University of Mississippi Votes Away State Flag

When liberals have managed to get their claws into the University of Mississippi, you know that dark days are ahead for this country. Traditional southern culture is being ripped away one small piece at a time as these rabid lunatics pave the way for a new progressive age. Next item on the checklist: The Mississippi state flag.

The flag, which dates back to 1894, has weathered controversy before. Because it is designed with a Confederate flag symbol in the corner, critics have thrown the usual ammunition against it. There was even a proposal to change it in 2001, but the measure was overwhelmingly defeated by popular vote. Now, with the Confederate flag having somehow gotten really, extremely, super offensive this year, student officials at Ole Miss have decided it needs to be removed from campus.

“The Confederate emblem that’s on the state flag is deeply connected and rooted in ideas of white supremacy and racial oppression, and that symbol has no place on our campus,” said Allen Coon, the student who wrote the resolution. “If we claim to respect the dignity of each person, that flag cannot fly on our campus.”

Coon’s student senators agreed, voting to remove the flag 33-15.

The vote itself is nonbinding, but university officials have said they will consider the proposal in due time.

Since pictures surfaced showing Charleston murderer Dylann Roof posing with the Confederate flag, southern culture has come under extraordinary attack. Flags, license plates, and Confederate memorials have fallen in the wake of this illogical trend, and retail outlets like Amazon have announced they will no longer carry products with Confederate colors. Just days before the University of Mississippi vote, Maryland announced that they would follow Virginia in banning Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates that display the flag.

It’s not surprising that liberals would throw their weight behind such a stupid movement, but it is a little surprising that so many Americans are willing to go along with it. What happened to this country that we can no longer separate sensationalism from substance? Why are there so few mainstream writers out there willing to explore this issue beyond the surface?

Is it because it’s so easy? Oh, yeah, Confederate flag, slavery, racism, yep, uh-huh, got it. It takes a little bit of effort to dig into the history of America’s bloody war and discover that it’s not that simple. Of course, when you grow up being taught a distorted version of the war in school, it’s not that surprising after all.

Even if we were to agree, though, that the flag once stood for slavery, what bearing does that have on us now? The majority of southerners do not fly that flag in the hopes that slavery might one day make a comeback. They fly it for what it means to their heritage, their history, and – most importantly – their own lives. It stands for a rebel spirit, a commitment to a very special culture, and a lifetime of memories. If racists started co-opting the American flag, would we have to get rid of that one, too?

Judging by the last six months, it’s a question that answers itself.



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