UC Berkeley Totally Surrenders to Left-Wing Protesters

Due to the agitations of left-wing protesters, yet another conservative speaker has been barred from speaking at the University of California, Berkeley. Lecturer David Horowitz now joins Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, and others on the conservative Wall of Censorship, having been deemed too controversial for a liberal college to abide.

The university’s reasoning behind cancelling Horowitz’s speech was that it was coming too hot on the heels of the Milo riots. In an uncertain, chaotic atmosphere, school officials feared they did not have the manpower or the resources to properly secure the event.

This, say the student Republicans who invited Horowitz to speak, essentially gives liberal agitators exactly what they wanted: A campus free of opposing ideas.

From the local CBS station:

The university’s efforts to prevent an encore of the violent protests that forced them to cancel a talk by conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos, have, according to campus Republicans, stifled free speech and made it increasingly difficult to bring conservative thinkers to Cal.

Berkeley Campus Republicans spokesperson Troy Worden said, “There is such a thing as the heckler’s veto. Basically, if they’re loud enough and violent enough, then they succeed in shutting down your event.”

Can you imagine the university ever – EVER – shutting down a controversial Black Lives Matter speaker because anti-BLM protesters were rioting and starting fires? Not in a million years would UC Berkeley officials find their way to that conclusion. And if they did, it would be front page news the next day in the New York Times, and every Democrat in Congress would be issuing a statement denouncing the censorship.

But here, it’s just nothing. It’s just par for the course. Who cares, it’s just some whacko conservative? Besides, we said he could speak…off-campus…at 1:00 in the afternoon…and only if there was no attempt to advertise his appearance beyond the Campus Republicans.

Oh, and for that privilege, the university still had the audacity to charge the group $5,000 for security services.

“The Berkeley administration has taken a page out of Orwell,” Horowitz said. “Berkeley promotes itself as the ‘home of the free speech movement,’ but conservatives are free to speak only as long as they remain hidden.”

Just as mainstream Americans are getting their brains wrapped around the idiotic concept of “safe spaces,” the alt-left is already leaping past that idea; they want to make the whole world their safe space, starting with academia.

Surely there are at least a handful of students at these universities who wonder: What, exactly, is so dangerous about what these speakers are saying?

Censorship isn’t just ethically wrong; it’s psychologically backwards. You tell people – especially young adults – that they shouldn’t read/listen to this idea or that one, and it just makes them want to do it all the more.

But then, when you have no real arguments to refute these conservative ideas, what other choice do you have but to try and shut them down?

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  1. The government should totally STOP FUNDING that propaganda cesspool! This country is a Republic: Rule of Law! We are NOT a Democracy: Mob Rule!!! Now I finally understand the definition of Democracy. And, MOB RULE has gotten out of hand. I believe in Free Speech – FOR EVERYONE! These rioters are shutting down free speech, in favor of hate speech! We should ALL be worried about this!

    • It is the same thinking of the street gangs. There is strength in numbers and also power. This bunch has been attacking President Trump at every opportunity. They will not even allow anybody to voice their views against them. When one of their attack points is proven to be a lie they make up something else and move on. They will not stop until they are taught the lessons of democracy instead of anarchy.

      • Your post is well taken and the govt. should go after Bloomberg and Soros who are paying these protesters to create havoc. Fines and a stiff jail sentence should be given. The way it is now they arrest them and they go in the front door and out the back door.

        • Under the Obama administration the Justice Department was a joke. If it was something to further their agendas the laws were non-existent. I hope that Mr. Sessions will soon return the rule of the laws of our Constitution. Obama and his minions are still trying to challenge every inch of progress that we make. It will be a battle every step of the way. If we are to make any giant steps it will be because we are able to get rid of the ones in charge. Obama, Soros, Bloomberg and the Clinton’s must be removed from the equation. Antifa, BLM and the college kids are tools for these evil people to use in their quest to destroy the nation as it was in the past. They seek to build upon what Obama put in during his eight years of destruction. That is what they are fighting so hard for, they don’t want to give up any of the changes that he made. We will ultimately win but the next battles will be when Ginsberg and Kennedy step down from the SCOTUS. All that we did with Gorsuch was to retain the balance as it was. Now we can change things for generations with the naming of two more judges that are conservative thinkers. The SCOTUS has been the starting point of a lot of the bad changes in our country. It will have to be the thing that brings positive change back.

  2. This is unacceptable for schools of higher learning to be so biased that they cannot tolerate even hearing the ideas of anybody opposed to their way of thinking. The left jumps from one conspiracy theory to the next about President Trump. It is as if somebody is behind the scenes manipulating their minds to get them to do their dirty work for them. Maxine Waters is just as biased and stupid as they all are. We wonder where the Nancy Pelosis, Chuck Schumers, Jerry Browns and Obama’s are coming from? There is a new generation on the way.

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    • One thing Trump needs to do is make filthy muslime Dearborn and Minneapolis : AMERICAN AGAIN. The new generation you are talking about are nothing but sniveling,stupid,fag/muslime loving,indictrinated scumbuckets. Once Americans in their mid fifties die off ,America as we know it will be lost forever. One of the shortest life spans of any country we know of. Time for CIVIL WAR … Anything less would be inadequate…

    • I hear you loud an clear and agree with your post 150%.

      • Our country is changing and it is not for the good. The tenured college professors are using their platforms to poison the minds of our future leaders. There are a lot of them that were from the make love not war generation of the sixties. They are still pushing their anti-American views that they had. If the campuses turn into battle zones they will be the ones that are the blame for the bloodshed that will be the result. These kids think that these professors are the way that the thinking folks should be. They and their professors are very wrong to want to hate the country that is the one shining light in the world today. We may not be perfect but we are the best thing out there and they should be grateful for the chances they have in today’s society. Many people have given their lives to give them their freedom to pursue their choice in life. For them to want to tear apart the thing that makes them is very disturbing.

  3. Only Liberal hate speech is allowed in colleges. All Federal Funding should be cut to these schools. It is not fair that my tax dollars are financing this hate.

    • I agree.

    • You have that right

    • Close all colleges that encourage out and out anarchy. Or stop any federal or State or government grants the these schools. NOW !!!!!!!!

    • I agree, Jim. Since UC Berkeley has decided that our Constitutionally protected right to freedom of expression does not apply to that once fine institution, President Trump should issue an E.O. cutting off all federal funding to than now den of iniquity.

    • All Higher Institutes Of Indoctrination which were formerly known as colleges should lose federal funding when the practice of hate speech is allowed. Until we all stand up and let our congressional leaders know we do not want this, it will continue. I have already beat the drum to my congressional people.

    • Ditto! Hit them where they will hurt the worst. (in their wallets)

    • It Begins in LOWER Grades ….Sadly it has been going on since the 1960’s….UNIONIZED SOCIALIST TEACHERS UNIONS…Passing on Immature minds either to the Streets or institutions of COMMUNISTS teachings by Academics that never live in REALITY …

      • You said it well. I agree.

        • Time to get Congress to WAKE UP….in a strong, Clear and
          no mercy massage

          • Redhawk, it’s actually time to send all of the folks in the Federal Congress home and demand Term Limits, nothing more than 8 years in total and no allowance for “skipping” a term and then go for 2 more! To them it is just a game to become rich and powerful, and the “peoples” can be Damned!

          • We’ve needed term limits for a LONG time, but when it is up to the greedy azzholes who are in congress to vote in term limits, forget it, it ain’t gonna happen!

          • But if it would be on the ballot in national election could the people themselves vote it in?

          • There has to be away and we must find it and soon.
            Start draining the swamp with the Politicians and Judges that have been in the longest in the House and the Senate One at a time from each branch of government and each party or up to three will work. Just saying.

          • I agree and the only way we can get rid of them is if they die. If they retire the taxpayers pay those big fat checks from us.

          • No the Congress has to be voted back in
            The House of representatives serve 2 year terms and considered for reelection every other year
            The senate serves 6 year terms elections to the senate are staggered over even years so that only 1/3 of the Senate is up for reelection during any election.
            So fellow Patriots, we must start with the Senators that have been in the longest and stop them in there tracks,
            Put a patriot up against them then try our best to get them elected.
            The same thing with the House the longest serving representative in the house we try to remove them and replace them with non politicians Patriots.
            Keep going until we can get a all new Senate and House.
            Once we get that done we push for Term limits if infact we have nor already gotten the Term Limits done already.
            It is up to you wither you want to donate or not. If not then just leave the donation page.

          • Actually it did happen back in the mid-90’s. A Law was voted in and Term Limits were to become the “Law of the Land”! Then a suit was putforth and the SCOTUS overturned the law as “Unconstitutional”. The “Only way” it will happen now is with a “Convention of States” and an Amendment to the Constitution. But, yes, you are right, spoiled children never do anything that causes them to have to “grow-up”!

          • Why can’t it be on the ballots for Americans to vote on ? We do employ them.

          • It would have to be due to the “Separation of Powers” between the Fed’s and the states! Only Congress can make Federal laws, and that has been done which the SCOTUS overturned! And term limits for Federal positions is only by the Congress. The states “can” have term limits for those who seek in-state elections. It can only happen by the allowed “Convention of States” where term limits can be added to the Constitution. If you have watched, even the SCOTUS can no longer be trusted to rule for the Constitution these last 25 years or so!

          • Correct and yet not. Americans ARE America and can write and suspend any law, voted in lawmaker.

          • If only it was that easy! Google “Term Limits and the Constitution” and you will find how very difficult it is to “change the Constitution. We, the People can defy a law or just ignore it, but, we can’t “suspend” any Federal law. The Constitution says nothing about term limits, and that’s all the Professional Liars need to stay in office until they die! It can only change by an Amendment to the Constitution which states term limits are the Rule of Law!

          • Fighting for Freedom never has been easy.

          • You nailed it the term limit law should be passed. These fat cats become to powerful they could care less about the people of this country, as you say it`s all about power and money. No more free lunches and money they steal from our tax money. Great Post.

          • No medical, no retirement -it WAS a volunteer position

          • BULLS EYE

          • Politicians in general have been corrupt & evil for many decades……They should not be above the law and be charged with their crimes……..just like John Q Public……..

          • Yep, and they are very good at being very bad! When anyone can make-up rules that are damaging to the peoples and then make themselves above said law, then you have really, really corrupt people in office. And they do so as often as they can!

          • Trump should freeze all of their assets and deport them for treason.

          • You want Congress to wake up?! Careful what you ask for, they’re bad enough as it is right now! Might be better to let sleeping fools lie!

          • Don’t think so Susan it can and will get worse if we sit back and do nothing.
            That is how we got in this mess in the first place.
            Not doing anything when we knew we should do something.

          • The only problem with that we as taxpayers will still pay the bill.

          • NOT if we DO NOT give them any Federal Funds!!

          • NO let sleeping fools BE GONE!!!………….WE have had enough of DO NOTHING LYING ‘HORES

          • Totally agree if CONGRESS the HOUSE AND SENATE don’t want to listen to us ,
            ” WE NEED TO PULL THE PLUG AND DRAIN THE SWAMP, WE CAN’T AFFORD TO WAIT”. We have already lost a couple of generations of Patriots because of the Schools and Teachers. Just Saying !!

      • Amen,Redhawk! All unions are based upon “collectivism”, which is also the basis for both socialism and communism, which would only work if all people were perfect—and, unfortunately, they are NOT!

        • These commies TAUGHT to THINK of Amarica in poor ways .. now some FOOLS are Teaching pro Muslim and ANTI WHITE DISGARCEFUL POLITICS

      • Michael Dennewitz

        As I’ve said before – And they’re teaching our kids and grandkids this SHIT! Imagine what the country is going to be like in the next 15-20 years.. OMG!!??

      • You have a valid point with your post.
        But I don’t think that it was in the 1960’s I believe that is was started in 1980’s when it really kicked off.
        But I could be wrong, but no matter it is sad that the Communist have a real hold on our schools and children.
        It is up to We the People to stop this madness and now.

        • it’ not just communist but satan in conjunction with them the only way to turn this thing around is for christians-to earnesty offer up prayers to the lord

        • 60’s………..started with Students for Democratic Society, Leaders like Ayers, “Rules for Radicals” Alinsky taking hold.

    • I question why any university should be funded by taxes. Should not they stand on their own ??

      • Yes I think that all Collages should stand on there one.
        No government funding for any reason.
        No free Collage either the Student or family pays or they are sent to a vocational collage and work there way through.

    • Maybe a law group can start a petition to cut federal funding. I would sign but have not seen one – ill google

    • Message well taken .

    • I note, with some sadness, that there are 4 chances of what you suggest happening. Fat,Slim,Little and No

  4. Only blood can cure the ills in the society today. As Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Such refreshment is long past due.

  5. Wouldn’t it he nice if we could bar the leftist from our events but that is not who we are. We are open to fair and balanced discussion. We don’t riot, protest in the streets and talk down to the left – we pray for those who are lost.

    • What do you mean, “That is not who we are”? That’s WHO I AM! You sound like the muslim that just left the White House!! So, you just keep praying, and see how far that gets you in uniting people!

  6. Why do we continue to suffer the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites?
    We all know at this point, we can no longer coexist with these ersatz life forms.
    We must physically separate ourselves from them, it is that or civil war.

  7. take their funding
    away see how far they go

    • That funding should include all grants/student loans that are tied to Federal money. Under OWEbama the student loan program was removed from banks to the Fed, thus student loans are from taxpayer money…stop it all. Stop Title IX and Title X allocations; stop any other Fed grants/allocations to universities/colleges/cities/etc. that foster this anti American attitude.

    • BULLS EYE…. Let’s see how many will Take a HIKE with HIGH TUITIONS ….CUT FEDERAL FUNDING just like with SANCTUARY CITIES

  8. Maudlean, “It is as if somebody is behind the scenes manipulating their minds”. There is. The trouble makers are all paid agitators, recruited by the Soros gang of misfits. Good pay. Last I heard it was $1500.00/day.

    • They sell their souls to the devil for money. He must be brought to justice. They not only sell out themselves but us also.

  9. Employers need to identify these idiots so that they don’t end up with a bunch of employees who can’t see all points of view before making decisions that will bankrupt a company.

  10. Those anti American college scumbags “are loud enough and violent enough” then the only recourse is to shoot them all dead.
    CASE CLOSED, THE END!!!!!. I love the smell of gun powder throughout the day… let the smell of gun powder waft thru the air of American exceptionalism..

  11. If I were a student on these campuses I would file a suit against the administration for fraud…they have deceived people int thinking its a college and its not..its a propaganda arm for the Democratic party

  12. Fascism is alive and well in the liberal democrat party…the goon’s need to be denounced by the leader’s in the democrat party & their MSM….the Lord knows the weak kneed jelly backed republican’s won’t denounce this fascism….

  13. Time to defund these Liberal colleges or start arresting the paid rabble-rousers promoting anarchy!

  14. Welcome to 1984.

  15. If they perform censorship all federal taxpayer money should be cut for that University, to include funds, grants, participation in any federal programs including student loans. if you choose to attend a communist indoctrination facility you don’t need our support!

  16. Berkley has always been a bastion of communist and socialist where free speech
    is taken out and burned at the stake. The education give there is at best lackluster
    and more of mind control and the communist indoctrination rather than higher
    learning. Why they continue to receive any Federal funding is beyond me. It
    is a campus of Malcontents, Radicals, Anti American anaechristen who are trained to

    • It fits in with the California way, don’t you know.
      Hollywood that pretends they are something they are not, that’s the whole State.

    • Most of California is full of these kooks and anti American`s are. Stop our money from them and see how far they get.

  17. Michael Dennewitz

    And these institutions are teaching this shit to YOUR KIDS! ??

  18. I grew up learning that institutions of higher learning is about learning everything good and bad. It seems that the leftist, snowflakes do not want to hear anything that does not go along with their BS. What is the answer? Simple and to the point cut off their funding of my tax payer monies. This is not some 3rd world country that has a gun to their head not to listen to opposite thoughts.

  19. Solve the problemo: eliminate the problemo by sending the agitators to be drafted for combat w/o any previous training to kill or be killed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This is becoming the way of Public Education. The “System” is shot full of Socialist leaning Educators who preach Liberalism and that the precepts that this country were founded on no longer apply. In truth they have nothing to offer but a Government Mammary Gland to suck on and a platform to spout their “progressive crap”. Then, when the chips are down, guess who they turn to. Us!

    • Don’t fro get the far left leaning Progressives and the admitted Communist , you know the Democrat party of liars and thieves. Just saying !!

  21. Simple solution: Do not send your kids to Berkeley ! Scumbucket campus and all!

  22. Why would any parent, other than a left wing nut job, send their child to a cesspool like this? I would not waste one red cent on an institution that promotes intolerance of others viewpoints. I guess they know they can not allow the right to speak, because they just make too much sense, so they use thuggery, loud mouths and destruction to get the notoriety they crave. Do we have to wonder why employers avoid these snowflakes?

  23. The liberalized snowflakes and their far Left progressive Liberal profs have taken over many, many college campuses. It is mind boggling that these poisoned minds would want to return to the socialistic do-nothing Democrap regime of O’bungle or the failed Hellary candidacy! How would this idiotic philosophy ever resolve the world’s ills?

    • Hillary was only a talking head for them. Now that she has lost do you hear any of them crying for her return? They are waiting for the next leader of their cause to come along. They are like an army without a general. The ones pulling the strings at this time are the radical minded professors that have used tenure to become untouchable. These are the fomenters of this unrest. They need to all be tarred and feathered for their trying to bring revolution to the college campuses. When the next war starts the blood will be on their hands. They will be the ones that tried to bring down our history and way of life with their communist thinking.

  24. If former President Obama showed up one day at Berkeley, a known pathological liar and conman, the campus would be celebrating as if Jesus just brought in three baskets of dried fish to feed them all. No conservatives can speak, yet we listened to eight years if lies, watch media cover ups of Obama’s scandals, and till this day we are scratching our asses wondering where did these lying bags of shit in the executive branch piss away so many trillions of dollars? The left can try to silent free speech unless it comes from their leaders, but eventually someone with courage, honesty, and guts will exposed the most corrupt and evil executive branch in our history led by an African Born national, Obama. We know whom the real criminals are, and what party worked to destroy this nation.

  25. Come on now. it’s UC, Berkley, I would not expect anything else. We sure have lots of little snowflake commies in our country.

  26. apparently free speech and thought are not allowed on campuses around the country….so when the left wingers do not agree they shut others down…..now you see how communism, fascism and progressivism works…

  27. The wind is changing! The monkeys are running the zoo.

  28. Left liberal Soros democrats take over Berkeley. Berkeley might have to ask Soros for funding.

  29. too bad so many of the berkeley “students” will leave there as stunted as when they entered. Expecting everyone and everything to grant their every uneducated, ignorant, blighted thought.

  30. Donald E Schortmann Sr

    Adolf Hitler took power over Germany using the same tactics as these Communist WIMPS.

  31. cut funding

    WHEN IS THE “BIG ONE” DUE TO ARRIVE? NOT NEARLY SOON ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Our education system has always been leaning towards the left introduce by the socialistic educators even when I was going to UCLA.

  34. Whatever happened to these INSTITUTIONS Charged with moving young People to ADULTHOOD by teaching
    Diversity of Opinion
    Freedom of Expression and above all

    INSTEAD of CLOSING their IMMATURE MINDS to TOTALITARIANISM as practiced by FAILED governments??? Are academics with too many PhD’s in STUPID really the ones not living in REALITY or the Immature Students???

  35. There is another side of the Liberals who graduate from UC BERKELEY, who want work later. Some firms and manufacturers will take their actions of being to liberal as a no interviewer for posted jobs in the future. This is sick group of liberal thugs using their stupidity as right to bully and use Hatred, as part of their protest.

  36. The boards at these schools need to be scrutinized to determine if they are actually having a detrimental effect upon the learning at these universities. If nothing but hate is being tolerated it is time to take steps to remove the problem or the motivators for this tragedy. This is not what we send our kids to school for. Creating troublemakers is not part of the mission of a unit of higher learning.

  37. Conservative speakers have about the same chance of speaking at the Peoples Republic of Berkley Mexifornia, as in the Peoples Republic of North Korea in Pyongyang, North Korea; although, they do have a lot more in common with Kim Jong-un than Americans.

  38. Let me guess how many of these snowflakes are willing to fight in a civil war, be prepared.

  39. As the Bible Scripture says, in the latter days, the serpent seed/SATAN, in order to have CONTROL, will use four dynasties…they are EDUCATION, POLITICS, ECONOMICS, RELIGION. For those that can see and hear, heed the warnings.

    I think we can all see it happening.

    I know a man that attended, about 20 years ago, U.C. of Berkeley, CA. He told me the professors were on the left, were ungodly communists. ONLY when he came out of U.C. did he see the real world, knew there was something wrong with the professors teaching. He said he turned to God’s Word. He knows the Bible well. He said the educational system is in serious trouble. And this poor teaching starts with our very young.

    Think about it, how better to change a nation than starting the mindset of the young? Affecting future generations.

    We have an enemy within our government, institutions, citizens.

    As the Bible says, “a father’s sins shall visit many generations”. Unless our children are taught God’s Word, several of our generations will suffer.

  40. Yesterday I read an article on Yahoo Fake News Central about Trump Supporters and Anti Trump Activists rioting and getting arrested at UC Berkley , This made no sense and I knew there had to be more to it , Now I read the truth , I remember back in the early 1990`s when Communist Party U.S.A. had meetings at UC Berkley , That school should be shut down , It is a breeding ground and is so infested with Anti American Hateful ,Racist Violent Hard Left Liberals it is hard to believe for anyone that does no live in the Bankrupt Third World Banana Republic of Mexifornia

  41. Hello! This is UC Berkely – THE MOST RADICALLY LIBERAL SCHOOL IN THE U.S. — what do you expect from a College ( doesn’t deserve the title of University because immature children attend just so they can make noise and be obnoxious! THAT SCHOOL SHOULD BE SURROUNDED BY A TALL RAZOR WIRE FENCE SO THE ANIMAlS STAY INSIDE!

    Please Parents — research the school your kid wants to attend. Also know that these schools are different now then when you went to college and are NOT areas of higher learning but breeding grounds for chaos and hate.

    Guide your kids away from UCBerkely’s doors to a better higher learning University. UCBerkely is going to implode on itself one day soon and it will be the Liberal students pushing the dooms day button. There are much better Universities than that Liberal breeding hole!

  42. The schools are teaching our children how NOT to learn. I learned that when I attended a local community college. I was in my early 50’s, a little over 25 years ago, when I wanted to take remedial math. I was so CONFUSED trying to learn what the teacher was saying. He told the class they must do the math according to his teaching, if not they would receive an F grade. Well I was so confused, I thought well I’m going to get an F anyway, so I did the math test the way I learned in the 1940’s. I was the only one that received an A grade out of all the students. The teacher had to give me an A, because I had the right answers. Some students asked to see my paper. One young man tried to study my test papers. And to think these students just graduated from high school. The students have the capabilities of learning, but are being taught HOW NOT to learn.

    I have a neighbor who recently took their young son out of school because they could see there was something wrong with the math program. I imagine with the whole system.

    Recently, I went to a store, and the young male behind the desk did not know how to read cursive writing. He never learned to read or write cursive writing. His parents sued the school system for not teaching cursive. Knowing this writing helps self reliance, being able to communicate, but the educational system has taken this skill out of the schools. My niece’s daughter, now age 16 years, has never learned cursive.

    Back in the 1960’s, I could see something wasn’t right, so I asked to home school, but I was told I’d be thrown in jail if I tried. But, 80 brave fathers did go to jail, and because of their bravery, people today have a right to home school. God bless them!

  43. It seems that all of the problem exist in the liberal areas of the country. They are the ones who are always protesting and causing problems. It just goes in circles from one liberal community to another and yet they continue to protest, never solve anything or accomplish anything.

  44. 1PierreMontagne1

    Quote” ” This, say the student Republicans who invited Horowitz to speak,
    essentially gives liberal agitators exactly what they wanted: A campus
    free of opposing ideas.”

    Better said “A campus free of rational ideas”

  45. maybe they should donate a MOAB to berkley

  46. If there was a detailed search done to see who some of the contributors of this university of hierarchy are we might be surprised. If there are any companies or individuals that are backing this cesspool of stagnant thinking we all need to know who they are. Maybe we might find out who the ones are that hate our way of life so badly that they would contribute money to this place. There will have to be some digging done because there are probably a few anonymous contributors.

  47. Universities such as UC Berk should get the same treatment we are going to give unAmerican Cities and States …no more money! See how much it affects your lifestyle when you have to pay your own way. Judging by comments we all mostly feel the same way on this.

  48. Defund Berkeley and all other universities that violate the first Amendment. This is basically what they are doing. Once they start getting hit in the pocket book, they just might decide to start adhering to the Constitution.

  49. UC Berkeley has been the center of the progressive-communist and progressive-fascist movements (nearly identical religions; Marx based his ideas on the fascist principles laid out in the book that was used by the radicals in the French Revolution – “Social Contract”) since the 1950’s. There are dozens of communist front groups there, along with black radicals who want a race war with whites.
    We need warning signs posted near all such universities warning people that “education and indoctrination are very different agendas, and indoctrination is the main course here”. The entire purpose of the idea of “public education” in the 1930s was to establish indoctrination centers for the young (just as Hitler established).
    When corporations claim they must bring in engineers and such from India (green cards, 5 years) it is directly related to the poor quality of “graduates” from the progressive infested “education system”. There was a 100 question multiple choice test given to 400 new Yale graduates several years ago (1999 ?). These were basic science, math, and grammar questions that a high school graduate was expected to answer in 1960. Only 2% were able to pass this test.

  50. Universities are paid for and totally depend on public funding and some private funding. If the university WILL NOT PROTECT THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR ALL who patronize the university then the university should not receive the public funding and if they cater to only the leftwing regressive and so called liberal establishment then the should be cut off from all public funding because there are many views that they are not allowing to be represented. If you have certain groups and students that are causing the problem then you give them an area established for them to protest but it must be a safe and fair distance from the arena so that the speaker and those who actually want to hear what they are saying to still attend or speak. You see, the freedom of speech is not just for the narrow side of speech which the left and Regressives want people to believe.
    The left tends to jump on any band wagon that they can call bullying, bigotry, or hate which in most cases is just a twisted way of looking at things because in most cases the left is actually propagandizing and lying about the facts and other information being presented. I am not a Republican incase someone wants to make that mistaken thought. I am a constitutionalist. I believe our constitution is for everyone in the country whom actually is a real citizen of the United States. That is what it states in the constitution, and yes that includes those who you disagree with or those whom say things yo duo not like. If I say that Homosexuality is immoral and that homosexual marriage is an abomination according to the Bible and that I believe the Bible is the highest source of moral character on this planet I actually have that right because the constitution says I do. If I say that I think we need a wall built along the southern border because we are having to many issues with Illegal aliens and it gives the terrorists and cartels an easy way to sneak in and we need to stop this sieve that is making the issue a bigger problem it is not bigotry it is called being diligent with national security. If I say we need to investigate people visiting and or immigrating from nations that are predominately Islamic then I am also not being racist or as the fool hearty would call it today Islamophobic, I am being diligent. You see Islam believes that the United states is the big Satan and Israel is the little Satan and that we both should be wiped from the face of the Earth. This is a belief of Islam and why do you want people who believe this to be allowed to pour into our country knowing that this is their belief. They have no respect for women or children, only the men of the belief have any authority unless there is no man in the family then it fall to the mother or the oldest son. It allows a man to decide that he is righteous if he says his daughter has dishonored him by something as stupid as she did not wear a hijab, or she dared to ask him something without him giving her permission to ask a question and she should be killed for that dishonor, a belief that says that our laws are unimportant because their Sharia laws from the Q’ ran is the only law that is of any importance and Sharia law allows them to rape and kill even a tiny child who is not following Sharia whether that childs parents believe in Sharia or not. Yes these are issues in Sharia and Islam and doing background checks is the least we should do.
    My opinions are mine but guess what I have the RIGHT to espouse and speak them and am willing to do so with calm rational and intelligent people whom are also willing to sit down and speak their minds but we all must allow each other the right to speak because without giving the constitutional rights we have w become no more and no better legalistically than Communism and socialism which destroy and oppress people all over the worlds and both end in indentured servitude or slavery to a governmental process that gives the people no hope. We all have the right to speak and the people rioting should be arrested because they have the right to a peaceful protest not to use violence, vandalism, and arson to stop what? One or two people saying something some people want to hear. Realize this, some people go to these conferences to hear what the person is saying not because they agree but to understand exactly what they are saying and to figure out how they can rebut what they say, some to listen so that they can have more info because they are using the info to help themselves decide if they agree or disagree or even if there is any merit in the things they present so that they may decide for themselves which actually is the right of the person who goes to any conference or function, also there are those who attend to simply see if the speaker is willing to allow someone to calmly, intelligently, and peacefully rebut what they are saying and ask if they will allow a debate or discussion during their function. You deny all of those who have a reason to go to the function to attend WHICH IS NOT YOUR RIGHT.
    IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT THEY SAY THEN CHALLENGE THEM TO COME TO YOUR CAMPUS AND ASK THEM TO ALLOW A DEBATE AND DO IT IN A PROFESSIONAL AND PEACEFUL WAY WITHOUT FOOLISHNESS AND VIOLeNCe BECAUSE THAT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT. Sorry I did not realize the caps were on but the point is still correct. Stop acting foolishly and be respectful of all peoples rights. The left says they stand for that but they are always the first to deny the rights to anyone who disagrees with their views. They say think for yourself then when someone you think for yourself and disagree with them they call you a liar, bigot, hate monger, racist and anything else they can to misdirect and confuse the issue because they have no merrit in what they are talking about. Remember this fact, It was the democrats who started sharecropping to extend slavery, whom predominantly voted against civil rights, and whom normally votes against morality and simple common sense yet they accuse these things on the people across the aisle. DOn’t listen to their words look at their actual votes, the votes are all on record and they talk a good propaganda game but vote against what is right every single time.

  51. What do you mean UC Berkeley has surrendered to Protesters It is the Left’s West coast Headquarters not an Educational Institution

  52. I would NEVER send my kids to such a disgusting place! It can stay a bastion of ignorant left wing ideology , I want nothing to do with a place that has such low standards.

  53. I lived through the Vietnam war era, and I remember all too well how crazy things were out in Berkeley! Calif. is a crazy state, filled with people who are nuts, and Berkeley is the capital of this nuttiness! If this were truly a reflection of what America has become, I’d be gone from this country, but I know that Calif. is not the real world, not even close, and it is not a true reflection of people in this country. There are a lot of good, common sense people who live around me, and as long as that’s the case, I’m happy living where I am. You couldn’t pay me enough to live near Berkeley, or most anywhere in Calif. for that matter!

  54. Soros wins again. Isn’t there a law against paying protesters to riot?

  55. No free speech = no tax dollars. Stop letting the inmates run your institution cowards. They are the lousy minority.

  56. Thank GOD we have President Trump who will nominate at least one more judge to the SCOTUS. That’ll be the beginning of a very difficult road for the libturd idiots doing these things. As more and more decisions have to be made by a conservative court, more and more of those idiots of the left will want to leave this country. Get out, you filth.

  57. Agree- and also, all of the non legal students attending their schools–should be sent home immediately-no excuses –all Federal and States funds be removed–and if the state does not agree –they should lose federal funds– The citizens not in this nation are not required to fund illegals- non are they required to fund criminals, of any kinds- Schools that peddle illegal comments in class or in those school should lose their certification- of accreditation education from state and federal resources of all kinds.–Also, teacher who teach socialism/or Issa –auto termination- in class should be automatically fired–no UNION comment- The teacher-school- school board are in violation of US Constitution– no excuses. All funds removed–and teachers fired and school administration termination..

  58. It’s way past time to form our militias…the government is no longer for the middle class working person that built this country. We have to force term limits, no lifetime pensions and those that are in government have to live by our healthcare system. It was supposed to be you went into government did what you were voted in to do and then left and went back to work.
    Places like Berkeley need to be shut off from any form of government assistance since the Constitution does not prevail. Those in charge should be fired and the little assholes creating this anarchy should be in jail….better yet open season!!


  60. Why shouldn’t student protestors be expelled for their untoward conduct and never be allowed to enter that college again? Why shouldn’t professors and teachers who allow and even promote protesting against the speech of those with whom they disagree be fired from their position? Isn’t such protesting a violation of the first amendment therefore a crime? If protestors are other than students, such tripe should be herded away like you would chase cattle. They have not business interfering with student activity. Finally, every politician, federal and state, should vote for remove all funding provided by taxpayer funds, both state and federal to those colleges whose administration allow hateful protesting which is limiting free speech at the public facility.

  61. Doesn’t each of these cities a group of conservative men that will stand up for our country. They should form their own vigilante groups and know some of these LGBT loving liberals.

  62. As a response to this article, I say yet again…
    College in America has become HIGHLY overrated, especially the schools of the vaunted “Ivy League,” as well as UC-Berkeley, Stanford, et al. IMHO, only five institutes of higher learning in the United States are deserving of one dime of federal taxpayer money…the United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Air Force Academy, and the United States Merchant Marine Academy. The graduates of these five institutions provide valuable services to our nation. The rest of the colleges/universities in our country should be forced to sink or swim on their own merits or lack thereof. Where are the trade and vocational schools that once provided the instruction that enabled millions of American young people to pursue needed, worthwhile, and satisfying careers? Where is it written that EVERY young person MUST go to college in order to be successful? In recent years, our campuses have become indoctrinatory breeding grounds for political correctness and anti-American activism, churning out unemployable graduates with unmarketable “skills” in useless fields. Bastions of leftist progressivism, these schools are led and staffed by the very 1960’s radicals (and their ideological descendants) who once stormed and occupied the same administration buildings in which they now have offices. It is long past time for a Herculean cleaning of these Augean stables!

    • Bernie and Pocahontas have introduced a bill recently that would provide free college tuition so even more young skulls full of mush can be indoctrinated into radical zombies at the expense of US taxpayers.

  63. wait until the liberals take over if ever– then queers-anti pro abortion will reign havoc on america as obummer did nancy pelosi hillary clinton and the likes should be deported to somewher in siberia–liberals pay no attention to the constitution- they want to ban guns so that they will have free reign—that’s why the second amendment is so important-as long asthere arehonest-law abiding gun owning citizens the attack of liberals will run in to an impenetrable wall of free thinking people who value the ideals of this country and what those values are—
    free thinking is the order of the day andnot just liberal or totally conservative-there’s a place for all in our free society not just one way of thinking
    there is a place for liberals just not the kind who think theirs is the only way.conservatives should also be monitered too be sure. the wishes of the majorityare no abused.reas marx’s manifesto.but :I do think colleges should expose students to both points of view or they become much alike hitlers youth corp think my way or hit the highway.shame on u c berkely with only one point of view.

  64. End liberal arts programs and you would end 9/10 of the bullshit professors spew. My experience in both under grad and grad school if you want a nut for a professor take either English, philosophy, or social studies class. As a physics major the few required classes I had to take in English, social studies, or philosophy always had the goofs teaching. They lived in a bubble of their own making and only welcome those that are surrounded by the same bubble of ignorance.

    • Political science, women’s studies, and world religions college courses are also typically taught by goofs who live within their own bubbles of ignorance.

  65. That a university would bar a speaker is a tragedy. One of the pillars of such an institution is the examination of diversity of ideas. We may not like what is said but we need to hear what is said. Valid conclusions do not come from a single point of view.

  66. they need to build more caves for these poor young snowflakes to use for their safe crying zones.

  67. The same things happen at other UC and Cal State campuses. Find the leftist thugs and expel them or arrest the non student agitators. The 1960’s had similar problems with “student” protestors until they were arrested and jailed fordisturbing the peace and destroying property.

  68. Wassamatter? Afraid of hearing what just might be the truth?

  69. President Trump should stop “ALL” funding to any of these so called sanctuary cities and States. They are breaking the law, the people they are trying to protect broke the law in the first place when they came here the way they did, now we have MS 13 growing and making havoc in this country, we have illegal aliens who are ISIS sympathizers, and we have drug lord cartels sending their dirty drugs over the border to kill off our kids, not to mention human trafficking as well… TIME TO PUT A STOP TO IT MR. PRESIDENT AND ATTY. GEN. SESSIONS AND DO IT

  70. They did that YEARS ago!

  71. SNOWFLAKES SURRENDERED ….NOW THAT IS NOT AN OXYMORON….Those “safety zones” have created the Practice of SURRENDER …. by WHINING WIDDLE COWARDS!



  74. THIS is news?? Berkeley surrendered in1962 !

  75. Shouldn’t the headline read ” . . . Left Wing Thugs?”

  76. I would have demanded my $5000 security service charges back!! Screw the college… they would be gettin a letter from my lawyer demanding the reimbursement of those paid (none) services. Can’t wait til California exists (secedes ) from the U S– Calexit. Hopefully I will live long enough to see the big ONE hit Californika, couldn’t happen to a lousy worthless bunch of moronic mentally disabled jerks and their snowflake off spring.


  78. This fake university should be shut down. Stop it from polluting weak minds.

  79. Vernon C. Lindblade

    Cut all ties and funds,,, there are much better schools,and states, to send our children and grandchildren

  80. UC Berkeley Socialist capital of America . Stop funding this garbage !

  81. There is no excuse for this. Berkley is a breeding ground for Alinsky-styled violence and these kids are too stupid to see that they’re indoctrinated. Watch the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers-you’ll see how the education system in America is willfully promoting matters such as these. Watch the films.

  82. All colleges that cannot present both sides of the story (Berkley especially) should lose all federal funds that it normally gets…….two sides to everything….wouldn’t allow a child of mine to attend there

  83. Looks like Berkley has no cajones……just like BO………..They go with the minority instead of the majority, just like the judges, liberal companies, and the ones that hate the USA……..mooslums,illegals, and liberals.

  84. Perhaps that is where the next mass shooting should occur! Liberal controlled gun free zone! Would probably raise the overall IQ of the campus to thin out a few of the idiots!

  85. You know people, the British tried a stunt like this over 200 years ago. The reaction from the colonists was a war. Are we actually going to tolerate this crap? I sincerely hope that Americans are not so tolerant that they allow these communist jerks to take away all our liberties.

  86. Berkley: The Snowflake capital of the universe.
    Not something to be proud of.
    We’re watching the ruination of a once great (but always weird) school.

  87. Mike from Burnsville

    Left wing fear. Afraid of an old Jewish man who once was a part of the Black Panthers. A son of communist parents. A man who saw murder done for left wing causes and had the decency to understand how evil the left wing is. That is why they are afraid of David Horowitz. He is a man of principle and decency. They cannot allow such a man to speak at their holy of holies Berkeley. Try and find back issues of “Heterodoxy” and buy “Radical Son” at a used book store. If you are a lefty that does not fear knowledge then educate yourself and remove the blinders from your eyes.

  88. Ya know, if the liberals don’t want to go hear a conservative speak, then they don’t have to! No one’s forcing them to do so. But, also let those who WOULD want to go. That’s what free speech is all about. This glaring double standard is truly the elephant in the room.

  89. A disgrace but not surprising!!!! These colleges should be closed untill they operate under the Constitution of this country. While THEY are making this decision NO FUNDING….
    If our leaders had guts this is what would be done, unfortunately as we know, they don’t so this debauchery will continue to tbe demise of free speech. As I stated above DISGRACE!!!!

  90. Shame,shame on the management of the university.

  91. I agree with Jim McCormick. I’m not interested in financing the communist agenda in public colleges or any college that receives fed money.

  92. Public universities should lose their federal funding until they decide to start educating and punishing the criminals who have infected their campi.

  93. As one who grew up on a college campus with two parents who were college professors, I am shocked and appalled. This only confirms how far we have fallena and that the end is in sight for we who can see.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  94. Not only defund these colleges, but make the government demand a list of those students and take any of their federal funding away from them, then I would send them overseas to a country of their choice where they’ll be much happier. The scumbag kids don’t have a clue, and it is not right That all those who died for freedom, or not avenged on these Marxist let the idiots.

  95. For over 50 years, Berkeley has been a sewer filled with Communists, labels change, they are now “Liberals”, but the same garbage smelling. Cut off all Federal funding for people who do not appreciate our Country. I sure don’t want my Tax Dollars going to this Dung Heap posing as a University.

  96. Berkeley did that MANY years ago!

  97. So, what’s new? Berkeley did that many years ago!

  98. Janet Napolitano who is the Chancellor over Berkeley, is a former member of Obama’s corrupt dirty lying Administration.
    The Liberals are doing everything they can to destroy free speech. Keeping a person stupid, makes them easier to control.

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