UM Professor’s Tantrum: “I Hate Republicans!”

As if it were somehow a closely-guarded secret that liberals hate Republicans, a University of Michigan communications professor decided to come out of the closet – so to speak – in a diatribe she titled, “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans.” In the op-ed, written for In These Times magazine, Susan Douglas tells the world that she “can’t stand the thought of having to spend the next two years watching Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Darrell Issa or any of the legions of other blowhards denying climate change, thwarting immigration reform or championing fetal ‘personhood.’”

In making her case for the enlightened emotion of hate, Douglas calls on a history of spurious research into partisan politics. Drawing on this social science folderol, she says that conservative thought is centered in “core elements of social intolerance. The need for certainty, the need to manage fear of social change, leads to black-and-white thinking and an embrace of stereotypes.”

Inevitably, not everyone at the University of Michigan agreed with the professor’s views. Grant Strobl, chairman of UM’s Young Americans for Freedom group, said, “the university should take action on the behalf of intellectual diversity and all of the students who are intimidated into silence.” Joining him in the rebuke was Bobby Schostak, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party: “The piece by Professor Susan J. Douglas is ugly and full of hatred, and it should not be tolerated by the University of Michigan.”

The controversy, of course, is not whether or not Douglas is right to hate Republicans. That’s her privilege as an American citizen (and her obligation as a liberal wingnut.) It’s whether she has the right to sit in a position of authority at a public-funded institution and make clear her unambiguous hatred for half the country. Because it is obvious in her language she is not speaking solely of elected GOP representatives; she is speaking to the millions and millions of Americans who embrace conservatism.

As far as I’m concerned, though, it’s fine. Let her holler. If anyone was still laboring under the misapprehension that our country’s higher learning institutions were not wholly run by socialists and feminists and liberals, well, it’s time to wake up. I encourage more professors to follow Douglas’s lead, take the mask of civility off, and let their true feelings be known. At the very least, it will show a generation of young people what the elitist left is all about. It might make for an inoculation of sorts. You can’t easily brainwash students after you’ve thrown all your cards out on the table.

Republicans have been characterized as the party of hate and intolerance for most of the last three decades. Conservatism – contrary to what Douglas thinks – is not a black-and-white, bumper sticker ideology that can easily be explained in a soundbite. It is an all-encompassing, complex amalgam of thought that chooses to include the last 4,000 years of human wisdom in its debate about how to move forward. It is not opposed to social progress. It is not anti-minority. It is not hateful. It is pragmatic, though, and it has no tolerance for silly ideas that abandon logic, reason, and common sense. If that makes it a target for hate, well, it might be a sign of just how loony some of these intellectual “progressives” really are.

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  1. Ditto professor, there’s a lot who hate dummycrats, and most of all the liberals who are
    hated, they are just all evil people all they want to do is destroy America and it’s
    citizens. Liberals are all filled with hate and are jealous of freedom loving Americans for having common sense and a brain and all liberals are like sheep having to be
    lead around every where. So professor get a brain!

    • I hope the bitch gets a brain for Christmas!! :-((

      • I don’t think even Santa Claus can deliver that!!

        I have two nieces who are in the same condition —

        NIECE #1

        1. Has been living in public housing since 1992, food stamps, the government paid for her school, bought her a car, paid for her medical, for the care and birth of not one, but TWO children, etc.

        2. Has been an election judge in her small town now for 14 years, and she voted for Ovomit — BIG SURPRISE!

        a. Why?

        b. Because she isn’t “getting enough.”

        c. Because she is “poor.” (A poor excuse for humanity)

        d. Now, she claims disability from Social Security for “high blood pressure,” has a cat that is her Service Animal, and

        e. Has a daughter who is ALSO receiving Social Security AND a “Service Cat” because she has ADHD.

        f. Of course, the fact that she is 100 pounds overweight doesn’t contribute to her issues.

        g. And, of course, she has not worked the required 40 quarters to even QUALIFY for Social Security Disability.

        h. Sadly, when she came to live with me in 1992, pregnant, getting divorced from her abusive military husband, I had no choice BUT to help her obtain housing because I had my own family and my own abusive (now ex) first husband.

        i. And, she swore she would be out of in less than 6 months. That was in 1992.

        2. Within 24 hours of her arrival in public housing,

        a. she “knew the racket,” and began spouting off about her “Civil Rights,”

        b. who she was going to sue (me) if anyone got in her way, etc.

        c. When I loaned her $500 14 years ago, I forced her to sign a repayment contract, which

        d. she tried to reneg on because she had stayed in my home while my late (2nd) husband and I were traveling and

        e. “felt she had earned that amount because she had cleaned my house (and eaten my food, run up my electric bill to $800, stolen money from my son, almost gotten my son fired because she wouldn’t shut up at HER job {same employer} about unionization, etc.) and

        f. because “NOBODY was going to take Christmas away from (MY) KIDS!!!”

        3. Is a fierce SEIU member and REGULARLY pickets non-union businesses, BRAGGING that she and her fellow picketers successfully boycotted and picketed TWO businesses into bankruptcy, causing at least 50 people to lose their jobs AND their retirement.

        I reminded her that she was under a legally binding repayment contract and lo and behold, she repaid it. Seems her old aunt had the guts to scare her into repayment.

        NIECE #2

        1. Hates EVERYONE in my family — especially IF they are Christian AND Republican;

        2. Does not HESITATE to send nasty letters to ANYONE in my family who DARES to express their Christian faith to her;

        3. Is teaching her triplet boys that “God does not exist.”

        4. Sends nasty letters to ANYONE in my family who DARES to express their Conservative values to her, telling them (among other things) that:

        a. They are “TRAITORS to the country;”

        b. They don’t “deserve to live,”

        c. They are stupid (and, coming from her that I almost a compliment);

        d. They belong in jail;

        5. Of course, Fox News are all a bunch of liars;

        6. Believes Barack Ovomit is “charismatic, intelligent, attractive, and JUST the right person our government needs;”

        7. God help anyone who is Jewish;

        8. Has also accused ME of “stealing from the government” because I just happen to have served my country in uniform and am a disabled veteran.


        And they think I’M bad because I am a disabled veteran!!!!

        (My son, in the Army doesn’t get WHY I don’t get along with her)

        • You have my deepest sympathy for having to put up with these twits.

          • Thanks. I, praise God, have NO contact with either of them — but niece #2 has tried at least two times to have my disability status challenged (and all it takes is a phone call to do that).

          • Egad. She sounds like Hatred incarnated. What’s her main malfunction?

          • She’s breathing.

          • *SNORK!*

            Okay, I’ll buy that.

          • ROFLMAO !!!!!! Kudos

          • With her attitude, probably not for long ….!


          • Malfunction is beyond libtards if that is possible but possibly the space between her ears being a vacuum like “space the final frontier” and beyond reality like bo & administration !

          • Crazywhore, so you’re sitting back and taking as well. Seems like a family full of parasites

          • I am neither a whore nor crazy so please stop perverting my screen name.

            I am also NOT a “parasite.” I am LEGITIMATELY disabled, as a direct result of MILITARY SERVICE. Believe me, were I ABLE to work, which I am not, I WOULD be WORKING.

            I didn’t ask for it to happen, I didn’t WANT it to happen, but it DID happen nonetheless.

            I suppose I could apply to live in public housing, go on food stamps and welfare and that would be okay with you. I EARNED EVERY SINGLE PENNY after paying into the system for over 30 — that’s THIRTY __YEARS.

            But, if I did any of the above, I would wind up with you as a neighbor.

          • Everyone on the government dole has a sad tale of Bullshit just like you. “It’s not my fault I can’t work, I have 9 kids” “I’d love to get a job, but I’m physically disabled” I earned my free handshake, I’d work if I could” At lease most of the other free loaders aren’t psychotic enough to rant about how nobody else deserves it. Hypocrisy at its finest

          • I have never said that nobody else deserved any government assistance. I was speaking about two members of my own family. I wouldn’t know about anyone else.

            And, I don’t have nine kids — I have ONE!! He’s grown, married, a great dad, and a great soldier.

            Believe me, I have tried diligently to obtain employment, sir. Pretty hard to work when nobody will hire you or when you got fired from your last job because, and I quote, “You have too many back problems (courtesy of a drunk driver) and we don’t want to take on the health insurance costs.” It is also pretty hard to work when it is all you can do to walk, so get off your high horse.

            You may think there is no discrimination out there, Mr. King. I have experienced it first hand, and I happen to be a white, well educated, and very intelligent woman. I can’t even get a job doing data entry and they are usually pretty damn easy to obtain.

            I put MYSELF through college — by working THREE jobs, TWO very small and REPAID student loans, and hours upon hours of volunteer work to help those who were less fortunate than I — all while raising a child BY MYSELF. He brown-bagged his lunch every single day, just like I did, and he learned the value of work the same as me. He has NEVER been out of a job from the time he graduated from high school. I made him concentrate on his studies before that because I fully understand the importance of a good education.

            Now, I am a senior citizen.

            But then again, your own brand of bullshit is pretty amazing and arrogant.

            For the record, what I object to is Ovomit sending his Health and Human Services workers to all the small towns in this country to tell TEENAGERS in these self-supporting, Christian towns that their proud work ethic doesn’t matter anymore — Why, they can get more money by just sitting at home on their collective asses because they can get more by NOT working. In Illinois alone, an unemployed person can receive as much as $75,000 a year in combined welfare benefits — it’s even higher in California.

            Meanwhile, my elderly mother — who lives on her Social Security and the pittance she receives in retirement from my late father — gets by in an Independent Living apartment, receives ONE meal per day (served on a 7″ dessert plate), and loses more to Medicare reimbursements (LOST benefits) each and every day.

            The result of what Ovomit has done is that, because teenagers can make more money by sitting home, they won’t even TRY to make their own way. Many, many employers are hiring all over my town, but people refuse to apply for them because they get more in welfare benefits.

            Ovomit’s endgame is very obvious. To control a population, you take away their livelihood, then take away their options for healthcare, raise their taxes to the point that they are unaffordable, and decimate the military.

            That is EXACTLY what he has done.

          • So your complaint is that your handout isn’t big enough and neither is your moms Typical

          • Boy did you ever miss the point on that one!! My complaint is and always has been about OVOMIT and his efforts to destroy this country.

            I suppose you think that is okay.

          • So your handout isn’t big enough and rather than do something, you sit on your ass and post stuff blaming the President. I choose to work to get what I need

          • No, I don’t “sit on my ass posting stuff.” And I pray you never suffer from the catastrophic injuries I did and am still recovering from. Trust me, when the day comes that I am given clearance to return to work or more self-financed school to get a job (at the age of 65), I will.

            Never did and never have complained about what you term as my (alleged) “handout.”

          • You see the problem here? This country is full of copies of your two nieces (Jimmy King included) and that is how Obama got elected two times.

            Today there are fewer able bodied people working that there are nieces and “King” on the welfare rolls… more than since the depression.

            Krazeehors, I’m one of those people that is on disability as well. I’m 67 now. I was involved in a head-on collision in west Texas in latter 1978, spent 2 1/2 weeks in a coma and didn’t know who I was or where I was until up into 1979. Crushed both feet and both ankles and split the front of my head to where I had a little bit of brain sticking out.

            When I was released from the hospital in 1979 they told me that I was disabled but I didn’t tend to agree with them and went back to work (telephony) up until 2001 when I decided that the doctors were right after all. Ended up on 100% disability right after that.

            So I limp on both legs and continue to put up with the blind spots in both eyes (nerve damage from the head-on) and go about my business day to day the best that I can.

            As I said, your two nieces and Jimmy King are how Obama got elected to begin with and also how he got reelected. The problem is that the country is full of people just like them.

            I’m registered “Independent” but I can’t recall the last time that I voted for a democrat for anything. I do recall voting for Nixon, both terms, and I wouldn’t take back those votes.

            My now deceased grandfather was a retired Republican Senator in Rhode Island. He retired, undefeated, at the age of 65 and went into realty at Newport Realty. He retired from there at 85 and was killed in a 25 mph fender-bender in Newport at the age of almost 96.

            I remember that he was not happy with the deficit that Reagan was running up but I guess that I’m happy that he didn’t live long enough to see what Obama has done in that same department.

            “and these are the days of our lives…”

          • Thank you very much for all of your comments. I pray you will do the best you know how to do in your remaining years. Your injuries were far worse than mine, but when a car is treated like a missile, the result is always bad for the victim.

          • Thanks for replying. I enlisted in the army in 1964 (RA14884463) and got through that unscathed.

            My consulting in telecommunications went as high as $186,000 a year after the head-on collision but all of the ancillary problems with the ankles and vision brought that to a halt. The customers were always happy with my work but I wasn’t. That accident in 1978 was my downfall.

          • Sadly, I know exactly what you mean. After 14 orthopedic surgeries, I still have a hard time getting around — the latest was a third spine surgery. I found a miracle doctor who was able to fix the first spine surgery on my T-Spine, then two more on my C-Spine. Three years ago, the C-Spine surgery would not have been possible, but it is now so easy and successful, that it is as helpful as a knee replacement, and I have had both of my knees replaced.

            It IS hard getting over catastrophic injuries and subsequent surgeries, but there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

            Best of luck to you.

          • I think that I know what you mean. I look back on 1979 and 1980 (all of that is still there in my memory) and wonder about some of the decisions that I made. They told be that my working days were over with and I ignored that. In 1980/1981 they offered to replace both ankles but I deemed that to be unnecessary (pig headed?).

            I did go back to work for Generat Telephone of the SW in Texas in early 1979 and was put on management differencial in the toll district with thirteen exchages for switching system maintenance. I was immediately in over my head.

            Working hours were normally 80 hours in every two week period but my hours ened up being 80 hours regular with as many as 103 hours of overtime. Taking all else into account, I knew that I was slowly killing myself.

            In the second quarter of 1980 I got a job with the local (fly-by-night) phone company out here in northeastern California; long distance, moved myself out here and went to work for them for thirteen years; a dynamic step backwards.

            By 1993 undue pressure was being put on myself and several other employees, constantly, and I and several others blew up and kissed the company goodbye.

            That’s when I put my resume’ online and immediately went from $9.47 per hour to more than $100,000 per year in other staes as a contracting consultant.

            I did that for the year 2000 for US West in Page, AZ for the year 2000 and for the Mescalero Apaches in Mescalero, NM for the year 2001.

            After the engineering contract with the Apaches was finished (replaced all of the echanges on their 800 square mile reservation and replaced all of the copper cable with fiber optics), all of the disabilities that the doctors had pronounced that I had in 1979 had caught up with me, I took their long delayed advice and went on 100% disability. No ADA (disabilities act) was ever touched in any of that subsequent work. So I couldn’t walk very well and couldn’t see that well… I just worked my way through it for as long as I could. I paid a lot of taxes right through all of it.

            Pipsqueaks like “King” aren’t worth paying any attention to. They have gown up, worked anywhere or have the slightest idea what a working career looks like or how the world or the U.S. actually works.

            Right through my whole career I always had a crew of electronic and, later, digital electonics technicians working for me and like is usually the case, I had to redo much of what they screwed up. That’s the way any responsibility in this working world usually turns out… if you want it done right you have to do it yourself… that’s just a built-in factor. When you know that something your crew is doing isn’t being done right you have no other choice other than to correct it yourself or it refects adversly on the overall job.

            Sometimes I miss the BS world of work and sometimes I don’t.

          • Oh yeah, and I am writing a book, paying for my own computer time, paying my own bills, etc. I also volunteer as much as my health will allow, so back off.

          • Good luck with your book and I hope things get better for you. One bit of advice…. don’t explain yourself or argue with liberals. A rock or tree stump, maybe, but a liberal……impossible to get through to their feeble mind set.

          • Thanks. You’re right about liberals. I grew up in SoCal, escaped before they could ruin me, LOL. I lived a very sheltered life with unbelievably protective parents, and I am most grateful for that. I raised my son largely by myself (even while I was married) and I passed many of those lessons on to him. He has now passed those same lessons on to his kids.

            This administration is THE worst in American history and I simply cannot believe that so many people are supporting Ovomit. He isn’t even an amateur. He is a child, an empty suit. A reading and idea about what kind of person our president is can be easily determined by the books he likes to read: detective and spy novels — all fiction — much like his own life.

            On the other hand, Bill Clinton, who at 67 is still sharp as a tack and has a photographic memory, can quote FROM memory huge sections of books about famous historians, founding fathers, politicians, past presidents, authors, etc., as do many other past presidents; yes, even George W. Bush, who is HARDLY the “country bumpkin” he has been portrayed as.

            And we are stuck with a guy who walks around with his head either up his arse or in the clouds, trying to shape a foreign policy based upon his limited knowledge of our very history.

          • Yeah friend ‘don’t rise to jimmys bait ‘he’s just a lib loser living in mommys basement and knows he could’nt get laid at the nevada BUNNY RANCH cuz even they have standards they won’t compromise.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You’re a liberal righteous suckass that tries to act like you have your shit all in one sock by degrading ANYTHING that doesn’t conform to your way of thinking. Stick your head back up another liberal’s ass and do everyone a favor, eh? STFU !!

          • Like most people with limited arguments, you are now entering into what is know as a circular conversation (that means repeating yourself) as you have nothing new to add.

          • My mom and I get along just fine. NOBODY is ALLOWED to send her any money to help out because, if it winds up in her checking account it is counted as “income” (even though a person can receive $15,000 per year in cash “gifts” under IRS rules) and they will raise her rent.

            She is 88, very independent, and determined to remain so. She, like I, despise what Ovomit (your hero) is doing to this country.

            I have long believed that every single person in this country should spend the first two years after high school serving their country in some way, be it through military service, the Peace Corps, as a Head Start volunteer, Points of Light Foundation volunteer, etc. America is THE most giving country on earth, and TEXAS is THE most giving STATE in the union.

            It IS Ovomit’s fault, and you know it.

          • Just keep blaming him. Its A LOT easier than taking personal responsibility for your lot in life

            I never said he was my hero, but he’s not my scapegoat either

          • Again you display you total lack of any understanding of the written word. How is life up there on your golden throne? Seems to be so different from we, the low life who are beneath your contempt. Remember bubba, some are dumber than you and some (I guessing most based on your communiques) are smarter than you. Maybe you should use “GOD” as your moniker!

          • “Just keep blaming him. Its A LOT easier than taking personal responsibility for your lot in life”

            Wow. Straight out of øvømit’s playbook!

          • And still yet another Moron heard from

          • I thought taking personal responsibility and not relying on the Government was right out of the GOP book Mseuh, you may not know that as someone who is on the gov dole

          • The BLAMING others, dahling, the blaming OTHERS. And no,I’m NOT on the gov’t dole. I’ve worked hard for every penny I have.

          • Yea, as a public employee and now retired and living off other peoples taxes

          • Not even, and I’m tired of paying for the likes of you. You must have a pretty darned sad life as you’re so full of vitriol. Are you collecting & saving up all your down points?

          • Trust me, you’ll never be paying for me. I’ve got enough to pay for myself and my family. Besides, you could never afford me bitch

          • eh. I have neither the time nor the inclination to engage in a pissing match with one who shows himself to be such a boor. Hope tomorrow is better for you; today has you awfully grumpy. Please, be kind to your family.

          • Eh, a pissing match couldn’t take too much out of you. We all know you piss sitting down

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I told you. The POS troll gets his jollies by insulting people and putting people down. He obviously fell out of a donkey’s ass because it’s too obvious that he’s sucking ass with communist demoncrats. I won’t feed the asshole’s ego with any more replies!!

          • I don’t either Michael, just in case they are paid. No responses, no ups or downs….equals -0- paycheck.

          • Me either ‘jimmy is a waste of air and a big pile of shit to boot.

          • Yup jimmy definitely learned from the best ‘LIAR THAT IS .

          • It is obvious from Jimmy Thing’s post that he is an O-bot paid schill. He does not pay attention to your posts, and just enjoys putting you down. he also smells of a script reader and a sadist, which seems to be needed to be a schill. I find these mandouches job seems to be harrassing intelligent and skillful posters to run them off, or hurt their feelings.

          • The schill is bo & his wannabe dictator whims & ways to destroy the U.S. Freedom & Rights along with his treason & dereliction of duty to his POtuS sworn oath .. !

          • I feel for you if that is what you got from their post, I myself broke the 5 vertebrae that make up the lumbar section of my back along with my right ankle that was am burst along with both tiblia & viblia & as those healed I developed severer arthritis I had more injuries but those were among the major. I didn’t collect one slim dime of any benefit except for SDI during the first couple of months I was eligible for SS disability but didn’t apply I waited until my 66 birth day & I can hardly stand up & when I do stand I can’t quite stand straight & worked every day until the magic number of 66, but this is me & I did it but if I had to do it over not sure I would do it again so if someone claims disability so be it their situation may be different from mine. Also I thought I would get the reduced amount for the rest of my life & figured I had worked for all of it & was not wiling to take any less & still work part time & have no idea why, must be the money but after working a this time can not imagine not working but that is me & I only speak for myself & do not look down on anyone that needs what they get & the ones that fake it to get said benefits need to be caught & the appropriate punishment dealt to them & there are plenty of those around. Oh yeah thanks to obamacare my medicare copays are high for two of the pain meds I take & of course the government just had to put their noses into that too so I am continually under prescribed lately. So for that I have a special place in my heart for democraps, now I take oxy codone one of the most addictive drugs out there & they are not as strong as the morphine sulphate I was taking & I think my working days may fast be coming to an end. I will never vote for a democrap as long as I may live & of course I didnt’ think I would live as long as I have either

          • Want some cheese with that whine?

          • You seem to be totally out of ammunition and can no longer continue with anything intelligent thus reverting to childish euphuisms! Give it up, quit posting and go back in to your insular world.

          • Texan, I think little Jimmy is a post ho for the government, paid by the word. Cyberbully for the bucks.

          • I have your whine here in my hand & if you guess what it is I will let you give it a couple of licks, snivel much lately? You have to be a total moron to think that I am whining, idiot

          • Oh you have jimmy pegged for sure .Complete idiot should be his moniker.

          • I can only hope you go hunting with Cheney.

          • I’d kill to go hunting with Cheney.

          • Don’t forget to bring big mike and Trayvon with you.

          • I don’t know those guys, but I do know that other Dick

          • Hey, kingshit – you are one sorry gob of excrement! Phuque off, PUNK! How dare you denigrate a disabled vet, a man who served his nation, putting his life on the line so you can have the right to spew your vile insults!!

          • hey Puddlegay, pay attention, It was a woman vet. And her disability has nothing to do with my right to say anything You must be another freeloader

          • Phuque you! I happen to be a well known breeder of Std Poodles, hence my handle. I’m also former military, a hunter, gun collector & excellent long range shooter. If you were to ever say to my face that which you posted, you would find your face stuffed up your anal port, you sorry gob of vomit!!

          • They may know about your sexual preferences in all of the kennels in your state, hence your handle, but I don’t What does your ability to shoot from a long range have to do with me speaking to your face? If I could figure out which trailer was yours, I’d stop by

          • Sorry Dude, he probably don’t realize you can only handle one subject at a time. Let me try explain, using small words what he said, first part tell you origin of his handle, second part gives personal information about himself which ends with a period (you know, a small dot used when the subject is about to be changed) thus ending his sentence. Third he starts a new sentence trying to explain that you really don’t want to say stuff like that when you are looking him is the eye. He ends with telling you an ass whooping would immediately follow. Got it?

          • GREAT, and I DO mean GREAT comment!!


          • What it means is I can put one thru your eye @ 1000 yds & call which eye, you whiny commie/lib pile of fecal matter……

          • Michael Dennewitz

            PG… This miserable piece of shit troll gets on here daily with the sole intent of pissing someone off! It does something for the liberal dickhead’s ego. All you’ll be doing by debating is feeding the dildo’s ego….

          • And I love hoisting guys like him upon their own petard by pointing out their obvious shortcomings. Of all my replies to him I have yet to hear back from him.

          • Pull down your pants so we can see your obvious short comings

          • He’s not debating. He’s not very smart, but smart enough to know not to try that

          • Yup ignore the asshole and like a headache he will go away.

          • What is your take on Labradoodles, Golden Doodles, etc.???

            I have raised Giant Schnauzers and would love to start my own bloodline, but Skansen Kennels has seriously screwed up the American lines.

            As a breeder, you know that anyone can breed a beautiful dog without knowing what is on the inside.

            In my opinion, hybrid dogs are nothing but high priced mutts.

          • Exactly! I no longer have a stud dog but when I did, I turned down offers to breed to Goldens, Labs & a – believe it or not, a Collie! I’m not a Poodle snob – they’re the type that cringe when you use “Chocolate” instead of “brown” – I raise CHOCOLATES as well as blacks & silvers. No “designer dogs” for me. A big problem with Labradoddles is the increase in the probability of hip displasia. Btw: I raised & trained Labs for over 20 yrs until I met & married a lady who talked me into one of those “fru-fru” Poodles – now, I wouldn’t have anything else!! Scary smart, loyal & gentle like no other breed, not to mention tough as nails!!

          • Yep. People do NOT consider the whole package when they breed dogs — all they can see is what they will get for the puppies, but there really is no money to be made in the breeding of dogs. You have to do it for the love of the breed.

            I have never been around more than one Std. Poodle and he was incredibly smart. His owners got him from a friend who couldn’t deal with him after spoiling him rotten.

            There are certain breeds, poodles among them, who have to be shown who the boss is. Giants are the same way. And you have to really watch what you are getting.

            I can usually be found on the internet arguing with Jimmy King or some other troll. I am looking for a new service animal to help with severe mobility problems and PTSD. Let me know if you have any puppies available and how much.

          • Hi Krazeehors. My Ch Kleah is due to come in in Feb & I am breeding her to a 75 lb gorgeous chocolate male. Kleah is black but has the choc gene, so I expect some chocolates out of her. I was into silvers for awhile, but there just doesn’t seem to be a mkt for them here in Az. I was breeding choc’s for ten yrs & am going back. You are correct about the fact you really don’t make a profit breeding & I do it for the love of the breed & my aim has always been to develop my own line (which I have) & improve the breed. Over the last 16 yrs I have produced such good pups – intelligent, gentle, loyal & beautiful specimens of the breed. I have many repeat customers, some of whom have 2 & one who has 3 of my pups! I need to find a way to fwd some pix to you. I have several service/assistance dogs out there as well as rally, agility, therapy & one narcotics detection dog in Nashville. My pups go for $1000 & up, health & temperament guaranteed. What part of the country do you live in? Btw: I have pups in 15 states now! I still hear from owners who got a pup from my 1st litter 14+ yrs ago. Take care ol’ warrior!

          • I am in San Antonio. Sounds like you have some great dogs. Send me your website and I will contact you there.

          • I don’t have a website. My email addy is San Antonio, huh? My grandson is a Naval flight instructor @ Kingsville NAS. Flies the T-45. Get to me & I’ll send you some pix.

          • I had to put down two Giants from Skansen because one was absolutely vicious — beautiful but vicious — bit my mom after he allowed her to pet him, broke the skin, and caused a fist-sized bruise. When her cardiologist saw it, he threw a fit. When I picked him up from the kennel/vet, the vet met me with a bottle of tranquilizers because he literally went nuts and even vet techs who knew him were afraid of him. Found out later he had a complete lack of Cortisol.

            Got another one, from a woman who lied about his heritage, had the same problems plus Demodex, Chronic Pancreatitis, Chronic incontinence, and Orchid Puppy Syndrome — and an unbelievable amount of aggression by the time he was 8 months old.

            So, if I ever get another Giant, they will be imported.

          • I had some “shit tail” relatives who had a G Schnauzer & he was scary! I had a miniature Schnauzer yrs ago – independent as could be, but a sweetheart. I know, the 3 different Schnauzers are separate breeds whereas the 3 sizes of Poodles are all from the same origin. Most people unfamiliar with the Poodle aren’t aware the breed was developed in Germany over 1000 yrs ago as a waterfowl retreiver & “Pudel”, the German spelling means “to splash about in water” & in France, they are the national dog, most often called “Canische” which means “duck dog”. Being around someone’s Std is a world apart from living with & raising one of these marvelous critters. To watch one move is to see Class, personified!

          • Boy do I ever understand that one. Giants are incredibly difficult to raise, even if you have a clean bloodline. They require almost constant, but gentle supervision, and their DNA absolutely MUST be above reproach. That is why so many of them wind up in shelters. People buy them because they are “cute” as puppies, and “beautiful” in the ring, but they can be real beastie-boys in the home. My Giant (passed in 08) was the whole package and a real joy to be around. He went on the airplane with me and shocked the passengers when they found out there was a big dog onboard in the cabin with them, went anywhere I needed him to be to help me, taught himself to track, go up and downstairs safely, etc., and if he ever perceived a threat would just stand quietly behind me, never growling or threatening in any way but just let ppl know that they would have to go through him to get to me, my grandkids, my mom, or anyone else in my family.

            He was a Republican, too!! LOL!!

          • I had a friend that had a “giant” when I was finishing growing up in Miami. Now that was one BIG dog. He was in the house a lot by himself and if he got tired of being in the house he simply went out of a window… Phil had to replace a lot of windows!

            I believe that he got the dog as a puppy and I think that it would be safe to assume that that type of poodle takes more than a year or two to grow up and settle down some.

            I have a registered, male, black lab that won’t be two until this next September 9th.

            I have heard that they don’t get over “puppy-hood” for at least two years and I can tell you that I’m counting on that to be true. Two years. As of yet he is still a real handful.

          • This was a really, really grownup comeback. What does a person’s sex have to do with a disability during military service. Me thinks perhaps you are a chauvinist along with your other attributes.

          • Oh, yeah. I am not a freeloader, and you are a moronic troll.

          • And, please do not take my lack of a reply for a few days as your “troll victory.” Getting another service provider.

          • Just pay your bill and they’ll stop cutting you off

          • I MOVED, you freaking moron!!! If you had even a nanosecond’s worth of intelligence (and measured on an electrical current, it takes less than a foot for a nanosecond to travel), you would POSSIBLY have been able to reason that out for yourself.

            Since you have proven yourself incapable of reason and even a smattering of intelligence or personal integrity, I will explain it to you:

            People who live in apartments do so with ONE thing in mind — that their lease there is only temporary and NOT because they are expecting to be evicted. Rather, they stay there to save money to make a down payment on a home. I have been saving for years and finally had enough to put down on a home. Moved in 3 days ago.

            And, for the record, my bills are ALWAYS paid on time and IN FULL.

          • So did the whole trailer move, or did you just switch trailers?

          • I’ll just BET that you think you are quite funny, don’t you? Question: Have you ever served your country in the military? Somehow, I seriously doubt it.

            So, that makes YOU the PARASITE, Mr. King!!! You sit on your keister, living on the internet, insulting others, and God help anyone who so much as DARES to disagree with you.

            Veterans are a special breed of people — we are willing (man OR woman) to LAY OUR LIVES ON THE LINE for not only our Constitution (that would be the USA, got it?) to protect and defend that dynamic and living document, but also OUR HOMELAND and the LOSERS (like you) who live in it.

            And YOU, well —

            YOU will be the very FIRST one to complain if things don’t go your way OR if we are attacked by terrorists or any other entity that wants to see our great country destroyed!!

            You are sort of like the so-called “friends” of The Little Red Hen — can’t help with anything, but you DAMN SURE will be there to reap the rewards!!!

            I would tell you what you to do with yourself, but even for you it would be physically impossible, and I happen to be a lady.

            You can’t even look in the mirror in your house — you’ve broken them all already with your ugliness.

            And you, Mr. King, are ugly to the bone.

            Makes me ashamed to admit that we have a common ancestor.

          • Crazy Whore, we don’t have a common ancestor. Put down the comic books and learn a little science. No, I never served in the military. I was not at an age where our military was active and needed me. I grew up in an affluent community where students went to careers on wall street, or became lawyers, doctors and business owners. The people who drive the economy. At that time the only people who voluntarily joined the armed services, were inner city minorities, or mid western dropouts and those in trouble with the law. I lost over a dozen friends and colleagues on 9/11 But I was too old to serve at that time.

            That doesn’t make me a parasite. I have never been a cop, or a garbageman or a firefighter either. Instead I own 2 businesses and pay taxes to those who perform those jobs. The same way I pay taxes to pay the salaries of those who volunteer to work in the army, navy, airforce or marines. If you voluntarily work as a cop, do your job and be happy, the same to be said if you join the infantry. You do so because it is the best path for you. Don’t look for high praise because that’s the only job you can get

          • Yes, sir, you ARE a parasite. You COULD have joined the military, become an officer and really contributed something to this country. And DON’T give me any of your bullshit about you “being too old,” or “going on to a career” after college because the “only people who joined the military were inner city minorities, mid-western dropouts, and those in trouble with the law.”

            How stupid can you possibly be? You think that people from the Midwest are all “dropouts,” or than people who join the military do so because it’s the only job they can get!! Good grief. Furthermore, the military has NOT accepted people with a police record for DECADES. They ALSO do not accept recruits who do not have a high school diploma and much prefer those who have some college under their belt. Most of the people in the military today are either college graduates or WORKING on their college degrees. The military and the VA is the BIGGEST learning institution in the world. They train more doctors and medical professionals than any hospital or medical school in the country.

            Regarding our ancestry: if “King” truly IS your surname, again, I am ASHAMED to admit that we DO, indeed have a common ancestor. My mother, grandmother, and GENERATIONS of my family going back BEYOND the Mayflower were proud to have the surname of “King,” and before that, “Seymour,” going all the way back to Charles I, and Henry VIII. My paternal grandmother was pure Scottish, my maternal grandfather was pure Norwegian, and my maternal grandmother was 100% English!! My paternal grandfather was German, French, and Welsh.

            My son is in the Army and my entire family’s military service can be traced back to pre-Revolutionary War America. And guess what? NONE of us enlisted because “it was the only job we could get,” or because “we had a police record.”

            I enlisted in the Air Force after working in the private sector for years because I wanted to honor my family’s long commitment to serving our great country in uniform and to honor my father, who was a tailgunner on a B-17 during WWII.

            Your excuse that you were too old is just that a VERY FLIMSY excuse.

            I am also a business owner, sir. I am a college graduate and working on my master’s degree, and I am absolutely DEDICATED to helping our Wounded Warriors and those who are less fortunate than me.

            You have insulted every veteran and military man in this country with your flimsy excuses, Mr. King.

            So, be honest about it. You didn’t join the military because YOU COULDN’T CUT THE MUSTARD!!

            I haven’t read a comic book in decades. I prefer to read historical works of our Founding Fathers and other great authors.

            And please stop calling me a whore. I am an American patriot and a veteran. YOU couldn’t POSSIBLY afford me to even hold your door open!

          • I stand by my response. Joining the army is peace time is no more noble then taking any other job. Unless you’re Pat Tillman get off your high horse

          • And I also stand by my response. Pat Tillman is dead and I am not on a “high horse.”

            Your assumption that everyone who joins the military is either an “inner-city minority,” a “Midwestern dropout,” or a “criminal,” is beyond ridiculous. It shows how ignorant and misinformed you really are.

            Apparently, you feel the people who DON’T live on the East or West Coast are all too stupid to match your “superior” intellect. Yeah, right.

            You sir, are nothing but an ill-informed COWARD. Yet, because I and millions of others swore to protect and defend this country and its people (including my son), I will stand by my Oath to protect your sorry ass should the need arise.

            This conversation is over.

          • You Swore to protect and serve. But that’s all you did, Swear. So in your opinion it would have been great if I joining the armed services and sat in a camp in Dallas or New Jersey for 2 years. And had I done that it would have made me a better person because I would have sworn to protect and serve Without really protecting anyone at all. Keep living the fantasy that you did something more noble than anyone else. I guess it must be because of your “superior intellect”

          • I swore to “PROTECT and DEFEND” — big difference, Mr. King.

            Are you aware that there are MORE than TWO military bases in this country and SEVERAL overseas? Yes, you COULD have done something to serve your country, and I don’t consider the fact that you took advantage of the Student Loan System (Educational Welfare) to get a college degree in any way, shape, or form giving back for all this country has quite obviously given YOU.

            I never said I did anything more noble than anyone else, sir. But I WILL say that ALL veterans, ALL military, and ALL people who are willing to lay their lives on the line to protect and defend this country ARE a special breed of people.

            They do these jobs without ANY desire to gain special recognition. The common response made by EVERY SINGLE Medal of Honor recipient (NOT “winner”), and EVERY single person who is recognized for service “above and beyond the call of duty” is simply this:

            “I was just doing my job.”

            I didn’t EVER ask for ANY special recognition, Mr. King, from YOU or ANYONE else. I EARNED the awards I received because I WANTED to SERVE MY COUNTRY WITH HONOR AND DISTINCTION. It was never about just me. It never IS for ANY soldier. I wanted to do my best FOR MY COUNTRY first. I still do, only now I want to do my best for our Wounded Warriors.

            Being a veteran makes you a member of the greatest group of people in this country. We take that oath FOR LIFE, sir, NOT just for a few years. Had you ever served or ever done anything for anyone but yourself, perhaps you would understand that.

            The same is true for cops, firefighters, and First Responders. They are just doing their jobs. They don’t want any special recognition.

            The only career I ever wanted for myself was the United States Military. I hated having to leave, but I will tell you that my service showed me just how important my country is to me. I have always — for my entire life — tried to do my very best. I was raised by parents who lived the adage, “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right.” We were taught to give our all to everything we ever did, and I passed those lessons on to my son.

            If you think your only “necessary” contribution to the country that gave you such success is to pay your taxes, then I truly pity you. It speaks volumes to your obvious need to insult others with vile and insulting names as a way of building yourself up. To put that into words you can understand, it speaks to your woefully low opinion you have of yourself.

            And by the way, I’m from Nebraska and graduated from high school in SoCal at the top of my class. Also, the schools are FAR BETTER in the Midwest than they are in California and most other large metropolitan centers. We moved all over the country because my dad and mom always went where the work was.

            So, don’t insult me or any other person who has made service to others their life’s work, regardless of what that work happens to be.

          • WOW you have a lot to say for someone who claimed the “conversation was over”

            First of all, who said anything about college loans??? I paid my way through college. I started a business when I was 15 and built it up to pay my way through college, law school and get my LLM. While you were playing GI Jane and getting paid to sleep in a barracks in Nebraska on my tax dollars

            After law school I worked for the District Attorneys office putting more bad guys behind bars than any 5 cops you know. At night and on weekends I worked in a battered woman’s shelter doing pro bono work and gave back plenty. So again I say don’t get all high and mighty because you spent your life sleeping in a tent getting paid by my tax dollars and think you were “Defending my freedoms” You were protecting the interests of major oil companies and lining the pockets of Halliburton and people like cheney. It was never about our freedom

          • I wasn’t stationed in Nebraska, sir. I was BORN in Nebraska, as were all of my siblings and my parents. The only time I ever lived in a barracks was when I was in training an while I was stationed in South Korea.

            And, I ALSO paid taxes AND Social Security, sir.

            When veterans are separated from military service, they ONLY receive 13 WEEKS of unemployment, regardless of how many years they served OR what their pay grade was.

            So you see, we are ALWAYS expected to perform above and beyond the call of duty, be it as a member of the military OR as a civilian.

            I, too, paid my way through college, while raising a child and surviving an abusive ex-husband.

            You know, it’s funny that the Oath of Enlistment I took said NOTHING about Dick Cheney OR Halliburton. And, for the record, the United States never took ONE DROP of oil from Iraq.

            Regarding Dick Cheney, he also is a SELF-MADE millionaire, but I suppose that is a bad thing because he happened to work for Halliburton and you are a lawyer.

            My brother is a retired police officer, and I know more people who have done dangerous jobs than you can possibly imagine.

            I’m glad you gave back. But that does NOT give you the right to insult others OR to assume that everyone who is disabled is a parasite.

            I am not a parasite, sir. Your attitude makes you one.

            ‘Nuff said.

          • Enough bothering with that twerp, King. He’s full of BS and never did anything that amounts to anything… unless “trolling” on the computer can be considered.

            It’s easy to bullshit on here and have an invisible wall full of degrees.

            I know it, you know it and he knows it.

          • More bullshit. You’re nothing but a little twerp with too much time on your hands. Thus all of the trolling.

          • Exactly ‘started a business at 15 hahaha ‘what a load of shit ‘he sits in mommys basement and plays his xbox all day .

          • Hey guy. You’re someone that makes sense. Finally…

          • Thanks dude .

          • HAHAHA “You COULD have joined the military, become an officer and really contributed something to this country.”

            Yeah, joining the JAG Corp., in a time of peace would have ‘really contributed something to this country”

          • Regarding ancestry, yours and mine are much the same.

          • Your ancestor was obviously a piss-ant.

            You post a lot of BS.

            Affluent? I doubt it.

            Troll? Gotta be.

            You don’t spend any time running anything. You spend all of your time trolling and blowing hot air up real peoples’ butts.

          • Coming from another free loading piece of shit like yourself, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I love the morons who rant against the liberal agenda and then sit on their arses with their hands out for the government dole

          • Nice try, twerp.

            We already know what you are.

          • Are you serious ‘jimmy serve his country ‘yeah when pigs grow wings ‘that pile of shit would piss and shit himself just seeing a draft notice way back when and he would run to canada with the rest of the cowardly little pussies too gutless to fight .

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ease up asshole. No one’s living a perfect life. You’re only trying to but your smarts (or the lack of) over and above the majority. Stop being such an arrogant asswipe!!

          • Do you even know where your ass is located? It’s that p[lace where your head is residing. NO WHERE does it say, in any of the posts, that a complaint is being made about the amount of compensation being received by anyone mentioned. Did you ever get past “See Spot run” while pursuing your reading education? Bet you’re sorry at math as well! I say this based on your inability to understand the written word and your lack of commonsense.

          • Jimmy King: I don’t know why you even try to comment on these sites because it’s impossible for you to think clearly with your head up your posterior. At no time was Krazeehors complaining about her or her mother’s problems, but merely outlining the one thing that we conservatives despise is the lifestyles of her lazy, vindictive nieces. Believe me, I have two nieces out of the 10 nieces and nephews we have who are such blatant haters of anything conservative that they go out of their way to find things to criticize the rest of us who try to live a good Christian life with conservative principles…all without preaching to them or telling them what to do. In fact, we have gone out of our way to be kind to them and help their families when needed but all we get back is “you owe me because…” and then they spout the empty far-left liberal slogans of hate and discrimination and accuse us of hating everything they stand for. Gee. I guess we do, but we’ve never confronted them on anything except asking for civility and respect for their elders when they start their ugly screeds. We long ago decided to just ignore them and hope these college educated feminazis will grow up and stop blaming us for not helping the lazy people who could work but won’t. We believe in a hand up–not a hand out, and believe me, we’ve done our share of helping others and often getting our hands bitten by those we helped when we couldn’t do more. Jimmy, you’re barking up the wrong tree. If we conservatives cannot turn this country around, by the time I reach room temperature (which won’t be long because of the changes in Obamacare that are preventing me from getting the exact medication I need on two different protocols) you will be singing a different song. Actually, I hope I do live to see that day if only to say “I told you so!” This country on this path is going to hell in a handbasket.

          • Krazeehors, don’t even try to discuss anything with this shithead. He only wants to aggravate you. The more you try to explain something to him, the more he will wright his bullcrap just to get you riled up. Ignore him. He is trash !!

          • Yup a libturd troll ‘nothing more.

          • Don’t even waste your time ‘Jimmy is one of those stupid liberals you take out behind the barn and slap the shit out of for being so f*****g dumb.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Jimmy ShitForBrains at it again!!

          • Ignore the douche bag ‘he’s off his meds cuz his third unemployment extension was denied .

          • JK, you are a first class sh-thead!!! This woman served her country….What have you done for your country, (Besides take up space and air)???

          • CATSHIT pay attention, she is “disabled” due to a car accident

          • You sound like a real democrat jerk who typically denigrates others, cannot spell, has poor sentence structure and is not very well educated.

          • Actually TwoCent, I’m a registered republican with 2 advanced degrees. But it’s funny that you’d criticize someone’s sentence structure, when its merely comments on a blog But thanks for the laugh

          • Well educated snobs who brag about it and denigrate others aren’t worth much.

          • Awesome, I went from uneducated to well educated in one post. You must have voted for Romney the way you can flip flop like that. The good thing Twocent, is that well educated people generally don’t care what little people like you think

          • Good for you. Keep on with your name-calling and denigrations. Puts you in a class all by yourself. Will match you advanced degree by degree.

          • LOL’His story keeps getting bigger and bigger ‘1st he started a business at 15 and put himself through college and now he has two degrees .LMFAO

          • I think not having JK for a neighbor is a big plus. There’s too much empty space around as it is….. lol

          • Agree with you there .

          • That was the best come-back I’ve seen all day!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            TELL EM WOMAN !! WOOHOO

          • You sound like the one that deserves the welfare & your 2 nieces deserve bo’s tyranny hell in another country along with bo and his muslim, commie dictatorship from hell … !

          • He sounds like the kind of guy that masturbates while burning ants with a magnifying glass.

          • See Jimmy, you can’t even start off, first word and you publicize that you are an ass hole, hope you have a nice long walk off a short pier!

          • better yet a STEEP CLIFF.

          • You are what is known as a “conclusion jumper” and are ready to judge others without regard to facts! Krazeehors (which, and I’m positive it never occurred to you within your narrow mind) can also be considered as Crazy Horse. The facts were presented in the original post but all you gathered is they were both on disability so they can both suck eggs because they must be equally worthless as humans. You would make a damn good Democrat with a job in cheating people based on what YOU thought. Get a life dude, the one you’re living sucks. You have a nice rest of the day now, ya hear! Oh, I forgot to tell you I am also drawing a 30% disability and retired making $50.00 an hour. What I made per hour had nothing to do with my disability, only my ability and circumstances which I was able to control. Not everyone has that luxury!

          • You’re going way out on an edge believing anything that King posts on here.

            He’s nothing but a troll and a BS artist.

            It’s hard to tell if he even has a high school education.

          • You know, you are a sorry SOB!

          • I consider that high praise coming from a brainless twit like yourself

          • Works both ways my dear. You use the same system provided for you and fight her tooth and nail! If that don’t work then slap her upside the head. What’s she gonna do, chase you down?

          • Yes, I know it works both ways. I don’t fight her, I just disrespect the choices she made in life. I was never in combat, but I WAS in Korea after the war (80-81) doing a very secure job and in danger every single day. Got hurt in Korea, and several more times stateside.

            If she wanted to chase me down, she’d only have to take a few steps!!

          • Hey Krazee – I spent 16 mos in Korea (10/55 – 1/57), 11 months of it on the DMZ. Tank Co, 19th Inf Regt, 24th ID & Hd & Hd of same. Seoul looked as bad or worse than Nogales, Mexico. Now it is a big beautiful & prosperous city – you see what freedom does for a nation & it’s people?

          • I sure do. The ROK Army didn’t take any crap from their soldiers, either. They knew what they had and what it took to keep it.

        • I think a parent messed up here and it had to be from when they were 2 to 18. I was divorced when mine were 10 and 15. I worked and the 10 yr old girl was with me. The 15 yr old chose to live with his father because he worked evenings sometimes and he could hang with friends & was not supervised. It was a close neighborhood so if he did anything we found out. He tried a few things while in school and called me to handle it and not tell his father but his father and I handled it together even though we did not get along and he had custody. I would not go that route. Even if both had been with me, he would not have gotten off, he would always have been punished. Neither one every came back to live, they got jobs, had their own families, the grand children have their own places -26 yrs, 26 yrs and 29 yrs. old. and good jobs.

          This PC crap does not help and the children can’t choose sides in games anymore, they don’t know how to take rejection, they don’t like the word “NO”. When rejected by wife or girlfriend they try to kill them and their families. A bunch of wussies -female and male are being raised.

          • Unfortunately, you are partially correct — especially about niece #1

            Her mother never wanted her, and she was shuttled back and forth between my parents — who basically raised her — and her mother (when she was angry at my parents) . She was horrendously sexually assaulted by her step-father (my sister’s husband) at the age of 9 and nearly bled to death. She was never the same after that, was kicked out on the street at 16, forcing her to get married — the rest, as they say is history. My sister told her on her death bed in 1995 that she “never wanted her.”

            That said, she has had plenty of positive influences from my parents as she spent most of her life with them. I have always been told that when you have your first child, you lose whatever excuse you have or ever had for your past life. You owe everything to the raising of your kids, especially if you are a single parent, as I was.

            Her younger sister (NIECE #2) was born shortly after that — spoiled rotten and an accomplished liar by the time she was 3 years old. She was raised to hate her sister and my sister took her away from our family when she was 8. We never saw her again until she was an adult. By then, my sister had brainwashed her with how awful our family was (not) and it was ingrained in her attitude. They also had many problems because my sister was dragging her to one counselor after another and one church after another to deal with her OWN shortcomings (to include beating both of her kids into unconsciousness on a regular basis).

            So, yes, you are partially correct.

            I don’t buy the excuse of “I don’t have enough” after 20+ years in public housing and having everything handed to you on a government paid for silver platter.

            My life has not been great either, but I never got one dime of public assistance while my son was growing up.

          • The parasite family

          • Hey man, some people are justified, even under a Conservative policy, to receive benefits when they served their country and got hurt because of it.

            You seem to be conflicted about reality.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No Mike, that’s just the “asshole” coming out in the perverted troll!!

          • Yeah jimmy’s revealing his true self ‘100percent asshole .

          • Normally I wouldn’t wish ill upon anyone. However, in your case I will make and exception and what I’m hoping happens to you is something you want to be crazy drunk when it does. I hope you aren’t so that you get the full effect and are able to survive to NOT ask for help from anyone, including the government least you be considered a parasite. God might forgive your attitude but I won’t, ever!

          • Lots of us on here won’t either ‘I like you never wished anything bad on anyone but jimmys due for some real KARMA.

        • WOW! I really feel sorry for that you have family like that. Everybody has some type of dislike for certain family members it’s just the way it is but seems like your going through hell. Hope everything works out for you and I wish you and the family that is still decent the best.

          • I no longer have any contact with these people. Life is much happier that way.

            Thanks for your good wishes and have a blessed Christmas!!

          • I have a nephew that his mother was in jail for embezzlement more than once and my parents asked me to try to look out for him when he was around 13, My brother was an inadequate father, I will just leave it at that. I did the best I could but at that age without constant supervision I was beating my head against the wall. I threw away the baggy pants, made him get a decent haircut and bought him new school clothes. I worked 1 hr and a half hrs. from our town and when I got back in town in evenings the 1st thing I did was go look for him. I told him that he could be a better person than his mother or father. He missed school a lot and went to court, it was not heard until after lunch and I had to go to work, I was told that the judge would have liked to talk to me and was hoping that I would take him to live with me. He was finally put in foster care and when she got out of jail she got him back. I lost all contact then, she would not allow it. That was about 15 yrs. ago, about 5 yrs. ago I got a collect call from jail asking if I would accept the call, his mother had passed away,. I said no and hung up. Do not know where he is. Life is much better without contact, all they want is you to bail them out of trouble. So I know what you are saying friend. You have a blessed Christmas and may the New Year be better, mine has been.

          • The damage a divorce wreaks on a family seems to continue generation after generation. I know it did in mine! My father was the youngest of three sons & was divorced from my mother. Since then, every descendant has married & divorced. The other two brothers? No divorce & everyone of the children & grandchildren have never divorced. It’s like a curse, @ least in my family!

          • I have a VERY dysfunctional family. Started out with 8 brothers and 3 sisters. I’m a Vietnam vet and I was going to relate a story to you, but mine would seem totally less than what you have related. I live alone and my “so-called” relatives have not spoken to me in over 40 years, only because I refuse to “make it” with assistance. My heart goes out to you. Merry “Christ”mas Kraz…

          • Thank you. I, also, have a very dysfunctional immediate family. I no longer have contact with my son (deployed) because I told him that if he couldn’t stop his abusive attitude and be polite not to call me. His wife won’t even tell me where he is. The only time his wife contacts me is when she needs financial help, as she did last week when I was in the hospital recovering from major Cervical Spine surgery (my third spine surgery). I don’t know where my son is and haven’t spoken to my granddaughters in almost 4 years. I also have no contact with my two brothers or anyone but one cousin who is also the “black sheep” of the family because they do not believe I have PTSD and am “faking it” to get disability.

            So, believe me, I do understand. My family wants nothing to do with me, but they damn sure can ask my mom “how (I) am doing” when they talk to her.

            You let me know it is possible to survive for so long without family contact. When my mom is gone, my family will cease to exist. So I have a new family — at my church. It still isn’t the same, however.

            My heart goes out to you as well, sir. I pray your Christmas is blessed, happy, and safe.

            I am writing a book and hope to find an editor in 2015.

        • Sounds like she went to a university and had a quack job’s as professor’s! This country was not founded on hand outs. You work for what you get lady’s!

          • The first one lives in the welfare state of Southern Illinois;
            The second one lives in Rhode Island.

          • Rhode Island went down the tubes years ago. The only jobs there are service jobs and there’s not even enough of them so they take bus loads of them over to Boston and other places every morning to work.

        • I think you should nominate her as the definitive poster child for what is wrong with our “welfare” recipients. It’s not the system that’s broken but rather it is those on the receiving end of Americans generosity. I can say without compulsion that she would never have set foot in my home with that attitude!

        • She and her type are the definite freeloaders that are helping bo destroy the U.S. and really do not deserve the Freedom & Liberty the U.S. Patriotic Citizens have paid for her worthless existence in the U.S. ..! These type need to be in a foreign country dictated regime, NOW, so they can have a life of their own self destruction & enslavement … !

        • My sympathies to you. My opinion is that there should be a limit of 5 years lifetime total of benefits. If a person is on disability the rules should be limited with obesity not being one of them. If you are obese then you must be in a program with progress in losing weight in order to continue benefits. I know I’m a monster. I’ve seen so many lazy women and men that get on disability for life due to obesity, unable to deal with people (I couldn’t believe it either), anxiety, and other nonsense disorders. They use the benefits for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and other vice. Our system run by Liberals and Democrats are destroying our country. Our judges aren’t helping either. They need to stop coddling these people and start putting them in prison for fraud. Our legislatures and lawyers need to start doing their jobs and put these people back on the workforce. Labor camps to fix roads, bridges, or helping out in schools is an idea. Get them back to being a productive citizen. A good slap in the face when they were younger would’ve done them some good. No sense complaining because a good judge or prosecutor would say do it again. That would silence them.

          • I am not obese, I can assure you. I am a disabled veteran. How do you feel about our veterans who either leave the service or come back totally disabled? Most of those veterans have a very strong work ethic. And, I can assure you that PTSD is NOT a “nonsense diagnosis.” Whether you or anyone else wants to admit it or not, PTSD is a brain injury, and our veterans are NOT the only ones who can have it. Also, illness from Gulf War Syndrome and Agent Orange are ALSO very, VERY real. Service dogs help these veterans tremendously, by the way.

            Neither is Traumatic Brain Injury. My late husband had both, and was turned into a hopeless prescription drug addict BY the VA when they flat out REFUSED to admit he had a brain injury — of course, that was back when nobody knew what a TBI was OR what the long term effects were. All they ever did for him was diagnose and service connect him with “Major Depression” and then prescribe increasing amounts of narcotic medication, then cut him off cold turkey. And YES, I hold the VA responsible for his death, I proved it, and they finally admitted his “official” diagnosis.

            Believe me, he put us through absolute holy hell. His sympto ms were horrible and the VA only recently admitted what his full diagnosis was. Chances are he would have died within weeks or months of the day he actually did die because he was going downhill rapidly, but it does me a world of good to know HOW he died and WHY.

            My nieces were raised in strict households and they were disciplined. So was I. So was everyone in my family. That didn’t change the fact that I am today a disabled veteran as a DIRECT result of my military service.

            Obesity can be caused by many, many things. Most common in older adults is hypothyroidism. And, once you have it, you have it for life. Losing weight when you have this condition is extremely difficult.

          • Seriously, you missed my point. I’m talking about lazy civilians that have no reason for being on disability other than eating themselves to free money. Veterans have already proven that they work. If they are obese, it’s because of some medical reason. I know that because I am a veteran. I read your description of your late husband and it fit me like a glove. I have a service dog to help me. I’m 50lbs overweight. When I enlisted I had a 24″ waist, now I have a 32″ waist. I weighed 105lbs and now I’m 172lbs. I have PTSD from maltreatment as an officer. Yes, I got out as a Captain. Racial mistreatment was/is real in the military. It places extreme stress on the professional psyche. The VA pumps me so much full of meds it would kill a horse within a week. My liver is probably screaming to commit suicide. Depression almost killed my marriage if it weren’t for my wonderful wife that stood by me all these years. Woke up a few times with my fist inches away from hitting her. I was dreaming I was in a fire-fight and exhausted all my magazines then went to my knife to kill the enemy. Once, I dreamt I was flying and was hit by a missile. I grabbed the ejection handle between my legs and pulled hard up. I clocked myself in the chin. Funniest thing I ever did. Almost broke my chin and teeth though. Anyway, I’m talking about lazy civilians that can’t control themselves eating and are too lazy to exercise. So, we pay them to lay around doing nothing. They need to get off their lazy butts and contribute to society and work for a living. I express gratitude to all veterans including you. I gave 17.5 years of service and close to 1000 hours of flight time (943). The military has a way of racially putting down personnel in various ways that are subtle but harmful.

          • I didn’t miss your point. I just wanted some clarification. Thanks.

          • Thank you for your service and I’m sorry for your loss. I’m with the Phoenix VA. I lost 3 good friends that were waiting for appointments or had treatments but it wasn’t enough. They were great guys. When I first went there, I was the youngest of the group at 50. They all said to look around and that 60% would be gone within 10 years. 3 Were gone in 1 year. I’m really sorry for your loss. My wife is worried sick that I won’t make it to 60 from the care they are giving me. I hope your VA is taking care of you. I’d hate for your family to lose the other parent. Hang in there. 3 of my 5 kids are depending on me to continue their support. Once I’m gone all financial support is gone. That stinks.

          • And the same to you, sir.

            I receive relatively decent care from my VA psychiatrist for PTSD, but have had to fire my one and only so-called counselor in San Antonio after she took one look at my son (also serving and currently overseas) and said, WOW!!! HE’S HOT!!! I COULD BE WITH HIM!!” This woman was older than me and my son is married with 3 daughters.

            THEN, when I asked her to transfer me to a new provider she refused because it would mean less money for her, on the guise of a flimsy excuse that she “didn’t KNOW any of the providers at the clinic I go to.”

            As far as my medical care goes, I have fired TWO VA doctors – one for refusing to give me ANY medication whatsoever, then DEMANDING that I report for an EKG because she “needed to determine whether or not I was taking any medication I was not supposed to be taking.” I reported for said EKG and they had no record of an appointment OR a progress note. I WAS taking very low dose methadone for pain, which she discontinued on a Cold Turkey basis; AND because I refused to go to the Women’s Clinic for, of all things, “Menopause Care.” You know, we female veterans are all stupid.

            The other VA doctor was fired by me when she tried to re-diagnose me as NOT being diabetic after over 40 years.

            The VA doc I have now cannot be bothered to even look at me because she is too busy typing, THEN told me that
            she “didn’t consider me diabetic until my A1C is ‘at least’ 7.5,” but if I “wanted to take the medication because it made me ‘feel better’ well, that was okay with her.” I keep my glucose and A1C under control with diet and medication.

            So, I DO understand. I am blessed to have private insurance (Tri-Care) from my late husband and Medicare in my own right. Were I in your shoes, I would apply for Social Security disability. They always turn you down the first time, but you ARE old enough to qualify for it at least from a Medicare standpoint. I wish you the absolute best, and you ARE in my prayers.

        • Time to disown the two witches for your sake and rest of the family needs to do the same

        • AND NOW, AS A DISABLED VETERAN OF THE TET OFFENSIVE MYSELF, I WONDER WHAT THE HELL WE FOUGHT TO PRESERVE WHEN THE ONLY PEOPLE BENFITTING FROM THE HONORABLE SERIVCE WE CAN PROVE BY ACCORDING TO OUR DISHONORABLRE GOVERNMENT’S OWN DOCUMENTATION IN TH FORM OF OUR DD-214;S, ARE EITHER ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, ENTIOTLEMENT MINDED WELFARE RECIPIENTS AND INIMICAL RASDICAL;S AND THAT GOVERNMENT PROVIDES ARMS AND SOLACE YOP OURENEMIES WHILE ALIENATING OUR CLISET ALLIES! The conditioning is by design and we ought not to be too critical of such fools because they were trained to be so and unfortunately, WE bear the blame for that as we failed to be either vigilant or very observant and hold ,our elected leaders either responsible or accountable. We are now reaping the harvest of our own sowing and such is the crop in it’s bounty of reduced freedoms and choices, we may NEVER get any of it back. Thankfully, I am old enough not to have to worry for myself but I worry incessantly for my own children; all of whom are gainfully employed, one a PhD candidate in Economics at UGA, as I wonder what will become of them in a world of mindless morons who expect the Government to take care of their every need and will be utterly shocked to discover that when that goal is achieved, they will be nothing more than slaves. History is replete with examples of such if only they would heed the lessons they refuse to learn and a re being prevented from doing so; by inept and indoctrinated drones such as the fool in this article!

          • I agree with you 1000%. Many of my friends are Vietnam Veterans, and one of my friends was killed at Quang Tri Province on Dec 21, 1967.

            I worry about my son who is serving now and my grandchildren.

          • You are right to worry about both. I served with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade form May of 1968-May of 1969; then at Walter reed Army Medical Center for my last 18 months of active duty. It was a revelation to one who had a degree in Government from June of 1967 and enlisted to meet his citizenship obligation to serve if called upon. I knew I had no physical or mental disabilities and no conscientious objection so, I enlisted to get it over with. I did not want to be an office as I had no intention of making the service a career as I had had 5 years of military training in two services before enlisting and did not want to write next of kin letters. The Army made me a Chaplain’s assistant to an MOH awardee in Vietnam then assigned me to Walter Reed where I presented flags to the bereaved families of deceased troops while the Chaplain read the condolence letter from the DOD. My firstborn son is a doctoral candidate at UGA in Economics and I did everything I could to dissuade him from serving in the military; not because it is a dishonorable thing to do, but because those who derive the benefits and the security they provide to us all ; those in Government, ARE NOT HONORABLE. I am sure you understand and, I wish you and all yours and all those who so serve nothing but the best but, from those in this Administration in particular, the absolute worst and most despicable in American history, they should learn to expect and be prepared for: NOTHNG BUT THE WORST!

      • Why? She would have NO clue what to do with a well functioning brain!!!

      • I hope she gets a brain TUMOR!!!

      • Can you imagine paying the high priced tuition for your college age student, only to have her or another Professor who infects the minds of our young with hatred and stinking thinking. Isn’t college a place to teach skills needed to get a job?? Not lately, apparently it’s become Gruber Ville with academia thinking the public is too stupid to know better.

    • if she had a brain…she would not be a liberal.

  2. I never liked going to union meetings until I started wearing my USN CVN Ronald Reagan baseball cap. Then I started enjoying them. The discourse was beautiful.

  3. I hope the bitch gets a hole in her head for Christmas!!! It won’t hurt her, where there is no brain there’s no pain, but then again it would be great to hear she suffered terribly!

    • If the Democrats bring a civil war will Conservatives have the stomach to do the right thing? Everyone knows and history has revealed that Communists can’t be negotiated with and will not coexist so where does that leave us? When I was growing up there was a saying that the only good Communist is a dead one and that must become the mantra of those that intend to return our traditions and rule of law to it’s proper place. I have the stomach to march them into camps to await their turn but do others have that ability? The problem is that all of the people that Democrats despise are the truly tolerant ones, Christians and non-Christians and they would have a problem killing other human beings. Only those that have lived long enough to watch the Communist Democrat trash dismantle our traditions could find the inner power to murder en mass so I propose that the job be handed to those of us over 50 or maybe even 60. The young should be left to live their lives and raise their families the way it was intended while the rest of us clean up the mess.
      What I just outlined is horrific and makes me hate the enemy even more for putting decent people in a position to have to wipe others out. I see no alternative unless we want future generations to face the same questions in 50 or 100 years. Do enough lovers of the Constitution and tradition recognize the evil within the left to be able to truly see them as a threat to everything in order to fuel the culling of millions of other citizens? That will be the question if war comes here.

  4. The feeling is mutual, douche-bag..

  5. She should be fired, no questions asked. Nobody cares about her opinion. She has a class to teach and I seriously doubt that the class “is all that counts is my opinion.” The kids are paying a big chunk of change for an education NOT some professor who is looking at the world through a glass naval. She doesn’t deserve the privilege to be teaching a bunch of gullible young students. Get her out of there, you do enough damage without condoning people like this incompetent boob.

    • I have grave doubts she ever sees the inside of the class room. Usually some TA takes the class while the professor is off doing research. Most professors I have met at university level have no real world experience. They started teaching as TAs and have, like the president, never had a real job in their life.

      • That is true in a lot of instances but their are definitely exceptions. I guess it depends how much pressure exists to publish. I didn’t have a TA except for in one subject. It worked out good for me.

    • Exactly, anyone in the business of teaching should keep their personal feelings on important issues to themselves. The best teachers are the ones whose personal life is a mystery to their students. I am hoping she blows her aorta and does all a favor by dropping dead. Can you say cunt here?

  6. She is a useless piece of liberal garbage!

  7. We have all had to endure the stupid democrats ruining our country for the last six years, now it is great that this twit gets to hate what we are going to do to save America! God Bless her – hope her Obamacare premiums don’t go too high.

    • It was not only Democrats ruining our country. There were also quite a few Republicans doing that also….McCain. McConnell. Boehner to name a few

      • That can be rectified for the future.

        • Yes it can if people would just wake up to what is going on in the world around them.

          • Call your Congressman and demand he/she NOT vote for Boehner as SOH. I did a little while ago. Switchboard is busy, but keep trying – you’ll get through. I did. Voice your opinion – it is critical he is ousted. OH voters let us down. Now, it is up to you to stand up against that RINO.

  8. Hate. When you see a photo of Che Guevara on some twit’s wall, consider what that stands for. Dr. Guevara arranged for the murder of thousands of Cubans, and personally shot hundreds of them. Folks who admire Guevara are conveying that they like that sort of thing. Take that into considerstion as you make your coming weapons and ammunitition purchases.

    • Entered small villages and forced young men and boys to fight with him at gunpoint. It’s always nice to hear when they finally die.

  9. RedderThanMost2014

    Maybe those “intolerant” Republicans in the House and Senate should consider denying ALL federal funds — including federal student aid — to the University of Michigan …

    Oh, darn! I forgot about that intolerant Republican-supported CRomnibus that funds practically everything thru Sep 30, 2015.

    So, beginning on October 1, 2015 ….

  10. Typical liberal nonsense. I sincerely wish they would have the guts to come out of the closet as this one did. I wonder if her position of authority spewing hatred now exposed would be grounds for students to have their grades changed.

    Her hatred is so entrenched, I was hate to waste a brain on her for Christmas, rather I would love to see her forced to move into Ferguson’s racially torn black community and try to survive.

  11. More hypocrisy from the party of tolerance….

    • The regressive party of intolerance.

      • Matthew G. Zatkalik

        After reading a number of these emails I am amazed that anyone call another person intolerant. Frankly, if the hateful rhetoric against Democrats means that they are a part of my conservative party I don’t care to be associated with them. The attitudes expressed by a number of respondents appear incapable of hearing dissent without becoming hateful and aggressive. Perhaps that’s why the media needs to keep the truth from getting out – perhaps too few people can handle the truth!

        • At last someone who admits the MSM isn’t dealing with the truth or the facts. That’s why we get our news from the internet. As far as all of her studies are concerned, who made the studies, a group of liberals? Anything liberals do is tolerant, it’s only intolerant when conservatives do it. You people (liberals) are beginning to run out of lies, that’s not hateful that’s absolute fact. As for the truth it’s liberals that can’t handle the truth, (keep your Doctor) will forever be the big lie that will haunt your leader forever. Please don’t talk about truth, to liberals lies are truth and truth is a lie, you and your liberal gang have made it so…live with it!

      • Exactly and Planned Parenthood should be called ‘Plan to kill your baby’
        Religion of Peace should be called Religion of murder and torture
        Center for Justice and Democracy should be called Center for abusing justice for the sake of minority favor just as ACLU should be called American anti-fairness in favor of minority vengeance.
        Just as the current Justice Department should be called the Anti-Justice Department
        And Obama should be called a king or emperor since congress doesn’t have the sand to stop his trodding all over congress and the constitution.
        Why is it every single left wing organization is the exact opposite of what it claims to be????
        That is so bizarre.
        The United States is a satire and a parody of what it was before Obama got ahold of it.

  12. Oh come on!…How naive….Both Democrats and Republicans alike have lost the trust of the American People and in doing so has set the stage for gridlock on solving the many problems that face us all. Both parties better get it together and stop with the self serving, self aggrandizement, selfish attitudes, self righteous , self centered behaviors and learn to negotiate and compromise on key issues with the decision based on the American people and not themselves. Many stand before cameras and interviews and talk the walk but they don’t walk the talk…….Serious term limits on all fronts are needed as a start.

    • Not only have I lost trust in our govt, I believe there is nothing that can be done to the gridlock except get rid of them all & start all over. Both Dem’s & Rep’s have caused this gridlock. Don’t think for one second that Republicans aren’t for big govt. Heck…, Bush gave us the “Patriot Act.” Now look at the great heights the hack in the White house has taken it. I do hope more of these politically racist idiots like Susan Douglas crawl out from under their Liberal rock & expose themselves for the rest of America to see where these morons are trying to take America. They are a Cancer in a position to infect the young minds of future Americans with their poisonous ideology. Thanks for exposing the new breed of racists Susan…., you go girl!

      • To Yourko and Anthony. While I agree with most of your comments, you need to remember, the left hardly ever compromises. The conservatives have compromised on everything the left has passed. Why should it be just one sided. Yes, the left has compromised once or twice, but they always renege.

        • I agree… Unfortunately, the Left has proven time & time again, they’re not to be trusted. Then again…, there aren’t many Republicans in DC that I trust either…. It’s coming time that “We The People” take our country back. We’ve entrusted people who are no longer for, what’s in the best interest of the country. Every last one of them in Washington are self serving and in it for themselves. They are ego & financially driven. They are no longer serving the country. What happen in Ukraine is not too far off from happening here if it keeps going in the same direction. The citizens are frustrated and fed up. There’s an entire discussion to be had regarding what’s brought America socially, to what we’re witnessing right now morally, socially, economically etc…. We as citizens have become lax and let things go. We’ve left it up to the punks in Washington and haven’t been hands on. Which brings us to our current administration…., Divorce, Abortion, Faithlessness, Greed, pretty much every sin known to mankind has become the norm. What once was right is now wrong…., & what once was wrong is now right. There’s been a moral polar shift thanks to the Progressive/Atheist/Liberal clan. They’re selling their perverted Ideology in every forum possible. The Bible warns us about exactly what’s taking place right now. Sad thing is, I don’t know if there’s anything we can do about it. According to scripture, it’s suppose to happen….. Sorry for the rant & long post but, I love my country & the good people in it. I’m very passionate about our Constitution & Bill of Rights which seems to be thrown by the wayside by both Reps & Dems lately…… EEEEK!!!!!!

        • The Democrat Party has moved so far to the left that there is only one outcome for those that want two or more party’s working together. A party that lies, cheats and steals as well as negotiates only to buy time so they can do more of the same has only one future if we want to save America and restore our traditions. There is only one good kind of Communist and when I was growing up everyone knew what they are.

  13. I’m glad she exposed herself. And she should be fired for trying to teach hate. I think it would be best for all teachers to declare their political beliefs so a student will know what they are getting into when taking a class. The Russians said in the 50’s that they would take us from within. They had been planting communist teachers for years. Today, many of our youth being trained in public schools have been trained under the communist manifesto and don’t know the difference between conservatism and communism. It was either Linen or Stalin who made the comment, take away a nations heritage and you can control the people. That’s why they are trying to rewrite our history and make our forefathers out to be evil people.

  14. I’m about as conservative as you will find anywhere, but I don’t hate liberals and in fact I feel sorry for a lot of them. The last time I checked this was still a country where free speech is a right, not a privilege, and whether I agree with them or not they can say whatever they want from their personal point of view. I draw the line when a college professor feels the need to express hatred for a large part of any population based solely on political beliefs that have made this country strong for over two hundred years. While I feel sorry for this woman personally I also think she deserves the unemployment line. Her kind of “reasoning” is what continues to divide this country more and more. Intolerance should not be acceptable by any public institution for purely political reasons.

  15. I Agree. It’s Not Her JOB To Bad Mouth Republicans. She’s Not Supposed To Be Teaching These Young Students To Be Hating Republicans. She Needs To Be Fired.

  16. But please don’t include all Professors in your stereotypical opinions. I’m a Full Professor, an Academic Dean and an Independent Voter. Douglas is a good example, though, of people who are educated beyond their intellect; to the point that they can no longer think beyond their own beliefs.

  17. This woman is deranged, she is not thinking with her mind, she is “thinking” with her emotions. Emotions have no intellect, so why is she teaching anything at U of M, it only further shows the idiocy of some democrats. There is no arena of ideas as far as this ignoramus is concerned, like most democrats only her position is the right one.
    She has shown in one single outburst what is wrong with democrats.

  18. The soul of a person surfaces when they are faced with desperation. Progressives at their heart are barbarous, tyrannical, despots incapable of tolerance or co-existing.

    • What in hell is progressive about a democrat? The word is and It should be regressive . once again you have allowed them to set the agenda. Please use regressive in future.

  19. VERITAS!

    Let the liberals keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.

    February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

    As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery

    The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  20. Hey Suzie – Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape,
    the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? .. Like NOW?

    FU Libs !

  21. hey, so what…I already hate liberals and dems… there….and SHE IS A GOOD EXAMPLE AS TO WHY I HATE THEM……and years ago…I was one of them….but I wised up…….

  22. Proving once again …THEM that CAN – – DO!!

    THEM that CAN’T – – Teach… – and get a year’s salary for 7 month’s work, PLUS every Holiday off,
    PLUS Tenure (You Can’t get fired) – PLUS big fat UNION pension! ………

  23. So, if she hates Republicans, is it our BO, or is it she Hates America, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or the fact that the People have the power to control Her, and Not the other way around?

  24. Hey wasn’t this Country founded by CONSERVATIVES ? So tell me what toilet would this Country be in if it weren’t for Republicans. Wasn’t Abraham Lincoln a Republican so if you’re BLACK you’d better think which side of the isle you should be on ! We have an ILLEGAL President right now and who is he, he’s a DEMOCRAT and you can certainly see where this Country is IT’S IN THE TOILET ! All you Democrats can KISS my Royal American ass you certainly kiss Obama’s enough !

  25. You know it shows us how the demonrats have failed our children just by the way the left have been teaching and sneaking in through the gaps. The right has to get smarter because the left is so dumb now is the time to step in and push hard for our children and grandchildren do not let feces like this get anymore leverage.

  26. So sorry, Libtard Professor. Turnabout is fair play!!! I have listened to Libtard stupidity for 6 years now and am ready to shut them up. I will admit, however, that some of the RINO’s are NO better.

    • We can get rid of the RINO’s and take the party by withholding donations and messaging those in control weekly. Fortunately my senator is Conservative with beliefs that almost parallel my own but it doesn’t hurt to message your reps anyway regardless of their loyalties. We all saw Democrats pull away from the gun control scum because they feared losing their jobs.

      • I write to my Representative and both Senators at least twice a month. 2 are now Republicans and 1 is a DumBOcrat. I get no response from either except maybe, if I’m lucky, they write and tell me they appreciate my thoughts and they’ll take them into consideration – and then they do as they darn well please. I am NOT giving to either party! I have donated to certain candidates who I liked – and to the TEA Party. We STILL have DumBOcare and the southern border is leaking like a sieve. I think most of the country has gone quite mad…..

  27. For someone who screams that she “HATES” Republicans, then I guess she “HATES” me. I do not know how anyone that preaches tolerance and love and justice for all can “HATE” me. I have never done anything to this pitiful human being. I do not even know her. How can she “HATE” me when she does not know me. I spent the last 25 years trying to make a difference in many young peoples live that a lot of other people had given up on. I know that a lot of them now are successful. I just happen to not be able to accept the Democratic Platform. That leaves me only the Republicans to join. If she “HATES” me for this, I will try to pray for her.

  28. THE PROFESSOR FROM THE UNIVESITY OF MICHIGAN SHOULD BE FIRED WITHOUT ANY THOUGHT TO DO OTHERWISE. she is certainty entitled TO HE OPIION. BUT IT IS HER OPINIONAND SHOULD NOT BE FORCED UPON HER STUDENTS. For on thing she is blaming the wrong people for state of this country. She be blaming the likes of Obama, Reid, Sharpton, Jackson, Boxer, and i can go on and on. This is my opinion. But I never forced this opinion on my students.

  29. I don’t hate liberals. I think they are narrow minded, opinionated, more important than Jesus ( as they see it) and about as far from pragmatic as a circus could be from a funeral. I suspect they’d prefer to go to a funeral. I don’t understand why they choose to live on this side, on top of the grass. I doubt they see the green around them, and if they do, they only see a plot to destroy the ecology of the planet. Use up all the grass and soon there will be no earth left since grass is embedded in earth. With the green, cool gone, the warming will finally prove itself.Now, pigs will fly, the sky will fall and we will all get together and acknowledge Obama as the saviour. They will be pleased to know they were the first. Not so pleased will they be to discover they donned their white Nikes and cut of their balls too soon. Of course there are many that never had them and they are the ones who speak most and loudest. They usually look like bad looking women and some really are. I mean if you’re ideal is a Pelosi or a Feinstein, you know you didn’t fall by the pretty side of the tree. I guess you do the next best thing which is grow a really big mouth. ( Almost forgot- also know everything, EVERYTHING.) Had I thought about sending my kids to UM, that thought would have changed. The air and water there might be contagious. I mean something causes this condition, don’t you think? Could Liberalism be a passed down genetic circumstance. From what I can see, it might not pass down as just that.As I look back, it seems to be closely connected with not enough toys for Xmas when they were little kids. .

  30. Imagine a conservative writing something like this and the firestorm that would follow….and the University defended her right to free speech….if it had been a conservative…the University would have at the very least…terminated her.

    • Smart women, unlike you right wing nut cases and Tea Baggers with your heads up your ass

      • Your nasty vulgar mouth really makes me laugh. Because we conservatives disagree, we are tea baggers, a purposefully vulgar phrase and you know it, and we are nut cases. Know this libtard, you are dead wrong. If a conservative had ever done this type of nasty vulgar diatribe, she would have been terminated. Not supported as a free speech, rant, which is what it was.

        • I use Tea Bagger because I have no respect for the Tea Party. As far as vulgar language, I learned it from the Conservative web sites. They have referred to Obama as a half breed, being gay, his wife a transvestite, his childern not his, not being an American citizen , his mother a whore and porn star. his father not being his real father, his grandmother a communist and the list goes on and on. And yes the Judge is a hateful mouthy b-tch.

  31. I hate liberal college professors….so there….nyah nyah nyah nyah yah (Raspberries)

    • And the colleges seem to be full of them. The thing I see lacking in their approach and lifestyle is personal responsibility.

    • That type of teacher has to be singled out for special attention. Finding them sitting in their classroom with a bullet hole in their head would go a long way to influencing others doing the same indoctrinating. A strong piece of hickory and a dark parking lot could also be persuasive. So far they have been immune to any negativity as they do their dirty work so imagine what an effect private justice might have on those cowards. I am raising my grade school age grand daughter and will deal with any teacher that tries to pull that crap in a less permanent way by first voicing my objections and then slowly escalating the pressure until I am heard.

      What I just typed sounds outrageous and I only laid it out to make a point but can anyone come up with something better? Had parents stopped relying on others to reenforce their beliefs these monsters would never have gotten away with their crap. Teach your children about history and point out the dangers when they are around other adults they don’t really know. Ask them what they learned each day and then engage the teacher if you see a pattern appear in their teaching philosophy that is troubling. Children armed with knowledge and raised to understand the wonder that traditional America is can’t be swayed so easily and might even risk a poor grade to set the record straight. I had a teacher in 4th grade that would curse in a language other than English and my father took the time to translate a couple of the words before paying the teacher a visit. Pat attention!

  32. It goes to show how Illiterate and Desperate the Commiecrats` really are! This is an example of the best that they have. Good thing tObama, the House and Senate are away, Obama!, woiuld name hIm to a Cabinat Post. Hes`s still got time to screw US CITIZENS OVER! BE AWARE GOOD PEOPLE!

  33. Matthew G. Zatkalik

    At all interested persons will find out that Ms. Douglas DID NOT choose the title “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans.” But, “Editor’s note: This article was originally titled “We Can’t All Just Get Along” in the print version of the magazine. The title was then changed, without the author’s knowledge or approval, to “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans.” The author rejects the online title as not representative of the piece or its main points. Her preferred title has been restored.

    Apologies are in order IM(less than)HO


  35. The last paragraph above is an EXCELLENT summation of the prevailing situation of hate-mongering… I find that the MOST hate speech of today is directed NOT between races – but between liberals and conservatives – who ALL have much to gain from the TRUTH.

  36. I don’t agree with Prof. Douglas and I find her ranting opinion offensive.
    But I also find many of your comments just as offensive. They are rude and display a hateful attitude. Doug displays bigotry and MARILYN IS JUST SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!

    A true conservative is thoughtful and polite.

    • A true Conservative sees the truth about what these Communists represent and makes plans to get rid of them. You are not a true Conservative, you are the goat that Democrats enjoy humping whenever they like.

  37. The parents need to research these colleges and not send their children there. Alumni need not give money to the schools. On a news station an alumni was giving $ 2.5 million to an IL. college, he had already given $1 million and when he found out that they were going to hire a killer that had gotten out of jail, he wrote them a letter and told them why they were not getting anymore if they hired him. He had not liked some of their liberal ways before that but had given money in the past.

  38. Just anotherr lame-brained One-worlder out to torpedo the US into the 3rd World of chaos & corruption; she belongs in a home for the feeble-minded, or is prison for treason, IMHO

  39. Liberals are the most closed minded, bigots, racist’s, I have ever had the displeasure to know, especially the one’s in universities, who hired these Nuts. Hell hath no furry as a liberal who meets anybody who does not agree with them.

  40. The once noble goal of objective education has morphed into political indoctrination.

  41. This woman has the right to spew any and all of her bizarre and hateful speech. This is not the only Professor who views people with opposing views as “the Enemy” and who should be silenced. Nor is she the only professor or teacher saying things of this kind in class. What is amazing, in part is that she was finally caught; since her apparently, deeply held beliefs are years in the making. It is also curious that she has not been “uncovered” for being the bigoted, close minded, MORON she is. I would make certain my Son or Daughter were not attending ANY course she taught and would press the School Administration for her to make a public apology, if this behaviour took place in her classes and grades were effected by her bias, she should be taken to task for it and sent packing.

  42. And I despise narrow minded Idiots period

  43. She was inculcated with the principles of liberalism, which include evaluating everything by emotions rather than by rational logic. I expect that most of the key historic facts about the fundamentals of American Independence in the context of brutal British subjugation, which sought to reduce all American colonists to the condition of serfs of King George George III. During the American siege of British occupied Boston, King George asserted that all men were not created equal, and that he alone had a divine right (by birth) to rule over all persons of English birth or living in areas controlled by Britain and it was their duty to respect that rule, not to rebel by asserting any equality from God which did not exist. Most of the Colonial volunteers’ service time was about to expire very soon, but the King’s remarks so offended them (in effect telling them they had no rights and no value other than as chattle property of His Magesty) that they summarily reinlisted, so that they could fight on against his tyranny.

    Yes, America had slavery. Every European colony had slavery of one or several kinds, for the purpose of developing whatever resources could be found. This was done for the express purpose of enriching the treasuries of each royal house of Europe and Britain in order to strengthen their respective wealth and power and to spread their dominion over the whole earth and all peoples everywhere. The sin of slavery began in ancient times with the tyrant personalities of the past 4500 years or more. It was never just an American problem.

    After American liberty was achieved, the whole political dynamic of the world began to change in the direction of “liberty for the common man” — something that the world had not seen is since the dawn of recorded history. It was an independent America and a partially reformed English parliament that addressed and corrected the slavery issue between 1820 and 1870, and that was something no other nations or empires of previous centuries had ever done. Why then do liberal professors and teachers continue to indoctrinate students into liberal white guilt over a history that cannot be altered now? The price of atonement for that national sin was paid in blood in the sacrifice of over 700,000 soldiers and sailors on both side sides of the Civil War.

    About 9 decades later President Eisenhower began to redress the issues of Jim Crow segregation in the South in 1954 in Little Rock, Arkansas, beginning with school desegregation. He also desegregated the military, as it had been after the Civil War (but President Woodrow Wilson had re-segregated it as political favor to Dixiecrat supporters).

    Culture shifts of this nature take generations to accomplish and to heal. Liberal assertion and pretenses that all is as bad as it was, with no real change, are untrue. They are a political ploy to divide and conquer the populace to secure for liberals a permanent autocratic rule. And that is to gratify an over inflated ego need — just like all of the ancient and modern tyrants had done and do now. The professor is just one of the unfortunate victims of a very perverted education system that had been corrupted to produce the very societal problems we now face in our now collapsing Republic of the United States of America.

  44. I would like the liberals to take a MANDATORY CLASS ON CONSERVATIVISM. There they would be the out group and therefore would have to suck it up, be able to write a paper on true conservative principles. Their liberalism would be derided as non sensible and bigoted, and would earn the same grade they give a conservative student expressing their views.

  45. I have HATED Liberals since the day I stepped off the Airplane from Viet Nam in San Francisco. This VILE LIBERAL SCUM is beneath contempt.

  46. Right back at ya, Professor of “Nothing of any significance”.

  47. Sadly ,this kind of sheepish ,brainwashed crap is what we have as teachers and professors nowadays. They come into this positions like teachers, psycologist ,etc, out of the necessity of dealing with their own troubleb youth and outbringings and then want to pass on their ill sorted thoughs to every other kid . And our present economy don thelp the regular parent to be able to be at home enough time to show children the difference between one thing and another, while the internet and the media brainwashes and “educate ” our children. Sometimes is better to chose a little hardship and give more quality than to have excess and your children gone thru the drain with the leftards fantasy world based on ill guided opinion and not facts.

  48. If you think that– taking rights out of people, trying to change the Constitution and adding things that were not ever there to satisfy a small group based on their sexual “preferences/perversion” , killing 1.5 million of human beings yearly in the premise they have no rights because they are not out of the womb yet, giving our jobs to 5 million instant legalized inmigrants, giving welfare to everyone for the slightest of reasons while taxing the working people to death, dividing the country on the worst racial propaganda since a 100 years ago, using the IRS to harrass the opposing party, lying blatantly about the assasination of US citizens in Bengazi and then covering it up, making enemies out of our allies and supporting terrotist groups that hate the guts of us, going into war propaganda with one of the few nuclear nations that could actually erase us in a pissing contest, abusing the religious rights of Christian people while supporting the “religious “rights of atheist and islamists, enabling an agenda that leads to pedophilia, keeping our contry debt in a collision route with bankruptcy , etc, —If you think that any of these ideas represents “progress” or democracy , then you are ought to be put in a mental institution for the rest of your life, because the damage you are doing to our present economic and social system is unsustainable in the short and long run.

  49. I say we should start getting rid of this dumb bitch and send her packing to some Mexican town and let her live with the assholes she seems to like so much.

  50. She has the 1st amendment right to voice her opinions. The constitution does not protect anyone from stupidity. Hopefully enough of the next generation can make it thru college and see the world for what it is. Why label conservatism? Why not just call it common sense? I would call those without common sense mildly retarded but that’s not PC…….never mind.

  51. Defund the University this is not an education to get a job. Universities are useless unless it equips the grad for employment which is not on the University’s payroll.


  53. Glad we’re pissing her off and can’t wait to kick their liberal teeth down their throats when the new Senate and Congress start in January!

  54. I hate most all liberal college professors, almost my downfall in school as papers were graded upon the beliefs of the professor, and not what made this country great. Many are traitors, like this lady..

  55. Good thing the prof is covered by academic freedom.
    With a mouth like his he couldn’t do anything else but be a politician.

  56. well suzy Q I do not enjoy the bringing of the truth to your doorstep, however is must be done. Real Americans, to include a few democrats, hate communist inspired whore$ such as yourself and will do what we can to eliminate your kind from the education system in the future…our children and their children are being seriously infected with the parasite that has destroyed your mind to a point of you relying on two brain cells, one of them on loan from the athletic department…

  57. Everything that’s thrown at us is nothing more than a smoke screen for what’s really happening. Doesn’t matter how many voted repooplican, doesn’t matter if congress was made up of nothing but repooplicans, doesn’t matter if even We The People marched on DC and TRIED to arrest the little bastard, one group of billionaires run this country! Every president, every politician abides by THEIR rule. The Bilderberg NWO Society calls all the shots! A VERY communistic group that has demoncrats swearing that communism works and the SOLE GOAL of that organization is to have a ONE RULING PARTY throughout the world.. Don’t even think I’ve been sharing a “joint” with someone – google it and weep.. Were are doomed, no matter what piece of shit is in the “black house!”

  58. What does one expect from a far, far, far, left wing extremist , socialist democ-RAT; commie p.o.s. b-otch.

  59. you are a disgrace in the teaching profession . You duty is to teach the courses not to knock republicans It is time for the university to fire you .

  60. The most narrow minded people are progressives and liberals.

  61. The most generous people according to all the statistics are conservative southern Christians. I wonder if this lady understands how to give. In general, the liberals are too busy to donate time or money, they want to have the government tax us and then give to their liberal causes. Even the Gate’s “Common Core” is a form of indoctrination to progressive thought. To Them There Is No God but Man. ( See Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III).

  62. As a conservative and mostly Republican, I wouldn’t admit that I hate liberals and Democrats because I wouldn’t want to sink to her level. I have friends who claim to be democrats, altho I have a hard time understanding how they could embrace that philosophy because it goes agains some of the core values we do share. But everybody has the right to make their own choice. What has been appalling for some time now is the hatred and bigotry that isn’t coming from the conservatives altho that what the libs claim. It’s the other way around. The only hatred and bigotry I see or read about comes from those who claim to be victims. This lady, and I use that word cautiously, is out of her mind.

  63. You pea brained trollop go vacuum something you are too stupid to be in public without a muzzle.

  64. She still has a job? This is the type of person is left to “teach” our young men and women? I believe in the first amendment but this is stretching it to the limit. If she had said that she hated Demoncrats she would be executed. She is obviously mentally deranged and incompetent to instruct anyone.

  65. Well I have the privilege to state that she’s one that shouldn’t even be teaching at a university or anywhere else!

  66. Time to copy and paste this and send it to the um board for approval!!! This is when we can fight the best by blasting the UM with this idiots words!! Repu8blicans pay his salary too. He is just as stupid as the rest if he thinks he is immune from a viral protest! G O for it !!!!~

  67. Hey Susan, Stick it BIMBO

  68. I have HATED this sort of SCUM since the day I walked off the MAC flight from Viet Nam combat. I have only contempt for VILE LIBERAL SCUM like him. If I had the authority his sorry ass would be in prison for TREASON.

  69. Another freaking commie pile of dogshit! Stop communisum……..shoot a liberal….hell shoot them all!!

  70. This is the trash teaching your kids!! Revolution is coming soon……

  71. Tell me again how smart educated people are ’cause I keep forgetting.

  72. She’s free to say those things because Republicans, at least those who believe in the Constitution, are TRULY tolerant, and don’t believe in squelching free speech when it’s critical of conservative, Christian beliefs. Without free speech, which the PC crowd calls hate speech when it’s critical of liberal beliefs, we are no longer a free country.

  73. Not nearly as bad as I hate Liberal college professors and I’m an INDEPENDENT CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE! In my opinion, We WHITE, MALE Independents are the reason Loose Suzy gets to spend the next two years watching Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Darrell Issa and every other Conservative debunk human caused climate change, thwarting illegal immigration, and championing the right to life for unborn HUMAN fetuses. I’m proud of that fact.

  74. Just another nutty liberal professor=all your liberal philosophy just doesn’t work in reality=people like this should not be allowed within 500 ft of a university !!!

  75. Their hatred schemes will end up being their demise. Hateful people usually end up dying with cancer.Bless therm with what they do to others. Pray for them, they really need it!

  76. I once taught in college in Illinois in the 90s and would never bring politics into my finance, statistics, or math classes. And neither did other instructors other than one English teacher requiring his students to critique speeches made by politicians on both sides of the isle, and that seemed appropriate.
    However, when Obama ran for President, bringing politics into the classroom was done by liberals in Colorado, no matter their course material. They would then lie when questioned about this process, or would claim it was only done outside their classroom.

  77. Matthew G. Zatkalik

    This is a totally inaccurate posting. Research will show the author’s article was changed without her knowledge and without her consent! This is the 2nd time this inaccurate information has been used. If you want the truth to be known, do the minimal amount of research that I did to see the inaccuracy contained herein. Surely there is enough truth to bring to our attention rather than this ill-informed and inaccurate attribution to this professor. You- patriotnewsdaily-owe her and us an apology to maintain a modicum of authenticity.

    • Not on your life Matthew. It is the prof? that is ill informed not us.

      • Matthew G. Zatkalik

        I stand by the facts! If you want the truth do the work. I will come back at you with the website that shows the truth, IUt sure is easy to promote: Don’t confuse me with the truth my mind is made up! Tsk, tsk!This is a totally inaccurate posting. Research will show the author’s article was changed without her knowledge and without her consent! This is the 2nd time this inaccurate information has been used. If you want the truth to be known, do the minimal amount of research that I did to see the inaccuracy contained herein. Surely there is enough truth to bring to our attention rather than this ill-informed and inaccurate attribution to this professor. You- patriotnewsdaily-owe her and us an apology to maintain a modicum of authenticity.

      • Matthew G. Zatkalik

        If the truth is useful to you, go to this website
        where the initial article was found and read these words:
        DECEMBER 15, 2014, We Can’t All Just Get Along; BY SUSAN J. DOUGLAS. Editor’s note: This article was originally titled “We Can’t All Just Get Along” in the print version of the magazine. The title was then changed, without the author’s knowledge or approval, to “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans.” The author rejects the online title as not representative of the piece or its main points. Her preferred title has been restored. We have also removed from the “Comments” section all threats to the author’s life and personal safety.

        Note the final sentence that says “We have also removed from the ‘Comments’ sections all threats to the author’s life and personal safety.” Seems like there are people ready to spew hatred at a moments notice.

  78. ConservativeSenior

    She’s so full of crap, she needs a laxative.

  79. Frederick Fargher

    Hey Professor, right back at ya, you freak!!!

  80. It takes a hateful person to be anti FETAL PERSONHOOD.

    Wow these liberals are clearly haters.

    There is no argument against fetal personhood that can win against the truth. Not a single one.

    Also, it is sad that Black leftist people take sides blindly not even realizing what the left is all about. That they are about taking freedoms from everyone.

  81. I’m glad my children didn’t have her, and the thousands more, so called intellectuals, who can’t see past their noses.

  82. Excellent article. The Left is the domain of self-righteous hypocrites who don’t see the irony of their follies. They get angry and blame Conservatives when the wheels fall off their programs and platforms, seemingly unaware (by choice?) that the problem is reallly with their inferior, FAILED ideology. Leftist economies fail. Anyone who claims not to know that is being willfully ignorant. The evidence is overwhelming!

    • Joevet, actually I see it quite the opposite, based not on ideology but on empirical evidence. Obamacare–like it or not– has reduced the rise in health care costs to their lowest level since 1960. We had the highest health care costs in the world with the system we already had in place. Now if you look at deficits. Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt with his untested “supply side” theories. He dynamically scored growth projections based on tax cuts to the wealthy, and in so doing dramatically increased our debt. He knew it, so he surreptitiously raised taxes and famously signed an increase in the Social Security tax in 1986. Pappy Bush lost his job because he had to violate his pledge of “no new taxes.” when he realized that Reagan had not gone far enough to reverse his overly generous tax cuts. There was a reason Bush Sr. called it “voodoo economics.” Clinton and the Democratic Congress passed the Deficit Reduction Act of 1994 and the Dems were swept from power by a public again angry over a tax increase that merely effected the wealthy, and the Republicans took over. And Clinton vetoed all of their attempts to restore the cuts. As a result, by the end of Clinton’s presidency we were running surpluses. BUT Bush 43 became president, and he restored the tax cuts to the rich and started a ghastly war in Iraq which resulted in trillions of dollars in debt because tax cuts do not increase revenue dramatically. The Laffer Curve is an interesting concept, but it is highly flawed, and the equilibrium level for where revenues begin to decline was not being meant under Bush’s tax and spend mode. AND then the subprime meltdown occurred. Clinton signed the repeal of Glass-Steagle, and it was the dumbest move of his presidency. He gave Dick Armey and the Republicans what they wanted, bank deregulation, and like in the 80s when Reagan deregulated the Savings and Loans, all creation came unglued. It took eight years to build, and when it exploded–on Bush’s watch– there was a jobs and financial catastrophe. Unemployment hit at over ten percent before President Obama turned things around and got it to 5.8% and more than doubled value in the stock market. Well what does this have to do with the with the lefts “inferior failed ideology?” It does not; it is about failed ideology, but it is your failed ideiology. And numbers do not lie.

  83. Whatta jerk.

  84. i had one of these in college. I had the class on Wed. night one night a week for 2 and 1/2 hours I had to set and listen to this short little fat man blame everything from the depression to the killing of Christ on the Republican Party. He would actually get red faced and slobber in his diatribes of hate and he rambled and cursed every person that ever registered Republican. I hated going to that class so bad it was like a month long in there. Why would a University pay someone with no more idea’s than this creep had.

  85. seersuckerandapanama

    This substantiates Dennis Prager’s critique of contemporary academia. There is nothing high about higher education, except for the use of dope by dopes.

  86. There is nothing wrong with hate speech. It is protected by one of the amendments to the Constitution. (Hint: the one before the Second, guaranteeing us the right to keep and carry guns.)

  87. Really? I could care less what some brain dead, far left wing, radical extremist, thinks about Republicans, much less any thing else. The left are nothing more then the spawn of filth like Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin. Brain dead, nasty, vile scum of the earth.

    • Actually, we are not the spawn of Hitler. I believe if Hitler came back, armydad, you would be safer than me. I would be gone in not too long a time because I am a big lefty. We lefties have to avoid communism because it does not seem to work. Its utopian version appeals to me, but its reality disgusts me. You guys on the right have to worry about fascism. I don’t think you are going there now or if you will ever go there. I do know that broad statements like “brain dead,nasty, vile scum of the earth do not add much to civil discourse though they are a little funny.

      • Here is a hint, just for a little education for a leftist. Your boy, Adolph Hitler was the head of the SOCIALIST-DEMOCRAT PARTY in Germany. NAZI- A LEFTIST, SOCIALIST PARTY by definition. You may not like that reality, but reality it remains. do the research. SO, you are a UTOPIATE! Not only are you some leftist, brain dead fool, you prove it by being some brain dead UTOPIATE.
        You are a joke! But thankfully in this nation, unlike those nations you’d like to be like, you have the Constitutional RIGHT to be and/or believe anything you wish. That’s right, THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION gives you those RIGHTS! And you being some pathetic leftist, and you having complete contempt for the US and her Constitution, its got to twist your panties in a complete WAD! Sucks to be you!

        • Here is a little hint for you: “DON’T BE CONSUMED BY LABELS!” The Nazi’s were a right wing party. Just because they had socialism in there name–a fact I have long been aware of–does not mean all socialism is left leaning. Further, I am not a socialist. The Nazis were rabidly right wing in their views. They hated minorities, thought of them as sub human. They blamed the Jews, hated the communists, homosexuals, blacks, intellectuals, artists, teachers. This canard that Nazism is a left leaning movement was started by Rush Limbaugh, a very poorly educated man. You should read the Fourteen Points of Fascism. You can Google it if you like. It contains many interesting ditties about the symptoms of fascism. For example, a xenophobic hatred of foreigners, a reverence and glamorization of the military and police, a hatred of the poor, a hatred of unions, a hatred of minorities, high regard for corporations and their interests, an entwinement of those interests (does the military industrial complex ring a bell), a desire to censor a free press and expression, a hatred of academia and academics, a reverence for established religion, a desire to control elections and limit the voting franchise. The list goes on. I could even give you quotes from Hitler that sound like they come from a Rush Limbaugh monologue or a tea party town meeting. No, armydad, nobody serious agrees with that point. And the great philosopher Carlos Santana said those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

          I believe in the Constitution, and you certainly offered nothing to counter that. I want to make America better within the framework of the Constitution. I am more like–I don’t know–somebody who is not scared of right wing bullies. I guess I am the guy who sees some problems in myself and I want to make those problems better. I don’t look outside myself for blame; I look inside myself. With my country, I look at what we can do to be better, not at some other countries faults because we have no power over that. Just like with you. I can’t change you; you’re going to have to do that yourself. If you are willing to grow and read and think, then maybe you will see that it is indeed a problem. Or maybe you can persuade me of my error. I can give you facts, not the truth. So far, you have only given me the truth without the facts, and that is weak armydad, very weak.

  88. Michael Dennewitz

    The Demoncrats are starting to squirm! HAHAHAJAHAHA

  89. Gerald Goldschein

    In 1960 when I started College I was studying Engineering. I chose EE which at the time indicated Electrical Engineering. Considering what the possible salaries could be was why I chose EE, it had the highest paying employment ads. I was young and inexperienced, I often thought I should have chosen ME because mechanical could be seen, electrical was all theory. BUT the biggest thing I could not understand was how could the Professors be teaching at colleges where the pay was so much less than industrial work. Why would they not be grabbing the highest paying jobs they could get? My conclusion was they could not compete for those jobs. Ergo today the least experienced individuals, those that could never compete in industry are the people teaching at our colleges. Not a happy thought.

    • probably a lot of truth to that. I often thought many of the truly unemployable went into law enforcement or politics though.

      • Gerald Goldschein

        Those that did not know what they wanted… I agree.

      • I was afraid to say that, especially in the current climate. But everybody is valuable; they just have to find the right place for themselves.

        • I’m not afraid to say anything. I am an American with Constitutional Rights and freedom of speech. I also have God given rights that a socialist government or any police state are not going to take away from me or deprive me of. I also have balls.

    • You could make that argument, but I would not buy it. There is a small correlation between brains and employment, but there are many other factors. Very talented people do what they must do. People have different proclivities. As far as IQ goes, college professors rank with doctors lawyers and engineers in intelligence. They all have IQs in the 120s on average. As far as their not being able to compete in industry, I think they like what they do and some of them are very competitive in academia. Also, competitiveness is a different construct than intelligence. I mean if intelligence and income are the same, then athletes are more intelligent than doctors, lawyers, engineers or college professors. A novelist who writes a popular best selling novel is smarter than an electrical engineer who makes 150 K a year. Intelligence is the really indefinable G that eludes most people. And remember that some of the greatest geniuses in history starved while halfwits amassed fortunes.

      • Gerald Goldschein

        You have not spoken one untruth. I spoke the way I did to try and get some responses, yours was the only one. Basically no one is interested in being passionate about understanding and working toward the basic constructs of the natural ways of the universe. As population increases those that can wax eloquently tend to bring the most pressure on society. We are all tools and/or pawns to the societies we live in. Remember the term “Snake Doctors”? Those are all still here and multiplying.

        • Gerald, I figured there was method to your style here. What college professors represent is the same passion that inspires some to create music, literature and art among other things that do not necessarily pay well. If you want to read a truly remarkable poem read Charles Bukowski’s “so you want to be a writer,” you will see what I mean. I think it applies to teachers as well. Some of us do what we do because it is a passion. My grandmother knew a very famous writer, Sherwood Anderson, who wrote about the small western Ohio town where my dad was born and my grandma lived all her life. He produced Winesburg, Ohio. It was a portrait of all the people he knew in town. He was a highly successful businessman. One day, when he could not take it anymore, he ran out to the curb, and sat by the road and wept. He gave up his business, moved to Chicago and took up the uncertain life of a writer. Now college teachers are not all that different really. They are there to teach young and old sand make them question and engage their critical skills. If they question society, that is a good thing. If they form decisions based on their concern that is even better. And the talents and the mission of the college instructor are generally misunderstood as many of the other comments bear out.

          • Gerald Goldschein

            I have no arguments with anyone expressing their feelings. If you do it publically that is fine. But be prepared to be hung by your ankles by some of your admirers as well as your adversaries.

            I listened to the poem on

            When I wore a young man’s clothing I thought freedom should be for all. But one must remember that one man’s freedom maybe to think of your death.

            My family started running (jogging) back in 1973 time period. In the 1998/1999 time period my right hip which had been giving me problems on and off started giving constant pain radiating into lower back stiffness. We lived in a lakefront community that was a 3.6 mile run to get around the lake. On 9/11/2001 I was hobbling about 1-1/4 miles to get home and I saw a low flying plane heading eastward completely out of the regular pattern we would see planes heading to Newark airport. When I arrived home we already had messages about the attack on our answering machine.

            Already feeling disabled because of my hip I became furious. So I thought out a plan on bringing an end to all the discord in the world (at that time) by dropping one Nuke on Teheran. It was a very detailed thoughtprocess and had given a timeline that would bring peace to the world within 90 days or a second bomb would be dropped on Damascus.

            My friends gave me such a hard time for just thinking out this process. I never spoke about it again.

            If our political leaders did something about it then, this world would be totally different today. Please do notice which 2 cities I spoke about 14 years ago.

          • I would strongly caution against the action Gerald. There are lots of fine innocent people in both Tehran and Damascus, and I am not sure that such an act would lead to anything good. I remember a t-shirt one of my kids once wore to school. It said God Is not finished with me yet.” I always used that as a measure of how I treated this kid, and I have remembered it since. I think we have to learn from history about how to interact with others and remember what the Good Lord said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
            As to the poem and the idea. I truly think it is true of anything. It is hard to find the thing we want to do in life or the thing that makes us truly happy. I tell people all the time everybody likes sex and money, but find something you love to do for itself, not for anything extrinsic or any reward extrinsic to itself. When you do that you will do what the great mythologist, Joseph Campbell called “finding you bliss.” Remember Sherwood Anderson crying at the curb.

          • Gerald Goldschein

            When peoples believe in different Gods and interpret the words from their God differently than you do; you must protect yourself.
            As a young boy in the 8th grade I had already had to reprove myself because of the incompetence of a teacher that became our school baseball coach. Then the summer before HS a good friend showed me what I could expect from possible physical encounters with a larger person than I was. What I learned was the one that responded with his best effort immediately, usually won the game/encounter.

          • I really don’t think you have to protect from people with different beliefs with violence. I think God knows full well your motives and the other person’s motives. He will sort it out in His time. That is why religious wars to defend belief systems are so silly. Killing infidels to avenge Allah probably upsets Allah more than anything else. AND Jesus doe s not need mere mortals to fight His battles for him. Religious war is quite silly but unfortunately very tragic.
            I think the stakes in international politics are a bit higher than on a school playground. I agree that being aggressive with a bully will generally cure him or her. But in war shooting first and invading other countries is something Nazi’ and fascists do, and I do not want my country to ever be either one.

          • Certainly your statement was not said in response to the terrorist attacks on OUR country by hijacking planes full of our countrymen and crashing them into our countries infrastructure in an effort to try and make us feel weak.
            Because we did nothing of heroic proportion in response we are where we are today.

          • No, my statement was not in response to 9/11. But I think a response always has to be measured. We did get the mastermind, Osama bin Laden; Navy Seals killed him and his son. All the perpetrators died in those buildings and on the ground in Pennsylvania. What more could we do to them? But we have no right to conflate our rage and kill innocent people because of what happened on 9/11. We had no reason to invade Iraq; it actually undermined our search for the real culprits and probably spawned ISIS. Sometimes we cannot respond in proportion without becoming monster ourselves.

          • Gerald Goldschein

            Monsters can be good and/or bad. We all must watch what we say, especially on line… Look what happened in France.

  90. Typical irrational liberal. She hates my deceased parents, many of my friends and relatives and myself and she has never met or spoken to any of us. This country needs people like her like an outbreak of bubonic plague. Who the hell does she think she is?? Can’t be God because the job is already taken. As you may have guessed people like her really p**s me off.

  91. Professors such has Douglas spreading such vitriol should be fired from her job. There is no place for her in our institutions.

    • Would there be a place for a conservative who thought President Obama hated the country?

      • Obama DOES hate this country. PERIOD.

        • jak, a conservative who told his or her class that Obama hates America would be just as wrong as you guys seem to think this Michigan professor is. But, additionally there are at least two more things wrong with your brief statement: first, I do not think he hates America; he just embraces a philosophy you do not like, and, second, you have absolutely no way of accessing the president’s internal states, his thoughts and feelings. That is why I wouldn’t even let that statement enter my judgment of the president as a leader or a person. AND–note to all conservative–this kind of venting or blaming is not going to change anyone’s mind anymore than my saying that Ted Cruz or Louis Gomert hate America would change yours. I think you know that though.

          • You are sleeping. The president’s feelings and thoughts mean nothing. It’s his actions that determines the outcome of this failed presidency and socialistic/communist administration.

          • President Obama’s actions are not his feelings and thoughts. But lets access some of these disasters. He inherited 7.6% unemployment; unemployment is now 5.6%. He inherited an economy in free fall. Last month he set a record for the longest period of continuous monthly job growth. He is a failed socialist/communist because the stock market has practically tripled in value since he took office, and corporate profits are at an all time high. Now you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. Obama has failed as a socialist/communist, but he is succeeding as a president. And if all you did was try to vent your spleen, you might have succeeded; only you know that. BUT you did not persuade anybody who does not already agree with you. You see that is what maddens me every time I read one of these arguments, even from your thought leaders. I await substance and I get this opinion unfortified with evidence.

          • President Obama is a failed president. The unemployment rate is a fixed and an inaccurate figure because many thousands have given up looking for work. So the numbers of 5.6% is false. It is wonderful that wall street is doing so well. However, main street is not. Income for the average household has decreased and many workers are now enjoying 30 hour weeks instead of 40 hrs., because of Obama Care. The president’s approval rating has plummeted since he first was sworn in. His foreign policy is in shambles and foreign countries don’t trust him, especially our allies. The man doesn’t face issues head on and heads to the golf course to “vent his spleen.” Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, AP scandal, etc., etc., etc. The man is a failed president and most citizens know it.

  92. Oh, the party of peace. They sure are lovely people huh.

  93. Lunatic is her greatest achievement
    Brain dead
    Evil flows through her veins
    Repulsive to hear speak of look at

  94. This person is just too stupid to be allowed free access to society. She’s need to be locked up for her own safety.

  95. She thinks she’s going nuts now…wait until the Evil Republicans take the White House in 2016, she may have to be driven off to the Rupublican gulag, I mean local nut house for her own safety. Ain’t life grand?

  96. Gives new emperical evidence to the concept of “liberalism is a mental disorder” !

  97. How can a insane Person say what they hate or like ? LIBERALISM is a known mental illness . They would shoot themselves if it weren’t for REPUBLICANS AROUND THEM .

  98. The problem with saying it is okay to hate, is that she is saying it is okay to be bigoted IN A POSITION OF POWER and destroy any conservatives mandated to take her classes to get out of college with a dgree. These evil hostile libs usually park themselves as gatekeepers in mandatory courses where theyr are the only person teachinga a required subject. This technique is also used by aggressive atheist scum, who love downgrading Christians for having a faith, and not being a good atheist liberal O-bot.

  99. That is for non Christians. Part of the Ten Commandments says to love thy neighbor as yourself. Unless him and a lot of other liberals repent and quit hating they are not like where they are going to spend eternity.

    • Respectfully, don’t you think that is also true of conservatives or of anyone that misrepresents another’s ideas or position. I see lots of hatred out there for liberals based solely on the content of their ideas. I believe you can be liberal and be a jerk or conservative and be a jerk. Mostly it is a matter of how you treat people. I think that there are many who foment war and hatred that will meet their maker and find out he has horns and a tail too and runs a very nasty seat shop.

  100. When I was a kid my father owned a printing shop. Among other things he printed a dozen high school papers. This brought him in contact with that many student advisers/faculty every year, year after year. This brought me to the cat bird seat at the dinner table as he unburdened himself to my mother. This nightly ritual went on my entire childhood until I went in the Army at nineteen. When I came back and started college my fathers stories came back with almost every one of my professors. Wingnut is not a new expression and ended most of his stories as it does mine today.

  101. THOSE who CAN – – DO!!

    Those who CAN’T – – Teach… (Libs) and get a year’s salary for 7 month’s work, PLUS every Holiday off,

    PLUS Tenure (They Can’t get fired) – PLUS big fat UNION pension! ………

  102. The truth is I have never heard a really good argument for conservatism by conservatives at any level because they focus on theory and ideology. Most liberal intellectuals focus on evidence. That is crucial in understanding the academic frustration with conservatism. One mild example is health care. Virtually every conservative will say something like “why mess with the best health care system in the world” when reform of the American health care system is even mentioned. It is truly a matter of critical thinking and connecting dots (facts). “If” we have by far the most costly health care system in the world and we rank at the bottom of the advanced world in infant mortality, longevity, death from treatable diseases and wait time for care (not every country is Canada) then how can we have the best health care system in the world? Of course we do not, but conservative ideology forbids us from doing anything about it. It is one example, and there are many others. I think this woman speaks from the collective frustration of fact driven America to get through to truth driven America. At some point the exasperation is just too much

    • Fine…..Now, Go finish your Kool-Aid, L O S E R …………….

      • Mac Boy, you prove my point. Calling someone a L O S E R proves my point. You have no argument, but you have vitriol, and vitriol ain’t an argument. First, much of what you asserted in your brief rant is simply not true. Did you mention the years of hard work and study? The acquisition of critical thinking skills that you apparently lack? I say apparently lack because you did not say anything I did not expect. College teaches critical thinking and you should acquire some. I mean seriously, I would give your rant an F. Now go redo your paper and come up with something better that I will respect. Or go on being truth driven and avoid facts at all cost which is probably what you will do.

        • You Libs are all alike …in “DreamLand” …
          BTW – i hold a B.A. in Business Law, so you may FOAD at your leasure ……

          • I did not see this comment before. So I don’t care what degree you have; you could have a PHD in astro-physics for all I care. Old Forrest Gump’s mama told him “stupid is as stupid does.” I don’t doubt you are a smart guy Mac Boy, but with some of your comments you don’t come off that way. You come off pretty angry. What does anything you say mean? You could be an intelligent voice for conservatism or you can rant. It’s your choice.

  103. This is typical of the libtard socialistic, commie, muslim supporting bo professors that are destroying U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights..! All should be eliminated from the U.S. as terrorist threats against the U.S.A. along with bo and his hole damned crony administration of traitors against the U.S. Constitution & Bill Of Rights …. !

  104. Matthew G. Zatkalik

    Susan J. Douglas’ article was titled – by her – “We Can’t All Just Get Along.” The editor noted ‘… The title was then changed, without the author’s knowledge or approval, to “It’s Okay to Hate Republicans.” The author rejects the online title as not representative of the piece or its main points. Her preferred title has been restored. We have also removed from the “Comments” section all threats to the author’s life and personal safety.’ The author’s first sentence read: “I hate Republicans.” After reading her article it is clear that “We Can’t All Get Along.” Nor should we! Her grasp of the issues reflects badly on her academic credentials. Her platform is weak and displays little acquaintance with reality. Nonetheless, her perspective does not warrant the anger, hatred, obscenity and death threats she has received on this website or on any website! We can’t all just get along! I do not defend HER or her POSITION. I do defend her right to publish and say whatever she wants. I also defend the right we all have to be civil while rejecting it and offering dissenting perspectives. All mortals face the danger of appearing foolish when we open our mouths and/or put our thoughts into print – IMHO.

  105. Matthew G. Zatkalik

    Since we have identified Susan J. Douglas as the author of “We Can’t All Just Get Along” and since various other individuals have there names attached to this blog why is the author of this blog choosing anonymity? The majority of writers append their name to their work. Why has the author of this blog chosen anonymity? Are they seeking protection? Are they unwilling to acknowledge their work? Is our mystery author affirming their ‘right’ and ‘privilege’ as an American citizen (and their obligation as a conservative wingnut) to refuse to be identified with their writing?

  106. If this professor hates repubs so bad let’s see him turn down thier part of his paycheck. No guess he don’t hate them that much.

  107. She has marinated in evil all her life. She hates unborn people and loves those who have broken the laws of the people of the USA. She hates responsible citizens, but supports criminals. Not too late for her mother to opt for a post-natal abortion?

  108. Tell you what there “Prof”….We aren’t too damned fond of you either !!!!!

  109. This idiot professes to be a professor but is so unprofessional it is unlikely she can proffer proof. Pfooey!

  110. Susan Douglas Hate is a word Satan invented and you should lose your professor credentials because of your comments. If you don’t like the voting process there are other countries you might consider moving to try Cuba or China their philosophies are more in line with a tantrum throwing paid twisters of the truth professors such as you. Lies are soon to be forgotten but truth lives forever. Be thankful you have a job even though you are not qualified to teach it. God Bless love over hate.

    • “Whiny Conservatives Are Upset That Professor Wrote ‘It’s Okay To Hate Republicans”

      • Stan H You are wrong on the issue. Everyone even Democrats should be opposed to biased professors teaching their own philosophies over the truth. Voting is the bases for all free societies and should be supported by all and not turned to words of hate when the vote does not go their way. No Stan I am not whining I simply believe that Susan Douglas should be teaching in another country if she does not support the right of the vote and its outcomes. I don’t think anyone should be teaching hate in any forum especially in our education system. Hate has never solved any issue and those who promote it will suffer the consequences at their own peril.

        • Not hardly. I support freedom of speech. You know, like in the First Amendment. First, if you’d actually researched the issue, you’d know that an editor changed the title of the article without her knowledge or permission. HER title for the article was “We Can’t All Just Get Along”. Second, I (and, I’m sure many Progressives) completely agree with the sentiments included in her first paragraph, and, for that matter, most of the rest of her article. As to “hate, her article, far from inciting hate, actually detailed the hate-based policies of the radical right.

          The ONLY place that she advocated against the right to vote was inside your fertile imagination. Maybe you should actually READ the article before castigating the author.

          • Stan H. most of the bloggers on this issue do not support your analysis of Susan Douglas. I would advise you to read them most are not supportive of Susan or your comments. This is why the United States is the greatest nation in the world this nation is based on the will of the people not the will of a few uninformed and biased politicians and educators. Why do you think that the people have turned on Barrack Obama he has as Susan Douglas has done lied and avoided the truth and blame the wrong people for mistakes. The sooner we purge all these liberal professors out of the education system the sooner this nation will return to the principles of truth and fairness for our nation’s future.

          • “The people have turned on Barack Obama”?? His poll numbers are better than Reagan’s (the right-wing patron saint) at the same point in his presidency. Not to mention a better economy.

            From the article in question” “A brief review of Republican rhetoric and strategies since the 1980s
            shows an escalation of determined vilification (which has been amplified
            relentlessly on Fox News since 1996). From Spiro Agnew’s attack on
            intellectuals as an “effete corps of impudent snobs”; to Rush Limbaugh’s
            hate speech; to the GOP’s endless campaign 
to smear the Clintons over
            Whitewater, then bludgeon Bill over Monica Lewinsky; to the ceaseless
            denigration of President Obama (“socialist,” “Muslim”), the Republicans
            have crafted a political identity that rests on a complete repudiation
            of the idea that the opposing party and its followers have any
            legitimacy at all.” Those are her words. It’s pretty clear who the purveyors of “hate” are! BTW, even with your myopic right-wing viewpoint, you should be able to see the clear difference between “So now we hate them back. And for good reason. Which is too bad”, and not supporting the right to vote.

          • Stan H. Twisting and turning are the tools of the liberals and tell me Stan are Obama’s approval rating better than when he took office? Stan try to twist that. His low approval ratings are the reason the Republicans won back the Senate in November 2014. This is positive proof of the failures of the Democratic party and its quest to change America. Liberalism will go the way of the dinosaurs mute and extinct in time. Bill Clinton on National TV. pointing his finger at the American people I did not have sex with that women Monica Lewinsky try to twist that. By the way Stan opposing another’s views are not a omission of hate for others. My view point is truth and love the person regardless of their views I wish Susan Douglas would have the same courtesy toward all Americans. When you can’t oppose the truth you bring in the hate issue to cover the facts a wore out tactic of the liberal agenda.

          • “Twisting and turning”? “Pot, meet kettle”! Was Reagan’s approval rating better than when he took office? Was Bush’s? Republicans won the Senate because under the election cycle we had to defend 7 seats. In 2016, you’ll have to defend TWENTY-FOUR (in Presidential election year) ! Good luck with that. As to Clinton, A LOT of people don’t consider fellatio as “having sex”. (I’m not one of them, but it was a good try, LOL). As Ms. Douglas detailed in her article, Republicans STARTED the hate.

          • Stan H. lets clear up some of your myths.
            First. Bill Clinton went on national TV pointing his finger and declaring he Bill Clinton did not have sex with that women Monica Lewinsky. Bill Clinton lied it was proved that he did have sex with Monica was by the famous blue dress owned by Monica that was spotted with his own semen. Bill Clinton was impeached by the US. House of Representatives for his lying to a jury. This not a case of a bludgeoned Bill Clinton he was convicted for his crime. Second Poll numbers are famously misleading and subject to interpretation and at times far from the truth. Stan if you believe so much in polls are Obama’s polls now as good as they were in 2008? The reason the Democrats lost the Senate in Nov. 2014 was directly a result of Obama’s agenda and his low poll numbers. Did Ronald Reagan’s low poll numbers cost George H Bush the Presidency in the 1988 election? Absolutely not the people of this Nation approved of the Reagan/ Bush years in office their sound and principled agenda were the best ever and it lasted through the 1990’s that gave Bill Clinton the best economy in this nation’s history. The liberals have made hate the focus of all their opposition of the work of the Republicans. Stan The cure for hate is to have so much love in your heart there is no room for hate think about it. Liberals and conservatives a like need to change their expression of hate to open and sound principals that are widely acceptable to the responsible people of this nation. Stan I am not right wing my political thoughts and ideals are the same as the Founding Fathers who formed this nation in 1781 My patriot ancestor fought in the American Revolution War in 1776. paving the way to form a great nation for both you and me.

          • Yes. he did. And, as I posted, though I don’t agree with his “definition” some people did and do. Clinton was impeached, (akin to an indictment) but he was not removed (akin to a conviction), and remains undoubtedly the most popular living ex-president.

            As to poll numbers (which speak for themself), I was responding to YOUR wistful claim “that the people have turned on Obama”. No, “Ronald Reagan’s low poll numbers cost George H Bush the Presidency in the 1988 election”, just like Pres. Obama’s low (but rising) poll numbers won’t cost Hillary the 2016 election. You say “the Reagan/ Bush years in office their sound and principled agenda were the best ever”?? To channel John McEnroe, “you can’t be serious!” A reminder of the Reagan years:

            And you want to talk about “hate”? Just read a sampling of the posts on this page, and you’ll undoubtedly get a bellyful of (right-wing) hate. Finally, I’d give pretty good odds that the Founding Fathers (who weren’t ideologically monolothic to start with) wouldn’t fit neatly into the platforms of EITHER party.

          • Stan H Definitions are the same as speculation of which is the core of all liberal thinking. Bill Clinton was factually and lawfully impeached because of breaking a law not by definition. Why do liberals have so much trouble with the simple truth. Stan you also have your facts mixed up George H. Bush lost the election in 1992 not 1988 he won that election. George H. Bush lost the election in 1992 because he said no new tax’s during his campaign in 1988 remember[ read my lips] George H. Bush stupidly followed the advise of moderate Republicans and liberal Democrats. This was totally against what Ronald Reagan had done in his 8 year’s of presidency by lowering tax’s it was the key element of the Reagan economics success and why we had the best economy in the history of this Nation. Stan who listens to John McEnroe he throws tantrums like professor Sharon Douglas funny that you would bring it up.

          • Definitions are the lynchpin of communication. If you can’t agree on what you’re talking about, communications breaks down. You are correct that Bush didn’t lose the ’88 election. I inadvertently left out “didn’t” in my sentence about the 1988 election. What you right-wing historical revisionists (conveniently) forget is that Reagan’s initial tax-cuts caused the deficit to sky-rocket immediately, so that Reagan was then forced to RAISE taxes for 4 years in row to correct the damage his feckless tax cutting had caused. (Unlike many right-wingers, he DID recognize economic reality (after it hit him over the head)). “The best economy in the history of this country”??? You’ve really drunk the Kook-Aid.

            As to McEnroe, I’ve been both a tennis player and fan for decades, and it’s pretty normal that I’d be familiar with the antics of an American player who rose to No. 1 in the world. So, yes, “you can’t be serious”!

          • Stan H. Truth is the lynch pin of all communication. Again you attempt to cover the truth. Barack Obama has raised the deficit by 8 trillion since his terms as President 80% more than all of the previous Presidents combined. Reagan’s deficit was around 5 trillion when he left office in 1988 and most of that was carry over from the Jimmy Carter years remember the 17% interest rates under Carter. The Iran hostage fiasco that was the start of terrorism in 1979 the long gas lines at the gas pumps. Ronald Reagan was handed a Nation weakened by the liberal agenda of the Carter years thank God the American people woke up and said no more enough is a enough and elected a true conservative to lead this nation. Stan I drink the pure waters of patriotic thinking and will always stand by the principles of honesty, truth and integrity of this I am seriously engaged.

          • Barack Obama has NOT “raised the deficit by 8 trillion”. The DEFICIThas been cut in half during his administration. The NATIONAL DEBT (see what I said about definitions) has increased by $8 Trillion during his administration, mainly due to policies instituted and vehemently protected by “Conservatives”. I challenge you again to show
            me WHERE Pres. Obama added ONE dollar (much less than $8 Trillion) to
            the national debt.

            As to Reagan, you have ideological blinders that obviously prevent you from seeing the truth. As posted in their analysis of Reagan: “This is perhaps the most ironic part of the Reagan Legacy. He railed against the national debt, even though it was DECREASING with every president from FDR to Carter. As soon as Reagan and the fiscal conservatives took control over economic policy, the very thing they talked about the most started to grow.”
            “The national debt nearly TRIPLED under Reagan. We see a sudden change in
            the trendline for the national debt as a percentage of Gross Domestic
            Product as soon as Reagan became president as well”:

            Even Ron Paul called the GOP out on it, saying: “How is it that the party of balanced budgets, with control of the White House and Senate, accumulated red ink greater than all previous administrations put together?” —Ron Paul in the March-April 1987 issue of Libertarian Party News

            Ronald Reagan took a healthy economy and torpedoed it, just as Dubya did a generation later. If what you’re posting is an example of “Patriot thinking”, I’ll pass, mainly because it has a very loose relationship with reality. I’d suggest that you get more engaged with actual FACTS and less with right-wing fantasies.

          • Stan H Time to say you have demonstrated a lack of common sense. The National debt was 10.5 trillion when Obama took office in 2008 it is now 18.8 Trillion and growing. I don’t have to prove this fact it is all over the news and who has been in charge of this economy none other than Barrack Hessian Obama the Muslim appeasement President who’s biggest weapon is ignoring the radical terrorist Muslims and developing the cut and run policies of the most coward of cowards. Sorry Stan the facts don’t back you up you pick out a article here and there to cover up a failed Obama administration. Elections don’t lie the American people are fed up and you know it. Time to face the facts the blame game is over and the American people will take are nation back in spite of you and your liberal agenda.

          • No, it appears that YOU have that problem. Though, I do find it interesting that faced with concrete facts, you jumped off the Reagan bandwagon. As to the National debt (NOT the “deficit”), two things that are related in time are NOT always causally related. For example, gas prices have dropped 50% in the last year, are you giving Pres. Obama credit for that?

            Again, the President doesn’t appropriate funds. ONLY Congress can do that. With the notable exception of the ACA, (which galls the right wing to no end, (even more so, because it’s successful)), Congress has blocked nearly all of Pres. Obama’s fiscal initiatives. So again, I ask you HOW Pres. Obama (the Muslim, as you so deludedly claim) added one dollar to the National Debt? Did he use his checkbook? Did he take a loan from the Treasury? Did he borrow it for a new home? Exactly HOW did HE add $8 Trillion to the National Debt? Support your claim!

            The dozens of Muslims that he has killed via drones (with NO loss of American lives) would certainly have a problem with your claims of appeasement and “cutting and running”. The American people are fed up with RWNJ’s. The next election will drive that point home. I’ll make sure to contact you in November 2016, to get your views on the next Clinton Presidency.

            BTW, it’s NOT “picking out a article here and there”, it’s highlighting actual facts, something that you apparently never do.

          • Stan H. the twister. Obama used un- Constitutional executive orders. I hope you enjoy the Republican Senate and House for the next 2 years created by the Obama failures I certainly will. I don’t need to prove anything you asked of me the proof is by the ballot box and the American people have spoken disproving your Obama claims of a successful Presidency. Stan I know how our government system works soI don’t need a liberal socialist twister like you to enhance my knowledge. I simply stand by the principles of honesty and integrity to support the important issues. If you think that sending selected drones will defeat terrorism you are more unintelligent than I think you are. Stan you know nothing about winning wars. Wars are won by bringing the enemy to the peace table by overwhelming defeat and the acknowledgment that they have lost the war so I stand by my cut and run statement about Obama the Muslim appeasement President. Hillary [ the what does it matter ] Clinton could win the Presidency I hope not she will be the same as Obama and it will take years to restore this nation back to the principles of the founding fathers.

          • Wrong again! (You’re probably used to it by now). The executive orders re: immigration reform are funded by application fees, so it doesn’t add a penny to the national debt. But, I have no doubt that you’ll continue to squawk the right-wing talking points despite their complete detachment from reality. As to the GOP Congress, now they get to see how it feels to have everything stymied.

            I never said that drone attacks will defeat terrorism, I merely pointed out that in reality, Pres. Obama has decimated Al Queda (and killed Bin Laden), and can not be considered to have “cut and run” by anyone halfway rational.

            Hillary won’t be the same as Obama, but I’m sure that she’ll share his repugnance for your “Conservative principles”.

          • Stan H. to be called wrong by you I consider a great compliment. It brings out your lack of intelligent’s on the points of important issues and how against the will of the people you are. Al – Quida decimated? Dream on you are as dangerous as Obama. I also consider your favorite socialist loving Hillary Clinton that by her support of politics over safety assisted in the death of our own Ambassador Stevens and four other American Hero’s in Benghazi, Libya September 2012 . Ambassador Stevens called in August 2012 and requested more protection for the growing terrorist threats that caused the closing of the British Embassy and the pullout of the Red Cross before the terrorist killers that Obama and you call decimated. Obama refused to call them terrorist that orchestrated and planned the assassination of our American Hero’s Hillary and Obama found it more political to blame a film than believe the facts beside a Terrorist war would interfere with his election in November 2012 the main reason for the cover up. A Commander in Chief Hillary should never become. I would suggest Hillary should be a Secretary for Bill Clinton’s sexual appointments that would be more appropriate for Hillary and Bill has so many sex scandals he needs a five drawer file cabinet to store his sexual encounters and Hillary needs to be there to remind Bill not to smear his semen on articles of clothing Hillary is a expert on cover ups isn’t she .The fact that Hillary would consider me among the group of repugnant Conservative Patriots is a welcomed statement and a badge of honor. Stan don’t get me started on Hillary Clinton she has already been vetted by her failures.

          • I’d wager that I’m part of a large group of people that have pointed out
            your being wrong. As an aside, you kind of “shoot yourself in the foot”
            when you talk about someone’s “lack of intelligent’s”, and misspell
            “intelligence”. (I’m just saying, LOL).

            Al Qaeda decimated:
            Benghazi loonies have been refuted so many times that I won’t waste much more time on answering that BS! I’ll just leave it at this: “Referring to the House Armed Services Committee (GOP-led) report from just last fall: “After so much alleged intrigue and finger pointing it seems like a strange and almost anti-climactic ending to the long-running Benghazi “scandal.” Finally (hopefully) an end is in sight. Evidence
            proving that there was NO wrong doing on the part of Hillary Clinton or anyone else connected to the unfortunate attack on the U.S embassy in Benghazi has come to light. Not surprisingly, that evidence BEEN IN REPUBLICAN HANDS ALL ALONG.”
            (There are links to the actual transcripts (9) of the testimony).

            Apologies can be sent directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a “cc” to “Clinton for
            President 2016”.

          • Stan H. Read the bloggers on this website they prove me more right than wrong you are the king of ignoring truthful information and a perfect fit for the Communist Party and their quest to take over this nation you can through in that queen of lies Billary Clinton . Sorry I do not apologize when I am right. Like I said you must read and listen more it might clear out your left ear their is no hope for your right ear.

          • The majority of the “bloggers” on this site are as deluded as you, and
            they “prove” nothing. Practically every Republican in Congress (who
            actually investigated the facts) has admitted that there was NOTHING
            illicit about Benghazi. Only the true RWNJ’S are STILL beating that
            VERY dead horse.

          • Stan H Nice try but falls short of any clarification of your selective weak statements. I am sure you believe the false narratives of the socialist liberal party and thanks to the patriotic founders of this nation you have the constitutional right to say so. It is funny that you would mention Bill Clinton’s he is no better than any common criminal Bill was found guilty of breaking his sworn statement to tell the truth on the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. Facts are just a matter of inconvenience for liberals they rely on it even when the facts are not true they are comfortable regardless of the absence of truth.The American people can be fooled for a while but after years of lying from liberals like the Obama’s and the Clinton’s most lies die away. Lies have a short life span but truth endures forever. Take a deep breath Stan and spend some time with truth you will be better off from its exposure.

          • Lies do have a short life span, but you guys are trying to keep the Benghazi lies on life-support for another whole election cycle. Yes, Bill Clinton lied about cheating on his wife; he’s probably preceded by a few million guys (and understood by another few million who would’ve done the same thing under the same circumstances). All of which is a side issue to the GOP detachment from objective reality.

          • Looks like your “people turning their backs on Obama” is getting further from the truth on a daily basis.
            Of course, if you only listen to “Faux News”, you’d never hear about (rising) poll numbers.

  111. Unfortunately it is mostly working conservatives whose tax dollars are funding that University and are paying her wages and benefits. She will expect those same people to fund her lifestyle when she retires……

  112. Fools go….where angels fear to tread…….remember Lucifer he chose to go!

    Let the liberals keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.


  114. I’ll bet all of her students are bulimic.

  115. A mentally retarded bumbo Democrat=lying Idiot.

  116. I hate lying liberal lunatics posing as College professors and doing permanent damage to the intellects of the young and innocent who from kindergarten on in liberal land are being conditioned , not educated to do as they are told and NEVER to question authority. That is how we got where we are because if you do NOT ask questions and blindly accept what you are told Barak Obama is but one of the results. God help us all because He is the ONLY one who can and comments like these from a self serving sychphant of intellectual slavery are a major CAUSE not a resolution to most, if not ALL of our ongoing problems. One might be valid in at least asking the question as to whether this self-proclaimed” professor,” is influenced by hallucinogens or worse! If all college professors were placed under scrutiny for such, the revelations to the public about whom is instructing their children at great expense might result in a more WQUITABLE professorial staff: IN ALL OF THEM!

  117. I hate to disagree with such and esteemed person, but mike brown makes the problem of black and white worse—acting like a thug and every one wanting to feel sorry for him—-he bullied and stole, and then assaulted an officer of the law, and that is supposed to be ok–hey wait until she is violated and see what song she sings then

  118. Steven H. Fridell

    What really ticks me off is the fact that we conservatives have been put into the unenviable position of having to explain ourselves; constantly in some, if not most cases. The liberals [AKA communists] through their infiltration of our schools, and the Democratic Party, to name two of the many institutions involved, have almost succeeded in their plans. The main stream media has been a left-wing propaganda machine for over 50 years now, and the take over of our education system is almost complete. Make no mistake, Soviet agents under orders from Stalin started this mess we are in, and it is time to understand what is really happening to us. The Black vs. White movement as in Ferguson etc.- all part of the grand plan by Communists to bring this country to its knees. Look at us, we are almost there. If we can wake up the good, but completely brainwashed citizens through real education of the Truth, their lies will be exposed for what they are–FILTH.

  119. Let’s see how serious the UM takes this. A year or so ago the president of Ohio St. was forced out because he mentioned that his university football team did NOT have a game(s) scheduled against the Little Sisters of the Poor.

  120. Most Democrats preach tolerance but that tolerance only extends if you agree with them. When you are in disagreement your branded as haters racist and what other name they can come up to call you. They have no logic for their stance and all he can do is when you’re faced with evidence is resort to name-calling and shouting. I don’t understand how these people can accept the fact that there are evil people in this world and is not all sitting around the campfire singing campfire songs. What a useless stupid twit she is and I’m being kind!

  121. Your typical “WHINO” pretending that her education in communications adequately prepares her to make political commentary. WHINO? “White House Idiots Nurturing Oddballs.”

  122. Boo hoo! All I can say is…EAT YOUR HEART OUT !

  123. Professor needs to have her umbilical cut & have to make a living in the REAL WORLD !

  124. I know, because they also do not like Texans. A ignorant UM Democrat professor for a strong Democrat State. A beautiful State but too many Democrats ruin this State.

  125. Educated IDIOT at it again…

  126. Well, I can’t really say anything because I sure as hell hate liberals!

  127. I don’t want my two grandchildren to go to college. There are too many liberals who are all too eager to indoctrinate our children. I have a beautiful conservative step-grand daughter who went off to college and is now so liberal we cannot stand be around her. I also have a nephew who went back to college later in life. He was very conservative and entrepreneurial, now he is so liberal we can’t even communicate. The 2 colleges are UT Arlington, and Southwest Texas State. Neither are colleges you would have to worry about sending your children to, or so we think. Well think again. If colleges don’t turn around, conservatives will not be sending their children to these institutions. Indoctrination is subtle, dangerous, and destructive.

  128. We need someone to set up a website that points out the liberal colleges in our Nation, and which professors tout liberal leaning teachings. This could help students and parents pick and choose their students schools of higher learning much more wisely. Once a child has been radicalized, it is hard to turn around.

  129. The only hate and intolerance I see and hear comes from the left. People need to follow a railway crossing sign, “Stop, Look, Listen.” All too often today people react based solely upon emotion and without thinking.

  130. I can’t waste the emotion of hatred on this poor excuse for an educator. It is high time

    the world of academe came out of the closet and showed their true colors. Can anyone imagine a class in political science being taught by a left wing nut professor?
    I’m sure the students would get a fair view of a conservative in such a class. With a high degree of left wing nuts in our universities the chances of that happening are indeed very strong. These people quote each others studies as gospel and new students are so easily manipulated by them. Studies show! Whose studies? what group was studied? Freshman students don’t know enough to ask pertinent questions,
    for the most part they would be intimidated by the “professors” position, or they would be shut down for asking questions of this nature. And the indoctrination goes on. I went to University as an adult and I thought, Gee, these guys have all the answers, It
    didn’t take me long to realize they did not.

  131. The sad thing is these people are supposed to be intelligent.

  132. Douglas is a prime example of what is wrong on many university faculties! Instead of teaching, these malcontents try to indoctrinate students. Apparently her agenda has nothing to do with conveying knowledge, but rather to preach hatred of that which she opposes and recruit as many followers as possible. ISIS would probably love to have her on their side!

  133. Conservatives place their beliefs in what God says. Not what some nut job Liberal or Liberals proclaim to be right. I can not believe the hate that comes out of these people. Oh yes I can come to think of it, because they are of SATAN, not of God.

  134. THOSE who CAN – – DO!!

    Those who CAN’T – – TEACH (libs)… and get a year’s salary for 7 month’s work, PLUS every Holiday off,

    PLUS Tenure (They Can’t get fired) – PLUS big fat UNION pension! ………

  135. Where do all these LIBERAL Dumbocrats come from one bitch after another showing their true colors.

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