UN: ISIS Burying Children Alive

Just when you thought this group of sickos in the Middle East couldn’t top themselves, a new report from the United Nations comes along to turn the stomach of any decent human being. According to a new report from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the Islamic State is committing atrocities that target children as they work to establish their so-called Caliphate.

Amongst the ill-begotten deeds against children enumerated in the report: the use of the mentally-challenged as suicide bombers and human shields, mass executions, crucifixions, torture, and rape. The report even says that the UN has received reliable reports that ISIS has buried children alive.

Apparently armed with the talent of understatement, UN committee expert Renate Winter said that they are “deeply concerned at the torture and murder of those children, especially those belonging to minorities, but not only from minorities.” It’s unclear from the context whether she is more concerned about minority children or whether ISIS has focused their evil on minority children in particular. Knowing the UN…

But that’s another subject.

Winter went on to say that ISIS was using children for various sexual purposes, training them before the age of eight to fight against the infidels, and even selling them at market as slaves. The UN recommended that Iraq “take all necessary actions to ensure the safety and protection of children and their families,” apparently believing that the destructive evil of this group would come as news to Iraqi leaders.

Time to Turn the Page

The report is sickening, and the tone used by the UN is almost as bad. You would almost think they were reporting on a legitimate Middle Eastern government, what with their “take necessary actions” language. Here’s a “necessary action” for you. We sound a seven-day warning, give everyone who wants to get out a chance to get out, and then we nuke this whole area until there’s nothing but radioactive sand left.

Okay, that’s probably not going to happen, but we’ve danced around this problem for long enough. The terrorists once considered Al Qaeda’s “JV team” have come into their own. Armed with a destructive ideology that apparently plays well with rebellious young Muslims around the world, they have grown to become a serious threat. In fact, they are more than a threat. They are an abomination on the Earth, engaging in the kind of barbarism that America cannot ethically permit. Yes, we’re bombing them. Yes, we’re training Iraqi troops. Yes, we’re gathering a coalition. But in the meantime, these atrocities continue. How many of us, in our lifetimes, have seen a man cooked alive in a cage? This goes beyond “war crimes” into the kind of depravity that must be eradicated from the planet.

ISIS has given an overt, deadly finger to Jordan, Japan, Britain, the United States, Iraq, Syria, and more. I have no doubt in my mind that they will reap the harvest they are now sewing. We are going to war. The only real question is how much appetite for genocide Americans have before the thought of that war is less disgusting than the thought of standing by. If it takes a direct attack on American soil, I’m afraid that ISIS will be all too willing to oblige.

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  1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    My GOD these people have no respect for the little children what are they animals

  2. The U N has a military. Why aren’t they going in to stop this. It IS an international crisis All they want to do is talk and leave the fighting and blood sacrifice up to American soldiers.

    • the U.N. military is all mouth and no action, just trembling in their own feces loaded trousers.

    • U N is probably partying on OUR dollar , like odumbo& family – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • No doubt considering the U S pays for a third of their budget. Or maybe I should say Americans who havnt been born yet are paying for it.

    • The UN is a political playground, a place where political favors are paid. If you believe it to be anything else you’re delusional.

      • The U N exists only to control the world. Its run by communists who want to control every aspect of life in the world. Including exactly how many people live. They increase their own personal wealth at the expense of common people in the name of justice and world harmony

  3. The nigger in the Whitehouse defends these animals

    • extremely i agree.

    • ya, the muslum in the white house should be embalmed with hot pork fat.

      • Kenneth Van Antwerp

        The only problem is that would be a waste of good pork.

      • Unless and until the west and it’s allies realize that this vermin will only continue to spread we can look forward to ore of the same. We condemn the unbelievable and ISIS laughs at our response, committing greater and greater atrocities. History will judge us as complicit in these evil acts by our lack of adequate response.

        • This gives us all reason to mourn. You speak the truth.

          First they came for the Communists but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists but I was not one of them, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews but I was not Jewish so I did not speak
          out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.
          Martin Niemoeller

        • Sir, I believe most of the people in this country see isis for what it is. It is our leader and his lackeys that are supporting them by not doing anything substantial about them. Based on Obama’s comments at the prayer breakfast I would say he is biding his time till isis reaches here to do in the Christians..you will note I did not capitalize isis nor should anyone else lest they think they are important in the eyes of the people…they have come up from jv to pro level, but obama, killer by silent assent, is just toying with us…

          • Too bad–they are already here!! They have come across the southern border in mass–plus–I believe F & F that send thousands 20,000 weapons into Mexico were for a terrorists group–probably ISIS–for training as their story of tracking *straw buyers* is as phony as the *video* story was for the attack in Banghazi on 9-11-12—all PHONY–so sorry–they are already here–that is why obozo has to go today!!!

      • Don’t ask for volunteers, because I doubt you could handle the response. No argument with your idea (just an endorsement).

    • “Birds of a Feather, flock together”. An old truism as valid today as when first articulated.

  4. Don’t even know what to say about such inhumanity and depravity, but do know that God (not Allah) will ultimately serve the sentence.

    • These are followers of Satan and they will burn in eternal hell with him unless they see the light, turn away from evil and follow Jesus who preaches love. It’s a spiritual battle, but God will win this war in the end and Satan and his followers will suffer for eternity, while believers of Jesus will spend eternity in peace with God.

      • Thank you for your comment. Many folks have hateful words forgetting that God’s love and mercy is extended to all that call upon Him and abide by John 3:16 with a sincere heart. These words you chose are the words that every Christian must convey in their messages of disagreement with the atrocities inflicted upon the innocent by a sinful world. God will have His day with each and every one of us.

        • Do not gloss over the part that says “God’s love and mercy is extended to all that call upon Him”. Remember the road to Hell is a very wide Avenue. Furthermore, I believe you only have the right or purview, to forgive what is done directly to you. For evil done to others, you have a responsibility to seek justice. This is as old as Civilization, and nothing God has ever said alters it. The Bible in fact establishes it.

          • There is no glossing over God’s redemptive love or His redemptive wrath. My point is that many Christians are quick with harsh words that some times say things that most non-Christians may say. As Christians we are to temper our conversations with kindness towards those we may disagree with. We need not lambaste them with harsh words that does nothing more than antagonize an already frustrated society.

          • We do live in a culture of Liars. People who are more interested in saying what they think will make others approve of them or respect them. Why would lying to someone be a good course of action, if you expect to tell them the truth at some point down the road? I regard concealing the truth as lying, and that too is fashionable. If you would agree that it is only God’s version of truth that matters, what difference does it make what you or I think?

          • It matters to God.

        • yeah right! We are all gods children, lets start sending Isis to the lord and let him deal with them….

    • don’t you mean delve the sentence!

    • Allah is the name of the ancient Babylonian cult god, which goes back thousands of years. Allah is NOT the name of GOD the creator. He is “I AM”, “JEHOVAH” “ELOHIM” “YAHWEH” You can search the ancient scrolls, the torrah, the bible and you will never find the word Allah to refer to GOD. Allah is another name for Satan, Lucifer, the Devil. Those who say Allah and GOD are the same, do not know what they are talking about. They insult GOD every time they use that pagan name Allah. Allah cannot save you.

      • Allah is Satan. 600 years after Christ, Satan again offers a counterfeit version. Allah’s son is proclaimed to be Mohammed (phony Christ), heading up an Anti-Christ Religion that is works based (not Faith), Cruelty vs. Love, A Lascivious Heaven, and not one where there is neither Male or Female. The conflicts (or contrast) between God and Allah are evidenced in every aspect of these diametrically opposed systems.

  5. Totally amazing to me. We send BILLIONS of dollars to the United Nations every year and what do we get for
    that money. They tell us what we already know, ISIS beheading people young and old, burying people alive,
    crucifying people, shooting children for watching a football match. WHY ISNT THE UN DOING SOMETHING

    • Oh but they are doing something……………..They are “TALKING”!!! Something they are very good at. As for action, good luck on that one. They can’t even keep the peace in a small African country that is as backward as a country can possibly get.

      • Oh but they can try and install a ONE WORLD ORDER, Take Guns away from a nation that has
        a constitution which says you have a right to bear arms.

  6. Isis are the lowest of the low…I blame the president for permitting them to do these horrific things as he never made an attempt to stop them! What else is new? I can’t wait for his last 2 years to end! He’s the biggest disgrace this country has ever seen(my opinion) G-d help the children and all these tortured people being killed in the name of Allah?????? This is beyond immoral! It makes me so sick!!!!We have Nazi Germany all over again! G-d bless these innocent souls! My only question is..what was a 15 yrs old girl doing there??How could her parents have permitted this???I must be getting very old…I am missing something here! My parents would have beaten my behind if I ever suggested…….

    • Is the letter “O” missing on your keyboard? It is God, not G-D!

      • Yes,where Is The O in GOD,CeliaHum

        • I don’t want to pass judgment on Celia Gelber’s not putting the “o” in God, (though we ARE to judge the actions and words of individuals per Scripture), until I find out her reasons for doing so. I asked someone the same question once, as to WHY she was leaving out the “o”. She said it was because she didn’t even feel worthy to speak his name. Okay, that sounds STUPID to me, as people in the Bible said, “My God, My God”, but at least she didn’t do it to belittle the name of God. (I don’t think). I noticed that Celia did spell God with a Capital G. I am with Gary and Lisa….PLEASE, if you are still around, please EXPLAIN, as we want to know. To many are doing this lately, and is it because you don’t believe in Yahweh, (God), or WHAT?

          • Celia is Jewish people. Stop being rude!!!

          • You addressed your comment to ME, and said, “Stop being rude!!!” Well, you do not know my heart, and I was NOT rude in my comment. I was asking her to tell us WHY she left out the “o” in God. I have seen this done by others, and wanted to know. I find YOU rude, for calling ME rude, when I was sincerely wanting to know what was behind this. No-one has a greater love for the Jewish people than I do. Why? Because I have Jewish blood in me. Perhaps you had a bad day. I forgive you.

      • Michael Wayne Warren

        With all due respect and realizing Celia Gelber can speak for herself…. the reason the “o” is omitted is because she is obviously Jewish… The Jewish way is to omit the “o” because of the belief in writing it in entirety .could be taking the Sacred Name in vain. hence is a deep respect and reverence. I have seen Christians take literature with the Sacred Name and actually throw it in the trash can. Something unthinkable in Judaism. So along this thought the “o” is omitted…. the same for L-RD…. thanks

        • You are right Michael. It is a sign of reverence and respect by the Jewish people. They do not use the name of God as it is disrespectful. My father was a Christian and my mother was Jewish. We were raised as Christians. My father used His name irreverently, but my mother never did. Neither my brother, sister or myself ever used His name in an irreverent manner.

        • THANK YOU, Michael Warren for explaining this to us, in such a nice way. Just curious about this, as others are, as I see it done often. Now, I know, thanks to you.

    • I doubt Obama permitted it, it is more likely that he orchestrated,aided and abetted..when a rear admiral stands up and says that Obama has placed muslims, some with ties to the brotherhood, in EVERY branch of intelligence that the US has…am I the only one noticing the retired Officers in various branches of the armed forces are starting to speak up..but alas, I personally think it is a day late and a dollar short..it will be rare individuals who will stand up and fight this because of retirement pay..and all the folks that have guns. will they really stand up to the type of artillery isis is using..no it wont.

      • Ever hear of guerilla warfare? Viet Nam vets learned it the hard way and if that’s the way we have to go, then that’s the way it will be.

  7. let them try and attack the U.S. we will be ready.

  8. Obama created these guys when he declared everything over and pulled out all the troops from Iraq after our troops had won that war and defeated those bastards. So, these savages filled the vacuum. Then our brilliant government minds armed and funded the insurgents to fight Assad. The Russians restocked Assad along with Iran so those people we armed turned around and headed east with our weapons and started capturing weapons from an Iraq military that was not ready to defend itself. So with all that military hardware and the loot from every bank they came across they became the murdering well funded bastards we have now. Remember the history. Obama created this mess with Hillary, remember. The blood of these people is on the hands of Barak Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton!

  9. some one needs to put that nigger down..

  10. NOTHING will be done by every one of the European countries first they are hoping the problem will go away second they have enough problems , who will step up ? Switzerland, Ireland , Norway, Poland , Obama,
    he is in the planning stage , I mean planning to leave the problem alone let it fix its self. Things are getting better the children don’t have to be destroyed by us, if we wait things will go away. We can say Europe is closer to the problem.

  11. “Hope and Change”, “We can ALL Believe In”. Thanks a lot all you worthless POS Democrats!

  12. The FBI and the CIA knew there were 22 Muslim training camps right here in the US, and one is right outside of Houston, near our refineries and the Port of Houston. They knew years ago there was a Muslim training camp in Washington State. They did nothing to stop it. Now, Sharia Law is being passed in Irving, Texas. This is against the law. Ooh, I forgot, Obama can pass all the laws he wants, in every state in the US and no one is going to stop him. Well, we were warned, but just like those horrible no-zones in Michigan, even the police are afraid to enter. These Muslims are here for one reason and one reason only, to take over America by force and to behead all Christians, Jews and non-Muslims, blow up our churches, malls, police stations, destroy our cities and town, our military bases, and take over our Government. We allowed this to happen by not stopping it. Oh, we mustn’t offend the Muslims. Give me a break! These are not normal people. They are demon possessed followers of Satan. We have the son of Satan sitting in the White House. No matter who wins this next election, mark my word, Obama will still be in power. He said he has no plans to ever leave and no one is going to stop him. He is just like his father, the devil. He is full of lies, he deceives, commits murder, hates and is determine to destroy America and he knows no one will stop him!! Obama is evil to the core. GOD tried to warn America on 911, but America ignored Him. America has become like Sodom and Gomorrah. She will reap what she has sown.

    • Google islamic camps in America for a map and list of cities. They are spread across America and are guarded NO-GO ZONES. Stock up on ammo and practice to be ready for the surge. The Omuslim administration has told the FBI and CIA, ” HANDS OFF “.The DHS looks like an AL ZaWacky Fan Club meeting. Our gov has 800 FEMA compounds with the barbed razor wire on the INSIDE in North America and is stockpiling survival food and ammo. If something major is going down it will probably happen before the 2016 election.

  13. Why is the world at large not ganging up on the animals (ISIS) in Iraq and get it over and done with? It would spare a lot of pain and suffering to a lot of innocent people! We out number the brutes, let’s bury them alive under a world wide death squad.

  14. If for one reason we should not have left before the job was finished, this is it. Obama, you are a coward. We needed to finish the job, not leave with our tails between our legs. I’m sure well be back, fighting a ground war all over again because of the incompetence of the Marxist in the office of president. Maybe we should sell his daughters to ISIS so he’ll realize exactly what he supports when supporting Islam.

  15. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

    The solution is staggeringly simple: start incorporating pork grease into each and every munition supplied to the U.S. military.

    Muslims are terrified at the thought of being contaminated by pork before they die. If they were to be killed by munitions laden with pig parts, they would be denied their express ticket to “Virginworld”,

    Black Jack Pershing knew this and used it against the muslims in the Philippines. Captured muslim terrorists were shot by firing squads who first dipped their bullets into pigs blood, in front of the condemned. The bodies of the executed terrorists were covered in hog guts during burial. Philippine muslim terrorist attacks dropped to zero.


    The Israelis know this, which is why they were able to stop the wave of suicide bombings on public bus vehicles by requiring that all of those bus vehicles be built with pork grease packets incorporated into the structure. Blow yourself up inside an Israeli public bus, and your parts will be mixed with pig parts. After the Israelis made that clear, bus bombings dropped to zero.


    Of course, the Camel-Shagger whack jobs still conduct attacks on Israeli buses, but they use knives now. That threat could be mitigated quite well by requiring all Israelis to start using the product below on their personal firearms.

    Silver Bullet Gun Oil is the best weapons oil on the planet, *and* it incorporates 13 percent liquefied pig fat, thus assuring that no Camel-Shagger who gets shot with a bullet from a weapon lubed with SBGO will ever be allowed into the “Paradise” of the psychotic Goat-Frackers:


    Osama Bin Laden was reportedly killed by a SEAL who used SBGO on his weapon. Bin Laden died “haram” or “unclean”. I think that the entire Camel-Shagger world should know about this. It should be shouted fro the mountaintops.

    Make every effort to ensure that even the most inbred and illiterate Goat-Fracker muslim will hear about the pork products in all American munitions. See how fast they run away and hide.

    Buy More Ammo. That is the only viable treatment for ODD (Obamunist Distrust Disorder). Stock up on Silver Bullet Gun Oil. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers chapter. This won’t end pretty, America.

    • Interesting about the pork packets being placed into the structure of buses, to stop the savages from blowing them up. The Jews are very intelligent people. Oh, if only we had an intelligent leader. Oh, if only we had an intelligent leader that loved America. IF WE ONLY HAD A LEADER!!!!

      • ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

        Amen, brother. The Zero is running our military ATM, and blame for that rests squarely on the shoulders of 52 percent of the American Electorate. Those would be the drooling mouth-breathers who drank The Zero’s “Hope and Change” Kool-Aid.

        We got what the majority voted for. Which only proves that most people are idiots. Stand apart.

        Don’t be like the majority. Instead, be one of that irate, tireless minority who are keen to set brushfires of LIberty in the minds of Men.

        Buy More Ammo. That is the only viable treatment for ODD (Obamunist
        Distrust Disorder). Stock up on Silver Bullet Gun Oil (13 percent liquefied pig fat). Support your
        local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers chapter. This won’t end
        pretty, America.

  16. Yes but haven’t you all heard over and over again by our President that Islam is the religion of pease????? Not!!!

  17. ISIS only understands violence. Let’s rain violence upon them. These animals need to be exterminated. It’s all fun and games until Uncle Sam puts a foot in your ass. Wonder if the Messiah will do anything?? Two little bombs and Japan said “We quit”.

  18. Your extreme criticism of “take necessary action” simply betrays your proclivity to find fault in just about anything anyone else says in dealing with Middle Eastern issues. “Take necessary action” covers a very wide range of possibilities and in no way represents a soft or “tolerant’ response to the evil actions of ISIS. At the other extreme is your silly nuclear option (“nuke the whole area”), which will never happen.

    History will show that the United States provided the impetus for the upwelling of Islamic extremism in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East when we invaded Iraq on false pretenses. We supplied the fuel for the shrewd and successful propaganda campaign that recruited thousands of Muslim warriors to their misbegotten cause. We poked that bear. We sowed the wind and we are reaping the whirlwind.

  19. what have ya got to say about all of this barry? no doubt you’ll try to find something else to take the heat off of your brothers-in-arms – like try to bash Christians again? or Conservatives ? or ANY one else that doesn’t buy into your agenda to destroy this country thru any and all availible means –

  20. Talk, talk, talk, there’s only one answer to this insanity. Mobilize and erradicate the slime. anyone that thinks they won’t come to North America sooner or later, has their head firmly planted up their ass. Eliminate terorism at all cost, the world will not be safe until that happens. Words won’t make it happen, it’s war treat it like war.

    • Unfortunately…, the silly man running our country has gone to great strides, “not” to identify the terrorist. He…, is the chicken sh*t, not Netanyahu.

  21. The End times will be Worse than any other time in History, so this will escalate into wars, famines, disease, financial collapse, massive inflation, etc. And, I think it All starts this year.. Seals 3,4, and 5.. With Seals 6 and 7 happening next year with the arrival of Planet 7X.. (Not planet x, or Niburu).. I hope your faith is strong, and your cupboards are full.. It’s a Shmita Year.. Watch Gill Broussard, you tube, P-7X…

  22. Burying children alive. It’s time to let the air out of these maggots. Scorch the earth where they gather.

    • How many Muslims crucify kids & bury them alive, immolate pilots or strap C-4 to girl suicides?…care to estimate? rage will shorten your life 5-10-15 years & it’s unchristian to boot! that’s what aye told the flock in my boy-preacher days…we charter members of the New Precariat should ID our real enemies amongst the Radical Wrong & force them out of Congress.

  23. Unfortunately too many people are desensitized to these things. How many times have we seen people burned alive in Hollywood? Many. How many people killed and tortured numerous different ways? Many again. We are fighting an enemy that is surrounding us from all sides and it’s not just ISIS. My opinion. I refuse to buy Cable TV or any other due to the blatent disrespect to mankind. This is all very troubling and continues to grow worse. Sad to say we are so far downstream I worry that we may never gain the momentum or energy to paddle back upstream…….
    We should be sending prayers every chance we get.

  24. But it’s ok for Janet Reno to kill half a million Iraqi kids and Israel to murder children in scores every year in Gaza …. this article is Zionturd propaganda, it isn’t happening ala the incubator babies from Nurse Nayirah

    • I take it from your comment…, Your OK with children being buried alive, and it’s justified. Propaganda…? Yeah…, ok pal….. Seems to me you Liberal helmet is just a bit too tight & not letting enough Oxygen to your brain.

      • Go watch wag the dog and the matrix, study the nasa moon lies, sandy hoax, clue in, sheeple…. this story is bogus–where’s your proof, the USA MSM lmfao!

        • Wag the dog…, The Matrix…., you’re a joke! Good luck…

          • Joke, why? You think Jews were gassed? You think Armstrong really stepped on moon. You think Kids died at Hook? You are the gullible one. Charlie Hebdo didn’t even bleed nor recoil, nor did the gun. WTFU, MSM lemming 🙂

          • Go see a Dr. You seriously have problems….

          • That’s all you got? Where do you get your info? How many hours have you spent researching Sandy Hook, The Moon Hoax, or even this laughable burying kids alive BS? How old are you?

          • Old enough to know not to entertain delusional individual like you.

  25. SICK SATANIC MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD OCCULT! AND OBUMMER IS PART OF THEIR CLAN! and by the way Twitter will NOT let me share this article!

  26. us high horse people know that the crub sades caused this. The grand mufti of Washington should be removed. There should be a march on DC for these remarks demanding him to reslgn.

  27. Wild animals have more compassion than these sub-human ISIS or ISIL pieces of excrement have; this section of the world’s population needs TOTAL EXTERMINATION from the human race in the STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERMS. The acts these “religion of peace” loving sadists inflict are too numerous to mention, but any book that glorifies this type of behavior for ANY REASON can’t be a GOOD BOOK, in my opinion.

  28. Gary…I have never in 70 years done anything except use G-D as I was taught to do out of respect! Grow up Gary! Here you go/…here’s my OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO get a life! I have an “O” do u see it mr gary????????????

  29. We should just go there and clean them assholes out.

  30. DOES THE KORAN TEACH THIS? of is this just a form of recreation for the beasts?

  31. The queer muslim and his regime will not do anything to help stop this madness, if anything it will aid and abet, after all they helped to form isis.

  32. I like the part of “radioactive sand”. I have thought all along that this is the only way we are going to rid ourselves of this scourge on the planet earth. Next to that, our military has a cute little item called a MOAB, (mother of all bombs). It’s power is not that of a nuke, BUT, it is powerful enough to take out a small city in one fell swoop. With all the satellites up there that have the ability to read license plates back on earth, surely they can pinpoint the location of these barbarians.
    Instead of using a nuclear devise, they could use a neutron bomb. This bomb only kills the human scumbags and leaves the infrastructure intact.
    BUT, seeing as who is apparently calling the shots in this country, that will NEVER happen. He wouldn’t want to harm any of his brethren.

  33. Bruce Eugene Clyne

    Anyone who burns children or commits other horrid acts is of Satan and deserves death. Our own laws in this country permits the death penalty for these types of criminals. They will have their eternal reward very soon. I hope I am alive to see it. Should they land here even by mistake they will arrive in hell earlier. They make me sick and the people in Washington should be ashamed to call them selves leaders.

  34. Heaven forbid we would subject these mighty warriors to water boarding torture…

  35. We have people who aspire to these things living among us…Be vigilant people…

  36. The UN is a corrupt, useless entity. Time to kick all these idiots out of this country, close down that building and do a controlled demolition.

  37. We need to demand that this azz of a potus we unfortunately have now be arrested and charged with treason as he is nothing but a pawn for RADICAL ISLAMIC JIHAD TERRORISTS! THE WORLD LOOKED AWAY WHEN APPROX. 12/20 *MILLION* PEOPLE WERE BRUTIALLY MURDERED DURING HITLER’S REIGN—ARE WE GOING TO LET OBOZO DO THE SAME WITH THESE HORRIBLE MURDERERS??

  38. Folks, wake up to reality. ISLAM is nothing and I mean nothing but a FALSE, SATANIC RELIGION. It is driven by blood thirsty, EVIL, twisted pukes, who SLAUGHTER INNOCENT CHILDREN, WOMEN and MEN. They use as their justification a FRAUD called Mohammad and a book filled with LIES, MURDER, RAPE, DESTRUCTION. It is SATANS BOOK. They call this fraud the Koran

  39. And, the parents of those children, haven’t a pair of balls to fight these cowards….

  40. These scumbags are not far from committing those atrocities near you! Remember, if someone reads, believes & follows the Korans teachings they are one of them. Don’t think for a minute that you can trust any of them! Be prepared!!!!!!!!! They are working in all parts of this administration in D.C.

  41. Yet, public schools are starting to teach islam. How is that even legal when you can’t mention Jesus or the God of the Bible. The ACLU and liberals don’t care because it helps to destroy America which is what they want. They are communist, and we have an Islamic jihadist in the White House. He should be impeached or tried for Treason. Pray for our Nation we have turned from God, sown wickedness and are reaping the whirlwind.

  42. God is good and will take care of all in the end but for now he could use a little HELP. Its time to quit turning the other cheek.

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