UN Drops Anti-Israel Resolution After Trump Weighs In

Donald Trump weighed in this week on a proposed United Nations resolution that would officially denounce Israeli settlements in the West Bank, arguing that the U.S. should veto the proposal and leave negotiations to the parties directly involved – Israel and the Palestinians.

“As the United States has long maintained, peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians will only come through direct negotiations between the parties, and not through the imposition of terms by the United Nations,” Trump said in a statement. “This puts Israel in a very poor negotiating position and is extremely unfair to all Israelis.”

In calling for a veto, Trump joined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who asked the U.S. to do the same.

The resolution was scheduled to come up for a vote on Thursday, but diplomats told reporters late in the day that it had been pulled off the docket and postponed indefinitely.

This is not the first time the U.N. has tried to pass such a resolution. The last time was in 2011; the U.S. vetoed that effort. This vote, however, came with some uncertainty. Some believed that President Obama might sign onto the settlement condemnation in one last act of liberal defiance before leaving office.

The resolution was reportedly drafted by Egypt. Not only would it have condemned the Jewish settlements, but it also included language accusing Israel of violating international law and “dangerously imperiling the viability of a two-state solution.” Netanyahu’s government says the only thing imperiling a peace agreement are the terrorist organizations sponsoring attacks on Israelis.

Trump has been clear about his support for Israel throughout the campaign, promising to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – a promise that has, in fairness, been made and broken by the last three American presidents. But he put teeth to his words when he nominated David Friedman to be his ambassador to Israel. Friedman has expressed doubts about the viability of a two-state solution and has supported Jewish settlements both rhetorically and financially.

As of January 20th, Israel will once again have a rock-solid ally in the United States, bringing to an end the chilly relations of the Obama years. This is good news for American Christians who believe it’s the country’s solemn duty to protect the Jewish state and good news for anyone who wants to see the U.S. strengthen its own national security.

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  1. It is about time we had a President that is a real leader, instead of a red line drawer and ass kisser.

    • My sentiments exactly.

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          • Nary a clue!! I wish I knew. I have on occasion just stopped posting for a while as one tends to get sick of the B.S. some people put on these blogs.
            Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year too!!

          • There are several people on sites like this one I never see posting. I was posting on News Max but signing in became a problem and finally I couldn’t sign in, I went through it for over month without being able to post or reply and finally unsubscribed, I never incite violence or use foul language Etc. maybe they weed out certain people for reasons only they know. May You and Your Family Have a Peaceful and a Blessed New Year.

          • Haven’t seen a post from Chandler for a while. Hope he’s OK.

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          • I tried the inappropriate box. Didn’t work. Then she replies. Thanks for the reply, though

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          • I understand , that , that is the way, Kerry and Burnie got Rich also.

      • And mine.

    • Amen to that one…Putin is a strong leader for Russia, now we have a strong leader for the USA!!

      • Yes and together they can kick ISIS and all other terrorists asses.- that would be a Reightous venture!

        • What do you do about Russia backing our greatest, and Israel’s greatest enemy …Iran?

          • That’s easy–Iran has made public statements to destroy Israel.
            Self preservation means that Israel cannot allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon – Israel has a very capable AIr Force and bombing Irans nuclear facilities is the prudent thing fo do. As our ally we must stand by Israel and back their actions.

          • I figure they have already built their bombs. They broke every rule set, to them, about the fuel enrichment. They are biding their time, I believe.

          • I think Iran will be very, very sorry if they attack Israel.

          • I think we better. It try to find out before the 20 th of January this year.
            Remember when we heard about what the Israelis did (AFTER THE ATTACK ON THEIR OSIRIS NUCLEAR SITE) and one of our greatest president of the XX TH said: ? They did what ?

          • Why the 20th? The present person in the W/H does not have the Manhood to do anything about it. If the Israelis decide to do something , all that anyone will be able to do is Say “AH SHIT”! There WILL BE NO STOPPING THEM.

          • Who ordered Oliver North, to sell arms, to Ayatollah Khomeini?

          • No one. North was a CIVILIAN when the Ayatollah took over Iran.

          • North did not sell arms to any Ayatollah,

          • What does that have to do with the price of rice in China?

          • Common sense…………….he helped get the U.S.soldiers out of their internment……..

          • Huh?

          • I’m going back a few years, since then Israel might have solved their refueling problem, it would be roughly 2200 miles round trip from Israel to Iran, which means their planes would have to be refueled. I blame this current situation with Iran on Obama’s brother Jimmy Muslim Lover Jimmy Carter as much as Obama. It really angers me that so many American Jews support Obama, if Obama had the power I’m certain that he would wipe Israel off the map just like all his Muslim brothers and then there are churches that support Obama. I wonder if these professing Christians have been sent “Strong Delusion” nothing else make sense.

          • I believe you are correct on the “Strong Delusion” thing. Why do either of those two religion’s vote for their own destruction…it is insanity…haven’t they seen the Christian heads being chopped off & the rocket’s raining down on Israel…yet they vote for more of the same…it has to be delusion or insanity…???

          • President Carter sold arms to Ayatollah Khomeini?

          • Their nuclear facilities are buried too deep for bombs to destroy them.

          • Not early. As a Matter of Fact. Bush gave them the Bombs that will do it.
            As a Matter of Fact when one of them goes off, everything within 5 MILES of the point of contact is DEAD. Every thing within 10 MILES will never Hear again.
            Yes, It does real exist. Israel has FOUR of them.

          • Good! I am glad to know the Israel has those!

          • Only four???

          • Of those particular Bombs. They are VERY big and Heavy, to say nothing of Expensive. They are delivered by CH-130’s.

          • Of course, do the opposite of what YObama has done!

          • I would say, Trump & Putin need to have a long chat soon. And keep those to RINO’s McCain & Graham away from the microphones!

          • Best I can recall, neither of them won a nomination to become president. They should stop spouting policy and leave that to the real president. Nothing wrong with them making suggestions to the President but trying to have influence through the media is bad form.

          • Putin knew what a jerk Hillary was and that she would get the two nations into a war sooner than later.He also understands that the Russian economy is in bad shape and they cannot afford a war with the U.S.If he hacked,he had a good reason to do so.Please open your eyes and understand what the hell is going on.Wake up you liberal idiots……….

          • Say big Bill….I say the reason Trump and Putin need to have a long chat soon….is because of all the damage Obama & Hillary have done in the world…the reason I want to have McCain & Graham gaged is because those two RINO knuckle head’s have been helping Hillary & Obama screw things up the last eight years.

          • We (USA) made the biggest mistake trying to steal Ukraine away to join the EU under our Corporate development with NED, G.Soros NGOs, Agribusiness, Chevron. It started about 1993 and even Biden made several trips to tighten things us. NED took OUR tax money to ‘educate for Democracy’ (which means get them hooked into capitalism the way US Corps are starting to do it) and helped pay for 2 Ousting of Presidents to get one who would approve EU. We thought Yanukovich would OK it but he changed his mind so we saw Victoria Nuland (and her Agribusiness husband) and John McCain over there putting in a new Gov. (from Kiev’s leftover Germanazi Occupation) Of course they want to get in with Germany’s EU and let US take over development. But the Russian citizens did not want to be Used and said NO, stay with Russia’s business. We tried to take it away. We were wrong. The way we did it was wrong, underhanded and Using Our TAX money for Private Corporate was criminal. But they do it (NED) in 90 foreign countries. So we made Russia an Enemy who wants to get back at us and goes even more towards Iran than they would have. Iran and Russia have had trouble with each other in the past and we could have used it the other way but No, we wanted Ukraine (and still do) Soros wrote a big paper on how it would Save the Eu from many of its big problems. You can look it up online. You can look up all the Corps in Ukraine online. They even advertised ‘investments’ (which many Congress people seem to have done)

          • Russia took over the Ukraine by force of ARMS.
            Russia, Has been an Enemy of this country for as long as I have been Alive. Actually from 2 years after I was born.
            Soros is a big problem in, to this country and to countries all over the world. Why he is still alive I do not know.

          • I don’t think anyone told Obama that Iran was our enemy!

          • Iran is not Obama’s enemy. remember, his adviser, Jarret is Iranian.

          • I didn’t know that.

          • They told him alright it’s just that Iran is no enemy of his

          • Its difficult to hear when your hear is in your you know where……..
            Obama never was a leader.How do you lead from behind?The American people were given a terrible,well constructed lie,and we bought it.

        • Ever hear of FinCen?
          It is part of the TREASURY DEPARTMENT.
          It levied, a $10,000,000 fine, against Trump Taj Mahal!
          That fine was paid!
          It was used, by terrorists, to launder money!

          • OK, here is something I have not heard about. Tell me more.

          • Suggest you read the 12-282016 edition of the Los Angeles Times!
            It describes Trump’s condo scam in Baja, Mexico!

          • Amd, of course, the newspaper is always truthful. really?

          • Truthful?
            The NATIONAL ENQUIRER?
            Remember Carol Burnett?
            As in FOX “NEWS”?
            Are you kidding?

          • Depends when you watch “Fox” after 1 PM eastern time they are accurate, Morning, Weekends not so much.

          • Don’t get your panties in a wad! Trump has been truthful by saying he was one of “them,” meaning the unprincipled!
            We will soon know if he is on the level now! But he COULDN’T be worse than what we just had for eight years, and what we would have gotten in the Hill.

          • To be worst than what we could have gotten is simply—–IMPOSIBLE——

          • That’s just what I said. You are just repeating what I already said and misinterpreted it. Carefully read comments from now on. As far as Fox News, I would rather watch them than watch the lying corrupt mainstream media.

          • If you believe anything the Los Angeles Slimes prints you must also believe that no illegals are to be found in CA., they are all “Guest” of the City of Los Angles, right?

          • Ever read the autobiography, NEVER AGAIN, by Attorney-General John Ashcroft?
            He,not Eric Holder, gave the order to rescue illegals!
            Where was Trump then?

          • I know . I Know. I Know. Kin I answer that one????
            Trump was Making Himself Richer than Dog Shit at that Time.
            Where were You?

          • JYuma, thanks for the giggles! I needed that right now! lol

          • Ahh. Shucks!!

          • Jealous, are you? That’s what capitalism is about. Having the intelligence to make yourself wealthy.

          • Me? Jealous? No. I am in Full agreement with your fact. He EARNED it. More Power to him also.

          • Then why such hateful language in regard to trump building a large business which he or anyone lese has the absolute right to do. that is what our country is based on – capitalism.

          • Best clean your eyes out.
            I have never said anything HATEFUL about Trump.
            You however have.
            The things I write are not HATEFUL, just insulting.
            Want a TASTE?

          • Jyuma……..Is that a bad thing?

          • No, a VERY GOOD THING.
            Do you think it’s Bad?

          • trump was still a businessman and a tv star.

          • Question is: Where was Obama?

          • I believe that he was in Haaaaverd. Going by the name of Barry Soetero.

          • taking care of his own businesses.

          • I know who he “Was”! But, I don’t see any connection to my post! Our nation is being “invaded” by Illegals from many other nations and when a nation does not have control of it Borders and/or Rules & Laws for immigration you are looking at a nation that soon no longer is a “sovereign Nation”! When states and cities feel that they can deem to not uphold the Laws about immigration of the United States we have become a “lawless nation” and will be destroyed by those who are “invading us”! Where was Trump then, well, he was a private citizen, just like you. If you blame him for wrong doings of others, is it then OK for me to accuse you for the wrongs of others, even if you had nothing to do with it?

          • trump was running his businesses.

          • Green is a bit hard headed or just plane dumb. He has been told that by about 6 of us now.

          • Get Your head out of your ass…………

      • 26 more days and the panzy is gone.

      • I hope it is not too late after all the damage Obama has inflicted upon the world. A much more dangerous place now due to Vile Liberal Scum ideologies. ISIS was created and encouraged due directly to the behavior of Obama and his liberal and Islamic buddies.

        I fear EVIL forces will take advantage of America’s weakness in the period between now and Trump being able to strengthen America again We need Russia’s help now more than ever https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f2eea83c77c55d9cb0708b0879476a302a2dd1e49998fd8cf3bf53ec70112fe7.gif .

        • It is going to be a very hard job for Trump to straighten out everything Obama and Bush and Clinton have screwed up! I really can’t see the Donald getting it all done. I hope so but if he can’t I will not diss him because I know he is trying!

          • Certainly hope Trump succeeds in strengthening America so as to be able to good again for the world. Trump is the right man at the right time.

            EVIL has perfected ways to fool the gullible of the world. Donald Trump has found a way to counter SOVIET style DISINFORMATION extremely well.

            May God Bless Him in all he does. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f11823d3e3d8afa02be77247aeeafe5fae7a8dda8f98ec5adce182e35e059c83.jpg

          • SORRY; but that does NOT look like Jesus, the very dark Jew! That is the European view of their Savior! Why do we keep forgetting that Jesus was a Jew?? AND He wasn’t effeminate either; He was a man’s MAN!

          • WRONG!

            You display a lack of knowledge of the history of Israel. How many Jews today are very dark? Perhaps suntanned ones working outside in the summer months. Most Jews I know are white as the driven snow. Those living in Israel today are mostly white folks with a few Black Jews discovered in Africa a few years ago. Presumably descendents of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba most likely now Ethiopia,

            After the Jewish uprising about 79 AD the Romans punished the Jews by destroying the Temple to the state it has remained since then to this day. Making Slaves of the Jews the Romans removed them from Israel dispersing them throughout the Roman Empire. Sorry, the were / are In fact up until the 20th century Black Jews were unknown.

            Modern day revelations through the Prophets of God we know Jesus Christ in his mortal existence features was Red Hair, Blue Eyes, and White skin, Red, White, and Blue the colors of America are no accident. Jesus Christ lives today as a God with a body of flesh and bone but without blood as we know it. For our blood is corrupt, Causing our death over a short time.

            Jesus Christ was born in what we call April on the 5th day of that month! Hence shepherds would most definitely be in the fields tending sheep.

            Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden at first had physical bodies that glowed with a white light. After eating the forbidden fruit, an Apple which contains arsenic in the seeds altered their bodies from everlasting to mortal. Before this event, a day to them equaled a day in God’s time frame. One thousand of our years as we know it today.

            Indeed Adam & Eve did not live a day in God’s time frame. They did however live several hundred of our years.

            Our existence is a hologram where every aspect mirrors another. We are the quick as our time is speeded up and very much like virtual reality.

            I do not expect you to comprehend any of this. Perhaps something will stick if you have any part of the Holy Ghost within you.

          • I have never seen a picture of Jesus as a very dark Jew.

          • The color of the people in that part of the world of the most part is the same as Mexicans, Italians, Greeks.
            However Jesus was a Jew.

          • I know that Jesus was a Jew. Jews are not dark.

          • Correctamoondo! A little Mexican there.

          • The democrats in Congress intend to give him a hard time they already are.

          • Trump is not politics as usual. He recognizes the influence of Communist Party USA SOVIET style DISINFORMATION science works every time on low information individuals. The mistake many make is to assume someone with a “college degree” is intelligent or even smart. Actually they are the opposite of intelligent. They are brainwashed useful idiots indoctrinated into the official communist party USA line.

            So brainwashed they cannot think for themselves as they wait to be told what to think by communist owned and controlled mainstream media. Unquestioned propaganda that is never qualified or verified for that matter. Hey if mainstream media says it. It must be true. NOT! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f2eea83c77c55d9cb0708b0879476a302a2dd1e49998fd8cf3bf53ec70112fe7.gif

        • Donald Trump has said he wants better relations with Russia. Seventy years ago, we became allies with Russia (and England) to destroy Hitler. Maybe some kind of alliance between Russia and the USA now would enable us to destroy ISIS. With the overwhelming majority of the world’s nuclear arsenal all on one side (the USA and Russia), that would make escalation into a nuclear conflict not realistic. Yes, maybe terrorist entities might get access to a few small “tactical” weapons, but the USA and Russia between us have over 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons. ISIS has to be destroyed, and that is in the best interests of both Russia and the USA. And, I do believe that Putin is not anywhere near as bad as Stalin was. Still, world events are becoming more confusing to me. If we and Russia become closer allies fighting terrorism, and Iran is the largest funding source for terrorism in the world, what does that say for future Russian relations with Iran? If Russia moves away from supporting Iran, that should set the time-clock for the “Gog-Magog war” foretold in Ezekiel further back…

          • We were NEVER allies with Russia; they joined the allies to defeat Hitler and his Nazis. When the war was finally over, Russia made sure that the whole world KNEW that their drive was to take over the world with Communism. Remember the wall dividing Germany? Does that speak loud enough for you? They continued their campaign of propaganda and managed to get into our “higher” education and nearly destroyed us! That is where the Demoncrap Party turned to for their guidance while the right turned to our Constitution and the God that gave us our freedoms! I KNOW; while I was at Stanford U in the mid 60’s, MOST of my professors were card caring Communists and proud to be, so much that they had us believing their tripe for 3 and a half years! They were trying to use our upbringing against us and told us that our parents were “old fashioned”! We, however, will be modern and modernize the USA to bring her up to speed! Had it not been for Billy Graham crusades in Redwood City ( San Francisco) in the mid 60’s, we all would still be lefty progressive commies! Most of those politicians in California ARE progressive Communists but call themselves “socialists” because it sounds “modern”! Don’t eat their “soup”; it’s made of shit and you don’t want to be full of it…….It’ll kill you!

          • Hey, Sherry, cool down! I am as conservative as you are! And, you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know. But, the truth is that the USA, Great Britain, and the Russians comprised the “Allies” during WW-II, while Germany, Italy, and Japan comprised the “Axis” nations. Churchill once said that he would ally himself “with the Devil himself, if he (the devil) would help him (Churchill) to defeat Hitler.” So, I guess he did (Stalin). Arguably, Stalin was just as great a mass-murderer as Hitler. And, I understand that Putin is no saint. He has said that the dissolution of the Soviet Union was the greatest single socioeconomic disaster of the 20th Century. Would he like to reestablish communism? I’m not sure, but he would like to reestablish Russia to its former strength and world position as during the days of the USSR. But, just like in 1940, we do have a common enemy, which is radical jihadism, with ISIS as the primary instigator at this time. Iran is the biggest funding source for terrorism today, and much Islamic jihadi hatred is being fed by the wahabis of Saudi Arabia, where little kids are being indoctrinated in jihad from the time they are toddlers. This has to stop. Political correctness has to be wiped out so that we can finally recognize who the real enemy is and deal with it.

          • George Patton was correct. Exactly why he was murdered.

          • I do hate to say this Young Lady. Your grasp and knowledge of History is a bit off, not FAR off , just bit. Russia was indeed a Ally during WWII. Your Facts on colleges, professors, the Democrat party is Very Actuate. I is the Older history that you need to restudy a bit.

          • In 1963 Congress held a hearing on the 45 goals of the American Communist party getting the government to take charge of our private schools was on their list but even as far back as 1935 then president of the American Communist party was trying to get the government to take over our public schools why was this so obviously important to Communists, it was to feed the American youth Communist propagada on a national and a uniform level, creating who Russia’s Lenin called “Useful Idiots” BTW they celebrated when Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education, the dumbing down could begin. Obama, Clinton and Sanders is proof of their success, America is being destroyed from within simply because of too many ignorant people.

          • God bless you! Sure do love and miss you!!! BTW; ever hear from Chandler anymore??? It’s been a very long time since we butted heads, but I sure do love and miss him!

          • I believe Vile Liberal Scum are far more dangerous than Russia or Islam.They are the enemy within the founding fathers warned us about. Putin seems to be a man with common sense, something lacking in the Liberal ideology. Putin lives in Real Ville. Liberals live in LA LA Land. Extremely childish having no clue about what the world is really l.ike.

            Essentially liberals never grew up choosing to remain children. More like Peter Pan than adults.

          • Well thought out.

        • Don’t be fooled. Russia is still angry that they lost the cold war to Reagan and they are still smarting from the mega loss. They are NOT our ally; Israel IS! Russia is just as dangerous as “O” is to this country. Both China and Russia are licking their chops at the failure of the USA and, like hyenas, will move in stealthly to overtake us! NO one will come to our aid because “O” has destroyed our relationships with what allies we had. I think we are in too deep for anyone, even Trump, to pull us out this time! NOW, we must finally rely on God to save us but we, as a nation, must acknowledge Him and truly repent for turning our collective backs on Him and His mercy as well as His blessings! IF we refuse to call upon the Only One Who can help and save us, then we are so DONE, folks! Why do we keep looking for help from those who wish our failure and want our land of rich resources? WHY??? It is inconceivable to go to the enemy for the help. Satan has crafted a trap for us and we are blindly wandering into it with our eyes closed. GOD HELP US!

          • Have you read the works of Jim Marrs? The rise of the Fourth Reich? How about the works of Dinesh D’Souza? Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky? Disinformation?

            Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining …
            Book by Ion Mihai Pacepa and Ronald J. Rychlak
            The highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa is at it again. … Google Books

            Are you aware of the history of the Jewish NAZI George Soros aka Schwartz? Soros holds the leash of Obama, Hillary, and Bill plus many more.

            Indeed a world conspiracy does exist to enslave us all under the yoke of the slavery that is Fascism. A few EVIL men more so than WWII NAZIS have infiltrated all segments of international corporations, banks, and many governments. Mirror the NAZI empire of WWII only much worse.

            VIle Liberal Scum are useful idiots of this group some fully aware ol it many not. Just as WWII NAZIS murdered others for personal gain so do this scum. Make no mistake they fully intend to murder the greater part of humanity.

          • Have you seen the TV show, Where they are reinvestigating Hilers disappearance? It is Very Interesting. You may enjoy it also. I have learned a good bit. Especially finding out that after the end of WWII,they investigated wether or not he indexed died at the end , or escaped to South America as did many others Nazis did.

          • Have you read the book Ratline?

            Ratline: Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests, and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler Hardcover – April 17, 2012
            by Peter Levenda (Author)

            Ratline is the documented history about the mechanisms by which thousands of other Nazi war criminals fled to the remotest parts of the globe–including quite possibly Adolf Hitler.

            It is a story involving Soviet spies, Nazi priests, and a network of Catholic monasteries and safe houses known as the rat line. The name of one priest in particular, Monsignor Draganovic, was discovered by the author in a diary found in Indonesia. Why would this name turn up in a document written in a spidery German hand in a remote island in Indonesia?

            As famed author Peter Levenda began his research, more information came to light: In December of 2009, it was revealed that the skull the Russians claimed was Hitler’s–salvaged from the bunker in 1945–was not that of Hitler! In 2010, files from the Office of Special Investigations of the Justice Department were declassified, revealing a history of American intelligence providing cover for Nazi war criminals.

            The mystery deepened, and the author returned to his own roots hunting Nazis in North America, South America and Europe. He revisited old contacts, made some new ones, and gradually the explosive story was revealed: there is no forensic evidence to prove that Adolf Hitler died in the bunker in April 1945!


          • I shall get it.
            The Office of Special Investigations was, as I understand, not providing cover for the Nazis that ran, including Hitler. They were trying to catch him. . The History Series is about modern investigators hunting where he landed and hid, trying to find his Grave site. It is very Interesting. You may enjoy it as my wife and I do.
            The Skull that Russia had turned out to be of a woman.
            They have found many twits and turns in their investigations. They have also found many people that saw a person that looked like Hitler years after the War.

          • According to Ratline Hitler hid out in Indonesia running a Hospital of all things. Reportedly dies in 1976 and in buried in Indonesia. Seems simple enough to open the grave and do some DNA testing[

          • I have ordered the Book, they have not said any thing in Hunting Hitler where he died, I understood from years ago that it was in Venezuela.
            I believe the we will find out before to long..
            If the Book is as interesting as ‘Hunting Hitler’ has been, I will enjoy it.

          • Think you will enjoy reading it. I did. The EVIL pulling the strings take care of their own. Anything is possible. Linking all the various stories about that time in history tends to make one believe Hitler and his wife faked their “deaths” using body doubles to accomplish it. Body double existed for Hitler as history records.

          • The most important evidence is that God knows all about Hitler and He will reward him in full and God’s punishment is severe! Never fear. God is right on time and He has total control.

          • Agreed, everything is going according to plan of God. This existence is called a veil of tears for a reason. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f2eea83c77c55d9cb0708b0879476a302a2dd1e49998fd8cf3bf53ec70112fe7.gif

          • I think this in a nutshell is a good way to explain the forces that control this evil world, anyway this how I see it: Picture a pyramid, inside the pyramid are floors/stories Satan is on the top floor his army of fallen angels on various floors below depending on rank, below them are Satan’s worshippers, mortals who are members of various secret societies making up the so-called enlightened ones or Illuminati . These people make up what some researchers have termed the “Shadow Government” I doubt that Obama evil as he is isnt even inside the pyramid but Soros might be.

          • Yes, extreme EVIL exists in the world today. Cain who murdered his brother Abel to gain his brother’s herds of sheep attempted to cover it up. God knows what goes on in this existence. God marked Cain with Black Skin among other things. Cain gloried in his secret of murder for gain. Began a secret society that murdered for gain. This society continues to exist. Cain leads them to this day.

            Satan works for Cain not the other way around. All who choose to murder for personal gain follow Cain. Cain leads them as he remains alive, God placed Cain here to ensure EVIL continues to exist.

            Cain and Satan know their time is coming to an end shortly. We living today exist in the latter days of time as we know it. Return of the Gods is close. When they do return in all of their Glory EVIL in the flesh will be immediately reduced to ashes. Evil Spirits will be cast into the bottomless pit for a day in God’s time (one thousand of our years).

          • Pretty much how I believe! Thank you!

          • During the whole campaign I prayed for God to deliver our country from the godless forces trying to destroy her and I believe his answer was Donald Trump, who I believe truly loves our country as most of us do.

        • It will take 50 to 75 yrs to correct Obama garage, the two females appointed to the Supreme Court could be there for very long time. Maybe we can find away to impeach them. We can cancel Obamacare but it will take several years to get any health act completely working correctly. Trump and Congress will pass a new health and act but it will take several years to get the bug’s out of it.

          • It takes years to replace ship and planes, train combat ready man. Supply them with up to date equipment. A good example is nuclear submarine. If they want to build six, they build one at a time, none of the six will be the same. As they build each one technology changes and that new technology is incorporated into each one. All the ship and planes and
            other equipment were started under Bush, obama has stopped equipping our military. Most likely it will take eight years plus to bring that material on line. Another thing we can thank Obama for.

          • Reagan replaced ships and plane and it did not take him years.

          • Only time will tell.

          • Agree using politics as usual. Trump is not a politician. Trump is an extremely successful businessman used to doing the deal. Knows how to read people seeing past their rhetoric. Knows how to judge what is a good deal for the other side and how to get his way. Something politicians sorely lack.

            Exactly what America’s founding fathers envisioned to hold elective office temporally. I suspect we are on the right path as evidenced by the adverse reaction of the enemy within. VIle Liberal Scum will always tell us what they are afraid of along as what they are about if given enough rope. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c16c6e0d74f92aafb0285d0a3334373b6c732979f04fbb45c4a4128025bd3ef5.jpg

        • Bull shit, Trump is the danger, is fkn dangerous and nuts!!!

      • Both comrades!!
        They DESERVE each other!!

      • ivory69690@yahoo.com

        we have a strong leader now you say WHO DONNY DUMP you mean ? he is a punk coward . he is a clown that will lead the brain dead followers and the rest of the country into hell . and then hew will blame every one else wake up then again if your agreeing with itsaclown then your on the side other punk coward that acts the tough clown behind his keyboard

        • I guess we will see won’t we!

          • ivory69690@yahoo.com

            as ads as it is YES if the road ahead is anything like the DUMPSTER’s road of the past one can only see dark and very scary days to come

          • AND YOU THINK THAT THE LAST 8 YEARS WAS GREAT??? You must have been asleep all that time or the kool-aid has rotted your small brain!

          • ivory69690@yahoo.com

            from where the DIRTY BUSH had the country in the grave and CHEEZY CHANEY COVERED THE COUTRY OVER you should drink the Kool-Aid no brain just a big empty head your stuff home up your mouth piece your AZZ but you being as stupid as you show all on here id bet those DIRTY BUSH days was the best days of your worth less life

        • You lost & we won! Now Ivory, repeat after me, Barack Jihad Obama is leaving and President Donald Trump is our new leader. Sweet!

        • Maybe so, but he isn’t as bad as Killary or your idol Obama! They are bona-fide murderers and thieves! They will take the gold out of your teeth like the Nazi’s did!

          • ivory69690@yahoo.com

            and for you the DUMPSTER would have to settle for take the CHIT out of your teeth then he can put it with his thinking for yours and his all come from the same place your home for your head mouth and your thinking =your AZZ

      • I think the American Communists are much more of a danger to America than Russia, there were 45 goals of the American Communist party, [I said were because most all have been achieved] in1963 Congress held a hearing concerning these 45 goals, one of those goals was to capture one or both of our political parties they were very successful with one party AKA the Democrat party. Capturing the news media, the entertainment media and even our schools, the public schools went to the Communists when the Department of so-called Education was created, Communist propaganda has been fed to the American youth on a national and a uniform level, this has led to as Lenin called them “Useful Idiots”

      • Praise the Lord and thank Him for sending us Donald Trump.

    • “. . . instead of a red line drawer and ass kisser.” And, a muslim!

    • You are probably more correct than you think by saying A– Kisser. I think he is a closet gay.
      I Pray when Mr. Trump takes over, the D.O.J. will check, once and for all, that Barry’s-Obama’s birth certificate is for real or we have been deceived the last eight years. .Along with his fake S.S.#

      • The main stream media has managed to sweep the S.S. # under the rug.

        • With geo soros OWNING the media, the dumbasscrats and parts of the repooplicans, only bad can come. Let’s hope the HNIC isn’t up to more dramatics before his faggot ass is out!!

          • Its like the pipeline Obama stopped. Who do you think owns the train cars being used to transport the oil to the refineries? Clue; His first name is George.

          • If I am not mistaken, Warren Buffet Moves the oil but I would believe Soros is involved.

          • Soros, Rothchilds, & Buffet Are ALL IN the SAME CABAL, Or what ever some ONE Would Want or choose to call it..They ARE ALL IN TOGETHER..Many Articles have been Written that CONNECT many DOTS, they all lead to THESE & a Few More..Pretty much only 4 to 6 families that truly run the GLOBE. Google Rothchild, & it’s Not the ONE you’d think it is..Same with GATES & Rockefellas.

          • Is there really a lot of difference between these two globalists?

          • No, they all have the same headmaster…….and it ain’t God!

          • And Warren Buffet who doesn’t want the pipeline he own the rail that’s transporting the oil.


          • I hope George will hurry up and die!

          • His sons will take over and continue the damage

          • But first, President Elect Trump will play with the Swamp-Dwellers a bit; scare Newt enough to humiliate himself by publicly airing his “boo-boo” apology, coyly delivered like a 5-year old; and can anybody forget the pained look on Mitt Romney’s face, in every single photo a few weeks ago, culminating in his shameful last-supper; and Paul Ryan has only recently stopped looking constipated.

        • Not any longer! WE WON’T ALLOW IT! The MSM has to be rejected and defunded by WE THE PEOPLE.

        • I would love for millions of Americans to demand that Trump unlock all of the documentation that SOB has been hiding so that he can be prosecuted for inflicting the greatest political scam in the history of the world. That is one crime the US should never allow to go unpunished.

          • I would love for millions of Americans to demand Obama release his college records, we could see if he went to college on a foreign student only scholarship/

          • He did. Someone had placed a picture of his Student ID card from Columbia and it indeed had “foreign student” in block letters across the bottom. His book publisher also sent out brochures advertising his book stating very plainly that he was a Kenyan born author. There is even a video where his partner Michael had a slip of the lip and referred to him as a Kenyan. All sorts of evidence that Congress chose to ignore so they would not be called “racists”.

          • What a waste of resources that would be.

            “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.”
            ― George Washington, George Washington’s Farewell Address

          • Seeking the truth is never a waste of resources.

          • Maybe
            There is a Taoist story of an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “May be,” the farmer replied. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. “How wonderful,” the neighbors exclaimed. “May be,” replied the old man. The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune. “May be,” answered the farmer. The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son’s leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out. “May be,” said the farmer.


        • Not much reported on that dead Connecticut man who had his social security information stolen.
          Obama has three. Is that not against federal law?

      • I was never deceived about Obama. I knew from the git go that he was illegal and a phony.

        • YOU’RE NOT ALONE, my friend!

          • You sure as Hell are not alone. But the leftist lunatics had controlled two branches in reality since November of 2006 and a good part of the groundwork for the fool on Capitol Hill was laid BY those fools and lunatics. We were gradually able to wrest control, finally but in 2008 they totally controlled all 3 branches and look at the damage done to us during the demise they could not even admit was inevitable and STILL can’t!THEY, unfortunately are still with us and will undoubtedly continue to be a plague upon us ALL! Remember that in the NEXT several elections and vote accordingly.

          • And our airplanes hauling Obamas around leaving huge carbon footprint.

        • Same here

        • And a Radical Hamas Loving Muslim….he cannot hide….

        • But being intelligent people we did not protest, name call, destroy anything, etc. Why? Because we are adults with brains and love of America.

        • I knew when he came out of Chicago politics.

        • Don’t forget a gay Muslim also.

        • Me too, I never did like him much less vote for him. Sooooooo glad he will be leaving us.

        • Many did. We were all victims of Obamas rigged elections.

        • The title of this article is also deceiving; because the UN did not drop this resolution: The Council passed the measure Friday after the United States abstained, enabling the adoption of the first resolution since 1979 to condemn Israel over its settlement policy. The US envoy was not summoned.

        • It really doesn’t matter where he was born anymore. His alleged father was a Kenyan citizen, and that alone makes him ineligible for president.

          • Have you ever tried to get anyone else to agree with you on that fact?
            I have. It can get very lively.

          • “O” CLAIMED IT TO BE SO IN HIS OWN BOOK, “Dreams of My Father”! Remember when he was at that book signing and was reading it out loud! I did notice that the language written did not sound like Obama! I think the whole thing was really a fraud! I believe his father was Frank Marshal Davis, the card carrying Communist! He certainly had a lot of influence in “O”s life…….

          • Yes, I too read his books. He had some HELP. Told a lot of things that he wishes he had not.
            Davis , was not his Father, His birth Father was the Kenyan OBoma, his step father, the second man his mother married , was an Indonesian. He Adopted o’bozo, Gave him a new Name,” Berry Soetero. Davis , was the Man that turned him. That made him what he is today, fan of Bathhouse’s in Chit Town, and Castro Street in San Fran.
            His Adopted Father raised him as a muslim Communist.

        • ivory69690@yahoo.com

          compare to who DONNY DUMP ? you people are loss in the GOP gang of pinhead idiots B/S

          • Ivory, you dim morons lost. Elections have consequences. You dims are mostly irrelevant now. To the back of the bus with you.

          • ivory69690@yahoo.com

            well not the pop vote. brain dead like you you’re an idiot to believe what the DUMPSTER was shoveling you and watch how much your B/F clown dose what he said . now for something else knowing you are brain dead anyways lets play a little game and test . one you will fail and lose for your a moron . ok you told me to go to the back of the bus . that has more reason to show your stupid first because my ID is ivory YOU’RE THAT STUPID TO THINK IM BLACK for some brain dead reason . hey idiot moron in your world (or any world ) what color is ivory ? ill help you god knows you need more then even he can give you . but braid dead ivory’s color is WHITE your ignorance no matter the color you are puts you in the back of a bus and thrown out the windows you stupid moron clown . get a life then do the world a favor and end it can only help mankind as it is

          • I never even hinted that you are black because I already knew you are just a stupid white libtard. You’re just sour grapes and I am laughing at your pointless anger. Hey bozo, you lost, we won. ha, ha, ha

          • ivory69690@yahoo.com

            I beg to diffa your to stupid to even know why you say things . HINT=HINTED back of the bus clown yes BOZO has nothing on you . as for laughing the blog is laughing at your childish , pathetic , ignorant post as for you winning interesting see if you will be saying that if even DONNY DUMP makes it to the 4 years . I believe he will be impeached or heck even one of the brain dead followers like you will drop the hammer on him your self for all and every thing he told your clowns was lie’s he is a big time arrogant ,compulsive pathological liar you win ? LOL ( NOT ) just brain dead (but im sure you see that as a win )

          • maybe you are black and an angry racist black at that. Who cares what color you are painted anyway. You are certainly ignorant and an jackass too.

          • ivory69690@yahoo.com

            and it also very well could be you maybe you are black and an angry racist black at that. Who cares what color you are painted anyway. You are certainly ignorant and an ( and an ??????? you that stupid wouldn’t it be and a not and an ? this part I know is right for you you’re at least that )>>> jackass too.

          • You are suffering from an overdose of Hatred and Sour Grapes. You lost and we won. Just for being so ugly, we are not going to let you ride on the bus Period! ps, get some help.

          • Jack asses and idiots come in all kinds of colors! Just ignore him and let him stew in his own foul spew! Don’t bother giving him your precious time; unless, of course, you are going to pray for him!

        • The only president I warned as many people as possible on who He is, he turned out to be worse, but only because we have so many spineless RINOs like Ryan, McCain and Graham.

          • Ryan said as long as he has anything to do with immigration things would continue as is, which can only mean he’s a fool at best a traitor at worse, approves of maniacs, not only being allowed into the country but supporting them once they get here, not to say all immigrants are maniacs but there is nothing in place to sort the Maniacs out from the decent ones. This administration doesn’t mind who the immigrants are as long as they aren’t Christians, that alone should alert anyone with half a brain.

          • That’s a very good point that MOST of us have forgotten about! I believe that Christians worldwide are targeted for death but our Lord told us not to be afraid and do not worry! Just pray fervently for all of them; even your enemies because some of those enemies will turn out to be used of our Lord to save many! I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that PRAYER WORKS! God wants to show His own His saving power even by miracles just a the Jews saw when they became a nation again! We have to learn to TRUST Him; even when things look bleak; THAT’S WHEN HE SHINES THE MOST!

      • Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Posse have proven that the B.C. is a fake! They presented the evidence last week.

        • I pray that the Donald will not let this go! He has the potential to rid us of everything that “O” signed into “law”! He can use this over many corrupt politicians to get them to vacate their corrupt offices! GO AFTER THEM ALL: both parties are corrupt!He has the potential to become a savior but also to become Hitler! PRAY for this man and his true success. That will satisfy most of the “Never Trump People”!

          • I agree with you, but any legal actions are the responsibility of the FBI and Attorney General Jeff Sessions of DOJ. President Trump needs to do his job and let Sessions do his, because we know that FBI Director James Comey is a crook and will do nothing. All of these criminals need to be brought to justice. I still believe that Mr. Trump will become one of our greatest presidents.

          • God only knows…….So good to know that He is in complete control, so that whatever happens, He allowed it for a reason. His purpose is to get us back into relationship with Him so that we will TRUST Him without any doubt. And, so, I will…….

          • Contrary to what nonbelievers think, God is in full control. My guess is even Mr. Trump doesn’t fully realize that he has become a tool of God. “In God We Trust” is more than a slogan on our legal tender.

          • “I was sorry to see the gloomy picture which you drew of the affairs of your Country in your letter of December; but I hope events have not turned out so badly as you then apprehended. Of all the animosities which have existed among mankind, those which are caused by a difference of sentiments in religion appear to be the most inveterate and distressing, and ought most to be deprecated. I was in hopes, that the enlightened and liberal policy, which has marked the present age, would at least have reconciled Christians of every denomination so far, that we should never again see their religious disputes carried to such a pitch as to endanger the peace of Society.

            [Letter to Edward Newenham, 20 October 1792 about violence between Catholics and Protestants]”
            ― George Washington, Writings

          • I have no idea about which you write.

          • Conmey is one of the political appointments that Trump must change, same with the CIA Director. As the Democrats did, SO MUST HE — as a part of draining the swamp.

          • Ladd, unfortunately, President Trump cannot fire Comey, because his ten-year appointment has not expired. Oblabla, put Comey in that job a couple of years ago to protect him and Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, and a new president can only encourage or ask Comey to resign. Hopefully, Mr. Trump will make Comey’s life miserable enough that he will step aside.

      • Obama BC Doc
        “The marriage license of his father (Barack Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham), name change records (Barry Soetero to Barack Hussein Obama), adoption records, records of his and his mother’s repatriation as U.S. citizens from Indonesia, baptism records, Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii) records, Punahou School financial aid or school records, Occidental College financial aid records, Harvard Law School records, Columbia senior thesis, Columbia College records, record with Illinois State Bar Association, files from his terms as an Illinois state senator, his law client list, medical records and passport records.”
        In July 2012, Arpaio and Zullo held a press conference where they revealed their findings to date. WND reported those results:
        “Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo said the new information confirms the document presented to the American public in April 2011 is undoubtedly fraudulent.”

        Once it became known that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse was formally investigating Obama’s birth certificate, Obama’s Justice Department began harassing Sheriff Joe and his department. They attacked Arpaio personally and charged him and the Sheriff’s Department with racial profiling for doing their job in trying to fight the trafficking of illegal aliens (mostly Hispanic) and illegal drugs (mostly Hispanic). The DOJ stripped the sheriff and his department of their federal immigration enforcement credentials. Then they took to the court with the charges of racial profiling and established a monitor to watch everything the department did.
        In early 2014, the birther issue somewhat died down until Donald Trump reportedly offered to pay Barack Obama $50 million if he produced his real birth records and another $5 million if Obama produced his college transcripts.
        In a recent update to the investigation into Obama’s birth certificate, WND reported:
        “A years-long forensics investigation into the computer image of the long-form Hawaiian birth certificate image that Barack Obama released during a White House news conference during his first term and presented to the American people as an official government document concluded it is ‘fake.’”
        If the evidence of a forgery is verified, the question now is what can happen? If Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery and there is no evidence that he really is a ‘natural born citizen,’ what can be done at this stage? Could his entire presidency be nullified along with every bill, executive order, memo, etc.? Could he be sent to prison for pulling off the biggest hoax in American history?
        Chances are nothing legally will happen and Obama will live on receiving an undeserved pension from the American people that he doesn’t deserve. If it were up to me, he would receive nothing except an 8×8 cell until such time as he could be publicly executed for his heinous crime.

      • Nothing closetr ABOUT Basrry SDDoetoro beiung gay — OR that Michael is his transgender “wife”, an ex college linebacker.

        • QUESTION: Whose kids are those girls, then? I always wondered why we never got to see any pictures of their wedding, the pregnant pics, the happy day pics of the new proud daddy, the kids growing up, etc! Nothing ever said or revealed like the Kennedy family or the Bush family pics!
          NOT even any videos of the first family out enjoying life prior to the White House! ODD…….DNA would solve the problem and answer lots of questions!

      • Sheriff Arpaio has proven it is false. It is being checked by Congress as we write.

      • Obama has admitted he was born in Kenya, and asked so what. Or was that false narrative and FAKE NEWS? Yes, Obamas need to be thoroughly and aggressively investigated.

      • ivory69690@yahoo.com

        you’re another brain dead clown

        • YOU NEVER QUESTIONED why “O” used to write and espouse his Dad’s existence in Kenya, where “O”, himself, claims he was born in his own writings and speeches???

          Looks like YOU are the brain dead CLOWN! You need to go away; you are making a complete fool of yourself! We all KNOW way too much about this fraud. Did you ever question why EVERYTHING about his past was/is sealed; when all of us SHOULD KNOW what and who we put in as our Commander In Chief??? His fraudulent ID’s, school records, birth certificate and on and on endlessly??? WHY complete darkness about his entire past and a lot of what we thought we knew was a poorly put up job by untalented deceivers! I remember his grandmother in Kenya showing his Kenyan birth certificate and boy, was she PROUD of her grandson; POTUS!

          • ivory69690@yahoo.com

            such a JOKE you are stuck on the retard ban wagon looking like the brain dead clown you just play that hand .(and it was 5 jokers ) as for you knowing about any fraud dose con and scamming come with that ? then you hit DONNY DUMP question for you >>> every time you have something to say how long dose it talk for you to pull out your head from your AZZ so you can talk out of the double home for your head and mouth . saving on rent that way im sure . strange more like a bigger joke moron’s like you keep looking for thing that are not there . open your AZZ mouth pull your head out and there will be the rest of your lost thinking in there your mouth pit . id tell you if you seek these things you seem to think are wrong then research . but as I seen your text your too stupid to do even that ., maybe there’s not enough room in the home of your head and mouth to try to put research up there with all the crap . closing get a life and help mankind and end it the best you can do for all airhead . hey with your head home I guess you being an air head that mush mean when you fart that has to be you trying to say something

    • It’s about time we had a president period. That office has been empty of any leadership for the last eight years, having the seat kept “warm” by a clown, that was never eligible to constitutionally serve in the first place. If we had any Congressional leadership with any balls, or if the Bush administration done it’s job, OBozo the Clown would have never gotten in there!

      • Right you are


    • We haven’t had a president for the last eight years. We’ve had an acting president in the White House that’s been on vacation for the past eight years.

    • Absolutely.

    • He has a very strong personality that got results. He’;s a very mixed bag with monsters in his cabinet that are causing antisemitic incidents across the united states even whale he’;s helping Israel. His chief of staff is leading people to antisemitic hate crimes. His act is totally schizophrenic like he’s a many headed monster. On the whole, he should be removed from office.

    • RIGHT ON.. Don’t be afraid of TRUMP. He has some flaws but being up front and speaking his peace is not one of them. He will bring people together one way or another.

      • Maybe so, but it’s the “another” that I worry about…….We shall see, won’t we. I will continue to pray for him and his family as we are told to do, but I will put my trust in God. first.

        • Everybody seems to be afraid of that, but he will have advice from people who are way more experienced in the things he will face and I think he will listen to them. He’s not a stupid person. By any means. May Our Heavenly Father bless him and his cabinet and the Congress that they might make the correct decisions.

          • Yes, can you imagine what damage Hillary and her Goldman Sachs affiliates could’ve done to regular Americans? http://www.againstcronycapitalism.org/2014/06/mother-jones-gets-real-hillary-clintons-goldman-sachs-problem/

          • Religion has allowed the Masses of Citizens to be ruled with ease. We keep a check on one-another’s adherence to ‘good, respectful, polite mores’; but don’t require our leaders to adhere to the same principles.
            I, like most ‘normal’ Americans, live my life by some guiding principles.
            I know that in my everyday life, it’s the principles of integrity, humility, kindness, empathy, patience, tolerance, and manners that are valued the most; it’s important for me to express these values in my everyday interactions.
            How interesting that the further away from “us” our “leaders” get: Left-Right or In-the-Middle, the less they tend to embody these principles.

    • you mean moslem ass raiser?

    • The ONLY president, that ordered our troops to fire upon our vets, was President Herbert Hoover@!
      Ever read about the BONUS MARCH?
      Any outrage?
      From you or Trump?

      • Where is anyone suggesting shooting at our vets? You are great at off the wall BS.

      • I wonder how many people even know of the Bonus March?
        I am sure that Trump has never heard of it.
        Very few Americans can.

        • Generals Patton, Ike and McArthur did!
          Patton led the cavalry!
          Patton remembered!
          When Mexican bandit, Pancho Villa, murdered Americans; President Woodrow Wilson did not order a wall!
          He dispatched General Pershing in pursuit!
          Patton was his aide!
          When the US Army discovered Hitler’s gold; he did NOT want to tell Washington about it!
          Wonder why?

          • Yes, those three did know, as they were there to out the March down. Much of History is in Error. Pancho Villa did not attack Americans north of the border, as he and his men were said to ave. Poncho Villa, at the time that the RAID was to have happen was in Prison in Mexico City because the Leaders of the Revolution were in fear that he was a more popular leader than they. They were going to Kill him. Ponchos Army started South to free him at the time. The Leaders freed him because they wished to live longer. They latter Murdered him on the Steps of a Bank in El Paso ,Texas,( My Grandfather was standing about 30 foot away when it happened) I now what the writing of History say. History has a way of being written as the writer wish’s.
            “Black Jack” Pershing , did indeed run around in Northern Mexico for a bit. He and his Army found nun of Poncho Villas Army.
            At that time there were no need of a Fence, for Wilson to order built.
            I have heard of Hitlers “GOLD”. All I know is the they are still looking for it. As they for him in South America.
            History is Truly Fun to study. I wish that I had studied it more when I was younger.

    • good_night_good_luck

      ass kisser? seems trump can’t suck bibi’s dick quick enough. and no israel is neither our ally or friend.

      • Is that a good nite for you sucking, as many as you can? For someone that is so open to knowledge, your lacking of any is AMAZING.

        • good_night_good_luck

          let’s see bibi’s whining and you chumps are giving him 3.8 billion a year…. don’t kill all the kikes I like to fly em. except when they get caught in trees…..

    • And of course that is Donald Trump…Right?

      Also, let’s get rid of the UN. Send them to Iran or North Korea.

      Turn the UN building in NY into a school, a school without common core.


      • Iran and North Korea don’t want the UN in their country. Send it to a remote island. Make the building into condos or apartments.

    • Correction; Pink line panty-waist!

    • And bowing to the Prince of Saudi Arabia and kissing his ring. The first POTUS in history to bow before another leader!

      • And when he wasn’t kissing arse, he was running around telling the world how sorry he was because of the success of the United States.

  2. very simply. The land is isreals and they can do with it as they wish. as Ogayarab told mccain after the losse in 2008, John , you lost.
    If the local muslimes do not like it, they can move out if egypt, syria, or jordain want te scum of the islimic world


    These Mickey Mouse Issues Are A Distraction To Keep Your Eyes From The Real Communist Goal. The Take down Of America. Christians Must Abandon The Democrat Communist Party. Left Means Communist. Right Means Main Stream American. The Democrats Put American Troops In Prison For Serving Their Country. Obama Hates The Flag And The SSB. He Will Tell You So If You Ask Him. The Media Is A Communist Propaganda Tool. You Can Not Be A Ten Commandments Person And A Demo Commo. It Is The Party Of Death To Little Children. No Different Than The Nazis. They Call Child Murder Settled Law. Hitler Called It The Final Solution. Notice They Label Their Enemies Facists And Nazis But Never Say Communists. That Is Who They Are.

    Water boarding Only Works With Music. My Favorite Tune Is Surfin Usa.
    Act 1 Scene 1. The One You Love The Most Is Buried Five Minutes From The Interrogation Room. They Have Ten Minutes Of Air Left. You Have A Gun. Sitting Across From You Is The Fiend Who Buried Your Love. He Is Laughing At You. His Aclu Lawyer Has Three Feet Of Documents To Read About His Client’s Rights. After You Shoot The Lawyer What Do You Do Next?

    It Would Not Take Much To Start A White Exodus From The Communist Party. Followed By Latino Families, Gospel Blacks And People Of The Torah.
    You Can Not Be A Ten Commandments Person And Support The Party Of Death To Little Children.
    The Communists Call Them Fetuses. I Call Them Jr And Sis. This Party Threw God Out By Vote In A Previous Convention. You Can See It On You Tube. They Have Already Divided The Nation By Choice. Jesus Says You Can Not Serve Two Masters. You Will Love One And Hate The Other. Run Christians Run.

    It Is The Miracle Of The Electrical College. God Gave Trump All The Volts. Now He Is Charged Up And Ready To Go. God Also Got Oj 50 Years For Stealing Baseball Cards Plus Another 10 For Stealing Cookies In The Prison Kitchen.
    NBC (NOTHING BUT COMMUNISTS) Just Signed Up Hilary For 10-20 Years. She Will Have Her Own Show. Cooking With Hilary At Ft. Levenworth. OJ Will Do The Cookies And El Choppo Will Do The Veggies. Her Favorite Dishes are Potato Scorn And Veal Salmonella.

    Let’s Get Syriasse. Obama Pardons Drug Dealers And Terrorists But He Never Raised A Finger To Pardon The Gi’s He Put In Prison For Fighting For The USA. He Never Helped Their Families Who Live In Poverty And Shame With No Benefits As Their Main Bread Winner Is On Suicide Watch At Ft. Leavenworth.

    Obommie The Commie Should Pardon Himself For His Murders In Benghazi. He Could Not Get There In 13 Hours But Got Money To The Iranians In Ten Minutes. Then He Covered Up The 2,000 Americans He Lost In Afghanistan Plus 20,000 Wounded. Not One Made Headlines In The Communist Press. They covered it up by saying the dead were NATO troops to be identified later.
    Trump arrived just in time to stop the big sell out.

  4. Get out of the UN! I tried to find out what we spend each year with the worthless UN the latest total I could find is from 2010 and that was $7.5 Billion, what a waste! get out of the UN and send them out of the USA!

    • JoeJanice, I completely agree, get out of the UN. How about taking it a step further, get the UN out of New York as well.

      • Absolutely! Sorry, But I feel the Same about NATO. Although, they did Attempt to DO Something they’d NOT Done, with TERRORISM, I Just feel it’s too little, TOO LATE.

    • Oh My God, the globalists will cry like little Democrats!! LOL

      • Wasn’t Hitler a globalist?

        • Not in the same sense of the common understanding. Hitler wanted to rule the world all by himself. He is of the same ideology as Kim Jong Un of No. Korea. Kill all of your enemies, subdue all else and keep them hungry. Feed those willing to do your will upon pain of death. FEAR is his main tool to control the masses. Starvation is rampant and so is disease.

    • Is NATO a waste?

      • I think not, but I think Trump is right again we do not need to carry the bulk of the costs.

        • SCREW the UN…….Put that money into our weakened military and our war machine, because we ARE at war! DESTROY ISIS once and for all! Destroy all of those radical muslims and let the other muslims have their homes back and then we can send them back or they will be destroyed!

        • It IS a waste. Nothing really works but the power to protect OURSELVES and to hold onto our morality, to prevent turning into monsters like others attacking us on many different fronts. It has ALWAYS been this way, the way the world has worked since the beginning of time — we delude ourselves in thinking it might be different.

        • Nato is a waste. Here is my reasoning. They admitted Turkey and Turkey is a muslim country. Kind of like giving a burglar the keys to your house and car. He can do you evil at his leasure. Nato is incompatable with islam! The only way i can see to save Nato is to throw islam OUT NOW!

      • YES!!!! The NATO army is WEAK and poorly trained and these guys join only for the paycheck! They always drop their arms and RUN away from any perceived threat! They are nothing like our American Patriot military; except for the weak kneed ass kissers Obama used to replaced the REAL warriors who were in command! We want our REAL strong MEN back in the drivers seat to clear out all of the scum worldwide! Many nations will gratefully join us once again when they see and understand the once vaunted STRENGTH of this mighty nation. But, FIRST, the corrupt and lazy swamp has to be completely drained and cleansed of all the underlying SCUM!

  5. The mooseslime HNIC has always been totally against christianity! It’s what his queeran teaches. And the sooner we break with the UN, the better!!?

  6. Good for Trump…… We need all the allies we can muster…..Israel people are good people. They are not hateful like all the countries surrounding them are. We need good friends. Jews are basically good people. They have their bad people, just like we do……..

    • As it is written, “Israel will NEVER be destroyed!!” ?
      SHALOM !! ? And Merry CHRISTmas!!

    • i agree”” yes israel is a great nation of people, we have to remember their god’s chosen people,””lets keep praying for israel ”””’god bless israel”an god bless america ”””an merry christmas to america an ;lotz more to come

    • I agree- The Jews of Israel are Gods chosen people. They are reitchous people and are the good people of the world– so unlike the Muslims who want to terrorise and eliminate all non Muslims ( as instructed within their Koran). They truly are the devils deciples.

      • You know I was supposedly talking to a Jew a while ago that didn’t know why I said to him that he was one of the chosen people! I knew right away I was talking to someone that had no religion of any GOOD kind!

        • Understand- Not all Jews are Reightous people.The worst of the lot is The Socialist Billionare George Sorros– He is the puppets master behind the corrupt Democratic Party — the real stink is the fact that he sold out his own people ( Jews while in Germany robbing his own kind of their wealth as they where being executed

          • You might wan t to check this out, -but I heard the other day that Soros is a Natzi who escaped Nurenerg because of his money (probably stolen from executed Jews! If so then he is stil here to be prosecuted right??

          • Naw…….Money makes you above any law. Look at the Clintons and many corrupt congressmen! Nothing will ever convict these masters of corruption and murder!

          • Ed
            I read an article that stated he was a Jewish boy who’s father changed their name before Hitler started executing Jews to avoid execution. He then was part of the team that collected the wealth from executed Jews households. I heard this low life kept some for himself. I also heard that he’s wanted in certain parts of the world for dammaging other countries( Russia etc). He’s been a US citizen for 50 yrs and has citenship in Hungary. He is the puppet master and the money man (over $26 Billion ) behind the corrupt Democratic Party. He funds and promotes Socialism and one world order as well as organizing protest rallies etc etc. Lets hope the new AG
            indicts this Bastard for Sedition/Treason,
            Striped of funds/power for dammage to US /People.

          • Don’t think any JEWISH People would CLAIM HIM..He is BEYOND Despicable. Always HAS BEEN.

          • Your right he is a horrible person and truly the Devils deciple. Trump has pulled off an amazing run for POTUS ( hard fought up hill against the odds battle- yet with Gods help he didn’t give up) . Sorros knows every dirty trick and with his money he’ll cause much more dammage unless he is indicted.

          • Save time and money!! Kidnap his sorry @$$, put him on a plane Russia! The Russians and Putin would just LOVE to get their hands on Sore@$$! Wouldn’t have to worry about the B.S. Media!

          • Can’t argue with your logic–Righteous!

          • Let Putin act unrestricted to just TAKE HIM. Why should WE afford him a “safe haven”!

        • …….”and they will appear in sheep’s clothing, ……”

        • That’s because many of the Jews here in this country have gone Left Progressive Liberal communist and don’t care about their gift from God; they are mostly agnostic. However, I know many Messianic Jews, here and in Israel, who LOVE God and their Messiah! Christianity is the fastest growing faith in Israel. Thanks to God, He is weeding out the WEEDS of His “church” and replacing them all with His chosen vessels to take their places! It will soon get very nasty and rough out there as well as here in the failing USA! God will continue to sort out those imposters and charlatans just before He gets here!

        • It is said, that Israel is God’s chosen people and America is God’s chosen land.

      • The Moslems are nothing but the craven Canaanites who were THROWN OUT of Israel, and they are lusting for world domination, ESPECIALLY over the Jews. Their “prophet” Muhammad chose to follow Satan, hence the Taqiyyah, all relations to anyone BUT Islam are lies openly made to the faces of all “infidels”. That and their avowed anger, their “jihad” against all the world. Their system is so primitive and angry that they cannot even cooperate well with other GROUPS of Moslems! They are driven to Satan and perversion by their criminal methods, like the Mafia which was an honorable society whose purpose was to push the Moslem invasion out of Italy in the time of the (defensive) Crusades, originally. After they succeeded in driving the Moslem horde out, then they turned to crime because they used the Moslem ways of fighting them, the “terrorist” methodology. JUST look at HISTORY — it is very easy to see, they never even hide, except for the fact that they LIE. Moslem slave-traders were who the Barbary Pirates were, the reason we created our Marines! It is ALL OBVIOUS. So much for the “religion of Peace”, Islam is an arabic word meaning SUBMISSION — where is the “peace” there — that of slaves to them?

      • Then why are most Jews democrats who go against the old testament, as abortion and homosexuality? If they were still God’s chosen people , which they are not, then they wouldn’t vote democrat just on those 2 moral issues. This always bothered me.

        • You must be talking about western Jews — yes there are good and bad in every race – no race can say that all are good within a race. I don’t believe that most Jews in America are pro abortion, and or homosexual. I am talking about the dedicated Jews in Israel who
          Live by the higher standards within the Bible and yes some are also within the US. The Jews in America have a harder journey because of the low life standards set by the Demonrat party. Legalizing their anti religious dogma and forcing this upon our society is the food and influence of the devil to destroy our values and promote atheism/corruption/and breeds hatred. the Dems do not serve everyday Americans; nor are they our friends who care for us! They will lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, allow our enemies to get stronger as we get weaker BY THEIR HAND, and they will destroy people or have those they consider threats to their warped version of the ‘greater good’ put ‘away’, one way or another (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and many others)! They consider God and our Constitution as obstacles to their twisted agenda as both the Diety and the Document both hold them to account for their actions. Republicans are not perfect but with our assistance we can move them to where they are serving U.S. and a greater future, one with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the main points of focus! Now, if we can only get the numbers required to push back all the Illegal and terrorist voters which they are trying to add to their ill-gotten voter contingent.

          The democratic platform has done way to much dammage to our country and those within to ever trust that platform again. The icing on the cake was their selection of a devout Muslim ( OBummer) to serve as our POTUS ( Who swore to be a Christian- nonsense). And now they want to put the most corrupt and lieing candidate
          To ever run – Hildabeast in charge. Their is no end to their corruption and destruction to our values/constitution/Allies. They promote: gay rights, abortion ( responsible for 100 million deaths of fetuses), athiesm ( taking God out of America),illegal immigration, Muslim immigration (people who will try to destroy our way of life- sharia law), socialism ( sponsor is Sorros), communism, ignoring our constitution ( all swore to support it before taking public office), world order/takeover, corruption, and cheating at the polls to get their ways— they are the “SATIN” within America and have lost their way. No wonder a record amount of democrats are abandoning this platform by the thousands after showing its ugly head.

          • you described the democratic party perfectly. But I did not mention good or bad about any group of people, which of course there are. So my question again, why are most Jews in America democrats and support this vile party? About 70-80% vote democrat. The Orthodox Jews vote more republican. You mentioned that you think most Jews in America are not pro abortion or homosexuality but that is negated by their enormous democratic vote.

          • I’m disappointed to hear the % you quoted- tells me how bad the liberal influences are within The US- so anti Christianity. We must work harder to resurrect better times/teachings within. Reverse liberal decisions by our Supreme Court etc, etc.
            Never give in to evil.

  7. President-elect Trump has already done more for world peace than Nobel peace prize winner O has in 8 years as POTUS!

    • SO Happy some one else Posted this! A few days ago, I Posted the SAME THING, about the So-Called “NOBEL PEACE POS” I said, Well, SEEMS OBUMMER Did NOT Then, Nor Does HE Now, DESERVE THAT< since the ENTIRE WORLD, GLOBE IS…Worse off NOW than it WAS..8 YEARS AGO..& then with One final ATTEMPT TO SCREW ISRAEL & it's PEOPLE through the USELESS UN..AS USELESS AS "NATO", But with ONE FINAL "SWIPE" At the PEOPLE OF ISRAEL & NETANYAHU, HE Did What I knew HE Was Always more than Just CAPABLE OF..HE DOES NOT "LEAVE THE US" EVERY "CHRISTMAS" For ANY OTHER REASON, than to NOT BE FORCED into CELEBRATING "CHRISTMAS!"..PERIOD..Everything, I mean EVERYTHING HE Has EVER DONE, has been FOR EVERYONE "BUT" We the PRO-AMERICA AMERICANS..& everything FOR THOSE WHO ARE HIS..REAL PEOPLE! He's Proved it Consistently for the ENTIRE 8 LONG YEARS.

  8. Yes, and the Jews are still under the 5th Cycle of Discipline from God since the Nation as a whole (especially the religious leaders) did not accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah. Every time the Jews in the OT turned away from God they were taken into exile just like in 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus and the ones who survived were scattered throughout the world until GOD brings the believing Jews from the time of the Tribulation back to their land at His 2nd Advent. They are God’s chosen people and He is not finished with them.
    The Enemies of Israel call the land West Bank. The Friends of Israel call this land by its 4000 year historical name of Judea & Samaria. So, from now on when the biased MSM says West Bank, you say, the Biblical Holy Lands of Judea & Samaria. Also become pro-active and correct everyone else that misnames the historical names for this Traditional Jewish Land mass. The ENEMY uses name-changes as part of their separation strategy, there in the Middle-East as well as here in America. Yes, some of Israel’s worst enemies are right here in America including in the MSM…

  9. Our country needs an anti-UN resolution to exit this worthless bunch of left wing idiots.

    • I agree– Sorros is behind the movement of one world order– we must never submit or allow those supporting it to ever run our country. We must take down Sorros, Obama, and the Clintons who support one world order.

  10. He isn’t even President yet and having a bigger effect than the present useless occupant of the WH.

  11. Trump is doing more for the Nation than the Obama-nation, even though he isn’t President yet!

  12. About time American leadership speaks up. This world is so foolish when they tell you they want to remove your head they want to make you slaves they want to rape your children they are telling the truth isslime’s must be stopped by any means necessary. The world needs to mock their ideas the world needs to that at their Mohammed the world needs to show them how stupid and ignorant they are.

  13. So refreshing to see the comments of so many like- minded ,common sense ,moral people!

  14. AMAZING! Not yet officially President (38 more days) and Trump has accomplished more favorable to America than the whiny, anti-American Obozo has achieved in 8 years!

    The liberals/socialists/communists/progressives/Atheists/Democrats are working overtime to undercut anything and everything Trump does.

    ?Let ’em whine, let ’em whine, let ’em whine?

  15. Trump goes against the UN hurting Israel – Obama has been arming Iran and American Jews vote Democrat – Go Figure?

  16. I agree with Friedman. I can’t see a two state solution. That’s no solution at all. The West Bank is sovereign Israeli territory. Yes, folks, like elections, wars have consequences and the Palestinians lost two wars against the Israelis. Two time losers dictate terms to no one.

  17. I still have my T-Shirt from the 70s that said “Get Us Out of The UN”. We must get rid of the ignorant Lefties that keep it afloat. I would bet most Americans have no idea what the UN is. My wife and I visited Egypt and Israel in the late 80s.The difference between Arab- Israel culture was amazing. The Arabs are stuck in the 6th century and will never get passed it.

  18. Should the UN have intervened in Korea?

  19. Go Trump, Go Trump make Obama look like a fool, Keep Up The Good Work

  20. Like the Obama/Kerry combination.the U.S. again is the victim of their too little or too late agenda!! This sniveling and self-serving process has resulted in the “global” approach, affirming that attempting to be “all things to all people? ends up to being “nuttin” to nobody”..especially our ourselves and our allies!!

  21. Obama had our UN Ambassador abstain and did not veto this so destructive resolution.

  22. Just shows how useless the UN is.

  23. Well done President Elect Trump! The Anti-Israel resolution was dropped indefenitely by the UN Security Council after President Elect weighed in on it! The insanity of the Obama Administration is just about over with. It is impossible to reason with the left, there is only one thing to do with them “DEFEAT THEM” along with the insanity of the stupidity of the LBGT agenda! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7624ead53c7edcfc0abfc009ac956fd3eaf3f366f624b08b378f3ac22610afca.png

  24. The real problems are the teachers and the college professors who are brainwashing our kids! The eight years of OBAMA took a real toll on our kids being brainwashed! These institutions receive dollars from our government so they should be held to a strict rule of non racism, 50 % Liberal and 50% Conservative Academia or the funding dries up for these institutions! I am tired of the left always getting their way! An even field should give a fair playground to all parties involved! Although the left never plays fair they cheat, steal elections and lie!

  25. Good to have a real president in the WH instead of that gay half breed ass kisser

  26. This action shows the huge difference between a real leader with morals like President Donald Trump and a weak puppet of the evil Globalist elites like Barack Jihad Obama. Thank God Almighty that Hillary Benghazi Clinton and the Democrats didn’t manage to steal the election this time.

  27. Does anyone doubt that our muslim traitor protects his muslim brethren????

  28. Trump has got more done a President elect.Than Obama did in 8 long years of neglecting his duties.


  30. Democrat Fascist Barack Jihad Obama is no different from all Muslims who want Israel and the Jews eradicated off the face of the earth. Now with the Democrats showing their unbridled hatred for Israel, will American Jews finally stop voting for Israel’s proven enemy. Also folks, we must get out of that Globalist cesspool of humanity named the UN.

    • NEW YORK has a large Jewish population who, sadly, keep putting Chuck Schumer back into the Senate every time he runs for office! ~ In my opinion, the man is a commie snake who works tirelessly in trying to disarm the American people of their 2nd Amendment rights….even after taking an oath to support the U.S. Constitution!

  31. As we have just witnessed, by the reactions of the left to the imposition of the constitutional rule of law with regard to the election here in the U.S., the sole, moral imperative of the left is the “collective” and the power of the collective. That is all that majority rule is. While, even Obama, has iterated that “we are a country of the rule of law,” he has not ceased to practice politics with the power of the collective as the primary consideration. The unpleasant fact, for the left is that the rule of law discriminates against the power of the collective. Wars are expressions of the power of opposing collectives determining the power of the collective. If we are not waging it from the fundamental notion of the righteousness and morality of our cause, to impose a rule of law which represents that righteousness and morality, there is little purpose for the war in the first place. War, with the consequences of indiscriminate death and injury, can not be viewed as a “game” played to determine a mere winner. There needs to be an overriding, moral sense of moral purpose in strategy. Otherwise, it is little more than a big league game repeated for the economic benefit of those who have invested in the military industrial complex and who influence or direct policies which have profit as their progressive goal.
    In the Six-Day war of June, 1967, Israel won a victory based on the morality of self-defense. It was an overwhelming victory which gave it control over large amounts of formerly Arab real estate to its Southwest and East. Since Israel was attacked, as a fact of history, its response was justified. What Israel chose to do, or chooses to do with the property which it acquired, defeating the power of the collective, should not be determined by the international power of the collective at the United Nations.

  32. The “Only” right thing for the USA to do is “Get out of the Old Tyrants Club aka: The UN” and let them find a new way to “play with themselves”!

    • Absolutely correct. Very good suggestion! It is just another example of the United States making a fool of itself.

      What good has the United Nations ever done. Just exactly what is its mission? I can think of nothing. Has it stopped any war/conflict. Has it kept China from building a false/phony island to allow them to control more of the South China Sea? What has it done for Ukraine lately? Has it provided a reasonable solution to the conflicts in the middle east? No. How many lives has it saved. What kind of an influence has it had in the world? A good one or? Does any member nation ever adhere to its directions? How does it enforce it regulations. Does it even have any enforcement power. If so over whom?

      What it seems to be is a do nothing organization that provides a false narrative permeating corruption throughout the world. Who remembers the oil deal with Saddam Hussein? How can any organization run smoothly when five members have veto power. Even more importantly how can it ever accomplish anything.

      Other then distribute relief, food and money, (most of which never reaches the victims) provided mostly by the United States of America during a crises what has it ever done constructive?

      • AZ Don, you have it all covered. As we slept through the last 40 years or so ago, our Professional Liars, aka politicians, have made themselves above the Law. And, because they do not care about what the UN does as long as it is not blames on them, we pay all of the bills and then are made “the fool” by the corruption of the UN! If we don’t soon demand and put in-place Term Limits, our P.L.: aka politicians, will complete the destruction of this nation, and they will then “elect” their own leader and, well, we done!

  33. It amazes me Donald J. Trump is not the President of the United States officially until his inauguration January 20th.2017 but WHEN HE SPEAKS, THE TARGETS OF HIS TWEETS LISTEN. I AM SO GRATEFUL

  34. The only reality and friend we have in the Arab cesspool lands is Israel, it’s about time to show strength and not Obama weakness! Go Trump GO! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7624ead53c7edcfc0abfc009ac956fd3eaf3f366f624b08b378f3ac22610afca.png

    • This image reminds me of the perennial representation of not only “Pan”, who this idiot is pretending to be, but how the passing of the “Old Year as a bearded old man as the incoming New Year is portrayed as a Toddler”. Which this idiot is also representing with his actions and attire.

  35. 24 more days of the Gay Muslim…

  36. Trump be Da man to replace the incompetent Boy.

  37. Obama is the biggest flim flam gay Muslim ever to infiltrate into our government. I am sure that after the 20th of January, all is going to change! His fraud birth certificate, his birth country, all his college records, his fraud SS# and many other things are going to be on the table on this fraud!

    • That means that all of those special privileges and immunnities he gets when he leaves will be stopped? No more secret services for the family, no more paycheck for lack of services rendered, should be prison time also, and his “peace prize” should be seized to help pay for all of those wasted tax dollars spent on his family and his “vacations”. That should mean that EVERY bill and piece of “legislation” he signed should be vacated. Every “pardon” he gave should also be vacated! There is so much damage done that needs to be cleaned up; NOT COVERED UP! Let all hang out so that all of those who voted for this POS can finally see him for what he is!

  38. George Soros for Procecution!

  39. orm a moving line and herd the muslimes into the Med, Egypt, or Syria.

  40. Obozo is a coward and a weasel. And he did what both do, he screwed Israel big time. There’s not a whole lot of difference between Obozo and his fruitcake, mentor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who said “Goddam the United States,” and he felt the same about Israel. I hope the U.S. defunds the UN until this idiotic policy is reversed. The Trumpster said, “all this will change on the 20th of January 2017.” Let’s hope so…

  41. It’s kind of funny. Trump speaks and the world listens! It’s been 8 years since we have had a MAN for president. He’s not even president and has accomplished more in one month than obama did in 8 years. BUCKLE UP AMERICA!

  42. Is this false news or did Patriot News just jump the gun here.

    If obama hates the jews how come so many supported him and the damn democrats! Personally I had heard (it was all over Fox news) there was a vote and the US abstained so it passed 14 to 0 humiliating Israel. While making America appear as if it turns against its allies. How faithful can the American democrat jews be if the democrats voted several times to take God out of their platform in 2012? Does anyone remember the boos when it was falsely announced the vote was to keep God in.

    How is a close vote fairly determined in a voice vote.

    It would seem the Jews should be against everything the democrats stand for. Or are they just in it for the money? Could it be the majority see themselves as part of the establishment elitist? How can an American Jew support someone who is, at the very least, a muslim sympathizer knowing the muslims main goal is to kill them? Is everything about money and power?

    Seems everyone is now finding out the true obama here at the end of the second term. Democrats are now discovering what so many of us have seen for a decade! obama is un-American at the very least.

  43. Go Donald!

  44. I second the electric chair for George Soros!!!!

  45. obama going angry

  46. I wonder when the United States will wake up and see that the U.N. is not our friend. We pour tax payer money into that organization and as usual they thank us by kicking us in the teeth! I also wonder when this country will stand up and kick the U.N. out of the country! We don’t need them here! They have become nothing more than an agent of Islam! Islam is our avowed enemy, they said so . . . we didn’t! But now we can believe them! They kill innocent men, women and children without blinking an eye, and they have threatened to kill Christians in churches on Easter! And Barack Hussein Obama shows his obedience to Islam by refusing to speak the truth! He sends our money to support them in their quest to destroy Israel and this nation! May the God they hate destroy the terrorists and their “supporters” with fire from heaven as He did in days of old! And may the others see the truth and turn to Him in repentance!

  47. Israel and the U.S. are friends and allies. Very soon we will not have a “community disorganizer” as a faux president. We will have a real man serving as President of the United States of America!

  48. He is doing the job of a president already too and Obama should be tried for Treason period

  49. Trump was wise in opposing the UN anti-Israeli resolution which our pro-Muslim Pres. was backing showing his anti-Christian and anti Israeli philosophy! What a despicable so called man we’ve been cursed with for 8 long destructive years!

  50. I thought the UN passed this Friday?
    Not that I want it passed—–just the opposite!
    Passed or not?????
    Your comments please………

  51. Don’t forget to cut UN entitlements in half. To start with, repeat after second year. Until we end up the way it was meant to be. One fee equals one vote. And we’ll see how these bunch of liberal fare, in the short, medium and long term.
    While at it, have the UN move toma more convenient country, like Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Ormperhaps Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and while at it, why not Iran or Pakistan, or perhaps Somalia, either of the Congos or such a dear place to the Clintons and obamas like Syria or Libya.
    Let them take charge of security and costs related to the numerable meeting they seem to be involved in. Perhaps they may become more efficient in spending our moneéis when it is their own moneies they spend.

  52. Throw the UN out of the USA. Send them to some Arab dessert & let them ride camels.

  53. If Mr Trump is a true leader of the USA,he will don a total investigation of Obama and his admin.If he is as 90% of the good people believe to be fraudulant then the last 8 years should be null and void.All of his exectutive orders and rule changes reversed.He should also be imprisoned along with his so called wife.

    • Formally, it is not within the purview of Mr. Trump to investigate anyone. He needs to let his AG, Jeff Sessions, take whatever action he deems appropriate. I’m eager to see how Attorney General Sessions deals with all these criminals.

      • That IS true. But he can set the machinery in place to just DO IT — which is just what he IS doing.

        • Obama did it using the IRS, CIA. and FBI. He also USED, to the hilt, the corrupt DOJ! These “institutions” were supposed to be untouchable by ANY of the politicians, especially those wielding great power. I found out that “O” was even using OSHA against the coal and oil industries. Remember when Dirty Harry used the dept of the Interior against the Nevada ranchers? ALL of the charges were bogus and everyone KNEW it! The fix was in for Harry to make a lot of money from China by granting their use of those lands which was totally illegal! Yet, dirty harry escaped any investigation or corruption charges! So sad…. Remember the vigilantes from by-gone days? Their aim was to keep politicians straight and clean OR ELSE!!!! They were more after the corrupt judges and bad sheriffs and corrupt police departments. Later on, they went after the bootleggers that were in politics and NOTHING has changed since; except that there is no more vigilantes…..too bad, eh? Politicians are STILL bootleggers!
          Any Lone Rangers with sidekicks like Tonto out there???

          • Yes, it would be wonderful if Harry Reid could be made to pay for everything he did against the American people. That would give us ANOTHER happy day.

  54. With President Trump opposing the UN Anti-Israel resolution, now is the time to persuade our new President to STOP US FUNDING OF THE UN, and to GET UN OUT OF THE USA, AND THE USA THE HELL OUT Of THE UN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Trump has accomplished more before becoming president than odumba has in 8 year’s

  56. They “dropped” the Resolution until after they cash the check they’re expecting. Then, they’ll bring it up again – and again…

    In the door they came with their tale between their legs. What a sorry lot in complete disarray. Tom don’t mention Trump they can’t handle it right now. All their petty fogging issues shot down by bible thumpers, farmers, fishermen, ranchers and mom and pops. Those Christian people with their kids. The undesirables who beat the Pharisees of Karl Marx. We just moved from NYC to NJ to get away from out of touch with America communist New York. Latte lickers and supporters of the all inclusive party of whites only on the platform. The servants have to stay below. You would have to have oak for brains not to see the Clinton hoax.

    One white candidate and tag along Sanders until told to pull up lame at the post. . How any socialist could not see they were had is beyond me. The Bern three homes socialist said we will fight on the convention floor. Then he shoved his faithful followers out the door for $650,000 more. I was asked by my Leninist relatives how I like New Jersey. My reply was better than communist New York. Then I pointed out the communist mayor, DeLousio, Senators Heinrich Schumer and his staff of 129 sending out vote for Schumer letters. Who by the way is cutting his staff down prior to the Trump audit.

    Then we have Gov Cuomo who had to cancel 200 hotel rooms in DC for the Clinton inauguration. Oh the humanities. It’s the Hidenberg all over again. So trump saved New York taxpayers Clinton hotel room bills. He just got Boeing to build two AF1’s for half the price the demo commos were going to pay. Boeing is richer for it because the don’t have to pay the two billion dollar bribes packed into the price.
    The Party of death to little children has to reorganize and get on the same page talking points again. In order to do it they have to steal Trumps promises and pretend it is their idea.

    The man is not yet president and already he has Japanese investing 50B in the USA. He cut the cost of planes in half. Mexico is bidding for the concrete that will build the wall. The great news is Americans are saying Merry Christmas again. God is back and everything is coming up roses. Things are swell, things are great going to have the whole world on a plate. Everybody sing. Trump has kick started America. keep the ball rolling. Deny the demo commos a home on the range.
    We don’t want to hear their discouraging words and cloudy issues and loser’s wishes;.

    Do not trust the Trotsky media. Take your Tweets from Twump. God saved the constitution.








  58. This is further indication that Trump is the defacto president of the United States NOW.

  59. My family and I had a wonderful Christmas and thank you Donald for adding more joy to our celebration!

  60. FILE-In this Friday, Feb. 15, 2008 file photo, Vesna Vulovic, an ex-air stewardess, and survivor of a fall from 10,000 meters when in 1972 her plane was blown up in mid-fight by a bomb, gestures as she gives an interview to the Associated Press in Belgrade, Serbia. Serbia’s state TV reports Saturday Dec. 24, 2016, Vulovic was found dead by her friends in her apartment in Belgrade, aged 66. (AP Photo/Marko Drobnjakovic)

    Serbian stewardess who survived jet crash in 1972 dies at 66

    Associated PressDecember 24, 2016

    MY COMMENT FOLLOWS, then, the actual article below:

    Irony! Poor Vesna Vulovic, “Tito’s Yugoslavia” ethnic Serbian “stewardess” ~ how times have changed during these nightmare five decades plus since Dallas ~ who was spared by fate and wild chance “only” to be exploited in order to advocate against the TRUE public interest of the Southern Slavian peoples whose future was soon to be UTTERLY DESTROYED by satanically self-serving Big Power orchestrated & exploited “Sideshow” civil wars fueled by Israeli Occupied “American” interference designed , Vulgar Vicky NoodleShitzpah Kagan “Fuck EVERYONE” style, as a “showpiece/showtrial” of ZioJewMerican war making against Christian European allies on the BOGUS “behalf” of oppressed “Moslems” under the Satanic Zionist Blackmailed PUPPET Bill Clinton just to prove “how ‘White’ we were” on behalf of Muslims versus our “homeboy” Europeans in the middle of a century plus relentlessly FIENDISH Zionist/Jewish Supremacist led ethno-creedal anti-Arab/anti-Turk Islamophobic war to STEAL Palestine from its’ SOLE Rightful owners on behalf of non-semitic Faux Hebrew, Faux Jewish Khazar Convert “People of the Book” IMPERSONATORS, Rothschildian, Shylockian, Extortionate, Kosher Tax Fraud, GuiltGeldian, International Criminal Fraud FUNDED Home Invasion ROBBERS, with NO claim or ACTUAL historic attachment to the semi-mythical “Holy Land” they have corruptly invaded, seized, occupied and enslaved, keeping the ENTIRE world in war since the 1880s because of their SICK, RACIST, SELFISH, SELF-ABSORBED, DELUSIONALLY HATEFUL , and PREPOSTEROUS, “Elect of G-D” “ISM”!

    Slobodan Milosevic WAS the embattled & righteous, martyred Abraham Lincoln (the USA:1789 – 1861, was then only 72) of young, but even then older, “four score” plus (1918 – 1998 ) Yugoslavia, set upon, defeated, captured, humiliated, “Kosovowed”, “Nuremberged” and slain by a Jewish “Badger Gamed” and blackmailed Criminal Bonnie & Clyde Clinton Crime Inc. Puppet Regime, both preceded and followed by more of the same here in Post Dallas 1963 Jew Coup USS LibertyLESS “Israeli Occupied JewMerica”! L’Crime!!!

    And our poor CLUELESS SHEEPLE Media Tel A Fib “Good War” Marketeering MindFog(K)ed 99% Goyim ~ Talmudically deemed to be “less than human” by the “ethical ones” ~ “cattle” have NO IDEA of WHAT IS HAPPENING ~ Now, nor did our DELIBERATELY misinformed citizenry KNOW ANYTHING in 1898, or in 1914, or in 1917, or in 1933 and after, and especially after 1939 and 1941 and 1945, ’47 -’49. 1950 to 2016 due to the Jewish ~ Ochs/Sulzberger, Pulitzer, Sarnoff, Paley, Goldensohn, Tisch, Newhouse, Maxwell, Levin, Eisner, Bronfman, “Redstone”, Murdoch, Aviv Nevo, Dammerman, Chernin, Moonve, Lack, Kann, Stern, Zucker, Zuckerman and all of their HUNDREDS PLUS of lesser Kosher Kapos, Sonderkommandos & Shabby Goy accomplices ad nauseum, i.e., Diller, Roth, the Weinsteins, Spielberg, Katzenberg, Geffen, usw, being a partial list of the Israel First TRAITORS~ ~ MonopoLIAR media! NO IDEA of the International evil WE have done CONTINUOUSLY since 1893 ~ seizing the Kingdom of Hawaii, and particulrly since 1898 (our OWN USS Maine false flag pretexted attack on Targeted Spain whereby WE murdered nearly 270 of our sleeping sailors in a preview of the 1700 plus innocent seamen FDR permitted, by our silence, to die at Pearl 42 years later) as the REAL WORLD TERRORISTS, in company with “Jewish” Supremacist Occupied Rothschildian JewK, the Commonwealth & Captive Europe!

    Oh Help Us, WE 99% Goldthieves Imprisoned Gentiles, Dear God, and BREAK the worldwide stranglehold of these Death Star Satanics from Hell! On this, the anniversary Eve of the birth of Your ONLY Son and of Our ONLY murdered Messiah Christ Jesus of Nazareth in Galilee, Let OUR people go, let ALL people go!!! Out NOW!!! NO MORE! NEVER AGAIN!!! Remove these diabolical and inhuman Garden of EVIL reptilian creatures so that there can FINALLY be Peace on Earth! Enough already!

  61. The world is realizing that no one had better go against Trump!! Trump will shut the country off real quick if they do not listen to him. He (TRUMP) has the respect of all world leaders or he better have their respect OR ELSE!!!

  62. Late news; Obama let it happen by stepping aside (abstaining; thank you, Susan Rice).
    Just another back stab by the loser.

  63. Why would President (Muslim) Obama like Israel?

  64. I believe that the UN should be removed from our country and put over in the middle east somewhere and every trace of it removed from our soil. As far as Trump goes he going to do the best he can

  65. The UN is nothing more that a liberally run phony “feel good” organization that has been stealing from the American people to fill the pockets of the very corrupt leaders. They push their socialist agenda and the US pays for it. I pray Trump takes us out of that joke of a national organization. I don’t remember a single thing the UN has done for America since it was created except demand money. Also I forgot the count of how many former Secretary Generals and their families that became multimillionaires running corrupt business scams. The UN, like our own Congress needs to have a thorough house cleaning. The stench is overwhelming from under the blue helmets. They are as phony a humanitarian organization as Islam is a religion.

  66. Our coward in chief abstained from the vote and the U N voted against Israel. We will get justice after Trump takes office. Obama will be exposed for the fake and lier we have know from day one.

  67. I am concerned this is FAKE NEWS
    But let us understand BHO just gave The Western Wall, foundations of the Temple to the Islamist along with the City of David, telling the Jews they have no right to build homes in Judia

  68. If that is true? Why are the alphabets crowing that the UN did vote to o that?

  69. The difference between now and January 20th is that we have had a total unlivable vacuum in leadership during the tenure of this terrible troll of tears and the fraud he has been as an impostor posing as a president, and the TRUE American Citizen and U.S. Constitutionally compliant and Rule of Law aligned REAL president we will have in Donald Trump. He has already begun making us great again by NOT apologizing to the world for our existence and NOT kow-towing to every two-bit dictator as his predecessor did because he was ONE OF THEM! I am sure Melania Trump will be a far more graceful and accepted First Lady and observe all the standard and historically accepted diplomatic protocols her predecessor was never even aware of or chose not to observe if she was. I have see a lot of history and been involved in much of it as well in my 72 years but NEVER has it been in my lifetime as miserable a time as we have had these past 8 years when it was NOT necessary and in my opinion, the cause of it should have been impeached or forced to resign for utterly heinous violations of his sworn oath of office and the disrespect of constitutional process , practice and policy exhibited in total violation of the Rule of Law. Congress COULD and SHOULD have held him in check as that is, IN FACT, but ONE of their responsibilities and duties; to act as a check and balance on the power of the Executive Branch but they were cowardly and criminally complicit. Whatever else might happen , we must NEVER let these career parasites do so ever again, They NEED to be term limited and benefits ended when they leave office. period

  70. Good for TRUMP. Finally somebody with a real backbone.

  71. That’s what a PRESIDENT does! …Wow!
    Obama…what say you?

  72. We may have found the balls that Obama has been missing. Turns out that Donald Trump is wearing them!

  73. I hope Trump rethinks his decision and makes John Bolton our official UN Representative. He drove fear into their black, internationalist hearts when GW recess appointed him the last time. This time, he’ll have (at least) 8 years to grab them by the “Short & Curly’s”, ” … and (thus making certain) Their Heart’s and Minds are sure to follow”.

  74. Obama was a kiss ass..always afraid of offending others from muslims who want to destroy us…to putting who invaded Georgia to seize its former ports….to korea building nuke weopons and missiles to carry them into usa

  75. Unless Trump stands by his nonintervention promise, Israel will continue to involve the United States in its regional conflicts.

  76. This is fantastic! Guess they figured without our money and support it’s not gonna fly. Obama you’re finished.

    • He should have been finished 8 years ago!

      • The misguided Millenials was the main reason he got elected. Many are brainwashed college graduates that promote socialism and they believe
        The US should be about free things and not freedom no one said it better than.: “The Quote of the Century” From the former Premiere of the Czech Republic ( Vaclav klaus)
        “The Danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable
        of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be far easier
        To limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than it will be to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr Obama, Who is a mere symptom to what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy that made him their prince. The Republic can survive ia Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

  77. Good for Trump! About time America stands up for the Word of God in the world with grown up values. EVIL is not the way. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f11823d3e3d8afa02be77247aeeafe5fae7a8dda8f98ec5adce182e35e059c83.jpg

  78. May I remind the UN that we now have a new President incoming who will not even consider your “tripe”, and he has more than 150 Million folks who have his back and “We” are the ones who are ready at a moment to prove it to anyone who think otherwise! The “snowflakes” will melt away, the rest of us don’t think the UN is worth a “bucket of spit”!

  79. We do have a winner in Trump! I look for more to come!

  80. The lame dork hates israel with a passion! He is a mussie, so it is his duty to screw them up at every turn! It is time to ignore this lame dork as an incompetent jerk!

  81. Wethepeople Freedomnow

    Now this is a president, with moxie, we haven’t seen since Reagan. This is a president the world respects before he take official office, including our foe’s the Russians. This is a president that take’s office in 25 days and 37 minutes, already saved thousands of US jobs, improved diplomatic relations with Russia and Taiwan, told China to chill, and changed the direction the UN was taking toward our friend Israel which obama had tried to throw under the bus and failed thanks to TRUMP! This is a president that will be a GOVERNOR manage business and labor toward the same realistic, fair and reasonable goal…Make American Great, American First, Buy American Again, our Foreign Friends Second, and Foe’s change your ways and Make The World A Great Place To Live in harmony…Now this is Donald J. Trump 45 President to be, in just 25 days and 24 minutes, of these United States of America a Sovereign Judeo-Christian Constitutional Republic, One Nation Under GOD with liberty and justice for all, Second to NONE!

  82. Is this old/outdated news?
    USA did not Veto, thus causing passage.
    Why is this news so stale?
    Why not provide up to the minute truth?
    Stop aggrandizing Trump unnecessarily.
    I am a Trump supporter, but also desire accurate reporting.
    Patriot News: You can do better!

  83. Obama has done every thing in his power to hurt the USA, England and Israel. He is a fraud and the left wing media and the communist democrat party got exactly what they wanted. Now they are afraid that Trump will penalize their stupidity and they are scared to death. I think he should send Hillary and Obama to Gitmo as enemy combatants. Water boarding is too light for them.

  84. Is this fake news? The UN did pass the anti-Israel resolution.

  85. Thank you again Donald!

  86. I think that the UN backed down after Trump’s tweet because they are afraid that the US may pull out of the UN under Trump. The UN does not want to lose the billions of US taxpayer dollars which are pumped into the UN each year. I think that it’s time to flush the UN down the drain and to spend all the money we give to them in our own country, building up our military and rebuilding our infrastructure.

    • Yes, they did. Then they came back the next day and past it, at the regions of SoS Kerry [ you know of Kerry, he was the sailor that wounded himself in his Rump so that he could get his third Purple Heart, and get a free go home card, when he was in Viet Nam, he keeps reminding all about}, a act that I believe Will come back to Bite him on his Wounded Butt.

  87. Im not sure why i would expect a right wing news source tell do accurate reporting but,

    • After, reading the Lies, Half Lies, and down right untruths that you are accustomed to. I do not believe that you would know a Factual News report if it walked up to you and bit you on that ample butt of yours.

  88. Let me start by saying i don’t expect an alt-right wing news source to have accurate reporting.So It came as no shocker when i found this article and noticed the very inaccurate title and reporting. But the UN did vote on this Friday and it passed. So either it’s bad reporting or they don’t know how to interpret the information they receive. Personally i think it’s a combination of the two. But just fyi for everybody.

  89. We need a strong President not the willie weasel who was letting the UN and Muslims take over

  90. There will NEVER be any peace with Islamists! It is a fact. The so called Palestinians are just Islamists seeking power and deliberately making trouble
    for Israel and will forever continue to do so! They should go to the Islamite country of their choice and stay there

  91. And what about the Palestinians? Don’t they count? We’re talking about real people here – real people who are locked behind 30 foot walls, have hardly any access to jobs, are severely lacking in the basic necessities like food and medicine. People act like these are not human beings like the rest of us. What about them? Don’t they count?

  92. Ofaggotmuslime is tryng to do the maximum amount of damage to the USA and anyone associated with freedom.

  93. Trump is planning on cutting off funding to the UN.. he should also relocate them elsewhere outside the US

  94. This is just not true. Resolution was not dropped. We need to defund the UN.

  95. It is very sad that our first African-American President will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, disruptive and divisive President ever. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

  96. Is this story old news?
    Seems as if Trump’s efforts were unsuccessful.
    I thought Ovomit instructed his “Posse” to abstain and not “Veto” the proposed resolution, thereby causing it to pass.
    Is this old news?

  97. The last part of this news item confirms that, “As of the 20th Jan, Israel will again have a confirmed friend in the White House.” To the uninformed, I would like to note that the scriptures state in two separate books that, “God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her!” It is a great wisdom not to ignore these warnings from God Himself. The Jews are called, “His chosen people!” You may wonder why as even a number of my Jewish friends do. But, it is still God’s acclamation remains that, they are His and He is theirs!

  98. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Way to go President Trump. Kick Obama right in his scuzzy Muslim teeth.The USA does not need the the UN, but , since we fund about half of their operations annually, we have hand. We actually should get out of the UN altogether.

  99. Wethepeople Freedomnow

    Israel is not only a friend, it includes Jerusalem our Judeo-Christian Holy Land, and as such America a Judeo-Christian Nation is obligated to protect Israel and make it know to all… Israel must be treated like an American embassy an extension of the United States of America. Finally, WE THE CITIZENS elected an American President leadership to draw a line in the sand and advise our foes, cross this line…you will be countered by the full strength of America. It’s quit obvious the proposed new world order wealthiest meatheads in the world ambitions to control the world under dictatorial governance who own the United Nations do not want to lock horns with our new Constitutional Conservative Christian President Donald J. Trump, backed by We The Citizens and the might of Americas Military!

  100. ivory69690@yahoo.com

    and other news from the Washington post >>Trump is being handed a great economy. What happens when it goes south? when All go’s south the DUNNY DUMP CLOWN will blame all the brain dead followers for it and state it was you idiots that put me in office knowing I never held any type of office in my life ( only the ones I paid to be in )Donald Trump =DONNY DUMP an “enemy” of the United States, a threat and an international pariah whose modus operandi is to lie, cheat and steal this is what the headline news should read . as for all the DUMSTERS brain dead followers the king clown car driver say’s thanks suckers for being the biggest fools I knew you are would be and always will be . and be it with what ever happens with Natenyahu and his country all depends on if asnd how much money the DONNY DUMP clown can make with dealing with this as he is in the white house . if the DUMPSTER cant make any money then he will just say I cant help you . I need my pockets filled first

    • Can you say, That your are an, illiterate, stupid, asinine Troll? Practice it standing in front of a mirror a few times.
      Then get ready for you next day in Second Grade.

      • ivory69690@yahoo.com

        sounds like your a PRO at that . is that how you do it ? you stand in front of the mirror practicing That your are an, illiterate, stupid, asinine Troll brain dead clown ? you don’t need to practice in front of and mirror im sure you know you are the BIGGEST LOSER deep down in your worthless empty head and what ever heart you dope POS might have as for a 2nd grade compared to you that’s a collage degree

        • For an alleged college graduate. That was an Infertile attempt of an insult.
          Please go back outside to your Hood to see if any there will be able to come up with anything with a bit of intelligence.
          You Know according to your Godest, It takes a town, to raise an proper Insult.

      • Libs/dems. will probably Trump for the Macy’s and Sears stores closing, as Sears has sold Craftsman to Stanley Black-n-Decker and more than 10,000 people will be losing jobs. Happening during Obama’s rule, as well as BLM and highest crime in Chicago; but Obama still responded to the attack on white disabled man = “we can all agree race relations have improved”. If his mouth is moving, he’s lying.

  101. I would have a lot more confidence in the reporting of this questionably conservative blog if they would also report that the UN took up the resolution the day after tabling it — and then passed it.

    Other news sources continue to report Israel’s continuing reaction to the resolution. Where’s PatriotNewsDaily? Is everyone associated with this group still on Christmas Vacation?

  102. It is very interesting that Trump, even before he is officially the President, has more
    influence, and power than Obama – and he has achieved more this past month than Obama did in 8 years. Possibly because Trump is a thousand times brighter than Obama, and far more knowledgeable about every topic. ?????

  103. Dissolute (yep, irredeemably)

    The resolution was passed by the Security Council. However, Trump can yank funding and boot them from their cushy digs in Manhattan.

    The prospect of all the twerps huddling together in one of their armpit countries fills one with a distinct sense of undisputed and undiminished pleasure.

    • Trump may indeed stop payments to the UN. As the UN sits were it does is a matter of Treaty, I do not think that he will be able to Kick their fat But-s out of the US of A.

  104. Thank you Donald keep it up!

  105. I thought the UN passed this last Friday?
    Not that I want it passed—–just the opposite!
    Passed or not?????
    Why does this keep being replayed as a current story?
    It’s misleading and a week old.
    Cmon’ man!

    • It does matter MAN, it matter s auto what the UN thinks it has a RIGHT to do. Wether it is “THE”Governing Agency of the World or just a discussion group.

      • JYuma: not saying it doesn’t matter my friend.
        I’m wondering why Patriot News keeps printing this story as if Trump offset the Obama administration.
        Which is not my point either.
        As I understand, USA abstained (and did not veto) the resolution and the remaining 12 Security Council members voted for passage.
        If it’s been passed, why this article 5 days later? That’s all…..
        My personal feelings about the UN:
        I wish the USA would quit, kick all the foreign members out of the country and implode the UN building. The world would be better off—–for everyone except the “New World Order” activists.
        Why do we foot 70% of the UN cost?????—–that’s preposterous!

        • I am only able to say that either the Patriot News is trying to case decent and aggravation, or they are trying to make Trump look Bad.
          You and I agree upon the UN.

  106. Obama is very worried about his legacy and then the dumb butt hole keeps pulling his back stabbing tricks. The best way for Obama to salvage any legacy at all is to stop all this crap! He already has the title of the worst president America ever had. A title Jimmy Carter used to have. Jimmy Carter still has the second place trophy but didn’t do as much damage to the USA as Obama has done. We only have 23 days left of the Obama/Muslim problems to unravel. 23 days and this Mulatto (Obama) can cause havoc! All this stuff so the American people could say we were so nice to elect our first Afro-American president. Well I have a surprise for the American people that wanted to be so PC. They still never had an Afro-American president. They got a half-breed (Mulatto) and still await a true Afro-American President. What do you think of that?

  107. This still does NOT make the U N a useful organization. they were out dated 50 years ago…….they need to Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. IF they don’t do what Trump tells them to do, he can kick the UN our of the United States. This would be a money saver for all tax paying people in this great country!!!!


  110. take his pen and phone and shove it up his a..

  111. Maybe for once we will have a real American for a president and certainly not one whose loyalty deserves to be questioned. (As in VETTED)


  113. It is a new ballgame; our team has a leader after an eight year slump!

  114. The current US Department of State’s collusion with the Palestinian Authority is criminal. Egypt’s Foreign Ministry only put this forth with assurance from our own American ass, (John Kerry) that the US would abstain, clearing the way for this Resolution . We must get out of the bloody mess that is the UN. Concentrate on NATO.

  115. Francisco Sperandeo

    For YEARS Muslims have said they will use our CONSTITUTION and democracy against and to DEFEAT US! Even as they come out and TELL US EXACTLY HOW they will bring us down, it is ignored!!! OUR CONSTITUTION is by and for U.S.A. CITIZENS and does not protect others! If you want it PROTECTION then become an UNITED STATES CITIZEN the only way there is! Here is a simple comparison. I go to the most exclusive country club in the world. I tell them you cannot do that, you need to treat me the way your rules and bylaws are written! They tell me, if you want that you simply need to PAY THE DUES REQUIRED! Becoming an American requires complete ASSIMILATION, including learning English, agreeing to abide by our laws and cultures, and REJECTING every other nation citizenships! So when did it become accepted that anyone could enter our Nation and DEMAND that their cultures and traditions MUST BE ALLOWED under our Constitution? Where is it printed in Law that you could bring your OWN LAWS like SHARIA LAW and think it supersedes our Constitution simply because you attach a title of RELIGION to it??? They tell us how they will destroy us and we say, OKAY GO AHEAD AND DO IT!! Think it’s time to have a President and Administration to place the US OF A FIRST and foremost our major FOCUS???? I know I am!

    • Someone pointed out to me: Public Law 414 passed in 1952, that disallowed immigration from muslim areas, as Sharia law is contrary to our laws, and they are subversive. Carter also added to this. If this law is still in affect = why is it not being followed???

      • Francisco Sperandeo

        I agree I heard a debate about this I seem to remember it being brought up. I forgot exactly what the resolution was.

    • I wish. what you wrote were True. However, the way SCOTUS has Ruled in the Last 30 years or so Makes that Null And Void. If a person , legal or not is in this country they are given the same Rights as we CITIZENS.
      The Russians said about the same thing in the “60”. Thanks to Carter, they just may do it.
      As for the muslims, the way they do things , the Fact that Sharia Law is not compatible with the Constitution, we may in the future be fighting them here. I TRUELY hope not.

      • Francisco Sperandeo

        That was exactly the point! I just posted the petition for Naturalization and Citizenship my Great Grandfather filed when he arrived in the U.S. Where he had to renounce any and all countries, governments, and leaders and his intention to learn English and abide by the US Cinstitution. WHAT HAPPENED? To respond “please press 1 for English! “

  116. Is this FAKE news? I have read it for some time now and I don’t believe it to be true. Anybody?

  117. Thank goodness we are ridding ourselves of the Muslim squatting in our Whitehouse! He belongs in prison for treason, fraud and murder, along with jarrett, old soros, old crook clinton, old kerry, and the rest of the a wholes ruining our country

  118. Come 20 January 2017, THERE IS A NEW SHERIF IN TOWN ( the world).
    All the snow flakes , liberal progressives, and enemies of freedom are dreading having their agendas put under a spotlight.

  119. We now have a President with balls. IF the Muslims were peaceful then they would learn from the Jewish economy which out produces their oil rich neighbors. Then again the Royals keep all the money.

  120. The U.N. is a socialist NWO globalist organization and everybody with a functioning brain knows it. So was Obama. That is why he never once challenged it. Instead he tries to use it to abolish our Second Amendment. Trump only needs to challenge and the U.N. backs off because if it insists on playing a game of chicken with him he will exit that phony socialist boys club and take all U.S. funding with him. It may have started out with “good intentions” but lost it’s way many decades ago.

  121. The UN is out dated and should be done away with. Times have changed and will keep changing, but the UN still stays the same, out dated. Plus the people that are here to attend the UN have full diplomatic emmunity, how ever you spell it. These diplomats have caused all sorts of problems in this great country!!

  122. This isn’t news—-it’s history.
    To tell this story today is disingenuous.
    It’s more than 2 weeks old and the UN passed the resolution after the cowardly Ovomit puppet would not submit a veto.
    Trump tried—-thank you Donald, but was unsuccessful in convincing the anti-sematic Odumba$$ to submit a veto.
    Patriot Daily News: stop posting misleading stories.

  123. This is not just proper, it is reality! Why doesn’t Obama understand this?

  124. I would say, that the terrorist organization’s an their state sponsor’s are going to have some bad days headed their way!

  125. Just because the UN backed off does not mean that we keep funding that level of evil as we have been. They not only made a move to take out Israel but also tried to control America

  126. I totally Agree with that I have watched them stop fighting when the enemy was down and feed them and serve them and bring them back from failure and they support all of our enemies not just some

  127. I don’t know if anyone has given thought to it, but when President-Elect Trump takes over, I hope someone takes up the issue where all Muslim Mosques in the U.S. must be inspected for any terrorist activities. Any of those being involved would be shut down and closed permanently. I had a real brain fart and I think this would put a cramp in some of the terrorists activity in the U.S.

  128. Obama….America’s single worst president….also the most racist EVER!

  129. Thank GOD if he will only remain true to his promises, Unfortunately many of his other “picks” are hard core Washington Elite and Huge “Bushies” I hope its only a way to mullify the RINO’s and about day two he will call them in and say the famous line “YOUR FIRED!!!”
    Politicians must go to jail for there crimes against society Not Conservative thought.
    If turned around where left thinking sent you to jail we would be free of the insanity that the high-minded have saddled us with from The not so Great Society, welfare, crime ridden cities, worst education in free world, fat bureaucrats, Crooked Politicians.
    You cannot allow the insane run the asylum and expect anything but trouble and yet we seem to tolerate it daily are we too busy or insane.

  130. Trump 1 UN 0


    A Leak From Wikileaks Covering John Podesta’s Emails Criticized Rupert Murdock For Raising His Children Catholic. It Went On To Say All Catholics Are Phonies. That Is Par For The Communist Course, It Was Never Headlines On Nothing But Communists NBC Or The Communist Nut Network CNN Or Always Be Communist ABC. With NPR On Flute.SNL Failed To Make Light Of It Under The Communist Comedy Umbrella.

    Here In Trump Town We Call That A Cover Up. Just Like Benghazi. Just Like The 2,000 Gi’s Under Obama The Loser Whose Bodies Were Smuggled Back From Afghanistan Disguised In The Media As NATO Troops. Not To Mention The 20,000 Wounded. Many Wearing Prosthesis. Bush Lost 461 In Afghanistan. The Communists Will Say Bush Lost 4700 In Iraq And Father Tom Says Obama Lost 500,000 In Iraq, Afghanistan And Syria If You Count Civilians. Obama Lost Whole Countries And Funded Iranian Terrorism And Sent Captured Hezbollah And Al Queda Back To Kill More Americans

    So The Moral Of The Story That American’s Must Take To Heart Is Get Out Of The Party Of Death. It Is No Place For God Loving People. It Is Ok For Worms Like George Soros The Atheist And His Ilk. You Can’t Call Yourself A Person Of God And Kill His Creation On The Battlefield Or In The Womb. What You Do To The Least Of My People You Do Unto Me. Where Did I Hear That Before?


    Ass Carter Gave OBAMA A Medal. He Forgot To Give Him The Toilet Paper Hat. Obama Gave Out Medals To His Aids. If I Was A CMH Recipient Before I Would Let The Serpent Tie It Around My Neck. I Would Say Just Hand Me It In The Box. Could You Have Someone Else Hand It To Me? He Tied A Medal Around Bruce Spitstein’s Neck. Bruce Has A Song That The Communists Call Patriotic. Born In The USA. No One Ever Sings The Second Verse.

    You Are Going To Love This Verse If You Are A Nam Vet. Are You Ready. Is The Pistol Back In The Safe? Sent To Nam To Kill The Yellow Man. Is That Why You Went To Nam ? To Kill The Yellow Man?

    Was South Vietnam All White? Was South Korea All White? Were The Vietnamese Boat People All White. How About The Mong People The Democrats Left To Die. How About Our Pow’s? John Mccain Said There Were None Left Behind. BS Stands For More Than Bruce Springstein The Singing Communist. Every Body Sing Born In The Communist VC.

    DIZZYWORLD PRESENTS THE MICKEY MOUSE MCCAIN HEARINGS. and his side kick Pluto played by Cardin the Demo commo flag burner. (it’s freedom of speech you know.) Cardin voted to burn the flag as a Viet con grease mouse. That is how you get to be senator in the party of death to little children. McCain led the circus by directing the questions and leading the witnesses. Two out of three were retiring in a month. Right after the king is crowned. Watch the commies go nuts over that line. So it was the SOS. I can’t tell you how many victories we have had because that is top secret. There is no boogie man under my bed mommy. Right out of the box all the bad acts are coming to the front. The Rino rats that include Lindseed Graham Cracker, John McCain who fought drug transportation thru Arizona for 30 years. Now known as the UPS of the Heroin state. Way to go John. Paul Rino and Match McConeel who reached across the aisle to join 40 Demo Commo Senators and voted to burn the flag forty days before 911. I remember that day seeing pregnant moms diving out of 80 story windows covered up by the Clinton Press.
    Hilary shouted what did Bush Know and when did he know it? Bin Laden came twice. The Clinton’s gave him a pass twice. Once when the Sudanese Government offered to hand Bin Laden over and the clear shot day when Bin Laden was falconing in the Hindu Kush. All covered up by the communist media. You are not using that passe word Liberal anymore are you? CCCant you say CCComunist? Don’t be afraid to be labeled a McCarthyite by the communists. The KGB confirmed McCarthy was right. THESE HEARINGS PROVE OVER AND OVER THAT OUR INTEL SUCKS. I do not need an NBC media charade to confirm Obama has made all government agencies obselete. Now appearing on the apprentice for the last time the CIA or CYA. The FBI or the FIB. Are you going to miss the IRS,EPA,BLM and add your favorite here? Hold all the Academy award hearings you want boys up until Jan 20th. Then comes the new store hours. 4:00 AM to midnight. As for the CIA when you have an Irish moslem in charge we be foo ked. God save the Trump.So what have now says the fine old woman? Eight years of child murder 10,000,000 babies chopped to pieces and sold for spare parts. Ten trillion dollars added to the national debt plus 98 million in junkets to Hawaii the democrat state.

    Times up on January the 20th. Let the Trump pets sound Hail to the chief. Let us extend a hand of friendship to the destroyers of the nation.More Whine anybody? Can’t be a bible person and a demon crat. Run Christians Run!


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07ZB3piJBYo&feature=em-share_video_user IRS ABRACADABRA


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wirX86U7ORk SAVE THE KIDS

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0eN277Doz8 AMERICAN CROSS ROADS

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGthgVd3i0E&t=134s flag burners of record

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPp4vlUQ6gw&feature=em-share_video_user I PLEDGE TO THEE BOYCOTT NBC

  132. Even though the UN has backed down for now,we still must cut back our funding.Make every country pay their fair share of expenses.No exceptions or they are out….I’m sure when President Elect Trump started talking down the UN they got the message about Israel.I still would like to see them relocate to some other country.There is a constant stream of Dictators and unsavory characters visiting the UN.I would rather they go elsewhere.They have outlived their usefulness and should probably just be shut down.

  133. Obama has lost favor amoung Americans. The non-vote of abstention implemented by the US to the UN, gives a positive signs for the US/Israel future. Mr. Trump’s has shown positive signs that the US will continue the US legacy of close, friendly relationship with Israel. He has also put the UN on notice that as a primary financial supporter of the UN, he is more then willing to dissolve that “good old boy club” by removing it from US soil!
    Yes, the UN, as a body, is more concerned with its own continused existence then supporting any anti Israel legislation.

  134. Thank you, President Trump! You make me feel safer, securer and a little happier each day. I pray for your strength, wisdom, health and happiness each day.

  135. The title of this article is;
    “UN Drops Anti-Israel Resolution After Trump Weighs In”
    They got that wrong- The UN passed that resolution.
    Dont give Trump credit for things that he never did.

  136. Thank God we have a real President back in the White House who is unafraid of Liberals that are still trying to force their will on the American people. If Putin and he can work together to begin the destruction of ISIS, We the people need to stand with Trump and show him we are on his side!!.

    GOD HEARD AND SAW HOW HE STOOD UP FOR ISRAEL, DO people realize what that mean.????
    1.blessing for ISRAEL AND AMERICA
    3.THIS ELECTION WAS ALL ABOUT A MAN GOD CAN USED TO BRING RESTROSTATION, ,many who souls are bitter will rebell.
    5. 1.5 billion followes of ISLAM DOES NOT LIKE AMERICA OR CHRISTIANS

  138. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Oh yes, the big un-, predominantly controlled by Arab Islam nations. What is the real purpose of the United Nations except for undermining the small country of the State of Israel? It is always the US that is paying the prize. The world’s freeloading community cannot even pay their membership fees.


  140. Hey obozo, check it out someone knows how to utilize leadership. Guess they did not teach that in community organizing school because you totally lack any skill sets in this area. Your legacy, like moonbeams, will be you are a loser and a terrible stain on our country.

  141. Donald Trump has real huevos and he has 99% of the US citizens supporting him. GO MR> TRUMP GO GO GO … make America great Again….God bless the USA……

  142. C’mon, PatriotNewsDaily, you’ve submitted a story that’s almost 3 weeks old. Ya gotta do better…

  143. Ray Beauregard Sr.

    Why do you keep sending this out? Its old news and totally irrelevant. B.O. Had the UN vote on this a day after it was published! Israel is screwed by their great ally the U.S.

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