University Official Slams Black Activists

At long last, someone at the University of Missouri appears to have grown a spine. After months of campus turmoil caused by black student activists calling themselves Concerned Student 1950, the result of which was the ousting of university president Timothy Wolfe, the school’s chief diversity officer has had enough of the foolishness. In a letter released last week, Chuck Henson said the activists needed to come back to reality.

“If you sincerely want better relationships,” Henson wrote, “the time for demands, threats, and arbitrary deadlines is over – you don’t need them.”

Henson’s letter comes on the heels of a new round of demands from Concerned Student 1950. In the list, the activists told MU officials they wanted, among others things, more black staff members at the university, a statue of civil rights activist Lloyd Gaines, and something called an academic bankruptcy program. That program would permit non-white students to toss out their grades for an entire semester under certain circumstances.

“Things like hiring faculty or staff, or admitting students based on protected characteristics to meet a numerical target, will not and cannot be done,” Henson wrote. “It is against state and federal law. It also is a bad model for a sustainable community.”

It’s about time that some basic common sense was allowed back into this debate. The protests at Mizzou infected several other college campuses this year, leading to the forced resignations of many academics who had done nothing wrong. In the wake of the hubbub, applications and donations have plummeted. Whether that’s because parents don’t want their kids to go to a school that permits this nonsense or because they perceive the school as a racist institution, who knows. If it’s the latter, though, that’s pretty sad.

At the Republican debate last week, Ben Carson (in reference to LGBT issues) said that Americans should have equal rights, but that no one should have extra rights. And that’s exactly what these protests are about – providing black students with extra rights in order to correct vague notions of systemic racism. But as tempting as it might be to blame the students, the real blame is on the educators themselves. What are these young men and women learning in class? Could it be that liberal professors are fanning the flames? Hmm.

Since the start of the Black Lives Matter movement, those who speak for social justice have been given the overwhelming benefit of the doubt. That’s all well and good, but the truth should come before skin color. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re right. Once we can accept that simple and obvious fact, we can begin working together to make sure everyone gets the same opportunities.


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  1. It’s about time, I know if I had a child to send to college, I would pick one that has the ability to stand up to terrorists and thugs.


    • He’s a successful black man so they choose to see him as uncle tom. Strange how they’ed rather support some old elite criminal white woman.

      • She promised them free everything for their votes!

        • so did LBJ!

          • He joked that the 1964 Civil Rights Act would guarantee 50 years of Blacks voting for democrats. He didn’t say blacks by the way or even the polite term of the day Negro. Well 1964 + 50 = 2014 so that is why the Democrats have moved on to the lighter colored brown people the “Latinos” or “Hispanics” that is the new minority voting block that the Democrats want to attract. So sorry Black Folks, you all will soon be a Afterthought while your Democrat Masters chase after their new “Most Favored Minority” They have more kids and their families are needy especially the new “Citizens”. After all Votes Matter.

          • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

          • There are a lot of things that go on in the public square that just make me cry. The only thing I have control over is my conduct and attitude and the influence I have with My family and My Kids and Grand Kids. I try to do my best.

          • Why do you keep repeating the same stupid questions over and over, oh, wait, you aren’t smart enough to say anything else, get a job. You are just afraid she won’t win and you will lose your welfare and have to work for a living.

          • Truthfully some people need the help, and should get it,,No one in this country should go hungry or live on the street.

          • I agree, but there are millions living off welfare as a career, you surely know that. Illegals get welfare as soon as they cross the border, I hope you are not okay with that.

          • No I do not at all, the real Obama travesty is the Resettlement centers in south texas where whole families are being housed, fed, schooled. healthcare provided, Then Flown through the country to be “placed”,,it has been reported sometimes with other Illegal immigrant families. It should also be noted that Obama’s use of the Refugee label for Central, South Americans and Syrians Automatically Qualifies them for almost every “Benefit” that a citizen could expect and some extras that citizens can not Qualify for.

          • The concentrstion camps to which you speak were built by Bush. He used a hurricane as the excuse for their consturction.

            The people to which you speak are refugees. They are fleeing war zones.

            Yes, even those from South and Central America. The drug cartels are no less terrorist than ISIS.

          • Glad the blame Bushers are still out there somewhere,, Obama has been in office for almost 8 years,, why has he not taken care of this great injustice rather than putting his new chosen people in them??

          • What has your rant to do with the fact that actions took place during a specific administration?
            Reagan provided illegals with amnesty.
            In doing so, he set a terrible example for future action,

          • So we have moved back another 8 years skipping Clinton in order to blame Reagan. Let’s go ahead and stipulate that next issue we will skip over Carter in order to get to Ford and of course Nixon. On the Reagan Amnesty,, Yes he did help craft the bill, yes he did sign it, and no the wall and increased border and workplace enforcement never did come about. Why? I do not Remember so i will have to do some reading in order to try to be accurate but I know that Bush 41 and Bush 43 are Open border advocates and would never do anything to interrupt the steady supply of cheap labor for the state of Texas. Texas has a weird way of dealing with the illegal work force that you almost have to live there to understand. anyway cheers and good night.

          • Aklady where have I heard “it’s Bush’s fault” before? Oh yeah, it’s on the WH answering machine, just before ‘transparency’ and ‘fiscal restraint.’

          • What has your rant to do with the fact that actions took place during a specific administration?

          • Yes, I know, I live in Illinois and we have thousands here.

          • LOL.
            There has been a five-year lifetime limit on public assistence since Clinton was in office.
            The only exceptions are age and disability.

          • You don’t have a clue about what you are saying. I live in Illinois and there are dozens of families in my city that are illegals and they get welfare, food stamps, housing subsidy, free medical, free education, AND they vote. FACT


            10 ILCS 5/1A-16, 5/4, 5/5, 5/6

            What are the Voter Registration requirements?

            Must be a US citizen;

            Must be at least 18 years of age by Election Day; 17 years of age to vote in a General Primary if individual will be 18 as of the following General Election;

            Must have been a resident of the precinct at least 30 days prior to Election Day.

          • To qualify for benefits, Illinois residents must be citizens of the United States (U.S.) or one of the following:

            People with qualified immigrant status, including residents who have lived in the U.S. for 5 years or more may qualify for benefits,


            People with qualified immigrant status including refugees and asylees may qualify for benefits as “qualified immigrants” even if they have not lived in the U.S. for 5 years.

            Noncitizen adults who do not meet immigration requirements but who have a serious medical condition may qualify for emergency medical benefits.


          • That 5 year limit of cash assistance was dropped.

          • Why don’t you tell that to poor families living in Washington, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Mexico?

            California and Arizona shortened their time limits Some states that had provided support to poor parents working in low-wage jobs have abandoned those policies.

          • Unless they want that!

          • America is the only modern, industrialized country which permits people to die — simply because they cannot buy health care.

            That person may be your next door neighbor.
            The very poor have Medicaid coverage. The elderly have Medicare.

            The ACA was meant to fill that gap between those two examples.

          • Wrong the ACA was designed to Make Young Healthy people pay for the insurance policies of others, Make actual care much harder to get, ration care, increase costs, Eventually Bankrupt Insurance Companies, and control personal behavior for the “Greater Good” As a side note it is a personal nightmare for my wife and I .
            Obamacare has nothing to do with care, at best it has to do with Medicaide expansion and Insurance coverage. Obamacare did not open one more clinic. nor Hospital, Did not get one more doctor through medical school. The law is about control not about Healthcare at all.

          • “…[T]he ACA was designed to Make Young Healthy people pay…”

            Medical debt is the #1 cause for bankruptcy in America.
            That bad debt increases the cost of medical care for everyone.

          • Government intervention into what should be a free market has caused the rise in medical costs and premiums. Starting out with the Medicare price fixing and now to control the whole medical “System” as the Progressives like to call it. the same has happened to College Costs,, through grants and Loans the Consumer is separated from the real cost of what they are buying,,once you are $ 40,000 and three years into your degree program it is too late to do a cost benefit analysis.

          • LOL

            “Medicare price fixing” Where did you ever get such an idea?

            Maybe you should try expamding you information base. If any organization is involved in price fixing, it is the American Medical Association’s Relative Value System .

            Education grants and loans have been available for almost a century.

          • It is possible to obtain undergraduate degrees almost free — well that is if you are among the brightest.

            Suggest you look into the New York Regency Program.

            Another place to check is the State of Connecticut’s Charter Oak College.

            But then, both are “government” programs and your bias oibvioisly would get in the way.

          • Why?

            Because you keep lying — as you have done in the message I am responding to.

          • Especially all those Illegal Democrats!

          • I believe LBJ is quoted as saying “I’ll have them ni***** voting democrat for the next 200 years”. LBJ had a reputation of being a “brutish drunk” and JFK was aware of it but he needed the southern votes, especially Texas. So he held his nose and chose Johnson and only received 1000 days of life after that.

          • you are exactly correct, The real history of the Democrat Party and Black America is probably the least known and best covered up set of Truths in Recent American History,, and The democrats are about to move on, having Completely destroyed the Black family and what was, even in the Jim Crow 50s a supportive, thriving, loving Black culture. And all the time while abandoning the mess that they have made in city after city they continue to point fingers and call the Republican party and other white Americans Racist.
            The Democrat’s Moral High Ground is nothing more than the top of a Volcano ready to explode.

          • Very true. The destruction of the black family unit was the goal of the War On Poverty. When I was a kid my neighborhood, which was pretty small had about 5 family businesses owned by black families. Some went to my church and some to other churches in the area. We had an auto repair garage, a shoe store, a grocery store, a small café and a tailor shop. Their businesses were in competition with similar white businesses and all of the businesses survived together. The car repair garage would come and get my Dads car, take it to his shop, service the car and bring it back. He took his charges out in groceries at my Dads store. No big deal, everybody just got along. The next generation of kids from those families ended being scattered around. Out of wedlock children were born. The fathers were forced out of the homes and the single mothers with the kids were put on welfare. Most of the dads just moved on. Back in the 50’s there were many black neighborhoods that turned into ghettos because the men were driven away by government policies. What we have now is the disastrous cost of the democrats failed War On Poverty. This is what the democrats wanted.

          • Thank you very much for the thoughtful and true post. I was beginning to think that I was alone in remembering the way things were when there were Neighbors in the Neighborhood. You know we never had enough money in the early 60s to have a car,, but my mom always found a way to scrape up enough so my brother and I could have a bicycle, even if it was second hand. School clothes from the Sears or Penny’s catalogue ordered early enough so my mom could hem them up only to let them back down as I grew taller during the school year. And My mom Rummaging for something decent to wear in the Church basement second hand shop. and then having the pride to wear it on Sunday with her head held high. Yes there are a lot of great things missing from what is left of our Civil Society, I am glad that I grew up in the era that I did,, it has added so much to my understanding that we have so much so very much more in common as People than we could ever have in differences because of something as trivial as skin color or the ballance on our 401ks. Here is to love and goodwill,, to and for whoever will receive it, and give it back.

          • Maxx – That is truly horrible that the government wasn’t able to tax everyone to pay for their ideas of “social engineering” (AKA: vote-getting), but they are able to tax now, and like all things government, it obviously doesn’t work, so the vote-getting is taking on newer dimensions. [gummint hates it when it isn’t needed – even if it has to create crises to pretend to solve, to pretend their worth] .

          • Giorgio Benhana

            you nailed it. democrats are subversive.

          • Giorgio Benhana

            Dr. Thomas Sowell, A NYC black and Harvard educted and now a senior fellow with Hoover Institution after retiring as chair of Stanford U’s economics documents has written books about how the democrats destroyed the black family.

        • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          Why do you embarrass America this way?

          • Why do you keep repeating the same ignorant shit, over and over. Get a job and get off welfare.

          • Because you keep lying?

            Because the best you can do is insult?

            Because you assume, assume, assume?

            Go to college, earn as much money as I did …
            then you can aford to retire — like I did.

          • Retired at 52, WITHOUT college, own 3 homes and 2 businesses. You wasted your money on college, you are either stupid or just nuts, not sure which.

          • A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation. Moliere


        • And so did her opponent Sanders. Just shows what society has devolved into thanks to a socialistic education system.

      • Same thing (Uncle Tom) was said about Justice Thomas when he was appointed to Supreme Court

      • Before one can be a ceiminal, one must be areested, tried and convicted.

        That has something to do with s thing called the Constitution.

        • Wow, where did you go to school, oh, wait, maybe you did not go at all. You sure aren’t very smart, and I doubt that you are a lady.

          • Brenda- I once had an exchange with AKLady, and all I can say is she is full of hatred! Wow- she doesn’t seem to get anything – you sure can’t have an exchange of ideas with her, because she just fires back nonsense. I actually feel sorry for her.

          • Maybe you are right, she does not sound very smart. Oh, well, maybe she will get help.

          • In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane.
            –Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835—1910)

          • You are one funny nut case, keep them coming, never laughed so much in one day as I have today.

          • effluvium (noun) [ê-‘flu-vee-yêm]
            Potentially noxious, usually nauseating vapor or gas.

            execrate (verb)
            To feel loathing for somebody or something.

            obloquy (noun) [ob’-luh-kwee]
            Language which brings, or is intended to
            bring, someone into odium or reproach.

            stultify (verb) [‘stêl-tê-fI]
            To make someone appear stupid or foolish.

          • You are TOO funny!

          • Never does a man portray his own character more
            vividly than in his manner of portraying another’s.
            –Jean Paul Richter (1763—1825)

    • Americans Wake Up

      Ben Carson is an honorable man so he doesn’t fit the black racists mold. I was hoping he would do well in the polling but is not. I would vote for him if we was nominated. Trump blows to much smoke for me to find him credible. I do like the idea of an outsider being president. I would like to a completely new house and senate with the career politicians gone also. It is time for term limits and getting rid of the lifetime benefits for the congressional leeches.

      • I don’t think Ben would make a good President at all. He is way too mild mannered. He could be the Surgeon General for the Trump administration. I have been sending my meager donations to his campaign even though I know he can never win. I would vote for him without question. Obama on the other hand was hated by me from the second day he was in office. I do feel Obama has scuttled Ben Carson’s chance of ever being President. People just wouldn’t trust another black president. The great experiment was a failure.

        • well, I don’t know about that-obozo’s 2 elections were NOT an “experiment” it was a planned takeover of American politics as we know it-yes it failed-(thank God) but in no way did it have to do with him being black-as he is 1/2 white. His skin color wasn’t the main pull, it was his muslim affinity and Marxist buddies that put him in the wh.

          • Maybe not but he sure caused a lot of racial tension that didn’t exist before. Your right about the muslim and marxist.

          • he was installed not elected

          • He qas elected like every President before him — by the Electoral College.

            He actually had thw popular vote, not onece, but twicw.

            Now, if you want to talked about “installed” you neeed to look at the Presidents who did not have the votes: John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush (twice) theae Prwsidents:

          • brown eyes

          • Did you make it past the 8th grade? I doubt it.

          • Most black LADIES are educated in the bedroom

          • step away from the computer troll. waaaay past your bedtime.

          • Freedom of relgion is what our Founders fought and died for.

            Why do you imsult their sacrifice?

            Why do you feel it is acceptable to insult members of the world’s secon largest religion?

          • Not a religion, but a political system that does not value human life.

          • I wouldn’t say it failed. I think the only failure is they haven’t created as much destruction as planned. Otherwise, I would say the “experiment” was highly successful.

          • ….
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

          • Hey, numbnutz, have you noticed that you are in the losing department with the thumbs up? Everyone is laughing at you for repeating your same questions over and over, you clearly are a nut case.

          • If you can’t answer a man’s argument, all is hot lost; you can still call him vile names.
            –Elbert Hubbard (1859—1915)

          • You are too funny. all is hot lost? I have laughed more today because of your stupid posts than I have laughed all month. Thanks for the fun! AND, you are still a nut case!

          • Abuse is the weapon of the vulgar.
            –Samuel Griswold Goodrich (1793—1860)

        • The next “great experiment” will fail too!

        • I agree with you on Ben. A good man, but too timid. He has not been forceful enough stating his viewpoints and then standing up for them. I would have voted for him.

          • Carson only candidate I sent money to. Also voted for him in primary although I knew it was a lost cause. Ethics would not allow me to not vote for him. I went into the polling booth intending to vote for the next best candidate because he may have a chance, but could not pull the lever. Ended up voting for Carson. Too bad so few understand what is happening to our country.

        • That is sure how it looks. Carson is a man of integrity, and it was sad how he was treated during the debates. He was not given many questions, nor time to respond to anything.
          When he had to ask to be insulted, so he could have a chance to speak, showed how lame debates are.

        • Damn sure was and it will be a hundred years before there is another black man in the while house.

        • I must disagree that Carson would not be a good President . I think those with the clear teachings of our original government (personal responsibility, a “moral compass,” and fiscal awareness) have the strength to surmount the obstacles that face us, better than any of our current career politicos. Thank you for your “meager donations” that are a much more effective showcase of the spirit of We the People. I, too, feel that my meager donations will only show (whoever wins) that character is not unimportant.

      • Agreed 100%. No more career politicians. Sad that we will have to choose between a criminal and a con-man.

      • So you will vote for killary right.

      • We need to keep beating the clean house drum for the next few election cycles and there after. We have term limits now, it’s called the voting booth. The problem is that the electorate is lazy and sends the same ones back for career terms. They may be honorable but after they get inside the beltway and discover what they can do for themselves they become corrupted ass holes.

      • If you don’t like Trump, that is your right, but he’s the ONLY candidate who can stand up to the bullies in the world! Also, I want John Kasich as VEEP. Good man, knows his way around Washington, would be a good balance for Trump!

        • And can deliver OHIO.

          • That’s why my father loves him..he knows Kasich is a good man AND can deliver Ohio too…if you want to win the White House, winning Ohio is a MUST!

        • Trump is a Trojan Horse and a snake oil salesman. His current stated views are 180 degrees from what he has lived his entire life. People are too easily swayed by his bombastics. As for Kasich, he is just another establishment Republican. I’ve had enough of establishment Republicans and 7+ years of a snake oil salesman is enough. Of the candidates left, Cruz is the best of the lot!

      • Join with others in helping the Convention of States in your state if it’s not already in the works. That is the only way that we as a people are going to get to take back our government and it’s in the constitution that it is a way we can use.

        • I’m from NY and I won’t trust this state to offer any additions to an Art 5 convention, but I DO trust that there are other 34 states needed to perform this miracle. I’m just not sure if we have the time if we don’t act SOON!

      • Uncle Toms do not appeal to anyone.

        • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

          So, after months/years of calling conservatives and other RIGHT minded folks every disparaging racist and bigoted label you could spew, your true colors come shining through. You are a pathetic and ignorant hypocrite. God help us from fools like you.

    • Tom & TPS12 I believe both of you are off topic or maybe the two of you didn’t get the point of the topic above. However, I guess it could also be as well as you two did not understand it. Go back up to the topic and read it slower if you can read, if not then get someone to read it for you slowly. The story is basically saying that our race (the colored people) in this topic expect special treatment for there skin color. Which is actual reality in most of our races minds. I agree with most, because it’s not fair to all the other races. So stop being racist. Tom,”BROTHER CARSON”and”BLACK CANDIDATE” you wanted him just because he’s black.TPS12 “black man,Uncle Tom,white woman. Same goes with you. You also wanted him because he’s black These words are racist words because of how you used them. You two get the story reader to explain in more detail. I voted for a leader, not color. We’ve tried that and now America is in the worst shape than ever before.

      • I am so sick of liberals spewing the “R” word! We respect Dr. Carson because he overcame hardships. Hardships not caused by your catch-all Racism. He was an award winning Neural surgeon, not a community organizer…..”Retired in June 2013 at Johns Hopkins Hospital as Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery and Pediatrics/Director, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery/Co-Director, The Johns Hopkins Craniofacial Center. Today, Dr. Carson serves as Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University. “

    • Well obama did it for Carson that’s why.

    • I am sickened by the way Carson was treated along with others to include Carly. Dr. Carson is a brilliant human being, filled with class, dignity and honor. Hopefully he will be asked to be in someone’s cabinet

    • Trump will help him because he respects Carson.

  3. Whats next ? A passing grade just for showing up ? Seems like people in collage are actually dumber then average Americans !

    • Dumb is the inability to speak. Stupid is a more appropriate term.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Don’t some of us wish at times that there was an all white planet? Most blacks refer to themselves as “African Americans” and the majority of them not only DON’T EVEN know who their dad is but don’t even have the slightest idea where the hell africa is!! Get the hell over it ! !

      • Americans Wake Up

        We had a professor at a local college some years back, a black man that taught black studies, get fired for telling his students he didn’t like the term “African-American”. He told them they were either Africans or Americans- not both.

    • drrocko no that would mean they have to show up all the time and that wouldn’t be acceptable.

    • No getting paid not to commit crimes. See D.C. pending legislation.…/dc-wants-to-pay-people-not-to-comm.

    • I believe they already have something like that in some college, a grade curve.

    • AND ! Wasting a lot of someone”s money. OR were they picked to create all of these so called — Problems — !

  4. All lives matter, What a racist statement. Human race that is.

  5. At last! Someone with the guts to say no to a lot of nonsense. Do they have a right to protest? Absolutely. Do they have a right to have more rights than others? Absolutely not!. When demands go from reasonable to ridiculous, it is time to call a halt to the whole thing.

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    • But what will the PC police say? We have had nearly eight years to see the results of PC under the leadership of a muslim sympathizer and socialist and to adjust to the “Black is Back” agenda. Minority terrorism in this country appears to be at an all time high, protests occur at the drop of a hat, and the murder of law enforcement personnel is also at an all time high. Will we ever face up to the guilt and punishment of thugs, regardless of ethnicity, instead of focusing on blame?

      • mesaman. to answer your question. Not until we rid ourselves of career politicians. We have to limit the terms to keep them from becoming powerful people in the game of politics. The jobs of running the country was not intended to be for a lifetime.You served, and when your term was up, you went home and became John Q. Citizen again, with no special benefits. If the men who lay their lives on the line in defense of this country don’t get a lifetime pension, why should a desk jockey get one?As far as punishment of thugs goes, when we get rid of bleeding heart politicians, things will be the way they should be. Let the punishment fit the crime.

        • I find your comments acceptable but your aim hit the wrong end of the animal. The crux of this article was about one person standing against the anarchist and his minions using the “black lives are all that matter” agenda, all the while terrorizing society as the ultimate goal of their self-proclaimed plight. When you bring your comments back to focus on the real problem, I heartily agree. Thugs never matter, regardless.

  6. Dumb them down and drug them up, that is the Communist Party USA’s strategy and it has worked to a tee; so I correctly affirm REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION to the TYRANNY at hand – it will only get worse, guaranteed! Voting in fraudulent, third world elections is not getting it done as is evidenced by the implanting of our Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” and the ole ugly commie whore in the on deck circle who should be only running to the (border?) to escape being tried for treason, like her pimp Obaa-baa-ma, and facing a firing squad! The parents of the Benghazi atrocity ought to be asked if they would like to participate and the rest of the firing squad could be filled with a national lottery that would go to paying down the debt!

    • I never buy state-sponsored lottery tickets; however, I would consider it a privilege to underwrite the ammo costs.

  7. no different in the 70s we just kick the crap out of them in the army

  8. Many Blacks denie that they can be Racist and Anti Semite? I guess, they are not human, because all humans have a little bit of that.

    • Robin even monkeys have enough brains not to destroy their own home.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        That’s what cracked me up.. “We’re pissed off at whites, so why not Rob our own people and burn Ferguson to the ground?” Now, that little scenario has had me cracking up laughing since the day it happened!!!

  9. While I can lay blame for a lot of tis sort of thing on the professors themselves the issue is much larger than that. Both blacks and non-blacks need to realize that we have serious issues over not race specifically but over poverty in large metro areas. Our way of dealing with it is to hand them more welfare and ignore them otherwise. It gives the liberals votes and beyond that is ignored. I believe it is time for the GOP to change that.

  10. Finally…an academic administrator who isn’t scared spitless of racists in general and the Black Lives Matter Bowel Movement in particular. It’s a refreshing sight, and I wish Mr. Henson the best.

  11. Well said but until all Universities take this stand nothing will change and it’s time to call our politicians on this nonsense as well.

  12. Doesn’t matter what they get it will never be enough, when this issue is filled there will just be another.

  13. we should expand this statement across the board. I am tired of people screaming ” you need to help me ” when they clearly won’t help themselves.

    • On that note, Lawrence Brown, a professor at Morgan State University, is on record as saying: “White people should give all their money to black people”

  14. get over it there are only americans and all should be on the same playing field. the gov’t has given to the blacks long enough for them to get right if they don’t like it here go back to the mother land.

  15. We are all equal – if you want to get where Whitey is, you have to work for a living, pay your bills, pay your taxes, vote for responsible conservative politicians, get married if you are having kids, keep your kids safe and out of gangs, have a skill, make a living, keep your family together, don’t commit crimes. Do what is successful and stop doing what is stupid or following the likes of radical black “leaders”! Look at the successful African Americans and follow their lead – dump the unsuccessful black role models and they are true failures!

  16. Yes, the liberal college professors are a BIG part of the problem. Signed: A retired school teacher

    • failed as revolutionaries in the 60’s/70’s now indoctrinating our youth, one child at a time…

      • There certainly are still many good college teachers. But some of the extreme liberal ones are, in my opinion, actually teaching our youth how NOT to think. A pox on them!

    • Soon it won’t be college level, Common Core is dumbing down even elementary grade ‘achievements.’

      • That was happening years before Common Core. Any sincere teacher in the public schools or colleges that have taught for many years would be happy to tell you just how much remedial teaching they have to do.
        I only lasted in public education for sixteen years. When it became crystal clear that I was expected to be a glorified baby-sitter and teach the “test,” I bailed out.
        I do so admire the teachers who still are staying in the fray and doing their best to teach our nation’s children though. Bless them.

        • And another reason to worry and wonder (and even, in an odd way, admire the planning and execution behind this). Can we blame it all on dystopian novels of mid 20th century used as a template? I guess it even preceds that. Thanks, Mary Brumley, for opening my eyes further. You didn’t give me any encouragement, but your honesty is preferred.

          • But, there is encouragement also! If parents and grandparents would be active in the education of their children, a very good education can still be obtained. So many parents just turn their most prized possessions over to the schools, and that is all they do.
            Some schools allow parents to choose the teachers they want in elementary school. At least, one can have their child removed from a classroom when a parent sees their child falling behind.
            There are many ways to ensure your special little person is being offered a good opportunity to learn!

          • Under performing teachers? should be removed, but they have paid protection, afforded them by the taxpayer

          • Big “IF,” but I agree; as part of the process, changing the family (and its responsibilities) has been used to make public education a “new version” of family. Not better, just an easier, poor replcement.

        • admire? Excessively overpaid government indoctrinators. brown eyes

  17. The author calls it growing a spine or as we like to call it here in Texas, “growing a pair.” Either way I’ve been wondering when someone was going to have the courage (cojones) to stand up to these knuckleheads. Congratulations for attempting to let common sense reign.

  18. These black activist organizations were designed straight from the socialist/communist playbook. Not just them, but a lot of these “we have rights” organizations were specifically designed to bring chaos to our nation. They don’t even know they’re being used by our government in an effort to usher in totalitarian rule. They’re just pawns to the powers-that-be. Please watch the films by Curtis Bowers: Agenda Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit. There are books, too, but these films are a good start.

  19. Brother Carson is a very successful black that worked hard, studied hard and didn’t whine about being black. As a result, he became one of the best brain surgeons ever. The whiners in Missouri want everything for nothing. Imagine your loved ones getting operated on by them! WOW sort of scary?

    • They only want your wallet!

      • A friend of mine sent me a story about a group of young black men who got in the face of an elderly ex-Marine who was eating at a McDonalds in DC and kept asking him what he thought of Black Lives Matter. He tried to avoid a confrontation by not responding, so they followed him outside, beat him up and robbed him. I’m not sure exactly when this happened, but am still waiting for the story to appear on the nightly news somewhere, sometime. Had the situation ben reversed, I think it would have been front page news. “White Racist Mob Attacks Elderly Black Veteran”.

        • Hey Ghost that Marine was no where near elderly. He appears to be in his 30’s. Those thugs harassed him while he was eating then jumped him as he was exiting the restaurant.

          • Thanks for the correction. The original information I got was that the victim was elderly. In any case, it was one against many.

    • They want segregation[excellent option], so they should operate exclusively on black folk. awaiting outcome

  20. They need to get to the reason that they are there in the first place and quit causing problems!!!!!!!!!!! Parents must be proud of these trouble makers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. maybe the blacks should start donating to mizzou and all the alumni should quit donating. they should have fired the football couch and sent all the players who are on a free ride back home with a cancelled free scholarship. who the hell are a gang of students demanding anything????

  22. ALL LIVES MATTER. Go Trump all the way

  23. Stop whining. I am a white female, born in poverty, raised in poverty, started working at 16 to help my family, got my GED at 34 years old, and by that time, I owned 3 homes, and 2 businesses, how? I worked 2 jobs, worked overtime, drove old cars, bought clothes at rummage sales, did what I had to do to keep my children out of poverty. Got no help, took no government hand outs, stayed out of trouble, raised my children with the same principals, never whined about having to work hard. I did not get a free college education. I am 72 years old, still working, still paying taxes, to support lazy people and illegals, and corrupt government. Stop whining and pull your pants up and get a job.

    • Brenda,
      Your white, blacks will NEVER believe you, plus involved work.
      I’m with you, but I don’t believe any of us will live long enough to see that ever happening

  24. UNCLE TOM IS MY HERO. Uncle Tom took the lash to save a black woman from dying.Uncle Tom is Christ like.
    The communists are dividing the country and have been doing so since 1941 under Soviet control. The democrat party is the communist party. TRUMP IS THE REVOLUTION. GOD AND COUNTRY FOREVER.

  25. James R. Currier

    It has become blatantly obvious that the liberal professors are the root of all this turmoil. I say get rid of them ALL and deport them to a socialist country.

  26. politicianssuck

    if these students think there is so much racial tension on this campus, then why do they not transfer to Howard University or Grambling University that are predominately black? or do they not want to go there because then they would have to attend classes and work for good grades and not be pampered to because of their perception that they are picked on and abused because of their skin color

  27. It is too bad that many of the Republican Grass Root voters have focused on Trumps big mouth. They are missing the best chance we have to straighten out the country. Have any of you ever seen a con artist with a big mouth? Of course not, they always tell you what you want to hear!

  28. Caving to the lunatic demands of the BLM fanatics could lead to the Univ. of Missouri losing their academic accreditation. Then the loonies would end up with degrees that are worthless. They would be unable to transfer any of their grades to other institutions which the loonies would claim is the fault of everybody else but themselves in typical Libtard fashion.

  29. I’m not sure what it says: this BLM group wants to be able toss out their GRADES for a semester??? ONLY if whites were allowed to do the same…. if you can’t MANAGE the simple life of going to school…. you’ll never make it in life/the real world. Give me a break.

    When Ms. Johnson (leader of BLM) was asked what needs to be done? She says whites simply have to give more of what they have??? And hillary (to blacks) says whites need to be more HUMBLE??? She’s real humble…..??? NOT. With all the demanded/planned change for blacks to improve their situation…. is for whites to change???? The focus is obviously ONLY hate/anger and not any real solution. More lib propaganda.

    I believe most people (white, hispanic, asian, etc.) don’t hate and have no anger towards blacks in general, as it takes effort and energy and focus to do that. However, this attack/anger/hate from blacks (and violence) is creating hate towards blacks….. since they are a minority, they will increase in their failure with this approach (led by people like obama, sharpton, jackson and farrakhan…. who do hate whites and are using this unsuccessful group. Really sad.

  30. Way to go Henson! Tell the ignorant black students to abide by University rules are get the hell out the University!

  31. Looks like Old Mizzou is finally standing up for our rights!

  32. Yes it is time these college presidents need to put these young guns in their proper place. They are not owed anything and should be grateful for the opportunity to get an education. Demands from these irresponsible loafers should be kicked to the curb. They, if this crap continues, should be kicked out of school.

  33. “Social justice” itself is a scam. It suggests that certain groups, e.g., blacks, LGBT, etc., are deserving of special treatment at the expense of others. Our entire system of justice is based on individuals, not groups. Individuals have rights as outlined in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. The loony left would say that everybody is entitled to health care, a living wage, and a home as part of social justice. Oh, and who pays?

    • Equal & not special treatment is deserved by All citizens of the USA, regardless of color, class, creed, religion, gender identity, etc. The US constitution & other federal legislation provides such & it should be expected. Period.

      Groups are made up of individuals. If any individual within a group feels their rights have been violated, he/she should be able to step forward and plea his/her case.

      • How a group “feels” about its rights are not worth a tinker’s damn. Now if an individual within a certain group has evidence and facts that he or she has been mistreated or denied rights under the Constitution, then bring it to the appropriate body for adjudication. Feelings are nothing with respect to right and wrong. Facts are everything. I think you need to release yourself from the bondage of left wing group think, Ms. Johnson. They got a vice-like grip on your thought process.


  35. Preaching in classes at a school of higher learning is what brings about fatal revolutions!

  36. Any black who votes democrat is a true Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima!

  37. “Affirmative action” at it’s finest! It was a mistake then and tit is a mistake now. You want something, earn it!

  38. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    Yea! As things relate to presidency, Donald Trump not denouncing the KKK makes me think he wants to know the whole truth about the KKK, maybe through the years they’ve changed, you just can’t assume from the past bad publicity. On the same token though, if there’s a black lives matter and black panthers now, what is so wrong with white supremacist when there’s black supremacist? I’m waiting for Hispanic and asian, but I just don’t think they are wanting to get into the hate game.

    I’m white, I’m southern from Texas. I think slavery was wrong, and the bad treatment blacks in the past. But it was the past. I believe all cops treat all people the same on the most part. If the person acts a certain way, they get treated a certain way, regardless of race. Cops also go by what’s on past reports, so they are treated a certain way because of this. Not saying it’s always right, it just happens because of past experiences of others acting the same way.
    We are all humans, we go through life with different past experiences and teachings. I agree that some are on a power hungry trip, and need to find another job. I mostly think that cops need to have a stronger mental evaluation before given a badge. Too many believe their number 1 goal is to write up as many people as possible, to meet an imaginary quota, when they are only there to keep people safe and secure.

  39. Wake up, folks, blm is NOT about blacks, it’s ALL about niggers and you must separate the two!
    Black people are busy at work, taking care of their homes and families, but niggers are those that are causing all the trouble, shooting other niggers and being shot, or cops or innocents, burning, looting, rioting, raping, robbing and general mayhem! STILL the majority of prison inmates!
    Dr Carson is a black man; ovomit AND his minions are niggers, NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THEY ARE!

  40. It”s about time someone came to their senses! Those black as students are a part of the “entitlement” generation that walks around with their hand out expecting everything they want but not willing to lift a finger to get it. Time they wake up to reality. They ARE NOT SPECIAL any more than any other student. Stop making demands that you don’t deserve. Get over it and start being responsible for your own lives! It’s time to grow up children!

  41. And this man did not do well in his bid for the presidency. What the hell is wrong with the minds and hearts of the people of this country and not support Ben and yet put a pos like the foreign exchange student in the white house.

  42. We need to ask the politicians to demand that the educational lobbyist for the unions, hire more psychologist to help the mentally ill or delusional students looking for utopia.

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  44. ABOUT TIME! BLM is nothing but the Black version of KKK. Same hatred, same affront to order, same destructive and violent contempt for others and property. The only difference is that BLM doesn’t wear dunce caps YET

    • Right now they are supported by very influential people and a lot of scum (Sharpton). When obam is gone, the tide may turn. NY City needs to clean house. Anyone claiming Texas is Conservative is sadly mistaken not with 66% hispanic. Missouri is nuts, Colorado and Oregon, ditto.

      • I would put Conservative Hispanics up against any one claiming to be conservative in New York City any day. I really don’t think you know or understand the Hispanic community or you would not have made that statement. Incredible folks.
        Texas is very conservative. Take a close look.

        • I know and understand the ILLEGAL Hispanics very well. I live in Houston Suburbs. I worked with them and have respect for those who do work and pay taxes just like I do. I have absolutely NO respect for those who do not. I bitterly resent educating their children while they hide the money they earn, tax free. I point out the episode of the high school Hispanic kids who skipped school, went to City Hall, hung the MEXICAN flag ABOVE the Texas flag. Nothing was done about it. A picture of this also appeared in the Chronicle. They will never be conservative. I cannot vote for Cruz because I don’t believe he would do anything to stop the illegal migration. Go to the Food Stamp office in Houston and see the makeup of the people applying for food stamps. They have taken over Texas, period.

          • I am talking about LEGAL, not illegal. You and I are in agreement.
            I know exactly what is going on, on our border.
            I have family in Cotulla, Texas. I know what Illegals do to the property. I have seen it up close and personal. I also know that the problems aren’t just from Mexico or Central/South America. They are from Communist China, Cuba, The Middle East, To Include Syria, Oman, Iraq, etc. North Korea, etc. I know this by the trash they leave behind. Very telling. I will not blame that on Hispanics. I know, places like Travis County the blue blob in the middle of the state encourages this ILLEGAL behavior, but most of Texas does not.
            As far as Cruz goes, HE HAS DONE EVERYTHING he has promised. I have voted for him and will continue to support him. He is hated by the Political Establishment because he refuses to turn his back on the people who voted for him.
            I am as angry as you are about how certain groups have dishonored not only Texas, but America as well. Obama and democ-RATS have more then encouraged that behavior. On some issues they have lead the ILLEGAL behavior.
            I really think that is part of the reason so many Americans are pissed off and the Political Movement we are seeing right now is happening. And yes, everyone is energized.

  45. I’m scared to even be around blacks/ hispanics/muslims now. It feels like a war is thrust on everyone and I also avoid malls, full churches, big gatherings of non-whites, etc.

  46. You can be sure that enrollment and donations to any college with such nonsense going on is because people want to send their children to a college to learn what they need to know in order to support themselves for the rest of their lives. College is not a place to go just to party and raise hell. The current administration has encouraged blacks to act up and also convinced them that they are helpless victims. These students will look back on this and realize that their inferior education and resulting lack of success in life is the fault of barry soetoro as well as their own fault for buying into his manipulations.

  47. Really getting tired of BLM and all the others in the big bowl of fruits and nuts.

  48. The loss of “donations” and “applications” is the concerned publics way of saying “enough is enough”. The money to run this and other like minded schools is the only way the public can show it repudiation of the not only the thugs causing the chaos but the school administration for siding with or allowing it to happen. If people come to the university to protest and cause interruption of the schools business rather than lean something they need to be
    expelled, both legally and physically. The question now is “how long will Mr. Henson be allowed to remain at M.U?.

  49. Phyllis Schultz

    Well said.

  50. This is an idea that will go nowhere with the BLM group. They want what they want and the hell with whatever might make sense. People need to start thinking with their brains, not the color of their skins. For GOD’s sake, GROW UP

  51. Black Activists have shot themselves in the foot. Simply illustrated why they should not have special favors and treatment. When they grasp the idea, of earning something ,as opposed to it being automatically given to them, then they will be accepted.

  52. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    I quit donating to my alma mater when the alumni magazine ran the heartwarming story of a coed who was a Mecha member. I contacted the alumni paper and pointed out that Mecha is a racist organization, and then sent them to the website. They reported back to me that yes, she might be an active supporter of a racist organization, but it gave her the emotional support to help her make it through school. They became highly annoyed when I asked if next month they were going to print the heartwarming story of The Nation of Islam and Nazi students who received such great emotional support from their organizations; just think of those warm, fuzzy feelings one gets from marching around singing hate songs.

  53. Marciaarichard4

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  54. it is all part of political islam wake up. it is refreshing to see someone with a spine,

  55. A person’s facts are worth about as much as a person’s statistics to me. Both can be twisted & turned any way you wish. Both are based on the worth of the person & what can be proven without a doubt.

    Sorry, but I’m having doubts about you.

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