Under Trump’s Leadership, We Avoided Catastrophe in Syria

In a story that is unlikely to make many headlines in a media environment where sex scandals and phony accusations of collusion get all the ratings, something remarkable happened in the Middle East this week. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was withdrawing his troops from Syria, putting the finishing touches on an explosive civil war, a devastating battle against terrorism, and, most precipitously, a powderkeg situation that temporarily looked as though it could lead us all into World War III.

At the Hemeimeem Air Base in Latakia, Syria, Putin said that Russia and Syrian forces had destroyed ISIS, “one of the most capable groups of international terrorists” with two years of sustained bombings.

“The task of fighting armed bandits here in Syria, a task that it was essential to solve with the help of extensive use of armed force, has for the most part, been solved and solved spectacularly,” Putin said in an address to Russian troops. “I congratulate you! You have shown the best qualities of a Russian soldier.”

It was exactly a month ago that Trump and Putin met informally on the sidelines of the Vietnam economic summit and issued a statement about the future of Syria. “President Trump and President Putin today, meeting on the margins of the APEC conference in Da Nang, Vietnam, confirmed their determination to defeat ISIS in Syria.”

This was a meeting that would have been all but impossible – and certainly ineffective – under the Obama regime, and it simply proves what a bullet we dodged by electing Trump over Hillary Clinton. It was not long ago that Syria was beginning to look like the small-scale battleground that could easily explode into an international war between the U.S. and Russia. And if we’d put Clinton at the helm, it could have certainly gone in that direction. Hillary, who is a war hawk by Republican standards, much less Democrat standards, was largely responsible for getting us mired in the Syrian conflict in the first place. You can bet that she would have wanted to finish what she started, even if that meant exposing us to the risk of all-out nuclear war.

Trump, on the other hand, understands the value of improving relations with Russia. Whatever the American news media thinks about it, he’s exactly right. It does not serve U.S. interests to escalate this conflict beyond the breaking point. Trump used diplomacy and now the situation is beginning to cool off. Putin is pulling out, ISIS is on the brink of utter annihilation, and the prospects for global peace look better than they have in a long, long time. All it took was a fresh set of eyes – a president who has seen what decades of uninterrupted American interference in the Middle East has gotten us: Not much. A president who sees that better relations with Russia can only work to our advantage. These insights seem simple enough, but they were too difficult for Obama (or Clinton) to grasp.

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  3. So Trump was so busy in Syria that he could not avoid the Republican catastrophe in Alabama. Well that’s yoo busy

    • Trump is doing nothing in Syria, and Alabama would rather vote for a Democrat then a accused child molester. Stop making excuses for Trump.

      • So, you don’t believe in the concepts of “due process under the law” and “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?”

        • A true American does!

        • I said “accused”.
          And whilst you’re at time, what has Trump done in Syria?

          • Your response, ‘I said “accused”‘, didn’t answer my question about due process. Even so, I’ll answer your Syrian question this way: I don’t know the behind-the-scenes details about what’s going on in the Middle East, and I doubt that you do either. But I do know that President Trump’s policies have us close to victory over ISIS in Iraq, ISIS is close enough to being wiped out in Syria that Putin feels it’s safe to pull his forces out of Syria, and US and Russian forces have not been shooting at each other.

          • Until due process goes though, he’s still accused.
            What exactly has Trump done to defeat Isis? Isis was in decline before he entered office, and all the news is about Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Kurdish, and even Russian forced taking down Isis, but no US forces?

          • Are you a complete idiot, that is fake news!

          • Can you disprove it?

          • Regarding the war with ISIS, Trump did the smartest thing any Commander-in-Chief could do. He let his military experts run the war. Regarding “he’s still accused”, that means he’s still innocent.

          • The military would have been doing the same thing if Clinton was elected.

          • Wow! Took you a month to come up with a response to my comment! And how do you know what Hillary would do with our military if she’d been elected? Oh, I’ll bet she was briefing you personally during that month. At least, I hope the briefings were in person and not by email…her servers have been known to leak, you know.

          • I forgot about a lot of these treads for a bit.
            The military is doing the same under Trump as it was under Obama. Why would Clinton be any different?

          • Trump has granted the power to respond to his military leaders. Trump has given our military the respect and authority that it deserves. a big difference was approach. The strategy used under Trump was to encircle ISIS held cities and tighten noose until the enemy surrendered or was dead. It worked. The areas ISIS controlled under Obama in one year is a very small fraction of what it was. Let the Generals do what they know how to do and things change.

          • Did you not fellow any News out of the Middle East before Trump was elected. The start of the Push for Mossle began under Obama, and that was lead to Isis losing all the big cities they controlled. America hasn’t even been that involved recently, it’s mostly been the Iraqies, the Syrians, the Russians, and the Kurds.
            And Obama was respectful of the military.

          • I have never seen a President who honors our military to the extent Trump has. As for ISIS control, maps are available on the internet that show areas controlled by ISIS when Obama left office and maps of areas now and the difference is like night and day. Trump even has ex-military as his chief of Staff. When Obama took office, ISIS was barely in existence. They started to grown after our troop withdrawals from Iraq, thus the I in ISIS which stands for Iraq. The S of course stands for Syria.

          • Every President honors the military.
            The big turning point in the Isis’s down fall was the push for Mossle, which started under Obama, and most of the fighting has been none by local groups recently.

          • Were you aware that troop levels were drastically cut during the Obama administration. We barely have enough man power now to fight a battle in more than two places at any given time. ISIS grew into a power when Obama withdrew nearly all forces in his first term. When Obama left office there were 35000 ISIS fighters and ISIS controlled 17,500 square miles of territory. That has now been reduced to less than 2000 square miles, most of which is in Syria and they have less than 1000 fighters now. We did not participate to the level we did under Bush but Trump gave military leaders authority to determine how to fight and they assisted forces in IRAQ and elsewhere through air support and on the ground direction. One year saw the demise of ISIS.

          • You tell me. You seem to be he one with the inside information about what she would do.

          • Answer my question.

          • But, this is your chance to shine and prove that all those people who’ve been calling you bad names on here are wrong. Now’s your chance to show us what you know about what Hillary’s and Barrack’s military tactics.

          • The difference between Trump and Obama is that Trump ordered his military leaders to develop a strategy to fight ISIS. They did and a part of that was to encircle any town controlled by ISIS and tighten the Noose until all were dead or surrendered. It worked and the 35000 Isis fighters that were still fighting when Obama left office now number less than 1000 and territory controlled is only 10% now of the 17500 square miles controlled by ISIS when Obama left office. Clinton was a female version of Obama and likely we could have expected a continuation of the Obama agenda if she had been elected.

          • The women who made the accusations knew the statute on criminal proceedings had long expired. This alleged activity happened forty years ago and the accusations can not be defended. Only two of them really are serious anyway. The waitress who may not have actually worked in the restaurant is represented by Gloria Allred, which in itself calls into question her accusations.and the second is the 14 year old who claims to have been fondled but said nothing for forty years. The rest consist of dates that ended with kissing or phone calls for dates which they declined to accept. This last sentence is nothing to charge someone with. If some one claims you did something to them four decades ago, you are helpless since such charges can not be disproven and the concept of innocent until proven guilty which he has not is meaningless. Your reputation is shot and nothing you do or say can prove they lied.

          • “Until due process goes though, he’s still accused.” And that means he’s still innocent!

          • When Assad used chemical weapons we destroyed his airfields and many aircraft with it. As for on the ground fighting, we have pretty much kept a hands off approach except when our few ground forces there were attacked. Now we did have the false red line drawn by Obama with no response when Assad crossed it.

        • He thinks only Democraps deserve that!


        • The economy went up under Obama.

          • Bullshits.

          • Remember not to believe what you read. Understanding requires a lot of study, knowledge, and analysis—and independence of mind.

          • So I shouldn’t believe this article either?

          • No, you go right ahead and believe fake news if you want to!

          • So this article is fake news🤨?

          • Something you don`t seem to have!

          • Something you claim, amazingly, without a shred of evidence. Try being part of the solution rather than the problem. It works better.

          • You might want to try that yourself!

          • Again a vacuous comment. Merry Christmas, all the same!

          • And a Merry Christmas to you!

          • Reading Bloomberg that figures, fake news.

          • How are they fake?

          • For other countries, Not here.

          • Oh–come on wasn’t Bloomburg a major conspirator in bankrupting New York?

          • Conservatives still seem to trust his news company?

          • For other countries, Not here.

          • It did not. It remained stagnate until the Republicans gained control of the Senate and house.

          • What did the Republicans do that helped the economy?

          • Republicans haven’t been doing much, either. Many are corrupt, as well, or too cowed by an abusive media. Somehow the Dems got worse than Pubs. Both parties are full of Ponzi schemers, a disgrace to their offices.

          • Actually, the whole of calling every news source besides Fox News was so that their supporters don’t care that much about the news, or making reporter afraid to get tough on them.
            And you can’t just complain about all politicians are bad and act like it makes you smart.

          • Your remark doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Also, I did not say “all”. You did.

          • I was speaking generally, and you said “Both parties are full of Ponzi schemers”.

          • You don`t have to be smart to see that the Democrap politicians are bad! You just have to be smart enough to admit it!

          • What’s wrong with the Democrats?

          • Tax cut bill passage coming any day now.

          • If you haven’t been keeping up with that, you need a course in economics.

          • That’s not a answer.

          • OK– in one year the GDP has gone from 1.5 to 3%, the Fed just raised the interest rate .25%, the stock market is at an all time high, your 401K Plan, if you have one, is steadily rising in value and the Congress has gotten off their butts and are in the process of passing tax reforms that have been needed for the past 20 years. Now—If you cannot comprehend what this means to the economy, you do need to take a course in economics.

          • The economy was improving before Trump, and the tax plan it crap for everyone except the rich.

          • That is an out and out lie, quit reading and watching fake news!

          • How is Full Frontal ‘fake news’?

          • I never watch. I do know that Samantha Bee is liberal, so her liberal views likely affect the content.

          • She has made jokes about liberals. You should see a segment they did on a Trump impeachment rally?

          • i have not watch her show and do not plan to.

          • I have never watched and do not intend to watch this Samantha Bee thing. I knew her from prior to two years ago, and she is hard core liberal. Her politics likely affect what she covers.

          • Then don’t complain that you don’t know opposing view points.

          • Her history is one of being very left leaning. Why should I watch someone when I know she has nothing valid to present. Hannity is also biased but I tend to agree with much of what he says. If you are not conservative, Hannnity is not the show to watch.

          • I read articles from crazy sites like this?

          • Samantha Bee is a hard core liberal and if her history is any indication , then her show for the most part is liberal as well. I watch Hannity for some background on issues he covers. It is nearly impossible to find an unbiased news source.

          • I can get all the opposing view points that i need from CBS , NBC, and CNN. The SOTU was great and CNN did their own poll which was highly positive, then they discredited their own poll by calling Them Trump fans. Did you notice that the Democrats sat throughout and even the black congressmen did not stand or clap when he talked about the improvement in black unemployment at the lowest level in history at around 7.8%. There was almost nothing negative or even political in the speech, yet even though very patriotic in parts, no democrats stood.

          • I choose where i get my news from and believe me she is not it.

          • It is satirical comedy and she is a liberal.Who do you think she is going to talk about

          • She makes jokes about liberals and Democrats too.

          • Next year will show whether the tax cuts are a winner or loser. If taxpayers benefit as I think they will, Democrats are toast and will lose seats in the House and Senate in the 2018 elections. If the tax cuts flop, the Republicans are toast and will lose control of one or both houses int the elections. This was passed with no Democrats voting for it.

          • Republicans voters are talking about not voting for the Republicans if they give the Dreamers citizenship, and the Democrats lost in 2010 with a good economy and a more popular president?

          • The election is still 10 months away. Seldom do voters decide who they will vote for based on just one issue. I think the position of the Democrat will also come into play. Republicans can run on the great economy that we are in. I oppose citizen ship for dreamers as well, but if we tighten immigration, build the wall etc, then we prevent this situation from reoccurring. Reagan agreed to citizenship for those here illegally in return for tightening the borders. The citizenship happened, but the promises in return for that somehow faded away like a thief in the night.

          • The Dream act is not full amnesty for every undocumented immigrant.

          • Depending on source, there could be ten million or twenty million illegals. Of the so called dreamers the figures vary also from 800,000 to more than 2 million. Hopefully for the non dreamers we will round them up and deport over time.

          • Even Republicans support The Dream Act.

          • I do not support it, but if legalizing DACA will get the wall built, and tighter immigration controls legalized, I can stomach it. It is still not fair to those who followed the rules for citizenship or green cards, but could well result in less violation later on.

          • And it’s not for to deport people who grew up in America.

          • So in your opinion the fact that they are here illegally means nothing. Borders are important, since they delineate where one country starts and another ends. I can see giving the dreamers the right to remain and a very lengthy process, say two decades to citizenship, in return for funding the 800 miles of wall or fence, ending diversity and tightening chain migration. If not done by the march deadline, deportation should begin. The law says so.

          • Stop acting like giving Dreamers give amnesty for every undocumented immigrant.

          • The only thing that differentiates the dreamers from the other illegals is age. All are here illegally.

          • I just watched the State of the Union address. Trump is all for a path to Citizenship for the Dreamers.

          • Yes, i think he will push for that over a decade or so, in return for funding for the wall, end to diversity lottery, and tightening of chain migration. Without concessions from Democrats, it will not happen.

          • He actually was already offered all the except the wall.

          • without the wall there will be no DACA

          • I thought it was the best state of the union speech since Reagan.

          • It very easily could be a step towards doing just that. those politicians who support the dreamers are also a bit in support of legalizing all of the 11 million or so illegal immigrants. It was done under Reagan, so it does have precedence.

          • No Democrats haven’t called for Amnisty.

          • There are some who have done just that. the government will shut down again in 8 days unless extended. I doubt Schumer will agree to the Trump conditions for DACA and there will be no DACA without that happening.

          • Who’s called for amnesty🤨?

          • Pelosi for starters

          • Pelosi even publicly stated that we owe a debt of gratitude to the parents who broke our laws by bringing their minor children here. The only thing we owe those criminal parents is deportation.

          • The Republicans in Senate have made their final offer to the Democrats. It mirrors what Trump has stated he wants in return for DACA. In three weeks DACA expires without some agreement and without getting the wall funding, end to diversity lottery, and finally tightening of chain migration, DACA will end. It is time for the Democrats to put up or shut up about DACA.

          • If Republican members of congress had supported the Dream act, it would have become law. It did not and Obama issued an executive order to protect Dreamers from deportation. Trump has revoked that executive order effective March. Now i do acknowledge that some Republicans do favor DACA, but some are upset that Trump will likely offer DACA for the wall and tighter immigration. I agree but will take some pepto bismol to stop from throwing up.

          • The Dream act has gained a lot of support among Republican voters, that’s why they support it now.

          • Let’s discuss fanaticism:
            Fanatics come in all shapes, forms and fashions. They may be religious fanatics (and that includes Christians, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic and atheist), political fanatics, sports fanatics, racial fanatics, scientific fanatics and even personal property fanatics; however, they all have one thing in common. They all refuse to believe any facts that do not agree with their own personal beliefs. In fact, they will seek to disprove those facts and even offer up the same old tired, worn out theories that have been disproven over and over and over again. They will not listen to any reason whatsoever if it does not agree with their own opinion. In short they are opinionated beyond belief.

            My grandfather who was born in 1878 warned me that I should never become enrolled in a deep conversation with a fanatic. Sadly, I have failed in that respect, mistakenly thinking that I could change a fanatic’s opinion. Well I’m going to take his advice now in 2017.

          • Everything I say I have facts to back them up.

          • As a matter of fact, the unemployment rate being reported during Obama’s rule, didn’t decrease to a considerable %, UNTIL THE GOP GOT CONTROL OF THE HOUSE, AND DIDN’T PASS “THE EXTENSION OF UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS”, since it was reported the economy was starting to move. In that ONE move by the GOP – lowered the % a large amount. FACT.

          • Actually, quantitative easing accounted for about 6% of GDP, so he was net negative every year for eight years. Things are not always how they spin it in DC.

          • He still ended the recession, and got jobs growing.

          • Here’s another free piece of education: If you borrow an amount equal to about a third of your annual budget, and in addition hold federal interest rates near zero, you can get the illusion of ending the recession. He “ended” it by borrowing truckloads of money on our account. During his tenure, he and Congress borrowed 120k for every family of four in America. In this case he was borrowing money hand over fist. Doubled 250 years of debt in 8 years.

          • Actually Obama did double the debt. If you want to get specific, he came short of doubling it, but compared to other recent presidents, Bush (41) came closer to doubling the debt, Bush (43) more the doublesd it, and Reagan more then tripled it. It also worth noting that when messering debt growth under a President it’s not a good idea to judge it soliy on amount of dollars, because that doesn’t account for interest, and in Obama case, about 50 to 60% of his debt growth was in his first year, which was the last year of the recession, that again, he saw the end up.

          • You can’t talk of double or tripling the debt in Reagan or other years, it depends on how it relates to the GDP to start with. The overall debt was not greater than the GDP until the latter part of Obama’s term, if I recall correctly.

          • How much did GDP grow under Reagan then?

          • oBUMa added as much to the national debt as all the other Presidents put together!

          • Reagan tripled the debt.

          • After Obama’s term, we have more people getting jobless benefits, more people on welfare and more people who are no longer counted as jobless because they stopped looking for jobs. And, we have more people paying more for healthcare coverage, whether they want it or not. I wouldn’t call that an end to the recession.

          • Obama felt office with low unemployment, and less people on social programs.

          • I noticed that the national debt doubled under oBUMa to!

          • It tripled under Reagan.

          • The increase under Reagan was large. The debt under Reagan increased by about $3 trillion , but the debt under Obama went up by $9.3 Trillion which is triple the increase under Reagan. In fact, the dollar increase under Obama is more than the increase under Eisonhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush all combined. Obama is unmatched by any other President on borrowed funds.

          • If you go by dollars alone, but you need to consider interest, and inflation.
            Reagan’s debt growth was the amount of 39 Presidents times two, do that math and Reagan is far worse.

          • Dollars alone do not support your point, so you branch out to other things. On hate crimes, you will not look at per capital figures, but only use total white hate crimes vs total black hate crimes. Per capita is not part of the analysis for you. The same goes for welfare. I f facts do not back you up, find something that does. On white vs black murder rates, the fact that whites commit more numerically than blacks supports your point. You ignore the huge difference in population for blacks vs whites and the way that affects per capita, which is much higher among blacks. Your objectivity sucks will.

          • Per capita only counts to a certain point, for sociological issues like race, it can be more complicated the numbers. And the numbers I use for welfare are solid.

          • per capita is the only fair way to measure crime. For example if you have a city with two million people and have 500 murders and you have a city of half a million with 250 murders, on the surface it looks worse for the larger city. for that reason experts when comparing also look at the population and very quickly you can see that the smaller city has a higher per capita murder rate. Now if smaller city had 125 murders the per capital would be equal.

          • I actually meant the sociological reasons behind crime matter to, not so much more.
            If you want to talk per-capita, Chicago is not that dangerous.

          • Crime rates are tough to figure out. The three larges cities are Los angeles, New York and Chicago . For murder rate, Chicago has a figure of over 15 murder for every 100,000 people. New york and LA have something over 6 and just under 4 per 100,000. It seems someone need to look at why new york has such a low rate when compared. Violent crimes jump up in chicago to nearly 1000 violent crimes for each 100,000 population. In some of the smaller cities just a small numerical jump can cause a spike in per capita. You would think someone would have figured out why some big cities have low rates and some have high rates.

          • Well, New York’s mayor ended stop and frisk, which a lot of people thought was anti-police?

          • Just curious why murder rate is much lower in New York as compared to say Chicago.

          • I don’t know, it’s probably a complicated answer?

          • When I need a good laugh, I look at your comments. When statistics support your point, the statistics are solid. When more information is provided and the statistics no longer support your point, it becomes an anomaly or it is a sociological issue . Very few of your facts hold up under closer examination. Facts are facts and should be closely looked at . Very often they simply show there is a problem begging for a solution. One fact is certain, blacks per capita commit more crimes than whites. Maybe it is time for a solid study to find out why and decrease the number of black violent crimes.

          • Crimes rates are more consistent with poverty then race, studies to show that.

          • There are obviously things in addition to race that come into play, but those are not always objective since many poor people do not commit crimes. Is there any way to determine why crime occurs? Probably not. The per capita data is important if you want to determine who is the offender.

          • I’m just saying what I’ve heard from statistics.

          • you can form an opinion and somewhere out there can find something to support that opinion. Choose carefully the source and then verify a couple of other places.

          • Black unemployment rates have gone down by 50% in the last year and though still too high at 7.8% are getting better. More jobs being created, coupled with strong economy is good for everyone and the mid term results will be affected at least to some extent by that.

          • The DOW IS still struggling to say over 26,000.

          • The key is where is the DOW today, which is end of January compared to where it started the month. The answer is that it is higher by about 1100 points. I call that great growth.

          • Yeah, up the creek and over the waterfall!

          • I think you meant that America’s credibility around the world under Trump?

      • Actually, I can accuse you of being a child molester. So when are you going to come clean and confess? And resign from your job? The reality is that I know nothing and about you, and you know less about what happened forty years ago. It amazes me that so many people are willing to suspend the rights of others. Talk about fascist! Clean up your act, guy.

        • Well I was only born a little over twenty years ago, I wouldn’t remember forty.
          Also, could you give evidence that Prisoued relationships with underage girl, and was banned from areas for that reasons, like Roy Moore?

          • You completely missed the point. The point is can you disprove that you are a child molester? Do you have anyone who has been tied to your hip for those 20 something years. CV has made an accusation against you now, according to you, have to disprove it or be on record as a child molester. I am so tired of these unfounded charges that cannot be proven.

          • What do want a Roy Moore sex tape. No body is accusing me, so I have nothing to disprove, multiple, unrelated people have said the same things about Moore.

          • Hearsay is not evidence.

          • Actually I just accused you a little while ago. I have anonymous sources. Prove your innocence.

          • You’re just being a a** hole.
            And there a reason people would march for women’s rights. Why would so many people accuse Moore for no good reason.

          • See—it hurts to be falsely accused, doesn’t it? Even when you know it’s just an educational tool.

          • I just think you were pushing the ‘tool’ to much.
            Moore hasn’t been accused with weird stories pulled of of someone’s a**, there mall employees who said they had to look out for him creeping around the teenaged girl.

          • Neither you nor I know if that was true. I know people who would swear to it for a couple hundred bucks. Probably others would do it for fifty. Get them in a court of law where they can be tried for perjury.

          • There no proof that any of Moore’s accusers are being payed.
            Remember that woman to try to fake being a Moore victim just make the Washington Post look bad, and they actually did due journalistic process? It make it look like the reporting on the assures pretty solid?

          • Problem is they are turning out to be false accusations that cost Moore the position. Typical liberal smear tactics, yet they are being found guilty of the same crimes. SMH

          • What accusation have been proven untrue?

          • What accusations have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt? Now we have three accusers against you. Wow, they are coming out of the woodwork.

          • For one the yearbook was altered, one that said she was a waitress at the restaurant and no one that worked back then ever remember her working there….

          • The part that Moore wrote himself was real?

          • It has not been proven that Moore wrote any of it. The woman did admit she wrote at least part. No one has compared what she admits to to the other part.

          • She admitted to adding notes, that’s it.

          • No expert has compared to Moores handwriting so we only know for a fact that it was signed by someone. She could have written the rest as well.

          • Why would she?

          • The accusers true or not accomplished what they were aiming for. They destroyed the career of a good person over something they say happened four decades ago. Only two of the acccusations were actually assault if they even happened. Moore lost and not much has been heard from his accusers since the election. We will not likely ever know for sure what did or did not happen 40+ years ago. I do know nothing was ever proven, but when you are accused of something, it is not possible to prove innocence

          • Roy Moore was a head case. Did you hear what he thought about gay people? He may have gone from national news, but he is still in the news.

          • I have no idea nor do I understand why she even brought up something that might or might not have happened forty years ago. ]]]

          • Because a lot of women were calling out men for similar stuff, or that Moore would be elected to national office?

          • I highly doubt it. Would take a handwriting expert to prove he wrote it. I don’t think that it was ever checked out

          • A handwriting expert actually did look at the yearbook.

          • The expert thought the whole thing including the addition was placed by same person. I am something of a hand writing expert and took seven classes in it. You can not look at copies. You must have originals of both to compare. His analysis was quick and was not very professionally done. Roy Moore is finished with Politics so i think it is time to move on. If any crime was committed, the statute of limitations expired many years ago as did time to bring civil charges. I see no reason to continue discussing this. It has been four decades now and proving what did or did not happen is not possible.

          • she probably told the expert about the addition and so he ignored it.
            I’m just trying to clear out old comments.

          • It is time to end discussing the Moore situation. The entire writing has been looked at and there are differences between the official signature of Moore and the one in the book. The DA after the signature is not added with any other signature and is the initials of an assistant hired some years later. He was an assistant DA not DA. The attorney Allred knows it is forged and that is why she will not allow any direct independent review. She can not say that the woman even saw him sign. other employees at the restaurant at the time do not even remember her working there. Even if Moore did sign, all that means is that he signed and that does not prove he assaulted her. Again why does she bring it up four decades later. Allred likely paid her to make the complaint. Her daughter has been caught doing that with the Trump accusers. Last comment on this.

          • Find, stop replying to my comments about Moore.

          • And? If he did sign it, it doesn’t prove he did anything to her now does it

          • That he knew her, and he lied about it for some reason.

          • Just because he signed it didn’t mean he knew her. She saw him as a prominent figure and asked if he would sign her yearbook. Still proves NOTHING. If it really happened why did she wait? It is all B.S. Lies to discredit a good man from being elected to office. Seen it happen more than once in my lifetime

          • Moore is a wacko. He’s a religious fanatic who blames gay people for 9/11. And I don’t buy into his ‘lesbians and Marxists are trying to take over America’ B.S. he’s pushing.

          • Do you know him personally? You seem to think you know an awful lot about him being your only 20. I don’t personally know him but I also don’t Prejudge someone I Don’t know either. Quit just following one brand of news and dig for answers instead of believing everything your told by the MSM

          • Those are from his own, unfiltered words.

          • You’re an idiot and you’re blocked now. Screw off

          • What is your obsession with Moore. You call People out for bringing the criminal Clinton up for discussion. she broke numerous federal laws. Moore may be a total ass, but the election is over. he lost and no one cares any more about him. Give it a rest!

          • You regularly mention the obsession some have with Clinton, but you go way beyond with Moore, who is absolutely a non-issue now.

          • When I was thirty, I spent a lot of time in one certain restaurant because the waitress was pretty hot. Now forty years later, i do not even remember her name, how she wore her hair or even her appearance. I do not recall if she was slender, average size or a bit over weight. I would assume that if she did work there, that Moore might have some problem remembering her.

          • All of them!

          • Source?

          • Are you a child molester? I have heard that are!

          • Roy Moore was accused by girls with no reason to lie. You are just s**t posting at this point.

          • If you want to see some s**t, go look in the mirror!

          • And that has already proved to be a lie!

          • It can be disproven because the mail doesn’t have records that old, but why would those employees lie about that?

          • a lot would depend on who the person making the comment was and if it is actually verified that they worked at the mall four decades ago.

          • It’s already proven they worked at the mail?

          • Will give it a rest. the election is over and there is little more than can be done to hurt the man. With it being four decades ago and changes in management along the way, how could anything be verified. Moore is now a non-issue.

          • Again, I’m just clearing out old comment treads.
            I do not think Moore accusers were just being political.

          • Beautiful!

          • cv just did and I am backing him up. Now prove that you didn’t do it.

          • Your both making huge false equivalencies that’s what.

          • There are multiple accusers, now, prove that you didn’t do it and you are innocent, and that we are making false statements. This is the same scenario that Moore faced. And we too have anonymous sources.

          • The “source” admitted she doctored the yearbook and lied. Gloria Alred and her daughter offered payment to women to accuse of sexual harassment. Its been in the news.

          • Exactly. Higgins hasn’t been around long enough to realize that. In another 20-30 years maybe. I’ve been around long enough to see this happen to people I know, and know extremely well. I have had false non-sexual allegations leveled at me by a guy because my daughter wouldn’t date him.

          • Your age shows in your comments. Try some life experience, pay taxes, lose some jobs, become a parent and try to balance your budget, learn history. I could go on, but at twenty you have a lot to learn.

          • I may yong, but even I could tell Moore would not have been good for the US senet.

          • Good morning Will, hope this finds you well. Use spellcheck please. Moore would have been and is much better choice than Doug Jones.

          • Will admit, I don’t everything about Doug Jones, but he really doesn’t seem that bad. He campaign on law and order, he was definitely pro-American.

          • What is a senet?

          • Senat.

          • Wow, a twenty year old child molester, you got started young!

      • Willy wompa, are you that uneducated or brain washed?? WHAT YOU SAY IS DARN RIGHT RIDICULOUS!!.Its the demorats making unfounded lies like they do on a daily basis. It appears in Congress, all the sexual predators are demorats. Jones day will be coming when everyone learns he is a sexual diviant. You got your political partys mixed up sweetie!
        Oh disqus is allowing editing on all my comments. More evidence on racism toward me.

  4. Cooperation between Russia and the United States is the one thing that the Globalist CABAL (which OWNS the media, the ENTIRE democ-RAT party, AND all of the RINO’s) fears most of all. It Is therefore no surprise whatsoever that the media IN PARTICULAR is so hostile toward President Trump. The CORE REASON why the Globalist CABAL fears said cooperation so much is that it ACCURATELY discerns that said cooperation is a mortal threat toward the CABAL’s GOAL of dissolving American SOVEREIGNTY so that it can enslave the ENTIRE WORLD without American interference.

    • Isn’t Putin part of the globalists elite?

      • You’re kidding, right?!

        • How is Putin not globalists?

          • Because he believes in “Mother Russia” and wants to restore her to her former glory, not join a new world order and be subjected to the likes of Soros, whom he would like to imprison for what he did to the Russian currency.

          • I think you not know what a globalist is?
            Putin to Put Russia back in the center of the world stage. He is just above supporting any dictator to do that. He doesn’t respect other nations laws, or rights, or values, it sound like what you would call a ‘globalist’?

          • Is Putin attacking the U.S.?? Disregarding our laws?? Just one example of your error. I’m also really pleased with the overall response Pres. Trump has now received/caused by labeling Jerusalem as capital of Israel. He is creating peace all over the place, as well as an improved economy in the U.S.

          • Getting Trump elected is sure not helping our laws. And foreign aid in a national election is illegal by itself.
            The Jerusalem decision is not causing peace. And the economy it not because of Trump.

          • MY ONLY comment that may be beneficial: You’re an IDIOT OR JUST PLAIN LYING. We taxpayers, U.S. citizens, voters KNOW THIS.

          • Know what, that Trump is a idiot but just won’t admit it?

          • We could all afford to be an idiot if it would lead to billions in assets. You have to have things on the ball to do that. Keep to facts not opinions.

          • Trump got his money from his family.

          • no one knows for sure how much his father gave him. Some have it as low as 3 million and some have it as high as 10. No matter how much, he did a really good job in investing it and now has billions, though some have that figure different as well with some around 10 billion and some around 4 billion. Either way he is a very wealthy man.

          • He’s made a lot of money off of calling is name but not doing anything.

          • Trump has built a lot of huge buildings. He took chances in New York when the construction industry there was very slow and it turns out the risk made him rich. His father was respected, but you can not be successful just because your father was. Tom Hanks is a good actor, but his son got a break from his name and flopped in his short lived show. Trump developed a lot of expensive property and probably did take some advice from his father in making that move. His name now is worth dollars but that has not always been true.

          • If he made that huge amount of money by doing nothing, I wonder how much he would have made if he had actually worked. $10 million was turned into at least $3 billion. Not bad for a lazy guy as you call him.

          • He spends most of his time as President tweeting, and watching TV.

          • You have no way of knowing what he does when not in public, so give this personal crap a break.

          • Did the author Wolff get you a seat on the couch next to him so you could observe Trump when he wakes up. or when he chooses to watch tv . You worry about the most trivial things one could imagine. We face major problems and you obsess over his tv and tweeting habits. You really need to get a life, Will.

          • There are all kinds of rumors concerning that. Donald Trump had two brothers and two sisters. One brother died in the 80s and had a real problem with alcohol. He has two living sisters and one is a federal judge. His younger brother whose name i can not remember is 67 and retired. I do not know what his fathers estate was worth, but think it would have been divided among his children and possibly his grandchildren. His sister the judge would have contested things if Donald had gotten it all. They have nothing but good things to say about him and he returns that by saying only good things about them as well. In the end what does it matter where he got his starter money from. He used it well.

          • I know know much about Trump’s siblings, I thought both his brothers died.

          • One brother did die, the other is retired, so he has three siblings that are alive. The size of the fathers estate changes from one source to another. The highest estimate is $40 million which if divided would have given Trump less than $10 million.

          • Still haven’t heard much about, or from them.

          • One sister has kept out of limelight. The brother worked with Donald until he retired and Clinton appointed one sister to a federal judge position. All keep their private lives private.

          • I’m rarely interested in a President’s family either way.

          • The family should not even be talked about unless they choose to be involved politically. Chelsea Clinton and the three oldest Trumps made themselves fair game by getting into politics.

          • One sister is a federal judge. She was first appoint as Judge by Ronald Reagan and then later elevated to court of appeals in I think the 3rd district, thought that could be wrong district. The others have lived very private lives and have done nothing that is news worthy other than being the sibling of our 45th President.. His brother did work for their father and later for Donald until he retired . He is younger than Donald at age 67.

          • I wasn’t saying anything bad about them.

          • source and amounts. I agree he got several million.

          • Even Forbes in your reference acknowledges that he turned a small inheritance into a ten digit business . Their rating seems low at 5 out of a possible 10. It is quite common for a son who works for his parent to learn from them and to adopt their business style. The main point is he is worth billions and the estimate varies from around $3 billion to as high as $10 billion. Even the low estimate is impressive.

          • Don’t waste your time with Will, he has obviously been following the lefts playbook and won’t believe anything otherwise. He himself has proven that

          • I had hoped due to his age, he might be convinced to look at facts prior to taking any position on the various issues. He makes comments and i provide facts to refute his position and he then falls back on sociological or race or some other unrelated item. He will not even admit that California is the king of welfare here and New York is close. He thinks that welfare is only a problem in Republican controlled states. I present the facts and he falls back to something else.

          • They refuse to listen to facts no matter how evident they are. They only believe what the left MSM tells them. At his age he should be looking at both sides of things to get to the Real truth in ALL situations as he will have to endure many many years of life yet. Unlike some of us who have seen and been thru more in our lives than he is old. It WILL come back to bite him in the ass and hopefully look back and say I should have listened

          • Actually, low estimates of Trump’s net worth has him down in the millions.

          • No reputable source has it that low. The lowest reliable source has it at around $4 billion. His three oldest kids have net worth around $150 million each. It would be interesting to see who has it below one that has any credibility. Forbes is pretty credible and they have it in the lower billions.

          • Credible sources would of course includes fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg and other similar firms. Even at the lowest, he is very wealthy. I am a pauper compared to him, but i am not jealous. I can only spend what I do have and I live a comfortable life, with the bonus of good health, though my hearing is going down hill.

          • and turned ten million into ten billion. Not bad for an idiot.

          • You lefties just have lie. Trump’s IQ is very high, higher than most past POTUS, and considering he didn’t come into office, like Obama – without success/money; Trump is a billionaire, world traveler, and in only one year has improved our nation. If you still see him as an idiot – you’re an ignorant moron. But, then, I know lefties and facts, never meet.

          • If you can not credit Trump, with the economy over the last year, how can you then credit Obama with the economy during his tenure. Trump is mandating enforcement of all federal laws. In that way he is helping. The Jerusalem decision was made during the Clinton administration and is part of our laws. Did it increase military tension. That has not been shown. Israel like every country has sovereign right to select it’s own capital city. Your comment about foreign aid is very ambiguous. Direct intervention in our election by any foreign government is not legal. Obama tried to directly affect the Israel election and also the brexit election from EU. I fail to see how the Trump election affects our laws one way or another other than he is now enforcing laws that Obama intentionally did not.

          • I’m giving Obama credit because he has more then one year to look at.

          • So how do you explain the huge surge in every economic indicator over the last year. Nothing that huge happened under Obama. The GDP for the year only grew by 1.5 % in 2016. Obama is the first President ever not to have Annualized GDP growth in even one single year above 3%.

          • Every thing you just said is nothing more than your opinion. trump has mandated that all federal laws be enforced, unlike his predecessor. The President has no right to cherry pick what laws will or will not be enforced. Putin did not provide foreign aid to affect the election. Russia may well have hacked the DNC, but if that affected the election, it was due to the content of the hacked information showing collusion between the DNC and Clinton to make sure Sanders was not elected. Obama interfered in Brexit and in the Israeli election,, I do agree with you, that he had no right to do that and that his actions in those two countries bordered on illegal. Trump has played a key role in improving the economy.

          • Sorry, not what I would call a globalist, Putin is a Russian nationalist.

          • OK, if Putin is not a ‘globalist’ and neither are the Democrats.

          • As I said earlier Putin is Russian nationalist. He wants to restore all previous territories to original Russian domain, Crimea, Ukraine, etc. While I’m sure he would like to annex some other countries to expand Russia, more than likely, he won’t because of NATO. A globalist is one who wants one world government/new world order (NWO). Most Democrats are socialists/communists although would be easily convinced to become globalists.

          • Putin is a globalist, he just wants Russia to be the strongest country.
            Democrats are pro-capitalism.

          • look up globalist and then recheck comment on Putin. you also contradict yourself. Wanting to have the strongest military does not make you a globalist.

      • You may label Putin however you wish. The U.S. and our POTUS would only need to get involved if he commits genocide, or invades?? You lefties and your pre-occupation with titles, or labels of racists, sexists, etc. are the problem. NO ONE REALLY FITS THOSE LABELS 100% OF THE TIME, IN EVERY SITUATION. You’re just so ignorant.

        • You know if this a Democrat accused of Russian collusion, and as much reason to think it as with Trump, the Republicans would back in Cold War mode.

          • You obviously are uninformed and typical leftie, stupid or just plain lying. No connection with Russia has been found for Trump. On the other hand – finding more and more with Obama and the Clintons, and the deaths (not suicides) are adding up – who are connected to the Clintons. You’re looking really ignorant.

          • What about Trump’s money laundering?

          • that has not happened and if it had and was provable, charges would have long ago been brought against him. You really need to verify something like that before posting.

          • You are commenting on what would be criminal activity with no facts to support. If there was money laundering, you can bet something would have been leaked by now. Money laundering is a federal offense and has a high standard for proof. Trump has been accused of many things, but none of them stand up to scrutiny.

          • Nothing has been found that even suggest collusion with Russia in the DNC hack. One year plus in investigating this thing and nothing, except a couple of indictments that have no connection to the alleged Russian interference. Bear in mind though the DNC likely was hacked by Russian, the emails showed conspiracy between the DNC and the Clinton campaign to rig the Democrat primary against Sanders. Kind of like the Strzok text, if you do not want it to become public, don’t put it in writing. If Clinton was hurt by the hack, it was the content of the emails, far more than it was due to the hack. As typical of Clinton, she shot her own self in the foot with those DNC emails.

      • Putin is not a globalist. He is concerned about his own country. a globalist pretty much wants one world government, with no boundaries.

    • Thats so true ,thats why we must keep people like The Great President Trump in the White House to continue taking America back from the insane liberals!

    • Very insightful. It’s interesting to observe that people like Soros can make outright statements about their desire to create a single world order, and people dismiss it as untrue or exaggerated.

    • You are so right !!! Mr Trump is the best thing to happen to this country for a long time !! He’s also the liberals biggest nightmare ! keep up the great work Mr PRESIDENT !!

  5. Trump did not stop any wars, And Is in no way responsible for the down fall of Isis.

    • Where did you get your degree from? What field?

    • At the least, he did not underestimate the enemy like the past President who called them the JV Team and he unleashed the military to do what they deemed necessary to win. Now, I’m not saying that I agree with everything President Trump does; but , like I did with President Obama, as long as he is President, I will back him fully. When he is no longer President, I will point out his failures.

      Frankly you are mistaken in your view that Trump with the reluctant aid of Putin Have not greatly diminished the effectiveness of ISIS in the middle east; however, as soon as they are totally destroyed, another group of those peaceful Muslims will be formed and the saga will continue so let us fight them over there so that we do not have to fight them over here.

      All these people understand is force. If you extend a hand in freedom or friendship, you will get it bitten off.

      • Did Trump call Isis “Stupid loser” at least Obama was trying to sound clever. Also, Obama was first to talk about destroying Isis, not just containing them. I’ve been fallowing the fight on Isis, the U.S. has not been that much of a factor since Moosle.

  6. Go President Trump!! The Greatest President ever to hold the office.

  7. No matter what they say or do, President Trump is the most effective President we have had in years!! Keep up the good work MR. PRSIDENT!!

  8. The good thing is president trump can talk to putin , obama couldn’t do that
    In any shape or form. Soon will be the end of an organized Isis . We have to thank these two gentlemen for their good work.

  9. President Trump is a business man who takes in all sudes of an issue befoee making a move. He has expertise at doing this.
    Obama never worked a day in his life, never owned a multi-million business nor ever spoke to someone high up on the corporate ladder as an equal. Bho was inept at being a President BECAUSE HE HAD NO EXPERIENCE IN THE BUSINESS WORLD NOR IN THE INTERNATIONAL WORLD. He was a plant, a puppet with no knowledge or ability to know what he was doing – obvious by the damage he did to our Nation. He was also the most spineless presidents ever, afraid of everything and anything he couldn’t control.
    Clinton was too busy playing spin the intern to get involved in International issues and if he screwed up, his money pool was sufficient enough to cover up his errors.
    Both democrat Presidents behaved like children — bho running and hiding from responsibility AND Clinton never left his high school back seat of his car. Neither wanted to fix the International issues but only concerned with their immediate needs and wants…another liberal trait.

    We are very fortunate to have a man in our Presidency that truly loves our Nation and its people enough to “fix” the holes obama created and to put America back in the Leadership position! P.T. can be crass, outspoken and some times unthinking, but he knows exactly what he’s doing — making America great again!

    So far he’s doing a great job and there’s 3 more years to go! As long as the libs keep screaming and calking him names, we know P.T. is doing exactly what he should be doing – removing the liberal mess from our Country! You go P.T.!

    • President Trump and his family have made great sacrifices to lead America. He didn’t need the money, power or especially the aggravation that the office has brought him. He is doing this because HE LOVES AMERICA. It is hard to believe that an elected official can be so selfless, but he is. Pray for him. He requested prayers for God’s wisdom and I pray for his safety also.

  10. B Hussein O funded isis in Syria. The traitor imbecile should be locked up. How did he ever get elected twice?


    • When a political party (left) adopts IDENTITY POLITICS, they will support anyone with enough charm, and is either black (bi-racial) or female. I don’t believe they really care about WHO is elected POTUS, as long as they are dem., as the dem. congress still runs everything. People like Reid, Pelosi, Cummings, etc.

      Where currently, Pres. Trump made the promises, he was elected based on them; and this strong person IS running the nation!! Yes. We the People did this.

  11. Trump is so smart and fearless. We need to work with Russia for our benefit and theirs.

  12. Praise The Lord. He gave us a great leader!

  13. That’s our President, that’s why we elected him. Viva Trump, thank you for your service.

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