UN Considering “International Safe Abortion Day”

Planned Parenthood and 430 other feminist groups have penned a letter to the United Nations, asking the General Assembly to make September 28 “Safe Abortion Day” around the world.

“28 September was declared an international day of action for the decriminalization of abortion in 1990 by the women’s health movement and has been celebrated annually ever since,” the letter explains, just in case there are any UN officials who forgot to put up an Abortion Tree this year.

The coalition goes on to list countries where “women and/or abortion providers are being prosecuted for abortion,” which, as you probably already guessed, includes the United States.

“As many as one in three women globally has an abortion in her lifetime,” they said in the letter. “We are not criminals. None of us should be prosecuted for something that is a central fact of being a woman.”

Wow. In the span of a few short years, we’ve already gone beyond labeling it “women’s healthcare.” It’s now a “central fact of being a woman.” Unavoidable. Somehow, if enough people do something horrible, it magically becomes “not” horrible. It won’t be long before these feminists are telling women that they haven’t really experienced happiness until they’ve fulfilled the central destiny of their lives: to conceive and then destroy a baby. How delightful!

As it happens, though, a lot of women seem to miss out on the abortion afterglow. A 2011 meta-study showed that, post-abortion, there was an 81% increase in mental health issues in women, including depression and anxiety leading to suicide. These issues will not likely be resolved by making abortion easier to access.

And, as it must be said, even the safest abortion is unsafe for the subject of the operation.

If there are places in the world where lives are being endangered by unsafe procedures and a lack of information, then by all means, let’s do something about that.

But this isn’t about that. This is about laws that put even the slightest restriction on abortion procedures. Those are unacceptable, according to – well, organizations that would not exist if it weren’t for abortion.

Gee, you think they might have an ulterior motive?

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  1. Americans Wake Up

    I want the UN to declare “International Jail an Abortionist Murderer Day”.

    • I like your way of thinking…

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    • How many children have you adopted?
      Zygotes are not children.
      On the other hand, sperm are meet the definition of “alive” and can live outside of the body? How many did you kill today?

      • When they are killed they are far behind the zygote stage. Many times they are fully formed. This is how PP is able to then sell the parts.

        • PP does not sell parts. PP has never sold parts.

          The tissue in question is donated by the patient.

          Handling, preserving and shipping costs money. Yes, the recipient of that donated tissue picks up those costs. Just as they do for any other type of donated human tissue. You get a donated kidney implanted — you pay for your surgery and the donar’s surgery.

          You do not have any idea as to what your talking about. You are spouting your disapproval of abortion. Why don’t you more to Catholic Ireland. No abortion, whatsoever, takes place. They let mothers die.

          • You are alow life liberal dem bloodsucking liar, two people from PP are charged now with selling parts you lying biatch

          • Not true. All Gerald Hughes can do is lie.

          • Jeez, still breathing chicken crap, I wished that i lived close to you, Your neigbors say that you sit outside trying to masturbate , pulling on a hair.

          • Lmfao, thanks- I needed that today. I almost puked at the visual but still got a good laugh.

          • I get alittle embarrassed from time to time, arguing with the liberal clowns is much like harpooning minnows, but so many of them have delusions of grandeur and are masochistic.

          • With SHIT for brains you should be embarrassed all the time! LOL!

          • Why not liberal dem bloodsucking pervert, nothing is more fun than making sure that liberal dem bloodsuckers and perverts are corrected when they try to pretend to be human.

          • “…liberal dem bloodsucking pervert, …”
            ROFL… is that the only thing your dead little brain can think of? ? ?

          • I’ve come to realize it’s bloody exhausting and pointless, a waste of time better spent working with like minds to fix this whole cluster****. By the time we’re done, nobody will even realize anything was wrong and they’ll still be saying “ha, you conspiracy theorists, you were all wrong wrong !” As we just put our asses on the line to save EVERYONE’s asses and freedoms.

          • Jumpin' Jack Flash

            For Planned Parenthood !
            The Death Penalty even better

          • First, there has to have been a crime committed.
            Dispensing birth control ceased being a crime in the 1940s

          • That’s absolutely right, gerald. PP even filed suit against the people who made the videos that exposed their illegal practice, but are now dropping the charges because they REALLY ARE selling baby parts, even though they continually lie about it. They were caught red-handed.

            July 26, 2016

            TX – The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has asked a judge
            this morning to dismiss the felony counts it had filed against David
            Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, undercover journalists with the Center for
            Medical Progress who exposed Planned Parenthood’s participation in the
            illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains for profit.

            is vindication of the work of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical
            Progress. I am so pleased that justice has prevailed! These false
            charges can no longer be used by Planned Parenthood and their cronies as
            a smokescreen to hide their own criminal conduct,” said Troy Newman,
            President of Operation Rescue and a founding board member for the Center
            for Medical Progress.

            and Merritt had originally faced one felony each for using actor’s
            I.D.s and a misdemeanor count for attempting to purchase aborted baby
            organs from Planned Parenthood’s high-volume late-term abortion facility
            in Houston, Texas. The misdemeanor counts were earlier dismissed.”

          • Elaine, you have to remember the liberal dem bloodsuckers have nothing, they lie, they have to, they have no other way.
            If they told the truth the decent people would run them out of the USA at the point of a pitchfork

          • Well said !!

          • The only ones kying here are you ans Elaine.
            It damages your credibility,
            well any someone might thinj you still hAS.

          • Elaine if you read this you will see why this walking, talking compost pile cuts and pastes all of the time, she can neither read or spell.

          • They set up a fake biomedical research company. That is fraud.

            They attempted to purchase human organs — a felony.

            Making secret recordings is also a felony.

            PP does not sell body parts. It never has.

          • kiss your husbaand liberal chicken crap, chances are good that, you are going to jail.

          • …disqus_JtOl9TMmfD gerald Hughes • 12 hours ago

            You don’t have her name or address, lol! Stop lying .

          • Make up your mind greasy little dyslexic mind, two liberal dem bloodsuckers swearing That a decent person is lying, is just a hoot

          • A liberal in denial. Why am I not surprised? You’re saying you know more than the judge who dismissed the charges?? Bahahahahahahaha!!

          • Childish and rude, also … well, I won’t go therw.

          • Wow. You liberals are so stuffy, you can’t even tolerate genuine laughter. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

          • No, I do not tolerate lies.

          • Hypocrite. Hillary does nothing BUT lie, and you seem to “tolerate” her just fine. In fact, YOU are lying to yourself if you think Hillary isn’t a pathological, congenital liar. You must be very mixed up in the head.

          • Right, and FAKE biomedical research facilities is how they manage to do all this real research. Uh hmm. How’s the koolaid taste or the paycheck you get to attempt to cover up this sh**? I’m all about research and development when it’s done ETHICALLY AND WITH CONSENT. I’m sure plenty of these would be moms would give consent if it could save the life of another rather than incinerate it IF they were fully informed as to what was being done with the tissues and genetic material.

          • Actually, PP provides that counciling and encourages tissue donation.

          • Center for Medical Progress is a fake company. The frauds using that label should be prosecuted.

            Media Matters for America named The Center for Medical Progress their “Misinformer Of The Year” for 2015

            TeleSUR television network listed The Center for Medical Progress as one of “The 7 Biggest Bigots of 2015”

            The New England Journal of Medicine was highly critical of the Center for Medical Progress, describing the videos as part of a “campaign of misinformation”

          • Liar, as soon as Trump takes office, going to be a lot of you low life scum, going to jail.

          • ,,
            disqus_JtOl9TMmfD gerald Hughes • 12 hours ago

            You don’t have her name or address, lol! Stop lying .

          • Want a carcker little cracked beak, parrot?

          • Media Matters??? You mean that left-wing bunch of Soros-funded wackadoodles who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground?? TeleSUR? From Venezuela?? Seriously??? JAMA doesn’t always get it right … and that’s a FACT. Nobody you mentioned in your worthless, BS comment is the JUDGE, now are they?

          • There were no illegal practices.
            If you do not approve of PP say so.
            Lying will only damage your credibility

          • PP slaughters babies. Hell no, I don’t approve. I’m not lying. YOU are in denial.

          • THANK YOU!!!!!

          • You just nailed the proof. I forgot about the countersuit!

          • Really?
            Who? Where?

          • No one has adopted you liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, Google it, that is how i found out

          • disqus_JtOl9TMmfD gerald Hughes • 12 hours ago

            You don’t have her name or address, lol! Stop lying .

          • beak cracked again, eh, Polly, scrub, kill yourself your life has to be miserable.

          • .STALKER

          • Still alive, eh, cretin, be brave, do it

          • Honestly, I think she’s a paid disinformationist. AK, you’re terrible at covert ops.

          • She is the typical liberal dem bloodsucker.
            They have no options, they must lie, id they were truthful, they would be run out of the USA at pitchfork, point

            They have been caught at almost everything, they simply ignore everything and lie.

            Their politicians have completely moved away from anything rational, they simply buy votes with handouts.
            This particular cretin is dyslexic, she can barely read and it is very difficult for her to type.
            if you watch fro her , few, spontaneous posts they are invariably misspelled and chaotic.

          • Bullfuc****sh**.
            Watch this and all the video links, then get back to me and try to say all this investigation is a hoax (the workers were charged in some cases.) look, I have no problem with tissue donation in spontaneous AB’s if it’s done with FULL CONSENT.


            There are PLENTY of videos by independent journalists and recorded phone calls.

          • Expenses must be covered.
            Preservation, pachaging and shipping must be paid for.

          • LOL.
            1. PP clients donate tissue and oragns.
            2. Tissue preservation, packaging and shopping is not free.
            3. Recouping expense is not “selling”.
            4. How many PP clinics are there in the U.S.?
            5. How many of them were involved in your ‘insult gane’?


      • Why are you charged with 2 counts of murder if you kill a pregnant woman? Are you saying its ok to kill your own but its not ok if someone else does it?

      • To use the excuse that zygotes are not children is using the parsing of words to justify your position. That’s like walking into a car factory and telling the workers assembling the frames that “Those aren’t cars”. OF COURSE they’re not fully-developed cars. They’re the BEGINNING of cars. With no beginning, there’s no completion. The same goes for children. HUMAN ZYGOTES ARE HUMAN LIFE.

    • Or, International UN Stay Out of Our Business Day, and quit trying to slide us in under their Global Governance agenda….

      “International SAFE Abortion Day”, not safe for babies.

      • Jumpin' Jack Flash

        UN Not Safe for America
        GET OUT NOW !

        • 100% agree. Get out of the UN, and get their headquarters off of OUR soil. I’d rather see that building used as a parking garage than to house this bunch of anti-American socialists.

          • Jumpin' Jack Flash

            Totally Agree!
            DO IT NOW NOT TOMORROW !

          • And they can take their twisty gun statue with them!!

          • I’d like to tell them where to put it!!

          • I’ve long said that personnel from every branch of Our Military should seize the U.N building, and reclaim it, and the land it’s on, for The American People; (the Rockefellers GAVE AWAY the land. This was/is unconstitutional). Then it can be converted into Condos (with each unit getting a guaranteed parking space), with U.S. Veterans getting first pick of the units. Next to these Condos should be a shopping center-a food market, appliance stores, and a Loews or Home Depot.

          • Mark, that’s brilliant. I would be 100% in favor of renovating this building for use by US veterans. They should not only be given priority, but exclusive residence. i.e., all the units should be handicap-designed and equipped with ramps, walk-in showers, etc. and designed with veterans’ needs in mind. In-house counselors and physicians, the whole nine yards … and yes, shopping areas in close proximity. The ONLY problem I see is that if it is run by the government ….. we all know how that works. On the other hand, when Trump becomes president, I believe veterans will finally begin to get the care they deserve and desperately need. This is definitely food for thought!

          • Yeah. We gotta keep the politicians and bureaucrats from mucking up the works and using it for “Bread and Circuses”, or to buy Veterans’ votes.

      • Yeah. EVERY day is “U.N.: Stay out of Our Business Day” !!! It really frosts me how abortionists tell us that the human life in a mother’s womb ISN’T life, until they and their allies say so. Suddenly and conveniently, they throw science out the window.

        • There is undeniable proof that science IS on the side of “life begins at conception”, yet they deny it anyway. Some of these heathens ‘gasm out when a speck of water is discovered on Mars, and celebrate that ‘there may be LIFE on Mars!!!!” If Hilarious has her evil way, abortion would be legal until the due date. That’s abominable. Obama as a Senator voted in favor of partial birth abortion. Who ARE these monsters???

          • Yup. They make a big deal about microbes on a meteorite from Mars, yet they deliberately ignore valid science when it goes against what they want. That’s not only sinful and illogical, but it’s immature and childish.

    • Jumpin' Jack Flash

      To Hell with the UN anyway !

    Convert UN Bldg. into homeless US veteran shelter.

  3. Oh boy lets celebrate killing our children before they have a chance to breathe. This idea is disgusting and barbaric. What are so called humans becoming. Whoever came up with the idea is a sick person.

  4. I can’t wait for Jesus to return. This world is just getting darker. It is proof that Satan is working fast to deceive and turn mankind against God. Everything that God stands for, Satan stands for the opposite. This world is Satans kingdom. He knows his time is running short because Jesus will return soon to take it back.

    My fellow Americans. Things are going to get very dark. Things are rapidly escalating out of control. Even our leaders are weak while our country is falling apart from within!

    God is cursing America for going against His Commandments/Law. I don’t know about you, most of the time I just cannot go about life as if everything is okay. While people are partying Satan is at work destroying our nation. Maybe it’s just me. I see the big picture. Do you?

    • God doesn’t have to curse us, for we are cursing ourselves as a nation by our lack of action against such evil as abortion.
      But, if We the People, keep sinking lower, God may certainly remove his covering on this nation.

    • as in the days of noah so it is now 2016.good is evil,evil is good.

      • Another one who desires to force his belief system upon others.

        Sorry, Bobby, this is America. You don’t get to do that here.

        By the way, how many children have you adopted?

        • All they’re doing is expressing their opinions. You are the one asking them to leave the country. This country, at least for now, allows us to speak our opinions so if you can’t handle that then YOU leave.

          • No, I stated that if they shoud find somewhere they like better.
            If all you can do is whine, whine, whine and belittle the government, then you should mpve.

          • No, that is the ;liberal way liberal dem bloodsucking partasite.

          • No no no, that is the constitutional way, uneducated moron

          • Apparently, the chicken crap is clogging your eyes and ears,

            Fight the masochistic tendencies chicken crap, kill your self

          • You’re a sad little man who can’t acknowledge that you’re so so wrong.

          • ROTFLMAO, chicken crap, kill yourself, why do you want to continue to suffer?

          • Stalker.

          • Yeah, it’s been fun

          • Stalker, you have been reported.

          • Okay? That does nothing. Gerald was reported multiple times for threatening to doxx people haha. They did nothing

          • Also, I think you’re misunderstanding something. I’m just ribbing gerald. You happened to be in the same thread.

          • Stalker alert.

          • Cracked beak parrot alert, kill yourself, Polly.

          • Stalker

          • Cracked beak parrot, kill yourself, Polly

          • Stalker you have been reported.

          • Stalker?
            OMG what ever shall I do, does this mean I have to kill my self?
            Buzz off you worthless low life ersatz life form.

          • ,,,disqus_JtOl9TMmfD gerald Hughes • 12 hours ago

            You don’t have her name or address, lol! Stop lying .

          • Want a cracker Polly, cretin?

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Call your grandchildrem dyslexic cracked beak parrot,. you are out of new cut and pastes, maggot

          • disqus_JtOl9TMmfD gerald Hughes • 12 hours ago

            You don’t have her name or address, lol! Stop lying .

          • Is that cracked beak painful little Polly cretin?

          • Lol, that’s not true at all. She said if they didn’t like freedom of religion they could find somewhere else. You and my alter-ego: TrumpLoverGerald are the ones implying that we should run people out that we don’t like. In fact, I see that you claim to have blocked users you don’t like. How hypocritical.

          • No, she’s saying they are not allowed to believe in one true God. That they have to believe there are many and different people can have different gods. We that believe in one true God are free to do that; you don’t have to and I’m not taking away a thing from you with my belief. Yet she (and you) want to take MY right away to believe what I believe. It goes both ways.
            I don’t just have to tolerate your beliefs; you also have to tolerate mine.
            And I have blocked exactly two people in the years I’ve been posting, and that is after we’ve gone back and forth and are getting nowhere, and that person either gets nasty and insulting (rather than just debates) or mindlessly repeats phrases over and over. Who said I didn’t like them? Not I. But it’s a waste of time and energy to go back and forth with someone like that, and offensive when they resort to name-calling.

          • No. That’s not what she’s saying at all. Religious freedom means freedom of, and freedom FROM religion. I’m a catholic, but I can understand if someone doesn’t want to be forced to adhere to fundamentalist religious beliefs.

          • I agree but that IS what she’s saying. The poster was expressing his belief, and what he feels is coming. This is OK. It doesn’t mean she has to agree. But the poster has the right to think, say and write it. He also has the right to think she is wrong and should believe in his God. That may rub her the wrong way, but that’s too bad. Just as it may rub him the wrong way that she questions his God and his beliefs, too bad. Goes both ways. He can express fundamentalist ideas; she can express her disbelief in them. Why defend HER right to tell him to stop, yet not defend his right to say what HE thought? I was trying to make her see that he doesn’t need to go find somehere else to live, as she suggested, anymore than she does. Except that her way of thinking (that he shouldn’t express his beliefs) is less in line with our freedom of religion, which is why I suggested SHE go find somewhere that wants to shut down people’s expression of belief.

          • I don’t see where she asked them to leave in this section. Yes, you absolutely have the right to state your opinion. I totally agree. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. What I don’t agree with, is saying that people have a right to try and force their beliefs upon others.

          • Who said that? I don’t agree with that either. But I don’t think anyone is trying to force their beliefs on anyone. Expressing beliefs is not forcing them on others.

          • Expressing things like, “if you believe this you’re a baby murderer” and “let’s throw them in jail” is quite different. This is the rhetoric expressed by most of the people in this thread.

          • While I agree that statements like that are counter-productive and useless at best, people still have the right to say them. I am a Christian and I’m told regularly in these posts and by society in general that I am a hater, a misogynist, backward… I’ve been told we should be rounded up and gassed or crucified… and this is only bc I expressed my faith and hope in my God. I didn’t insult or degrade anyone or wish them harm. Yet no one (besides other Christians) comes to my defense in terms of freedom of religion or freedom of speech, but they do defend the right of those people to say it to me. Double standard? Absolutely. Unfair? Extremely. But I keep my helmet on and keep going, rather than whine about how I’m so offended and these people shouldn’t be allowed to say such things. They can and they will. But …. again I say, it has to go both ways.
            Thanks for the rational discussion.

        • Ok AKLady2015, how many babys have you murdered with your abortion. The stupid democrats don’t realize or care that their abortions have murdered millions of their potential voters. If these millions of abortions had not occurred then most would be on welfare with their mothers and be voting for the democrats and all of the freebies they use to buy voters with. So the Democraps are reaping just what they sowed.

        • What the hell have you been doing today and before. I know as I have heard you many, many times before. Maybe folks would enjoy a little peace and quiet for a change without you.

    • This country was founded on religious freedom. Seperation of church and state is the law.

      If that does not suit you, please find somewherw elaw to live.

      You may not force your beliefs upon others. Christians have commited more murder and gwnocide than any other culture.

    • Jumpin' Jack Flash

      Stand up and do something
      The Sky is Falling is not the
      Only Way. !
      God gave you a brain use it !

  5. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    Planned Parent Hood and all the governments and people that support abortion at will, are the same kind of people
    that will tell you that Hitler was evil because of all the people that died because of him, but they supported the
    death of approx. 70 million innocent babies, they are guilty of murder. I would rather face the judgment as Hitler
    rather than someone who killed millions of babies.

    • An often overlooked problem with PP is the use of dna and organs without knowledge or consent of the mother. What they’re doing with it and who’s hands it winds up in could be very very bad. It’s probably what is used in the gene experiments underground. Very disturbing and biblical.

  6. We don’t have a BLM problem.
    We don’t have an abortion problem.
    We don’t have a pervert problem.
    We don’t have a bent gender problem.
    We don’t have an immigration problem
    We don’t have a weapons problem
    We have a liberal dem bloodsucker problem,
    We must separate ourselves from the ersatz life forms, then all of the other problems, go away. All of the above are being pushed by the liberal dem scum.

    We must physically separate ourselves from them or face civil war.

    • Excellent Response…

    • Please find somewhere you like better. Please move there, today if possible.
      I suggest a culture where women arw still considered second class citizens, ti citizens at all. You might look at the Islamic countries.

      • No liberal dem bloodsucking cretin, I am going to stay right here and wait until enough of the decent people are completely fed up with the scum like you and we close off the borders to our states, station marksmen there to shoot anything crossing illegally, then kick back and applaud as you liberal garbage starve to death.

        • Just block the inhuman idiot troll they you don’t have to read the garbage He/she posts. That is what I did. Life is good.

          • nah, I like to beat on her, I have been beating on her for almost 2 years now.
            She is a dyslexic compost heaps qwith several grandchildren thy come over and read to her, if she like it, they enter it into her computer, the silly ersatz life forms has roughly 30, 000 cut and paste, that is why her posts all sound alike.
            I went to the trouble to get her name and address about a year ago, now when she start supporting the criminal aliens or the rapist killer Muslims, i send her name and address to the groups that keep the lists, so that when we start arresting and trying the liberal scum for aiding and abetting the criminal aliens, we want to make sure she is one of them.
            Also, I send her name and address to the list keepers as one of the people supporting bringing more of the rapist killer Muslims in, when some one in her area is assaulted raped or killed, her name and address can be sent to the families of the victims.

          • You don’t have her name or address, lol! Stop lying .

          • Thank you, and that is not my usual sarcasm.

          • No, congratulations, now all of your posts go to all of the military blog sites, 3 to 5 weeks they will post your name and address.
            We will assign you some personal responsibiilty
            You liberal dem bloodsucking parasite are among the dumest life forms that God created.
            Still I do wonder why he made mosquitoes.

          • Lol. No they don’t, and no they won’t. You’re as dumb as they come aren’t you?

            You misspelled dumbest, which really says everything. What else can be expected of a lying conservative. Whoops, I used the same word twice.

          • About two more posts should be enough liberal tick, keep them coming.

          • Lol, you’re just too fun. I love the fake “macho-persona”! You’re a riot, it’s impossible for you to be truthful about anything! You’re like that kid in middle school that lies about everything to impress his friends.

          • You have just destroyed any credibility you ever had.

          • Want me to post your name and address, and the names of every one in your family liberal dem bloodsucking cretin?
            You life forms are incredibly stupid.

          • Please do.
            Liar, liar — you were caught.

          • Want a cracker Polly?

          • Thank you.

          • Lol, please forgive me if I don’t become too excited about your opinion.
            i also don’t care what snails and earthworms think.

          • Liar, liar, you got caught.

          • Oh look the cracked beak parrot is back.
            Want a cracker, Polly?

          • ..disqus_JtOl9TMmfD gerald Hughes • 12 hours ago

            You don’t have her name or address, lol! Stop lying .

          • Ah the old “la la la la la I can’t hear you!” how mature you are.

          • Exactly.

          • Please do.

          • Ni one forces you to read anything.
            No one forces you to embarass yourself by typeing childish insults

        • Name calling.
          So childish.

        • Close borders? Really?

          Canada – US border 1,538 miles
          Canada – Alaska border 3,987 miles
          Mexico – US border 1,933 miles
          US Coastline 95,471 miles
          Alaska Coastline 6,640 miles

          Total exposure 109, 569 miles

          • Cretin I would really like to help you, but, i simply can’t be responsible for your lack of reading comprehension.
            It says our borders, you know the ones we live in?
            You are an incredibly stupid life form
            When we close off our borders that will leave you with Alaska, Ca Or., Wa. Mn, Il, Ny and all of the p ant states east of NY
            Life will be wonderful for you.
            You can raise taxes to 90% on all of the businesses and rich people asinine enough to stay in your areas.
            You can buy everything for every one.
            All of your pervert friends can get married,. all of your bent gender friends can use the restrooms with your mother, daughters and sisters,

            You can bring all of the Mexicans from Mexico into your areas, you can bring all of th rapist,. killer Muslims into your are and because we will stop all welfare and food stamps that means all of them will come directly to your areas.
            You can ban Christianity, and confiscate all weapons.
            No onee will obstruct you, you should be glad, you are always telling us that you have to send money to the red states, not any more, it will be great for you.
            You will have to figure out how to keep the Muslim killers from dropping your pervert friends off of buildings, but people as smart as you, can handle it.
            We will go back to our old dull running a real country., kick back and applaud as you scum starve to death in the streets.

          • Ignorance is bliss. We have Muslims in Alaska.
            They come from Asia and the Pacific nations.

          • uh huh, I have no idea what you said cretin, give up, kill yourself

      • Sorry but there is too many here that are happy so I guess you will have to leave and go by your own places to move to.

    • I believe a Civil War is coming so you better get ready before it happens. I also think that Obama will cause a problem before hand so he can instate Martial Law and cancel the election. Mark my word.

      • Excellent chance that you are right.
        Personally, I hope Obama tries, that would probably kick the bucket over.
        I’m old, a former marine, i can’t think of a better way to go out.

  7. I don’t think abortion was very safe for the 300,000 babies they killed last year and every year before, as well as the 300,000 they will kill this year.

    • The numbers are roughly 1,500,000 million annually. Yet they squeal about 3,000 deaths by guns!!! LOL!!! Abortion is the most violent way to die. Their tiny limbs are torn off with foreceps and then the remnant is sucked out with a vacuum These people are mass murderers.

      • Problem, Allen, zygotes do not meet the definition of life. On the other hand, sperm do. Maybe you should rethink who you are calling killers.
        Oh, and foolish one, zygotes don’t have limbs. The majority of abortions take place very early.
        Why do you insist on telling dramatic lies?

        • Why do you insist on telling foolish lies? The majority are NOT zygotes (which is still wrong bc zygotes are still potential humans- abortion ends a sacred process that is already in motion). And how many are fully formed babies? We just have to overlook those to keep your precious abortion legal?
          But keep telling yourself that it’s ok and that babies aren’t actually being killed (and PP is not profiting from it). Denial only works for so long though. Eventually you have to face the truth.
          Most everyone else is ignoring you. I’m seeing why now, as you post the same thing over and over and don’t listen to facts or reason.

          • Foolish lies?
            None are fully formed babies. Late term abortion has long been illegal. Furthermore, abortions comprise 3% of what PP does. They try first and foremost to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Also, some abortions are necessary, such as ectopic pregnancies, rape, and any other endangerment of the mother’s life. Denial only works for so long though. Eventually you have to face the truth.

          • Wonderful, lets stop welfare and let all of the liberal dem bloodsuckers starve to death there goes the problem.

          • You know nothing about welfare lol. I doubt you’ll read this. After all, you’re not interested in facts.


          • Of course I won’t read it, cretin, I don’t care, why do you liberal dem bloodsuckers have so much trouble with simple concepts work, earn, pay your own way or starve, why is that so difficult for you compost piles

          • Why to you conservative repub bloodsuckers have so much trouble with hypocrisy? Had you read it, you’d know that there are a large number of conservative states on welfare! Lol. So much for your sad talking point. You can’t get anything right, can you?

          • So wrong. Apparently you have avoided the videos of fully formed babies being aborted, as well as the videos of the same thing as PP employees speak of how profitable this and that part will be. Illegal it may be but they find their loopholes, don’t they? They fudge what “fully formed” means, for one. Yes, you are in denial. Stop believing everything they tell you. Seek the answers. I’ve seen the actual documented evidence as have many others. No matter what, this is killing babies. It is not a “fact of being a woman”. That is incredibly offensive.

          • So wrong. You mean the videos that were faked? The videos that were made by CMP, who were later indicted? Fully formed means in the third trimester. This isn’t fudged by anyone. Later term abortions are illegal, and have been for a long time. I have sought the answers. I make my opinions based on fact.


          • The videos were not faked; they were proven to be real, the indictment was bc of how they were obtained. Doesn’t change the truth in them. You rest your argument on terms, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. The parts being sold were formed and whole. Do you honestly think it’s ok to kill a baby that has formed arms and legs and a beating heart and functioning brain bc it hasn’t reached the technical time determined to be “fully formed”? If birthed and taken care of these babies could live and prosper. And I’m not going to even get into partial birth abortions. All of this is disgusting. Abominable. Murder, plain and simple. How you defend this is unbelievable and despicable. I am a woman and to have a baby is a blessing and an honor. Keep rationalizing if that helps you swallow the lies and horror. I literally feel sick with this conversation.

          • The videos were faked. Do you think it’s okay to totally outlaw abortion even though things like ectopic pregnancies and rape are a reality? Partial birth abortions, just like late term abortions, are ILLEGAL. You should do proper research.

            You blocking people is wildly immature.

        • Zygotes, learned a new word eh, cretin.
          Sorry they are past the zygote stage at about 3 months and have beating hearts and a functioning nervous system, child murderer .

          • Ah the “I’m pro-life” except for after the kid is born. Then you’re “sink or swim, parasite!”
            What a hypocrite you are.

          • Nah liberal dem bloodsucking parasite,, after they are born, turn them in, we”ll take care of them.
            Find find a job and pay for what you want or starve.
            Is that clear enough, cretin
            We won’t pay for you and your children get it scum bag?

          • Ah, so you’re not really pro-life. You’re just sanctimonious as I thought.
            We already have state foster care. It doesn’t work. But then again, you wouldn’t know about that because it’s not a Fox News talking point.
            As for me, I have a job, cretin. I suspect you don’t seeing as how you spend your whole life spewing hateful messages online. Is that clear enough?

          • Sorry liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, you have no chance of being clear, if you worthless scum told the truth the decent people would run you ersatz life forms out of the USA at pitchfork

          • Sorry conservative lying parasite, you already lost. You have nothing! You’re flailing!

          • Lol liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical life form, you have nothing, be kind to yourself, suicide is the only answer for you.
            If you do it expeditiously, perhaps you can effect it before your children find out that they are related to you.
            No point in hanging that cross on them for life.

          • Lol! It’s *affect, moron! Hahahaha

          • Check your dictionary cretin, your stupidity is showing.

          • Lol! You’re even dumber than I thought! It’s affect. Like this: Gerald has been affected by a serious case of stupidity.

          • I would say you’re the one who needs to check their dictionary, seeing as how you have maybe 2 or 3 insults that you recycle.

    • You probably kill that many lives every week. Sperm meet the definition of life, zygotes do not.

  8. I was here when the UN started and I wish it were gone before I die , It is on our Soil and we support it , but it is our enemy !

  9. When you take into consideration that what the UN is proposing will result in a 50% killing of those taking part in this inhumane travesty, I see it as an insult to humanity and life itself. What arrogance and unthinking bestiality
    would allow supposed educated and responsible human beings to call for the wanton destruction of 50% of a life because it is “inconvenient.” Given their ability to totally disregard the sanctity of human life, it would have been better if their own mothers would have terminated them so that they would not bring this travesty into our world.

    • The word “reprobate” comes to my mind. These people are hopeless. They do evil and glory (celebrate) with others that do likewise.

  10. OMG have you morons NO SHAME!!!!!! THE UN should be shut down they are a useless bunch that need a realty check!!!!! Think of the money the United States would save were we not practically supporting this group singlehandedly. Why would any legitimate organization celebrate ABORTION. Forgive them God they know not what they do.

    • America is founded on religious freedom.
      Stop trying to force your religious beliefs upon others. Christians are so rude.

      • Guess we all know where you’re coming from!!!! You don’t have to be a christian to understand abortion is no cause to celebrate, you just have to be a human being.

      • You think, wait until they close the ER’s in the 40% of Hospitals that they founded and fund and invite you liberal dem bloodsuckers, perverts, bent genders and atheist to go start your own hospitals

  11. The people involved in the mass murder of unborn children will stand before God one day. I would not want to be them when that day comes. The United States should dump the UN, pronto.

  12. How about they star with Moslems and illegal aliens?

  13. America is finished! The ACLU and others have attempted to remove God from the culture! Amazing! That is like telling the sun not to come up in the morning! Man wants to do what he wants to do, never mind what God says about it! Abortion is murder and murder is “evil”. But these fools call abortion “good”. God has warned them through the prophet Isaiah: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” God is simply letting these people destroy themselves!

  14. Murder has a legal definition. Misusing a term does not change reality.

    Murder requires killing a person (legal person, not your opinion) with intent (i.e. not accident) and without legal authorization (i.e. not war or execution).

    The use of the term murder fails on all three counts. Abortion does not kill a real person. There is no intent to kill a real person. Abortion is legally sanctioned.

    Against that there is really nothing but a papal encyclical “Humana Vitae”. That is a religious document that may not be enforced by the secular law of the United States or the treaty obligations of the United Nations.

    Just how many of you anti-papist Evangelicals are doing everything from name-calling to murder in order to support a papal order that only applies to but is not even followed by Roman Catholics?

    • Dr. Robert Schwartz

      Your view is totally erroneous. Civil laws? They are preceded by moral laws. Moral laws are based on the very nature of us human beings so that no one in the world escapes their mandates. The term “person” has one definition in law topics. A human person gains his life at conception, through both a human act and a divine creation, viz., the human life-giving principle, the “soul,” which is immaterial, lasts forever, is created and implanted by God Himself, and which cannot be generated through human means–precisely because it is nonmaterial and therefore comes from God Himself, and thus begins the First Stage of human development, the embryonic.
      Human life is not simply a legal definition of a “person.” Human life does not depend on our human name, which we have decided is to be applied at birth. Those are human terms. They have no relationship to the beginning of our human life as living, human embryos, the First Stage.

      • A true moral law could no more be violated than the physical law of gravity. There are common tendencies from our evolutionary past. All of those translate to what we call the golden rule. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

        None of those other species treat a dead body as equivalent to themselves any more than humans do. Moreover, they do not perceive those that cannot yet act or can no longer act as a member of the community as equivalent to themselves.

        Certainly, if personhood equates to the presence of a soul, which cannot be physically measured, anyone in a funny suit can say what has a soul and when. What cannot be measured may not exist at all and therefore may not determine secular law. I do not know if you wear a funny suit or if you have been conned by one.

        Regardless, your religion like the 10,000 others that have existed is based on fables. None may dictate secular law. You may choose to live by a fable but may not require anyone else to do so.

  15. The UN wants safe abortions, but the right wants no abortions at all or any reason, AND they want to pass every kind of law that keeps women from doing so.All these laws, of course, only affects *women*, not men. Men making laws about women, as if men had no process or responsibility in the whole matter. Statistically, “Most pro-life women oppose abortion with four exceptions: rape, incest, the life of the mother, and…” when*they* need an abortion.

    • Murder IS Murder, and ALL your leftist bullshit doesn’t change THAT FACT!

      • ‘Maniacal Mike’ Pence created something special for Indiana called ”alley abortions” which produces dead women. Murder is murder may be your mantra but if this days topic was rogue cops murdering innocent citizens already born you would say that paid leave is too harsh a punishment . If a 15 year old girl has her baby, is thrown out on the street by Rev. Daddy and Mrs. Dysfunctional and ends up in government housing on welfare and food stamps you’d complain about taking care of her and her baby. No one promotes abortions, it is a safety net and a women’s ability to decide for herself what is best for the embryo and her situation .

  16. September 27 will become International Put on a Condom, Maybe 2, Or Your NOT Hitting This Day. An ounce of prevention, 4 minutes, prevents a trash bag full of..harvesting opportunities. Seems like a no-brainer

  17. Tyronne Shoelaces

    I can’t believe the world today. Celebrate an abortion day? How sick are these people to celebrate killing children. Where are the facts to back up their claim that 1 in 3 women in the world have had abortions? Another made up number to fuel their agenda. How could they even collect those numbers? Fricking communist liberals.

  18. I’m with Americans Wake Up. This country has lost all respect for life, family and themselves. There is a feeling of evil all around us as people have come to the point where no life matters. There will be a price to pay and not just in hell . The Chinese found that out.

  19. I wish the UN would abort themselves!!!!!!

  20. I’m shocked by this, hadn’t a clue of its existence. I guess I’m old-fashioned.but I hate that abortion, the killing of God’s gift to mankind, is used like a type of birth control. A shame, or irony, when so many couples aren’t so blessed. It helps that, when they see a sonogram of a baby, almost everyone SAYS after watching, they changed their minds, couldn’t or wouldn’t. That was someone’s clever idea.

    • Some time ago, statistics reported that there were 39 couples wanting to adopt a new-new born baby for every one baby that was aborted.

  21. Drip, Drip, Drip… the Evil Empire and their goons erode the quality of our lives. I can’t wait for the opportunity to spit in their ugly faces. Oh, yeah-that’s wasting my spit.

  22. Let’s have “International Abort the U.N. Day” !!!!!!!!!

    • How many lives did you kill today?
      Sperm meet the definition of life.
      Zygotes do not.

      • if you are that interested in masturbation why don’t you go get started , .
        You liberal scum give a whole new level to the words, asinine and inane.

      • As far as your precious parasitic Evil Empire goes, I pray every day that it’s aborted by God. The U.N. was founded by Communists in order to subject the entire world under the jackboot of worldwide tyranny. They’re lying, blood-thirsty scumbag demons who should be beaten to a pulp, dragged by their feet and hanged. YOUR HEROES.

        • Where do you get these fantasies? The U.N. Declaration was signed by 26 nations in 1942. They formally joined to fight and oppose Germany, Italy, and Japan, the Axis Powers. The Charter was written in 1945 in a meeting attended by 50 nations to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,…to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights,…to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom.”

  23. Abortion IS MURDER, PERIOD!

  24. Why Sept. 28th???that’s the day I was born. Why not abort the women? and put the babies back in the front seat, more die from being left in the car than in car crashes

  25. The UN must stop this kind of stupidity !!!!! We do not belong in the UN anymore.

  26. BULLSHIT!!!
    NOT SAFE for the BABY!!!!

  27. Satan is on the prowl for sure.

  28. Feminists have gone over the line to ever promote the killing of babies! How dare they act like this is a desirable end for any woman! They don’t like you saying it is “killing” because then they sound like murders. Well Hell’s Bells, that’s exactly what they are – Baby Killers!

    And the article brought out a proven fact…abortions come with a tag that pierces the mother’s heart. Most women experience a lot of guilt and regret, not necessarily immediately after, but as time passes and.the realization hits them that the child they carelessly threw away may be the only child they will ever have…and many times it is! Even though the procedures have improved, many of the facilities have not improved and many women cannot conceive later on. Whether that is God’s Will for ignoring His plan for Motherhood or improper procedures or nonsterilized procedures…women will never be the same after choosing this path.


  29. Funny thing about most of the posts on this blog. The majority are from mem. They kill thousands of living things every time they ejaculate, yet they scream about abortions. Zygotes are not alive. They are paracitic cells It is simply amazing.

    Ignorance v. science.
    Religion v. science.

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  31. Margaret Sanger lived during the time that were millions of American large families living in poverty and despair due to the nation’s and world’s crisis’, …. WWI, the Dust Bowl, the stock market crash and other economic woes. Advocating doing away with children that were “undesirable”, unwanted, burdensome, (i.e., aborting, murdering, abandoning). This was before there were any reliable adoption agencies, rural health support, welfare agencies ….. Since The 1950s, America has improved 10 fold compared to other developed nations with anti abortion laws and agencies. There are couples (even same gender and confused gender) today that benefit from adoption of originally unwanted, saved babies/children. There should be no excuse for abortion with the exception of allowing murder and supporting a radical liberal, progressive and socialistic cause.

  32. FREE abortion day? I thought it was DEAD abortion day.

  33. Can’t wait till the demoncratic paid typist AKNOLADY (I realy think it is chelsea) reads this. My cousin gave birth to twins at 23 weeks of gestation–1 lb. 4 oz., and 1 lb. 7 oz.–they are now at 54 days out of the womb 7 lb. 14 oz. and 10 lbs. 8 oz.. Abortion kills; a baby’s life is so precious and worthwhile. A man in the area was just put in jail for abusing an animal–but it is OK to kill a child. From the time of conception to a natural death all lives are in the hands of God. It’s a matter of mental persuasion to get a woman to kill a living being. If God didn’t want a woman to have the child she would have a natural miscarriage. To all men and women…if you want to dance you have to pay the piper. The trouble is everybody knows how to make a baby but some don’t know what to do afterwards. Abortion is not the answer. And as many women find out afterwards it is also not healthy physically of mentally. It will haunt her the rest of her life.

  34. This is just about the stupidest thing i have heard. So what if a woman is pregnant out of that time frame? Wake up dummies and think about someone else but your self. Or how about letting the woman decide for herself what to do and when/.

  35. Jumpin' Jack Flash


  36. Jumpin' Jack Flash

    THE UN has now been implemented
    Your homes, cars and all possessions
    will be deceieded what you keep and
    What you need

  37. These Godless, Satan worshipping devils will regret their sinfulness come judgement day – that’s all I have to say!

  38. We know the Democrat National Party favors murder of the young but I did not know that other countries did the same. Why the hell the U.S. (a joke of a union) still belongs to the U.N. (another joke of a union) or why the U.N. is still in the U.S. is beyond my imagination!

  39. Hello! In case anyone is interested, I am pro choice too! I want my voice heard!!!


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