Union Prez: Baltimore Police “Under Siege”

Gene Ryan, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3, is angry about the effect overzealous prosecution has had on Baltimore police. The union released a statement on Thursday, shedding light on what has happened to Baltimore law enforcement officers following the death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent arrests.

“The criminals are taking advantage of the situation in Baltimore since the unrest,” said Ryan. “Criminals feel empowered now. There is no respect. Police are under siege in every quarter. They are more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs properly than they are of getting shot on duty.”

State Attorney Marilyn Mosby responded to the criticism in veiled terms in a later statement. “I refuse to litigate this case through the media,” she said. “We want to ensure we are able to conduct a fair and impartial process for all parties involved.”

But critics say that there is nothing fair or impartial about what has happened in this case. Many say that the six officers who arrested Gray should not have been indicted. They claim that Mosby rushed to prosecute this case to avoid further unrest in the city. If that’s the case, she may have made the situation worse. The murder rate in the city is going through the roof; some have speculated that Baltimore police are curbing their duties, fearful that they might find themselves being prosecuted for doing their jobs.

Of course, this is exactly the scenario that unfolds when you make criminals out of the police. The community loses trust in the cops. Not because of what has happened, but because of what the media makes it seem is happening. Suddenly, you have black men thinking that the cops are out to get them. Even in a place like Baltimore, where the police and other city officials accurately represent the race of the community.

Are there bad cops? Of course. But what we have now is an overcorrection, and it is going to make crime rates skyrocket across the country. Cops will refuse to put themselves in jeopardy, knowing that criminals have the upper hand. After a while, it may even affect who wants to become a cop in the first place. It takes a special breed to put on the badge. Once we make it clear that, in a violent situation, you will not be given the benefit of the doubt, we could see a great reduction in the number of promising candidates who hit the academy. Then we’ll be left with cops that would not have been able to join the force ten years ago. How will that improve police work in the U.S.?

Liberals are selling black Americans a terrible lie, and the consequences may be devastating.

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  1. Tiredofsocializm

    To the people of Baltimore execute the power of your vote . Remove this snarky liberal mayor you have along with her DA!

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      That’ll never happen, Democrats stick together right or wrong. Some people are just plain, dare I say it, “stupid”. There I said it. Liberalism is like a cancer, and it’s been eating away at the Democratic Party for the last 40 years. the cancer has taken over the mainstream media, the schools, and in a lot of cases the churches. It’s going to take a monumental effort to educate these people to the truth. And that’s no guarantee they’ll even believe it, even when you give them the facts and figures. A lot of the liberals whole life is to perpetuate the mis-information they believe to be true, or they lie because they wanted it to be true.

  2. marlene.langert

    I live not far from Baltimore. What I propose is pulling all police from the city and let the crimes happen. Let’s see how fast the good citizens of the city yell and scream to have the police back.

    • They already have screamed for added police protection. But that’s property owners, not protestors so it won’t happen.

      • marlene.langert

        They need to take more police out of Baltimore. I mean all of them. I do believe that the residents who are not the protesters will scream for the police to come back.

        • bo would make all these criminals a part of his created illegal foreigner, gestapo type army to support his dictatorship of muslim commies & criminal thugs like hitler did … !

      • Therein you identified the root causation of the problem. When Property ‘Owners’ were the only voters, these current times of the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts controlling every minute detail of USA’s socioeconomics would not be an issue. A veritable ‘keg of worms’ was opened, Pandora’s Box released historically dysfunctional mob rule…the fallacy of ‘Democracy’ onto a formerly sane ‘Republic’… The former United States of America.

        Actually ‘Owning’ property and actually ‘Paying’ taxes has an effect of common sense all of it’s own. “What we have hea’ is a lack of communication”. Famous words from the movie ‘Cool hand Luke”..

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Most of the protestors/demonstrators in all of these cases WERE PAID RIOTERS and not even from that immediate area! Doesn’t anyone see? The HNIC and Soros will CAUSE enough strife that martial law can be ordered to supposedly “control” it all.
        And We The People are falling right into his little trap… GOD HELP AMERICA, land of the lost!

    • Nope…their screams will give mbombo cause to send in His troops…things will go farther down hill then

      • marlene.langert

        I don’t believe innot doing something that needs doing because you are scared. In Maryland, Larry Hogan will send in the National Guard and anyone he has to. Maybe the people themselves will revolt. We wouldn’t have a country if everyone thought like you.

        • I guess WE THE PEOPLE should start now, and yes the residents should stand up and I do not blame the police for transferring elsewhere. let the mayor and the big mouth district attorney stand out there with the evil ones. they created this along with Sharpton, Obama, holder and all the dems.

          • Trouble is the DA is one of the most virulent antigun people working one of the most anti gun states, where it is even difficult to purchase a gun without first going to a training course specified by the state. In addition, there is a duty to retreat to safety and you the victim must prove you were in imminent danger before defending yourself after retreating! Also, it is almost impossible to get a CCL unless your are in imminent danger on a continuing basis.

            Glad I do not live there.

          • all you should have to do to prove you are in imminent danger is prove you live in Baltimore

          • Logically yes, but you are in the the Socialistic Republic of Maryland and sadly the law reads that you must retreat to safety first until you are “forced” to use lethal force to defend yourself, sounds like one of those instances where liars poker prevails. Depends on the how the local LEO’s and DA sees it…I sure would not want to want to see M. Mosley after defending myself unless I shot an old White guy wearing a suit and tie carrying a Kimber after he chased me for a half mile into a dead end ally. And you better hope he didn’t make a campaign contribution to her or her husband.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Balkimore or Shitcago , huh Rick?? LMAO

          • Totally agree with your post..

          • Baltimore and the big problem cities have been under democrat control for at least half a century.

      • It is called MARTIAL LAW,,,EXACTLY WHAT Obama WANTS..

    • The parents living there need to rein in there own that are doing this. The Police are tired of getting killed while trying to help those that won’t help themselves. The rent-A-rioters have left because Soros stopped cutting checks. These are Baltimore’s people now and the mothers and father should be slapping the hell out of their kids like the one mother shown on TV.

      • if not for riot child abuse charges

        • It’s better to have their asses slapped then for them to end up dead. Democrats need to stay out of family matters.

      • marlene.langert

        Wish they had mothers and fathers that would really parent them and love them. Many do, many do not.

        • That I know. My son always had a gang of them over here. Many from single parent homes. I use to take them fishing and things. They all went off to college and are doing pretty good now.

    • That is what the mayor has already done and look what has happened. It has gotten worse and the criminals feel like they will have no responsibility for the crimes they commit and the police will not arrest them. Of course, obama has encouraged this type of behavior across the country.

    • didn’t the mayor tell them to stand down and let the rioters have their space to do whatever. well like you implied and I agree let them continue to stand down until people realize how bad they need them. not all cops are bad so why should the good ones suffer

  3. there should be a wide spread illness among them and let the State’s Attorney patrol the street for a while there. Maybe she could stop te crime herself!

    • she did say they are’t thugs just misunderstood children. maybe she should just go talk to them and it would be all better, might have to get brutal with a few that don’t listen and give them a time out.

  4. They are reacting to criminal behavior with caution. Since they had to stand by while Baltimore burned, now the have to stand by because of the criminal element protesting the police arresting the criminal element. When the people of Baltimore stop looking at the police as the problem, and realize that they are protecting them from these criminals, the people are going to have to fend for themselves as the criminals congregate unchecked through the streets of Baltimore. Get rid of idiots like Blake and Mosby, and maybe Baltimore can find it’s way!

    • true, if they don’t think the police were doing their job look at what has happened when they back off a little

  5. Sylvester Jones

    This is what obama wants.

    • YEP; bo wants a crisis to activate his E.O. # 13603 & martial law to declare his dictatorship while congress ignores his crimes & law violations including his POTUS sworn oath dereliction of duty &treason … !

  6. Hey, I’m for telling the City Officials of Baltimore “Screw You” you’ve made the “Mess” there, so now you can live with the Killings and Violence that’s taking place there now and take responsibility for it, too!!!!

    Beside, let all the “Nig’s” kill each other off … “Good Bye to Bad Rubbish” and don’t forget to get the Major and the DA, after it’s all said and done!!!!!!

    When “Nig’s act like Nig’s” … they should be treated like Nig’s, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It’s time to eliminate a certain billionaire who is fueling the fires for these riots,along with the race baiters like sharpton,jackson,holder,oprah,obama,etc.etc.etc.

    • Somebody is definitely financing and pushing for this… somebody thinks that with America in demise a new world government can take over… somebody is so arrogant as to believe they can control the world… somebody is in cahoots with Satan… this will spin badly out of control and end badly for everyone… then, game over and the Savior reigns.

    • Well, Anthony,,,,, IT’S GEORGE SORUS!! & the acorn group that this was funded through has not paid the rioters for Baltimore as yet….. ( From a post on WSJ)

    • Spirit of 1776

      You said it, America would be a better place if psychopathic idiots like these were not running the nation and justice still had it teeth instead of the wimpy idiots as judges and lawyers. Crime = hard time no a slap on the hand and released to assault someone else. USMC

  8. The Baltimore Riots were an anti Asian Pogrom. This is what happened to European Jews for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. (Look up Pogrom in Wikipedia) The Black mayor said of the Black rioters, “Give them space for destruction” (Overwhelming of Asian properties, often uninsured.) Imagine a White mayor giving mobs of White skinheads space for destruction of a Black neighborhood. The USA would be denounced by the whole UN.

  9. I was born in Baltimore in the mid 50s, lived in Hunt Valley in the late 80s – early 90s, and left for the Mid West in the mid-90s. I am so glad I left the First Socialist Repulik Of Maryland, much less the Baltimore area, when I did. What a mess. I agree with the folks saying law enforcement ought to retract their services and see how long it takes for the liberal pansies to beg them to please come back and clean up the rubbish laying waste to their city, much less the state (or the excuse for a state).

    • I’m waiting to see the Homicide tally for May. It was up to 40 as of yesterday, May 30th, with 1 day to go, ends at midnight tonight.

      Check out Baltimore’s deadliest months.

      Date Murders Population

      AUG 1972 45 899,845

      DEC 1971 44 908, 075

      AUG 1990 42 735,632

      MAY 2015 40 622,103

  10. With the way Waco, TX is treating the INNOCENT bikers, I say Waco deserves everything Baltimore got-and then some. No blacks were involved, so I guess no one cares except the ones who are being ILLEGALLY held because they chose to eat at the wrong restaurant. I’d like to see the liberal Feds up Waco’s butt with a magnifying glass and a flashlight. I’ve been told by GOOD sources that there are men in there with wounds that aren’t being properly attended to, diabetics denied insulin, and so on. The “Good old Boy” practice of law in some places in Texas needs to come to a stop-NOW.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Personally, if ALL THE BIKERS IN THE US were to ride on the white house, they could literally shut down DC. Then, after hanging the bastard in the white house by his balls, we could start all over again!! Give it some thought bikers! ? !

      • And I see you volunteering to lead the pack, go for it Big Guy!!!!!!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I don’t need to do this, but for your enlightenment, I will..
          I’m 71 years old. I’m also a Vietnam vet. I also had open heart surgery in 2001, and as a result, lost all the feeling in my left leg, from the knee down! If I walked to the corner, someone would have to help me back.
          I served onboard ship for 6 years. We made one trip to Nam. Equipment down, body bags back! I saw it all. I’m proud that I served my country, but after 2008, I stopped bragging about it.
          If I had the strength and stamina, hell yes, “BIG GUY,” I’d be on my chopper and trying to recruit as many as I could. But the bike even became way to heavy for me to handle! The only thing that really pisses me off right now, (besides seeing veterans homeless) is the ones that find it easy, sitting in a high back chair and coming up with all the brilliant ideas in this world, YET NOBODY DOES A DAMNED THING ABOUT IT!! Sooooooo, instead of everyone pissing and moaning, why doesn’t EVERYONE get off their meaty asses and terrorize their congressmen about how screwed up the country has become?? I have, quite a few times, BIG GUY!! 🙂

          • Good for you, Mike!!! and thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country, from one veteran to another. I’m a retired USAF MSgt. and I too shed some blood, sweat, and tears during my 20 years of service. I worry about the mess this country has become. But I vote in every election, talk to my elected officials regularly, and I try to hold them accountable for fixing those things we allow them to. I’m also not afraid to get my hands dirty helping fixing those things I can. We all need to be part of the solution if we want to get our country back to what it once was.

      • Works for me.

    • Now you’re saying bikers with guns shooting each other are the “good guys” and the cops are the bad guys? What tree did you fall out of?

      • No tree, I’m just not retarded like you. Guess yo missed the word INNOCENT. You have no idea what is REALLY going on, and there ARE innocent bikers who were not armed or involved. You won’t hear about ALL THE LAWSUITS Waco will be paying, and since NO police or innocent bystanders (except the INNOCENT biker(s) who were unarmed, not involved in the violence and only trying to leave, got hurt or murdered by a cop (shot right off of his bike while trying to get away from the violence and just happened to be in the parking lot after eating when the shooting started INSIDE the restaurant. That cop needs to be on death row. Furthermore, there are videos of it you will never see, and some pretty rich bikers by the time Waco and the county are sued. You have no idea that there are CHRISTIAN biker groups that only evangelize, but like to ride motorcycles. There are many other motorcycle groups that are non-violent, then there a motorcycle groups that go by “LE” which stands for law enforcement, but, since they ride motorcycles, they must be scum, too.

      • No tree-I’m just know what really happened. A LOT of rich bikers will come out of this—hope Waco goes broke along with their county, You must have missed the word INNOCENT. I wasn’t referring to the ones who started it.

  11. FROM THE ARTICLE: State Attorney Marilyn Mosby responded to the criticism in veiled terms in a later statement. “I refuse to litigate this case through the media,” she said. “We want to ensure we are able to conduct a fair and impartial process for all parties involved.”

    Huh? She sure didn’t plan to “conduct a fair and impartial process” before now. Why now?

    When she said, “Justice for Freddie” she might as well have said “”Guilty until proven Guilty!”

    • all she has done is play to the media. listen to all her statements. she is only saying different now because they are asking for a change of venue and her playing the media is exactly why it should be granted

    • Michael Dennewitz

      She just the same as gave it over to the media when she opened her fat mouth in public.. Can’t fix STUPID !!

  12. To the so called citizens of Baltimore who hate the police:

    Like they say in Southern Russia: Tuff shitsky, yall

  13. If Ms Mosby was interested in not trying the case in the media then she should stop the inflammatory statements that she makes to the media. I paraphrase when I say that Ms Mosby suggested that she needed to seek justice for Freddie Gray as opposed to seeking justice for all the parties involved, which is her sworn duty a the State’s Attorney. When she attempts to muzzle the defense with a gag order and yet while she continues to speak publicly about facts of the case, suggesting that the Baltimore PD is racist, despite the fact that better than 60% of the officers are minority and the Police Commissioner is himself black, and attempts to portray the entire force as “thugs” . Ms Mosby can’t have it both ways. Basically she needs to shut up.

  14. While I understand the warm hearts of the liberals in the East, sometimes we have to open our eyes and see the real problems. Those have been created by too much welfare with no strings attached and too lax enforcement of the laws we have. Now we have created a large segment of our society to a welfare state. We have done exactly what other civilizations have done and it led to disaster. Time to wake up. It is time we really helped the poor but with strings attached.

  15. The City of Baltimore is ran by BLACK LIBERALS. Nothing else needs to be said.

  16. The police should all catch a bad case of blue flu for about a month. Once the city no longer exists because it has been totally destroyed then maybe they can start over and do it right. If I were a cop in Baltimore I would be looking very hard to transfer to a different city. I wonder what would happen if all officers decided to quit at the same time. I wonder how the mayor and DA would like that. They should be left on there own, just let the city die.

    • I would have already left, moved to a Red State where people are more concerned with working for a living rather than murder, crime & mayhem.

    • it is happening in detroit places police wont go crack dealers deal with problems other places other cities as for us in the country we deal with things ourselves the police are out to get a dui or felony arrest at every opportunity they follow no laws or even common decency lie constantly and know very little about law cant shoot if you have to empty your clip every time you shoot go the hell home

    • marlene.langert

      Totally agree.

    • the DA is more apt to prosecute the police than they are the criminals. that’s not much motivation to go and do a job that is already dangerous and thankless anyway

      • So very true. That is why the police need to have a work stoppage and let the people know they will not be back until the DA and mayor are gone. They should not work for people trying to kill them or jail them for doing the job they were hired to do.

  17. This is Obama’s plan! To get rid of all the local police and put in his own! Then all hell will break lose and then he will call Marshall law and that piece of scum will have what he wants! I think I would rather live in Israel then the USA ! Even with the shelling going on there!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Denmark did it right.. woohoo

    • marlene.langert

      Never thought I would want to live anywhere but our beloved USA. I love Israel too. I have never been afraid when I have been there. However, I would rather take back the USA and live here.

      • The usa no longer exists. I am a stranger in what used to be my nation.

        • marlene.langert

          Mindy, See my remark about “If everyone thought like you , we wouldn’t have a country.WE must fight for what we believe in and take our country back. How could you give up already.?

  18. Keep in mind that a lot of these so-called “protestors” are bought and paid for rioters. The sad part of this whole scenario is the black community elected people and put people in office that are doing extremely well to “walk and talk” by themselves. The head Muslim and his racist “partners” are doing everything they can to divide this country, and at this point in time, are doing it quite well. Keep in mind that the majority of these “riotous” issues that take place are in known democratic enclaves and they have done everything they can to destroy the black community! There is good and bad in all races, it’s just that democrats found that they could manipulate more blacks than any other race!

  19. Baltimore: The epitome of the Peter Principle in action with a Liberal political agenda in charge ! An asylum run by the utterly incompetent.

  20. if you are decent business owner or working tax paying citizen, bail out.
    No point in staying there and helping to fund handouts for the thugs Leave it with them come back once a month throw out guns and ammo on the streets and maybe some jerky, in about 6 months they will all have killed each other off. no more problems.

  21. Michael Dennewitz

    Every predominantly black neighborhood should have nothing, NOTHING but black police officers. Then, no matter how “it” turned out, NO ONE would be able to scream racism!!

  22. where is the outrage from the citizens of Maryland, let alone Baltimore. The good citizens should be stomping the mayors and governors offices demanding that our police offices be respected and demand that the hoodlums and gangsters be taken in and off the streets. Where is Sharpton in all this and do you notice the silence from the whitehouse.

  23. This lends credence to the word that obama intends to replace our local American police with illegal aliens, illegal foreigners from dictator countries and illegal radical muslims. How low can he go? IMPEACH THE TRAITOR NOW.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      It will NEVER be impeached! Remember that I said that! The sorry assed repooplicans are far too comfortable with their turncoat/bribe money and refuse to rock the boat! Wait until the mooselums have taken over and they end up raping children of these sorry assed politicians like they’re doing at this moment overseas.. HA! Bet they wake the hell up then, wouldn’t you say??

  24. If I were a cop in Baltimore, I would be doing as little as possible, other than try to find work in another town or city. But from the rise in crime in that city I’d say they are doing precisely that.

  25. Liberals care less for those with assets, only those with votes. Miscreants who vote count far more than those who pay the bills. BUT that only lasts for so long, until the bill payers depart the scene as they have done in Detroit or have curried favor with the local libs to become part of the large sucking sound that vacuums up the government funds that comes to the liberal meccas many of our cities have morphed into. In the end you are left with public unions, liberal politicians, and those who are would like to like a peaceful life but are stuck with miscreants who leach and prey on them until the well runs dry. Unfortunately they elected these politicians based on lies and falsehoods and now must live with the consequenses of their folly and ignorance. Buck up folks and start THINKING and stop voting for those Who have been promising hope and change and delivering misinformation and desperation, just because they look like you does not mean they care about you.

  26. Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP: Baltimore Police “Under Siege”

    GEORGE SOROS and ACORN FUNDED TERRORISM: https://patriotnewsdaily.com/union-prez-baltimore-police-under-siege/



  27. Liberals are always selling lies and distortions. It’s what they do. It is a product of their inferior, failed Leftist ideology. It won’t stand on it’s own, so they manipulate the under-educated (often minorities and the elderly) with scare tactics borne of LIES. They put their political success ahead of the very survival of this nation. Until they are isolated and exposed as what they are, lying enemies within, this nation is in for some tough times.

  28. I will be blunt. By siding with the lawless protesters and lying Leftists who have been spurring them on, this Mayor has doomed Baltimore. Fat chance of any economic recovery there now; the smart money is already
    GONE. We cannot protect people from the effects of their stupid decisions on a citywide level any more than we can on an individual level.

    • And to think this is all because the Baltimore police department somehow allowed Freddie Gray to die while in their custody. Maybe the fair punishment would be to let those officers pay for the clean-up and rebuilding of Baltimore.

  29. I still think the basic premise that police can impose a death penalty on a minor criminal, or even an innocent person has got to stop. If this victim was a member of your family or a close friend you might begin to understand. And there is no segment of society that is immune from this trend that police respond with deadly force to even the slightest perceived threat. We are hiring people, arming them, and turning them loose on society who have absolutely no idea of how to deal effectively with the public, especially those on the margins of society; the mentally ill, the young, poor, or minor criminals who are rightfully scared of the police. They have seen too many examples of how the police have used excessive force and even deadly force with little or no provocation. We need better screening for new police hires, better training for existing personnel, and more accountability for the whole process. It takes a real brave person to pull out a gun and shoot someone because he “scared me”. If you are that afraid of a child with a toy gun, an unarmed man, a man with a small pocket knife who has been subdued, then you are too much of a coward to be in uniform. If you cannot defend yourself in these situations how could you possibly serve and protect the public. If your desire to “kill someone” is so great then join the military and try to kill someone who is trying to kill you too. Be a man or woman and treat all human beings with respect and all lives as precious gifts of God. Everyone probably has someone who loves them, needs them, and wants them to come home safe at the end of the day, not just police officers. I’m ashamed that the quality of our police have sunk to this level and even more dismayed that when these weak links are revealed by their actions that the rest of the police establishment rush to defend these obvious criminals in their ranks. The thin blue line defense has become quite thin and cannot be upheld when there are folks carrying guns with a badge that are not qualified and are a danger to us all, including their fellow officers.

    • None of us even knows what happened , including mosby. 6 police were involved , do you really think 6 police intentionally murdered someone?

      • I think at least one or more police officers in this incident showed at the very least a reckless disregard for the health and welfare of Freddie Gray. I believe their justification for arresting him in the first place was very slim. I think the other officers, while maybe not being directly responsible for his death, at least are aware of what happened and are either lying to protect their fellow officers, a crime in itself, or are remaining silent, which is their right to not incriminate themselves. The fact that Freddie Gray is dead and the only thing he may be guilty of is running from the police is a really sad fact. Perhaps you feel he deserved to die for this, but I don’t. I don’t think most reasonable folks think he deserved to die either. And this is not the first and I’m sure won’t be the last person to die just because they ran from the police. It is time to quit turning a blind eye and justifying police officer’s excessive force just because they wear a uniform or carry a gun. I wore a uniform and carried a gun in the United States military for over twenty years. Many of those years I controlled very powerful weapons. I certainly wasn’t allowed to employ those weapons whenever I got mad at the other guy, even enemies of our country. I followed very strict rules of engagement. Should we expect anything less from police officers who are supposed to serve and protect us on the streets of this country?

      • Tangohotel57 Mindy Robinson • 12 hours ago
        I think at least one or more police officers in this incident showed at the very least a reckless disregard for the health and welfare of Freddie Gray. I believe their justification for arresting him in the first place was very slim. I think the other officers, while maybe not being directly responsible for his death, at least are aware of what happened and are either lying to protect their fellow officers, a crime in itself, or are remaining silent, which is their right to not incriminate themselves. The fact that Freddie Gray is dead and the only thing he may be guilty of is running from the police is a really sad fact. Perhaps you feel he deserved to die for this, but I don’t. I don’t think most reasonable folks think he deserved to die either. And this is not the first and I’m sure won’t be the last person to die just because they ran from the police. It is time to quit turning a blind eye and justifying police officer’s excessive force just because they wear a uniform or carry a gun. I wore a uniform and carried a gun in the United States military for over twenty years. Many of those years I controlled very powerful weapons. I certainly wasn’t allowed to employ those weapons whenever I got mad at the other guy, even enemies of our country. I followed very strict rules of engagement. Should we expect anything less from police officers who are supposed to serve and protect us on the streets of this country?

  30. There is a lot of social progress in Baltimore: the city’s government has declared a new minimum wage of $0.00/hr. In view of 150 looted and burned-up businesses that development was inescapable.

  31. Marilyn Mosby how does fair trials and justice equate to you mission statement just below this on you WebPage upper left “It’s our Time!” Just who is the Our? and what exactly is meant by Its our time? An average person will perceive that you put one segment of society above another. Is this true? Are you prepared to given the benefit of the doubt to say African African Americans with a long criminal record above that of a sworn officer of the law/court like yourself? An action such as this in the eyes of the law is called Discrimination and makes you as guilty as any racist who denies service because of the color of one’s skin. If you don’t get it it’s because a Sharpeton visited you and put racist thoughts in your head or you’ve harbored a hatred all your life. Mayor Rawlings you are supposed to be Mayor of all the citizens of Baltimore not just African Americans. You were sworn to uphold the Law. You should back you integrated police force unless you think they are all brutes beating down those “innocent” brothers and sisters in the neighborhood who have no record and currently commit no crimes. Do you want to wake up one morning to discover that the police have resigned en masse and their riots on the street spreading towards your home?

    • When one of your family members is injured or killed by an over zealous police officer, or just a police officer with reckless disregard for the welfare of the person in their custody, would you expect someone to care? Would you want justice? Do you believe Freddie Gray deserved to die because he ran from the police? I don’t think being a police officer gives you the right to execute anyone, that’s what our courts and juries and the justice system are for. If police officer’s act as executioners then they must be held accountable for their actions. It is imperative that we can trust our police to be concerned for the safety and welfare of us all. Everyone deserves to go home safely at the end of the day, not just the folks in blue.

      • I am not going to accuse or defend the 6 police officers standing trial in Baltimore. I know as much as everyone else, what was “told to us” by the Media and the few video clips. The court of law will review the evidence, consider the testimony and come to a verdict based upon this and only what they are supposed to review. In general there are Police Internal Affairs and a Review Board plus the District Attorney who make decisions of following protocol, professionalism, bias, commission of a crime. It is not up to the President to make opinionated comments before an investigation and trial thereby tainting the jury pool and denying a fair trial. The same applies to the Attorney General. Ms. Mosby was more than way out of line when she inferred that with a Black Mayor, Attorney General and DA they for sure will convict. A person is presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty. The riots that took place (not the Demonstrations that all are entitled to) because the Mayor told the PD to hold back cost business owners their livelihood, their employees jobs, damage to homes expense to homeowners and the bottom line this is not a trial by a mob in the Street or court being held by the gang.

  32. Sharon Jeanguenat

    This is all part of Obama’s scheme to destroy America. If the rioting spreads very far, he will declare martial law, & shut down the elections, & remain in office. He’s helping set the stage for End Time prophecies.

  33. Mathematical certainty

    When a group whose primary purpose is to enforce societal laws are treated as road-kill by those who rule the group, clean-up is not possible. Baltimore will remain stained as it is governed by Neanderthals.

    • When the group responsible for enforcing societal laws breaks those laws, we are doomed if our only response is to turn a blind eye and say they were in uniform it must be justified. What if it was one of your family members who had died that day?

  34. Let the prosecutor eat cake and strap on a gun and patrol the city she basically doomed to please her thugs. I will bypass MD and Baltimore due to the crime now.

  35. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

    True story — May 29th, 2015 — we went to break up a party in a 2nd story condo at 2:18am. We knocked and the resident let us in. It was just a noise violation. We had 8 officers because of the complaint of the large amount of college kids at the party.

    I start delivering the “time to shut it down guys,” speech and suddenly this one young black man runs and dives out of the window with a backpack on his back. Then several others start running left and right jumping off the balcony and various other things. One guy, 24 years old, broke his leg. We caught all of them (or most of them anyway) and brought in additional units to sweep the area for anything they may have dumped in the bushes.

    My partner and I pulled “backpack kid” back and sat him down. We searched him and his bag. Nothing. The guys sweeping the area found nothing except for a bong (misdemeanor paraphernalia) in one guys car but NOTHING ELSE.

    I was talking to our backpacked jumper and asked, “Why did you do that? You could have injured yourself or someone else. That guy broke his leg. You are all banged up and scraped up, clothes all ripped up now… I mean, why?”

    Know what he said?

    “I don’t know. I just seen a bunch of white guys coming through the door with badges and guns and I got scared. I thought you guys were going to just start shooting so I ran.”

    I said, “You know that was really stupid right? For many many reasons.” He said, “Well, you can’t understand because it’s a black thing. A black man sees white folk with guns or flashing lights, and we just run.” I said, “But you guys aren’t doing anything wrong? Do you know HOW suspicious that makes you look?” He said, “I never thought about it. It is what my mom taught me to do, and it is what we see and hear everywhere. If your black you run.”

    I had a long talk with the kid and he wasn’t a stupid thug, but a well spoken, educated college kid, maybe with a bright future provided he stops running like a criminal. I told them all how to address a police officer and hopefully they learned something.

    I turned them all over to EMS and confirmed that the party was over. We didn’t file any charges and we hope those kids will behave a little more civilly the next time we cross paths…

    This media BS is killing our nation, race relations being set back like 50-100 years, and overall distrust in communities between EVERYONE not just police and minorities.

    • It is good that you all became more aware that there is a deep seated fear by many people, not just minorities, of what could happen during an encounter with the police. The media has certainly fanned the flames by their reporting but the fact is that police excesses do occur and everyone is aware of that. I support police and their efforts to educate the public. I also think the sooner the police acknowledge and deal effectively with the bad elements in your midst, you will see a change in this attitude. With improved training and techniques in the police force, a better understanding of how the community feels about the police and why they have those feelings, things will get better for all of us. I try to avoid going out at night, I discourage my wife, who is black, and our daughter from being out at night or with the wrong crowd. And what do you as police officer’s think when you see a group of black folks out on the street, or driving around in a fancy car, or God forbid, a black person carrying a gun? Because all those activities are perfectly legal in this country. I’m a 60 year old white man, my wife and I are wealthy and live in an upscale neighborhood. What I worry about is a police officer thinking something is wrong when one of my family members is out on the streets in our neighborhood or driving one of our expensive cars around. And God help anyone who harms my family, even a police officer. The law would be the least thing they would have to worry about. It is time for us all to do some soul searching and recognize that the public’s perception of the police has changed. But maybe it’s not to late to fix it, from both sides.

  36. This is all of the plan of the black communists! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! The new Hitler wants to replace the police with his Brown Shirt “civilian army” that he talked about back in 2008 – sheeple need to listen. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      I totally agree Dave… Those of us that feel it, need to shout it from the rooftops. Comment that EVERYWHERE on the interwebs and pass out the flyers at the mall. Sure a few of us will get arrested, I am sure that I am on the outspoken domestic terrorist list, probably up pretty high on the “red” list (former military, former law enforcement, working private security, investigations, and personal protective services, part of a militia, and a community outreach minister/certified pastoral counselor). But… for our children and our children’s children and a bunch of people we will probably paint us out as nutball radicals in schools 50 years from now… We HAVE TO MAKE A CHANGE (for the better not like Obummer’s change) HAPPEN NOW!!!

      • From a Viet Nam vet, thank you for your service! I usually get comebacks that I am crazy but unfortunately it looks like more and more that is what it is going to take. It doesn’t have to be violent – never said that, just a revolution – the people, most of them sheeple now, need to start uniting and use civil disobedience as the Left had used it to hijack our government. We no longer have an opposition party; what we now have is a two-headed, on party oligarchy. I am astounded at how detached and selfish even the older generation has become because like you said, their grandchildren with which they like to spoil and dote on are going to have no freedom, hell we aren’t going to have any if this Muslim-Marxist jihadist ( that is exactly what he is ) is not made to step down – about six feet would do for me! mInr, NSA! I am predicting that there won’t be a country left if this demonic psychopath is permitted to finish out his term in which his goal is to finish “US”!

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      Thank you for your service as well Dave (OIF/OEF Vet here). You’ll never hear me call anyone crazy – seen to much and realize the reality is always more insane than the fiction. I honestly find it hilarious how the word “conspiracy” has become synonymous with “insanity.” Two or more people have come together to commit a crime since the dawn of man. Why is it crazy to believe two would commit a crime together? LOL! The sheeple people have become just that. They are herded in directions by their media overlords (another conspiracy) while the government make silent moves during their distractions (another conspiracy) so our emperors on Wall St. and running the Fed (another conspiracy) can decide the direction of our nation’s next move without our knowing (another conspiracy). If one cannot see that I think they need to get their Section 8 (and I don’t mean free housing) and stop calling others names.

      No sir, America is being screwed all around. Now Obama is pressing us to authorize the release of $80 billion in FEMA disaster relief funds to rebuild Baltimore, Ferguson, and other riot destroyed towns/cities in the US. I say definitely not! A bunch of people destroy what the working class Americans gave them for free (via Welfare, HUD Housing, Grants) and now we are going to rebuild it for the for free? No no no! Let them figure it out. I am not paying a dime to relocate arsonists and terrorists. I swear – if this aid is released I refuse to report my taxes this year!

      These are real rebellions we can make.
      1. Vote vote vote…
      2. Stop paying taxes.
      3. Walk off your job (they want obedient workers – so stop working)
      4. Civil disobedience:
      + Focus on one or two central messages per protest day – if you get to many people talking about to many varied things then you will lose interest of the public
      + Flood the streets with bodies
      + Block up traffic
      + Halt commerce shut entire cities down
      + Stand in public roads blocking private drives to malls on the 1st Saturday afternoon of the month
      + Block banks and ATMs on a Friday
      + Friday nights hold up the entertainment districts blocking bars and club venues
      + Stand outside of sporting events preventing entry remember on the public roads
      (all of these things will cause uproar amongst others and hit the institution in the pockets – this is the thing they like least – it will also draw immediate media attention – don’t give in to threats and keep your feet on public property!)
      5. Everyone, piss everyone else off! Tell everyone how sucky things are and get people shirt ripping angry!
      6. Bring a pen and paper (for names and badge numbers – accountability is mightier than the sword), disobey the authorities but do so politely, do not antagonize them.
      7. If they unlawfully use force against you (no visible risk of potential harm is presented – in any way – you have the right to legal recourse.


      First question to ask any officer that is stopping you is: “Am I being detained sir?” If you are not, then anything you offer is willing submission.

      NOTE: Willing submission can and WILL be used against you! Silence cannot.

      Second ask, “Am I suspect to a crime sir?” If he tells you that you are not, you legally have the right to walk away. Don’t be cocky, don’t show your ass, say, “If I am not being detained, arrested, and am not suspect to a crime, then I wish you a good night.” – walk away.

      REMEMBER: In 24 states there IS legal punishments for non-identification of yourself. ONLY in New York City and the State of Massachusetts is it illegal for police to request ID when no criminal suspicion is present. (check to see how your state handles “Terry Stops,” “Stop and Identify” law, and how they define loitering in the public/private element – this will save a lot of issues)

      NOTE: In MOST states, verbally giving your name and home address is enough to be “properly identified” by law.

      You have the right to refuse unwarranted search (Plain View Doctrine). Ask if the officer has any evidence to suspect that you are armed. If he does not he doesn’t have lawful right to “pat you down.”

      IF you agree to a “pat down,” you also consent for them to search your bag, car, house, confiscate your phone, computer, or other digital recording devices. Agreeing to a search is agreement to any and all forms of search.

      If the police have a warrant you have the right to see it, have it read to you, and have anything you do not understand explained to you.

      You have the right to oversee their search and make sure that they ONLY search SPECIFICALLY where the warrant authorizes them to search. Do not interfere or obstruct their search, that is a crime.

      You do NOT Have to assist in a police search and are not required to give them combinations, passwords, keys, etc., to any of your personal items.

      You have the right to refuse any form of sobriety test. (Plain View Doctrine)

      You have the right to remain silent or not respond to questions. Never answer personal questions. (Miranda Law)

      If you choose to talk to police, be honest with them – lying to the police is a crime.

      You have the right to have an attorney present for any interrogation or testing (Miranda Law)

      You have the right to know what you are being accused of, and have it explained in detail including all consequences and penalties of the crime or accusation and outcomes of your cooperation or failure to cooperate. You have the legal right to be informed of this.

      You have the right to request why you are being considered a suspect.

      Before an officer places restraints on you they have to notify you verbally of your arrest or detention and the reason for this. “John Doe, you are under arrest for the suspicion of the murder of Mrs. Jane Doe. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say…” If not then you are being unlawfully detained. Inform a lawyer.

      In a legal case taking note of everything the officer says (his verbiage), how he behaves, his tone, the looks he shoots you, everything. Write this all down. Officers, Courts, Prosecutors, etc., must remain neutral at all times. If they start behaving as if they are leaning against you address this in your trial. All biased cases MUST be dismissed by a court of law.

      “You honor he must be punished – if he is not, he WILL do it again!” Cross examine that statement, ask: “Did you attend school for and/or receive a degree in human psychology or psychiatry? Are you a registered Psychic with the ASPR (American Society for Psychical Research) or the AAPPM (American Association of Psychics and Psychic Mediums)? (When they say no and try to get the judge to shut you up insist to the judge you are leading somewhere with this) You respond, “No? So you aren’t a psychologist or psychiatrist capable of diagnosing mental disorder and behavioral patterns, nor are you a licensed psychic or registered medium? Are you a time-traveller or maybe even God?” (again No) “So then you have NO GROUNDS whatsoever upon which you are laying your claim to know what I will do in the future?” (again No, or some evasive excuse commentary) Then you address the court and the jury, “I would like to point out that the counselor has stated for the record that he wants you to indict me based on his claim of knowing what I will do in the future. Since there have been numerous cases in law where the future was shown to be impossible to be known, and the counselor states it on record as a fact pertinent to my trial, then I ask this court, be it a lawful and just court of the State of (whatever) to dismiss my charges since the facts weighed against me cannot be known or proven by reasonable scientific means.”

      (Policemen, Lawyers, Judges, almost anyone makes two to three “foot-in-mouth” statements per trial. It is your right to exploit these for your freedom. Remember the court is prosecuting you on the basis of their statements – true or false, write notes on all the falsehoods you can disprove or reason around and own that courtroom! The above story really happened to me.)

      Finally, if you can, always have a lawyer present, as not only can they help you with dealing with the police and informing you of what to answer what not to, they can help you recover any personal items (phones, money, credit cards, computers, firearms/weapons, etc.) that the police would otherwise potentially give you a hard time retrieving.

      • Yes, civil disobedience is a must and it should start with millions of “US” marching on Moscow West in the form of an American Summer! Let us see if our Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his ole, ugly commie whore Hillary will be as ga-ga over ours as they were of the Arab Spring which the two of them hatched in order to create ISIS and set the Middle East on fire! These NWO communists are using Islamic terrorism to bring about the NWO! They are creating all of the problems so that they can solve them with totalitarian answers! They know that they have succeeded in dumbing-down and drugging-up a majority of the sheeple that are too stupid to recognize what is happening to them. In all honesty, however remotely it is of happening: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or R.I.P. USA! I just read where the new Hitler wants to force religious organizations to except people such as himself – homosexuals! I say let the games begin! The tree of liberty needs nourishing and if it isn’t then it will become the hanging tree for all of “US’! I have lived life too long as a free man and a free spirit to accept the squalor, misery and serfdom that these Satanists have in mind for everyone but themselves! r==========? mInr, NSA; which reminds me, the sheeple as well as the ‘Re-PUNK-licans’ want the collection of our phone calls to continue – what an ef’n joke, a bad one at that. Why aren’t all of these traitors for sealing our borders if they truly are concerned about our safety, I’d like for them to answer that question! I will believe them only when they stop God knows who from entering our country! Man, how fuk’n dumb are these sheeple?

  37. The citizens in Baltimore should help the police.The THUGS there have to be dealt with. Negros don’t understand that they are not the ones being discriminated against. NON-blacks are. Use you heads people. It’s just another ploy to promote NEGROS. Believe it.

  38. These police have to go after the real source of this criminal siege which is being created all over the U.S. by bo & his crony administration of deceit against the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights to dictate the U.S. with his whims !

  39. Let them all kill one another

  40. The good people of Baltimore should vote with their feet, and let the mob have it. When their tax base leaves, the demagogue politicos and the non-producers will be in a world of hurt. Think: Detroit.

  41. Dominic Roy Accampo

    Movies like the Hat Squad, glorified police officers who blatantly committed murder and this was wrong! Now we have officers in what appears to be a corrupt police department who are whining because justice is seeking them out. (Apparently corrupt when one officer murders someone in from of another in broad daylight thus proving his belief that he is beyond the law!) 🙁 (Ouch) True, liberal judges have too long maintained a revolving door system of justice, but this is no real call for Judge Dread to appear in real life, is it? While the overall problem is far deeper than most are even willing to see. For in our denial of our creator, in our removing of His fixed standards from our school system, we have declared that there is no real definition of justice. Unless we repent we shall certainly see social anarchy. We must remove liberal judges and any prosecutors who use lies to convict. Give fair sentences that fit the crime in all cases without using bigoted reasoning to limit or expand punishment. Fire and then ban all police officers who use excessive force from serving in law enforcement. And most of all, put truth, reality and the real definition of justice back into our classrooms, courts and goverment by putting The Bible back onto center stage within our nation, not any religious group, but The Bible itself.

  42. Now this is a very strange anti-alliance…a union boss at odds with a Democrat mayor. Guaranteed, if this was a Republican mayor, the outrage about the GOP actions would be, in some twisted way, quite different.

  43. Note how Al Sharpton has cleared out.

  44. How come little boy molester, tax cheat and obozos # 1 henchman, Sharpton who help start all of the problems not in jail. Better yet put him in the slums of Baltimore see how he deals with it. GOP fault he would say I’am sure.

  45. Harold Don Qualkinbush

    While I agree with Mr. Ryan, I wonder if he thinks years of Democrats controlling things have had anything to do with the situation.

  46. This happened in New York City several years ago. At that to time, the media and politicians were spewing so much venomous anti-police rhetoric, the NYPD Academy, was desperate for police candidates, could not attract prime candidates; the NYPD’s retention rate was dismal. The result was, due to lack of high-caliber candidates, the NYPD lowered the standards so to accept candidates with “misdemeanor” criminal histories and waived the $25.00 testing/application fee.

    New York City paid dearly. Law suits against the city by civilians for police misconduct, including use of excessive force skyrocketed; the NYPD image was tarnished due to these second-tier Police Officers selling their badges ranging from accepting bribes to escorting drug shipments.

    Reason: the so-called misdemeanor committed by the candidate had been actually plea bargained down from a felony, e.g., breaking and entering (burglary) to vandalism. Hence the NYPD was actually hiring a theft.

  47. Mathematical certainty

    When members of a group whose only objective is to destroy their own neighborhood based on an incident that they have absolutely no facts to support their barbarous actions, then the lawless rules and civilized society no longer takes precedent. When you select the lawless behavior of uncivilized animals, then you will become their next target, and in your case you will accept the bloody outcome as “I probably deserved it”, so typical of a mindless moronic leftist liberal. Continue keeping your head up your ass.

  48. I wouldn’t want to discount the outrageous protest-based thuggery that has occurred in your city, but it would do well to point out to the public that law enforcement is under siege in every metropolis with a high density of blacks. Starting with the thug-in-chief, it trickles down to the various cities, a result of his encouragement of unruliness for alleged mistreatment. Obama owes this nation an apology and a promise to avoid any future bias for one race over another.

  49. Time to go open up a cut rate casket business near by. Funeral home’s had better get their money up front. The only thriving business in Baltimore these days.

  50. When you set yourself up to have to chose between the Criminals or the Cops…………………”Who you gonna call”? Well, you’ve made the decision, the cops lost and guess what, so do “You”! Sad days ahead for the good folks of Baltimore, but the Mayor has chosen………………The thugs 1, the Police 0!

  51. Michael Mayben

    The police have every right to fear for their lives and reluctancy to do their job because of a racist Mayor and City Prosecutor. There are other outside influences like racist president Obama, racist Department of Justice Attorney General Loretta Lynch, racist Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, racist organizations ACORN, MORE, and others. All of these people are responsible for cheering the “black thug culture” on as they riot, loot, burn, and destroy city property.

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