University of Mississippi Votes Away State Flag

When liberals have managed to get their claws into the University of Mississippi, you know that dark days are ahead for this country. Traditional southern culture is being ripped away one small piece at a time as these rabid lunatics pave the way for a new progressive age. Next item on the checklist: The Mississippi state flag.

The flag, which dates back to 1894, has weathered controversy before. Because it is designed with a Confederate flag symbol in the corner, critics have thrown the usual ammunition against it. There was even a proposal to change it in 2001, but the measure was overwhelmingly defeated by popular vote. Now, with the Confederate flag having somehow gotten really, extremely, super offensive this year, student officials at Ole Miss have decided it needs to be removed from campus.

“The Confederate emblem that’s on the state flag is deeply connected and rooted in ideas of white supremacy and racial oppression, and that symbol has no place on our campus,” said Allen Coon, the student who wrote the resolution. “If we claim to respect the dignity of each person, that flag cannot fly on our campus.”

Coon’s student senators agreed, voting to remove the flag 33-15.

The vote itself is nonbinding, but university officials have said they will consider the proposal in due time.

Since pictures surfaced showing Charleston murderer Dylann Roof posing with the Confederate flag, southern culture has come under extraordinary attack. Flags, license plates, and Confederate memorials have fallen in the wake of this illogical trend, and retail outlets like Amazon have announced they will no longer carry products with Confederate colors. Just days before the University of Mississippi vote, Maryland announced that they would follow Virginia in banning Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates that display the flag.

It’s not surprising that liberals would throw their weight behind such a stupid movement, but it is a little surprising that so many Americans are willing to go along with it. What happened to this country that we can no longer separate sensationalism from substance? Why are there so few mainstream writers out there willing to explore this issue beyond the surface?

Is it because it’s so easy? Oh, yeah, Confederate flag, slavery, racism, yep, uh-huh, got it. It takes a little bit of effort to dig into the history of America’s bloody war and discover that it’s not that simple. Of course, when you grow up being taught a distorted version of the war in school, it’s not that surprising after all.

Even if we were to agree, though, that the flag once stood for slavery, what bearing does that have on us now? The majority of southerners do not fly that flag in the hopes that slavery might one day make a comeback. They fly it for what it means to their heritage, their history, and – most importantly – their own lives. It stands for a rebel spirit, a commitment to a very special culture, and a lifetime of memories. If racists started co-opting the American flag, would we have to get rid of that one, too?

Judging by the last six months, it’s a question that answers itself.



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  1. The real reason for the civil war was over secession not slavery in the first place.

    • If you choose to believe that………………..

      • Perhaps you should read the actual history of the War of Norther Aggression, not the liberal propaganda that is force fed our children.

        • 13th generation American and 11 generations living in the south along with three of four college degrees at Southern Universities. The civil war was primarily based on the economics of slavery verses the mechanized north and it was a repetition of history that was seen with the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans just to name a few.

          States rights was the cover story and you can call it northern aggression, but when all was said and done buttercup, it was basic economics.

          • Spot on, Bob.

          • Thanks, all one has to do is actually study the broad history of mankind and find the economics of slavery have been repeated since the days of the caveman. The only thing that changes is the geographic location and the social/political culture.

          • Only about 6% of Southerners owned slaves and that was the sole economy of the South, iteresting.

          • There was both cotton and indigo along with lumber and other food crops. Not sure about the 6% number as what I have read it was about twice that.

            Let’s say for a moment that your 6% is the correct number, Kind of like the 1% who controls the wealth & political fortunes in this country today?

          • Could be, the numbers I have seen more than once were 6% in the South 3% in the North, which seems resonable when you go western portions of the “north” where slavery seemed more prevalent ownership wise but not absolute numbers.
            Lumber never apperared to have been a slave oriented industry, but do not know the portion of the economy. The 6% could have been the new 1%, but the 1% is so inflated by software fortunes which are largely paper and few hard assets.

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    • Yes, States Rights vs. the Federal Government – Constitutionally, every state has the right to secede – Lincoln reportedly ask the Supreme Court at the time how they would decide if ask about secession, they told him it WAS NOT UNCONSTITUTIONAL – so, he made sure that they were not ask in an official capacity, by claiming it was about slavery.
      At the time, with modern mechanization, slavery was soon to be history anyway as it would be cheaper to pay people to work rather than care for all their needs.


        it is not TO the Federal Supreme Court to decide if a sovereign state can secede-South Carolina’s secession was legal;Lincoln’s subsequent actions illegal;i.e. the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus and declaration of martial law-by the way i agree with your closing sentence,slavery was definitely on its way out

      • oaking,
        I have also posted on this same issue.

      • And I hope that the regret for slavery was a predominant matter during and after the Civil War. I know that many had a lingering resentment of blacks, but they were the minority. They are lingering white power jerks today, but they are the outcasts of modern culture.

    • I’ve been on here long enough to know you can’t argue with willful ignorance. See the mark of the devil below.

    • Actually it was over the South funding most of the Federal Budget, and wanting the North to ante uptheir fair share; thus secession. Everything usually boils down to money, and Lincoln wasn’t going to let the golden goose go.

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      • …and he only freed them so they could fight for the Union.

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    • 600,000 White men fought and died to have slaves freed and that cannot be denied. We owe these White soldiers gratitude.

      • O’Day—–You don’t know your history.

      • And now look at the problems we have with these savages. Should have picked our own damn cotton.

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      • They fought to keep the tax base that was paying for most of the Federal government and primarily controlled by the Northeast elites, you command of revisionist history is showing, wars are never fought over principles…follow the money. PS, slaves were equally heldin the North and Lincoln was quite the bigot if you read his writings. Worse yet his dictatorial leanings in how he ran the government look a lot llike Obama in his abuse of Executive Powers, check your history, he was not democratic in the least.

      • Yes, Katherin, but we must not deny that there were good men who fought with patriotism for what they beleived, and it was not merely slavery! IT was a very large issue of states’ rights!

    • There was even another reason the war was fought. It decided whether the United States would be an industrial nation, as represented by the North, or an agricultural nation as represented by the South. Slavery was only a small part of it, and was a continual effort to free the slaves which was began during the Constitutional Convention. Whether you like it or not, the Civil War was part of our nation’s history and as such should be preserved and protected for our posterity. This entire concept of racism is being blown out of all reality and is being used to accomplish more egregious things.

      • the war should be remembered. The flag put in museums, but not on display. We are in much the same position as the Germans. The swastika is relegated to museums as a piece of German history, but not to be flown or honored in any way.
        The south fought valiantly to be traitors, but were defeated by Americans, so the remain Americans even though they didn’t want to be. Those who fly their flag don’t really want to be Americans either.

        • The typical reply of a socialist that has no value of or for the history of the greatest country in human history.

          It’s socialist like you that aren’t REAL citizens of these United States of America!

          • There is nothing Unamerican about being a socialist. Who told you that? It is the introduction of social conscience (Starting with Republicans–Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt) combined with capitalism that has made this the greatest country on earth. Pure socialism (communism) and pure capitalism (19th century US) both created horrible societies. The combination in Europe and to a lesser extent here have made great countries.

          • That is why most European economies are moving the opposite direction of Obama.
            PS, Communism is Socialism at the point of a gun when only the government has the gun. Socialism can work, but only in a purely homogenius society with group think, that is why all the Hippie communities fell apart when they found out their was self determination among the flock and someone wanted to be in charge and rule the others and get the best room and the best mate, then all bets were off. When capitalism runs amock someone is consorting with the governing body to gain an advantage.

          • Sentence one is not really true, Secondly, communism is pure socialism, but not all socialism is communism (Europe for example)
            Third, it does not require a homogeneous population. Who told you that?
            Capitalism runs amok because no one in government stops the excesses. That was why the nation was a hellhole for 90% of Americans during our laissez faire government days

          • Homogenius in the sense that the people must have the same belief system, if they do not you have chaos unless ‘ENFORCED BY A CENTRAL AUTHORITY’, which is why it is doomed to failure and never pure, people are not built to be under another thumb for long. The reason quasi socialism works in scandanavia the shared belief system coupled with a very UNdiverse population and lots of natural resources. It will never work in the US because we have too many diverse groups with too many different agendas whose only belief system is to take all they can get from who ever they can get it from, after all that’s why we have looters in Baltimore, Ferguson, and the government in the form of the Justice Department and IRS which confiscates before you commit a crime or are convicted of a crime, and looters sanctioned by the government via TARP, and other legislative means; how do you think railroads got all their land and right of ways, as did big oil, steel, and then the labor unions who are now the 12 largest political donars making Soros and the Koch Bros look like nickel and dime guys. Now we are saddled with big Pharma, banks, insurance, Univision, the Black Caucus, Tea Party …and those they represent. There will be no socialistic agreement or meeting of the minds or looking at a socialistic good, because the selfishness of agendas will rule! Only a competitive environment will allow the diversrse to make a go of it without a dictatorial government.
            Capitalism runs amock becuase the government starts picking winners and loosers as in granting science guys patents good for 14 yeaars and copyrights forever for a book, really. Giving railroads all sorts of priviledges, as well as other corporations, is that their fault or the government being bought; seems the government is the corrupt party tempting the capitalists, not the other way around.

          • But in a purely competitive market unfettered by the government, there are dictators abounding. In the nineteenth century they were the “captains of industry” who were kings and for whom everyone else was a slave. Pure capitalism without any government control is the worst kind of society, as we found out and spent a century fixing.

          • Those dictators you refered to were getting special priviledges from the government and colluding/conspiring to fix markets and the government was condoning it, or in other words not letting competition play out….government always has a role as referee, but not as picking the winner and loser which is what they tend to do which is fascism. Why do Railroads have their own Federally sanctioned policing, pension, rules governing freight movement that do not apply to any other sector of the transpotation industry…the government sanctioned all of that togive theman advantage, the turned around and built the interstatehiway systemand literally put most of the railroads out of business by not charging the trucking industry enough to use the roads they tear up. Go figure. The will always be rules, your level ofrules and mine are miles apart.

          • The government of the time believed in the theory of no regulation. Their theory was “What is good for business is good for America”. Yes, government needs to be a referee. Your second paragraph is not valid. Not just corporations, all companies collect the payroll tax. It is true, however that corporations have vast resources to influence policy and they have no conscience. But then, that is true of a large number of private companies harking back to Scrooge.
            It is the lack of conscience in the capitalist system that socialists object to and try to inject some concern for the people who make the money for the owners, as well as others that don’t even have a job.
            The corporations with the biggest clout are the military contractors. President and General Eisenhower warned that the military was in bed with its contractors to enlarge their fiefdom. He called it the “military-industrial complex”. There is now a military base and/or a military contractor in EVERY congressional district. That is why we have a massive military “Defense Department” with no military threat. Our threat is terrorists, and the military is useless against a 911 attack. (The agencies that could help us–NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.) get hammered by congress. Ten out of ten terrorists agree: Cut the NSA and CIA.

          • You’re right in that all organiations collect payroll taxes, but only corporations pay a second tax which raises the price of products and makes the government a ” “partner”. That is where the corporations get the idea that they can lobby to reduce these taxes and thus the government sets itself up to be bought and paid for. Neither a government nor a corporation can inject social or any type of conscience into a society, only people can do that and government and corporate bureaucrats have a habit having their own agendas that are not socially acceptable to anyone.
            Your only problemwith throwing your money at the NSA et al is that them seem more smittenwithUS citizen and building dossiers on us than terrorists, which is a total waste of money and looks morelikethe KGB/Stazi than an intelligence agency. We have Homeland Security harassing 25 year olds who buy several pistols and hunting long guns instead of looking at Somali immigrant “students” working at the airport and other transport services around major cities, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

          • The US Citizen argument has one flaw. A lot of the terrorists operate in the US, or try to. They have to monitor domestic traffic to be useful. Actually, they have foiled several hundred plans, but if curtailed too much we will have another successful attack. The terrorists don’t play by any rules. If we impose a lot of rules on ourselves, we lose.

          • Monitoring 300 to a billion email and social media accounts is a waste,there are better ways.

          • Guys, it is good to see an intelligent conversation on this site. Thank you both.

          • Which you fail to mention.

          • Its called profiling, not very PC, like taking every email and social media account for every immigrant from the Middle east and Africa and concentrate on them, their Mosques, houses, securing our borders, No student visas for anyone from the middle East, no more refugees from the Middle East. The idea that meta data on every citizen is useful is pure nonsense, it is purely unconstitutional and a warrantless mass search of the the citizens of the US. It is the same thing the British were doing when the light in the North Church signaled the British were searching every house for firearms and were looking for the armories where gunpowder and other heavier weapons were stored by American Colonists…illegal search and seizure. They should take a page out of the Israeli book and not do mass lookiloos of the haystacks, but do profiling and directed searches of more obvious terrorist threats, not PC but very effective. I believe they should abide by the mathematical theory called Occam’s Razor which would yield significantly higher results at much lower costs, it always did for me.

            The NSA approach is a government trying to have the citizens submit to compliance in order to have them believe they are safer with less freedom, which is not true, it merely gives the the intelligence community more power.

          • And every terrorist agrees with you.

          • Prove that one, every one they have caught is a a non white and I would like to see your PROOF.FOR A CHANGE.

          • And not to put too fine a point on it I do so Adjunct work in a Major city and the Muslims I have in my classes hold a lot of Menial jobs in airports, airfreight, ground freight, and they do not seem to attract to much attention…do you think they might be their for a nefarious purpous in the future?

          • You are talking out of both sides of your mouth. First you say we should collect data identifying everyone from the Middle East and Africa. Sorting their e-mails out requires META DATA on everyone. We have to get that data to tell which are which. DUH.

          • Any half wit intelligence agent knows who they are by going through INS files and Visas, a good computer person should be doing that daily. Of course your illustrious leader is letting the world across the border so it does kind of beg the question of how do we control terrorism when the DEMOCRATS DO NOT CARE.

          • You seem to enjoy living in a dictatorship centered on Government’s complete and total power. You’ll enjoy it more as time goes by.

          • Why did you make that up? I said NOTHING of the kind. Why say such a foolish thing? have you no pride?

          • exgop. What do you support? Our current government supports (1) killing babies (2) Christian persecution (3) killing jews and wasting money

          • What countries are you referring to Grey?

          • Come on guys! He can’t help himself. He was “educated” at a statist univershitty. We had to EARN our own way by ourselves!

        • You are one of those I wrote about above: Those who see only the slavery issue and have no understanding of Southern culture and rights. I don’t deny that slavery is a part of the history of the South, but only those who have a disjointed dislike of the South see it as the only issue to be stressed. So wise up ExGOP and go away. Also I’m glad that you are an “X GOP” and not a current one! We don’t need people of your ilk as Republicans!

        • Moron.

        • Rick Captain Redtyde Robinett

          You are so full of crap, you don’t even have a clue. Typical cool aid sucker.

        • YOU are an idiot!! The only TRAITORS were the north, trying to get rich off of the south, and we are more AMERICAN than your little pea brain could even grasp! Why don’t YOU just leave this country, cause you don’t even KNOW what being an AMERICAN is!!

          • How could you say something that makes you look so foolish. Apparently you don’t have any idea of what an American is. You are clearly NOT American. You have no knowledge of American history. Quit trying to be a fool.

        • The war should be remembered as the War of Northern Aggression! The South seceded and was then attacked and conquered!

          • You didn’t take a history course. The South seceded and then attacked Fort Sumter; two acts of aggression. The North responded to both.

          • You are an idiot. Secession is NOT aggression. The founding fathers PLANNED for secession.

            The South only attacked Ft. Sumter only after the North attempted to resupply it, an act of aggression on their part.

        • Dude you are a POS and know nothing about history.

      • It is blacks who are so “offended” by the confederate flag. Seems to me this would be a part of our national history they too would want to preserve & cherish. It was a soul-searching time for everyone. I think a lot of blacks still carry around a certain prejudice in their hearts towards the whites, when there were more whites like my great-granddad who had a good sized farm, but didn’t own any slaves, because he didn’t believe in slavery. Blacks had it tough for many years, they didn’t have all the give-away programs they have now. The democrats came up with all sorts of programs to keep the black man poor & beholden to them, so they would vote democrat. I think a lot of black people are beginning to see what has happened over the last 50+ years. If hillary or bernie gets into the WH there won’t be any American pie left for anyone.

    • they didnt want to be dictated to by the north who had every thing at the time, they needed the slaves to work ,they were afraid that theyd stop it to quickly before they could manage there crops and such . they felt like the red headed step kid … slavery Was a big part of it

    • Tell that to Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens. Here is what THAT racist scumbag said on March 21, 1861:

      “The new Constitution has put at rest forever all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions—African slavery as it exists among us—the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution. Jefferson, in his forecast, had anticipated this, as the “rock upon which the old Union would split.” He was right. What was conjecture with him, is now a realized fact. But whether he fully comprehended the great truth upon which that rock stood and stands, may be doubted. The prevailing ideas entertained by him and most of the leading statesmen at the time of the formation of the old Constitution were, that the enslavement of the African was in violation of the laws of nature; that it was wrong in principle, socially, morally and politically. It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with; but the general opinion of the men of that day was, that, somehow or other, in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away… Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the idea of a Government built upon it—when the “storm came and the wind blew, it fell.”

      Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

    • Yes Brangus, and it was as strong issue of States rights. But the people who dislike the South want to see only the slavery issue!

    • It’s time to do it again.

    • Oh , well, let’s just skip the part when the Slaves were freed and go back to the way it was before 600,000 White soldiers lost their lives freeing them. Or maybe, they’ll rewrite history how the slaves miraculously themselves By the time this is all said and done, we will no longer recognize truth and what we’ll have are fabricated fairytales.

  2. The University has decided that Mississippi should be American after all. The confederate flag is unamerican. It was created by people that didn’t want to be Americans and is honored by unamericans. The university doesn’t want to be UnAmerican. Good for them. Too many UnAmericans like the writer here.

    • The school may choose not to fly the state flag of Mississippi, a questionable choice in my opinion, but the rebels were and are very much Americans, perhaps more so than the Northern folk.
      Just another War that was politicized – Our Country is BASED upon rebellion, or were you not taught history?
      The Confederate flag has equal standing to the current US flag as they have both been flown over our country, again, in my opinion, Both are a part of OUR history, but there are way too many that would hide or change history to meet their beliefs. Remember, the Democratic Party is the home of the KKK,


        my ancestors fought the British in SC and later the Yankees-so you are very right

      • You say:

        “The Confederate flag has equal standing to the current US flag.”

        You, “oking,” must be joking, or else you are decidedly un-American. There is no way that the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia can be accorded equal standing with the American flag. Your blatantly ignorant.statement that “…they have both been flown over our country” is laughable on its face. The Confederate flag was not flown over the United States of America, which is our country; it was flown over a coalition of disloyal secessionist states that declared themselves NOT to be our country. Your “opinion” is a disaster, shot through with holes!

        • Ah yes, the winners of the war get to write the history – unAmerican? Not a chance, I fully believe in the CONSTITUTION and it supports states rights. Every state has the right to dissolve the connection with the USoA, if they desire, STATES RIGHTS was what the war that the South lost was about, the North made it a slavery issue. The Constitution still allows for states to leave, but the current SCOTUS might disagree as they rule on many things as they see fit, not based on the Constitution.

          • Someone lied to you. States make a contract with the Nation when they are formed and do NOT have the right to renege.

          • When either side reneges on a ‘contract’, it is broken. You do realize that several states have in their ‘contract’ the right to secede, and Texas, as it was a nation of it’s own, also has that right. The contract is more of a mutual agreement.

          • Texas is no longer a nation of its own. It became a state. Tell me which states were admitted under an agreement that gives them a right to secede. I think you are lying about that.

          • We not only negotiated and retain the right to secede and become our own country again, but are the only state that can fly our state flag at the same height next to the American flag. All other states must fly their flags, if next to the American flag, at a lower height. Texas also has it’s electrical grid completely separate from any other state and can at any time power our state independently. Periodically, bills float through the Texas legislature recommending secession, and if you drive through our state, you’ll sometimes see bumper stickers advocating secession, as well as the ubiquitous “Come and Take It” bumper stickers, referring to the Mexican dictator Santa Ana, who recruited and made a contract with those living in Texas and then broke that contract and tried to remove a cannon one community used for it’s defense – their response was “Come and Take It”. If the only history you know is what you learned in public schools, you need to do more research on your own into first hand accounts of events – letters, journals, diaries and other documents written by those actually involved in the events. Autobiographies can be very helpful too. There has been a re-writing and re-telling of history that removes any references to Christian influence and the good things that our country has accomplished, as well as the evil done by now-favored groups like the Muslims, Communists, Nazis, and Marxists.

          • It is a stretch to consider Communists, Nazis, Muslims and Marxists as favored. You made that up.
            The documents you referenced aren’t official contracts of acceptance into the union. I can’t find any such authorization. Also, from the Texas Almanac chapter on flag code:
            “The state flag should be underneath the national flag when the two are flown from the same halyard.”
            If they fly them at the same height, it is extremely poor etiquette.

          • Try looking at Vermont. It might be a surprise.

          • Perhaps you missed the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. Verbatim: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
            The issue is not whether the Constitution permits secession, it is that the Constitution does not forbid secession. Therefore, it is a Power of a State to secede.

          • The tenth amendment does not allow states to abrogate their agreement to be states.

      • No, you didn’t read your history. The confederates DIDN’T want to be Americans and considered themselves a different country.
        The “history” argument is foolish. The KKK is part of our history also, but we don’t honor it. Remember that the Republican Party is the new home of these same southerners. All the KKK supporters are now Republicans. The Democratic Party changed to become reformers. The Republicans were the original progressives (Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt) but regressed into ostriches.

        • Actually, you are wrong. The South seceded from the Union over many issues. It was not a matter of wanting to become a separate nation so much as the North’s “imperialistic” rule over the south. Just as our founding fathers chose to dissolve all ties with England over unreasonable taxation, abuse by English authorities and soldiers, and no recourse or representation in the English Parliament; the south faced much of the same disregard by the industrialized north.
          The democratic party did not change to become reformers, the changed to become progressive/socialist. They believe that government is the final grantor of all privileges, the societal police dictating what is acceptable and what is not, and the source of enslaving people through their “welfare programs.”
          It was democratic presidents that instituted many of todays welfare systems and government control over issues that by right belong to the states.

          • But taxation was very low (if at all) on the “many issues”. You asserted that it was the reason. Now you agree it was many issues, not taxes.
            The democratic party became progressive and reformers at the same time. Fortunately for the nation, your last paragraph is mostly true. Without those programs, our country would still be the hellhole it was at the end of the nineteenth century.

        • what a load of crap. The dems were and still are the kkk only they have sunk alot lower and have become communists.

        • ExGOP,
          You should not have switch parties. Now you are caught up in the liberal BS that abounds. The southern states did not secede until they were being pressured by more than slavery. The South was already moving to a transition away from slavery. The South had more going for it than cotton. It was an area of extensive agriculture and the food produced was in high demand in England. Northern colonies could not compete.

          • Do you believe ANY of that? Did you just make it up because you WANT to believe it?

          • ExGOP,
            Fact is fact. Take it or leave it.

          • Yes fact is fact. But your fiction is fiction. But you seem to take it.

          • ExGOP,
            I don’t see any historical data from you that contradicts what I have said about the South. Check out what the South was raising. Cotton was a huge seller in England and much of Europe. So was food that grew well in the southern US. England and much of Europe were importing food. The South was a big producer of food and exported it. Check it out or quit blowing smoke.

          • But it didn’t generate customs/tax revenue. They didn’t pay 80% of taxes. You took one fact and tried to create another. It is non sequitur.

          • ExGOP,
            But – a usual liberal trick. No sale.
            Both sides played the tariff game prior to the Civil War. Neither one was playing a fair game. But that has been overlooked. The North put a tariff on Southern goods including cotton to discourage sales in the North. The South put tariffs on northern goods to make Southern goods more competitive in the South. But they also made the price of cotton cheaper to Europeans. When this backfired on the North, they shifted to the anti-slave issue and made it a moral one. The South had note yet shifted away from slave labor in the South but it was being challenged by inventions like the cotton gin to make slavery less desirable. The North then too up the rally against slavery as a moral issue. The south could not just abandon their labor source so the two areas soon engaged in war.

          • You talk about tariffs as if they were local. Northern tariffs and Southern tariffs.

          • ExGOP,
            The tariffs were certainly not local. Each were set by the states and were a major issue on Congress.

          • But if they were set by the states, they had no effect on federal government revenue, and your claim that they were paying 80% of the federal government revenue. I still think you are making things up. If these tariffs are paying 80 percent of the federal government and they aren’t federal tariffs, I don’t understand your argument. I still think you are making up the 80% statement.

          • ExGO,
            I looked back through my posts and I see nothing about any 80 % payment to the federal government or even any payment to the federal government. Initially slaves were brought to ports such as. Boston and New York. The northern colonies had no need for them in their economy. so they sold the slaves to southern states who had a need for a labor market working in farm fields. But by the time of the Civil War, lave markets had diminished greatly. The slave population in the south was producing enough of a new source of slaves in the children they provided that new slaves were not a hot commodity in the South any longer. The South just produced the cotton, but did not manufacture anything. The north did as it had manufacturing. But so did England. The south needed a larger outlet for its cotton and food so they turned to Europe and to England in particular as a new market source. That was when the tariff games started. Since all states are represented in Congress, that was why the issues became big issues in Congress. That was when the northern representatives resorted to the moral issues over slavery. The South rebelled against the Northern issue as their livelihood still was dependent on the slaves.

          • You are right, it was another post that I was responding to.

          • ExGOP,
            Egad! A conservative is RIGHT? Who woulda thunk it?

          • That’s the difference.

          • ExGOP,
            You can’t think? Now I understand why you are a liberal.

          • Of course I can think, that is why I am a progressive. I think about how the world could be better. Conservatives can’t think past the bad old days.

          • ExGOP,
            I was being silly. Of course you can think. I appreciate that fact. Do you know that I post with Reality quite often? We do not agree always but we do discuss issues.
            As for me, I am thinking ahead about what can happen if we keep following the liberal course we are on. I am old fashioned in that I look at human tendencies and find that we have this habit in this day and age of credit, to overextend ourselves. That is my greatest concern. Like many liberals,I am concerned about the damage done to the middle class. But we do not agree on how to solve it. We also do not agree on what to do about the rising cost of welfare and what it is doing to society nor the solution.
            I am not a hard liner far right person although I am a generally conservative Republican. I have been at odds with the Tea Party for years. They do have some valid points. But how they want to solve our problems is not to my liking, so I am not the average Tea Party type that posts on here and other articles.

          • Thanks for the very intelligent response. We will disagree, but I do respect your position because you articulate it with more thought.
            My two overriding disagreements with the Tea Party is the method of raising federal money and the method of spending it.
            Revenue: Our tax rates are not progressive enough. People like Mitt Romney are making huge amounts of money (the value of the wealthy as measured by the stock market has tripled in the Obama administration). That money has made its way into the Cayman Islands, not into the economy; the rest of us haven’t felt it or benefited from these profits. Having said that, I agree with the socialist countries of Europe that taxes on corporations that create jobs should be lowered. Personal taxes should be higher.The arguments that high taxes on the wealthy would stop them from
            performing is not one I accept. If LeBron James take home money were
            reduced from 45 million to 25 million, he would NOT quit playing
            “because it isn’t worth it”.
            On the expenditure side we spend awesome amounts on a worthless “Defense” department. We face no military threat and have a military at least ten times greater than necessary to defend against ANY possible military attack. Our enemies are terrorists, and we are constantly attacking our anti-terrorist agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.). They get hammered; the military gets money. A Republican President and General warned us of the “military industrial complex”. The military is so entrenched in our economy that controlling it is really a political impossibility. Sad.
            Thirdly, my obsession is with a constitutional amendment to prevent borrowing except in the case of war or national emergency, and even then the bonds would have to be paid off in 15 years with NO rollover.
            We possibly agree on some part of the above. I also believe that government must try to make this a livable country for ALL americans. The rich can take care of themselves, as they did during the Industrial Revolution. What we have to do is make sure the rest of us can live decently even when not employed. (and for that matter for the working poor). We probably don’t agree much on the need for government to “promote the general welfare” as the constitution says.
            Your intelligent response has made me write more respectfully. I do sometimes fall to the level of the people I’m responding to. A character flaw.

          • ExHGOP,
            We likely agree more than you think. I do endorse the idea that this country has always been the land of opportunity. To me that means we are free to choose a course of action and behavior consistent with the laws of he country and pursue wealth. How much wealth is obtained is none of my business. I have done fairly well and am not poor in retirement but not wealthy either. I work at my college major which is history. Therefore, I have a quite broad view of the nation as well as most of the world.
            I do support a strong military. We still have threats out there that call for a strong military. But our military has to change its rules of engagement. I especially oppose any military intervention in the Middle East. We are dealing with an evil system that is imbedded in the religion. They have no concept of democracy. They seem to function more peacefully when in a dictatorship. As long as they fight each other, let them have at it. The two factions,Shiite and Sunni, have fought each other for dominance for a thousand years. They will then fight any intruder. So, let’s not intrude. We have made a mess of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. It is time to get out and stay out.
            As for my basin insight into where this country should be going, I support the Constitutional concept that we the people are in control of our own destiny. We control the government, not the other way around. The government is doing a poor job of helping those in need. We need to reduce the number of people that are poor. That is no easy task. But it has to happen. Attitudes have to be changed and old bad habits have to go away. One is the concept of “crazy” and the other is the concept that we ignore the poor as they are useless scum. I will quit for now.

          • The current military size is for offensive purposes, and we agree that we should cut back on our offensive. I believe that a strong military that could deal with the military
            threats you mention (what are they?) would be one tenth of what we have now.
            We agree that the people are in control of the government. That is the case. We also agree that the government is doing a poor job of meeting its job of helping the people in need. There is an attitude among many conservatives that the poor deserve to be poor so the rest of us don’t have to concern ourselves. That is the belief I had when I was a Republican. I have changed the believe that the government is the only agency that can address the problems of such a large nation in fulfilling its constitutional mandate to “promote the general welfare”, not just the welfare of the wealthy and well employed.

            I also want to thank you for your thoughtful response. It is truly refreshing. I’m tiring of responding to the inane spoutings of some of the rest.
            Thanks, John

          • ExGOP,
            On the military issue, I favor a strong military as a deterrent as we now see that Russia and China are getting bolder. I am also concerned about Israel’s safety. Notice I said concerned, not fear. I also expect we will ultimately have to use military force to stop the Iranians from building a nuclear bomb.
            As for eh poverty issue, I do not take the stance that the poor are necessarily bringing it on themselves. We have ignored eh problem for far too long. Welfare only encourages it to continue. We need a program to deal with it. Attitude and despair are what I see as the big obstacles. No jobs is another. Companies are not going to move into a ghetto. Poor education also does not encourage companies either. The lack of education creates a lacking labor pool that does not encourage employers. But any attempt to improve the situation must depend on the people to be willing to reshape their destiny. There are always going to be a small percentage who will not work, no matter what. That is a given. I know of no cure. But the vast majority can and will improve, given some incentives to do so.
            The government can do a better job if people got behind it. The public must quit shoving blame off on others. Public indifference is behind a lot of it. Let someone else solve the problems. Of course, that is why we have a republic and not a pure democracy. But still, we, the people should be leading our representation, not the other way around. That is pure laziness and indifference. I email my representatives year around. some may get upset about it but they represent me and my thoughts and they need a reminder of that every now and then.

          • On the military side, Russia and China have no capability to invade the US, and the only ones with the capability are Mexico (who can’t) and Canada (who won’t)
            Actually, we the people ARE leading the representation. The crazy people in congress were ELECTED there. The fact is, that a representative represents a large number of people, not each individually (unless they made a big contribution). There is a belief that if a representative doesn’t vote and act exactly as I want, he/she isn’t representing me. That is a fallacy unless, as you point out, we had a true democracy. A true democracy of 300 million people is logistically impossible, and totalitarianism is unacceptable. Republic is the best compromise, imperfect as it may be.

          • That is patently false. One or two HEMP devices detonated over the Continent would dump us back in the 1800s and make invasion a cake walk.

            I agree that 300 million people spread over such a large geographic area is unmanagable regardless of the controlling organization. What the South failed to do should now be done peacefully. I think about five separate countries would be about right.

          • That assumes that we would not respond. A seaborne armada could be destroyed by one HEMP device and make and invasion impossible. Any armada is a sitting duck. It just can’t be done. Our Defense department is only defending the defense contractors.

          • ExGOP,
            I would guess that neither Russia or China could win the war as long as our military is also up to the task. But they are flexing their muscles presently so I don’t know that they would not try. But they also need us and our economy because they have no other economy for trade that empowers their economy. Still they could get that foolish. So I am for keeping our military strength high.
            You are right in that a republic form of government is the only kind possible considering the population.
            Unfortunately we have a flaw in that super pacs and wealthy people influence government with “gifts” that sway representatives from what we the people seek. We need to stop that practice. But legislators have access to info that the general public does not always have or at least in not the same amount of detail. That info does not often get out to the public. For example, I learned more about what the Tea Party sees as a solution to the immigration problem from a program interview on PBS with Idaho’s lone Tea Party member. I have had to stir them up to get a better picture of their goals. I tend to agree with some of their goals but how they want to get there is not my cup of tea.
            I wish more people who post on these articles would take more time to look on the internet for more answers before they post. But too often, name calling is all that seems to interest the far right or left. Maybe if we had more intelligent responses with more depth and understanding we might make more progress. That is why I enjoy responding to people like you.

          • I agree that the Supreme Court decision on super PACs was a disaster for the country. They consider corporations as “persons” which they are by law. However, not all “people” have equal ability (financially) to influence legislation and the election of legislators. Some equity there is something that the Supreme Court should have considered more carefully. That decision and Roe v Wade are two of the worst decisions the Court ever made.

            I agree with your first paragraph with the additional comment (made before) that a military one tenth as large as we have would be up to the task. The rest of our military is only for offensive purposes. Its presence does make additional things like Iraq and Vietnam more likely. I am personally convinced that the impetus came from the military contractors (in the case of Iraq, the connection between Cheney and Halliburton is disturbing) who are the only ones to gain from that war.

          • ExGOP,
            I am for a high tech military to deal with major fighting such as nuclear wars. I am for staying out of the Middle East. That is a quagmire that all other countries should stay away from. There is no clear way to win and they have no concept of democracy.

          • One major item you both forgot about about the PAC’S…Labor Unions dwarf every other contributor by a wide margin in the US political arena. When the Measurement was taken of all the Non Campaign money in the last election the first 12 places went to labor unions and Soros/Kochs al did not show up on the list until somewhere around 60. So I agree with this type of money being taken out of campaigns, but it should also includ labor and all other non-profits hiding in the weeds who really do not represent the folks they get their money from.

            As far as the military goes I do not believe anyone would invade the US, but neutering us without the possibility of significant retaliation would be a worthwhile endeavor, which is why we have a Military of significant means to insure that we can rain grief on anyone who thinks of such a thing. Obama is taking us out of that realm in a hurry and concentrating the resources on the citizens not our enemies, interesting priorities for a president.

          • You made up that story. Why? It is so easy to disprove, why make a fool of yourself. Here are political contribution of the top ten industries and the percent of the total that each sector pays. Please think before you post. Labor is SEVENTH!!!!




            Misc Business

            Lawyers & Lobbyists




            Energy/Nat Resource


            Nobody is talking about neutering us with no ability to retaliate. It is just that a military MUCH smaller than this could be just as bit a deterrent, but it wouldn’t defend the military contractors. We need to take the money out of that realm and concentrate on terrorists, our real threat.

          • If you had given your post even a tiny bit of thought you would never have made you first statement. Labor unions haven’t been a strong force in this country since the 70’s. OSHA, workers compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, all these laws have vastly reduced the need for unions and they have steadily declined and are very weak. You sound like you listen to someone very stupid or who is manipulating the statistics. Open Secrets is an organization that monitors campaign influence.

          • Another watchdog organization recording the 2014 data is slightly different, but generally the same.












          • Here’s a slightly different slant from 2002 to 2014 for all contributions. Push the “all cycles” button for an interesting overview of 10 plus years!


          • You are comparing ten years of individual contributions with what? You have no comparable data for all the other sectors. This is minuscule compared to the industry lobbying. The total from union members in that ten year period totaled (from your cite):


            The finance/insurance/real estate industry ALONE in the same ten years totaled



            You are desperately trying to defend a totally baseless assumption.

          • How nice of you to TRY AND PUT WORDS IN SOMEONES MOUTH! I compared nothing with nothing, merely pointed a different look at soft money out there and that there is a massive amount of labor dollars floating around during presidential and congressional elections which a lot of folks want to ignore when speaking about PACS and soft money, and that Labor money is not spent to generally represent their membership which is significantly less progressivly inclined then the leadership. A lot of the money you are counting is used for out right lobbying on state and local levels and not elections.

            Democrats do not want Labor included with corporations or individual giving if Citizens United is redone because it would be a total loss to them and Labor is merely another non-profit corporation.

          • True you compared nothing with nothing and it was nothing.
            A “massive” amount of labor dollars is a drop in the bucket as shown by your own research.
            ” A lot of the money you are counting is used for out right lobbying on state and local levels and not elections.” Explain why that doesn’t apply to the money you are comparing it with (Oh I forgot, you are comparing nothing)

          • You seem to imply that Americans shouldn’t look after their interests. You don’t complain about Big Business donations looking after their interests.

          • I am not implying anything, non-profit organizations are supposed to be responsive to their members but in the case of labor they are not and only look out for the organization.

          • Actually, Russia has some capability to attack Alaska. However, their military is half as big as ours and their soldiers are far inferior to ours. They would also have a terrible landing. There are not a plethora of landing sites in Alaska. Even if they got a foothold there, getting to the lower 48 is nearly impossible (as anyone knows who has tried to drive to Alaska). So I discount their capability.
            The Chinese have a large, but ineffective, army. They would have to traverse over six thousand miles with tens of thousands of ships to have any chance of invasion. During that time they are sitting ducks. I discount their ability. That is why I think our military is defending the defense contractors, not us.

          • ExGOP,
            I have no doubt that defense contractors and weapons manufacturers do not help. I would expect that. Still Russia displayed some new weapons in Syria already. Their missiles seemed to work fine the first time but not the second time.
            You are right about Russia invading Alaska. But I doubt the Canadians would sit by and let them march to the US. However, that is not the type of war I would expect. I would expect a nuclear war fought with missiles.

          • I do not see the same missile scenario for two reasons. To only purpose would be to occupy the US by destroying our defensive capability, or to destroy our offensive capability to prevent us from interfering with their activities elsewhere (e.g., Ukraine). Secondly, by destroying the US making it a nuclear radioactive wasteland, occupying it would be pointless. In return, Russia and/or China could expect massive retaliation making their own country a wasteland and possibly losing their own life in the nuclear response. For better or worse, nuclear war is a lose-lose proposition and the reason why it didn’t happen, even in the cold war period.

          • ExGOP,
            I see loose screws like North Korea or may Iran. I would hope that major countries like China and Russia would have better sense. But if enough Middle East countries get nuclear weapons they are apt to get the idea they can conquer the world and give it a try. Ruling over others is their cup of tea and has been for a thousand years.

          • North Korea and Iran and Pakistan do deserve watching. I don’t sea a threat to US, but South Korea, Israel, and India should be very concerned.
            A nuclear strike against the US isn’t possible for a very long time, except for Russia and possibly China. From the loose screws it would be a terrorist nuclear (single) bomb that would do major damage, but not open us to invasion. I’m still willing to sacrifice some privacy for security against terrorists. We already do that with searches at the airports, and accept it as necessary. If we play by rules that give us complete freedom and the terrorists play by no rules and make use of that freedom, we will lose.

          • ExGOP,
            I agree with about all you say except that I am concerned about the invasion of privacy. But at this point, that does not appear to be an issue – yet.

          • In a perfect world we would not have to compromise any of our freedoms. I firmly believe that our privacy will be used against us, and just as with airlines, we will have to make compromises to stay relatively safe. Not a perfect world, but in a perfect world we would not have that small percentage of Muslims who want to “purify” the world, much as the small percentage of Catholics (the Inquisition) used torture and death to “purify” the world then. That kind will probably always be with us–an imperfect world.

          • ExGOP,
            As a Christian I well understand the imperfect world. While I do have a background in some science fields, I am aware of the imperfections of anything that man does. I have owned enough of man made things to know first hand.

          • Also, on the military side, a land attack against defended positions normally requires at least a 3:1 advantage (US Army tactics). A seaborne attack even greater. We just don’t have a seaborne attack threat.

          • ExGOP,
            I see that we seem to have considerably outdated subs these days. But no matter. I do not see a sea attempt by anyone, simply because ships are a sitting duck. I do not see a normal kind of war such as WWII. I see a nuclear war as I posted previously. That, of course, has consequences for the attackers as well given the nuclear fallout. But we just never know when some crackpot will take a chance. Since we cannot seem to get a handle on the people in this country who resort to gun violence we have to defend ourselves.
            As a historian, I have done extensive research on the gold rush days in Idaho. at first, men wore side arms for protection because there was no law enforcement. But once law enforcement got established, the men quit wearing side arms a they were cumbersome for work. About 90% of the killings in the early days were drunks in a saloon. Gun fights in the streets were almost non existent. It took some eight years for the miners to figure out that if no one took a gun to a saloon, no one got killed. Yes, there were occasionally other murders but they were few and far between. Even then, Deamon Rum was behind the shooting.

          • Embarassingly, I agree with everything you said, especially the crackpot point. I think our most likely nuclear event will be by ISIS or some other crackpot organization that gets hold of any of the poorly protected Russian warheads.

            That is the reason I would compromise on privacy for the sake of security (i.e., NSA, CIA, FBI). I have nothing to hide, but ISIS/Al Qaeda, et al sympathizers do.

          • ExGOP,
            That’s what I just posted on – the Middle East. Great minds think alike?

          • The gathering of information about you, your firearms and other information that is seemingly innocent leads to the erosion of your liberties including free speech which we are practicing here:

            Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Idi Amin, Hugo Chavez, Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il Sung, Josef Tito and Josef Stalin
            The above group are responsible for the deaths of roughly 220 million people mostly, their own citizens.
            They all said the same thing, universal registration of guns for the safety of the public

            They all got it.

            Within 3 years they had confiscated all weapons.

            With in a year of taking all weapons, they all passed laws making it illegal to say anything nasty about the government

            The next list is of “democracies” that have confiscated all weapons.

            Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain

            Would it surprise you to know that all of those countries now have laws against saying nasty things about their governments

            How much information are you willing to give to the government or let them listen to before you get someone in command who is willing to use in a way that is not on the up and up, especially when edited to their liking? Bush actually warned against this when the Patriot act was passed believe it or not. When the FBI director does not want my business to heavily encrypt my company secrets, he can go pound salt, when the government cannot even keep 20 million applicant SS numbers off the table to the Eastern block’s hackers, and we are far behind Europe in cyber security of basic financial. The Priority of our government spending on security seems to directed toward citizens and away from border security and outside influences which is backwards and expensive. There is something else at work here.

          • ExGOP,
            I looked back at my posts on this article and find nothing about any 80% tariffs. So you got that from someone else.
            Let’s extend this back many years. Originally the south ha a need for a labor source as their agriculture including cotton exceeded their ability to produce enough for the markets. Did eh South bring the slaves to the US? No. The Northern colonies/states had the vessels to bring them here to ports like Boston and New York. Since the North had no huge amount of land suitable for agriculture they had no market for the slaves. The South did so the slaves were sold to the South. In turn the south produced more than enough in agricultural products including cotton. But then England in particular developed a desire for cotton and the pressure was on for the south to produce more cotton. Then the market increased for food grown later in the South than could be done in the North or in Europe. But by the time of the Civil War, he South was producing enough new slaves due to the number of children born to them some 30 years before. That began to torpedo the market for slave trade in the North. Andrew Jackson as President was a southerner and supported the southern cause in the federal government. With some of his high handed policies he began to stir up a resentment toward the South. Up popped the moral issue against slavery to a greater extent. The South could not just abandon their source of labor and began to defend it.


      actually the Southerners would have been Conservatives nowadays and the Radical Republicans the wild eyed liberals-Lincoln needed the new party to further his political career,initially he was ambivalent about abolition

      • Yes, the Democrats have become reformers, and the original progressives–Republicans (Lincoln was forced to become one, and Teddy Roosevelt) have become regressive conservatives.


          really? several of his generals were refugees from the failed Revolution of 1848 in Germany,Charles Dana translated the Communist Manifesto into English form German,and his “victory” precipitated the largest transference of power from the states to DC to date-somenthing my ancestors fought very hard against

    • Un-American as in Stifle All Oppoding speech? Un-American as in Honor America as the illegal immigrants do? Un-American as the universities that teach Socialism/Communism/government uber alles? Please read things like Federalist Papers, Anti-Federalist Papers, Declaration, Constitution, and then Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Alinsky and see with which group your ‘views’ align.

      • Your first statement is not applicable. No one is talking about Stifle All Opposing speech. Why did you change the subject to something irrelevant?
        Actually, our constitution accepts market socialism (possibly not the communist version). In fact the preamble suggests it.

    • No they didn’t want to support an out of control, overspending Federal government, which they were primarily financing and did not have much say in….sound familiar. Sounds very American to me as in why the country was founded.


    this is a pathetic trend,the most recent manifestation of which is Nikki Haley in SC taking down the battle flag in Columbia,and the removal of Jefferson Davis’ statue from the grounds of the U of T campus,Austin

  4. OK, Fine,….How about NO MORE STATE FUNDING for U of Miss.? Hit em where they LIVE,…IN THE WALLET!

    • Ah so a Federal mandate to change something at the state level. Apparently you do not get the whole reason the South got pissed off about Washington sticking their nose where it did not belong.

    • Not a good idea. Mississippi already is cursed and burdened with too many uneducated clods. The University of Mississippi helps to some degree to counter-balance that sad situation.

  5. I always marvel at how educational institutions want to bury history at the expense of learning from it.


      an extremely good point-wonder if Hitler’s Germany went through a similar anti-intellectual evolution? or perhaps pre-Revolutionary Russia?

      • All despots use the intellectuals to indoctrinate, until they begin to ask questions, then they begin to disappear and their colleages then get the idea and stop asking questions to keep their cushy jobs.

      • As a matter of fact Hitler’s Germany did go through such a evolution. It was the intellectuals that were among the first victims of Nazism and all material that was counter to the Nazi doctrine were burned.
        Russia revolution was sparked by the rise of Communism. Another repressive movement to destroy all things counter to the Communist doctrine.


          many German intellectuals also happened to be Jewish as i recall;another thing is the Nazi party had positioned themselves as an alternative to the German Communist party;at that time the Nazis weren’t particularly powerful


    • Greyguy,
      As a historian, I learned long ago that no one ever seems to learn from history.

      • Certainly liberals do not or they would stop with gun controls and taxing success.

        • Greyguy,
          Am I the only one that can see that we have a people problem and not a weapons problem? Banning guns has not stopped the killings. I would be all for it if it worked. But it does not. I have not researched the killing rate in China but having been there, I know it happens frequently. I also found that the Chinese are really a peaceful people and very, very honest. We had many instances of a demonstration of their honesty while in China for about seven weeks. But they still have the same human traits of eh rest of the world. Mental deficiencies often lead to killings. I wish we could get the idea of “crazy” out of our vocabulary and our behavior. It is so misleading. I worked with mentally challenged minds who were peaceful and a delight to be around. They are never violent. Sometimes a person with serious mental deficiencies does go off the deep end and commits mass shootings. But most killings are caused by people with real anxiety issues. Psychiatrists and psychologists do not have a cure. they merely deal with symptoms and prescribe pills. Those pills do help but are not a cure. When a patient does not take the pills they are walking time bombs. They can erupt easily and can resort to killing someone. That accounts for many of our killings. Drug abuse is another one. That is a part of the problems among the urban poor. Between Anxiety and drug use, we have the serious problems that we do. We can eliminate items that can be abused until the end of time and it will not stop killings.


          • dcfla,
            So why wait until someone is killed? We find out who committed the killing after folks are already dead. That does NOT reduce killings. That has to be the objective. The gun is merely the weapon of choice by individuals who are bent on killing. That is the REAL issue. The gun in an of itself will kill no one. when we take away guns we simply cause killers to resort to other weapons. So what have we gained? How many “weapons” do we ban? Back before guns even existed, people use knives, rocks, limbs or any handy object to kill someone. Was eh murder rate as high as it is now? No. Why not? There were nowhere as near as many people walking around.


  6. Well how about we remove any state funding of this college and cancel any state tuitions that these voting college “senators” might be receiving. And while we’re at it change the name of the school to Liberal U.

  7. I just wonder if Mr “COON” will change his name since that is an offensive word to some also? To bad that
    these idiots do not comprehend nor understand the real reason for the Civil War and that it was for
    Secession, Slavery was a secondary issue only.


      ha ha good one! perhaps that that is the origin of his angst-i agree with the second part also

    • You just beat me to the “COON” comment. But you are mistaken liberal/regressives very well understand the real reason for the civil war and distort history to promote their warped sense of values and try to destroy others values.

  8. This country has changed so much in the last 10 years I hardly recognize it anymore. The scum is definitely running the show now since Obummer took over

    • They have always been there; the one leadership quality that Obama has brought to light is leading by example in the areas of performing illegal deeds and usurped authority that have gone unchallenged. This has been taken to heart by every politician and petty bureaucrat at all levels and caused a massive move toward an administrative form of government, based on the whim of each bureaucrat, not what’s in their job description…all at the expense of the citizens’ rights. Every clerk, IRS agent, local LEO, Federal Agent of any stripe, you name it whohad a modest streak of ego is now on the Ride Of their Life with no end in sight thanks to ourfearless leader. He has changed the way government officials view citizens and the way the Entitlement Recipients view the government all tothe detriment of the taxpayer.

      • You are exactly right and what to do? The welfare and illegal society are running the vote. Can you imagine what will happen when the muslims take over?

      • Greyguy,
        Executive orders have been around for a very long time but few have taken advantage of them. I would hope that we have learned a lesson from Obama and do something to stop this practice.

        • Lincoln was one of the worst tyrants the Executive branch has ever seen, Obama learned a lot by reading his history.

          • Greyguy,
            Jackson before Lincoln really cemented the idea that Lincoln took to a whole lot higher level. Jackson was the real originator of this concept of executive orders that permits a president to ruin roughshod over the nation. It is a practice that needs to get amendment consideration.

          • Lincoln was a dictator and a war criminal. But he should not have been shot. He should have been hanged.

          • Seems that for just about any subject you can generate a ridiculous redneck comment. You are indeed one versatile varmint.

          • Varmint? Who are you, Yosemite Sam?

          • Nope. I am the Road Runner and you are Wile E. Coyote. That is why you fget so busted up so much of the time.

          • No, I don’t. Maybe you live in cartoon world, I don’t. How sad for you.

          • Uh, redneck Momma, it was YOU, not I, who brought Yosemite Sam into this discussion.

          • No, it was you. You called me a varmint, remember? Only cartoon characters and maybe Gabby Hayes uses words like that. At any rate, I didn’t intend for a Bugs Bunny film festival to take place.

  9. Alexander Stephens, racist Vice-President of the Confederate States of America, speaking on March 21, 1861, left no doubt as to the reason for secession:

    The speech was given in Savannah, Georgia, weeks after the secession of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and then Texas and less than three weeks after the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as the 16th United States president. Here is what the racist Stephens said:

    “The new Constitution has put at rest forever all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions—African slavery as it exists among us—the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution. Jefferson, in his forecast, had anticipated this, as the “rock upon which the old Union would split.” He was right. What was conjecture with him, is now a realized fact. But whether he fully comprehended the great truth upon which that rock stood and stands, may be doubted. The prevailing ideas entertained by him and most of the leading statesmen at the time of the formation of the old Constitution were, that the enslavement of the African was in violation of the laws of nature; that it was wrong in principle, socially, morally and politically. It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with; but the general opinion of the men of that day was, that, somehow or other, in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away… Those ideas, however, were fundamentally wrong. They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the idea of a Government built upon it—when the “storm came and the wind blew, it fell.”

    Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

    All kinds of convoluted rationales have been served up by neo-Confederate apologists, groping desperately for a purer, more noble motive for secession, but Stephens leaves no doubt as to the basis for secession!.

    • And you base your prenise on the words of one man? Yeah, right. Learn some actual history and you will see that it was all about money, tax money that the union was not willing to let go. Sure Stephens was a racist, but no more than Barack Obama and Valerie Jarett today. Yours is the opinion that’s shakey.


    • Politicians never give the real reasons, then as today.

    • Niggers need to go back to Africa period. They are nothing but animals.

      • Congratulations! You have just earned the “Lowlife Stinking Bigot of the Month” award. Please don your Klan robe and come to David Duke’s home to receive this coveted (by scumbag racists like you) honor.

    • So you found one bigot who wanted to justify a war based on race and he was talkin through his hat….do you honestly think it would have happened that way when most of the North kept slaves and felt the same way…including Lincoln. War in the end is always about Money and resources, never principles, you have been around long enough to know that. You are cherry picking one of their idiots. The primary contributor to the Federal Treasury was the Southern states and the Federal Government was controlled by the Northeastern elites…does this sound familiar at all. They had finally had enough, in fact some of the states actually had clauses in their annexation agreements to the US that they had the right to separate themselves at a later date…go figure.

      • I already went and I already figured. Stephens was not some nobody; he was the Vice President of the Confederate States of America, which gives the egregiously racist lowlife varmint a lot of standing in his time in defining the basis of the War of the Rebellion. You die-hard desperate Southern apologists can come up with all the irrelevant attempts you wish in your vain attempt to dignify the basis for that war, but in your hearts you KNOW is was about S L A V E R Y!!

        • So that means Obama represents the sentiment
          of the American people:
          ACA 65% against
          Keystone 63% for
          Destruction of the Military
          need I go on

        • Indeed, since he dismisses Vice President Stephens, it’s a safe bet he will dismiss President Jefferson Davis as well. And even though he dismisses Stephens by writing that, “War in the end is always about Money and resources,” it’s a safe bet that he won’t believe Davis’s assertion that secession was about money and resources. Never the less, here is a quote from Jefferson Davis’s first address to the Provisional Confederate Congress on April 29, 1861:

          “Finally a great party was organized for the purpose of obtaining the administration of the Government, with the avowed object of using its power for the total exclusion of the slave States from all participation in the benefits of the public domain acquired by all the States in common, whether by conquest or purchase; of surrounding them entirely by States in which slavery should be prohibited; of thus rendering the property in slaves so insecure as to be comparatively worthless, and thereby annihilating in effect property worth thousands of millions of dollars…. With interests of such overwhelming magnitude imperiled, the people of the Southern States were driven by the conduct of the North to the adoption of some course of action to avert the danger with which they were openly menaced.”

  10. We have now moved from banning the Confederate flag to proscribing state flags.The Marxist left is advancing step by step toward the takedown of the American flag and its replacement with some conflation of the rainbow flag, the Mexican eagle and possibly the red, green and black of Africa or the blue of the United Nations. There should be no doubt that they mean to eliminate this country, first culturally, then politically, then physically, unless we stop them and tear Obammunism up by the roots.


  11. Proof of indoctrination and brainwashing. These twerps know nothing of the history of America and don’t care to know. Actually the reason for the civil was was taxation then secession. Slavery was to come later in the war itself.

  12. Damned Niggers…….if they don’t like the flag let them go back to Africa where they belong, with Obama leading he charge.

  13. Whereas the University wants to remove the State flag, then it is possible for the state to remove the Mississippi name from the school and then remove the funding.

  14. Maybe the state legislature should pull it’s funding from the university. If the students hate the flag so much, they should welcome the removal of the funding that comes from the sponsor of such an evil object. Their tuition should only about double, no problem, right?

  15. Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.

  16. I think it’s time to buy some bumper stickers with the Stars and Bars, and says ” Because you said I can’t”.

  17. Cut off state funds if they don’t like the flag, move to another state better still move out of the country.

  18. Follow the money. The liberals have the money and backing of liberals in both parties plus the courts have been packed with liberals. So when a state or business is confronted with groups with significantly more money to spend to achieve their agenda than they have available, it is understandable that they would just bow to their demands. Right and wrong are irrelevant because bottom line is whoever has the most money wins.

  19. Perhaps the removal of state funds to that nest of liberalism would sharpen all the “high minded” ideals. Let the libs put up the cash to sustain their conquest.

  20. Do you suppose that this university receives any funding from the State of Mississippi? How about suspending any and all tax payer funds for this university until they fire all of the socialist/communist/progressive professors and administrative staff who voted for such a thing? Time to put the cork back in the bottle folks. Who do these people think they are that they can dictate to the rest of the people in society? Enough is enough!

  21. Best change his last name, it’s racist.

  22. I can’t stand the rainbow flag and what it stands for. I believe that these people are wrong morally just like people thought slavery was wrong morally. But, they have the right to fly their flag regardless of my moral opinion. The Confederate flag is the battle flag of the south. If the rainbow flag can be flown, without prejudice, so can the stars and bars. The confederate flag doesn’t mean hatred of blacks anymore than the rainbow flag means Gods promise to Noah; where the rainbow originally came from. The liberals are making something out of nothing so they can ensure votes and to keep people in control under their agenda.

  23. Ok, if I were one of the state legislators, I would be proposing to remove state FUNDING for any state supported schools that were unwilling to fly the state flag on campus. The states originally voted to be a part of the union of the United States of America, and assumed that they also truly had the freedom to walk away when they no longer agreed with how the federal government did things, but miscalculated the strength of a strong central government utilizing the finances and power of the other states. This fight for their rights as individual states to leave the union resulted in the Civil War. I recently read that one of the first and largest slave owners in the South was a black man. Blacks in Africa sold their fellow blacks to slave traders. One of the first millionaires in the U.S. was a black woman in the South in the 1800s who sold toiletries door to door, then recruited and trained other women to sell as well – the first “Mary Kay”. Somehow, our history books leave out some of this information. Then, as now, there were good people, white and black, trying to eliminate evils like slavery, and evil people, white and black, willing to exploit others, in every country all over the world. America doesn’t deserve to be vilified, after sacrificing a great deal to finally end slavery in our country, and this flag does not represent slavery, but actually freedom in terms of states’ rights.

    • Actually Madame Walker, the first black female millionaire was from Indy. But the very first slave owner in America was a free balck colonist named Anthony Johnson. Because of his lawsuit, free black men cod own black slaves for life. The largest slave owner in south Carolina was a black man, and only 5% of southerners owned slaves at the height of slavery in the US.

      • Thanks for the fine-tuning. I assume, though, that you don’t disagree with the point, that the schools are leaving out history that doesn’t promote their narrative, and that the U.S., and Mississippi, were not just evil slave-owners, but also people who helped to abolish slavery, and the Civil War was the result of states fighting for their right to secede? I hope we can try to agree as a country to realize there are always those who are either evil or making mistakes, as well as those who are trying to do the right thing, and history needs to be studied, in it’s entirety, to avoid making the same mistakes as well as to honor those who tried to do the right thing at great personal cost.

        • I agree with everything you said 100% and I am a motivated tea party activist. I lived in Indy and went to a few years of grade school there. They beat that Madame Walker history into our heads. I live in S.C. now and there is a big ole rebel flag above a S.C. secession flag above a Gadsen flag in my yard.

          • Hope more people will begin to realize what’s going on, and make the efforts you’re making to turn things around.

  24. I find it hilarious that the spokesman for the fascists Nazis is named Mr. Coon.

  25. u know why ? because nobody really gives a f**k enough to go and vote the opposite .. no way there are that many Treasonous libtards in this country,cant be

    • That cuts to the heart of the matter. No one gives a crap until it comes knocking on their front door. By then…, it’s too late.

      • yes sir u are correct . ive seen it for the last 40 years.. people just seem happier with their head buried in the kids, they cover their eyes and then believe you cant see them either haha
        i have acquaintances who just gave up voting and getting involved, it pisses me off and i let them know it . im not going to stop till im dead. what attitudes

  26. What All Of This Nonsense About The Confederate Flag Amounts To Is Appeasing The Racist Blacks By Destroying The Southern Heritage. The Liberals Are Using The Same Tactics Muslims Are Using Against The Jews By Trying To Erase The Past. Such Arrogant And Revolting Practice Should Be Forced To End. These Blacks Should Be Grateful To Be Allowed To Live Free And Not Trying To Overtake And Destroy The Very Country That Removed Them From Slavery And Given Unconditional Freedom. Perhaps They Should Return To Their Beloved Africa If They Can’t Stand To Live In This Country.

  27. And the Democrats Maoist cultural cleansing marches on. How about we culturally cleanse us of progressives and all the damage they’ve done instead? Yeah. How about that?

  28. I feel that more and more I am noticing that this young generation focuses on the “bad” rather than the “good” on all aspects of life be it history, every day stuff, school, finances, etc. What ever happened to focusing on the positive? This deal about the Confederate Flag crap is definitely focusing on the wrong or should I say the “bad” yet a lot of “good” was accomplished. We are to learn from history not destroy history…what has happened to our academics? It was so much better back in the day and now it’s out of control. I am glad my boys had the “better” education and you better believe I will be one of those grandma’s (when the time is right) who will be keeping a very close eye on my grandbabies education and not be one who will just trust the system. From what is going on today…it’s not right!

  29. Regardless of what people believe the flag stood for, it is ridiculous to declare it a symbol of hatred. So some idiot posted himself wrapped in the VA Battle Flag and everyone attributed his actions to being racist. Is it racist for the White Supremacy group to display the Nazi Flag? Is it racist for the Muslims to display the Islamic Flag. Not really.
    We may not like the Nazi Flag, the Islamic Flag, the Rainbow Flag, The Mexican Flag, or other flags displayed, but this does not make any of them racist.
    We have become a nation of stupidity. We attribute something inane to causing emotions that have no place in society today. We will never get past the racism issue as long as we continue to go along with the political correctness wave that has overcome the nation. That flag has absolutely nothing to do with the past prejudices of racially motivated group that want to continue scratching at the scab, hoping to instigate further racial divide.

  30. Democrat Party equals KKK equals slavery, deprivation of Rights can we get rid of the Democratic Party.

  31. It’s really easy, strip the school of all state funding until it listens to the people of the state.

  32. I feel same way about rainbow flags .. Let’s burn all

  33. The stupidity shown here… the REAL stupidity… is denying that events of our country’s history ever happened. They don’t seem to want to learn from the mistakes (or even progress!) of others in our past. Pretending it never happened doesn’t mean it never did. Fact is fact, and truth is truth. Just because you don’t like the design of your state flag doesn’t mean you have the right to use Political Correctness as a means to change it. Don’t like your state flag? Move to another state. Don’t like your NATIONAL flag? Move to a country whose flag suits you.

    • This is the sad part, this is how these folks think, all symbols and NO SUBSTANCE. To them it is like changing their wardrobe to something more appealing, and then moving to the next cause de celeb, and never learning the historical significance or meaning of what they protest as offensive…usually out of context.

      • Precisely. And furthermore, these Liberals are the ones that think guns kill people. Yes, I suppose they do, when they’re held in the hand of a person that wants to kill someone else. Do they argue that particular case of an inanimate object killing someone else if the weapon is a car, knife, rope, baseball bat, poison….. or a tool used to carry out an abortion? Of course not…. Hypocrisy at its finest. The sad fact is that these foolish beliefs are instilled into our younger generation(s) by those who don’t use common sense. And by a government hell bent on controlling the population.

  34. I see pictures of people pissing on and burning the American flag ! Does this mean we should outlaw the American flag ? As far as slavery is concerned, if it wasn’t for it, most of the browns ( not blacks ) would still be in Africa !

  35. Getting rid of a state flag is like rescinding your citizenship. There is more to a lfag than just a piece of cloth. It is part of the history of our country and the history of the state it belongs to. I cannot imagine why anyone would agree to give up their flag unless they have no pride in their heritage and are ashamed to be American.

  36. The Communist party destroyed any attempt to uncover the truth. Here is what I learned. The video lie was planned and rehearsed. Hillary’s testimony was planned and rehearsed. The Arab video producer in jail is still in jail on Hillary up charges. His freedoms don’t count. The Communist lie is he is there on other charges. But like the wounded at Benghazi no one may talk to them. Why were they given false names and moved from hospital to hospital? Made to sign NCND’s under the penalty of prison.
    I believe the Benghazi four were left there to die.

    Before the cover up hearings I was under the impression that no one could get there in time to save them. I was led to believe by the communist media the window was two hours. Which still was time for a bomber to leave Sigonella, AFB and break up the attack. But at the hearings I learned that the attack began at 4 pm and ended after 10:00 am. That is 18 hours. Bombers from the USA could have got there in that time.
    Not to mention carrier planes and marines from the A/C carrier stationed at the mouth of the Red sea. No rescue, no witnesses.

    This morning a Delta force officer was killed in Iraq trying to free ISIS hostages. Obama would not sign off on a combat benefits package for his family. He was ordered not to die.

    Hillary gets an FFF for defending the Benghazi beach house. She is a class a liar and evil to boot. Yet the party of death to little children wants her for queen as does 20% of the Rino party.

    There are two party’s in this country. The Communist party and the Tea party. There is no republican party. That group is democrat light. If we have to accept Paul Ryan and live with Match McConneel who voted to burn the flag 40 days before 911 along with 40 democrat communists. All that stands between freedom and slavery in all it’s forms is a small dedicated group running for office. Made up of one great African American, two Latinos, an Italian lady, an Indian American governor from the great state of Louisiana. This American mosaic of many colors is opposed by five white boys and a lieing white woman who claim to represent down trodden people of color. Please take your boot off my neck.

    This communist party has fifteen months left to complete their mission. That is if they don’t decide not to leave when they are voted out. The Clinton towers were first attacked in 1993. The Communist party of Clinton gave Bin Laden eight years to get it right. Which he did on 911,2001.

    As pregnant mothers jumped to their deaths Hillary the liar shouted in the senate. What did Bush know and when did he know it?
    For sure she knew nothing because 40 days before 911 her and her party of death were voting to burn the American flag calling it freedom of speech.

    You would think that knowing 911 was a terrorist celebration date. The communist government would alert all our embassies to be prepared for incidents. The Benghazi beach house was wide open and the local security guards had disappeared. Not a good day to go jogging.

    Only in the communist run movies are Americans prepared and can respond faster than eating popcorn. In reality we have a president who was breast fed on Marx and Engels. Hates the country he pretends to come from. He hates the flag, the national anthem, gun bearing bible thumpers and most of all the troops which must be disbanded and replaced with blue helmet rapists.

    Over 250 years America has had the benefit of LLP guaranteed by the blood of heroes.
    In 8 short years this imposter pretending to care is going to undo all that, even if it takes Soviet and Iranian troops to get the job done.

    Never forget the party of death to little children voted three times to kick God out of their coven at their convention. See you tube and see Michelle saying all this for a flag.

    I doubt if we will survive the next 15 months but if by the grace of God we do. We must uproot all the seeds planted for our destruction and replace evil doers with good people. The best people for my money are the Te Fiesta people. The three best are Trump, Carter and Cruz. Trump for fast recovery, Carter for honest government and Cruz for loyalty to the constitution. Listen to Mark Levin and you will not be fooled.


    Never forget those who divide us intend to destroy us. Those who take your guns away intend to kill you.
    Spirit of America Party Radio Show on Tune-in

  37. If the state flag offends these students maybe they should move to another state. Voters in that state should let their representatives know that they want state funds removed from any school that can not find it in their hearts to honor the state flag.

  38. If cotton could only grow in the North. Blacks would be slaves. Only 6% of southerners owned slaves. 3% owned the majority. Respect those vets and their flag who fought not for slavery but freedom. Most rebs fighting were share croppers and did not even own the land they farmed. Never forget the tune Dixie was written in a New York hotel by an Irishman. The flag to fear is the hammer and sickle which flies in the white house bed room.

  39. Coon is an absolut idiot with his own PC agenda. If the University has any balls they will ignore this resolution and kicked Coon out of school. Some southern guy may take him on personally because of their proud heritage.

  40. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

  41. Hiding the Confederate flag is like hiding a piece of history, and this is disrespectfull to the brave American men who were soldiers in the civil war . I am shocked that the Univ of Miss lacks respect for the flag. I am a yankee from Phila and I say the flag honors the confederate soldier.

  42. If this University is a State University the state should immediately remove all state funding from all those little ignorant little socialist creeps that support such an asinine move. If they don’t have pride in their state why should tax payers have to support the little bastards.

  43. There is History and there is His-Story some recent historians want to glorify the Confederate Army in some today history book. Some state like Texas want to leave out of the textbook the atrocities by the slave owners and the confederate army. BLACK Slaves were a major part of the free labor of the Southern states to maintain the production of cotton. Surely not enough of poor whites could replace the slaves.
    The history of the confederate Army, its regalia and the statues belong in the museums, and hopefully America can move on without the hatred, that many Whites want to continue. The USA is a country that HATE every nation that does not measure up to its idiotic standards. Let’s see, there were N. Korea, N. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia and Cuba. What has the USA accomplished invading those countries? Was all the Americans lives worth it? The USA somehow need to unite its American citizens with liberty and justice for all, and be a model for other nations. Now with the racism virus that have attacked the minds of many Whites, the immigrant Muslims here in the US want to impose its Islamic laws over the US Constitution. Racism might be a backdoor for them to be successful in infiltrating our government.

  44. I’ll bet if the state quit funding the college the flag would go back up in no time. Just a thought and a way to teach these stupid liberals a lesson.

  45. Another step closer to the forecast of “The south shall rise again!”

  46. The next thing the liberals will demand is interecourse is against the law as it creates an increase in the population so, the POTUS will sign an executive order banning all sex being performed without extreme defense against all inseminations taking place, because these stupid liberals want to be totally isolated from the LIVING CLASS of humans

  47. University of Mississippi,you ACTUALLY don’t know what the Confederate flag means.That flag was made to tell
    the NORTH,we are tired of your crap.We are OVERLY TAXED and we have had enough.This is what we are

    going to do.This flag is OUR SYMBOL of freedom from you,and your high taxes against us.This is OUR COUNTRIES flag,The flag of the Confederate States of America and you NO LONGER have any control over us.
    Our country starts at the MASON-DIXON LINE and we are NOW independent from you.I say this with a rebel yell!

  48. The country is being systematically attacked for its history and faith based ideas ; to make way for a new Socialist / Communist / Muslim rule . Our friends in Europe have seen first hand that there is no way to appease or even help these hoards of invaders . They are different and violent and we must make hard choices to stop them from destroying the last vestiges of Freedom and Liberty left in the world . If America falls there is no where to run .

  49. If I can convince some knuckle-dragging, neo-Nazi skinheads to start displaying the “Rainbow Flag”, can we get that one banned, too?

    Hmmm, I may just have to mull that one over while I am sipping some Southern Comfort on my outdoor deck, which is currently decorated with 10 (ten) Confederate Battle Flags.

    In the meantime, the oh-so-PC Libtard Whackadoodles are cordially invited to kiss my pink Rebel backside.

    Lyle Rossiter made it clear in his book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness” just exactly what is wrong with these Whackadoodles:

    “To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions.”

    “Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency.”

    “Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains.”

    [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  50. Never have so few shown so much UN-AMERICANISM to so many TRUE AMERICANS,or is/are there no longer any true Americans left?Look at this incident,in the wink of an eye,33 people took control of the U.of M…I am assuming there is a total of 48 people on the campus,,A TWO(2) to ONE(1) PLUS majority..Personally my first PATRIOTIC duty is to OUR STARS and STRIPES(you know the colors that DON’T RUN(unlike those 48 at the U.of M..Must not be much in/of curiculum at the U.of M..JUST SAYING !!

  51. If I were in the legislature, I would propose to eliminate state underwriting for the university….

  52. “Another one bites the dust”….it’s a crying shame!

  53. If this university bans the state flag, then ALL, and I mean every cent that comes from the state treasury should stop. No-one receiving any state programs of any kind can attend without loosing all state payments.


  55. Liberalism = Braindamndamage

  56. coon? guess hes name says it all!

  57. The Mississippi flag does not designate white supremacy alone. There are other ideas it represents. The South has a legitimate and desirable history to be remembered. It was a genteel way of life that was desired by people in other parts the country. There was a freedom unknown by other parts of the nation. While there is no denying that slavery was a repugnant part of the South’s culture, it is not and should not be considered as the only one. They say that “time heals all wounds,” but the liberals and so-called “progressives” will whine and complain until they get what they want. It is a tragedy that people that many in other parts of the country simply do not understand or do not appreciate the good points of Southern history and culture. As they insist on other issues, learn to let it go if not appreciate it.

  58. David A. Williams

    We no longer are a nation worthy of the dignity, bravery and honor of the men who fought in the uniforms of either the blue or the gray. Just write Ichabod over our country, “the glory has departed”.

  59. vintageautomobilia

    Interesting last name on the student who wrote the resolution!

  60. Not born in the South but having lived here for 30 years or so I understand why people would want to keep the Confederate Flag. As I was taught in school that the Civil War was fought over States Rights with abolition added in late in the war by the North. Just in case you were wondering I was Schooled in Pennsylvania Public Schools.

    This comes more into affect when we think of today’s Federal Government tiring to take away States Rights and reduce the power of “We The People”. If anything the Confederate Flag becomes more important as a symbol of “We The People” and our fight to keep the Federal Government from becoming more socialist/communist (Liberal) than it is today. We may need to fly the Confederate Flag at the White House and Capital Building to get our government back to “We The People”.

  61. Glad I’m not going to the University of Misfits.

  62. Perhaps Mississippi should consider withholding funding to the school until they remember in what State they reside?

  63. if they receive any state funds they should be stopped it time to really start to fight this bull shit

    • You and what army is going to stop politicians from effing up this country? They have it 95% effed up already and the ugly beast from Illinois, Arkansas, D.C., NY, and elsewhere is going to do the other 5% if elected.

  64. Obama, the chief muslim, and his administration, the liberal elitists/atheists, began taking our heritage away since January 2009 and it has become more carnivorous over the past 6 years. They will destroy our Constitution if we let them. God help us all.

  65. Like one of their grads who is a fox celeb, lets make the “Ole Miss” the rainbow flag. I am sure that would please the current alumni association.

  66. How can they consider changing from the flag, under which their ancestors fought against the oppressive government in Washington. Washington was and still, sometimes, the oppressive enemy

  67. I think the Coon needs to study up on his history a bit more.

  68. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.
    They voted in Obama not once but twice.
    They voted in Pelosi
    They voted in Biden
    They voted in Reed
    They voted in Clinton and Clinton

    It would make any thinking young person think twice before volunteering to save their sorry butts and I am not even an American

    God Save America nobody else can from these fools, too many of them they vote and breed.

  69. The idiots that want to totally rewrite history to suit their political antics never really surprise any of us anymore , we have become immune to their being offended means we loose our rights over and over. This Politically Correctness pox has hindered our very fabric to stand up and say NO WE DO NOT AGREE. The other side screams RACIST, BIGOT, or worse yet CONSERVATIVE and we shrink back allowing them to steal our right to Fair and Equal elections, the ability to maintain our sovereignty as opposed to the hippie mentality of lets just grub what we can and sing by the fire while I go sleep with your ol lady.. Well next it will be your clothing does not cover you so wear a veil and burka, your child was not respectful and wore clothing that exposed her honor demands she be stoned.. You have no rights other then what I tell you is best for you.. sound familiar?? I mean that’s where we are headed..Kerry the one, forgotten on that famous trip with Jane Fonda.. he’s making GREAT DEALS FOR US ISN’T HE…”WE ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION ANYMORE”… well so there go our Christmas pageants and decorations and heaven forbid our “Merry Christmas” .. No more Pork allowed.. get used to the turkey stuff.
    Or do we start standing up and saying History Happened get over it… KY we birthed both Civil War Presidents, now they wanna for get one like Obama wants to forget one of his parents.. I’m sorry the Black lives Matter , not to me they don’t when they don’t care about Black on Black crime, the rate they abort their unborn, or the second they start being buddies with the same terrorist that want to take America and remake it. I think Blue lives Matter, Red lives Matter, Cammo lives Matter, Unborn lives Matter and yea even us Whites born and raised to actually believe in King’s I have a dream speech Matter far more the weird Al Sharpie.. who doesn’t deserve the honorific of clergy. His Panthers and taunting screaming No Justice No Peace… where is the peace when Justice proves the narrative the riots were based on was B.S…and the shipped in demonstrators paid for by G. Soros who wants a one world government and he rules the world gets closer and closer.. Has he cleared tat with Iran??

    Ever hear the phrase use it or loose it?? Well Start standing up for our rights before we no longer have them.

  70. No use in sweeping history under the rug. We learn from it, to hopefully avoid repeating it.


  72. Southern people are proud to be southern let them have their flag, Slavery is 90% gone, U will always have a few stupid, fools who deserve to live on a mountain dirt road and eat possum. Every country has their own, so do we……..

  73. When are these frickin morons going to get over it?

  74. If Coon and his ilk truly want the state flag gone, the state legislators who represent the taxpayers of Mississippi who pour a huge amount of money into the flagship university of the state, need to put stipulations on the state money or reduce it appreciably and recommend a higher tuition that is already planned. Let the leftists experience what the costs of leftism would really be without the producers providing subsidies for their idiocy.

  75. This is the same crap, that the south finally said enough is enough. We don’t want and don’t need you to make rules in our states, *states rights, was a big issue where the federals started dictating things in peoples lives where they had no right to be in, like how children are raised, taught and the individual beleifs.
    Sounds familiar…..look at all the regulations..


  77. I think it is just the Democrats trying to cover up for previous ancesters of slavery and dividing the Union. It was the Southern Dems who did not want to give up their slaves. Bet they don’t teach that in school any more since the Liberal Left has taken over the schools.

  78. The history ‘professor’ at the U of M should be fired, because no one there seems to know the true history of the Confederate Flag.

    • He is now a bona fide Lenin hero!

    • Oh, well , we should just go back to the way it was before 600,000 White soldiers lost their lives and the Slaves were freed in the process. Or maybe they’ll rewrite history to where the Slaves miraculously freedom themselves. By the time it’s all said and done, we will no longer recognize truth and what you’ll end up with are lavishly designed fairy tales.

      • Lincoln took us into a war that should never have been fought and cost us 750,000 lives. It was a truly sad time in American History.

    • Oh, well then, let’s just go back to the way it was before 600,000+ White soldiers died fighting a bloody war where Slaves in the process were freed. Or let’s pretend Slaves freed themselves through some miraculous intervention. Before you know it they’ll have truth so twisted nothing will be left but a made up fairytale with no semblance of truth. Too bad, because we all could have made something fantastic out of this country, instead it’ll turn into the kind of hell hole all the other countries are.

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  80. If the loony liberal students at Ole Miss don’t want the state flag flying over their campus, I say let ’em have their way. But then, to be fair, let the state that flag represents remove the funding that supports those students who support this anti-Mississippi attitude.

  81. Robert Michael Vincent

    “What difference does it make now” doesn’t seem to apply to the CONFEDERATE FLAG …. only to the dumb azz s
    who need to get a life and the politicians who need to get a spine.

  82. The communist who wants to take away that flag are’s too bad they are supposed to be educated are the most ignorant moron puppets.

  83. 0bama, the “Magic Negro” strikes again !!

  84. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate a change for America

  85. That flag is part of history. If the university bands it they should not receive anymore money from the state. That money comes from the tax payers and they should have a say in how that money is spent not just the administrators of the school or a minority of people who see everything as being racist.

  86. Without racism sharpton and jackson wouldn’t have a job. If sharpton didn’t have a job he wouldn’t be able to pay the millions in back taxes he owes to the American people.

  87. No matter what liberals claim, the only good liberal is a neutralized one!


  89. You’re kidding, right? Coon? Really? Man, you can’t make this stuff up. In any case, is this Allen Coon a Sodomite? And who is financing him? Are there any serious Old Miss students with courage left who are willing to hand out leaflets on campus and sporting events calling for economic boycott of ALL school events if university officials pass this? I’m in Texas but if we can get funding I’d be willing to help organize. As for the secession movement, that won’t be necessary if we organize our State Militias to throw out the Money Lenders and IRS from each state in order to achieve economic freedom. 15,000,000 Militia in the Lone Star State await mobilization.

  90. And the high taxes for the South taking their goods to market was the main reason the seceeded from the North! The Citizens of Mississippi should tear and rip up that College and stop it all and hang up their Flag!

  91. Color is a tired of hearing reason for the Confederates to fight the North because the North had slaves too! Wake up and quit causing trouble for Americans and America
    before you get a real rush from those Americans who are tired of this crap!

  92. Give the wrong all they want. When there is no more , they will take from themselves. pure cannibalism.

  93. If the great state of Mississippi gives up its state flag . The black panthers should remove theirs , if they have one.
    opps , was I being a racist, or politically incorrect?.. isn’t gotten so . I can’t figure out who to apologize to.

  94. Idjets!

  95. The sheeple are voting away their freedom and are too stupid, dumbed-down and drugged-up to realize this! R.I.P. USA or REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! Armr===================? !

  96. I didn’t know any entity had authorization to “vote away” their State Flag. Well, I suppose that State could deny educational funding to that institution of learning. Then, they just wouldn’t have a school to boohoo over anymore. They can always fall back on the school of hard knocks, go on gimme programs and whine some more about how under privileged they are and how they are mistreated. I am not color prejudiced. But, this boohoo has become old news and quite frankly a boring bucket of BS.

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