Uber Driver Kicks Passengers Out…for Being Republicans

Two conservatives found out this week that the left is taking their marching orders – to confront and deny service to any supporters of this administration – extremely seriously.

According to Mary-Elizabeth Russell and Chris Godbey, two young Republican activists who were in North Carolina for a conference, their Uber driver stopped the car, dropped them off at a gas station, and left them to fend for themselves after overhearing their conversation and determining that they held different political beliefs than him. In a conversation with the Daily Caller, Russell and Godbey said that the driver made his intentions clear as he drove away, yelling out the window, “Welcome to the Resistance!”

This is Maxine Waters’ ideal version of America.

Russell told DC that it was not as if she and her friends were discussing the evils of the left or the benefits of kicking illegal immigrants out of the country. They were, she said, “just having polite conversations about our backgrounds and our experience on the campaign trail and also our future political aspirations – nothing too controversial.”

That was too much for the driver to take, apparently.

“He quickly turned off, stopped the car and said, ‘Your ride has been terminated. You’ve reached your destination and I have the right to deny you service,’” Russell explained. “We were all shocked and we politely got out of the vehicle and just said, ‘bye, have a good night.’ And then he drove off and said, ‘welcome to the resistance.'”

Despite this ludicrous breach in service etiquette, Uber had taken no action against the driver as of Tuesday.

A fine way to run a business.

But as we said, this is life in Mad Maxine’s ideal version of America, where leftists stop whatever it is they’re doing to protest anyone who supports President Trump. While the left is busy making social media viral sensations out of “Permit Patty” and “Coupon Carl” and any other white person who DARES to call the cops on a black person, it’s apparently perfectly fine to go to any lengths necessary to embarrass, inconvenience, or harass a conservative. More than fine! Patriotic!

This is a time when we should be doing everything possible to find common ground in America. But that can’t begin until the left respects the results of the 2016 election and comes to terms with the fact that, SHOCKING FACT TIME, not everyone believes in the socialist utopia that they do. Sadly, that reckoning seems further away than ever.

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