UNC Debates Concealed Carry and Campus Rape

After the University of North Carolina’s Daily Tarheel newspaper ran a story on the subject of concealed carry and sexual violence, it stirred another student to write an editorial slamming the idea. In the original story, Michael Newbern of national organization Students for Concealed Carry says that guns make for a safer campus.

“When a victim has the opportunity to fight back,” Newbern told the Daily Tarheel, “we know an attacker will always choose a weaker victim.” He told the paper that his group has always insisted there is a connection between stopping violent crime – including sexual assault – and higher rates of lawful concealed carry.

But that position was attacked fiercely by a later op-ed in the same paper. According to the Tarheel’s editors, “concealed weapons would not significantly reduce sexual assault and would create inadvertent risks within other forms of interpersonal violence.”

Most remarkably, they argued that guns “would reinforce rape culture because the burden of stopping assault would be further placed upon women.”

They went on to cite domestic violence statistics that show that perpetrators used guns in more than half of all cases of female homicide.

Common Sense Instead of Statistics

The debate over campus concealed carry, sexual assault, and rape culture is not one that’s going to be won by waging a war of statistics. Statistics mean absolutely nothing when you’re being raped behind the astronomy department. All too often, we play this game with the gun control crowd, each side picking and choosing numbers that will back up their argument. None of that is necessary. We need to address these issues with more common sense and less number crunching.

And that common sense tells us that some women – some women – may feel safer if allowed to carry a gun. It tells us that allowing concealed carry permit holders to exercise their Second Amendment rights on campus does not preclude looking for other ways to cut down on sexual violence. It tells us that no one is going to brush off their hands and say, “Ok, problem solved,” the moment concealed carry is allowed. It tells us that a rapist will use a gun to commit his crime whether or not he is “allowed” to have that gun on university grounds.

For some reason, feminists have taken the position that there is absolutely nothing they can, should, or will do to stop themselves from becoming victims of sexual violence. The moment any such propositions are made, they retreat to their fighting positions, screaming that it is up to men to stop raping them. But that’s simply ridiculous. Rape is detested, scorned, and heavily punished. And yet it has been around since the beginning of time. It will be around until the end of time. You’re not going to change the values of a rapist with feminist educational pamphlets. You may, however, change them with a gun.

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  1. Wake up Ivy League Commie Preppies ! it’s all about Training and the Mind set to Survive. Ask any Criminal Justice Student. We Must Counter Violence ! we must always be aware. Do not Forget ever to take a weapon you are trained with to do the job !

    Life is Time Make it happen ! There is plenty of Free YOUTUBE Advice out There and Links to Pro Gun Fighting School’s even for Civilians.

    In Combat it is Kill or be killed .Make the Enemy Die for his Country but fight to live for yours !
    In self-defense and defense of the innocent,cowardice is the only sin.Dean Koontz

    A Reality check Fire Arm and hand to hand with Any weapon and knife School, will give any one Confidence, even if you are wheel chair bound but are normal from your hips up. can handle a Revolver or Pistol or even a Strong Knife or Pen ! You must Train mentally and physically for the Rest of your life.

    Knock ,Knock. Wake Up,Reality Check ! W ith actual testimony, and Video of Captured Assaults by Security cams,from CSI Investigators,Sheriff reports FBI and Local LEA . will help Influence the dreamer.,That Evil in Man Kind does Exist., Unless You are God fearing Christian’s Whom believe That we have A God given right to Exist too. We all ready understand this. !

    Jesus Did not Condemn Killing., He Condemns the motive in our minds, The Mindset to MURDER Before the Attempts to Assault to harm take action.

    Plenty of Evidence Documented ,In the real world. True Detective is still a popular Magazine,as the The CBS ,NBC Reality Shows, And on Very popular TV Show’s to Prove it. They say all fiction,no Only to Protect the innocent from the press.Actual Episodes are written and re-manufactured cases are true. The FBI and Hollywood lie to keep us not Afraid to go out side.

    Jesus never Condemned killing as he Fulfilled the law of Sacrifice on the Cross and Now man Can Kill, to eat Meat or blood let( Butcher meat) . Sin kept man from legally killing for life sustaining food, before God, of Hunting Meat ,Until Jesus Fulfilled our Sins in death and resurrection. In the beginning he gave man the right to hunt and in Sin the right to kill in self defense !

    Thou shall not Murder,Not the Lie re-written to Kill. motive begins in our minds. ¨First Planning The Assault before the action takes place or an Insane Evil Spirit with out Notice Attacks out of Sinful Uncontrollable Action’s.”

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Could you maybe elaborate just a tad on that?? (sorry, just had to be a little sarcastic – I’m always being a smartass. Shame on me. LOL)

    • When hunting animals in season becomes illegal, the streets of many towns and cities will be overrun with deer, bear, moose, wild boars, and even an occasional mountain lion, like in California foothill suburbs. Not to mention their droppings all over the streets and sidewalks! Legal hunting is population control, and must be continued for the above reasons.

  2. The last paragraph is very interesting.

    “For some reason, Feminists have taken the position that there is absolutely nothing they can ….”

    I believe this is political correctness and liberal logic run a muck. Typically they implode on themselves given any length of time.

    • The “ORGANIZED FEMINISTS” are not real feminists, they are poitical operatives of the left.

      Let me descibe one for you: A young lady who looks like a cheerleader, but chooses to play on a men’s soccer team and gets her varsity letters there, then does 5 years in the Marine Corps, goes to school, and is now a restaurant manager and can handle a annoying rich customer or a drunk, no bouncer needed, with no complaints.

  3. It might not stop rapist but you know it d@mn sure slow it them down. It is an individuals right not some libtard rainbow spewing puke.


  5. My wife carries her sidearm all the time, and I love how she sets the Whackadoodles straight whenever they try to tell her not to: “They can’t rape my CZ-52. All they can do is smile and wait for the flash. This isn’t Rocket Science, people.”

    She does not believe that it is up to the rapists to stop raping women. She believes that stopping them is *my* job, and that I fulfilled my obligation when I gave her that sidearm and taught her how to shoot it. Not that she required much instruction, she was already a deadly accurate shot before I met her.

    The FemiNazi Whackadoodles are never going to convince my wife that she would be better off without her sidearm. They just might be able to convince her to chase them up a tree and set fire to it, though. She despises those gawdawful man-hating douchebags.

    Thank you, God, for sending me the best mate that any man could possibly ask for.

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And a thousand “Attagirls” to your beloved. We need more just like her!! WOOHOO!!!

    • Good for her!
      Arizona, I am a woman with a CCP and I NEVER go out in public without my
      concealed Ruger.
      In fact when I lived in NC and took my horses to NC State I was always armed,
      not to present to anyone a threat, (they were unaware of my weapon) but to
      protect myself and my property. My husband in fact loved the idea I was
      Any woman who is threatened by a rapist or someone who would assault her is
      totally a victim not being able to fend off an aggressive male. My weapon at
      least gives me the chance to protect myself if I have a moment to do so.
      Friends sometimes, if they know I carry, ask why would I do that? I simply
      state: between you and me ‘who would have the better chance of fighting off an
      abuser – you or me’? They shrug but I know they see the point. They have
      succumbed to being victims – I refuse to be one!

    • Grats on having such a great mate; I envy you!

  6. If guns are against the law; only criminal will have guns.

    • Funny how it all works. Chuck the Schmuck Schumer (D-New York) likes to shoot guns. Barbara “Babs” Boxer (D-Calif.) carries a pistol in her purse. However, these two scumbags would deny ordinary citizens THEIR right to do the same. Hypocrites!

  7. “But that position was attacked fiercely by a later op-ed in the same paper. According to the Tarheel’s editors, “concealed weapons would not significantly reduce sexual assault and would create inadvertent risks within other forms of interpersonal violence.”

    Most remarkably, they argued that guns “would reinforce rape culture because the burden of stopping assault would be further placed upon women.”

    They went on to cite domestic violence statistics that show that perpetrators used guns in more than half of all cases of female homicide.”
    Liber-Logic Nonsense!
    My BS Meter is pegged!


      • Actually Tom, there is a better way.
        Years ago, before they tore down the old county courthouse in Eugene, Oregon, there used to be a very large maple tree in the park square across the street. It had large branches that hung about 15 feet above the ground. Unfortunately, they tore down the tree and put in a large fountain and pool in its place for the hippies and mall-rats to bath in at night. But then, that’s just Eugene.
        I have for a long time wondered how things would work out if there were some sort of requirement that when a local or visiting state or national politician spoke in the town, if his podium were set up facing that tree, with an empty noose swinging from one of those branches, in full view of the speaker! Maybe with a sign: “Are You Sure?” above the noose.
        Just as a reminder, maybe, to keep it honest!

  8. Francisco Machado

    “an attacker will always choose a weaker victim.” – does that yield an insight into the rationale behind Progressives not wanting Conservatives to possess a weapon? It has the potential to alter the distribution ratio of victims by ideology, which would be discriminatory. Being armed gives the potential victim an unfair (?) advantage over the attacker, especially in the instance where the attacker is too poor to afford a firearm.

    • Any potential rape or robbery victim SHOULD have an advantage over the attacker, whether it’s via a gun, knife, stun gun, etc. A hundred years ago, some ladies carried a hatpin as a defensive weapon; it worked well, too!

  9. Feminists would not have a platform without victims. They cannot fundraise without victims. Victims = job security for feminists. If they supported women taking responsibility for their own self-defense, even if it saves one woman, it is bad for them. Sad, but true. Better for them to beleive the lie that all they need to do is educate men not to rape. Unfortunatly, they do not understand the simple dynamic that there are men who rape and no amount of “education” is going to stop it.

    • There is a possibility that a rapist may consider that anyone armed in the area may come to help the victim. The law also provides that the armed citizen can protect someone else in fear of their life.

    • James H. Humphrey

      I agree, as I said somewhat before – some woment want rape as it is the only sex they get, some men rape because that is the only sex they get. That said – why can’t the two get together and leave the rest of the ladies alone. Makes sense to me. Both can advertise, “I want to be raped” and “I want to rape you.” They can respond to each other and every one else can live happily ever after. WHAT – did I hear someone say, “Ha, you live in La La Land.”

      • Rape is a crime of violence and power, not sex per se. It’s fueled by anger & hate, possibly some frustration, too.

  10. Agree: If criminals don’t need permits to carry concealed weapons, why law abiding citizens, especially women, do?


  12. SFC Kenneth A. Partyka, SR ( R

    I think a good defense is to always walk with someone on campus. Start an escort service among students, there is safety in numbers. It’s not the solution but it helps. Not so sure I want a young person with a gun on campus, if you make a mistake it follows you the rest of your young life.

    • Just like making a mistake OFF CAMPUS. What does being on a college campus have to do with it?
      Why does crossing the street to a college campus make crazy, wild-eyed idiots out of 21+year olds, students or not?

    • A well trained gun carrier, male or female, will always have the upper hand with an attacker. One caveat: NEVER carry a gun in a purse; it must be readily available on your body when seconds count! The purse will be the first target, in most cases!

  13. Neither carrying a weapon or not carrying a weapon will solve the rape problem anymore than having a military solved the war problem.

    That said, it is up to the individual to carry a weapon or not. Universities should leave it to CHOICE! And not dictates.

    • Well, our military certainly solved the war with Japan, and it certainly solved the war with Germany. But that’s way back when we only got into wars we intended to WIN.
      Rapists are often serial offenders. By nature, I think.
      A dead rapist will not offend again. By whatever means, so in that respect if a girl kills a rapist rather than becoming a victim for the liberals and feminists to tout, she has not only done herself a service, but one for society as a whole.
      Universities have turned into babysitters for the parentally induced immature, whereas in the past when immature behavior raised it’s ugly head at a university, the pimple was either squeezed or removed entirely from student roles. Professors, instructors, and staff, however, were just fired on the spot!
      Universities have made a whole new industry of “protecting” the “kids” that attend the school when it is not their purpose. The job of a University is to TEACH! Not babysit.
      Public Universities should follow the lead of most businesses have in regard to “gun free zones” (I prefer to call them “free fire zones for criminals”) and that is to follow the lead of local, state and federal law and to stay out of the business of further regulating the citizens it serves.
      Private Universities can do whatever they please, and regulate or babysit their students however they please. Reed College is an example.

      • I said the “war” problem, not the “win” problem.

      • James H. Humphrey

        All good but I really like the way you changed the “gun free zones”, it really is more accurate to state it “FREE FIRE ZONES FOR CRIMINALS”. Maybe those business that don’t like weapons in business zones should have it posted with a sign like that. Somehow I think they might just choke on their conviction. At the least customers reading it might think twice and take their business elsewhere. ??

    • You make a good point there, Alleged. I have always said that having a gun, or any other weapon, does not make one invincible. What it does, is to even up the odds a bit. I am a firm believer in concealed carry, but self-defense is much more than that. If one carries a concealed handgun, one must train with that weapon and have a plan of action ready just in case. One must also be aware of the surrounding environs and have several alternate plans in case the primary plan is no longer feasible. Then and only then will the person have effective self-defense tools.

    • No one said it will “solve the rape problem”, but it will sure cut down on the number of rapes, and eliminate more than a few perps, another benefit.

  14. Common sense WOULD dictate that. if a woman is attacked, the BEST way, and frequently the ONLY way to stop the attacker, is to simply KILL the attacker! But then, we ARE dealing with the loony left nut jobs here, aren’t we? We’re dealing with sickos that NEVER use facts OR common sense to stake out their insipid positions! All these weirdos offer is mere speculation along with the constant fear mongering and “victimization” rationale. The loony left’s “opinions” have NEVER held water at ANY time! They simply need to be shunned and ignored, as the absolute know nothings they are, have been, and always will be!



  16. To me it has always been about a simple choice. As a young father and husband I had to choose. When the glass broke or the door flew open, did I gather my family into the nearest closet, shaking, afraid and praying the Cop would find the bad guy before the bad guy found us. Or would I repeat the above but shake a little less knowing the bad guy was going to be looking at several muzzle flashes when he opened our closet and the Cop could take his time getting to my home. A simple choice to be a victor and not a victim.

  17. I am in the process of getting my wife a CHL. When she finally gets her CHL, I will rest a lot easier. Always remember, when seconds count, the police are always minutes (and sometimes hours) away. Average response time of police: 45 minutes. Average response time of a .45ACP: about 2300 feet per second.

    • Better check on that Jim. I think you’ll find the muzzle velocity of a .45ACP is between 950 and 1100 feet per second, depending on the style of the bullet and powder load.

      • It was just a guess. Besides, even 950-1100 fps is better than waiting around for a cop to take your statement and write the report AFTER you’ve been victimized. Wouldn’t you agree?

      • James H. Humphrey

        There we go again, data busters. Whatever the speed, it is a damn sight faster that the cops can respond and will surely outrun the bad guy when he hears “Bang”. He might have the time to say, Oh $h1t – I just screwed up. We’re on the same page dickG, just messing with you.

    • The blast of a .45 may be too much for her to handle; I’d consider a .40 or a 9mm with hollow point ammo. Depends on her hand & body size, weight, and willingness to carry a heavier gun. Consult a gun expert.

  18. James H. Humphrey

    Some might think this is a little weird but, so is their stance to not defend themselves – anyway. Sometimes I think that the reason some women don’t choose to carry a defense weapon is because the only way they are gonna get sex is to get raped! Now you may think that is a pathetic statement but, why else would they not carry. They just want to be a hurt. The truth is like my wife, it just won’t happen. We ALL want to believe that we will never be in an auto accident, the tree limb will never fall on our house, when the hurricane comes it will be someplace else. I wish that would be true, don’t we all but, ladies – believe it, it happens every day or night and I pray that it never happens to you, wise up, if your number is up, I pray also that it is a .357 mag in your sweet hands that sends a would be rape artist painting pictures in hell.

    • Many women can’t handle the blast & recoil of .357 ammo, but .38cal.+P hollow points are an effective choice, and may allow for a more compact gun, since their hands are smaller in general.

      • James H. Humphrey

        No problem with what you stated, I also have a .45 and and the smaller .22 and my wife won’t shoot any of the others either. My (unstated) point, I’d just love to scare the crap out of any potential rapiest thinking that they would face a .357 mag with 120grain controlled expansion HP in the hands of their potential target. I just happen to like the .357 is why I used that one….. but good point. My little.32 is about the right size for most ladies and still scares the hell out of me. Thanks for the comment.

  19. I’m opposed to concealed carry on campuses, mainly due to my belief that too many of our young are unstable these days. However, I believe that any student, male, female, gay, straight, black, white, or yellow should be allowed to carry some form of stun gun, be it a pen type, or conventional type.


  21. It is the inalienable right to personal protection. Of course only individuals can protect themselves immediately, not having to wait for police protection that inevitably arrives too late. Also, not everyone needs to carry. Only enough people, properly trained, are able to protect others as well. Everyone has a God-given right to self-defense and it’s time for the Progressive Control-Freaks to give it up. Their arguments are usually based upon fallacy.

  22. By the way, if students, demanded their right to self-defense using whatever (it doesn’t have to be a firearm, but could be mace, spear, bull-whip or whatever, then the colleges would have to allow it or pay the price of having NO STUDENTS on campus. We don’t have to subscribe to administrative abuse of Constitutional rights.

    Just remember, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the writers of the Constitution got self-educated with the occasional help of tutors and were probably ten times more educated than the average college student today. So, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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