UN Considering “International Safe Abortion Day”

Planned Parenthood and 430 other feminist groups have penned a letter to the United Nations, asking the General Assembly to make September 28 “Safe Abortion Day” around the world.

“28 September was declared an international day of action for the decriminalization of abortion in 1990 by the women’s health movement and has been celebrated annually ever since,” the letter explains, just in case there are any UN officials who forgot to put up an Abortion Tree this year.

The coalition goes on to list countries where “women and/or abortion providers are being prosecuted for abortion,” which, as you probably already guessed, includes the United States.

“As many as one in three women globally has an abortion in her lifetime,” they said in the letter. “We are not criminals. None of us should be prosecuted for something that is a central fact of being a woman.”

Wow. In the span of a few short years, we’ve already gone beyond labeling it “women’s healthcare.” It’s now a “central fact of being a woman.” Unavoidable. Somehow, if enough people do something horrible, it magically becomes “not” horrible. It won’t be long before these feminists are telling women that they haven’t really experienced happiness until they’ve fulfilled the central destiny of their lives: to conceive and then destroy a baby. How delightful!

As it happens, though, a lot of women seem to miss out on the abortion afterglow. A 2011 meta-study showed that, post-abortion, there was an 81% increase in mental health issues in women, including depression and anxiety leading to suicide. These issues will not likely be resolved by making abortion easier to access.

And, as it must be said, even the safest abortion is unsafe for the subject of the operation.

If there are places in the world where lives are being endangered by unsafe procedures and a lack of information, then by all means, let’s do something about that.

But this isn’t about that. This is about laws that put even the slightest restriction on abortion procedures. Those are unacceptable, according to – well, organizations that would not exist if it weren’t for abortion.

Gee, you think they might have an ulterior motive?

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