Unhinged Clemson Professor Calls Trump Supporters “Racist Scum”

There are many moments in American politics where it seems that, for a brief instant, a window of opportunity opens in which we have the chance to collectively pause, take a breath, and take stock of where we are as a nation. Have we let the rhetoric get out of control? Have we demonized “the other side” to the point where there can be no more rational conversation or thought? Is there any way we can take a step back, stop with the name-calling for a minute, and get back to the actual issues confronting America?

One such opportunity arose last week in the aftermath of the Charlottesville tragedy. Thanks to one lunatic in a Dodge Charger, a woman died. When something like that happens, the first response should not be to characterize the event in political terms. It should be to mourn, condemn, and think seriously about where we’re headed as a country. Unfortunately, this opportunity – like so many others over the past couple of years – was entirely missed. Heather Hauer was still lying on the pavement as liberals began blaming the murder on President Trump. Instead of having the effect of a splash of cold water, this violent incident actually enraged Trump’s critics to the point where – defying what was previously thought possible – their rhetoric against this president went even FURTHER into the land of insanity.

Take for instance this unhinged assistant professor at Clemson University. Bart Knijnenburg was all over Facebook recently, letting the president’s supporters know what he thought of them.

“All Trump supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum,” said Knijnenburg.

After some of his students confronted him on his ridiculous stance, Knijnenburg took to the comments with some more of his venom.

“All Republicans? Yes,” he reiterated. “Your complacency made this happen. Pick a side: denounce your affiliation or admit you’re a racist.”

Um, how about Choice #3: Refuse to take orders from a liberal professor who has never actually worked a day in his life in the real world? A professor who couldn’t last five minutes in a serious debate with a serious conservative? Yeah, we’ll take that choice.


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  1. Michael Dennewitz

    And it’s shitwads like this that are teaching our children! 😣☹🙁😢

    • It is all part of a plan that started way back in the 60’s, when I was in college. The liberals decided that they way to take over this country, with their crazy ideology, was to get their kind of people, liberal dumb fuxks, into congress, as judges, in the media, college professors, etc., etc! That way they could eventually totally fuxk up the minds of this country, and take control!

      • Susan my guess is that it goes back even further…more like the beginning of the soviet efforts to infiltrate and indoctrinate some time in the 1920s…they had a super bump up in their ability to put moles in the USA when we became allies during WWII…

        • I think there is relevance to what you are saying. McCarthy was probably right, but the situation was even deeper than McCarthy realized, so he was made out to be an irrational zealot rather than the communists he was investigating. We are seeing this tool attempted to be used against President Trump today.

          • There it is. Linda the real culprits in beating down Senator McCarthy were the commies in the media…another bit of history that may come under the glare of high intensity lights was the infiltration of the skate department during WWII and the subsequent feeding of “disinformation” to General Marshall who was in charge of the effort to get the Far East back to normal post WWII. The moles in the skate department convinced Gen Marshall to support mao – naize over General Chiang ki Shek…the result: the communists won in China and Phase II of the mao murder saga began…estimates range upward of 70 Million Chinese went to an early death due to the incorrect view of who and what communists are…General George Patton knew and my guess is that he was murdered for his efforts to hammer the roooshans into the ground while we were still in Europe, the plants were still capable of building the tools to end communism, and our Navy was floating and our Air Force was flying instead of resting on the ocean floor…a wonderful opportunity missed again…

          • Well said. Informative post.

          • Linda, remember what JFK said, ” there is corruption at the highest levels in government. ” the swamp/communist in both parties is outrageous and our President needs us to speak up and show our support for him. The house and senate is a disgrace to themselves and our country. Drain the swamp!!

          • Bill, if you would like to actually do something, please send an email to:

            [email protected]

            Larry Nichols used to be the “fix-it” guy for Bill Clinton. Clinton discredited him and ruined him financially when Larry called Clinton’s hand on the drug traffic coming in through Mena, Arkansas. He is very sick and probably won’t live much longer, but he is trying to organize 1000 people to make phone calls if the leftist/communist factions actually try to impeach our President. The email just needs to say “Count me in” or something similar. It’s a commitment to make 10 phone calls a day if he sends the word we need to do it. He will furnish us a script, so we don’t have to ad lib. One thing politicians understand is a constituency that promises to vote them out.

            Can you imagine how much worse the corruption is after 54 years?

          • Linda, thanks and will do!

        • Agree! What follows is a true story. My uncle was a college professor during the ’50s and ’60s. He personally knew one college professor who was a communist in the university where he taught. There were several others.

          In the early ’90s, someone wrote a commentary in the university paper castigating the man who was the university president during the ’50s and ’60s for not doing more to protect those communist professors from McCarthy and others who were trying to weed them out of academia. My uncle responded to the author’s accusations and told him that the university president did try to protect those professors. Some of them just wouldn’t stay silent about their communist affiliations.

          As it happens, I knew one of the professors that the university president did protect. He continued to teach at the university until 1975. Quite frankly, I was horrified that anyone would defend this person or anyone else who had communist sympathies.

          • I get pretty bent over this, but many have ignored the evidence of the indoctrination by subversive elements…and it started BEFORE WWII.. by the time that it was normal to view Russian Officers in DC the education system as well as the government and the media were being breached..today we have how many media outlets of the nature of Television/Radio ? and only one seems to try to be unbiased ??…the modern day walter concrete ahole, may he rest in turmoil, is that sniveling ahole jimmi acosta…one of the many twats at cnn…and the infection is rampant in DC…democrapo aholes, rino aholes, members of the congressional darkie carcass aholes…and out in the hinterland we have brain dead $luts dancing around in the streets in Giant Vagina costumes with their boyfriends wearing those cutesy little pink pu$$y hats, in addition we have the darkies from blm (bowel licking movement) and the other darkies in the “new black pu$$ies” murdering cops….what was their inspiration ?? kenyan boyo, the african pretender…the mulatto rag loving communist piece of snake schit that half of the country voted for and then the same moron fools voted for the arrogant, incompetent, criminal ho clintoney (and by proxy voted billy “the rapist traitor” for first rapist and hore….makes a lot of sense to me(sic)(lol)…

        • In the 1950s a friend of my father told him I should not go to Harvard, as it was full of communists. I went anyway, was exposed to this thinking in only a few classes, but was surrounded by fellow students who are, over 95%, staunch liberals today. I’m not one.

        • From Your Bun hole imagination to your mouth….with no thought process involved and certainly no knowledge of history.

      • charles johnston

        Yes, Susan, and Kent2012 below is correct. I was in college in the 60’s and a proff assigned a book written in the 30’s I believe- don’t remember the title or author, but one sentence I will never forget, “With the increasing government involvement in education, the aim is no longer to produce men and women of letters, but to produce a docile workforce.” Now as I look around at high school grads who can’t make change at the burger barn, have no clue about the country’s real history and think they are entitled to a job and free healthcare, that author was a pretty damn good prophet. God help us survive the assault of the liberal idiots.

        • Thank you Charles. Beautifully stated.

        • Very much like my experience.

        • This may not be the reference you’re thinking of, but Saul Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals,” which is pretty much the same thing… and the Hildebeast did a senior honors thesis on Saul Alinksy.

          • charles johnston

            No, the book I was referencing was written before Alinsky, but covered some of the same ground, lamenting how the government’s involvement in education would turn out poorly, yet the books purpose was not to push an agenda, just illustrate the decay. I looked for an excerpt earlier on the stages of civilization that I had saved a couple years ago, and it is spooky how far down that road we have traveled:
            “Each of the great civilizations in the world passed through a series of stages from their birth to their decline to their death. Historians have listed these in ten stages.
            The first stage moves from bondage to spiritual faith.
            The second from spiritual faith to great courage.
            The third stage moves from great courage to liberty.
            The fourth stage moves from liberty to abundance.
            The fifth stage moves from abundance to selfishness.
            The sixth stage moves from selfishness to complacency.
            The seventh stage moves from complacency to apathy.
            The eighth stage moves from apathy to moral decay.
            The ninth stage moves from moral decay to dependence.
            And the tenth and last stage moves from dependence to bondage.
            Where would you say America is?”
            Chilling to read.

          • Very interesting…thank you for posting! Looks like America is at the end of its rope.

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          • very chilling! I think I saw this when I was a senior in high school in ’64! We were in such denial then………and are just now awakening from our coma!

          • Most bitch but President Trump sees what is happening and seems to have knowledge to get us back on track. BUT the 10th stage from above is almost in place. That my friends is the truth. The leftist do not want change in a meaningful way. But to keep the graft,corruption, and hold over the people. More government, and that is not the answer. Who or what is to blame? My best guess is electronics. While all this communication shit is available at our finger tips, it has put us in bondage and we are too stupid to know it is controlling us.

            One chilling thought, If the power grid,(electricity) were to go down, then no communications as it is dependent upon electricity to exist. What a mess would happen. The only survivors would be the ones who toil in the earth. Just watch what is unfolding in Texas and our dependency on oil, gas, etc.

          • We’re working on dependence, then bondage. Plato predicted all this 2500 years ago. De Tocqueville, who probably read Plato, repeated the warnings in the eighteenth century.

          • History also tells us that no great country nor society last longer than 200 years. Guess we are living on borrowed time. UNFORTUNATELY. It eats itself in the previous writer.

          • America is in her last stage,but CIVIL WAR will be right behind.

          • I’m afraid you are right on, Millard. As I look around at our ignorant youth, purposely dumbed down by a government education system designed for only indoctrination that deliberately re-writes and destroys our actual history- we are definitely at a point of historical impact. God save us from the liberal idiots. . . but sadly, I feel the real battle may be on our shoulders. Lock and load.

          • Where would I say America is at present? No doubt about it, we are in the tenth and last stage moving from dependence to bondage!!! When 49% of the population is complacent in sponging off the taxpayer, looking to cause riot and destruction in our metropolitan areas, when killings have become so senseless as to demoralize a population, yeah, we are not only in that tenth stage, we are DOOMED!!!

            THE ONLY WAY for this nation of ours to get back on track and not only revere life and law, but love each other and look out for each other, is to get back to revering God and His Laws and get back to loving our neighbor as we love ourselves! I’m not talking about being vain, I’m talking about breaking down those vicious and satanic (selfish) barriers, those devisive, self destructing tendencies to be vindictive, those tendencies to create civil strife, etc. We just got rid of THE MOST DEVISIVE PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. A president who couldn’t care less about the welfare of the citizens of our nation, a president that left our borders wide open for the enemy to enter, and now we are reaping that devisiveness, that vindictiveness, that abhorrent behavior left as Obama’s LEGACY.

            Let’s pull together and show the world that we as a nation, are a beacon of light in the world, a safe haven for those who would come into our country thru the FRONT DOOR, a Godly and powerful nation to look up to and emulate.


          • More than just a thesis, she was a protege. The only photo of Obama teaching, shows he wrote the name, Alinsky. If he was teaching Constitutional Law, why was “Alinsky” written on the board?

          • Obama and Hillary are both communists. It’s great for the masses, as long as they’re the leaders and have piles of money.

          • Communism, and socialism in its purest form of ideology works.

            BUT COMES PRESIDENT TRUMP WITH THE ABILITY TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER AND LOOK WHAT THEY CALL HIM. SO REALLY SIMPLE, JUST OPEN YOUR EYES. He might not always be correct but he does realize his faults and is willing to change to accommodate. Has anyone seen the hatred, and steadfast dumocrats really change anything? NOPE same Bull fecal matter different day.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            No, it does not work. Well yeah, maybe in beehives, termite mounds, ant swarms, and ant hills. But who wants to live like that? Socialism does not work because human beings are distinct individuals with disparate desires, talents, wills, and abilities. Read up on the “Mayflower Compact”. It describes the failure of a communal society.

          • Excellent post the democrats want to continue the corrupt way the govt. is run. They know if Trump succeeds they will be out of a job. They could care less about our country it`s all about power and money. Some how the tax payers of this country have to help drain the swamp with our votes. It will take time to eliminate the swamp rats but it can be done.

          • So greatly said! And hellory and obumer were close followers of this demon and even made documented speeches about this demon!!! Great job buddy!

          • He is also Obamas mentor!!

          • Thank God the Hildebeast didn’t become President! I can’t stand hearing her screeching voice much less see a photo of her.

          • Dang! It’s good to hear that I’m not alone. Obama has the very same effect on me too!! You know what? I abhor evil, and evil in its purest form. I can’t help but react and think that Hillary and Obama are not only two peas in a pod, they’re both as evil as evil gets!!!

          • At first Obama didn’t bother me BUT that quickly went away, especially when he pointed that finger and used his condescending voice to say that HE was superior to all of us. Personally, i like the idea that someone had posted as a gag….Obama toilet paper with his mug shot on each sheet.

        • We have become a weak people. I travel to Germany and I see the healthy, fit people walking and riding bicycles; people who have a healthy body weight; people who dress well and care for themselves. I fly back to America and I see waddling slobs covered in fat who take no care for their appearance or health. I have come to feel ashamed of many of my fellow citizens. We have a reprehensible lifestyle and values.

          • Mathematical certainty

            You obviously have not been back to Germany recently….

          • I spend 3 mo in Germany every year, just returned from Dusseldorf and Wiesbaden. Truth. Germans are overall, much healthier-appearing than Americans. Yes, there are some overweight people–but nothing like the sizes and percentages here in the Southeast where I live.

          • They don’t put High Fructose Corn Syrup in all their food and drink.

          • True. I love Coca Cola in Germany, tastes noticeably better than American Coke. Made with really sugar and excellent German water.

          • maybe running away from the rape gangs, and getting out of the arson caused by muslims keeps up their muscle tone. Give them good cardio, to run away from the 3rd world deviants.

          • So what?

          • Mathematical certainty

            I agree with you about the health comparisons. My point concerned the refugee influx that, as you accurately predicted, will send Germany back to the 7th Century. Germany, a country that provided the world with some of the greatest Scientists, Engineers, Medical Practitioners, and Classical Composers that the world will never again experience…it truly is a sad day that the average German citizen is so guilt-ridden with the past that they refuse to rebel against the deluge and mindset of 7th Century barbarians invading and eventually returning to a stone age mentality…Good Bye Germany…You offered so much to society, yet offered so little to your survival.

          • Yes, Germany as a culture has Holocaust Guilt, IMHO. The idea behind all the refugees is that they would become productive, working, tax-paying citizens–to keep the country going. And I’m sure some have. Some Germans are philosophical. They say, “the world is now a global community, borders are obsolete, it’s unavoidable, let’s make the best of it.” Young educated Germans have said this to me. Others (anti-Merkel) are really pissed. The cultures are different. One example–Germany is clean, hardly any litter. People sweep the street in front of their homes in villages. Rarely see any litter along the roads. But I’ve walked through refugee-dominant neighborhoods and seen lots of trash on the ground and street. THAT is not German at all, but very common in the Middle East.

          • Mathematical certainty

            Rest my case!

          • How long before Germans rise up like America did for Trump??

          • Not sure that will ever happen. Yes, there are factions who protest Merkel and immigration. But overall, German society seems conformist and values following the rules, much more so than in the US. This year, the German govt cracked down on ‘hate speech’ posted online. And you guessed it- ‘hate speech’ can include criticism of immigrants, Islam, etc…

          • During WWII, many in the Middle East agreed with Hitler on the issue of the Final Solution. There are still many today who believe the same thing. I knew a Christian refugee from the Middle East, a friend of mine—thirty years ago! A mathematician and his family. It was bad, then. It’s worse now. This is what Merkel wants for Germany?

          • I agree, I wonder if they all (Germans and others) will give up their homeland and come here. Then the muslims will hate Germany because there is no one to work and then support them with welfare!

          • As the old saying goes, “you’re flogging the dead horse that’s already loaded on the truck headed for the glue factory”!!! You ARE NOT going to change what little mind he appears to have!! In a nut shell he’s defending Germany etal and Murky Merkyl while Germany sinks like the Titanic or the Bismark!

          • Interesting. I assume you stayed out of the no go zones, and avoided the gang rapes, and the child molestation of the cutural enrichers called Muslims. I also assume you noticed the insanely high taxes, the oppression by feminist leftists, and the seizures of homes and property to house said Muslim “refugees.”

          • I have noticed many refugees. There are the Turks, which have been in Germany for years and many have gone ‘German’ in their fashion, dress, etc.. The newer refugees are a different story. Yes, I’ve seen gangs of young men. But overall, German cities still seem safer than most large American ones. Germany does have high taxes–19%. I never found no-go zones, perhaps those are in Berlin? I know France and Belgium have some.

          • My understanding is the Turks are cool, but the new refugees are hard core Muslim Devouts, and literally hate Germans and see them as prey. However, I blame the Merkel government for not keeping the society safe.No go are mainly in sweden, but the no go are in Germany, but you have to look for them. You will know, when the Muslims show up like ants and swarm you.

          • Many (but not all) Germans dislike the new refugees– Think about it–they come from the Middle East with no money, no vaccinations, no job skills, little education. The German govt gives them free housing, medical care, education and money to live on while they ‘look for work.’ They have been placed all over Germany, not just in cities, but also in rural area villages. There are now more mosques in Germany than active churches. Most Germans rarely attend church. The native German population is, on it’s own, not having enough children to sustain itself, whereas the muslims are having huge families. In 25 yrs Germany will be a muslim-dominant nation. It’s gonna happen.

          • Feston, what you mentioned has been related to me from other sources, including Germans. I think you are right about the refugees bringing little to the table when moving to Germany, but the chronic inbreeding for centureis may be the most hidden problem, because Islam has vast amounts of genetic based illness, from this habit, and very low IQ in average. Germans are some of the most intellligent people on earth, and I cannot see the cultural differences and IQ differences ever being overcome in my lifetime.

          • You are correct. In the Islamic Middle East, there has been marriage to 2nd cousins for centuries. Good point about smart Germans. This (Low IQ) is further borne out by the lack of an meaningful scientific or humanitarian contributions to the world by Islamic nations in centuries. Here’s good IQ link for all nations. White Europeans rank below several Asian nations. https://iq-research.info/en/page/average-iq-by-country

          • Well said. However, the asian nations, including, I think, East Indian tend to rank above almost everyone in highest IQ. In the US, the universities are beginning to descriminate against those asian countries in admissions, because they would dominate the placements.

          • It’s a matter of relative rate of reproduction.

          • There are over 400 no-go zones in France. Applications for no-go zones have been made in America. Some are forming underground.

          • CV, that is what I heard as well.

          • There’s a group in South Florida. In a public hearing, a professor at Florida Atlantic University boldly proclaimed that he and the local community of Muslims would practice Shari’a, regardless of the law. Assimilation, for devout followers of Islam, is a one way street: as they grow in numbers, they will ask all others to assimilate into Islam. Belgium will show us the future, given another two decades. I personally object to prejudice against women, gays, and all others. I therefore find many of the tenets and practices of Islam unacceptable in civilized society.

          • eventually, they will probably want independence from France….but for right now, France’s money is good enough for them.

          • They already have a great deal of independence. In thirty or forty years France may be under Islamic rule. Belgium will change in twenty or so. This is all according to the plan of the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. They take no refugees, but build them beautiful Mosques in Europe and America. It’s a fairly transparent ploy that may indeed lead to a world Caliphate. What they see in their own religion—given the Koran–is beyond me.


            I think that Merkle has something wrong with her. She wants to let hostile enemies into the EU in the name of humanity but they will terrorize the people living there. Throwing their borders wide open like that is crazy. They should force the Syrians to emigrate back to Syria once that civil war is over. Its a real example of the road to hell being paved with the best intentions.

          • Exactly. Compassion doesn’t mean you have to hurl yourself in front of traffic! They should stay near home, and create a great force and fight for what is theirs. The Middle East is totally messed up; the answer is not to flee, but fix it. And they can. At the moment, it’s part of a surrogate war between the Shiites and Sunnis. One thousand years and counting!

          • Must be VERY good drugs!! Care to share the name????

          • Sure. It’s called buy your fat ass a plane ticket, and live and work in Europe for several months each year. There, fixed that for ya!

          • France has 400. Islamists have sworn Belgium will be under Sharia in twenty years. It’s late for England, as well. Sweden is belatedly trying to eject some immigrants, but they might be done for, as well. Islamic culture, which has built in prejudice against women and non-muslims and gays, and numerous practices unlawful in Europe or America, is cold-hearted and brutal in its more pure form, as favored by the Wahhabi.

          • Sadly, I agree with you. Some are already calling it Eurabia.

          • so….are we now entering the ‘thousand years of war’ that the Bible talks about?

          • I have Muslim friends and doctors. But these are exceptional people. The average Muslim has undergone considerable conditioning. A friend of mine, a devout Christian, was once involved in trying to change texts in Saudi Arabia. He said they were horrific! Taking kids and subjecting them to the madness of the Koran is going to have a long term negative effect.

          • Go back and stay then.

          • No thanks. I’m a patriotic American Citizen, thank you. I love my country. Sorry you couldn’t handle my first-hand impressions of Germany.

          • Feston, I am glad you got back safe.

          • Give Germany a few more years. They look nice and trim because of the burden of socialist taxes, so they can’t buy much and must live on less. I imagine in a another decade or two they’ll be more like Cuba. Mexicans, by the way, are more obese than Americans. The last thing Americans need in universal health insurance. The cost of health care would drop in half if people weren’t overweight and smoking.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Was the author by any chance Dewey? He was largely responsible for that shift in our “education” goals back in the late ’20s. But it really began to play out in the ’60s.

          • charles johnston

            As I said, I don’t remember the author, but the tone of the book did not sound like Dewey, who was a great proponent of the classroom as a mechanism for social change. You are right though. Dewey’s ideas have greatly impacted the educational system, now nearly completely infected with liberalism. He himself calssed himself as a democratic socialist- enough said.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yep, exactly, that’s why I wondered if it was him; the timing would be about right too.

        • Our generation was deeply split, and still is. Their side was spitting on and yelling “baby killers” at our beleaguered troops as they came home from Vietnam. Those, mostly drafted, men have never forgotten and I have hated those who did that ever since. We thought they were eventually like us raising families, but no, they were busy teaching anti American crap to the young. Words do not describe the total contempt I have for them. Every city they have controlled is rusting away. Every single one, and they want the rest of the country to look that way too. HOWEVER, none of them is without wealth.

          • Who are you talking about those who went to Vietnam and came back traumatized? They were in a place they did not want to be, and in some cases lead buy school book idiots who got them killed. Not to mention that was a 24/7 WAR not a conflict. No place was really safe. Have they been taken care of as promised? For the most part nope. Yes I do know the horrible truth.

            Today look at all the excuses used for the troops when they come back. A conflict/war run by a bunch of school book idiots and assholes telling the troops when they can defend themselves by the book and politically correct. Put these idiots on the working end of a weapon and send them into battle

          • Norm she is referring to the dimwitcrats

        • The name of the book is 1984

          • charles johnston

            Sorry, but untrue. The work I was referring to was non-fiction and well before Orwell’s eye-opener in 1949.

          • read it years ago, when it was first published, and it really sticks now that this ‘story’ is so right on…now(!) decades later.

        • I know they have ‘dumbed down’ the curriculum and dropped the dropped the bell curve and now all graduate without knowing anything!

          • I have worked Academia for nearly four decades. Students study half as much (hour for hour) as two decades ago and the overall average is 3.3, B+. Every semester I read my students the riot act and remind them that I never agreed to the new deal that involved inflated grades in return for rosy student evaluations. I respect my students and require performance.

          • I agree, it is certainly not want you wanted to do when you sought to be a teacher. How frustrating it must be to be held back from demanding excellence and responsibility now that everybody passes…..regardless

        • I agree with all of you! I can not believe how brainwashed our supposed learned students have become. Not only do they believe they are entitled to a good job, they also believe that they are entitled to live off of the government and not work ever!!! Most people who get government assistance do not even understand that the money comes from their fellow American workers!! THEY ARE JUST PLAIN STUPID!!!

        • Forget asking these ignorant morons who the nation’s Capitol was named after, or what are the three branches of government.

          Yeah, if the insidious takeover of the Muslim population in our country with incremental change in our Constitution doesn’t do us in…it’ll be the the sorry excuse for a functioning human being aka mil-idiots, aka snowFLAKES, aka millennial dumb$$es that will not know jack on how to govern us in the future. OMG!! WE ARE DOOMED!!!!

      • Looks like it worked pretty well. The minds of too many college age children, I say children because that is the way they are acting, have been infiltrated as surely as Muslim children in their hate of everything opposed to their way of non-thinking. Better keep your protection close, cause you will need it.

        • What the problem with these kids today is mostly the Parents. They don’t make there kids go get a job & earn any money. They give them an allowance for doing nothing but sitting on there ass & playing video games. No hard labor like mowing grass or chopping cotton in the fields or roofing when the temp. is 100+ degrees. My kids started at age 14 roofing & chopping cotton. They would come home dead tired. Respecting hard work makes one want to learn A better way of doing things & just what it takes to make A living. Nothing was ever handed to them, they earned every penny they got. Started shooting at age 5 respecting firearms and just what they can do if mistreated.
          Hunting and fishing to have food to eat because some months there was no money for meat. It went to pay bills. To dang much free help these days. You need help, that’s fine but earn it by chopping the weeds on the street corner to make your neighborhood look better and be proud of it. Mow the elderlys yard, clean the alley ways. Do something to get the help and have some pride!!

          • You are absolutely correct. Work now is a dirty word. Especially when they can make a comfortable living off the Gov. by just sitting on their ass, and pumping out kids.

          • Dang, you sound like me.🇨🇱

          • Thank you! A lot of Americans feel the same. Unfortunately, too many professional politicians support this disgrace, just for the votes to keep them earning their “dirty money”.

          • “work” is a four letter word, but that is the closest thing to vulgar about the concept.

      • This all started in the late 50’s by the Democrats infiltrating Communists into the school system.1960 it began to show and 4-5 generation later we arrived at 2008 and the election of a Muslim FRAUD.

        • Actually, the roots of Socialism and Communism go back further than that. Look up the “Frankfurt School” and Georg Lukacs and Antonio Gramsci. And of course, Marx, Engels, and Lenin go back to the 1800s, and much of their thought can be traced back to the “Humanism” that came from the French Revolution. F. A. Hayek wrote a great book called “The Road to Serfdom” and it contains a chapter specifically dedicated to the Socialist roots of Nazism. More recently, Dinesh D’Souza just released a book called “The Big Lie, the Nazi Roots of the American Left.” And the idiot lemmings of our Left call US “Nazis” – what a crock!!!

          • Actually you are right.I was born and raised in Sweden and I can relate to all this.My country is destroyed and Socialism and PC are the guilty here.I left because I could see that is was not going to work and in 1983 they finally realizes that the “rich” had left and had a brain drain too as the intellectuals and wealthy had flown the coop.

      • Yes, and it seems to have worked out perfectly for the Progressives. Consider, Bill Ayers, a 1960’s antiwar, commie lover, founder of the Weathermen who, along with his ditzy wife, Bernardine Dohrn, bombed the Pentagon in opposition to the Vietnam war, are now teaching at our universities. Ayers is a Professor of education at the University of Illinois in Chicago while Dohrn is a professor at Northwester University. At one time Dohrn was on the FBI’s ’10 Most Wanted List’ for her anti-American, underground, criminal activities while with the SDS, who along with Dohrn, produced a 16- thousand word manifesto with the stated goals of destroying U. S. imperialism and setting up a world wide Communistic society. Since 1960, this is what our system of higher education has devolved into. Worse yet, Ayers and Dohrn introduced the Marxist-loving Barack Obama into the world of Chicago politics. What has followed is a travesty of alarming proportions.

        • Bill Ayres was given a life term and then Obama set him free

          • Explain…

          • Bill Ayres belonged to a leftist group they bombed a NY town House where a judge lived and killed him and members of his family. He was given life but when Obam was elected president he freed him and from i have read he is now teaching college in Chicago along with his wife who is also a terrorist


        fuck. the liberals were in front in the good old days.

      • Thank you for that!!!

        I thought that I was the only one that realized that.

      • Susan, I guess a lot of us were in college in the 60’s and you are right on the money with your analysis. This has been a long term project of the liberal left/communists as they have hijacked our schools with their PC and dumbing down our youth. This is a war of propaganda and is real. President Trump is our country’s last hope in exposing the corruption and bring them down, our President is going to need a lot of support to accomplish this task.

      • My college years were from 1977 to 1981 (BS) and I received my MS in 1983. As a Nuclear Engineering major, there was not a lot of room for leftist political thought. Also, since almost 100% of liberals hate anything “nuclear” they tend to stay away from nuclear engineering in particular. (In fact, one of my senior professors was a Marine Corp aviator in his earlier years!) But, when I earned my PhD (same field) in 1996 from UW, I did run into one math professor (graduate level, “Tensor Analysis”) who was a real lib. He kept it to himself for most of the class, but unloaded some of his nonsense towards the end of one lecture. I was already in my 30s and on educational leave of absence from my employer to pursue my doctorate, and so I was not that intimidated. I listened politely during his rant (mostly in favor of legalized prostitution, legalized drugs, and a special rant against the NRA, which I happen to be a Life Member in), and then after class I confronted him about his views. He simply stated that he had a right to his views and walked off.

      • Exactly!!… and you know what?… we are guilty of it.
        We and our cowardice to call thing by their name. We and our cowardice to be called names, to be called racists, to be called white supremacists, to be called nazis… and see, they keep calling us all of those names, and we still don’t dare to call them by what they are…
        Look people… I started not long ago to call them what they are… COMMUNISTS… BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE….. COMMUNISTS…
        They found out, in the 60’s that being a COMMUNIST in this country was no very popular. The solution?… change the denomination of their ideology. And PRESTO!!!…Liberals… Leftists…Progressives… Social-democrats… where born out of thin air !!…
        So… if you look into it all of them… their platform is the same.
        Big centralized government, taxes on top of more taxes, plenty of handouts to the poorest ( but keeping them poor to be used at the next election) total control of the education system, total control of the media, with the end of total control of the population… Nothing has changed.
        Is the same ideology… COMMUNISM…
        So… why not call them by what they really are?… COMMUNISTS !!!…
        Are you scared to do it?… we, don’t be… that are going to call you names… but don’t worry, they are already doing it… so what’s the difference?
        The difference will be that WE are going to put them in the OPEN….
        So.. I hope that many of you follow me and start to call them for what they are…
        COMMUNISTS… because that is what they are… COMMUNIST THAT HATE OUR COUNTRY…
        So… is up to you now. I will continue denouncing this traitors…

      • Susan… a correction…. It was not the liberals. It was the COMMUNIST PARTY, hidden behind the liberalism label. The COMMUNISTS don’t disappeared suddenly from the country in the 50’s or 60’s. They went underground for a while. Then they comeback reborn as leftist, liberals, progressives, radicals, extremists, and so on…
        They hide behind these labels, leftist, liberals, progressives, but in reality they are COMMUNISTS..
        Let’s call them for what they are…COMMUNISTS… they hate this because is the TRUTH …

      • Yep I remember so well, Started with Johnson and the Great Society. He could not bring everyone up to the bar so he lowered it to the leftist liberal ground. Told his staff (and this was witnessed) “Tell the “Niggers” how to vote and then shut up”. Wow a dumocrat president. Of course he helped escalate a stupid dumb war that the French even abandoned. We knew enough then to go into Viet Nam with true force and clean it up in a short matter of time. But no Johnson saw a way to make money for his buddies, (munitions and supplies) to hell with humans. Some leftist, liberal, snowflake dumocrat, don’t you think?

      • what you say is oh so true. Saw it first hand! It was the flunky’s who took the easy road and towed the liberal line as professors. Us conservatives went out into the world to make a real difference and to the exception with our God given talents and treasures. Oops! Those professors who took the easy way…well, they are for the most part, GODLESS!!!!

    • and in many cases being paid major taxpayer bucks for their treason…

    • What spawned this species of warped minded nut cases?

    • How did we let this scumbag be a teacher ?????????????????????????

    • Not my kids – I didn’t allow my kids or grandkids to go to college —- they went to trade schools and are making money – NOT IN DEBT…..

    • That is why more and more people are Home Schooling their children

    • how did he get a teachers job ,he never went past the third grade like obama lied his way through with pot.

    • somebody said:when whore house do not go well,do not change the bed. change the prostitute.
      Please: change the “”school””!!they try to indoctrinate whit demo-comunism, ours childs.

  2. Want to know what’s even worse than professor verbal vomit being allowed to poison young minds with his vicious hate while pretending to be one of the caring and compassionate ones? The fact that we’re probably financing his efforts to turn our kids against us.
    The only way to stop this nonsense in its tracks and restore sanity to our universities is if those of us who work, pay taxes and fund these useless leeches band together and make our own concerted effort to rid ourselves of them. Liberal ‘professors’ have turned our institute’s of higher learning into playpens full of whiney, pampered, misguided morons who are indoctrinated out of the ability to form a coherent, independent thought.

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    • Log228j

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    • One of the best ways to show love to your children is to send them to Hillsdale College or Liberty University. My guess is there is a few other good educational institutions, but from my perspective as a former college professor, I think they are great colleges/universities.

    • Thanks Natalie. Well said—-> “Liberal ‘professors’ have turned our institute’s of higher learning into playpens full of whiney, pampered, misguided morons who are indoctrinated out of the ability to form a coherent, independent thought.” Most of these academics function only in the theoretical world so why should we expect them to be able to think with reasonable, logical practical means!

  3. That explain why these students come out of our school system ignorant and know nothing

    • You are so right! These kids today are so duuuuumb.

      • Law.abider, the kids are not dumb they are being dumbed down at school and brain washed with PC bs. Most kids want to fit in and be accepted, so they go along with the bs they are fed so they are part of cult like PC propaganda.

  4. It remains to be seen whether the driver (already convicted by media) is guilty of intent or just another participant in a horrible accident. I for one will not judge based on a headline and await jurisprudence to make a determination. The cell phone video CLEARLY shows physical assault on his vehicle immediately prior to the tragic death. To condemn based on emotion is the ultimate crime.

  5. This guy isn’t even as bright as Bart Simpson! Just let him tell that to my husband, who is a Trump supporter, and little Bart would be taught a lesson that he would not like, a painful one at that!

  6. If you want to call somebody racist look at that NIGGER what he did with Ferguson, he ran and hide like a big PUSSY!!

  7. Bart is a demented leftist academician. Academics is a den of leftists, 1960s hippie drug abusers, anti-American socialists, communists, and even anarchists. This associate professor at Clemson did not label all Obama supporters with a broad brush of criticism, of course not. Though this type of leftist ranting has become PC in recent years, Clemson needs to eliminate this idiot from their staff.

  8. Nothing much more scummy shitwady than a puke liberal so called professor at college these days.

  9. What would that make Hillary supporters, she called Blacks social predators and her Mentor was a leading KKK

  10. The liberal professors in our colleges are lazy Communist and she be stopped from destroying our youth with their vile efforts to turn America ala Kruschev

  11. And, to think that THIS assistant “professor” is teaching our kids. What a travesty! He should be fired, period.

  12. This has been going on long enough to have had a significant impact on our children, unnoticed, now it is an issue. Who approves the crap they teach our kids anyway?

    • the other communist ahole in the administration of each of these festering dens of communism….

    • Actually, it’s still an overbearing effort from the MSM, Hollywood, liberal rag papers, and late night comedy to keep the EASILY AMUSED in hysterical fits, that will eventually impact the psychological, and emotional well being of our children. It’s all a plan to keep the weak and needy raising generations of weak and needy.

  13. I can improve on that! Trump is trailer park trash from New Jersey and will never get better: No class, no taste, and award winning stupid He is a low potential over achiever who sold his soul to the Russians.

  14. william g munson


  15. Take Clemson’s Accreditation away!

    • I doubt you could find enough conservative professors in all of academia to staff even one major university. That’s how the left got control of them. They worked in the system until they were promoted to administrative positions and then they only hired like-minded professors. The entire system is infested, and I really don’t know what could be done to legally remove these professors just because of their political leanings. As parents we could stop sending our kids to college. That’s about the only thing they understand. Cut off the money!!!

      BTW, we can’t send them to elementary school, middle school or high school either. Common Core is just the lower level indoctrination tool.

    • No, just take that ASS. Profs. credentials, and fire his sorry self.

    • Clemson Univeristy has demanded he apologize. Don’t be too hard on Clemson just because they hired a handful of jerks who are supposed to be teaching and not embarrassing the university.

  16. Just another democommie “liberal” expected to “teach”…. Time to CLEAN OUT and FIRE these “ministers of propaganda” and STRIP them of their “right” to attempt to push THEIR CORRUPT political “views” on young impressionable minds.

  17. Imagine what he is like in the classroom. Congratulations to Clemson, you really know how to pick quality professors.

  18. Tell a big lie and tell it often until everyone believes it. Wasn’t that the methodology of the German Workers Socialist Party?

  19. Knijnenburg is nothing more than a pathetic nothing, with nothing better to do than stir up the wrath of good people. That’s apparently how he gets his jollies. He can’t possibly be that stupid! He would forget to breathe and die if he were really that dumb! So let’s all just ignore that pile of pond scum and think about more important issues. I have a feeling none of his students take him very seriously… after all, he’s an ASSISTANT professor. That means he’d better toe the line.

  20. ALL dumocommies ARE UNhinged and insane!!

  21. The left and, assholes like this are the ones that spread hate and racism. I am willing to bet that this particular piece of shit has no black neighbors. This so called teacher should lose his job immediately. If I had a child going to a place of higher education, I surely wouldn’t want him to be influenced by a deranged jerk like him.

  22. Since the liberals position is nothing but outrageous slander, I’ll give you an accurate definition of the new Democrat Party of America. It is as follows: A hate group of persons with closed minds who push their false socialist utopian ideology in a capricious, fallacious, malicious, and viscous manner.

  23. George E. LeFebvre

    This professor is exactly why the country is in a mess. His lame brained comment is enough that the University should throw his butt out on to the street with the rest of the trash blowing in the wind. Better yet, deport the idiot to siberia or somewheres in Alaska and let him freeze to death like his brain is frozen from stupidity.

  24. How did this jackass become a professor??? I guess by other idiot Liberals!!! I have to feel sorry for the kids of tomorrow. If we can’t stop this bullshit hatred now, There will be no America 10 yrs from now.

  25. We must tell the professor that it is time for him (or is it her or xe or zyr) to pick a side: denounce the Obammunist revolt or admit you are a communist. All supporters of the “resistance”, nay all zealots of the party of Waters, Olbermann and Hodgkinson, are communist scum.

  26. Hey Professor Deek-head, “I know you are but what am I?”

  27. I think we need to have a citizen test. Just one question asked: Do you love America? If the answer is no, you are deported.

  28. Bart Knijnenburg has now made public his membership in the lunatic fringe headed up by Kerosene Waters, Al Sharpton, Chuck Schumer, Al Gore, Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama and his Muslim staff and the Black woman Senator who says all white people should give their property to Black people. Prior to 1965 and definitely before 2008 we did not see this fickle mindset. What scorpion nest do these people come from? Why don’t they all pool their money, buy and island somewhere, move there and set up their own warped anti-humanitarian colony. They obviously don’t like being in the greatest nation on earth. That is my modest proposal.

  29. Pamela Sue Therrien

    Someone needs to share with this so caller Professor the history of the Democratic party even up to the current times which was and is highly racist, they were the party FOR Slavery, they create Unions to stop Blacks from getting “white” jobs, they created the KKK, and on and on they still go in to the inner cities make a ton of promises and will give you a phone but trash the lives mind you they live like kings on their backs until they are all used up.

  30. Vermin like these are NOT professors,they are Communist Anti America mind altering criminals.Destroying the future American society is their only mission.No teaching of anything of value


  32. These are BIG words coming from an even BIGGER POS! I would venture a guess and say that this assh**e would be very, very reluctant to say the same thing, one-on-one, to said, “scum!”

  33. This is the party(SCUM DEMOCRATS) under which slavery thrived and the Jim Crow laws were
    passed. They are the party of the Ku Klux Klan. The party that
    abolished abolitionists. The party that only discovered “civil rights”
    after realizing, cynically, that it was their path to winning over the
    South. But forget about all of that. Let’s just focus on the present moment,
    which is where the Democratic Party continues to be the most destructive
    force of racism in the country. Racism is division, and the Democrats
    would not exist were it not for the weaponization of racist division.
    They have turned oppression into a team sport. They have built a
    political platform on “us vs. them,” and it has come to represent the
    of their ideology, insofar as they have an ideology. The problem with
    this – besides the obvious – is that they know that
    “solving the problems of racist inequality” would mean certain,
    inevitable doom for their party. What would be left to fight for? And so
    they pursue policies that are guaranteed not to work. Policies like
    affirmative action, government handouts, and de-criminalization of
    crime. Policies that are deliberately constructed to not only create
    problems were there were none, but to keep alive those problems that
    could have been solved years ago. They DEPEND on their own failures for
    their own survival, and that means they are directly responsible for
    keeping African-Americans (and other minorities) stuck in a cycle of
    dependence. Get your facts straight professor you “RACIST SCUM”

    • Everything you have said is so true. They have no platform except racism. It’s been working for them so they keep doing it.

  34. Typical lib professor. A prime example of those who can’t make it in the real world teach!

  35. That Clemson professor is the racist scum of the century. Where does Clemson University find these kinds of misfits to screw up the minds of our young people? He’s continuing to dumb-down our students to make them the protesters and rioters that they are becoming. It makes them perfectly qualified to run for Congress.

  36. Thomas Lee Fugate

    Can all of us who supported Trump sue this nut for slander? A good class action lawsuit that also named the university might shut some of these idiots up.

  37. When the communists infected our educational system about 70 years ago, they destroyed any chances of patriotic Americans being educated. Our higher educational “system” is a disgrace and abomination.

  38. If you support Trump, if you are Republican, and above all if you are WHITE, you are racist scum. So I am racist scum because I want a better America? No. It is people like the so called professor that are the bottom dwellers that spew forth hate and keep the violence going. The University’s have become a breeding ground for such people. Stop all government funds and they have no platform from which to preach hate.

  39. I definitely see another “”Civil War”” coming down the Road!!!!! These POS Libtards – White and Black, are going to keep pushing Real Americans to the Brink … then “ALL HELL’s” going to take place, … “it in the Cards,” … period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It will not be in my Time – more than likely, but I wouldn’t mind being around to take out my share .. of the Morons … LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I feel in my heart that the person that called me a racist does not know me. So unless you absolutely know this about anyone you should not call people names. As a professor you should be teaching the truth to our children not filling their brains with hate and your ideas, but what the book has in it. Your opinion is like everyone else’s. But it is not fact. I see so much hate on both sides of the line, maybe it’s time all needs to look at themselves and see a peaceful way that we can work to settle our differences. Hate is such a destructive choice, to make America great we will need to become accepting of others and to be forgiving. Our history has happened there is no going back, you learn from the mistakes and move on. This professor needs to look deep inside. Why is he so against republicans? Where does all his hate stem from? Why is he throwing all Republicans in the same barrel? What basis does his comment help the situation? I hope he reads this and answers the questions for he is the only one that can answer these questions.

    • He doesn’t care about truth and reality. It’s what he and his ilk want to believe. In fact, they must believe or their world crashes. That’s the leftist way.

  41. This foolish man is deceived! He has been brainwashed by the left, and hasn’t a clue as to truth, integrity, reality or who the true racists are! He is totally unfit to teach! By his actions and his comments, he also has no idea that there is a God who will judge him!

  42. And these are the looney toons teaching your kids and you parents are more stupid for allowing it.Shame on you parents.

  43. I would learn everything I could and Home School my children I know of a woman who did just that her two daughters are in regular high school now and pulling in A and A+ they are also very learned and are going to Christian Cllege

    • My daughter is also home schooling and grands are exceptional children. She did it due to our schools teaching and taking God out of our schools.

  44. he should be fired as some of his salary comes from state funds quit the labeling you don’t know the truth

  45. So, Bart Knijnenburg has a Phd: We all know it really stands for Piled high n deep. He just proved it.

  46. Oh My,Another nut job professor has his panties in a twist.I think it’s time they start vetting professors.

    • They do…and that’s why he’s teaching. It’s all part of the lefty, nut-job, progressive’s plan…to brainwash our youth.

  47. • These liberal bigots just want to twist the knife in white people and especially patriots

    • The racist anti-America left is doing everything possible to eliminate white influence, history, progress…exceptionalism…ALL the things that made and make America great.

    • WORSE, we’re letting them do it.

    • WHY are we the COWARDS and not pushing back?


      Get your family and friends involved.

      Contact your town, county, state and federal officials…

      …And don’t forget the local newspapers, TV/radio stations, schools and school boards.

      Tell them what you think and that you are not going to just stand idly by as our great country is taken over by peeps intent on destroying it.

      If you won’t, who will?

      Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop!

      PS: You might also mention that, for safety’s sake, no one should be allowed to wear masks and carry backpacks at demonstrations coz they are up to no good…

      …The anti-America Antifa and BLM has shown this. How many times do they have to prove it?

  48. Let me understand, Dr. Bart Knijnenburg is an assistant professor at South Carolina’s Clemson University, a public university, in the school of Computing.

    Well Dr. Bart Knijnenburg, he lacks understanding and wisdom and a touch of reality.
    I wonder if his latest article;

    In Whose Best Interest?: Exploring the Real, Potential, and Imagined Ethical Concerns in Privacy-Focused Agenda

    Dr. Knijnenburg however exercises imaging ethical concerns without basis or ethics which he may or may not have ever had, in his rant. In fact he states on his own http://www.usabart.nl/portfolio/#home.html in his resume;

    “Our online lives are full of small but difficult decisions. Which app should I install? Should I post this on Facebook or not? Which YouTube video should I watch? What will this e-commerce website do with my personal information? In my research I try to understand the psychological principles behind these online decisions. Using Big Data and Machine Learning principles, I try to make these decisions a little easier with better user interfaces and “smart defaults”.

    Dr. if you had principles you wouldn’t have said the stupid statement you said.

    Clemson University should protect the student body it is supposed to protect from uneducated, misguided, people like you and terminate your association with Clemson, in doing so Clemson University would be excising a smart default.

  49. It’s always the racists who are screaming RACISM.

  50. I am proud to be a racist. And it is a**holes like this turd that has made me one. He has no problem with Obambam being a racist, I’m just emulating his idol.

  51. The great memories I still hold were about the wonderful Teachers who were always “teachers”! As for this fellow, he is what he is and can’t ever change! He is a “Grand Hero in his own mind” and cares about nothing but being the “smartest man on the planet” and could be even better if his “dumb students” would do as I do and do as I tell them! No matter it now takes college and universities students 6, 7, even 8 years to finish school, it must be “teachers” like this moron!

  52. It’s bad (and sad) enough that our public schools are little more than day care centers; this coupled with being brainwashing and indoctrination centers. And now, our centers of (supposed) higher learning are just extensions of our marginally-performing secondary schools. Listen up, it’s not just this impudent, contemptuous pseudo-liberal who is acting up and acting out. A great number of people in this country have become unhinged, or are at risk for such willful misconduct. Every last one of us must get a grip, exercise both tact and self-control.

  53. Why are we even giving air time or response to people like this. He is a communist instigator and should be treated as a traitor.

  54. These ignorant professors all need to be fired. It is shocking to me how corrupt and unhinged so many of these college campuses have become with these crazy professors. And, our tax dollars are paying for this nonsense? Time to drain the college campus swamps, or cut off tax payer funds.

  55. Has anyone even checked to see if this @$$ hole even voted?

  56. And this a–hole is teaching our children? Bullshit! I will bet that this scumbag professor was never in the military!

  57. What else would one expect from:
    (a) a Dutch Pirate (his BS is from Eindhoven University in the Netherlands),
    (b) his focus in computer science is more oriented toward human psychology than logic design and mathematics, and
    (c) his understanding of US politics is likely limited to European socialist prejudices, the evening network so-called news, CNN, MSNBC, and the echo chamber of fellow associate professors who are likewise indoctrinated totalitarians of the European bent.

    Clemson University has reprimanded him and demanded an apology. We’ll see what happens next.

  58. Okay, I am a Republican, and I voted for Donald Trump. That makes me a racist? Okay, as some from the “younger generation” would say, “Whatever, dude!” Your insults mean nothing to me! There are far worse things that you can call me than a “racist” – such as, “Liberal Democrat!” As far as the “scum” part goes, its you stinking perverted idiot liberals that advocate every sort of degenerate behavior under the sun, such as sodomy. So, Mr. professor – oh excuse me, “Dr. Professor,” GO TO HELL you bag of shit!

  59. Clemson University has no choice but to fire this assistant Professor. Talk about racist! What planet does he come from that he thinks he can paint the cconservative world with his sick paint brush. Fire him, Clemson!!

  60. The racists is the Clemnson professor as he teaches and brainwashed our children socialistic and communistic bunk following Alinsky and the Hitler playbook!
    We need to homeschool or send our very young children to private or parochial schools. The public schools are union teachers, that have to teach socialism to our children, to be brainwashed !

  61. This seriously deluded professor is what is wrong with with our country. Like the propaganda spewing media they spread hate everywhere they can to force people to hate each other. When will people learn our country will only survive if we all come together as one nation under God, as we were for 200 some odd years. Never perfect but the problems were mostly fixable with negotiations.

  62. This nutty professor does not realize that by calling all Republicans and conservatives racist he is actually acting like a racist scum himself. Oh well, he is short in sanity and memory.

  63. William L. Ramsburg


  64. I am outraged at the asinine wanna be professors charged with educating our young adults and rather indoctrinating them in the ways of their LEFTIST/SOCIALIST anti-patriotic deplorable agenda! The RIGHT needs to retake failing academia!

  65. Let’s see, denounce my affiliation or admit I’m racist scum? Doesn’t seem like much of a choice. And according to the professor we racist scum had this (conservative) affiliation because of our complacency. Well let me be clear about this professor, we are not complacent, we are not racist scum, and Trump is in office almost directly because of blinded by hate, name calling, liberal to the point of ridiculousness, ball-sack-sweat like the professor.

  66. I is a cracker therefore I is a Racist Trump Supporter so you hate America, move to Cuba.

  67. Another far left wing lib whack job. There are many so called professors who are socialist/commies in our colleges. Parents beware of where you send your children to school. Personally glad I quit college before becoming indoctrinated by these deranged morons. By the way became very successful without the sheepskin.

  68. Actually, Professor Poindexter, we prefer Deplorables, or Rebel scum. Do your research.

  69. “Racist scum?” What criteria is he using for accountability?

  70. Another useful idiot disguised as an intellectual. All these fools pretend to be enlightened when in fact they are being used by anarchists and communists.


  72. Talk about “Racist Scum”, that STUPID Bart Knijnenburg takes the cake…….IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!!!

  73. These stupid Democrap processors wants to rewrite history. The Democrap party is the party of slavery, segregation, racism. Only in the Democrap party can someone not only be a KKK member but a high ranking leader of the KKK can become Senate majority leader. That was Robert Bird.
    This is also why they want to tear down those Confederate monuments. They were prominent Democrats. They want to erase that fact from history.

  74. Knijnenburg leave this country now! It may be the only way to save your life in what is to come. Your comments have been noted, and you have been listed! When TSHTF, you will be outed as an domestic enemy to be “controlled!” Your idea of freedom of speech will no longer exist. Your freedoms you take for granted and never earned will no longer exist.

  75. As an employee of one of South Carolina’s two most highly rated public universities, this nitwit is saying that the 55% of SC voters who cast their ballots for Donald Trump in the 2016 election (1,155,389 citizens) are all “racist scum.” That does in fact seem a tad unhinged, doesn’t it? And consider that as taxpayers, we provide this person’s salary!

    FYI, Knijnenburg is an Assistant Professor in “Human-Centered Computing” at Clemson. He describes himself as a “researcher on privacy decision-making and ‘recommender’ systems (a subclass of information filtering system that seeks to predict the ‘rating’ or ‘preference’ that a user would give to a subject such as movies, music, news, books, jokes, restaurants, garments, financial services, life insurance, romantic partners / online dating, and Twitter pages)”. In the past he has received a $412K research grant from the Department of Defense to study “Privacy in the Total Learning Architecture.” Amazing, isn’t it? Will you sleep more securely tonight knowing this?

    In his own words, he proclaims that “Our online lives are full of small but difficult decisions. Which app should I install? Should I post this on Facebook or not? Which YouTube video should I watch? What will this e-commerce website do with my personal information? In my research I try to understand the psychological principles behind these online decisions.” Considering his “Republican racist scum” rant, just think about the implications of what the University is empowering him to do.

    Last spring he taught a class in the “Measurement & Evaluation of HCC Systems.” HCC (Human Centered Computing) is described by NASA as “a computer systems engineering methodology that uses a combination of methods from computer science, social science, and management studies to understand and model work practice, technology use, and technology gaps. Its objective is developing computer systems that fit human capabilities and practices by exploiting and improving Artificial Intelligence programming methods.” I guess this replaces what we used to call “common sense.”

    My brother-in-law (a PhD himself) jokes that insofar as college degrees, “BS” stands for B*** S***; “MS,” for More of the Same; & “PhD,” for Piled Higher & Deeper. Knijnenburg is of course a PhD, which in light of what we know now seems a perfect fit.

    Clemson, do you really need this guy? Is this not much more than a Freedom of Speech issue? Do you want our students exposed to him?

  76. Wait till the dumb SOB finds out what we think of him and his teaching! The book is still open as to whether this was a setup by the liberals as there are many reports now of staged parts of this issue and the possibility this kid was stampeded into the fray by the Soros crowd to create a tragedy. There are also reports from crime scene analysis that all is not right with the media assumptions and reports of the events. The story is not over mister professor. So don’t turn in your term report until you have vetted your sources!

  77. Well, it is Clemson, you know! What do you expect??? GO GAMECOCKS!!

  78. Professors like this A-H Knijnenburg are exactly what is wrong with our public educational system here in the United States of America! He is an example of how our public schools and universities have become indoctrination centers and have nothing to do whatsoever any more with education.

    It is becoming more and more obvious we may actually have to have a civil war here in America in order to cleanse this once great nation. Quite frankly I personally see no way people like Knijnenburg can ever change their opinion regarding conservative principles which includes personal freedoms. They have, it seems, been indoctrinated to the point of no return. They have no ability to even see their own destructive thinking patterns. They have become unreasonable and we all know it is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person.

    A movement has been afoot here in America ever since the end of WWII to make America a communist state. However, we Americans have been so busy minding our own business we have failed to notice it. Consequently, our freedoms and even our nation has slipped or is slipping away from us. Some Americans are finally beginning to awaken and realize the destructive course we are on as a nation. Finally we have a president who sees that destructive path and recognizes it must be corrected or we, this whole nation, will be history. President Trump is Americas last chance to save our once free nation. That is also exactly why he is loathed so intensely. That is exactly the reason why the progressive communist so called democrats are so angry hillary clinton lost the election.

    Has anyone ever asked why we needed a fundamental transformation? Was it ever explained? Just why did so many progressives cheer it wildly when obama promised it? How about asking why we suddenly were promised a civilian police force just as well equipped, funded and trained as our military. Which by-the-way they also cheered wildly when obama announced it. Have you personally ever asked yourself why such a police force would be needed? Could it possibly have been because the promised fundamental transformation was going to require force in order to completely implement it? What was it obama intended to transform the US into? Does anyone really know? Last but not least why was obama so hell bent on restricting the guns out of existence?

    All these things are what people like Knijnenburg support now perhaps people can realize why he acts like he does. However, keep in mind these progressive communist so called democrats also infiltrated our government and media including both newspapers and television stations.

    Americans indoctrination continues.

  79. That little pansy-a** Prof.doesn’t knows Jack-S** about the real world!! As a retired therapist and university professor, I’m appalled by the attitude of this elitist punk!! If I were in his department, I’d be forced to B**** slap him in an attempt to knock some sense into his brain which obviously is vacant and devoid of common sense!!

  80. HOW does a moron like this get to be a professor of ANYTHING ?????

  81. That is the way deranged liberal’s see the world…any honest think citizen’s would denounce such a statement or the lunatic stating such a statement…every notice the mainstream news media NEVER denounces such statements….Gee I wonder if its because the news media isn’t honest…??? Something to think about.

  82. To the A – H*le from this President Trump supporting scum, Bring it!

  83. Be glad to be called names from satanic demon-rats! Be glad to stand with greatest president of all times, pleasing God!!!! Against killing babies! Against all that God hates!!! God loves all but hates gay marriage! God will bless who blesses Israel!!! Thank God were still on the map after obumer and his hate towards God’s chosen people!!! All the beheadings of christians and not letting them in our country!!! Thank God for Donald Trump!! 8 years going to make all how will allow to make America great agian!!! If your not in feel free to go buddy up with little fat man in north korea! Your just like Mr. devil. Bible says devil your father!!!!

  84. And to think this moronic professor actually teaches a class. Clemson should have fired Bughole Bart on the spot, but most of its officials are likely left-wingers so a scumbag such as him probably won’t be removed. Well, I know one college that my grandson won’t be attending, and I hope there are thousands of others who think likewise.

  85. The way you are talking you sound like a Professor who is a low life NIGGER!!! I wouldn’t want any kids that i know to be taught by a SCUMBAG NIGGER!!! WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!

  86. Cellestial Fenner

    http://www.blackbookoftheamericanleft.com/. The Black Book of the American Left by David Horowitz. An excerpt from this article describing the book: “President Obama was born, bred and trained in the progressive movement. His mentors were Communists and their progressive successors. On entering the Oval Office, he launched his administration with a global “apology tour,” conceding America’s “guilt” not only towards the Muslim world, but also towards surviving members of the Soviet bloc in Central America. The signature foreign policies of his administration were retreats from America’s battlefronts against Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq; tepid and therefore ineffectual responses to terrorist forces in the Middle East; support for Palestinian terror regimes in the West Bank, Gaza and Egypt, this last under the Muslim
    Brotherhood; and a major foreign policy effort to bring America’s mortal enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, into the community of nations, fund its terrorist regime and provide its leaders with a legitimized path to nuclear power.”

  87. Google the wizard for details but he is just another immature snowflake moving from academia computer project to another, e.g. he’s a nothing. He does need to be fired so he can be unemployed and worry about how to really make a living, but he is really nothing. Also, it would be good to get him out of the gene pool, but he is probably already done that for us.

  88. brainless prof……bet he’s some teacher…..hostile, arrogant, rude, someone you would really(?) want to teach your children.

  89. Idiots like this will regret his words when his socialist agenda turns on him. During the Soviet Revolution who got shot? The Educators.

  90. Well, how about all of the “unhinged racist Trump supporters” who are alum of Clemson withdraw every penny of donations and support to Clemson, including not sending their kids there. I think that’s fitting. Let the high and mighty prof Bart do without a salary till he apologizes and all the monies lost are made up.

  91. angelo cucuzza,jr



  93. This teacher and I say that lightly needs to be ask to resign and I am doing my best to get this out on the waves pull your money away from the college until he leaves do you really want someone like this teaching your child


  95. This is why they’re purged during every major revolution since the dawn of time….

  96. Another asshole with a degree, he needs to be kicked out of every college in OUR country. If he wants to teach this BS let him go to the middle east to teach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. My brother was a former communist. I was a Democrat 45 years but resigned only a few months ago because it appeared Democrats had become like this professor: bigoted, biased, and basically seditionist. I wanted no part of sedition. My brother and I both voted for Trump because of the vicious, anti-American and bigoted attitude of Democrats. They are not the angels they claim to be. Even the secretaries at work were afraid to admit they supported Trump. Every Trump supporter I know is decent and not racist. The Dems took a few outliers and then claimed all Trump supporters were like that, and if you disagree, they threaten you, call you names, they try to destroy you. That’s wrong, obviously!

    • I believe something like 3150 COUNTIES out of a total of 3200 in the United States voted in President Trump’s favor. The COMMUNIST anarchist Nazi democrats just hate that. We The People are not going to let LosAngelos and New Dork dictate who our Presidents are. Democrats are IRRELEVANT except for all the illegal crap they must be prosecuted for.Jerkoffs plain and simple are what democrats are. IRRELEVANT JERKOFFS!

      • Unfortunately they are not irrelevant. They control the major media, and the schools, and they have their brown shirts in the Antifa, whom they amazingly support although it is clearly a hate group. The Democrat mayors have their police stand down so the Antifa can commit violent acts against supposed white-supremacists, which are growing in their minds to include all Christians and Republicans. They’re not done, yet.

    • Thank you, some people are beginning to wake up and see the truth!

      • I didn’t like either side but remained a Democrat, because I hoped to be able to influence the party back to the center. No chance of that! They’ve got nothing, now, no plan except get power and change the government. For candidates, they offer an unapologetic communist who never worked for a living and the head of a crime syndicate.

        • We need a lot more people like you, cv.

          • Surely there are millions of disaffected Democrats. I am a scientist and successful writer, and to me I can virtually read the mind of media writers. Their bias is incredible! So much so it shouldn’t take an expert to see through them. I am amazed they are so inept that they don’t notice it, themselves. I voted for Trump, despite imperfections, and see through the ridiculous charges brought up against him every day. It’s absurd. He’s America’s best hope, at present. The parties are up to their necks in fiscal malfeasance, so they’re both against him.

  98. Just have that professor (?) take a long stroll with me deep into our eastern wilderness and get lost to the point that we have to depend on our wits to survive. Only one will walk out. Guess who?
    Sometimes being “educated” will not “cut the mustard”. Oh, and I hold multiple college degrees but made it my business to know how to survive for those I love and me. I bet the prof. doesn’t even know how to use a good knife.

  99. angelo cucuzza,jr


  100. Richard Bagenstose

    it’s ok for them to call us racists and all kind of other names , but when we call them ni**ers all hell brakes lose , just like we ain’t suppose to call muslims terrorists, anyone other then me see the double standard here

  101. Just as it has always been, those that scream racism are always the biggest racist of them all.

  102. How do idiots like these ever get to be Professors? Is it some form of inbreeding or cloning. Surely they are not produced by parents. These vile creatures simply need to be erased.

  103. How can this Idiot hold a job teaching. He is obviously out of touch with reality. I’d like him to explain why the CAAP (Coalition of African American Pastors). Was and is against Obama and pro President Trump. Could it be that a Republican like myself, a white person would have actually donated money to the CAAP organization. No that would not fit into his nice neat little way things work in this country. It scares me to no end that our teachers are so blind to the facts. I have a 13 year old that came home and told me that she was told Trump’s Grandparents owned slaves. I drive her to school every morning about 25 min. drive. I have been telling her that I just want her to think for herself and not let people push her to believe everything they hear on the so-called news. Question things that you are told do your own checking. Like my grandfather told me “believe half of what you actually see and none of what you hear”.

  104. Here is some actual facts. Obama’s real father is not the goat herder from Kenya and he knows it. Obama’s real father was FRANK MARSHAL DAVIS. the whole cover up about the birth certificate had nothing at all to do with where he was born. The birth certificate said Father – Unknown. There are plenty of pictures of Mr. Davis all over the internet look him up for yourself and see if there is any family resemblance. Obama is the spitting image of his real father. So why lie about who his real father was. Well do you think he would have been elected if the country had found out FRANK MARSHAL DAVIS a card carrying communist was Obama’s real father. Want the scary part Obama admits spending quite a lot of time with Mr. Davis from the age of 14 or 15 to about age 19. Mr. Davis wrote for several communist magazines in the late 50s and into the 70s. Not to mention the fact that Mr. Davis was 40+ years old married with 3 children of his own. When he met Obama’s 18 year old mother in Hawaii.
    Last little tidbit. Mr. Davis wrote a article about the facts that no outside source no country could invade the United States of America, because everybody has guns and weapons. He wrote the only way to take over the United States is from within their own government. there was no other way to do it. Wake up people this didn’t all start yesterday. These people have been slowly chipping away at our freedoms for 50 or 60 years.

  105. Typical reaction by a typical college professor. All parents should think and look very closely before sending their children to one of these indoctrination camps.


  107. you know I’ve been thinking about this…a lot…..maybe just maybe as all my christian friends are saying this is a “God Thing”. Why did a man like Trump come along….when all power was so firmly held by the Dems? And he lite a tiny fire that turned into a bonfire and swept the election. Just when this Christian country needed to get back to it’s roots. We cannot be apathetic(!) and just watch what he is trying to do. That’s why I believe these sites like this very one are so busy…..call it the jungle telegraph, smoke signals from the nearest hill or whatever.I truly believe so many people are waking up to the very fact that we are in danger of losing not only our American way of life but America itself. AND I will say it again and again……..it wasn’t just Republicans who elected Trump. There is a silent population of Democrats who are waking up to the fact that their party has clearly been hi-jacked by communists and gone way over the hill left and want to continue. And the regular American Democrats have started to rebel against their very own party! We need to reach out and begin ‘talking’ to them, by stating over and over that we know they are there, and we want them to join us and be a part of this effort. I think they have been silent and unhappy for a long time. Does that sounds familiar…..sure…it’s what brought each of us to this point in our lives where we will no longer stand aside while the Liberals ruin our way of life, our heritage, our country. Sooooooo…..for me… no more ‘dimocraps’, no more ‘libturds’. I am not going to answer or talk to them like they do us. I will call them communists…..they are…..and they are no longer Democrats to me. I will call them the Lefties, the socialists, the marxists, or whatever……but I will rise above their hate and promote a better, kinder, “Reagan America”. When he came along, it was rough at first, no one thought he could get anything done, the left called him the failed actor, and yet he prevailed and America answered and we rose as a nation.

  108. you, comrade professor deserve to be send to N.KOREEA to learn what is “”realy democraty and liberty is””

  109. And he’s one of the best reasons my granddaughter transferred out of Clemson university this year!

  110. They need to fire that idiot!!

  111. How can someone get to be a professor with such idiotic thoughts?

  112. Another racist scumbag calling anyone who doesn’t follow his ideals racist. This ass needs to look in the mirror but that might scare him.

  113. I “PRAY”,
    before Prayer is OutLawed by the Left, that this “Assistant Professor” is Promoted … to Graduate Student at some insignificant Junior College faculty where tuition is less than $300.00 per semester.

    Clemson deserves better …

  114. This is one Libtard that needs to join the ranks of the unemployed where he can stop poisoning the minds of our college students. Come on, Clemson, FIRE this creep

  115. I’m a proud racist, thank you !

  116. obama supporters are “RACIST SCUM!!!”

    M A G A !!!

  117. Since Trump’s win in November the left have truly showed their true unhinged totally out of touch Marxist attitudes. Joe McCarthy has been proven time and again since November that he was right beyond all doubt. Media, academia, and the government are rife with Democrat Socialists. The Democrat Party ought to be honest with the people and add that title to their party name, Democrat Socialist Party. That is how I shall here after think of and refer to them.

  118. The dreams of the left cannot work due to human nature, even Obama a spooled rotten liberals see himself as an elitist in the New World Order not a piss on like the rest of us. Look go to a war zone where there are limited resources, our military trains officers with an attitude their above the enlisted in everyday and privilege. Oftem many become selfish and only they and their wants matter. The unit moral is broken as the little guys feels he is not appreciated or given some sort of fair status. Now think about socialism and the rich pushing for it, now get real.

  119. Conservatism Is Cancer

    I thought conservatives hated P.C.

  120. If he is not fired it means the school agrees with him and no conservative should send their children there. I wish there was a way President Trump could shut down the liberal media and these commie-infested colleges and universities.

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