of the Islamic State, which is being blamed for the attack in Istanbul by Turkish and U.S. officials? The destruction of Al Qaeda? The P.K.K.? The eradication of social-media propaganda that lures Islamic radicals to join these violent groups or carry out their own independent attacks?

U.S.-led forces have been bombing the bull-snot out of ISIS for two years straight. And while we’ve made progress – Iraqi military forces just liberated Fallujah from the grasp of the Islamic State – we have not weakened their ability to carry out civilian attacks. In fact, these attacks are growing more frequent and more sophisticated with every passing month. You would have to have your head buried deep in the sand to believe that we’re anywhere close to “the end.”

Especially when the only message we hear from the vast majority of world leaders is one of “resolve.” In other words, let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing and hope that somehow everything works out. In the meantime, let’s use these attacks to warn against “Islamophobia,” limit access to guns, and celebrate our “common values,” as though we’re not facing an outside threat at all.

When Donald Trump refused to eliminate the possibility of using nuclear weapons against ISIS, the establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle wet their pants in horror. This guy is unhinged! And they acted the same way about his Muslim ban, about his suggestion to use waterboarding, and his proposal to crack down on the families of terrorists.

Okay, but what would you do, Mr. Man?

Oh, we must stay the course…get our Muslim allies to do more…blah blah blah.

The way things are going, it’s only a matter of time before we experience an attack that makes 9/11 look like someone knocked over an ant hill. When that attack happens, American forces are going to wipe ISIS off the map.

But maybe…just maybe…we should pursue that kind of unmitigated aggression before thousands of families are left in grief.

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