Unconstitutional: Federal Judge Slams Executive Order

For the first time, a sitting judge has weighed in on the debate over President Obama’s deferred deportations decree. Judge Arthur J. Schwab, presiding over a deportation case in Pennsylvania, sent out a memo on Tuesday that accused Obama of moving beyond his executive authority when he decided to make law from the White House. In the process, Schwab hacked away at most of the administration’s legal rationale.

“President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore is unconstitutional,” Judge Schwab wrote in the memo. His words echo the basis of a lawsuit filed against the president by 24 states that have demanded justice be done.

Unfortunately, Schwab’s memo will have no effect on the president’s executive amnesty. And in delivering his criticisms, the judge admitted that presidents have some discretion when it comes to how they will enforce the law. However, he maintained, the president’s decision went well beyond the boundaries of that discretion by outlining a system where illegal aliens could find protection from deportation. He determined that was a matter for Congress, and that Obama had usurped that power when making the decree.

Schwab’s scathing memo may have no effect on the law, but it does provide a glimpse into what we may see as lawsuits progress. It has certainly become obvious that Republican leadership in Congress is not serious about challenging the president on amnesty. Therefore, the court system may be the last vestige of hope.

Someone Stop This Madness

Conservatives were dismayed when they realized Republicans were perfectly willing to fund Obama’s amnesty order with hardly a fight. After spending much of the previous year slamming the order as illegal and outrageous, GOP leaders ultimately shrugged and went along with it.

While Obama’s work permits and Social Security numbers could spell doom for the economy, the rule of law, and low-income Americans, they won’t bother law-breaking employers who have been skirting the ban on hiring illegal immigrants for decades. Now, out of the blue, they have been given an effective pardon from the president. Exploit away, unethical business community! Washington’s got your back!

The amnesty order also gives these employers a license to avoid the federal mandate on Obamacare. Because “legal” illegal aliens will not be eligible for federal benefits (tax breaks notwithstanding), employers may actually prefer to hire them. By issuing his executive order, Obama has undercut his own healthcare program and made it more difficult for American citizens to compete against the fence-hoppers.

The reasons Obama’s amnesty should be thrown out are numerous and compelling, but Judge Schwab pretty much said it all with one word: unconstitutional. Let’s hope that the judges who actually preside over the lawsuits feel the same way.



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  1. That was because the immigrants fund the program themselves by paying fees so all they would have accomplished is shutting down the rest of government and not affecting amnesty at all. We know how that bit of brilliance worked out last time!

    • yes the democommie $luts really screwed up with their last government shutdown and kenyan boyo jumped in with his own little BS such as closing an unmanned memorial….he is as astute as one of his heroes, roberto mugabooboo over there in zimbabwe…

      • We can have different opinions not different facts. The teaparty idiots closed down the government dummy. Read the Constitution sometime the legislative branch controls the money and are the only ones who can shut down the government and you retuglicans have controlled the house since 2010!

        • well dummy you are full of $h_t just like the communists you support that control the senate and the oral office african…you know the clown that is in his pretenda birth place Hawaii…your democrapo leg humpers in the senate have not entertained any Republican legislative offers for anything with that criminal, your brother, hairy reidyinsky shelving all GOP bills in favor of dealing solely with ramming through their communist agenda….

    • All the fees that are paid go into the treasury & then get appropriated back to them it’s not like they get to keep the money & use it as it comes in

  2. WELL: OBAMA views himself as DICTATOR with all of the POWERS of a DICTATOR and nothing will change that. The only thing that may change what is happening is if OBAMA is DRAGGED kicking and screaming out of the once WHITE now BLACK HOUSE and tried for treason found guilty and sentenced to DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD SENTENCE TO BE CARRIED OUT WITH IN ONE HOUR OF THE FINAL DECREE OF GUILTY.!!

    • And WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones that can do it.. Where’s that damned hanging tree???

      • I have a good one in my yard big and tall.And just right for this communist muslim dog.

        • I love it, but I have a tree that is very high and has stickers all over each branch, and the thicker the branch then the thicker the thorns are on it. When the tree trimmer trimmed out that tree, all I heard was ouch, ouch the higher he went. This mus=slime terrorist pig needs to be hung by his nuts and his wang shoved in his mouth, but he may just enjoy that, the faggot.

        • Just what we need a fight for the chance to hang 0zero. Did anyone think about those that still support him or should I say does anyone care about those that still support his highness?

          • The supporting libtards of bo sure as hell do not care about the U.S. Citizens Freedom and Liberty much less the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights so how can anyone give a damn about their treason that is as bad if not worse than bo’s wannabe dictator regime from hell … ! These traitors belong on the same branch as their leader of tyranny … !

          • I could’nt give a rats ass about anyone still stupid enough to support that asshole ‘they should all be taken to a deserted island and left to rot there.

        • Better @ the black house lawn where all the supporting libtards can witness their own destiny and the ignorance of their choice of a socialistic terrorist supporting traitor … !

      • We ought to walk in and lynch the whole bunch

      • I’ve got a nice, tall, strong tree in my backyard I’d volunteer…

      • If Obama were legally convicted of treason, don’t they still use a firing squad?

      • No shit ‘I’lle supply the rope ‘good old strong HEMSCHMIDT that would snap that f*****s neck like a twig.

    • Along with his crony support from his administration the justice would make a great social event @ the public viewing in the court yard of real justice for spying or treason ! Same ultimate penalty … !

      • Shit I live in minnesota and if that ever went down it would be FIRST CLASS ON A JET TO SEE IT IN PERSON’MIGHT EVEN TAKE A FEW PICTURES TO SHOW MY GRAND CHILDREN telling them SEE KIDS HERES WHAT YOU DO TO A TYRANT.

        • Shit I live in Arizona so we could meet, take pictures & BS how great the weather is in both states compared to his WH weather & all the hot air escape from his A – hole … !

        • I think it ought to be shown on TV
          so all Americans can cheer! I have
          plenty of fireworks stored for just
          an occasion!

    • No, that would too good for him. Let the United states citizens treat him like the Italians did to Benito Mussolini, 1930’s, tie him up side down!

      • William,
        and as he hangs and his body functions cease, all his
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    • an hour? oh yea so some more people could watch, (to gather a crowd)

    • A true patriotic sniper could save us all the time, effort and expense.

      • OC,
        A good life lost for a commie scum isn’t justified-
        the injustice system are all in the same bed, and the wrong person would be punished~

    • That probably wouldn’t be legal but you could write it as an executive order by the people and later if it is declared illegal then you could plead that it was uncharted territory and surely the Congress wouldn’t mind another law passed that wasn’t run by them. You know how meticulous they have been about all this..might scare some honesty into the rest of them.

    • He deserves it……………just for the liar he is to all of us

    • A President, first must show a real evidences are USA citizen who I dude much, next are true are Black House and he abuse power and was broke many Laws. Senate and Congress are in republican hand and can impeach him, another are a second term was win with fraud and President or not he are not above Law. Now is a time for destroy a Dem party forever, Republican won doing but in different way, but voter won a nigger out White House and silence all liberals. I not racist, but I don’t will respect black no more until prove me are a normal black who won live in peace with whites, who are but small numbers.
      I feel what most American feel and thing, blacks go to far and attack white was a very big huge mistake and whites be will not forgive, blacks must paid a consequences, are no any escape together with illegals and liberals. If today are MLK day, why all who are not black must festive? Why must be Fed Holiday? we need a handing tree for all liberals and dems.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! ARREST by a vote in the Senate for treason & sedition! ARREST! Can we all agree & start calling our Senators?

    • Singing: “What a wonderful world this would be.”


    • He & the moochelle have both slipped a few times with a handler right there to correct them when they do, admit the truth & then try to spin it as something else

  4. “Feel” is the keyword here. How the judges “feel” about Obama’s usurpation of the role of Congress in lawmaking is totally beside the point. Judges’ “feelings” just don’t count. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land in America, and Obama is not operating under the rule of law. If the Congress is not willing to uphold the rule of law which gives it, not the the executive, sole power to make laws, the states must act to rein him in. And they are, through lawsuits. In the meantime, Congress is fully within the law and obligated to cut off funding for illegal amnesty. If Congress refuses to do its duty to protect the Republic in 2015 they need to be recalled.

    • I agree alaskat. Why can’t we as American Citizens file a case against Obama for the acts of Treason, and all the wrong things he has done to America. Why can’t WE THE PEOPLE get a campaign going and get donations coming in to do exactly that. If we get enough people to stand with those of us that truly feel this way….why couldn’t we make it a go?
      What is you think everyone?

      • You won’t find a judge in the land that will give the people ‘standing’ for the acts of treason and total disregard of our laws. Look at our govt now, we no longer have any representation by our elected leaders. They cave at every opportunity. They’ve either been bought off, or threatened or Obama has threatened martial law if anybody comes against him and his tyranny. Remember when Obama was doing back room deals on Obamacare? He threatened people in our Congress with Martial Law if they didn’t support his fuc*ing Obamacare!

  5. At last a Judge with a backbone to stand up to the dictator in chief!

    • He’s got a backbone because it’s just a memo he wrote about Obama’s unconstitutional EO. Doesn’t mean a damn thing!

      • But it’s public, that counts for a lot in my book. He said it even knowing it doesn’t carry weight in any court other than the court of public opinion. Judges in this area are voted for, and in this liberal area a Judge saying things like this would get him/her voted off of the bench.

      • Does to me ‘at least he spoke up .

    • Yup he has some stones alright ‘good for him.

  6. If the republicans wont protect us its time to call for new elections on senators.
    There is something going on here that really has an odor of complete take over of our government. They shouldnt have let Obama get away with what he has so far.
    He hi jacked our health care, let terrorists go. backed off North Korea? He has done everything to tear our country apart along with inciting a damn race war with his loose retoric. He could pull together the states but he continues to devide us as a nation.
    Go and try to find bullets for your guns. Has anyone called you a dumb moron lately?? Ears burning!!!!

    • I’m well stocked and ready for martial law, and we all know it’s coming! Where the hell is the KKK when you really need them.??

      • Im happy to say that there alot of blacks that see through whats going on. with the blacks in power Obie is the biggest racist of them all. There wont be one place safe for this idiot. Some people you give them power and it goes to there heads. I dont understand why we dont have our fearless leaders trashing this guy with his treasonous behavior.

        • Because, they are just as guilty as Obama is! They are committing treason and aiding and abetting this punk in our White House, that’s why.

          • I have seen it time and time again with leadership, unions, someone thats a great bull sheit artist people will act upon the show. It looked really good, but how is he going to do all of that. Half truths to get there end results. The only thing that has saved us as a nation from Obama is our constitution, not these guttless wonders in our senate. Well we can vote them all out of office and drag them down with the masses. They need to remember this once they are out of office we dont have to do business with them either. Get ready for some food stamps fellas you did it to yourselves.

          • BEAUTIFULLY SAID .

      • Who needs the KKK?? They’re a bunch of morons that only screw things up for the rest of us.

      • Yes, and our National Guard!
        They are supposed to be protecting us citizens!

    • bo has done nothing to benefit the U.S. Citizens but supports illegals & foreigners like his muslim brotherhood and commie enemies that says treason all the way to his wannabe dictator regime .. !

    • Don”t forget, he lied his way into the White House! Almost time to treat him like Benito M. circa 1930’s, Italy

      • Dammit, where’s the “balls” and the hanging tree???

      • We Italian’s don’t take crap lightly from people that continually do us wrong. What they did to Bonito he had coming. If I had the knowledge of being an attorney I would be riding butt continually where Obama is concerned and I wouldn’t let up until something was done.

    • I have said it before and I say it again: There is something going on behind closed doors, what and how to find out may be mission impossible. To many of our elected politicians in Congress have been and continue to be afraid to go against Obama, WHY? What has been and is being said or used as a hammer to keep our elected from doing their job? Are they being somehow threatened, their families, thier property, or are they being offered something so great that they would literally die for? No one is speaking out but the vast majority of them are siding against the majority voice of voters, WHY? I do not like a conspiracy theory, never have, there is always a logical reason but the ole saying, “You can’t please all the people all the time”, may be true in some respects but, that just doesn’t get it today with all the crap that goes on in D.C. I’m willing to listen, someone tell me how and why I am wrong.

      • If he is justifiably charged with treason and threatened with impeachment, Obamas secret card is people of color will start riots and demonstrations all across the land and mayhem and chaos, thus Americans will be too afraid,and give into his blackmail and threats. That’s it in a nutshell. Why nobody has said this is beyond me.

        • There are a lot of Blacks that are fed up with Obutthead BS as well as Caucasians. He hasn’t done anything special for the Blacks either..only encourages them to spread their wings and cause more racial problems. Obama is good at that. He might not be so popular among those that he backs with all this turmoil if they ever stop and realize that he is using them the same way he uses everyone else. I agree with James there definitely is something rotten going on in the W H. We all need to go in and physically remove him.

        • So, you’re saying that we Americans are too afraid? I think not. What we’ve been trying to do is rein in this dictator POS by legal means. Apparently, we have the best judges money can buy. So, if we can’t get rid of this POS legally, then, and only then, we’ll have to resort to a revolution and DEMAND this punk’s ass!!

        • If that sh%! starts, I say lock and load!! Mow all the ignorant pigs down!!

          • You got that right ‘that’s why he is not talking gun confiscation or anything to that nature yet cuz he knows that will bring down the HAMMER and shit will indeed hit the fan .He prefers to do the slight of hand crap and sending out RED HERRINGS to distract everyones attention .IT;S COMING PEOPLE STAY VIGILANT.

          • I honestly believe that a revolution is coming in America! I have said it for a long time now! Our Congress does nothing!
            They are NOT doing what they were elected to do!
            Also, many people are getting ready for something to
            happen! Gun sales are threw to roof! People have been
            buying up ammo like there is no tommorrow!
            Obama can’t get citizens guns! They will NOT part with
            them! It would be nice if he went door to door and tried
            to collect them! That just might be the hook we need to
            rid America of the POS!

      • James, if you look at the Government funding bill now going to the Senate you will find out the “why” for everything. If that bill passes, the corporations and the otherwise “rich” will have completed the buy out of Washington. Makes sense, (for the big boys), the riders on the funding bill include raising the amount that corporate entities can contribute to political campaigns by a factor of ten! The Supreme court, a year or so ago, opened the door by allowing corporations to make political contributions directly, rather than having to make them using the names of employees. We all should know that the crooked politicians on both sides of the aisle, can cook the books enough to be able to steal most of those funds for their pocket. I have e-mailed my Senators asking for a filibuster in the Senate such that the bill cannot be passed until the new Republican Senators are seated.

    • He said from the very beginning he was “going to fundamentally change America”. We suspected all along what he meant but couldn’t convince enough of the Dem’s. Now that it’s almost too late they’re finally seeing what we’ve been saying all along.

  7. “Therefore, the court system may be the last vestige of hope”. WRONG, WE the People of the United States will be the last vestige of HOPE!

    • What I want to see are the records he hade sealed, he didn’t spend Millions having them sealed because they show how smart he is rather something more sinister. That is why so many believe he is not eligible to hold the office of POTUS or he is himself an illegal alien some of that has to be truth, & this is what I want to know. I personally think he is not a citizen & that is how the CIA & FBI have him listed as questionable citizenship! Some time in the near future I hope we all find this out, I suspect it because the dems tried to have that removed from the constitution a few years back, I think they ran him as a ringer but didn’t make their cover complete & that is why his records are sealed

    • Right on man .

  8. Still…. Where are all the expert snipers when you really need them? The damndable repooplicans might as well call themselves demoncrats, after sucking ass for our votes and then stabbing us in the back! I for one have lost all faith in this fucked up government!!!

  9. Too bad he isn’t in prison for all of his Violations of U.S. Laws & e.o.’s of criminal actions against U.S. Citizens and Constitutional Right plus his dereliction of duty by violating his sworn oath of the presidency … ! The charge of treason against the U.S. & risking National Security is enough to nail him if congress would get balls & indict him !The U.S.Citizens will see if this new congress in 2015 will hold to their sworn oath & eliminate the CinC of fraud..!

    • As long as they need dem votes, there is no chance of him being impeached & 54 votes in the senate will not be enough to convict him & the democraps still support all his illegal activities

      • IF congress cannot get the votes to oust bo the the U.S. Military will have to court martial bo for dereliction of duty to uphold his sworn PotUS oath and his treason for threatening U.S. National Security using criminal E.O’s to let foreign illegals invade the U.S. …! bo has also violated U.S. Laws bypassing congress to commit treasonous acts that are destroying the U.S. Military internally with bo’s E.O’s aiding & abetting the terrorist islam enemies release & $$’s support with out congress approval or notification.. ! Not to mention the Benghazi cover-up.. !

  10. We clearly have laws established that do not allow illegals to remain here. However, the current occupant of our Oval Office has no desire to follow our laws, or our constitution, he chooses to rule by fiat, (I am not talking about the automobile), with complete disregard to existing law. Our congress has no problem breaking the very laws they passed, funding illegal immigrants ability to stay in our country is a prime example.

  11. Well let see what is going to happen now?

  12. We need to throw all of the crooks (senators, congress and president) right out of D.C. while we still have a republic standing.

  13. Good to know that at least one federal judge out there doesn’t have his head in Obama’s dark place!

  14. The FBI needs to make some arrests for Treason to the US, and start at the WH, then the Senate, then the House.. There are cells available in Gitmo for these Enemies of the State. We all know who they are!

  15. Yes, but our? representatives won’t do anything about it because they are afraid that it will cost them votes among those who are here illegally and are not supposed to vote, but do. Our job is to make sure that the illegals can’t vote, then there won’t be any reason for them to stay from a political standpoint. What we should be doing is creating jobs and developing the work ethic among those American’s who have been given the opportunity to have generational welfare and have no reason or drive to take advantage of the American dream.

    • Congress doing their Patriotic duty of sworn oath will eliminate the foreign illegal threat & restore U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights, not the foreign illegals invasion bo wants for his dictated slave population.. !

  16. Let’;s hope that all it is going to take is the attitude and being verbal of Judge Schwab to make other Judges know that someone has stood up against the low rider and will follow suit. I like what icemancold states in his comment. I too have said this same thing, and I truly feel that is the only way and Congress needs to be put right a long side the low rider Obama. They have collected BIG paychecks for part time work and they haven’t done much of that it appears to the Citizens of this Country. They constantly Obummer and Moochelle are playing the race card. That isn’t going anywhere with me as America has shown that race doesn’t matter by voting these crispy critters in office. Everyone just wants whoever is POTUS to do the job they were voted in to do.

  17. F##k Obama, all the Governor’s just need to give Executive Amnesty to anyone who hunts illegals, just the announcement of Hunters Amnesty will have the desired effect, and these Invaders will leave, Do it, show Obama, the States can play Executive Amnesty Too.

  18. A little off subject but applies to the subject at hand…When you see those who stupidly post about how President Bush issued more EO’s than Obama, here is the response to that:

    Obama has issued 195 executive orders as of December 16, 2014. Published alongside them in the Federal Register are 198 presidential memoranda — all of which carry the same legal force as executive orders. He’s already signed 33% more presidential memoranda in less than six years than Bush did in eight. He’s also issued 45% more than the last Democratic president, Bill Clinton, who assertively used memoranda to signal what kinds of regulations he wanted federal agencies to adopt. The law does not define the difference between an executive order and a memorandum, but it does say that the president should publish in the Federal Register executive orders and other documents that “have general applicability and legal effect.”
    There are subtle differences. Executive orders are numbered; memoranda are not. Memoranda are always published in the Federal Register after proclamations and executive orders. And under Executive Order 11030, signed by President Kennedy in 1962, an executive order must contain a “citation of authority,” saying what law it’s based on. Memoranda have no such requirement. The Office of Legal Counsel — which is responsible for advising the president on executive orders and memoranda — says there’s no difference between the two. “It has been our consistent view that it is the substance of a presidential determination or directive that is controlling and not whether the document is styled in a particular manner,” said a 2000 memo from Acting Assistant Attorney General Randolph Moss to the Clinton White House. He cited a 1945 opinion that said a letter from President Franklin Roosevelt carried the same weight as an executive order.

    So, to sum it all up, EO’s and Executive Memorandums are basically the same thing and Obama has issued way more in the last 6 years than Bush did in 8. A rose by any other name…

  19. Why not do as the people in Egypt? They all stood and revolted outside of their presidents residence and demanded his resignation until he finally stepped down. Do you think we could go to the WH and do the same thing, have the masses get together and demand him to step down? Just a thought.

  20. He has moxie and I wonder if the Supreme court does; since the Rhinos are doing nothing. Even the senators in my state voted for the budget.

  21. Lets start by removing ALL Senate and House that voted known full well that it was illegal. They pledged to uphld the Constitution when sworn in and have deied it. They can be removed and should be removed immedietly.

  22. Being Arab, cut his head off, no hanging for this guy.

  23. While John Boehner and Myth McConnell lied to America and pushed and lied to ensure Obama and his “LAWLESS”, UNCONSTITUTIONAL actions were funde with AMERICAN TAXPAYERS hard earned money. It is time for those two closet democ-RATS to go.

  24. seersuckerandapanama

    There is another potential way other than the judiciary to stop the rogue president: the states. By that, I mean in addition to the 17-state lawsuit. I mean state nullification.

  25. Our highways will be overburdened. Traffic accidents will increase dramatically because these dumba**es don’t know how to drive. You really think they have money for insurance? You notice the wrong-way drivers are beginning to increase. Just wait. Tomorrow will begin the carnage of non-English speaking/reading drivers. Just watch for these guys. Your life will depend on it.
    The jobs out there will be snatched up so every graduating high school class will compete against these illegal scum. Thousands of illiterate kids swamping our schools taking up classroom space, resources, and teacher’s time. The trouble makers will eat up the teacher’s time and efforts putting more stress on them because they will act up. Some will shove their middle finger up to authorities because our president has shown them the way.
    Crime will definitely increase due to drugs and jealousy. They see what we earned and paid for with hard work. They will bust into our homes and take what they want. When we blast them away, they’ll sue us for hate crime and discrimination. Sheriff Joe will look for the suspects but will be hampered because profiling is illegal even though most of them are the ones doing the crime.
    We just got rid of all these free-loaders. The schools were just getting back to normal with small classrooms, better students, and quality classroom resources. Our illegal president and illegal migrants, what a match. I did not want this blasted “Change”.

  26. If a rational judge sees this rogue president’s actions are unconstitutional then why on earth is Congress allowing this to happen? Our three branches of government were set up to prevent this from happening, yet it has. Something is amiss. It seems our three branches are full of unpatriotic unchristian traitorous usurpers. It’s either that or we have the laziest bunch of government leaders in the history of our nation. Which is it?

  27. I dont blame Obama for what he has done??? NOOO! I blame the senators who have sold the american people out. Ill bet theres not a one of them that have read Obama Cares rules & regs. Its obvious this muslim thats in the white house wants to bury us while Republican give away our country to this whack job. Hey when you going to come to the realization that we have a traitor in power.

  28. The Tea Party will not be silenced ever!

  29. Well the ones who voted for $hit got what they voted for and a whole lot more.

  30. well obama swore to uphold the laws of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA . The Constitution is law . He hasn’t done that and that is treason .

  31. Obama cares not the proverbial wit for either the law or the constitution, except as they might seem convenient to or for him at any given moment.

  32. Well, it’s beginning to look like the next level of gutlessness is in the Federal Courts who appear also to be afraid of Obama! Talk is cheap, but doing the job of Protecting the people (Americans) under the Constitution seems something that they lack the devotion to the country to do.

    They appear not to understand that they are putting the welfare of foreign nationals above their loyalty to the people and the country that they serve; that they are submitting to the anti-American goals of a subversive president! They will learn that they can’t sit on the fence. They will learn that sooner or later, they will see that they will have to take a real stand in front of the people and that they “Are either for us or agin’ us”!

  33. well Obama is not a democrat but a progesive/socialist from Chicago I against all his executive orders for thhats the only way he knows how to govern

  34. These “legal” illegal aliens will be getting social security. obama says they won’t be getting welfare, healthcare or any other welfare but have you ever known him to say anything that wasn’t a lie? They are already getting all those things and more. He has no plan to work with the new Congress. He will be using his phone and his pen a LOT. They get more benefits than legal Americans and especially our veterans.

  35. It’s nice to know that there is still the occasional ethical judge not bought by obama.

  36. re; ward,, what he needs is a 12 ga. laxative

  37. These illegal aliens (obummer included) have no rights and should not be cluttering up our couertrooms. They have entered th U.S. illegally and should be unceremoniously dumped across the border with these words to speed them on their way;

    “We have your photo, your DNA and fingerprints if you return to the U.S. in any way other than through proper channels you will be shot on sight.”

  38. So pretty much every time we need answers for our local legal representatives actions, we blame it on fake powers from afar? If Obama tells you to jump off a bridge, well…..? Accountability starts local. Until local representatives refuse to “Follow” and start “Leading”, we are along for the bumpy “corporate law” (fake) ride!

  39. OK. We have had all the proof we need that Obama acted illegally and unconstitutionally. Now, what will the lilly livered republicrats do about it? Face it there is only one party left in the USA. The “government” party.

  40. James Moe Morency

    I fear some POS judge will get the case, and he will determine since congress funded it, that was a tacit vote of approval and nothing will be done.

  41. It is so easy for Obama or some other Liberal/Democratic legislature to get a sitting judge to state an issue unconstitutional. Then they get their way. Conservative issues are thrown aside because the Democrats packed the judicial system with liberal, homosexual, biased, and atheistic individuals. Once they say it’s unconstitutional it’s a done deal vice has prevailed. Separation of state and religion has been upheld except on the issue of homosexual marriage. Obama’s Executive Orders are unchallenged even though he’s issuing them out like hotcakes whether they are Constitutional or not. He’s sealed more of his records than there are books in the Library of Congress. The entire system is no longer of “In God We Trust.” They’ve thrown out God in everything they do. Obama will not say proper oaths, he’s eliminated God from the Military Academies’ oaths. He has in essence in 2 terms “CHANGED” America from a great “God” fearing nation into a godless state. He and his Democratic buddies have devastated a nation where the younger generation feel they are entitled to a living instead of working for it. They are a nasty bunch. Racism is rampant within the Black community where they are the most racist bunch. I’m not talking about the well-educated, well mannered, and respectable Blacks. I’m talking about the ones that riot, hold knock-out games, disrespect police, throw away their education, yell entitlement, and call themselves “N*gger while denigrating others for doing the same. Yes, this nation is under…not God but under Obama-Obamanation.

  42. The racist in chief belongs behind bars in a federal prison.

  43. We know Obama’s actions are unconstitutional! What and when will there be action to stop this FRAUD of a president? Time to stop the “talk the talk”! It is past time to”walk the walk”! Start to walk the talk!

  44. John Boehner and his RINO pals in the House have egg on their faces by shoving the CRomnibus through passage. He lied to some of his colleagues to get it passed. This should be a beginning of a process of ‘no confidence’ and his removal of him as House Speaker. It took 24 states to get something approved as a starting point that he refused to do. Boehner should be ashamed.

  45. I disagree. I think that this short term measure will have long term consequences in that some judges are finally either waking up or have found their morals and ethics in the rule of law instead of fuzz thinking.

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