Union Kook Compares School Vouchers to Racial Segregation

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers union, spoke Thursday in Washington, D.C. about her opposition to the Trump administration and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. In the process, Weingarten, who was front and center as a supporter of Hillary Clinton, decided it would be a good idea to compare the concept of private school vouchers to racial segregation.

Weingarten’s speech was focused on school choice reforms, a conservative approach to the public school disaster that has long been endorsed by DeVos and many other Republicans. She told attendees that vouchers and other forms of tuition tax credits amounted to “slightly more polite cousins of segregation.” This is, of course, not a radical thing to suggest in liberal education circles, despite the fact that study after study has concluded that one does not lead to the other. But in a desperate attempt to make sure that failing schools never actually get fixed by anything other than government expansion, the left (and teachers’ unions, especially) will use any argument necessary to guide us away from the cold, hard facts.

But to people like Weingarten, the game is to make the conservatives look like the kooks. So she naturally compared DeVos to a climate change denier, which is of course among the WORST things you can be from a liberal perspective. She said that DeVos needed to recognize “the good in our public schools and their foundational place in our democracy,” which is an idea we’d love to hear her expound upon using something more than platitudes. Oh, and without admitting that the increasing purpose of public schools is to pump the taxpayers dry and send all American children on an assembly line through the left’s indoctrination theories.

But on this last point, the game is, once again, to make it look like the OTHER side is guilty of what YOU are doing. To wit, Weingarten said that private and charter schools would be able to use taxpayer money to “hide a dangerous ideological agenda.” Not at all like the benign, appropriate ideological agenda being thrust upon today’s children, which includes demonizing Christopher Columbus, the Founding Fathers, and virtually anyone in history who did not magically conform to 2017’s norms and values. God, that Thomas Jefferson! Such a transphobe!

But you don’t have to loathe the “public school system” as a whole to believe that parents should have the option of yanking their students out of a terrible school. Is that not the very essence of freedom? Why do so many Democrat-voting parents think they should be told, without any meaningful consent, that their children must continue to suffer a terrible education? Well, it’s because you have powerful unions supporting powerful politicians who produce powerful propaganda to keep Americans enslaved to a broken system.

We have a terrific opportunity right now to at least start trying a different way. But it will only work if we stand behind this administration and against some of the anti-democratic forces that have stolen liberty out from under us.



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  1. Weingarten’s speech was right out of the Lefts playbook. Insult, mislead with lies, and then deflections by pointing a finger at your opponent and accuse them of doing exactly what you are doing.

    Classic Alinsky. Morally wrong. Is that what we want our children to learn?

    Home school your children now. Don’t wait for DeVos to clean it up. Take them out now, they are precious.

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    • Fun to watch a rich white “f*ck” tell us things right? She made $493,859 in 2011 and got a 20% raise last year.

  2. Private and charter schools hiding a dangerous ideological agenda? That’s rich. The most dangerous ideological agenda ever foisted on unsuspecting Americans is being peddled right now in nearly every public school in the country thanks to terrible people like her and their sick, twisted ‘belief’ system. They hate everything that made this country what it is, and are determined to instill that hatred in our children. School choice may be the only way to save the next generation, that or get rid of terrible people like her.

    • The schools are teaching our children to be good communists.

      • did you attend public school?

        • I did, before it was infiltrated by communist propaganda.

          • See my reply above. It’s almost impossible to explain to young people today how our schools have deteriorated from teaching meaningful things, into teaching things that are far from meaningful, What’s frustrating to me is when I learn that I’m trying to communicate with someone that has already been propagandized into the Marxist ideology.

          • There are those that you write to, and those that will read what you write. Write for those that will read what you write not to those that you are responding to. That usually helps me.

          • I agree. They have been totally indoctrinated while our backs were turned. Is there any way to get back to an education system that’s useful and informative? Once this generation grows up, I’m afraid all will be lost bc they will be teaching what they’ve learned.

          • Sharonmpedersen

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          • Yes! Kick Out the Unions that’s the one thing I hold against JFK he allowed Unions into Federal Government Jobs then it spread like wildfire to all Taxpayer Paid Jobs.

          • Nellie McConnell

            In CA, kids from illegals and gangs have to go to school. School isn’t allowed to ask if they are illegal. The teachers are abused by the students. To many kids in a class. Schools are being taught by teachers that are not qualified. Muslims demanding their prayer time. Have you seen any prayer time for Christians? NO! They can’t wear a cross as it might offend a Muslim. If people who came here to have a better life on tax payers $$$. Non-vetted refugees can leave. Our LAWS, NOT Muslim laws. Teachers UNION is worthless.

          • I love you, Nellie. Will you marry me?

          • The best “object lesson” is shown nearly every night on Conservative TV (FOX, etc.) in the on-the-street interviews.

            Rarely do they find anyone who even understands what America used to be and could become, once again, when public schools quit their Socialist Indoctrination of students.

          • Jane Faatz Mitchell

            It’s not only communist agenda in public schools nowadays, it is also islamic propaganda and re-written history that teaches our own youth that America has always been “the bad guy”.

          • I’ve found it’s virtually impossible trying to get them to even listen to an opposing viewpoint, let alone to convince them how terrible the Democrats are for this country! I thus no longer bother. When 48% of the citizens of this country are too stupefied to listen to reason, it becomes impossible to even carry on conversations. They’re truly like the Walking Dead personified, only they’re easily influenced to riot and create anarchy when they’re paid!

          • When you actually got educated! I was educated there too

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          Yes, back when they taught instead of indoctrinating the glory of big government! You?

          • When did this communist infiltration begint? I wasn’t aware that this happened.

            Thanks for any information you can offer-


          • Probably with the launching of the progressive movement. Not necessarily communist, but surely totalitarian and globalist. We had to read Sinclair Lewis and Upton (something) in high school in the 1950’s. At U of IL the commies were active then and gave birth to Bill Ayers, et al who gave birth to Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary learned hers at Wellesley.

            Ronald Reagan as President of the Screen Actors Guild confronted the communists in the film industry and kept them in check for a time. Now all you have to do is see how Hollywood reacts to anything non-leftist.

          • I have 2 questions-

            1-When was the “progressive movement” launched in the USA?

            2-What courses/classes did you take that attempted to indoctrinate you to communism?

          • It started with Teddy Roosevelt, but his ideas were perverted away from patriotism. Other terms are Liberal and Eugenicist – like Margaret Sanger and the architects of Obamacare – Soros, Gruber, Singer and Emanuel with help from MusBro operative Neera Tanden. The liberal progressive is not the same as the classic liberal. Classics and conservatives were and are capable of polite discourse leading to peace and true progress. Progressives are incapable of polite discourse or rational thinking – just Rules for Radicals and Cloward and Pivens system overwhelming strategies – like open borders that destroy the health, welfare and education systems.

            As for my instruction in communism, I mention the writings of Lewis and Sinclair in HS, and 1984 in college. As an Engineering Student, I wasn’t exposed as much as English and Social Studies students where social justice and communism underlie much of the course work. Most of the indoctrination is undermining especially our Judeo-Christian roots to the point of mockery and violence. I’ve self studied and written extensively on that. Sweep out our Founding Principles and create the vacuum that is currently being filled by atheism and Islam – now there’s a pair!

          • I am very familiar with Teddy(one of my favorite Presidents-read many a book about him)) . However ,I am not,familiar with the concept that ” his ideas were perverted away from patriotism” Sounds interesting-Can you further explain or refer a reading?


          • Here is an article that I wrote that has the 45 agenda items from “The Naked Communists” listed in it.


            And if you have the time watch this entire lecture given by Yuri Bezmenov under the assumed name of Tomas Schuman. Caution 1 hr long but worth it.


          • I think we should call it the Communist movement as Communists hide under any label that moves our society towards socialism/communism. They hide behind progressives, liberals, Democrats, gays, socialists, labor unions and much more. Not being able to name them has been one of their keys to success.

            So the Communist movement was started after WW1, and its guidelines are listed in the book “The Naked Communist.” But those warnings were not heeded and soon forgotten. Allowing the evil process to grow like a cancer in our society. Proving that Khrushchev really knew what he was talking about when he said.

            “We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have communism.”
            —-Nikita Khrushchev

            Note that the entire list of agenda items in the book “The Naked Communist” has been adopted and is being followed by the Democrat party today.

            The brainwashing popped up again in a new and more potent form in the 70-80s. Yuri Bezmenov a former KGB agent said that about 85% of the KGBs activities were focused on Ideological subversion, where the process of injecting small chunks of socialism into a society is described as demoralization in the first phase of the ideological subversion process.

            Indeed, the demoralization process has been completed on several generations of Americans, which is really scary to those of us that can see the effects.

            A quick review of this video shows that 0bama did everything he could to drive the country through phase 2 or the Destabilization process where they destroy the economy, destroy our foreign relations and defense system.

            If 0bama had gotten us to phase 3, or the Crisis phase, he would be in power until an external force came in and occupied the weakened United States..

            Bottom line, this Country is at War. The ideals that we stand for and our way of life have been vilified and marginalized by communist forces that stay in the shadows.


            I’ll bet you weren’t expecting that answer.

          • What is the date of the video interview?

            With the fall of the USSR and of China to a mixed capitalist economy, where is the push toward communism coming from?

          • If you are bitten by a rabid dog, and the dog takes three steps away from you and dies, do you assume you are safe? Or do you go get checked for rabies?

            Ironically Russia is moving towards Capitalism and now we are moving towards communism.

            Both Russia and China are controlled societies that are not experiencing the kind of freedom that the United States once had.

            It matters not that these nations are moving towards Capitalism, as they are still HEAVILY controlled by the Communist structure. Just look at Putin’s more recent imperialistic moves.

            As for whom is pushing the Communist agenda here in the United States, I would say it is the likes of the 0bama’s and the Clinton’s. But, they are just pawns in the big picture and if they do gain control of the United States it will be for a short time, as one of the other super powers will swoop in and take advantage of the United States weakened state.

            Check out this much longer video by Yuri. Pay attention to 6:30 where he describes the goals of ideological subversion, and 38:19 where he talks about sleepers (0bama & Clinton) that will be used to force the society into crisis, and right at the end 1:03:00 where he describes what WE must do to stop the process.

            God Bless and keep asking questions…

          • In other words there are two types of people in our country – the “protected” and the “unprotected”. The taxpayers are of course the “unprotected”….

          • Very well stated and 100% true MAHB001. LOL I bet he Wasn’t expecting that answer, I’m sure he sees us as low information at best, that’s ok if liberals approved of me I would be worried. I call them “Useful Idiots” an appropriate name for them, and strange that name was coined from an infamous Communist whose ideology that most liberals are too stupid to realize they follow, I’m not sure which ideology will become manifest in America; the Communistic Ideology or the Islamic ideology, one thing is a certainty if either one becomes supreme, it could not have happened without the Liberal Fools.

          • Sadly, You are correct.

            I think the Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Socialists etc here in America are being used as useful idiots by the Left (Communists) to set up a Communists society.

            I think the Radical Islamic Muslims are using the Communists as useful idiots and will when the time is right for them, rise up and take down the Communists.

            Democrat, Republican, Progressive, Conservative, Gay, Straight, Black, White, right, left, up, down, all should resist being used as useful idiots.

            We need to recognize the end game that these evil ideologies are striving for and unit to stop them.

          • How do you stop it? They vote for entitlements and freebies that taxpayers are supposed to provide them because they somewhat believe they are “entitled” to the fruits of my labor. Then they vote and they usually vote liberal/progressive because that’s who they believe will give them what they want – though it never happens.

          • The first thing we need to do is make sure our votes are counted. I no longer trust the system counting the votes.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
            decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • Obama is still in Washington DC directing many of the Soros army when he does not like something he calls for demonstrations. There are many that are indoctrinated and don’t work so it’s not hard to find demonstrators from all over the country. In turn we see demonstrations turn into burning buildings, destroyed property and theft.

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            Google Woodrow Wilson.

          • Progressives-=Communists, a more apt name for those who call themselves Progressive would be Regressive, because there is nothing about their ideology that would make progress unless one considers progress to mean changing America from a Constitutional Republic into a Communist country or worse an Islamic Hell-Hole, of which the so-called Progressive supports both movements.

          • So right, and this changing of America into something the polar opposite of what the Constitution intends has permeated “public” (read “Government”) schools for several
            decades now. “Progressive” is such a misnomer; it, and “liberal” sound like positive
            terms and belie a belief system that’s dangerous to liberty. Public school teachers
            are hog-tied by a severely leftist union which was deplorable in the 1960’s and now,
            is even more so. Our bright hope, finally, is our current President who loves America
            and strives to uphold the Constitution as written (not revised to fit warped needs of
            liberals with their tainted views which preclude free enterprise. The liberal motto is
            “Punish success, Reward sloth.” Thank heavens the head of the Clinton Crime
            Family didn’t ooze her way into the White House.

          • At least in the 1930s when the president of the American Communist party was urging the government to get control of our schools. You might research the 45 goals of the American Communist party, Congress looked into those goals in 1963, two more of those 45 goals were to take over the news and entertainment media, and to capture one or both of our political parties, it’s obvious which party they captured, your party the Communist party AKA the Democrat party, They were successful in capturing the news media, as well as the entertainment media. But I suspect that you know all this and proud of their success. You wont like it when it comes, the “Useful Idiots” will no longer be needed and will be gotten rid of by extreme measures

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            When the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s took over the Universities and colleges and gained seniority.

          • Some of those Vermin were working and some are still working in the government, some even held high positions, the Clintons identified with hippies more so than they did with patriotic Americans.

          • The Clintons should identify with something worse than the Mafia. They have no morals, no honest values, and are the worst of the worst for scamming the system in anyway they can. Bill should have been in jail for a number or sexual issues, and Hillary clearly violated federal law Title 18. Section 2071.

            (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

            (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

          • Maybe but LBJ did lasting damage to this country with this agenda.

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            He sure did destroy Black families and created welfare as a career opportunity.

          • So when I went to school teachers were allowed to teach, not spew the party line and indoctrinate children. So when did it start – moss likely when Jimmy Carter, the clueless, started the Department of Education which took states rights away and gave them to the federal government.

            Most all President after Carter have authorized “No Child Left Behind” which just get renamed and reauthorized. It’s time for the state to take back the schools, healthcare system and get the unions out of our education system.

          • One of the most important goals of the American Communist party out those 45 Communist goals was the goal to get the government to take over our schools, this goal was accomplished when Marxist, Democrat, Israel Hater, One Term President Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education, the American Communist and every Communist around the world had good reason to celebrate, the indoctrination camps were born.Thank You Mr. President.

          • agreed, the most important was the schools, but don’t forget that the list targeted Big Businesses, Morals, Unions, BOTH POLITICAL parties, Churches and I believe the second most important MEDIA..

            We must fight the advances on all fronts. My fight is with the MEDIA. and all can help me at:


          • I was posting on that site, in fact you’re the one who made me aware it existed, I would post and nothing would ever show up not just my posts, but no other posts were showing. I tried and tried to send them questions but never received a response, I don’t mean a few times probably fifty times and I tried posting on many of their articles, never worked and they are among many sites I like that got unsubscribed, I think Ultra Liberal Yahoo did this, too long to explain. I will try today July 24, 2017. Thanks Nice to hear from you. BTW do you remember Swede the boasting liberal from Sweden, who came on sites like this one and bragged about how great it was to live in Sweden? I imagine if he would be honest he would admit he was deadly wrong about multiculturism, as Sweden is being taken over by the Islamic invasion, rapes are up 1500% not a typing mistake, 1500% since the invasion, and other crimes have skyrocketed. understandingthethreat.com John Gondolo former FBI agent and former Combat Soldier., he now travels the country teaching police about the Islamic Threat

          • ??? Contact me via the contact form on the site. I would like to attempt to get to the bottom of this. It would not be the first time the site has been subverted by the Left.


            No I do not remember Swede, there are so many trolls these days.

        • Yep, I must have failed, the propaganda didn’t stick.

          • LOL! Good Comeback!!!

          • Aren’t you aware if you failed ? Did you graduate from grammar school? Did you graduate high school?

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            Good attempt at veiled sarcasm. You are very transparent no matter how clever your Mommy told you that you are.

          • I was sure this guy has been “pulling our leg” as that old saying goes, but now I’m thinking maybe he’s serious, I would feel bad if he was and I had treated him badly. One of his last questions I thought of one of Arnold Schwarzenegger;s sci-fi movies from how he asked a question, reminded of that Cyborg

          • It is impossible to figure out whom is pulling ones leg and whom is not. If they are serious then they deserve the benefit of doubt, if not, they will go away in shame, if indeed they have any shame. Most trolls don’t.

            I have more than once suited up for battle, and slaughtered the opponent only to find that they really were here to learn and I was wrong in assuming they had evil intentions.

            When that happens I apologize. But, it is bound to happen when there are so many brainwashed in need of correction.

            BTW, I think this Rich guy is asking good questions and I think our collective answers are AWESOME! That is a good thing.

        • I did but it was before they were turned into indoctrination camps, some high schools in America are actually graduating students that only have a third and fourth grade reading ability, how is this fair to them and to society? it’s not and it was designed to destroy America from within, a Communist plan that was a long time in the making but hey these Vermin have all the time they need, many if not most get a paycheck from we taxpayers, while they plot and scheme from their government offices.

          • Keep the population under educated, import immigrants and illegals that are under educated or uneducated and the population sores with Democratic/Socialist/Communist voters because they are too stupid to research all the lies and propaganda put out by the media.

        • I attended a secular school for my first 8 years. Once I transferred to public school I was skipped to the next grade and put in execrated classes. That’s how much better private education is where the teachers have to be good in order to keep their jobs.

        • I did, and I have done very well, thank you, but it might have been before teacher’s unions and left propaganda took over.

          • Did you go to public school before 1935? if not,how do you know that you haven’t been subverted?

      • Amen, MAHBOO1! The basis for communism is collectivism—-and the same is true for unions!

      • Common Core was instituted in US public schools during Bush 43 Admin, and was utilized by the Obama Administration to jam both Islam and homosexuality down the throats of our children. It’s a “Group Think” education curriculum derived from Communist Chairman Mao’s reeducation program following his “Cultural Revolution” which killed millions of intellectuals and teachers in China. How anyone in their right mind would conclude that “Group Think Crap” would be suitable for American students in beyond my ability to comprehend, but I don’t have one ounce of “Group Think Crap” messing up my mind because I graduated from a public high school before the “Great Dumbing Down” promoted by the Democrats started making American students so duped and stupid, they became convinced that their own country was so evil, it should be destroyed. That’s the message the Left has been teaching since 1967, and the tens of millions of legal immigrants, illegals who are hostile to America, and Muslim refugees determined to conquer this nation, are causing patriotism to rapidly decline in our populous. The seven least patriotic states are New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, and California. Once we become a nation which is so unpatriotic that it’s citizens no longer believe it’s worth defending, it will be because the US will be occupied with Third World Socialists we have nothing whatever in common with. That when our society with disintegrate into chaos, and our Constitutional Republic will cease to exist because a Constitutional Republic requires a well-educated, moral, law-abiding, religious populous (under the umbrella of Christianity). When Third World Socialists and barbarians outnumber the Christians, a Demographic shift which the Democrats have been working hard since 1965 to achieve, the US will likely either be a Socialist hellhole like Venezuela or an Islamic Republic like Iran, under Shariah Law, and that’s intolerable to contemplate. Americans thus MUST WAKE UP AND VOTE OUT THE DEMOCRATS IN 2018 AND 2020 BECAUSE THEIR EVIL AGENDA WILL LEAD TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE US!

        • Well stated.

          We must fight on all fronts. Never, ever let the Left repeat a lie until it becomes the truth..

          Keep on speaking the truth my friend.

        • Bush 41 & 43 were put in place by the same People that put obama & hillary in place The Bilderbergers (NWO) they both belong. We have only had Two Presidents since they got away with the Murder of Jack Ronald Reagan (They Tried) and now Donald Trump. I Pray every day for Him & his Family.

    • Did you attend public school?

      • Rich which country are you from? I sense you’re either from another country or as the old southern saying goes “You’re Pulling Our Legs”

    • Well stated Natalie and 100% true. Getting the government to take over our schools was a long time coming dream of the American Communist party, it can be traced way back to 1935 when then president of the American Communist party began calling on the government to take over our schools, their dream was realized when president Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education, from the time of the takeover our schools began a steady decline from educating our youth into the Marxist propaganda camps of today, Carter a Democrat; how about that? how could Carter a professing Christian not know that this was a godless Communist backed plan?. answer he did know.

      • This Communist plan of taking over our schools was also among the 45 goals of the American Communist party, Congress held a hearing on these 45 goals back in 1963, so Marxist Carter had to know about this diabolical plot. Also among those goals was to capture one or both of our political parties, guess which one they captured? Carter’s party? Also taking over the news media and entertainment media was another goal, is there any wonder why we have so many Marxists/Communists spewing propaganda as so-called news and so much godlessness or anti-God in the entertainment industry, such as the promotions of everything that God calls an Abomination? America is in deep trouble in several ways but the real trouble is we as a nation will not repent of this evil that has swept over our nation. The description of the Laodicea type church in the Book of Revelation fits most of America’s churches today to a tee.

      • “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”
        ―Karl Marx

    • Nellie McConnell

      For the last 16 years our kids have been taught by very Liberal teachers and Professors. Even Christian schools need to be watched. San Diego having problems with Muslim demands for prayer time and teaching of their religion in public schools. This is not for Christians and the schools have to stop this abuse. Muslim teachers are taking kids to Mosque without patents consent.

  3. Anything that Randi Weingarten does that actually helps school children is an unintended consequence. Her prime directive is to have the membership of the teacher’s union do as little as possible for as long as possible for as much as possible with as many as possible while accruing benefits that would make the average American drool. If students actually get any benefit, she’ll likely say – “We can live with that as long as it doesn’t impede our contract negotiations!”.

  4. Cut that racial segregation bullsh*t. .This country has had enough of this made up “racist” crappola. Poor blacks are NOT going to use this bullsh*t to “force” their way into private or charter schools. Get used to it. STFU

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  5. This idiot is nothing but a money power hungry buffoon. They really know that the unions would loose alot of money. That’s why they’re fighting this so much.

    • American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten’s pay jumped to $407,323 between 2010 and 2011, while her counterpart at the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel, got a raise to $362,644. Factor in stipends and other paid expenses and Weingarten took in $493,859 and Van Roekel $460,060 for 2011. Last year they got a 20% increase.

      The average wage for a teacher is $44,000 per year. The very people that education our children to be earn a living and contribute to society (if they are good they do that, the rest just hold the job).

      Oh and did I mention that 98% of their political contributions go to the Democratic Party?

  6. Why can’t a person elect to not want to associate with blacks?

  7. TYPICAL UNION answer!!!!! Teachers should be respected, and GOVERNMENT MUST insure that they have the tools necessary tools to do their jobs!!! And that means a safe and healthy facility to do their job. This includes the school building, the correct instruction material, facility SAFE from ALL problems!!!!! And yes that means those who are trying to defeat education, gang bangers , gangs, etc. That means that the Local Government has to be supportive!!! It means parents MUST be parents, Society MUST make strides to make each person responsible!! Goals must be set and must be fit to the individual!!!! Shop and homemaking must get back into the. AND THESE ARE JUST THE START OF GETTING PERSONAL PRIDE INTO OUR CHILDREN, INSTEAD OF DRUGS.etc.

  8. Thanks Obama

  9. Until the school systems are ranked # 1 in the world for all the money that’s thrown into it to it the union should just shut up. The U.S school system isn’t even in the top twenty worldwide in reading math and science so they really shouldn’t be touting their ability of teaching standards.

  10. sandraleesmith46

    One problem with her premise: it’s the BLACKS demanding segregation back, not the whites insisting they be segregated! Or is she not paying attention to what’s happening on campuses across the nation? School choice allows them to have their segregation at an earlier level.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Some 200 hundred years ago, some of the white people (South AND North) sat on their porches and watched the black people do the work that needed to be done, so the whites could live the life they wanted. If the blacks didn’t produce enough to keep the whites happy, the whites complained about it.

      In those days, it was called slavery.

      Today, 200 years later, a lot of the black people (North, South, East, and West) sit on their porches and watch the white people work to pay the taxes that are necessary for the blacks to live the life they want. If their welfare check is not enough to keep them happy, the blacks complain about it.

      It would appear to me that the only thing that has changed in the last 200 years is the color of the slaves!

      • sandraleesmith46

        Pretty much so; it’s still the Dems who are the slave masters.

      • have often thought of the same thing. What fools we are. If they want money, then maybe they should do some public works projects – oh wait they call that “slavery”…. sorry.

  11. The “teachers union” is pure BS and used as a ideology tool to brainwash our kids and guarantee your jobs that you are not doing for our kids anyway. The more money we have dumped into taxes for teaching the less we have received in the way of education for our kids. The teachers are mostly crap teachers that couldn’t teach a cat to use a sandbox!!

  12. Teachers are trying to protect themselves! The union, like the politicians care about themselves, and not the people they serve!

  13. davesnrakleberger

    facts are a crucifix to lilberals so blinded are they by their own narrow minded biases

  14. Democrats and Socialists (same thing) are in favor of big gov’t. with massive bureaus and regulations to further the Liberalism philosophy which has become unsustainable and bankrupt! Trump & the GOP are trying to save our Republic against their opposition at every turn! Who will win as our citizens’ lives hang in the balance?

  15. unions in government = schit in food bowl


  16. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    If I described Weigngarten in realistic terms I’d be forever banned from this site; so let’s just say she and her ilk are Progressive political pig poops.

    The biggest reason today’s parents aren’t pulling their children out of the public school swamp is because ever since Prayer and the Bible were kicked out of the public schools in the early 60’s they have turned out nearly five public school generations of ‘learned ignorance’.

    This is a term I use to describe people who have been educated, but with all the wrong philosophies, principles, facts, data, etc, ie the dumbing down of AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, with political correctness by Progressives.

    What I do not understand is why if the Progressives do not like AMERICA the way the Fathers founded it; then why don’t they just go someplace where it is already the way they like it. I hear Hell is looking for people.


    • They have ramped up that agenda by erasing US history and teaching children about Allah, even going so far in some schools as to have them repeat Allah is the one God. Even with that our children still can’t pray or mention Jesus without being punished.

  17. Don’t these leftists realize that they have worn the word “racist” out. It no longer means anything bc they use it for everything. Remember their meme is to blame everyone for what they do, so I’m thinking they are the racists.

  18. Who cares what this nitwit thinks, these are the same people who are in favor of segregated dorms and study areas at colleges and the same idiots who are in favor of “black only” graduation ceremonies. They are taking us back to the 40’s without even knowing it, they are all morons.

  19. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Weingarten is just another lazy democRAT politician who has found a cushy job pimping for other lazy teachers more concerned with their pay and benefits than actually teaching the children anything of value. Brainwashing is not the same as actually teaching. You can teach a parrot to keep puking out the glories of socialism and communism, but doesn’t make them true.

  20. C’mon, lets be truthful here!!!! What she/ the Teachers Union, is worried about/ fretting/ dreading is the DECLINE IN Union DUES!!! If more and more people get school vouchers and move the children to “PRIVATE” schools that would “FORCE” lay-offs of teachers!! That would mean less income from union dues!!!!
    Good God, it now almost takes and “Act of God” to get rid of/ fire a teacher! Even God Almighty would have a rough time firing a teacher!! Sorry God!!
    Yes at one time teachers were taken advantage of ( LOW WAGES, ETC.) BUT anymore their unions are almost as “powerful” as the SCOTUS!!

  21. Even FDR was opposed to public employee unions. The concept of dedicated public servant has yielded to perks the average working stiff who pays the bill can only imagine. No single group has done more to destroy the innocence of our children. Jesus was a bit strong on that issue and its consequences.

  22. “Union Kook Compares School Vouchers to Racial Segregation” – Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers union – I wonder if – as it seems – Ms. Weingarten apparently understands what “segregation” means – maybe she can – as a president of her union and a New Yorker – explain why NYC has the most segregated public school system in the country? I’m sure if this were true about any where down south – her and her ilk would be screaming about the “redneck racist”.


    Maybe she can get that so called “liberal” idiot Canadian mouthpiece Samantha Bee who was saying just the other day how President Trump would not care about illegal votes if it was white people voting – can help her explain it to the rest of us. What a bunch of damned hypocrites. Why doesn’t Samantha Bee go home if she doesn’t like it here?

  23. Randi, is an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization and must obey the party or Clinton will call on “RAY DONOVAN” and she will be found unresponsive.

  24. Well in my area there are lots of blacks that want it when the dem gov . want it to cut it out the blacks really got his attention There are some that say it weakens the school to have them in it But I see the grades in most are still good . Some take kids that dont have much parent involment that does make the change . If the public schools was run by conservative and not dems and there unions we might not need the vouchers

  25. FYI: I was at the forefront of the Unions trying to invade our education system decades ago. I worked at an elementary school in Los Angeles County when the Unions came knocking at our door. Our head of the Teacher’s had a meeting with all of us introducing the Union Leaders so they could convince us how good it would be for every one to have a Union – salaries could be upped, any issues supported and defended by the Union, blah, blah, blah. After the Union Leaders left, our group was going to “think about it” and we would vote in a couple days whether to have the Union or not. The same day as the Union presentation, I took our Teacher’s Leader aside and told her that if we elected to join the Union, we would be taken on a journey no one would be happy with. That the Union makes lots of promises, but the bottom line is “all they want is $$ and they will promise you anything to get you to sign up”. Our teacher’s leader was so caught up in “all those promises” that all she could see was these Union Leaders riding in on white horses and angel wings, no matter what I said. And when I told her eventually the Union itself would be dictating what is taught in schools, she laughed and said that’s ridiculous. Is it? I asked her. She stopped laughing for a moment and just looked at me…wonder what she is thinking now? Sorry she voted “Yes”????

    I knew the Union was going to come to this school and every other school in the district and there was nothing I could do about it. Everyone was so excited — and totally blinded — by the promises the Union offered…except me. I knew it was a sham and that in the long run, the Unions would ruin America’s Public School system — and they have totally ruined our education system. 🙁

    Not only are our education programs being controlled by the Unions, but the political crap being brainwashed to our children is being forced on the school system — being forced from a third party on to the Union. It is an evil system that will corrupt young innocent minds – or break them!

    ANYONE LEAVING THEIR CHILD IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM WILL SUFFER THE RESULTS OF A POOR EDUCATION AND A RADICAL LEFT CHILD EXPECTING EVERYTHING HANDED TO THEM WITH NO EFFORT ON THEIR PART. With Common Core (the Left’s answer to brainwashing and creating dumb downed kids) a child starts out “hating” school because all they are shown are complicated, elaborate methods to solve issues instead of looking for a more efficient method of conclusion. Not only does CC make kids HATE school, it creates children with brain blocks because of what it teaches. And, after so many brain blocks, a child would rather cut class than attend another confusing, debilitating learning session where he/she is learning nothing.

    Then there is the RADICAL LEFT’S TEACHING ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY — and that it is absolutely normal like Heterosexuality. My grandson got to experience that one firsthand in 9th grade. His teacher said that all Homosexuals were just as normal as everyone else and that it is absolutely okay to have sex with someone of your same gender…then she added all the gory details. At this point my grandson stood up and told the teacher that according to our Christian Bible, all Gays were SINNERS. When hearing that, his teacher stated screaming(yes, screaming!) at him and kicked him out of the classroom threatening to do the same to anyone else who said anything negative about Gays. Yes, you are probably right. She was Gay herself. My son immediately picked up my grandson and removed him from that school’s database (no Federal funds any more for him at that school).

    The #1 way to close down a school is to remove its students. The Federal govt gives them a stipend for every student they enroll. If a major number of students leave that school, no more $$ to keep it open and it will have to close. This is how the money goes to the public schools: Federal $$/student. If enrollment is close to maximum, then the school is functional. However, if midterm over half of it’s students enrolled leave that school, the school is shutdown and the students are sent to another school. Want to get the point across about our pathetic teaching public schools? Remove your students to a more ethical, knowledgeable private CHRISTIAN school. That alone will send a HUGE message to our Dept of Education and the Progressive Left that has destroyed our education system!!

    UPDATE: My grandson has been attending a well known Christian High School and has pulled his failing grades from a 2.5 (in his old brainwashing public school) to a 4.0+ GPA, plus lettering in 3 Sports and serving in an ASB office. He is one happy young man because he knows the truth! Hearing that teacher tell lie after lie after lie and try to make them into truths was destroying his Christian upbringing…and his young Soul. Now he is in a place that believes as he does and all the tweaky Gay teachers can stay in the perverted public high schools, because most of the Christian kids have gone or are in the process of going to schools who believe in the 3 R’s and building esteem and independence with a close connection to God.

    If you are a caring parent and are disturbed by what the public schools are teaching our youth, REMOVE THEM TO A BETTER ENVIRONMENT! Make this a PRIORITY FOR YOUR CHILD! Ignore the chatter of the Extreme Progressives as their worlds are coming crashing down. They are desperate and will say or do anything to convince people that their way is the only way for America. Their way is the only way America will FAIL…because their way is demented, disturbed, and confusing to children. Just because they have a “Gene Sickness” doesn’t mean everyone else has one.

    ****Fight for your kid’s education because how they are educated determines what kind of life/Future they will have!!!****

    • All my life I have been extremely sensitive to the “Good” or “bad” in people – so much so, that it makes me physically ill (bad people). It was my job at a very prestigious dealership to interview each prospective employee before they were hired. I could tell if that person was going to be a good employee or not. I was 100% right. One of the Department Managers refused to accept my declining one of his prospective employees. He hired him anyway after I told him there was something not right about that guy. Three months later that same employee stole over $3800.00 from the cash register and was selling (on the side) very expensive Luxury Car Parts to private individuals! The Dept Manager usually never admitted defeat — this time he did and actually apologized for not believing me. After that, I was always asked about every employee he hired.

      That day with the Union Leaders, I felt a really disturbing negativity coming from them, like a cat chasing a mouse. Like the Teachers were the victims and the Unions the Aggressors. Decades away today and I was right. They had no intentions of helping anyone but just wanted the $$ – which they got until many good teachers left the profession for other jobs. And you wonder “why” our Education system is failing…when the Good are gone, what do you have left?

  26. As a graduate of NYC public schools, things were not like this when I grew up. Everybody was equal and the cream rose to the top. Yes, I do mean all people. We all were instilled with pride, and everybody tried to reach and surpass the bar, not lower it! NYC public schools produced the best of the best, not the other way around. What is the real reason for the failures?

    • sandraleesmith46

      I went to school on LI within the 50 mile metro area; and it was as you describe there as well, but that was well over 50 years ago; what changed is the caliber of teachers colleges were putting out beginning in the late ’50s to early ’60s that impacted not only NYC but the nation as a whole, and the decreasing concern of many parents as they chased the almighty dollar, to keep up with the Jones’.

  27. The best way to combat all of this is for this country to continue to embrace freedom, practice it, and never allow it to be diminished. I know it is a battle because there are forces out there who actually think: “You can do, say and think anything you want, as long as I agree with you. If you disagree with me you are a homophobe, or intolerant. You are old-fashioned and unwilling to change with the times. You are stuck in the decade of the fifties. If you do not agree with me you are ignorant.”
    Continue to practice freedom. Let nobody take it away from you. Are we not free? Freedom is what this country is all about. Just a few days ago 40 people were subjected to inhumane conditions in order to arrive in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” Ten died and thirty went to the hospital. Quite a steep price to pay for freedom and an opportunity to improve one’s quality of life. More will come. Why? Because freedom is a magnet.

  28. Unusually STUPID Republican Mistakes American “patriot” Daily for NEWS & Donald the Orange Turd Trump for PRESIDENT !!

  29. Robert Greene England

    Well said, Natalie. These people need to be sent to places like Haiti.

  30. Another definition of racism by a stupid, liberal, commie piece of shit; if you believe that your child is entitled to the best education you can give to your child you are a racist. Then retard count me as the #1 racist in America.

  31. Stephen Griffith

    Yet one more good reason to home-school young minds. To keep them out of the Propaganda Hate Centered Teaching offered in the Public School System. The System is broken, the teacher’s Union has spoiled the system as well. And throwing Tax-payers money at the problem will not fix it. I went to a private Christian School, I learned far more than in Public School, such as respect for others, my dad, mom, my brothers, & my fellow human beings as well. Train up a child, in the right way, & he or she will thank you when they are older, take it from me, been there & thankful for it!!!!!

  32. Private “christian” schools have traditionally been about racial segregation and are about that now.

  33. Race race race….. so sick of all this. Just give us a good education system and that would not be union run, federal government interfered with. Today’s teachers are not allowed to teach their way, they have to conform jut like all the students they force into a mold that fits the message the socialist unions want.

  34. The only racial segregation would be keeping students of color who want to learn from being denied that wish, by being forced to go to schools that do not do their appointed tasks.

  35. Unions are destroying our educational system and as a result our society. They do not promote excellence, rather they promote the bottom of every activity that allows unions. With a union you can’t get rid of the bottom of the barrel employees and replace them with people who can perform. Unions only promote socialism which is what our children seem to be getting very comfortable with. We need to outlaw all unions along with tenure for educators.

  36. What are they afraid of, Control,Control,Control, Money,Money,Money Need I say more.

  37. Jane Faatz Mitchell

    Interesting….from what I’ve read recently it is the black students that want to be segregated in their “no whites” “safe spaces.” The rest of society has accepted everyone the same for decades. It’s since Obama has been president that all this new racist stuff has been oozing out. It’s very sad. And I’m called a “racist” for being a conservative that believes that we are all created equal, and that people should work for a living rather than spend generations on welfare (both white and black are guilty of this).

  38. Hey dips*it, vouchers would be available for blacks as well as anyone else. Oh and by the way, it was Obambam who closed a charter School in DC even though the blacks begged him not too, this was in payment to the teachers union thugs that supported him. Oh and he sent his kids to a private school, where they had all of the advantages, even the food was better than what Ma-Bell-Michele fed our kids.

  39. And we hear from yet another educated Idiot!

  40. Public Schools Suck —- and it’s the unions and politicians fault……

  41. Welcome comrades!

  42. Not know it and that including the union members but unions are an arm of the Communist Party, if it weren’t so they wouldn’t be in the communist countries, they are there for the purpose of keeping people in line. They were not there for the purpose of the people but there for the ruling elite to command.

  43. Carolyn L. Trent Stewart

    Never heard a squeak when Sacramento School officials OKed the creation of several all Black schools, a couple of years back. Would be interested in knowing how that happened and what is the verdict of how that has accomplished anything.

  44. Racial segregation? Is that why blacks are leaving the inner city schools to attend white suburban schools? That is not called segregation but integration.

  45. and so – teachers unions show their stupidity again……

  46. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    Ok, the teachers are OPPOSED to segregation and the students WANT segregation. I will NEVER understand the Liberal ‘mind’…OR how they feed themselves WITHOUT one.

  47. This is ludicrous, charter schools and vouchers RACIST??? How about California Colleges allowing SEPARATE BLACK ONLY GRADUATION CEREMONIES??? DR MLK WOULD BE APPALLED! How long before white civil right activists march against the RACIST, SEGRATIONIST BLACKS???

  48. Vouchers only Racist if applying to a Black College !!

  49. Nellie McConnell

    Every parent should visit their kids classes and observe what the teacher us teaching, how the kids react to teacher. Our kids are being indoctrinated into Religions and teachings that might not be to your standards. Our schools must have parents sign a document to allow teachers to take kids in field trips. Schools are bypassing this law. Charter schools, I haven’t been to any but I have been to public schools where teachers have hard time controlling there class. Principal won’t help teachers by suspending kids. Many teachers leaving the profession became of abuse by kids. We don’t want male teachers that think sex with a 5 year old is OK because of their laws or religion. Gay teachers teaching about their lifestyle. Abortions for kids without parents consent is wrong.

  50. Segregation? Actually vouchers permit minorities to go to schools they normally would not be able to go to because they couldnt afford it. How is that racially motivated. They are just mad because then they will get leas money for their unions to do nothing to help the worse achools

  51. You got this 100% wrong. The days of segregation was a MANDATORY integration of student population. Once you throw “choice” into the equation, it allows parents to choose between public and private education. Please tell me the person who made this statement is uneducated. I would hate to hear an educated adult made this statement.

  52. It’s interesting how the liberals have ruined OUR ,tax paid, educational system with their stance on forced education of gays and Muslem cultures and religion Demands of unisex or transgender accommodations. Obama’s food program where most of the food is thrown away because the kids won’t eat it and then teachers throwing away the food the parents work hard for and package for their kids lunch . The growing problem of forcing their liberal agenda and politics on students. Mexican students can bring their flag to school but the American flag is nowhere to be found. The hireing of substandard teachers such as those who make there way in the system via Affirmative Action! After all of this, how dare we demand our tax dollars be spent on a better system of educating OUR children!

  53. She’s a worthless communist shill.

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